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The Star Wars Teaser Trailer Has Added $2 Billion to Disney's Value

47 minutes agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

The new Star Wars teaser trailer is so awesome, it’s already given Disney’s stock a $2 billion boost, indicating the excitement among investors (nerds) over the upcoming movie. Read more...

24” Philips Soft Blue display helps take better care of your eyes

Many of us happen to work with computers these days at the office, and most of the time, this would mean having to sit behind the monitor for at least 8 hours per day. That might not sound like much, but when you take into consideration the long term effects of it, then you would surely start to wonder how much stress are your eyes being put through – which...

GE announces first FAA approved 3D-printed engine part

1 hour agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmag

We've only just begun to see the huge impact 3D-printing technology will have on manufacturing, and the aerospace industry is a prime example. Earlier this year we saw the first example of a 3D-printed jet engine, now GE has announced the first 3D-printed part certified by the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for a commercial jet engine. Show More Summary

Smartphone Controlled Air Conditioner – one less remote to worry about

We have become such an automated society, so much so that anything which requires more effort is shun or frowned upon. Want to turn off the lights in the room? Just clap your hands, or snap your fingers. Want to wake up to the perfect brew of coffee each morning? The automated coffee machine will make sure that the job gets done. Show More Summary

Arc Reactor Rainmaker Tank Top

Tony Stark’s armored alter-ego is large and in charge on the Arc Reactor Rainmaker Tank Top, creating an attention-getting top that will hit people like a repulsor blast between the eyes. In addition to Iron Man soaring into action with his shiny red and gold suit, the tank also features a large, golden Avengers symbol […]

VCF East X: Minicomputing With The Raspberry Pi

The Vintage Computer Festival in Wall, New Jersey doesn’t just attract locals; [Oscar] came all the way from Switzerland to show off his PiDP-8/I. It’s a miniature minicomputer, emulated in SimH, with blinkenlights and toggle switches...Show More Summary

Batman: The Animated Series Joker Jumbo Action Figure

Batman’s foe The Joker is larger than life, so we need a larger Joker figure for our collections. This Batman: The Animated Series Joker Jumbo Action Figure is the large Joker you have been looking for. This figure is based on digital scans of the original 1993 Kenner 5-inch action figure. However, this upsized 1:6 […]

Star Wars Lightsaber Skirt

The Star Wars Lightsaber Skirt is an elegant skirt for a more civilized age; not as clumsy or random as a skort. Not that there’s anything wrong with a pair of shorts that has a piece of fabric covering the front, but the Force is strong with this skirt. Simply wearing it comes pretty darn […]

Doctor Who Tardis Women’s Print Skirt

What’s blue and white and all about time? This Doctor Who Tardis Women’s Print Skirt. as usual, Doctor Who’s TARDIS is super stylish on this skirt. This 100% polyester Doctor Who Tardis Women’s Print Skirt is a high waist, super cute, flirty skirt featuring multiple images of the Tardis in different shades of blue. Wearing […]

Embedded Electronics:Machine Washable Solar Shirt Charges Mobile Devices

Wearable technology, smart clothing and embedded electronics are the burgeoning trends of fashion's dynamic landscape. Meet the machine-washable Solar Shirt created by Paulne Van Dongen that charges mobile devices as you go about your day.

Ghost Monkeys Bring Ill Tidings To Colombian Rainforest

For the first time, two albino spider monkeys have appeared in the wild. This NatGeo video is the first time the “Ghost Monkeys” were captured on camera and it explains why their appearance potentially spells doom for their environment at large. More »      

Customized Rental Experiences For Creative Entrepreneurs

Kitsplit is a community marketplace that offers the rental of over $1 million worth of cutting edge equipment to suit the cretaive and business needs of daring entrepreneurs. Read on to learn more about this remarkable and innovative gadget library.

F.A.T. GOLD San Francisco: May 21-31

Two of the ideas we keep at our core here at Hackaday: the free and open exchange of information and ideas; and “why” is the wrong question. These concepts are fully in line with the F.A.T. Lab. The Free Art and Technology Lab livesShow More Summary

What Whistleblower Chelsea Manning Is Tweeting From Prison

Nearly 600 days after a US military court sentenced Chelsea Manning to 35 years in prison for leaking some 750,000 classified documents, she burst back into the public eye, with a new Twitter account sending out tweets from maximum security prison. More »      

Funny Photos Bring Objects To Life In Hilariously Goofy Situations

These photos from ErAn Croitoru’s Animated Photography series are awesome because they bring normal objects like alarm clocks, hammers, birthday candles, coffee pots, fruits and other things to life. In each photo that he creates, each item has their own personality and goofy story. It’s clever, creative and just plain fun. More »      

People Riding Bikes Minus The Bikes Is The Best Use Of Photoshop Ever

Imagine a world without bikes. No really, imagine it. It’s pretty funny. Yes, there is a Subreddit devoted to the art of Photoshopping away the Schwinns from under would-be riders. Some people just look like they’re leaping awkwardly into the air, others look like they’re possessed by demons. More »      

A Self-Inflating, Self-Propelled, Stand-Up Paddleboard

This high tech board, whose Kickstarter campaign runs until mid-May, is the brainchild of Slovenia-based startup SipaBoards. Claiming to be the world’s very first self-inflating stand-up paddleboard (who knew?), the device includes a fully-integrated electric motor that gives the paddler up to three knots of boost. More »      

First look: 2016 Honda Civic coupe and sedan

8 hours agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmag

Honda revealed the first preview of its 2016 Honda Civic in concept form at the New York International Auto Show last month but these new pictures show the car as it will look in showroom form when it’s officially released towards the...Show More Summary

Short Film Of NYC Is So Stunning That It Looks Like Photos Coming Alive

Video: This stunning short, “Moments” by Tim Sessler and Cameron Michael, is so beautifully shot in slow motion that the footage almost look more like still photographs with a few moving parts. Each scene is like a photo that lives on its own. It’s so much more stunning than a normal video that it can appear surreal at times. More »      

VCF East X: The Not Trashy Eighty

The lowly TRS-80 doesn’t get much love in most circles; it’s constantly overshadowed by the popularity of the Apple II or computers that had graphics that weren’t terrible. For [Mike Loewen]’s VCF exhibit, he’s turning his TRS-80 into...Show More Summary

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