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Yahoo Email Signatures Can Now Embed Your Last Tweet

Email signatures have been around for a long time, they make it quite easy to add a personal touch to those boring emails that we send back and forth every single day. There’s no limit to the number of customizations that can be made...Show More Summary

Panasonic Has Created A 65 Inch 4K OLED TV

Samsung and LG’s 4K OLED TVs have been relatively successful and their performance appears to have compelled Panasonic to come out with one of its own. The company today unveiled a new 65 inch 4K OLED TV as part of its IFA 2015 announcements,...Show More Summary

225 Kindle books are just $1.99 or less on Amazon right now

Back before there was Netflix or video games or YouTube or Reddit or Tumblr or Vine or Snapchat, there were these things called books full of written stories that people read to entertain themselves. People even learned a thing or two from books every once in a while. Show More Summary

CBS Will Stream Two Regular NFL Games Free

For the first time this year CBS is going to provide a live stream of two upcoming regular season NFL games for free without requiring people to have a subscription, pay a cable provider or go through any kind of authentication process...Show More Summary

Watch the world’s highest and craziest backwards basketball shot

We’ve all seen awesome basketball shots, and we’ve seen incredible backwards shots on the court. However, a team of basketball enthusiasts who like dropping balls from amazing heights have pulled off the amazing feat of scoring the world’s highest backwards shot in London. Show More Summary

Wild West Batman: The Hero Deadwood Deserves

Normally, city slicker Batman wears a cowl that has pointy ears on it, but his country cousin Western Batman has a cowboy hat that has pointy ears on it. I love this alternative Batman character, it…

Review: The Custom SLR Dual Camera Strap has got your back

7 hours agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmag

Most photographers only need to use one camera at a time. But for wedding, sports, and news snappers, who often don't have time to change lenses, carrying multiple cameras, often heavy DSLRs, can be a back-pain-inducing occupational hazard. Show More Summary

Asus’s New Router Looks Like It’s From Outer Space

To keep up with today’s bandwidth hungry user router manufacturers are upping their game, people are more than willing to spend a couple of hundred dollars on a robust router that’s not going to buckle under intense load and provides a safe and secure wireless environment. Show More Summary

You Can Now Get Rid Of Commercials On Hulu

Hulu is a good online video streaming service that has held its own ground against rivals like Netflix, one of the advantages that it has over its rivals is that exclusive deals allow it to bring recent content like new episodes of TV...Show More Summary

Acer’s Revo Build mini PC lets you stack modules to upgrade

7 hours agoTechnology / Gadgets :

Google has Project Ara. Razer has their crazy Project Christine. Now Acer is getting into modular computing, too, with the compact Revo Build. At its core, the Revo Build is like most mini […]

In Jonathan Franzen's New Novel Purity, The Internet Is The Villain  

Is Jonathan Franzen trolling us? The Great Literary Curmudgeon famously detests the internet, and in his latest novel, Purity, the internet plays a central role to the pulpy plot: It’s the villain. More »      

Save 25 percent on all Lazy-Hands gear grips

From the Cheapskate: an exclusive discount on this surprisingly cool, seriously practical mobile accessory. Great for you, great as a gift. Plus: a sweet smartwatch deal!

Want To Avoid Erectile Dysfunction? Try Getting Regular Exercise

7 hours agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

A number of studies have suggested that physically active men have lower rates of erectile dysfunction than couch potatoes, but all of them relied on people being honest about the amount they exercised. A new study published by the Journal of Sexual Medicine checked those results by measuring how much their subjects actually moved. Read more...

Comcast Internet Cap Removal Plan Being Tested

Comcast is a major provider of broadband internet to households across the United States and unlike other ISPs that normally have a breaking point with unlimited plans, Comcast has a rather formal setting of “data usage plan trials,”...Show More Summary

VivoStick Is A Cheap Windows 10 Stick PC By Asus

Stick PCs aren’t new, many companies have already developed them and are selling them to those who want an inexpensive Windows-powered PC that’s capable of doing basic tasks. The idea is very simple, take all of the components and join them together or a stick that looks quite similar to a flash drive then add an HDMI port and you’re good to go. Show More Summary

Pucker Up And Get Steamy With Take 'Kiss' Out Coffee Lids

Are you "forever alone"?  Well worry no more with this fun and flirty coffee lid that features a realistic mouth and nose.  Take 'Kiss' Out coffee cups and lids are Korea's newest coffee trend.  Feel like giving your coffee some mouth-to-mouth?

Google Maps for iPhone was just updated – here are 5 big changes

Google certainly had a big day on Tuesday, having unveiled a new logo along with some other updates. Beyond its new logo though, the company also updated a few of its most popular apps, including Google Maps for the iPhone and iPad.Show More Summary

This Morning's AtlasV Launch Was Nothing Short of Stellar

7 hours agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

Special atmospheric conditions created amazing views for today’s United Launch Alliance launch as an Atlas V rocket carrying MUOS-4, the fourth Mobile User Objective System satellite for the U.S. Navy was successfully launched from Cape Canaveral at 6:18 a.m. EDT, just before sunrise. Read more...

Hate Spiders? Then This Is the Last Clock You'll Want Hanging on Your Wall

7 hours agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

In the electronics world, Sony has made a name for itself with the occasional off-the-wall design. But in the watchmaking world, it’s a company called MB&F who’s responsible for some of the craziest clocks you’ve ever seen. And its latest creation will give arachnophobics the creeps. Read more...

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