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This is the iPhone of our dreams and it probably won’t ever exist

Apple's upcoming new iPhone 8 will feature a bold new design, and not a moment too soon. After three consecutive iPhone generations that each feature nearly identical hardware designs, consumers are beginning to get antsy. iPhone sales are slumping, and Apple fans are due for something fresh and new. Show More Summary

Doubling The Capacity of Power Tool Batteries

YouTube User [Vuaeco] has come up with a novel idea, combining power tool battery packs to double the capacity. Starting off with two slimline 2.0Ah compact battery packs, [Vuaeco] wanted a larger 4.0Ah rebuilt drill battery pack. These...Show More Summary

Android O takes the fight to improve smartphone battery life to the next level

Mobile operating systems today have reached a point where it’s perfectly okay to expect “boring” updates that include plenty of improvements meant to further enhance the overall experience. Such is the case with Android O, which will...Show More Summary

Handheld Network Analyzer Peek Inside

[Shahriar] recently posted a review of a 6.8 GHz network analyzer. You can see the full video — over fifty minutes worth — below the break. The device can act as a network analyzer, a spectrum analyzer, a field strength meter, and a signal generator. Show More Summary

Everything you need to know about ‘Destiny 2’

On Thursday morning at an event in Los Angeles, California, Bungie finally took the wraps off of Destiny 2. The sequel to one of the biggest games of 2014, Destiny 2 builds on the original game without losing any of the gameplay, features...Show More Summary

Coke Can Fueled Power Generator

[Experimental Fun] shows us how you can create a cola power generator that runs on nothing more than cans of cola including the container and a little bit of sodium hydroxide to speed the reaction up. This might sound a bit crazy, but...Show More Summary

Watch the ‘Destiny 2’ gameplay reveal live stream right here

Years of anticipation have led to this moment. On Thursday at 1 PM ET / 10 AM PT, we're finally going to see Destiny 2 in action. Bungie confirmed the long-awaited sequel back in March, and although we got a trailer a few days later, the developer has been relatively quiet since then. Show More Summary

Google I/O 2017 day two live stream: Watch Google dive into VR and AR

Wednesday's keynote address at Google I/O 2017 in Mountain View, California was packed to the brim with announcements and product demos, but Google isn't done yet. The developers conference kicked off on Wednesday, but lasts until Friday, which means that Google still has two full days to talk about its upcoming products and services. Show More Summary

LEGO Train Explores a World of Sparkling Light

[bananenbuurman] converted his studio apartment into a glorious four-minute LEGO train course equipped with lights, motorized effects, and creative displays. The train car sports a 360-degree camera, giving us a minifigure’s view ofShow More Summary

Watch the ‘ARMS’ Nintendo Direct live stream right here

With less than a month to go until E3 2017 kicks off in Los Angeles, California, Nintendo is going to host a live stream today focusing on one of its more exciting exclusive titles for the Switch: ARMS. If you haven't been keeping up,...Show More Summary

Cult classic game ‘Phantom Dust’ free to download on Xbox One, PC

In a surprise announcement on Monday, Microsoft revealed that original Xbox cult classic Phantom Dust would be re-releasing on Xbox One and PC for free on Tuesday, May 16th. This action combat game wasn't the most iconic Xbox game, but...Show More Summary

Galaxy S8 video showdown proves the US version is plenty fast

Not all Galaxy S8 smartphones are created equal. As with the Galaxy S7 before it, there are two versions of the Galaxy S8: one for the US and one for the international market. The key difference between the two phones is that the USShow More Summary

JB Weld Fixes Cracked Cylinder Heads

There are persistent rumors that the main ingredient in JB Weld is magic. This two-part epoxy that you would normally find on a shelf next to your basic 5-minute epoxy, Titebond, various cyanoacrylates, and Gorilla glue is somehow different. Show More Summary

Building a Flamethrower Skateboard Makes All Your Tricks Infinitely More Impressive

6 days agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

Tony Hawk landing a 900 is an impressive feat, but do you know what would make it even more impressive? A trail of fire making it seem like Tony’s skateboard has a fighter jet afterburner propelling him up the half-pipe. Does that sound a little dangerous? Yes. Are there instructions online for upgrading your… Read more...

New documentary details Trump’s alleged ties to Russian mobsters

A Dutch sketch that went viral soon after Donald Trump took office urged the new president to make the Netherlands second, and a meme was born. But it turns out that Dutch reporters can also make serious Trump documentaries, and one such film hit YouTube over the weekend. Show More Summary

Ajit Pai and John Oliver have two very different opinions about net neutrality

There’s a new net neutrality battle looming, and this time around the FCC might kill the kind of internet users actually want. Trump’s new FCC Chairman Ajit Pai made it clear that he opposes the Obama-era net neutrality rules, which prompted Last Week Tonight host John Oliver to launch a second defense of net neutrality last week. Show More Summary

Liquid Cooling Overclocked Raspberry Pi With Style

[HydroGraphix HeadQuarters] has earned his name with this one. While he is using mineral oil instead of hydro, he’s certainly done a nice job with the graphics of it. The ‘it’ in questions is an overclocked Raspberry Pi 3 in a transparent...Show More Summary

This Simple Smartphone App May Just Trick People Into Thinking You Don't Suck at Drawing

Have you ever dreamed about impressing the people around your neighborhood with preachy Banksy-inspired graffiti? SketchAR is an augmented reality drawing app that uses a smartphone and its camera to let you trace images. And when used with a device that supports Google’s Project Tango technology, suddenly anyone can… Read more...

How Many Grandmas Were Needed to Make This Epic Cross-Stitched Music Video?

The music video for Ghost, the latest track from an Australian indie folk band named Husky, looks like it was brought to life by hundreds of senior citizens cross-stitching around the clock for months on end. Read more...

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