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Flash a Light Bulb, Win a Prize

How many geeks does it take to flash a lightbulb? Judging from the list of entries in the 2017 Flashing Light Prize, so far only seven. But we suspect Hackaday readers can add to that total. The goal is almost as simple as possible: build something that can flash an incandescent light bulb for at least five minutes. Show More Summary

Watch a security developer exact sweet revenge on IRS scammers

Over the past few years, one of the more prevalent and successful scams going around has involved individuals posing as IRS agents and demanding payment of back taxes. By preying on individuals who are either elderly, unsophisticated,...Show More Summary

Video shows off over 25 new features and changes in Apple’s latest iOS 11 beta

Apple's new iOS 11 software might not look like a huge update at first glance, but we can assure you that it is. The company has included thousands of new features, refinements, changes, and APIs in iOS 11, and developers got their first...Show More Summary

7 new movie trailers you need to watch from this past week

It’s hot outside, and I can’t think of any better cheap AC dispenser than a theater. The latest Transformers movie hits theaters this weekend, and The Beguiled might just be a great alternative if robots aren’t your thing anymore. But...Show More Summary

Watch a Tesla Model X pass the infamous ‘moose test’

Earlier this month, Tesla's Model X became the safest SUV ever created when it attained a 5-star crash rating across every category after being put through the ringer by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Hardly a surprise, Tesla has long been incredibly laser-focused on ensuring that its vehicles are incredibly safe. Show More Summary

Simple Electric Bike Conversion from 3D-Printed Parts

Challenge: Perform an electric conversion on a bicycle. Problem: No significant metal working skills or equipment. Solution: 3D print everything needed to electrify the bike. At least that’s the approach that [Tom Stanton] took to his electric bike build. Show More Summary

Watch Conan and Will Arnett duke it out in ‘ARMS’ on Nintendo Switch

There's no better way for two adults to work through their issues than to punch each other repeatedly in a video game. That's exactly what Conan O'Brien and Will Arnett did on the latest installment of Clueless Gamer, marking the first...Show More Summary

Watch the OnePlus 5 beat three Android flagships in a charging speed test

The reaction to the OnePlus 5 has been generally positive, but there's no doubt that the Android flagship has its issues. OnePlus has been caught cheating on benchmarks, OnePlus 3T owners have been getting annoying ads on their phone...Show More Summary

Playing ‘Super Mario Bros.’ in real life with augmented reality looks awesome

Other than Pokemon Go, augmented reality hasn't received the same kind of attention as virtual reality. Apple's AR initiative on iOS 11 will make a difference in the months to come, but there simply isn't all that much AR content to consume at the moment. Show More Summary

Lenovo doesn’t think the PC is dead just yet

Lenovo has some interesting plans for the PCs of the future, the company revealed during its Transform 2017 event earlier this week. That includes its popular ThinkPad line, which may see some serious transformations in the coming years. Sure,...Show More Summary

Video and photos show iPhone 8 model next to iPhone 7 Plus

Earlier this week, we saw an extensive hands-on video with a purported iPhone 8 dummy unit. It may have not been a fully functional device, but it certainly ticked off all the boxes regarding our expectations for Apple’s 2017 flagship iPhone. Show More Summary

Winter is here in the new trailer for ‘Game of Thrones’ season 7

HBO just couldn't help itself. On the first day of summer, the premium cable network released a new trailer for the seventh season of Game of Thrones, announcing once and for all that "Winter Is Here." The second trailer for season 7...Show More Summary

Panelizing Boards The Easy Way

For reasons that will remain undisclosed until some time in the future, I recently had a need to panelize a few PCBs. Panelization is the art of taking PCB designs you already have, whether they’re KiCad board files, Eagle board files,...Show More Summary

Every movie and TV show coming to Netflix in July

If June was a relatively slow month for Netflix additions, July is the exact opposite. From start to finish, next month is jam-packed with returning original series, brand new original series, popular TV shows and blockbuster movies....Show More Summary

OnePlus mocked Apple’s iPhone design after blatantly copying it on the OnePlus 5

The OnePlus 5 is finally official, as is the fact that the phone looks like a high-end iPhone clone made in China. There’s no denying that OnePlus looked at the iPhone for inspiration when it comes to the OnePlus 5’s design, but also for smaller things like the user interface for the camera app. Show More Summary

Download the first level of ‘Hitman’ for free on PS4, Xbox One and PC

Hitman, one of our favorite games of 2016, just had its first level released for free on PS4, Xbox One and PC. This announcement comes just days after the game's developer, Io-Interactive, split with publisher Square Enix, becoming completely...Show More Summary

New video gives us a look at the iPhone 8’s likely final design

We’ve had a busy year when it comes to iPhone 8 leaks, and they’re only going to get more intense over the summer, as we get closer to Apple’s September iPhone event. As the iPhone 8’s design gets finalized, we’ll probably start seeing more images and videos showing the phone, or dummy units based on said design. Show More Summary

Amazon will now ship you clothing just to try it on, for free

Shopping on Amazon is one of the most painless ways to buy things these days — and that simplicity is one of the big reasons why the company has continued to grow at a breakneck pace — but when it comes to buying clothes, being able to see, touch, and try on a new item is still a win for the mall. Show More Summary

This is the iPhone 8 of our dreams, and it’s probably pretty close to the real thing

Eager gadget fans are focused on the upcoming unveiling of the next-generation OnePlus 5 later this morning, and it's shaping up to be one of the hottest new flagship phones of the year. As impressive as the new OnePlus handset seems in all the leaks and reports, however, it's not enough to draw too much attention away from the iPhone 8. Show More Summary

BASU to hand out free safety alarms to every college student in the U.S

With college students set to head back to school in about two months, a company called BASU recently announced that it will be giving away its powerful eAlarm device to students for free later this year. If you haven't heard of BASU's eAlarm device, the way it works is pretty straight forward. Show More Summary

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