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AMGA And OR Present Episode 1: Avalanche Beacon Check

AMGA and OR Team Up To Create Backcountry Skiing Video Series | Episode 1: Avalanche Beacon Check Do you always do an avalanche beacon check before heading into the backcountry? Here’s how to do it. This is episode one of an eight video series created by the American Mountain Guide Association and Outdoor Research. The series […]

SLF Conducts Large Scale Avalanche Experiment In Switzerland

Watch As Avalanche Researchers Trigger A Massive Avalanche In The Name Of Science Need your daily fix of avalanche footage? Check out this powerful avalanche triggered in the name of science in Valais, Switzerland in January 2016. Impressive. This avalanche experiment was performed by an International Research Team from the WSL Institute for Snow and […]

This Week’s Backcountry News – January 11-17, 2016

Do you know what happened in the mountains this week? Here’s a selection of news, articles, posts, videos, photos, and other cool things that we think you’d like to know about. Enjoy! Two Off Piste Skiers Killed In Avalanche Near Verbier, Switzerland – A Mountain Journey – A group of four skiers triggered an avalanche […]

Avalanche Engineers – An Avalanche Film Worth Watching

Learn More About Avalanches When You Watch Avalanche Engineers Avalanches are a backcountry skier’s worst nightmare. We all do our best to avoid avalanches at all costs. But how do those stellar snowflakes ultimately form deadly avalanches? Avalanche engineers, David Walters and Tony Lebaron, are trying to find out. “The defining moment can be so small […]

Fall Line – A Ski Mountaineering Film From 1978

Watch Steve Shea Take A Terrifying Fall In Fall Line, A Ski Mountaineering Film From 1978 If you haven’t watched Fall Line, you need to see this film. This 10+ minute ski mountaineering film is from 1978 and helped to introduce steep extreme ski mountaineering to North America. Plus it features one of the crazier couloir tumbles […]

Salomon Freeski TV – S9, E5 – Chamonix – Moments Notice

Watch Chamonix – Moments Notice, Salomon Freeski TV Season 9, Episode 5 If you got a phone call to drop everything and head to Chamonix to ski ridiculously deep powder, would you go? Of course you would. That’s exactly what happened to Josh Daiek, Stan Rey, and Tristan Knoertzer when they got the phone call […]

Telluride Helitrax Triggers Huge Avalanche During Avalanche Control Work

Telluride Helitrax Sets Off Massive Avalanche That’s Caught On Camera Near Ophir, Colorado Need your fix of avalanche footage? Check out what San Miguel County Road and Bridge crews and Telluride Helitrax did on December 29, 2015 during avalanche control work above the Ophir Road in southwest Colorado. Pretty amazing! Ophir Road • Avalanche Control Work […]

What It’s Like to Survive an Avalanche with Jimmy Chin

Watch What It’s Like to Survive an Avalanche with Jimmy Chin from Vice Sports On April 1st, 2011, Jimmy Chin and friends were riding in the Teton Range in Wyoming when Chin was caught in an avalanche. He was carried 2,000 vertical feet. This is his animated story of survival. Listen to Jimmy Chin describe his […]

Watch: AFTERGLOW Ski Movie by Sweetgrass Productions

AFTERGLOW Ski Movie by Sweetgrass Productions Is One Of The Coolest Ski Movies Ever. Watch The Full Film Right Now. If you haven’t watched AFTERGLOW yet, you need to see it right now. Below you can watch the entire film produced by Sweetgrass Productions starring Pep Fujas, Eric Hjorleifson, Daron Rahlves, and Chris Benchetler. Stunning imagery, […]

How Steep Is That Ski Line?

How Steep Is That Ski Line Really? Grab A Slope Meter And Find Out Steepness is all in the eyes of the beholder. A beginner skier may tremble at the steepness of a blue run, while a seasoned veteran may only get puckered when the slope of a tight couloir pushes 50 degrees. In terms of slope angle, […]

Watch Mont Blanc: The Land Of Toys Film

Watch – Monte Bianco: Il Paese Dei Balocchi aka Mont Blanc: The Land Of Toys – A Movie By Luca Rolli Stunning imagery, amazing lines, and inspirational mountains. Mont Blanc is the place to go for steep skiing, mountaineering, ice climbing, rock climbing, and so much more. It is the ultimate experience for any alpinist. Do not miss […]

Salomon Freeski TV – S9, E4 – Bella Coola

Watch Bella Coola, Salomon Freeski TV Season 9, Episode 4 This makes me want to go to Bella Coola, British Columbia, Canada. Stunning footage. Amazing mountains. Ripping skiers. Striking couloirs. Beautiful powder. Salomon Freeski TV has done it again. Join Leo Ahrens, Leah Evans, and Colston VB as they ski in one of the most […]

Skier Survives Full Avalanche Burial In Stevens Pass Backcountry

Skier Lucky To Be Alive After Avalanche Near Stevens Pass On Sunday, December 6, 2015, two skiers left the Stevens Pass ski area boundaries in pursuit of some backcountry turns in an area near Corona Bowl. The skiers dug a snowpit. When they realized how hazardous the conditions were, they tried to find the safest way […]

This Week’s Backcountry News – December 6, 2015

Do you know what happened in the mountains this week? Here’s a selection of news, articles, posts, videos, photos, and other cool things from the mountains that we think you’d like to know about. Enjoy! Polish Mountain Guide Dies In Avalanche In Slovak High Tatras – – Two mountaineers were caught in an avalanche in […]

Watch: Shared Lines – The Vermont Backcountry Alliance

Take a few minutes and watch Shared Lines – The Vermont Backcountry Alliance. This short film from T-Bar Films takes a look at the Vermont Backcountry Alliance as they help to promote backcountry skiing in Vermont by creating terrain and growing the backcountry experience. Pretty cool project! Shared Lines: The Vermont Backcountry Alliance from T-Bar Films on Vimeo. […]

Avanet App Provides Crowdsourced Backcountry Observations

Download The Avanet App And Build A Global Mountain Community The Avanet app gives backcountry users a way to share real-time, geo-tagged, observations and information about snow, avalanche, and weather conditions. By having access to more information backcountry travelers should be able to make better decisions in the backcountry. The Avanet app is a game […]

Massive Glacier Collapse In Mount Cook National Park Caught On Camera

Skier Films Glacier Collapse And Avalanche In New Zealand Ryan Taylor, 22, of Christchurch, New Zealand was in the right place at the right time. On November 9, 2015, Taylor was on a ski mountaineering trip near Whymper Saddle Pass in Mount Cook National Park when he heard rock fall and captured a breathtaking glacier collapse that […]

Watch Salomon Freeski TV’s Award Winning Eclipse

Salomon Freeski TV – Season 9, Episode 3 – Eclipse The goal? Film skiers near the Arctic Circle during a lunar eclipse. Not only did Salomon Freeski TV do it, but the film won the  at the 2015 Banff Mountain Film Festival. It’s definitely a film to watch. Videographer Ruben Krabbe teams up with the Salomon […]

Submit Your Ski Tracks To MSU’s Snow And Avalanche Lab

Montana State University Seeks Backcountry Skiers And Riders To Help With Avalanche Research Project Heading into the backcountry to make some turns? The Snow and Avalanche Lab at Montana State University needs your help. MSU is currently conducting a research project that “aims to collect GPS location information and survey responses from backcountry skiers and […]

Know Before You Go Avalanche Video

Watch The Know Before You Go Avalanche Video Dedicate your life to the pursuit of backcountry snowsports and eventually you will lose someone you care about in an avalanche. It’s always a tragedy, but it happens more often than anyone wants to admit. Everyone who lives in or visits the mountains needs to know about avalanches. That’s why […]

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