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Despite The Hype, Batteries Aren't The Cheapest Way To Store Energy On The Grid

Storage is the word of the moment in the energy industry. Since Tesla unveiled its Powerwall, politicians, commentators and industry have hyped storage – and particularly batteries – as the solution for getting more renewable energy into electricity grids and reducing our reliance on fossil fuels. More »      

Chemists officially name four new elements, and here they are

The periodic table just got some new members, as the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry has officially accepted new names for four elements. Element numbers 113, 115, 117 and 118 will no longer be known by their placeholder...Show More Summary

Star Wars Corset Top

These Star Wars Corset Tops look great. You can choose from BB-8, Boba Fett, or R2-D2, because let’s face it, they are the coolest. They feature racerback styling on straps. It beats wearing a t-shirt right? Star Wars Corset Top Officially-licensed Star Wars merchandise Choose BB-8, Boba Fett, or R2-D2 Racerback styling on straps Plastic […]

Photographer's Massive, Mountain-Snapping Camera Will Have To Be Built Into A Truck

If you're going to take a photo of something as majestic as Italy's Dolomites, you'll want a camera good enough to capture it in all its beauty. A big one too. Like, a massive one. Unsatisfied with the options available, photographer Kurt Moser decided to build a big-arse camera of his own... into the back of a 4.5-tonne Ural truck. More »      

The World Chess Championships Has Crowned A Winner

After a gruelling 16 games and a painstaking 10 draws in the lead-up to the tiebreakers, the World Chess Championship has finally come to a close. More »      

Amazon’s one-day fashion sale will save you a ton on all your winter (and summer) gear

When we cover deals from Amazon here on BGR, we typically point you to hot deals on electronics and other gadgets. Of course, Amazon sells much, much more than just consumer electronics and related accessories, and right now there’s a killer sale going on that covers all sorts of clothing. Show More Summary

Obscure iOS 10.1.1 flaw lets you bypass a stolen iPad’s strongest security feature

With the number of iOS devices out there in the wild, you can bet that if even the most obscure, ridiculous vulnerability exists in the software, someone is going to discover it sooner or later. A new bug in iOS 10.1 and 10.1.1, posted...Show More Summary

Watching These Cards Get Shuffled Is Hypnotizing as Hell

Eliot Slevin, his flexible fingers, and his mastery of cardistry can turn a normal deck of cards into a beautifully choreographed dance that seems to tweak gravity (and can probably even cause hypnosis if you stare too long). The movement of the cards is incredible; they just fly into his palms and flow so seamlessly… Read more...

Deals: Become A Web Dev With Just 28 Hours Of Training

Building a website is no simple feat, but having someone to guide you through it can make it much easier. With the Complete Web Developer Course, you can dive into 28 hours of training in HTML, JavaScript, and more from Rob Percival, one of the web’s top coding instructors. More »      

‘Buckyballs’ magnets now available after ban is overturned

If you need a gift idea for the holiday season, you can now buy small, powerful, rare earth magnets known generally as Buckyballs. Once regulated and banned because of the danger they pose to kids— they can cause very serious injuries...Show More Summary

Trakkadu AT VW camper van ventures over the road and dirt

Since the Volkswagen Transporter T6 launched last year, it's provided a blank canvas for camper van converters around the world, and we've seen some very different interpretations, from the new in-house California, to the free-swinging Tonke Van, to the free-loving Flow Camper. Show More Summary

Decimal Time Clocks in under 1 kB

Humans historically have worked well with decimal numbering systems. This is probably due to the fact most of us have ten fingers, which make counting in base ten easy. Yet humanity seems to doggedly stick to the odd duodecimal/sexagesimal time system. Show More Summary

Augmented reality treatment reduces phantom pain in missing limbs

Phantom limb pain is a mysterious ailment: people with amputations experience aches and acute pains in an arm or leg that isn’t there — making the problem notoriously difficult to treat. But a new type of therapy using augmented reality is surprisingly effective at reducing even the most intractable phantom pain. Read More

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