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Grow Your Own Literal Beer Garden

24 minutes agoTechnology / Gadgets : technabob

Beer connoisseurs might decide that they can make a better beer than Sam Adams and begin rolling their own beer via one of the many microbrew kits out there. The thing in common with most of…

Deadspin “You Stick It Right Up My Fucking Ass!”

24 minutes agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

Deadspin “You Stick It Right Up My Fucking Ass!” Reds Skipper Rips Reporter | Jalopnik There’s Imperial Star Destroyers All Over Craigslist Now | Jezebel Very Dumb Teens Are Wounding Their Lips to Look Like Kylie Jenner | Kotaku Kim Jong-un Photo Allegedly Photoshopped, South Korean News Reports | Read more...

GameStop set to offer really old consoles with brand new warranties

25 minutes agoTechnology / Gadgets :

GameStop will this weekend launch a new pilot program that sees the store embrace retro gaming on a massive scale. Stores spread across New York City and Birmingham, Alabama will start accepting old […]

Kickstarting Router-Based Development Boards

25 minutes agoTechnology / Gadgets : Hack a Day

[Squonk] is rather famous in the world of repurposed routers, having reverse engineered the TL-WR703N wireless router from TP-Link a few years ago. With that knowledge, he’s developed an open platform for Things on the Internet called Domino. Show More Summary

How to download your entire Google search history in 2 easy steps

Have you ever wondered what you were searching for on this day 10 years ago? Probably not… but we bet you are right now. People don’t often stop to consider just how much personal data Google really stores. Think about how many things you search for each day alone. Show More Summary

There might be a 4-inch iPhone 7 in your future after all

Apple is reportedly making two or three new iPhones this year, depending on what the latest rumor says. Some sources claim Apple has a new 4-inch iPhone 6c model in the works, in addition to the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus for this year. Show More Summary

Superman Returns Shield Gold Plated Money Clip

Keep your money organized and safe with this stylish Superman Returns Shield Gold Plated Money Clip. Superman knows how to look good while keeping your bills safe. This Superman Returns Shield Gold Plated Money Clip is a real beauty. It is stylish and shiny. It features the Superman “S” shield logo of Kal-El. You don’t […]

This Lamp's Levitating Glowing Disc Borders On Magic

1 hour agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

There’s no shortage of fancy lamps on crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter, but the Lunaluxx looks like it truly brings something unique and innovative to the table, or your desk, or your bedside table. It uses a small floating disk that glows brilliantly when hit with an invisible blue LED from underneath. Read more...

Samsung's Got Some Brand New Tabs, and Everything Else You Missed

1 hour agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

Samsung quietly launches two new tablets, Chrome gets a big upgrade, and AMD lets slip Windows 10’s release date. BitStream is the news and rumors you missed in the last 24 hours. Read more...

Jon Stewart announces when his last appearance as host of The Daily Show will air

They say all good things must come to an end, and such is the case with Jon Stewart’s 16-year run as host of Comedy Central’s The Daily Show. Stewart shocked fans earlier this year when he announced that he would be retiring as the show’s host sometime in 2015. Show More Summary

Get a Canon Pixma flatbed scanner for $17.99

Psst: It can also print and make copies -- if you decide to add ink, that is. Plus: an amazing mobile-charger deal!

Marvel Zombies Kingpin Mini-Bust

Wilson Fisk has never looked deader than he does as the Marvel Zombies Kingpin Mini-Bust. Most people might view that as an insult but the Kingpin doesn’t mind because he’s a zombie. When the zombie plague invaded the Marvel universe, it struck everyone. The rich, the poor, the weak, the powerful. All fell to the […]

You Have No Reason Not to Upgrade To Philips' New $5 LED Light Bulb

1 hour agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

Unless you refuse to light the room where you write about conspiracy theories with anything but antiquated incandescent bulbs, you really don’t have a single reason not to upgrade to Philips’ new 60-watt equivalent LED bulbs that cost just five bucks without a utility rebate. Read more...

Cancer Victim Gets Custom Mask with the Help of 3D Printing

The Daily Mirror recently published an uplifting report about how 3D printing technology helped a recovering cancer patient. Keith Londsdale had major parts of his face removed to prevent his skin cancer from spreading further. He’s...

First cosplay in space is a Star Trek astronaut

Samantha Cristoforetti, the first Italian woman in space, is also clearly a big fan of Star Trek.

Making A Real-Life Version Of Loki's Sceptre Weapon From The Avengers

Recreating the Chitauri Sceptre, also known as Loki’s badass, brain-controlling staff from The Avengers, in real life might be the most impressive build that Man At Arms has ever done. The detail is unbelievable: melting glass and glass...Show More Summary

Apple Supplier Reportedly Receives Orders For 4-inch iPhone Panels

There have been rumors that Apple could release a 4-inch iPhone later this year, which some have dubbed it as the iPhone 6c which could be sold at a lower price, thus allowing Apple to compete with some of the mid-range Android handsets out there. Show More Summary

New PS Vita Design Trademarked In Japan

The Sony PS Vita was released back in 2012 but it was only in 2014 that the company actually make some design changes in which the console was slimmed down. However could it be that Sony is already thinking about a new PS Vita design?...Show More Summary

Classic Fatalities Could Return To Mortal Kombat X As A DLC

While there are plenty of fighting games in the market, the Mortal Kombat franchise made a name for itself by creating a fighting game that included some very brutal and gruesome finishing moves in the form of Fatalities. Now these Fatalities...Show More Summary

The numbers don’t lie: Jay-Z’s Tidal music service is already a spectacular flop

When Tidal made its big media push at the end of March, the core message was clear: While other streaming music services like Spotify and Pandora pay a pittance to artists, Tidal offers musicians a better deal. Unfortunately, Tidal also opted to use super stars like Nicki Minaj and Beyonce as spokespersons for the app. Show More Summary

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