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Giorgio Moroder: 74 Is the New 24

Although there are large swaths of America which may only know his name as a track on a Daft Punk album, Giorgio Moroder is so very much more. The name and first song from his new album 74 is the New 24 hints at that a bit, with a nod to his age (yep, 74) and boundless career. Read more...

Laser-cut Album Released

In some alternate universe, where laser cutters and phonographs are more common than MP3 players, it makes a ton of sense to release laser-cutter files for your band’s new album (Translated). In this universe, it’s wacky and awesome. The...Show More Summary

“Yo Soy Groot” And 14 More International Grootisms

What is it that makes a hyperviolent, anthropomorphized tree that says nothing more than “I am Groot” so charming? My money is on those big doe eyes. It’s the weird combination of nine-foot tall killing machine…

Ken Block’s Gymkhana Seven Video Has Lots of Donuts

Ken Block is insane, anyone who has watched one of his Gymkhana videos would probably agree. Take Gymkhana Five for instance – that video was awesome with Block blasting through the streets of San Francisco in…

Sony Xperia Z3 Compact review – a mini flagship without the compromise

If you’ve had your eye on the newest generation of Sony Xperia phones, you might be wondering whether you’re better off going for the £549 full-sized Z3 or its ‘mini’ version, the Z3 Compact, at £429. But smaller versions of flagships...Show More Summary

What Conan Thinks People Will Do With a Ten-Second Earthquake Warning

So, you've installed an app on your phone that gives you a full ten second warning before an earthquake hits. But what are you going to use those vital moments for? Conan thinks he knows. Read more...

Using MIDI and Magnets to Produce Tones with Tines

Normally you’d expect the sound of a pipe organ to come from something gigantic. [Matthew Steinke] managed to squeeze all of that rich melodic depth into an acoustic device the size of a toaster (YouTube link) which uses electromagnetism...Show More Summary

Magnifying Spoon Lets You Pick Out Tiny Hairs From Your Soup

You must be a special person, if you worry enough about possible contaminants in your food that you’d consider buying the Magnifying Spoon. But if someone out there bothered to The post Magnifying Spoon Lets You Pick Out Tiny Hairs From Your Soup appeared first on OhGizmo!.

Retrotechtacular: The (Long, Arduous) Birth of a Tank

Throughout the 1950s and early 1960s, the United States Army provided regular status reports to both its interior members and the American public through a half-hour documentary television show called The Big Picture. Since the program was produced by the government, every episode immediately entered the public domain. Show More Summary

Video: Check out Samsung’s extended trailer for ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’

One of the most hotly anticipated movies of 2015 is Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron — set to hit theaters next May — so it’s not really surprising to see Samsung post a special extended trailer for the upcoming movie on its Samsung Mobile YouTube page. Show More Summary

Extreme Repair of a Burnt PCB

[xsdb] had a real problem. His JBL L8400P 600 watt subwoofer went up in flames – literally. Four of the large capacitors on the board had bulged and leaked. The electrolyte then caused a short in the mains AC section of the board, resulting in a flare up. Show More Summary

Amazon’s Prime Air will start testing drone deliveries in Cambridge

If you can’t wait 24 hours to get your hands on a book, DVD, or video game without breaking out into a cold sweat, get excited (and maybe look into moving). Same day Amazon deliveries just moved a step closer with the news that the company will be testing drones in Cambridge ASAP. Show More Summary

How To Get 50 More Zed From Your Rigol DS1054Z

[Chris] has been spending a lot of time in the wife’s sewing room lately, and things got pretty serious late last night as he hacked his shiny new Rigol DS1054Z to unlock the 1104Z capabilities lurking within. The rumors are true, and...Show More Summary

$2 FM Transmitter for Raspberry Pi

We love re-purposed consumer gear. [Tobias] sent us the link to his project to that uses a cheap, discontinued cellphone gadget to create a Raspberry Pi controlled FM radio transmitter. The Sony-Ericsson MMR-70 radio transmitter apparently used to connect to a cell phone and broadcast music. Show More Summary

Retrotechtacular: How to Teletypewriter

This week, you’re going to learn the ins and outs of the AN/GRC-46 thanks to this army training film from 1963. What is the AN/GRC-46, you ask? Why it’s a complete mobile-tactical sheltered radio-teletypewriter rig capable of CW, voice,...Show More Summary

PianoArc Round Keyboard: Music is a Flat Circle

Brockett Parsons plays keyboard for Lady Gaga, who is as famous for her outlandish outfits as for her songs. Brockett wanted to get in line with his star and be an eye-catching performer on his own.…

Tiny R/C P-51D Mustang Tips the Scales at 3 Grams

Commercial R/C aircraft have been getting smaller and smaller with each passing year. In the early 2000’s, a palm-sized plane or helicopter was the dream of many an R/C enthusiast. Today, you can pick them up for around $20 USD at the local mall. Show More Summary

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