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Samsung’s Gear S2 is coming to tackle the Apple Watch

50 minutes agoTechnology / Apple : Cult Of Mac

After teasing the new Gear S2 smartwatch during its Galaxy Note 5 unveiling earlier this month, Samsung has confirmed all the juicy details we’ve been waiting for. The new wearable will be available in two flavors — the Gear S2 and Gear S2 classic — both of which have round faces and are aimed at consumers who […]

Apple releases 8th developer, 6th public betas of OS X 10.11 El Capitan

Developers and members of the public who are beta testing OS X 10.11 El Capitan can now download the latest pre-release builds of the forthcoming software update on the Mac App Store.

Nomad’s new Roadtrip combines iPhone car charger with 3000mAh battery, USB + USB-C ports

22 hours agoTechnology / Apple : 9 to 5 Mac

Nomad, maker of the beautiful Stand for Apple Watch and Pod portable charging station for Apple Watch, today announced Roadtrip, a unique combination of an iPhone car charger with a 3000mAh battery. Made from a mix of anodized aluminum and plastic, Roadtrip takes the shape of an elongated traditional USB car charger, packing both USB and […]

Sony pitches analogue watch with limited iPhone integration on its crowdfunding site [Poll]

While some were waiting eagerly for the Apple Watch, and others got assimilated, there are still those who prefer traditional watches. That’s the market Sony hopes to appeal to with a new hybrid watch called Wena (which apparently stands for ‘wear electronics naturally’), which it’s pitching on its Japanese crowdfunding site First Flight. It’s mostly a traditional […]

TIDAL blames Apple for banning stream of Drake concert at charity event … but Apple had nothing to do with it

As part of a charity music event raising money for children affected by Hurricane Katrina, Apple Music rival TIDAL streamed the event live on its website. However, when Drake took the stage to perform his set, the stream was abruptly paused. A message from TIDAL said that Apple had banned Drake from allowing his performance to be […]

Spigen piggybacks on Apple event hype by selling ‘iPhone 6S’ cases on Amazon, teases Rose Gold iPhone in ads

The iPhone accessories market is a competitive industry and companies will do anything to get ahead. Case manufacturer Spigen has put itself out there by already promoting iPhone 6S cases on its website and selling them on Amazon, weeks ahead of Apple’s official unveiling of the new phone. Obviously, as the iPhone 6S exterior design is the same as the iPhone […]

Apple Watch How-To: Control and use the Stopwatch app

Apple Watch comes with a stopwatch app built into it, which saves you time from grabbing your iPhone, opening up the Clock app and pressing the Stopwatch tab. There are several different ways to open up Stopwatch on the Apple Watch. You can open the app by tapping on the orange icon with a complete […]

‘Next generation’ Apple Store redesigns to start rolling out this fall, Memphis one of the first in the US

< 1 minute agoTechnology / Apple : 9 to 5 Mac

A planning permission meeting for a new Apple Store in Memphis has seemingly revealed more information about Apple’s plans for its retail stores. According to the Apple representative, the Memphis project represents one of the first ‘next generation’ Apple Store designs that Apple is rolling out around the world, starting in the fall. The Memphis store will be part […]

Glass-backed iMacs a future possibility as Apple granted a patent for fused-glass housings

14 minutes agoTechnology / Apple : 9 to 5 Mac

Apple could be considering not just a return to glass-backed iPhones, but even replacing the aluminum backs of iMacs and monitors with glass at some stage, reveals a newly-granted patent published today. One of the illustrations appears to show an iMac-style device, while others show something looking like an iPhone (below) …  A return to […]

iOS jailbreak malware stole 225,000 Apple IDs across 18 countries, but it’s unlikely you’re at risk

53 minutes agoTechnology / Apple : 9 to 5 Mac

Researchers from Palo Alto Networks have discovered that a piece of iOS malware successfully stole more than 225,000 Apple IDs and passwords from jailbroken phones, using them to make purchases from the official App Store. The malware, dubbed KeyRaider, also has the ability to remotely lock jailbroken iOS devices in order to hold them to ransom. […]

Apple Pay transaction limit rises in the U.K.

There’s no logical reason why Apple Pay transaction costs should be limited, but in the U.K. users have been stuck with a limit of £20 ($30) since the service first debuted in July. Thanks to the rise of people using both Apple Pay and contactless cards in general, however, that number has now been increased […]

UK Apple Pay users can now spend up to £30 in one transaction

2 hours agoTechnology / Apple : 9 to 5 Mac

Users of Apple Pay in the UK can now spend an extra £10 per contactless transaction, bringing the limit up to a total of £30, thanks to new contactless policy. Until today, the maximum spend on almost all Apple Pay transactions was £20. The £30 total now exceeds the average cost of a supermarket trip making it possible for […]

Apple looks to Netflix model with original TV, films for rumoured streaming service

Apple could soon be creatings its own TV and movie productions, according to a new report.

Apple reportedly bid for Clarkson and 'Top Gear' co-stars

It was quite a surprise when Amazon announced it had snapped up the Top Gear trio for a new show on Prime Instant Video. Many thought Netflix or Sky would win out, but now it's emerged that another unlikely player was bidding for Clarkson and friends: Apple. Show More Summary

What Kind of Punishment Can iPhone Screen Protectors Take?

We’ve all been there: it’s the moment when your brand new iPhone slips out of your hand and lands facedown on the ground. In the few seconds between dropping the phone and leaning down to pick it up, all you can do is hope that the screen is still intact. Show More Summary

Apple patents smart smoke detection system for iPhone

According to a patent granted to Apple on Tuesday, iPhones, iPads and other branded equipment could one day sport onboard smoke detection hardware to alert users, and interested parties, of a potentially dangerous situation.

A great reason not to jailbreak your iPhone

If you enjoy customizing your iPhone, jailbreaking can be a positive thing — although that doesn’t mean it comes without risks. According to a new report, around 225,000 Apple accounts have been stolen by malware on jailbroken iPhones, in what is claimed to be “one of the largest known thefts of its kind.” In some cases, this […]

Apple Pay transaction limit increased to 30 pounds in UK

As promised when Apple Pay launched in the UK earlier this year, iPhone and Watch owners can now conduct touchless payments of up to 30 pounds without entering in a PIN number or signature.

Google promises to dramatically shrink 4K bandwidth with upcoming VP10 video codec

Google is working on a new open-source video codec, VP10, that should shrink the amount of bandwidth required for 4K video to half that of VP9, and a quarter of Apple's current preferred compression format, H.264.

Apple wants to take on Netflix with its own original programming

10 hours agoTechnology / Apple : Cult Of Mac

Apple is planning to unveil its new Apple TV set top box in a little over a week, and it looks like the company may be considering funding its own TV shows to go with its big play to dominate the living room. The iPhone maker has held preliminary conversations in recent weeks with executives […]

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