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Acclaimed Music Industry Critic Lists 7 Reasons Apple Music Is Doomed to Fail

Bob Lefsetz is one of the most well-known and well-respected music industry critics in the business. He has worked with and consulted for major labels for years, and he pens a regular newsletter covering every aspect of the industry....Show More Summary

The 11 most over-the-top Americans in geek culture

When it comes time to make a character who is "American," and subtlety isn't a concern, things can get pretty fun.

Your Best Efforts to Decorate Google's Self-Driving Car

Last week, Google launched a contest for artists to decorate its self-driving cars, and in a completely unrelated move, we asked you to use Photoshop to decorate Google’s self-driving cars. Read more...

Astronaut Or Astronot: Win $1000 For Clicking A Button

Over the last few weeks, we’ve had a lot of fun running the Community Voting for The Hackaday Prize. We’ve been offering up a $1000 gift card for The Hackaday Store to a random person on if they have voted in the latest round of community voting. Show More Summary

The Government’s Fireworks Safety Demonstration Is Horrifying

It’s July 4th weekend – a time for cookouts and fireworks all across the country. And where there are fireworks, there’s danger. So the government has taken it upon themselves to give us a fireworks safety…

Stop What You’re Doing and Watch This Hilarious Amy Schumer Sketch About ‘Listen Alert’

Do you hate it when your significant other doesn’t want to listen to your boring stories, even though you’re fully aware of the fact that they’re not interesting at all? That’s when an amazing service called Listen Alert might come in handy… you know, if it were more than a hilarious Inside Amy Schumer sketch. Show More Summary

Back to the Future Turns 30 Today

Back to the Future was released exactly 30 years ago today on July 3, 1985. What are you doing to celebrate? Read more...

Apple Music Has a Huge Flaw That Needs to be Fixed ASAP

Apple’s foray into the world of subscription music streaming got underway earlier this week with the release of Apple Music. An ambitious effort, to say the least, Apple is betting that the allure of on-demand streaming coupled with curated playlists will be enough to attract upwards of 100 million subscribers. Show More Summary

Smelling Cat Urine Turns Baby Mice Into Willing Victims

The war between cats and mice just took a chilling turn, as a team of Russian researchers announces that early exposure to a chemical in cat urine can condition mice not to flee from an approaching cat. This can’t end well for the mice. Read more...

Chevrolet Offering an Air Conditioner for Your Smartphone

We love our high priced ultra-thin smartphones, but we don’t stop to think about how hot they can get in the summer, especially when charging. What to do? Chevy is on it. The automaker is introducing…

The Ultimate Guide to the Perfect July 4th BBQ: 5 Grilling Tips You Need to Know

I would never call myself a grill master by any stretch of the imagination. That said, I’ve been grilling for long enough to know some important techniques that will be the difference between making a delicious, succulent steak and making a beef-flavored hockey puck. Show More Summary

Flying a Solar Plane Around the World Takes One Hell of a Ground Crew

In about half an hour, the Solar Impulse solar-powered plane is going to touch down in Hawaii, at the end of a record-setting flight across the Pacific. Attention and praise are quite rightly going to be heaped on pilot André Borschberg, who will have been peeing into a funnel for 120 hours straight. Show More Summary

These Are All the Key Windows 10 Features You Probably Won’t Have Access To

Windows 10 launches later this month — sort of — to save us from the disaster that was Windows 8. As has become tradition at Microsoft, the company made some major missteps as it tried to better address the mobile market. Windows 8 was supposed to offer an ideal computing experience on PCs and tablets, but it ended up being a disaster on both. Show More Summary

Presidential hopeful Trump wants to keep this country safe, but can’t even keep your credit card safe

In case you missed it, Donald Trump has thrown his hat into the ring for the upcoming presidential race. Apparently, that means he’s far too busy to make sure his hotel chain has […]

Why the Wii U still matters in 2015

The Wii U hasn't had the strongest couple of years. Hitting shelves a full year before the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and offering an ambitious dual screen experience, there was some excitement building for the system back in 2012.Show More Summary

Dutch students reveal solar-powered family car

Dutch students have developed a new family car that is not only powered by the sun, but generates more energy than it uses. Stella Lux seats up to four people and is designed to be efficient, intelligent and comfortable. It will compete...Show More Summary

The Funniest Thing You’ll See Today: Jimmy Kimmel Makes LA Juice Drinkers Look Like Idiots

Health food crazes are nothing new in California, but one of the latest is especially ridiculous. Consumers are paying $10 (or more) for a single bottle of something called cold-pressed juice, but there’s no real evidence substantiating...Show More Summary

Two Ultra Hal Chatbots Talk, Things Get Weird

Wow. Just wow. I just finished watching this 2011 video of two Ultra Hal chatbots by Zabaware having a conversation. It is creepy as anything. The conversation goes down all kinds of weird roads and it…

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