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Once Upon a Time Starts a New Story with SDCC Trailer

Last season of Once Upon a Time ended with a pretty intriguing cliffhanger. After wrapping up Emma’s story and giving everyone a happy ending, we jumped forward in time. Henry was now an adult living […] The post Once Upon a Time Starts a New Story with SDCC Trailer appeared first on

Watching Archer Outmanoeuvre Kingsmen's Eggsy Is Supremely Satisfying

Video. During yesterday's Kingsman. The Golden Circle panel, Fox premiered a new digital short, a delightfully fun crossover where Kingsman's Eggsy (Taron Egerton) runs into world's-greatest-spy-but-also-kind-of-an-idiot Sterling Archer (H. Jon Benjamin), where the two secret agents do what they're best at. Being dapper and acting kind of dickish. More »      

UK To Register Multirotor fliers

The British government has shown a surprisingly light touch towards drone fliers in the face of the strident media demands for them to be banned following a series of reports of near-misses with other aircraft. That is about to change with reports of the announcement of a registration scheme for craft weighing over 250 g (about 9 oz). Show More Summary

Elon Musk scraps the idea of a Model 3 with a solar panel roof

For as long as Elon Musk has been involved in the tech world, he has demonstrated an almost unrivaled obsession with dreaming big and boldly pursuing initiatives that objectively seem downright crazy at first glance. From his work at...Show More Summary

I Sure Hope This Adorable Kid-Sized Landspeeder Can Hold A 82kg Adult

It's time to dig out and update the ol' "why wasn't this available when I was a kid?!' list because buried in the Comic-Con news dump was this fantastic drivable X-34 Landspeeder from Radio Flyer that lets a pair of kids zoom across the sands at a blistering 8km/h. More »      

DC SDCC Announcement: A New Poster, Green Lantern and More to Come

Warner Bros. Hall H panel at San Diego Comic Con is one of the most anticipated panels of the show. Mostly because we have no idea what they’re going to show. Well OK, Justice […] The post DC SDCC Announcement: A New Poster, Green Lantern and More to Come appeared first on

Marvel's Giant Plush Lockjaw Is Way Cuter Than The Inhumans TV Lockjaw

San Diego Comic-Con is upon us, unleashing hordes of fans into the halls of this year's show and giving us a look at some of the cool displays on hand. One of the coolest things we've seen so far? This ginormous, gosh-darn adorable Lockjaw at Marvel's booth. More »      

How To Turn An Animation Into A Soap Bubble Machine

Post an animation on Reddit of a workable machine that looks neat and does something cool and the next day someone will have built it. That’s what happened when [The-Big-Ship] uploaded an animation of a clever bubble making machine — though we had to look twice to convince ourselves that it wasn’t real. Show More Summary

How to beat the first Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Go

This weekend, Pokemon Go players will have their first chance to encounter, battle and catch Legendary Pokemon. It's a moment that we've been waiting for since the game launched last July, but before you go rushing out to get a Lugia...Show More Summary

The Gifted Drops New Trailer at SDCC

With the critical acclaim and success of FX’s Legion series, all eyes have been on their next X-Men based series premiering on October 2nd, The Gifted. The SDCC panel dedicated to The Gifted […] The post The Gifted Drops New Trailer at SDCC appeared first on

These unique fidget spinners will make your kid the envy of his or her class

The fidget spinner trend is still going strong, but kids are really starting to get bored of conventional fidget spinners. After all, what’s the fun in having practically the exact same spinners everyone else in school or camp has? If...Show More Summary

RoGeorge Attacks a Pulse Meter

The “Crivit Sports” is an inexpensive chest-strap monitor that displays your current pulse rate on a dedicated wristwatch. This would be much more useful, and presumably more expensive, if it had a logging option, or any way to export your pulse data to a more capable device. Show More Summary

Our Best Look Yet At Pacific Rim Uprising's Beautiful New Giant Robots

Yesterday, Legendary unveiled the host of new Jaegers that will be the giant, metallic stars of Pacific Rim. Uprising. Now we have some official pictures of the toys that let us get up close and personal with the next iteration of badarse, big-screen, monster-fighting mecha. More »      

23 new movie trailers you need to watch from this past week

Last week, we only had a handful of new trailers to show you. That’s probably because Comic-Con was right around the corner, or the place movie studios target with new trailer releases for upcoming attractions. So go grab your popcorn,...Show More Summary

After Raising $78 Million, Overpriced US Shipping Startup Can't Find Enough Lazy Customers

After raising millions from some of the most influential investors in Silicon Valley, Shyp -- a startup that picks up your stuff and ships it for you -- told users yesterday that it's significantly downsizing its service, cancelling operations in three cities. Show More Summary

Add IR Thermal Vision to Your Homebrew Projects

Thermal cameras are pretty nifty devices. They let you see the heat signature of objects by capturing infrared light. There are off-the shelf thermal camera devices like the ones from FLIR, but they’re kind of pricey,…

Throwing Shade: 7 Polarized Sunglasses for Summer Fun

We tested a dozen pairs of polarized shades at various prices, from $10 to $360.

Universal May Want Channing Tatum To Be Its New Van Helsing

The negative reaction to The Mummy as the kicking-off point for Universal's Dark Universe movies is apparently causing a bit of a rethink about the future of the monster franchise at the studio. Part of that rethink? Getting Channing Tatum to play the next cinematic incarnation of fiction's most famous monster hunter, Abraham Van Helsing. More »      

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