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The world’s first ever 3D printed office building unveiled in Dubai!

The world of 3D printing has grown leaps and bounds since it’s inception and has opened up a multitude of possibilities. In June 2015 plans of a 3D printed office building were revealed in Dubai. The plan had revealed that even the interior walls and furniture would be printed and assembled, and not just the... Show More Summary

iPad Control for Guitar Pedals

18 hours agoTechnology / Gadgets : Hack a Day

[gutbag] is a guitarist. And guitarists are notorious knob-twiddlers: they love their effects pedals. But when your music involves changing settings more than a few times in the middle of a song, it can get distracting. If only there...Show More Summary

Ask Cool Tools Featured Questions

20 hours agoTechnology / Gadgets : Cool Tools

Kevin Kelly is searching for a website with the best electric car reviews. And Pamar was wondering if any readers...

Pong In Real Life, Mechanical Pong

21 hours agoTechnology / Gadgets : Hack a Day

[Daniel Perdomo] and two of his friends have been working on a mechanical version of Pong for the past two years. We can safely say that the final result is beautiful. It’s quite ethereal to watch the pixe–cube move back and forth on the surface. [Daniel] has worked in computer graphics for advertising for more than 20 years. Show More Summary

This Bike Is So Smart They Claim It Can't Be Stolen

Commuting via bicycle can be rough. There’s nails and potholes waiting to destroy your tyres, cars waiting to smoosh you and thieves waiting to steal your bike as soon as your back is turned. The last problem is so pernicious it keeps a lot of people from riding, and those that do opt to ride $100 junkcycles. Show More Summary

Expedition trucks, 4x4 campers and angry beasts of Overland Expo 2016

Teardrops and trailer boxes dominated the exhibitor section of Overland Expo West 2016, but there were still plenty of larger vehicles on display around the show. We've compiled a full photo gallery of everything from basic pickup trailers with pop-up tents, to hulking commercial truck-sized shelters, to the accessories supporting those rigs. Show More Summary

Hackaday Prize Entry: Adding HDMI to Small Displays

LCDs come in a lot of sizes, and there’s a lot written about pushing pixel data out to larger displays. Smaller LCDs, like the 4, 5 and 7 inch variety, aren’t used much, because no one seems to know how to drive the things. For [Joe]’s...Show More Summary

This Amazing 145 Megapixel, Helicopter-Mounted 5-Camera Rig Is Aussie-Made

You might be proud of your home-made camera rig that lets you take steady shots by mounting your shooter to your belt buckle, but it’s nothing compared to the work done by Wayne Rogers and the folks at the Camera Clinic. More »     ...

SpaceX takes aquatic hat trick with third sea barge landing

The daring became almost routine today as SpaceX pulled off a spectacular three-in-a-row by successfully landing a Falcon 9 booster on the deck of a sea barge for the third time running. At 5:48 pm EDT, the nine-engine rocket touched...Show More Summary

No one needs a Wi-Fi router this overkill

Look, I get it. Bad Wi-Fi is one of life's worst tortures, up there with rush-hour traffic and Comcast customer service. But surely there's a solution that's a little more sane than this $400 Linksys router that looks like it wants to...Show More Summary

Raspberry Pi Levels with You

It is easy to imagine how early man started using rocks and then eventually developed better and better tools until they created the hammer. Some simple tools took a little longer to invent. The spirit level, for example, didn’t exist until sometime in the last half of the 1600’s. The idea is simple. Show More Summary

Porsche Is Going Digital

In an age where electric cars are (finally) reaching maturity and vehicles on our roads are getting smarter with how they interact with the objects around them and the people inside them, it’s good to see that even very traditional car companies are getting on board. Show More Summary

Even TJ Miller's Outtakes From Silicon Valley Are Hilarious

If you haven’t seen TJ Miller on Silicon Valley, you’ll almost certainly recognise him as the bar owner from Deadpool. Miller serves a similar purpose in both pieces of media — that of deadpan comedy relief. And while we get to see the very best lines and delivery from the actor, these are often curated from a much larger selection. More »      

Watch Mark Zuckerberg call the International Space Station on Wednesday

Facebook will be getting social with astronauts next week. The company’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, will be chatting live with astronauts on the International Space Station (ISS) on Wednesday, and viewers will be able to both watch and submit...Show More Summary

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