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‘Battlefield 5’ world premiere event scheduled for May 6th – here’s what we know

Just days after several surprisingly plausible Call of Duty leaks slipped through the cracks, EA announced that it would hold an official world premiere event for the next Battlefield game on May 6th at 4 p.m. ET. DON'T MISS: This is...Show More Summary

Homebuilt crossbow shoots BBs, not bolts

BB guns and crossbows are two different things … right? Well, not if you're German weapons-tinkerer Patrick Priebe. Drawing on the design of his previously-made DIY airsoft rifle, he has now created a crossbow that shoots BBs... Continue...Show More Summary

Prematurely born lambs kept alive in artificial external placenta – human babies could be next

When babies are born extremely premature – before 24 weeks of development in the womb – their lungs aren't strong enough to provide their organs with oxygen they need to develop properly. Nor are they strong enough to handle artificial ventilation. Show More Summary

Review: 2016 Hyundai Tucson drives like a Euro sedan

Hyundai completely revamped the Tucson for the 2016 model year and improvements have been made at every point. With a new engine, a new dual-clutch transmission, and a much-improved interior experience, the 2016 Hyundai Tucson is more...Show More Summary

Discovery points to a reason for neuron death in stroke victims

It's well known that conditions such as schizophrenia, as well as strokes, seizures and traumatic brain injuries cause increased acidity around neurons in the brain, but scientists have struggled to understand exactly why this occurs. Show More Summary

5 of the best free iPhone games you might have missed in April

Not every gamer has been enthused by the rise of free-to-play gaming on mobile devices, but it gives everyone a chance to try out all kinds of new experiences without ever spending a cent (unless they want to). In fact, there are soShow More Summary

Google is testing a wild new feature that allows brands to take over search results

In an effort to further bolster its already successful advertising business, Google is currently experimenting with a new initiative that promises to give companies and marketers unprecedented control the search results stemming from specific queries. Show More Summary

It’s never been easy to learn to play guitar, but at least now it’s cheap

In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death, taxes and the fact that you will never be as good a guitarist as Prince. The word lost an icon last week, and if you missed it you should definitely watch this video showcasing one of his greatest performances ever. Show More Summary

Apple exec says you should never mention iPhones when discussing iPhones

Any iPhone users out there when have been around long enough to have bought an early iPhone 4 unit will remember the unexpected cellular signal loss they may have experienced. The antenna was on the outside of the phone, and Apple’s engineers didn’t foresee this problem: holding the phone by its antennas might mess with cellular reception. Show More Summary

Google just patented a crazy device it wants to inject into your eyeball

We may be accustomed to seeing high-tech companies file patents for out-there concepts and technologies, but a new patent from Google takes the cake. Originally spotted by Forbes, Google earlier this month filed a patent which describes...Show More Summary

You can get a brand new Galaxy S7 for $560 right now if you hurry

There are precious few high-end smartphones that are actually worth paying top dollar for, but the Galaxy S7 should be counted among them. Samsung did a tremendous job of combining a gorgeous design with cutting-edge specs, and the S7 easily has the best smartphone display on the planet. Show More Summary

Affordable Handsfree Bluetooth Mouse for the Disabled: GlassOuse

Last year, we checked out a cheap and open source sip-and-puff mouse for the disabled. CEBA’s GlassOuse seems to be another affordable alternative. It uses Bluetooth to connect to both desktop computers and mobile devices. It…

The World's Highest Waterfall Is So Majestic

Breathtaking. This drone footage of Angel Falls in Venezuela is exactly that. Angel Falls is the world’s highest uninterrupted waterfall at 3,212 feet tall and it is totally stunning to see the water makes its way down the side of the mountain and disappear into the mystery below. Read more...

Someone Is Finally Trying to Stop This Underground Garbage Fire That's Burned for Six Years

For six years, an underground garbage fire has been steadily burning outside of Saint Louis, Missouri, right next to a landfill filled with nuclear waste buried in the mid-70s. So why hasn’t anyone managed to extinguish it yet? Read more...

Watch Cotton Candy Melt and Ooze Away

I laughed. Pretty hard, actually. Right when the fluffy cloud that is cotton candy started oozing sweet sugary alien blood, I laughed hard. It’s so ridiculous and it disappears so quickly and breaks down in such a balletic way that I can’t even think about turning my head away. Show More Summary

io9 Was Founded on the Idea That Science Fiction Belongs to Everyone

When I started working on io9 in 2007, we didn’t have a name for the site yet. We hadn’t come up with any real plans for how we were going to cover science fiction, science and futurism. But there was already a central idea that the site was based around: That science fiction is for absolutely everybody who enjoys it. Read more...

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