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Impressive new image of Saturn from above the ecliptic plane

Our friend Val Klavans sent me a Christmas present this morning: A color photo of Saturn as you would have seen it if you were riding the spacecraft Cassini on December 21, 2014. Saturn's north polar hexagon stands out prominently while the rings encircle the planet. You can see the hexagon storm on its north pole. Read more...

Walmart has figured out what to do with all those Christmas gift cards you don’t want

Gift cards are popular Christmas gifts for some people, though recipients might not always be thrilled to receive one, and might even forget to spend them later. But Walmart has figured out what to do with gift cards, The Boston Globe reports, in order to motivate customers to actually use them. Show More Summary

Everyone Is Torrenting The Interview 

After much humming and hawing, Sony released The Interview to the internet yesterday, charging $6 for the privilege of seeing a CGI Kim Jong-Un go pop. And, because this is the internet, hundreds of thousands of people are repaying the favor by torrenting the crap out of it. Read more...

These Festive Bots Are Just As Excited About the Holidays As You Are

Every year the Autonomous Systems Lab at ETH Zurich trots out its weird and wonderful robotic creations adorned with festive garb as one of the more entertaining video holiday cards you'll see every year. At this point it's almost as...Show More Summary

The year in reviews: a look back at the worst gadgets of 2014

We've reviewed a lot of great products this year, and we can only hope that our observations helped you pick the device that best suits your needs. However, not every gadget we look at is going to be a winner. We've seen our fair share of disappointm...

This 4K video shows an incredible Christmas light display like you’ve never seen

You know your annoying neighbors down the block who suck up 10 times more power than anyone else from your local grid for four weeks every year when their Christmas light display goes up? You know exactly who we’re talking about. There’s...Show More Summary

Writing A Virtual Machine In Excel

[Ádám] participates in a competition called KöMaL. It’s a 9-times-a-month journal for junior high and high school students featuring math and physics problems. [Paul Erd?s], one of the most published mathematicians of all time, was a...Show More Summary

GIVEAWAY: You could win an Android smart watch

Wearables, such as Android smart watches, provide users with high tech convenience and stylish design. They’re primary purpose is to keep time, but they also do so much more. You could win one of the hottest wearables available today with The Choose Your Own Android Smart Watch Giveaway at BGR Deals. Show More Summary

The Kinesis Contoured Keyboard is an extension of your body

When you throw a punch, you don’t just put your arm out straight forward from your body like a Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robot. You need to turn your body with it to make one fluid movement. Our bodies have movements that are natural and cause very little strain on us, and it’s only when we repeatedly do things that go against that where we start to notice our tendons,...

The Bluetooth Ornament Speaker will rock around the Christmas tree

It’s that time of year again where we adorn our home with lights, poinsettias, and various nods to Old St. Nick. We feel more giving than normal, but also secretly (and sometimes not so secretly) hope everyone else is in the giving mood too. Show More Summary

Hackers Are Attacking PSN and Xbox Because Christmas Spirit Is Dead

Since late last night, it looks like a bunch of hackers have been attacking the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live online gaming services. Merry Christmas in 2014, everyone! Read more...

The Interview: 2014's most infamous film isn't great, but it's important

Let's face it, The Interview would have had to be nothing short of a masterpiece to justify all of the drama around its release. Well, it's not -- but it's not a terrible movie either. The comedy about the assassination of Kim Jong-un prompted terror...

Watch This Supercut Of Santas Behaving Badly

Being Santa can be hard work — all that ho-ho-hoing and bouncing kids on your knee really takes its toll. So much easier to just be a drunken bearded degenerate instead. Read more...

What architects think Santa’s headquarters should look like

Finnish construction company Ruuki and Helsinki Design Week decided to hold a special competition for architects, tasking them with designing Santa’s modern “logistics center.” The competition’s theme appears to have been very appealing to...Show More Summary

Armored truck spills $4.5 million on road, everyone rushes to grab it

Dozens of Hong Kong motorists and pedestrians rushed to grab loads of money after an armored truck's doors opened by accident on a busy road, spilling about $4.5 million dollars in HK$500 notes (US$65) on Christmas Eve, reports the South China Morning Post. Check out all those frantic bastards. Read more...

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