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The Pixel 2 has a secret navigation button that Google never told us about

The Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL are shipping to buyers who preordered them online, and the first reviews of Google’s 2017 flagship phones are already in. However, not all the Pixel 2 secrets were shared with the public, and early users have...Show More Summary

Of course Alphabet is working on a drone-powered burrito delivery service

Everyone gets cravings for tasty, tasty Mexican food every once in a while (or every few days, if you're me), but leaving your couch is just such a hassle these days. I mean, you can order caskets on Amazon Prime and have them delivered...Show More Summary

Cops in Dubai are getting real, actual hoverbikes, and they look amazing

Back in the 1950s, everyone thought that by the year 2000 we'd be jetting around in flying cars. Nearly two decades late, we're finally seeing the very beginnings of the systems and technologies that could make that dream a reality, and the Dubai police force is going to be one of the first to experience it. Show More Summary

Generation 3 Pokemon seemingly confirmed for ‘Pokemon Go’ Halloween event

The weeks following the debut of the Generation 2 Legendaries in the world of Pokemon Go have been rather quiet. Save for an event centered around the fall equinox, Pokemon Go players simply haven't been given much to do, but it's beginning...Show More Summary

Xbox One fall update now available, complete with a faster dashboard

The most substantial Xbox One update of the year is now available to the general public. On Monday, Microsoft rolled out the 2017 fall update for the Xbox One, bringing a host of changes and additions to the gaming platform. First up...Show More Summary

Analogue’s new Super Nt console plays every SNES cartridge ever made in 1080p

Just weeks after the SNES Classic Edition hit store shelves (and promptly sold out), Analogue has unveiled another retro console that will play Super Nintendo games. Dubbed the Super Nt, Analogue's new console can play all 2,200+ SNES...Show More Summary

Watch the first action-packed full-length trailer for Marvel’s ‘Black Panther’

Just a week after Lucasfilm and Disney had the whole world buzzing with the debut of the new Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer during Monday Night Football, Marvel Studios has responded with a trailer of its own. Just minutes ago, Marvel...Show More Summary

8 new movie trailers you need to watch from this past week

Drop what you’re doing as we got a bunch of hot trailers for you this week. The list includes the latest Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer, and the first trailer for X-Men: The New Mutants, and a brand new Justice League clip. Opening...Show More Summary

Study shows robots are better at slicing humans open than humans are

Human surgeons are some of the most skilled, precise individuals on the planet, but no amount of training and experience can make them better at slicing human flesh than robots already are. A new study aimed at comparing the steady hand...Show More Summary

‘The New Mutants’ puts a horror spin on the X-Men in first trailer

While the X-Men movies have cycled through casts and story lines for nearly two decades now, the genre has always been action. In The New Mutants, director Josh Boone and 20th Century Fox are putting a new spin on the franchise by shifting to horror. Show More Summary

People are so pumped for ‘Super Mario Odyssey’ that they’re speedrunning the in-store demo

We're two weeks away from the release of Super Mario Odyssey on the Switch, but for many Nintendo fans, the wait has become unbearable. Sadly, there's no demo available on the Switch eShop to help tide us all over, but across the country,...Show More Summary

Legendary phone reviewer explains why the Pixel 2 and iPhone 8’s camera scores are flawed

We’ve seen a barrage of DxOMark camera reviews in the past few weeks, as several high-end smartphones came out, all of them sporting top-of-the-line camera experience. First, the camera pros declared the iPhone 8 Plus to be the best smartphone camera they ever tested. Show More Summary

Watch the final trailer for Stranger Things season 2

October 27th can’t get here soon enough. That’s when a few million lucky iPhone fans will be able to preorder an iPhone X with a November 3rd ship date. Meanwhile, there's still good news for everyone else: The second season of Stranger...Show More Summary

Dude builds world’s first semi-automatic portable railgun, uses it to kill a laptop

A couple of years ago, a Imgur user by the name of NSA_Listbot showed off one of the most impressive DIY creations ever attempted: an actual handheld, portable railgun. Its ability to fire plasma projectiles at speeds topping 550 mph was an incredible accomplishment. Show More Summary

A sneak peek at the ‘Star Wars’ VR experience coming to Disney World and Disneyland

Just two days after debuting a new teaser trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi during Monday Night Football, Disney has shared yet another trailer -- this one for the upcoming Secrets of the Empire immersive VR experience coming to Disney...Show More Summary

Autonomous cars without human drivers are coming to California next year

The California Department of Motor Vehicles has updated its rules governing self-driving vehicle testing, removing the requirement that a human backup driver be present in the car and ready to take over. The regulations will be sentShow More Summary

Jimmy Kimmel shows us why Star Wars’ newest adorable creature has a very unfortunate name

Disney released a new The Last Jedi trailer on Monday night, which brings us even more footage from the upcoming Star Wars movie. One of the things fans loved (or hated, in some cases) immediately was the new adorable creatures that Disney just introduced. There are valid arguments on both sides, of that there is no question. Show More Summary

Crazy videos show futuristic augmented reality that’s already here today

During Apple's big press conference in September where the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X were unveiled, the company made clear that augmented reality features were a huge focus in iOS 11 and this year's new iPhones. Google also spent plenty of time on AR during its big Pixel 2 event earlier this month. Show More Summary

Google Home Mini caught recording everything and sending all the data to Google

The worry with smart home speakers is that they have the built-in ability to record everything you say and sending that data to the company that makes them or to hackers that obtained access to such devices. But when the home speaker is Google’s new Home Mini, all sorts of red flags go up. Show More Summary

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