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Measuring Temperature On An AVR Without A Sensor

There are a few AVR microcontrollers with onboard temperature sensors. These temperature sensors are neither accurate nor precise, but they do work for a few use cases. [Thomas] came up with a little bit of code that runs on all AVRShow More Summary

Goat Attack Will Get Your Victim’s Goat

You know that you love to torture your friends with goat images and videos and also goat puns. There’s something very fun about sharing goat media. And that’s why Goat Attack exists. It is an online…

Batman Gotham Select Action Figure Set

Fans of Fox’s Gotham can now collect action figures based on the hit show. This Batman Gotham Select Action Figure Set will get you started. Relive all of your favorite scenes from the crime-ridden streets of Batman’s hometown. Each 7-inch scale figure comes with character-specific accessories, as well as a deluxe diorama base representing a […]

Gremlins Gizmo Combat Version Vinyl Collector Doll

If you prefer your Mogwai going all Rambo and decked out for combat, you’ll love this Gremlins Gizmo Combat Version Vinyl Collector Doll. Gizmo has his gear and he is all suited up and ready to take down those nasty Gremlins! This is Gizmo as he looked in the classic Gremlins 2: The New Batch. […]

The GOP's New Budget Proposal is a Big Middle Finger to Earth Science

The GOP is trying to eviscerate NASA’s Earth science program. At best, the House Science Committee’s new budget proposal would slash NASA’s Earth science funding by $300 million. At worst, the Earth sciences stand to lose over half a billion federal dollars. Read more...

Amazing Wearable Tech: Bracelet Turns Skin Into Touch Screen

With the new Cicret bracelet, your arm can actually double as a smartphone! Via your own skin you can catch up on emails and play your favorite games among other things. Read on for more on this amazing innovation.

Super Mario Fire Mario SH Figuarts Action Figure

Super Mario fans will love displaying this Super Mario Fire Mario SH Figuarts Action Figure in their collection. He has some real firepower. This is the powered up Fire Mario! Fire Mario comes complete with a nicely detailed Fire Flower and flaming ball of fire effect piece that looks like it came straight out of […]

What Was The First Book About Sex You Read?

When I started asking questions about sex as a kid, my mother handed me her own well-worn copy of From Little Acorns: The Story of Your Body. A pretty staid choice compared to the more explicit sex-ed books for kids from the 1970s, but it was considered quite progressive when Mum first read it in 1951. More »      

Batman If Found Speed Bottle Opener

Open those bottles fast with the Batman If Found Speed Bottle Opener. Keep this on your utility belt and be prepared for all of your bottle opening needs. The Batman If Found Speed Bottle Opener will always be there for you. Just like the Dark Knight. Because it has the words “If Found, Return to […]

Ghostbusters Select Series 1 Action Figure Set

Who ya gonna call? Call the Ghostbusters Select Series 1 Action Figure Set and they will rid your action figure collection of spooks and specters. Series 1 includes Ray Stanz, Winston Zeddemore and Louis Tully as 7-inch scale select action figures! These figures have detailed sculpts and come with character-specific accessories. Now you can re-enact […]

Signed and Numbered Limited Edition Captain America Giclee Print

The Signed and Numbered Limited Edition Captain America Giclee Print proves that it takes a lot more than a little rain to stop Steve Rogers from handing out a little shield-slinging justice. Measuring 18? x 24? and featuring the artwork of John Romita Jr., this limited-edition, numbered print captures the first Avenger as he stalks […]

Hackaday Events: NY, LA, SF, LA

We are doing a lot this spring to get people elbow-deep in hardware hacking. We have so many live events coming up that we’re going to be doing Saturday morning recaps to keep you informed. Here are the upcoming events should be planning...Show More Summary

Superman This Is a Job for Speed Bottle Opener

This Superman This Is a Job for Speed Bottle Opener will get your beer opened faster than a speeding bullet. You’ll pop that top off the faster than Superman can fly around the world and turn back time. It’s a job for Superman and the big blue boy scout is on the case! It has […]

Arrow TV Series Pen and Paper Clip Holder

You have failed your desk but the Arrow TV Series Pen and Paper Clip Holder will let you bring a little law and order to your office clutter. Become the defender of Starling City organization with the desk accessory every arrow-slinger needs. Have a cool spot to put pens, pencils, paper clips, thumb tacks, and […]

Hackaday Prize Entry: BS Free USB

Take a look at some old electronics magazines, or even a few blog posts from 10 years ago, and you’ll notice something strange: parallel ports. Those big ‘ol DB25 were the way to get bits out of a computer and into a microcontroller....Show More Summary

This Weekend, Play Online For Free On The Xbox 360

All right, so we have more or less established the pattern that there is no such thing as a free lunch in this world. Well, if that is the case, are there anything else that will be free? Apparently so, as one will be able to enjoy free...Show More Summary

Microsoft Picks Up N-Trig

In February earlier this year, we did bring you word on how Microsoft is mulling over whether they should pick up the company known as N-Trig or not. Well, now that we are in May, it looks like a deal has been done and dusted, a confirmation has trickled out from Microsoft concerning their N-Trig purchase. Show More Summary

You Can Finally Buy That Back To The Future Mr Fusion Replica

Officially revealed back in September of last year, and teased even earlier at Toy Fair in New York, Diamond Select Toys’ perfect replica of the time-travelling DeLorean’s Mr Fusion Home Energy Reactor seen in the Back to the Future trilogy is finally available for sale. More »      

Indie Horror Film 'Cube' Is Getting A Remake. It's Called 'Cubed'

“There’s money in them thar remakes!” I’m sure its a statement a Hollywood bigwig has made at some point in time and that’s because it’s true. Next on the agenda is the budget Canadian horror flick Cube, which recently got the go ahead from Lionsgate for an updated retelling. More »      

Major London Rail Station System Passwords Revealed In TV Documentary

Security in the digital world can be a particularly sticky subject – and regardless of what you hear, there is no 100% foolproof way of ensuring that a particular digital system is truly secure and failsafe. It simply does not work that way, although cracking some systems can be a really tough job, but not impossible. Show More Summary

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