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Kotaku Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild Gets Pirated Days Before Launch, Causing Major Leaks | Ja

30 minutes agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

Kotaku Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild Gets Pirated Days Before Launch, Causing Major Leaks | Jalopnik Why Some Cars Have Gas Tank Fillers On The Left Or The Right | Lifehacker How I Tricked Myself Into Reading More Books | io9 South Korea Is Basically Making Officially Licensed Power Rangers Fan Fiction | Read more...

Tourists Kill Bahamas' Swimming Pigs Because We Can't Have Anything Nice

30 minutes agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

Some days, humans just generally suck. And then there are days when you realize why this planet is trying so hard to just wipe us out. Read more...

Telstra Will Switch On LTE-Broadcast In Australia Next Year

As our airwaves get more and more packed with wireless signals, we have to find a way to make those signals travel more efficiently -- it's the only way to increase capacity and keep up with demand. One way to do that is to use novel technologies like LTE-Broadcast to deliver the same popular data stream to multiple devices. Show More Summary

Incredible ping pong-playing robot earns Guinness World Record

Guinness World Records has recognized a robot with a unique ability: a machine called FORPHEUS is officially the “first robot table tennis tutor.” The contraption, which holds a ping pong paddle and can play against and even teach a human, taps artificial intelligence to determine the ability of its opponent. Show More Summary

Bill Gates Made a David S. Pumpkins Video and I Want to Die

59 minutes agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

Bill Gates made a parody Christmas-themed David S. Pumpkins video in order to promote his Reddit Ask Me Anything on Monday. While the previous sentence is straight out of a piece of dystopian fictional, it’s real, and now I want to die. Read more...

Amazon's Taking 20% Off Dozens of PC Parts, Networking Gear, Gaming Accessories, and More for GDC

1 hour agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

To celebrate GDC 2017, Amazon’s taking an extra 20% off select gaming peripherals, PC components, and even complete gaming laptops and desktops today with promo code GDC20. Read more...

Former Google Engineer Blasts Company's HR Practices After Sexual Harassment Revelation

1 hour agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

Earlier today, Recode reported that Uber had asked its new SVP of engineering, Amit Singhal to resign after he failed to disclose the circumstances involved in his departure from Google. According to Recode, Singhal resigned from Google in early 2016 after an investigation into a sexual harassment claim brought… Read more...

I am Science Fiction Incarnate; I am Handle

This is the first official look at Boston Dynamics’ new robot design, called Handle, and it’s a doozy. They are a trusted source of cutting-edge real-world robotics, which is good. If this came from an unknown source we’d be scrambling to debunk it as fake. Show More Summary

John Oliver explains why the GOP is having so much trouble repealing and replacing Obamacare

If there was one thing Donald Trump was going to do were he elected president, it was to repeal and replace Obamacare. This has been a goal of the GOP since the day the Affordable Care Act became law, and with a Republican majority in...Show More Summary

The Moto Z just scored a snap-on Alexa speaker, making all other phones jealous

Amazon's Alexa is truly taking the world by storm, but since the company's smartphone ambitions have hit a bit of a brick wall, the dream of using Alexa on the go has fallen well short of reality. That could change soon thanks to a new partnership between Amazon and Motorola. Show More Summary

Nokia 3310 is Back and It Still Plays Snake

As was foretold by prophecy (leak, whatever), the king is returning. The famously indestructible Nokia 3310 is getting a re-release, a fresh new paint job, and preloaded games that, if we’re being real, are still better than the ones preloaded on smartphones today. As you can see, the Nokia 3310 is still not a smartphone. […]

Leaked Audio: Trump Cares About Food Safety But Only if the Food Is Foreign

1 hour agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

President Donald Trump intends to intensify enforcement of food safety regulations as a cudgel in international trade negotiations, according to leaked recordings of a what appears to be a phone conversation between Trump and Wilbur Ross, his nominee for Commerce Secretary. During the conversation, which was recorded… Read more...

10 Photoshop Tricks To Fix Your Worst Photos

Starting out in Photoshop can be scary, especially if you've never used a graphics tool as robust as it. With a little effort anyone can learn to be comfortable with Photoshop, but there's a difference between being comfortable in Adobe's flagship software and being useful with it. More »      

The Robot Arm of our Nightmares Plays in a Pool of Blood

In the future, robots will frolic in pools of human blood and use it for lubrication. Then robot arms will be forced to clean it all up. Today we can get a little taste of that…

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