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The 10 best free iPhone games of the week

The early part of January is typically the slowest time of the year when it comes to app releases, but things picked up in a big way this week as a ton of fresh content made its way to the App Store. Below are ten games that you're going...Show More Summary

FIFISH P3 underwater drone

Most of us would think of drones as something that ends up as a luxury purchase of sorts. It is not really necessary, but it is still nice to own one. After all, snapping a sweeping, panoramic shot of a particular area from the skies always evokes a majestic feeling in the viewer if it is done right. The free flying drones in the air have certainly made their mark...

Rocket Lab's Electron booster reaches orbit

2 hours agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmag

New Zealand officially joins the rank of spacefaring nations as Rocket Lab's Electron booster reached orbit in the first successful commercial space launch in the southern hemisphere. On January 21 at 1:43 GMT, the composite-bodied,Show More Summary

Brush Up On Thanos's History Before Infinity War With This Video

What comic series did Thanos debut in? Was he really based on Darkseid? And what's his whole deal with Death? More »      

Twitter Alerts Nearly 680,000 Users They May Have Been Duped By Russian Accounts

Twitter admitted on Friday that its investigation into suspected Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential elections had turned up what it believes were over 50,000 automated accounts linked to the Kremlin -- and that it had identified...Show More Summary

The Consumer DNA Testing Market Is Already Booming, But It's About To Explode

When AncestryDNA sold some 1.5 million of its genetic testing kits over Black Friday weekend, it seemed like clear evidence that after years of being a niche product, consumer DNA testing had finely gone mainstream. The market is expected to keep booming. Show More Summary

Google CEO Reaffirms Firing James Damore Was The Way To Go, 'I Don't Regret It'

Google CEO Sundar Pichai isn't rattled by former engineer James Damore's lawsuit against the tech giant for alleged discrimination against white, conservative men, at least according to remarks he made this week to MSNBC and Recode. More »      

Stephen King Has A Great Idea For A New TV Series

Stephen King, horror author extraordinaire, is no stranger to the world of television and while his work hasn't been quite as successful there as it has been in film, it's certainly been an essential part of King's horror empire. With that said, his newest idea is probably his best. More »      

Here's What A Photo Taken With Hasselblad's 400MP Camera Looks Like

Hasselblad's 40-megapixel X1D? Into the sea with you! Why would you even bother taking photos on that piece of junk when you could use HB's 400-megapixel H6D-400c instead? More »      

Why 9/11 Truthers Are Obsessed With The Plasco High-Rise Fire In Tehran

On January 19, 2017, the Plasco building, a 17-storey steel high-rise in Tehran, caught fire. The blaze began on one of the building's upper floors and then spread quickly through the tower's sprinkler-less garment workshops. As theShow More Summary

These Post-It Notes Slowly Transform Into Beautiful 3D Art As You Use Them

Now this is the revolution in sticky notes we've all been waiting for. Once you've depleted your stack of post-its, all you're left with is a sad, plain backing card. That's no longer the case with Triad Inc.'s "Omoshiro Blocks", which, note-by-note, turn into amazing pieces of 3D art. More »      

Here's The Sequel To 'End Of Ze World,' The First Viral Video Ever

The new "End of Ze World" video looks just like the original for exactly two seconds. A few moments later, the long-awaited sequel to what many call the world's first viral video displays a collage of missiles, pumpjacks, a Nazi flag, a hurricane and protest signs. Show More Summary

What The Heck Happened To The Cryptocurrency This Week?!

Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt. These three words are the bane of Bitcoiners' existence. Cryptocurrency enthusiasts use the acronym FUD to describe any negativity that might be swirling around the market that causes prices to drop. And the FUD was strong this week, when the whole cryptocurrency ecosphere got fucked. More »      

The Controversy Around This YouTuber's Request For A Free Hotel Room Will Make Your Head Hurt

YouTubers, Instagram devotees and other vaguely influential social media "influencers" don't have the greatest reputation as of late. That's with fairly good reason, because whenever one of their controversies explodes into the realShow More Summary

Fool's Gold Suggests Ancient Life In 'Oxygen Oases' Far Before There Was Atmospheric Oxygen

You wouldn't survive a stint on the hellish early Earth that existed between 2.5 billion and four billion years ago. There was almost no breathable free oxygen, for one thing. But scientists may have located an ancient oxygen oasis that existed prior to whatever event first oxygenated our atmosphere. More »      

A Girl Dares To Question Wizard-Hating Zealots In The First Chapter Of Myke Cole's Epic Fantasy The Armored Saint

Like everyone in her village, young Heloise fears devils, agents of destruction summoned by the blink of a wizard's eye. But in truth, she's actually more scared of the Order - the vicious sect that wanders the country slaughtering anyone who even breathes the word "wizard" or "devil". More »      

Our Universe Could Be Littered With Alien Viruses, And We Should Be Looking For Them

It's generally agreed that some kind of microbe will be the first form of life we discover on another planet, moon or other space rock. But hardly anyone thinks we'll find an alien virus, which is weird, given how prolific and successful these biological entities are on Earth. Show More Summary

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