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New Trump - Wikileaks Email Leak Isn't The Bombshell Everyone Thought It Was

In the final months before the 2016 US election, Donald Trump and his son, Donald Trump, Jr, both received an email containing a link and "decryption key" for Wikileaks files, CNN reported. More »      

The End Is Coming In The Trailer For Maze Runner: The Death Cure

Video. Almost two years have passed since actor Dylan O'Brien was hurt on the set of Wes Ball's final film in the Maze Runner series, The Death Cure. The injury delayed the sci-fi adaptation a year, but now, it's almost here and there's a brand new trailer to boot. More »      

I Tried A $1600 Cocktail

We humans have shockingly malleable tastes. Studies have shown that we are more likely to prefer something if we think it's expensive (even if it isn't). It stands to reason, then, that a cocktail costing $1,611 should be roughly 80 times more delicious to me than any I've ever purchased for myself. Show More Summary

Apple Is Reportedly 'Close To Acquiring Shazam'

Apple has more cash on hand than any other company on the planet, and some of that cash may go towards acquiring Shazam. More »      

The New Hellboy Really Wants You To Stop Asking Ron Perlman About The Reboot

Listen, folks. We all loved Ron Perlman's performance in Guillermo del Toro's Hellboy movies, but it's high time we accepted that there's a new Hellboy in town and his name is David Harbour. You might have heard about him. Nice guy; he's got quite the dad bod. Or at least he did until he had to start Hellboy training. More »      

Why Google Is Poised To Hit The Next Critical Milestone In Quantum Computing

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA - Earlier this week, representatives from automotive and airline companies, big banks, software companies, and the US military met to learn the basics of quantum mechanics at NASA. And that was only a small part of it. More »      

Merriam-Webster Just Used Stranger Things' David Harbour To Explain 'Dad Bod'

David Harbour's Jim Hopper made a big impression on viewers after the Netflix series Stranger Things debuted, but season two kicked it up a notch. Harbour's Hopper dance was admired around the world and then some, and cemented him the coveted "dad bod" title. Now Merriam-Webster is making sure we know how to use it. More »      

Star Wars Dark Side Tattoo Lightweight Scarf

The Star Wars Dark Side Tattoo Lightweight Scarf is so stylish, even Darth Vader would wear it. It sports images designed to look like tattoos. If you love the Dark Side, you deserve this fashionable lightweight scarf. Although it won’t stop force chokes. Star Wars [...]

Demolition Man's Gleaming Version Of Utopia Is Much Scarier Than You Remember

The incredibly corny yet thoroughly enjoyable 1993 action flick Demolition Man pits a disgraced LAPD officer (Sylvester Stallone) against a dangerous criminal (Wesley Snipes) in the year 1996, and then again in 2032, after they're thawed out of their cryogenic prison. Show More Summary

It Took Some Movie Magic To Complete Carrie Fisher's Leia Dialogue In The Last Jedi 

Carrie Fisher's death last year was a major blow to the many fans who took inspiration from her life, as well as her work as a writer and actor. She'd completed filming for her final turn as General Leia Organa in Star Wars. The Last Jedi before she passed, but sometimes, filmmaking demands that actors return to the recording booth. Show More Summary

This ‘volunteer fire reporter’ is singlehandedly saving local news

Local news is, objectively speaking, dying. The shift away from broadcast TV to online media outlets, which are almost exclusively national, make it challenging for a local newspaper or TV station to stay afloat. Luckily, one brave and...Show More Summary

Google Taught An AI To Make Sense Of The Human Genome

If you've ever watched a prime time crime drama such as CSI, you probably recall a scene in which a forensic analyst used a computer to troll through thousands of snippets of DNA, looking for a match between a crime scene and a suspect. Show More Summary

Atmos: The Fancy Cold Drip Coffee Maker Made By Aussies

Gather enough funky-looking kitchen gadgets from the likes of Indiegogo and Kickstarter and it becomes increasingly difficult to convince friends that you're not a) attempting to convert lead into gold or b) cooking meth. I can't say...Show More Summary

X-Men: Dark Phoenix Director Simon Kinberg Knows Exactly What Went Wrong With Apocalypse

X-Men. Apocalypse is not a very good movie, but it is an extremely comic book-y movie, which is to say that it feels very much like a one-to-one translation of your typical X-Men comic. Rather than focusing on making audiences really care about the characters, Apocalypse prioritises action and visual spectacle. More »      

The Earth is making a weird noise, and researchers have no idea why

Thanks to humans, the Earth is a pretty noisy place. We're loud creatures — certainly more so than any other animal ever to walk the planet — and we're even louder when we get together with other humans. But the Earth isn't totally silent, even without noisy animals all over its surface, and scientists are trying to figure out why that is. Show More Summary

Watch A Souped-Up Mobility Scooter Hit 100km/h

Modded scooters cracking the 100km/h mark and faster isn't a new phenomenon. But we don't often get to see someone stupid enough to ride a hot-rodded mobility scooter on regular roads and record it at the same time. Today, I present exhibit A. More »      

If You Miss Jailbreaking Your iPhone, It Looks Like Google Has A Treat For You

Apple's iOS is a walled garden that gives the company total control over what can be done with its device. For years, jailbreaking your iPhone was easy and allowed all sorts of custom freedom. It's been a while since a simple jailbreak has been released. Show More Summary

Make the Holidays Geeky With These 18 Christmas Tree Ornaments

Got a Christmas tree all set up and decorated? You might have the lights and garland up, but there’s no way it’s complete without a bunch of ornaments celebrating the year that was in geekdom. Here are some of the coolest ornaments we’ve...Show More Summary

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