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Game of Thrones will have an eighth season, and could go longer

Will Game of Thrones continue on past season seven? Just how violent is the show, really? What is going on with Jon Snow? Can Jorah be saved from his poor life choices? Michael Lombardo, […]

Chris Pratt and Channing Tatum Ghostbusters movie is moving forward

It looks like we might actually get that rumored Channing Tatum Ghostbusters movie. In March, we started to hear that Sony was planning on expanding on the franchise beyond the currently in production […]

Cellulose paper could be strong enough to replace metal

Engineers from the University of Maryland have found a way to build a stronger and tougher paper that could one day replace metal, and smaller fibers may hold the key. For a long […]

Google instant translation app adds 20 new languages

If you’re heading over to Czechoslovakia any time soon, you wont have to worry about figuring out which sign says “ladies” or “gentlemen”. Google just added Czech, Slovak, and 18 other languages to […]

The 11 best balls in geek culture

Being aware of the condition of your balls could save your life. Let’s increase your ball awareness with the 11 best balls in geek culture.

Microsoft angers Mozilla with Windows 10 settings tweak

Windows 10 is already a big hit, with a reported 14 million upgrades complete. It’s also a big slap in the face, says Mozilla’s new CEO. Chris Beard took to Mozilla’s official blog […]

The most regrettable superheroes live in shame in this month’s Loot Crate

More subscription collectible box goodness from Loot Crate and Indie Box this month. The July 2015 Loot Crate theme is “HEROES 2,” and the game highlighted this month by IndieBox is Captain Forever […]

Windows 10 is already running on 14 million devices

The Windows 10 update finally started rolling out to users on July 29th, and it’s starting to look like Microsoft’s “last OS” will also be its biggest success. They tallied 14 million installs […]

Solitaire for Windows is no longer fully free, and has DLC

Like the Start Menu, Solitaire is making a triumphant return in Windows 10. It’s coming with a few changes, though, and you may not like one of them. The new game is getting the […]

Nvidia recalls all Shield tablets as they may set on fire

Battery overheating issue poses a fire risk, so Nvidia wants all of its Android tablets back.

Top Gear trio find new home at Amazon

Petrolheads have something to spill over about this week: The former Top Gear trio have just inked a deal with Amazon Video to bring a new motoring show to Amazon Prime. There’s been a […]

Robot Mouse Randomly Moves & Clicks While Online: Stumbleupon, Analog Edition

Between ad trackers, Google’s deeply integrated services, and our social media presence, it’s not that hard to gather facts about both our online and offline lives by tracking our browsing habits. But that’s not the case…

She-Hulk Statuette Is Green and Statuesque

I grew up watching The Incredible Hulk on TV. Other than the early Superman flicks and cartoons, the Hulk was my only live action superhero exposure growing up. I can’t recall ever seeing the She-Hulk anywhere.…

Bathe (and Work) Anywhere with This Inflatable Bathtub

You know you want this inflatable bathtub so you can turn it into your own wet office, like the woman in the image. As far as offices go, it looks super comfy. It’s about time we…

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