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KFC is now using facial recognition to guess what you’ll like

Are your lunch choices dictated by your age and gender? KFC thinks they might be, so it's going to use facial recognition technology to categorize customers and pitch meal choices that its algorithm thinks will make you happy. The Chinese...Show More Summary

‘House of Cards’ returns to Netflix for its fifth season on May 30th

In what can only be described as a brilliant marketing move, Netflix announced the release date for the fifth season of House of Cards on January 20th — the day that Donald Trump takes the oath of office. Unfortunately, the release date...Show More Summary

Seeing the Northern Lights at 35,000 Feet Is the Best Reason to Fly to Iceland

4 days agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

Iceland’s board of tourism is doing something right because the country has become a vacation hotspot in recent years. Apparently, even the flight up north can be a spectacular experience, as you might be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the northern lights from 35,000 feet. Read more...

World of Warcraft Cooking Show Pops up in South Korea

Often, when we talk about weird foods, they are out of Japan. This time the foodie oddity is from South Korea in the form of a cooking show with a World of Warcraft theme. The show’s… The post World of Warcraft Cooking Show Pops up in South Korea appeared first on Technabob.

How to watch Donald Trump’s presidential inauguration live online

By Friday afternoon, Donald Trump will officially have been sworn in as the 45th president of the United States. Although the festivities began on Thursday, today is the day that the transition of power from President Obama to President...Show More Summary

This video showing over 100 years of global warming will terrify you

We found out this week that 2016 was the hottest year ever recorded, further supporting the consensus that the Earth is getting gradually warmer due to human activity. Year over year, we don't necessarily notice a difference, but when you zoom out a bit and look at a full century's worth of temperature data, the change is much more dramatic. Show More Summary

How fast is too fast? Tesla’s Model S P100D hits a 0-60 time of 2.38 seconds

Let's be honest: Tesla doesn't really need to make its cars go any faster. After all, it's not as if Tesla owners are lamenting the fact that a handful of multi-million dollar supercars can go from 0-60 MPH just a few tenths of a second faster than a top of the line Model S. That of course has never stopped Elon Musk and co. Show More Summary

Relay Computing

Recently, [Manuel] did a post on making logic gates out of anything. He mentioned a site about relay logic. While it is true that you can build logic gates using switch logic (that is, two switches in series are an AND gate and two in parallel are an OR gate), it isn’t the only way. Show More Summary

Listen to ‘Hallelujah Money,’ the first new Gorillaz song in six years

Six years after the release of The Fall and seven after Plastic Beach, the Gorillaz have returned with a brand new song, just in time for the inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump. On Thursday, the Gorillaz began conversing with...Show More Summary

Kit Kat’s Lunar New Year Gift Box is a Modern Twist on Traditional Asian Flavors

Lunar New Year comes a little early this year on January 28, but as always, Kit Kat was ready. Since at least 2014, Kit Kat has released super fancy special gift boxes of their candy bars in a few places around the globe (Canada and Australia for the most part, it seems). Show More Summary

Watch Different Fuels Ignite Inside a See Through Combustion Engine

At some point or another we have all imagined what the explosion inside of a combustion engine looks like. That’s because engines are fascinating, and you unfortunately can’t see inside of them while this is happening.…

Watch X-23 kick everyone’s ass in the new trailer for ‘Logan’

17 years after taking on the role of Wolverine in X-Men, Hugh Jackman will don the claws one final time in Logan this spring. Along with being a sendoff for Jackman, Logan will also serve as the third solo Wolverine film and the ninth...Show More Summary

Walking on the Roads of Argentina Looks Awesome

5 days agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

Argentina has so many wonderfully different backdrops and views that it’s a pretty perfect place to travel through. Guillaume Juin walked on the roads of the beautiful country and captured gorgeous imagery in this video. You can really see how diverse the landscape is. In the northern parts of Argentina it’s a total… Read more...

‘Fire Emblem Heroes’ is Nintendo’s next mobile game, launches in February

As expected, Nintendo unveiled its next mobile game on Wednesday afternoon during the company's Fire Emblem live stream. The new game is called Fire Emblem Heroes, and unlike Super Mario Run, it will release first for Android on February...Show More Summary

This LG G6 concept shows why this could be a bad year for Samsung

2017 is going to be a big year for Samsung. Apple's supposedly-revolutionary iPhone 8 is coming, smartphone sales are slowing down, and oh yeah, there was that Note 7 thing last year. So the last thing Samsung needs while it's trying...Show More Summary

Watch live as Nintendo unveils its mobile Fire Emblem game

Less than a week after introducing the world to the Switch, Nintendo will host a Nintendo Direct presentation on Wednesday at 5 PM ET to discuss upcoming titles in the Fire Emblem series. Beyond that, we don't know specifically whatShow More Summary

Larry David makes a cameo in the trailer for ‘Last Week Tonight’ season 4

On February 12th at 11 PM, Last Week Tonight will return for its fourth season. John Oliver left 2016 on an odd note, just days after Donald Trump had been elected president. Many of his viewers were still flailing about, trying to figure...Show More Summary

One emoji message can crash your iPhone, if you’re not careful

Every once in a while, people find strange contraptions that can be used inside the iPhone’s messaging app to crash the recipient’s device. Some of them are serious bugs, while others will only freeze your iPhone for a few minutes. In either case, they’re seriously annoying. Show More Summary

Something Silent But Deadly Is Killing Galaxies

6 days agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

Across the universe, unsuspecting galaxies are literally getting the life sucked out of them. Though the culprit is still at large, a team of researchers at the International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research (ICRAR) in Western Australia is working tirelessly to crack the case—and to restore law and order. Read more...

Apple fans, let your freak flag fly

The Jony Ive-narrated introductory video for the Apple Pencil is without question the most cringeworthy video Apple has ever produced. Seriously, it’s like a parody of an Apple video produced by Apple. Watch it again right here if you don't remember it. Show More Summary

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