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Stop what you’re doing right now and watch Terry Crews murder this Lip Sync Battle

Whatever you’re doing at this very moment is nowhere near as important as this. In the lip sync game, Terry Crews is a king among men. A giant among ants. You cannot compete with him. No one can. He is the Michael Jordan of lip syncing. Show More Summary

X-Files mysteriously appears on Netflix in HD

The X-Files is back and looking better than ever! Netflix users have noticed recently that the first 13 episodes of the Fox sci-fi drama are now being presented in HD. The original series […]

This Working Replica of Bucky Fuller's Dymaxion Car Is Scary As Hell

Buckminster Fuller was either a brilliant inventor or a nutcase charlatan, depending on who you ask. And perhaps no single invention of Bucky’s encapsulates that divide quite like his Dymaxion car. Was it a death trap or a feat of engineering genius? The Wall Street Journal recently tested it out a functioning replica and decided it was very much the former. Read more...

8 Reasons Future Generations Will Consider Us Barbarians

Long ago, people were dirty and mean and ignorant. They would crap in a bucket and throw it in the river. They would burn people alive if they wanted them to die, and tell them swallow mercury if they wanted them to live. They were barbarians, in other words. Here are eight reasons why future generations will see us the same way. Read more...

Deal of the day: Disassemble & repair your electronics with the iFixit Pro Tech Bundle - 40% off

Tech repairs can be costly, and as our devices evolve, so should our ability to handle any operational issues that arise. You’re familiar with iFixit for their repair guides, but now they’re putting you in control with a bundle of iFixit tools containing all you need to start mending. Show More Summary

Flyte Levitating Light Bulb: The Lightest Light

The typical light bulb is really boring. You put it in the socket and it glows to provide you light. There are all sorts of lamps on the market, but if you want something that it…

The Coolest Apple Watch Feature Is Silent, Invisible, and 65 Years Old

On the first day of Apple Watch pre-orders, I put on a $15k wristputer and tried to figure out what was so special about it. Read more...

$50k in Play: Thirty Projects Will Win Custom PCBs this Week

This week we’re giving away $1500 in OSH Park codes to thirty different projects. Submit your project to the 2015 Hackaday Prize now! $50,000 over the next 17 weeks! For each of the last four weeks we’ve awarded prize packages to three projects just for submitting ideas. Show More Summary

Wren aims for universal appeal with V5US wireless speaker

Wren Sound Systems has added a new model to its V5 wireless speaker range. Where the other three units are geared toward either Bluetooth, AirPlay or Play-Fi, the V5US supports all three wireless technologies for "near-universal device compatibility" and lossless audio streaming... Show More Summary

Don’t celebrate yet: Comcast will find new ways to take revenge on America

“He doesn’t lose ever.” That’s what BTIG analyst Rich Greenfield said this week about Comcast CEO Brian Roberts in the wake of Comcast’s failure to win approval for its proposed merger with Time Warner Cable. It’s a telling quote that also lets us know that Comcast isn’t done yet trying to find ways to become more powerful. Show More Summary

New Blood-Testing Service: Only One Drop For 30 Lab Tests

Read on to learn more about Theranos, an innovative business model that offers a radical blood-testing service requiring just a pin-prick and a drop of blood to run hundreds of tests, which range from standard cholesterol checks to sophisiticated genetic analyses!

True Wetsuits Take Business Suits From Boardroom To Beach

True Wetsuits from Quicksilver Japan are designed to take recreation-seeking execs from the office to the ocean and back again. Surf's up in 26 minutes and your meeting's running late? No problemo, dude, and don't forget your board on your way out of the boardroom!

Apple Watch survives hot shower, swimming, repeated submersion

Any device designed to sit on your wrist all day has to be able to withstand the elements. The Apple Watch is no exception to this. It may be an expensive piece of […]

Solar E Panels harvests sunlight for your thirsty gadgets

With each new generation of smartphones being introduced, you can be sure that they will pack more and more functionality. The thing about these new functions is, most of the time it will take up more of your handset’s battery life, never mind the fact that the latest device will sport a larger capacity battery than before. Show More Summary

The Comcast Deal Is Dead, But the Internet's Not Out of the Garbage Yet

Hurray for the internet, the Comcast-Time Warner Cable deal is dead. Right? We dodged a megacorporation-sized bullet, but the internet is just as broken today as it was yesterday. Read more...

Foster's sustainable city hall opens in Buenos Aires

Earlier this month saw the official opening for Buenos Aires' new city hall. Buenos Aires Ciudad Casa de Gobierno is the first office development in Argentina to have been designed by Foster + Partners. It is also the first LEED Silver certified public building in the country. .. Show More Summary

The only place in the world to buy an Apple Watch right now

Buyers eager to get their hands on an Apple Watch today who haven’t been able to secure an April 24th ship date for their preorders had only a few options at their disposal, none of them being Apple retail stores. The smartwatch wasShow More Summary

Deal: Save 52% on These XTC Genuine Wood Headphones

If you’re in the market for a new set of earbuds, look no further. We’ve got a great deal in the Technabob Shop right now for some excellent earbuds. The Symphonized XTC earbuds normally sell for…

Amazing Oreo Trick Shots

While I am calling BS on most of these Oreo trick shots, because the guy is doing stuff that would likely break the cookie and make it crumble, it is still pretty amazing and awesome that…

The Fed's Cold War Bunker Had $4 Billion Cash For After The Apocalypse

New York and DC are piles of ash, but at least your checks are clearing. That was the idea behind the Culpeper Switch, a sprawling bunker built by the Federal Reserve to keep the banks running after nuclear apocalypse. But even some Cold War-era politicians thought it was silly. Read more...

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