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The Elements Converge for ±.002 in Tolerance

What can be accomplished with just a torch and compressed air? We can think of many things, but bringing a 17-foot-long marine shaft into ±.002 in tolerance was not on our list. Heat straightening (PDF) utilizes an oxy-acetylene flame that is used to quickly heat a small section of a workpiece. Show More Summary

John Oliver perfectly explains to Donald Trump why Putin is bad news

Russia is currently one of Donald Trump’s worst problems, one that the President keeps dismissing as “fake news.” After Michael Flynn’s resignation last week, news broke that high-ranking members of the Trump campaign were in constant contact with former Russian intelligence agents during the campaign. Show More Summary

Shocker! World’s first self-driving car race ends in a crash

The world's first race on a professional track involving self-driving cars ended, not surprisingly, with a crash. As part of the Roborace competition held in Buenos Aires over the weekend, one of the two self-driving Devbot vehiclesShow More Summary

Modding a Porsche 911 to Play Doom Is Absurdly Dangerous

2 days agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

By now, it seems safe to say that Doom can be played on any device a person wants. It’s been adapted for printers, ATM machines, calculators, the Apple Touch Bar and many others. But none of those devices have 370 horsepower to send you careening down a road, honking like a maniac while you blow demons back to hell. Read more...

This new iPhone 8 feature might end up blowing our minds

Amid rumors that the iPhone 8 will incorporate advanced facial recognition features, the Hebrew-language website Calcalist (via Times of Israel) is reporting that Apple recently acquired Realface, an up-and-coming Israeli startup with...Show More Summary

Watch the first trailer for The Walking Dead season 7, episode 11

Episode 10 of The Walking Dead is done, and we’re one step closer to that massive confrontation we’ve been waiting for. You know, the battle between Rick and Negan that we’ve been expecting since that horrendous massacre in the first episode of season 7. Show More Summary

Hackaday Links: February 19, 2017

The ESP-32 is the Next Big Chip. This tiny microcontroller with WiFi and Bluetooth is the brains of the GameBoy on your keychain, emulates an NES, and does Arduino. There are ESP32 modules that are somewhat easy to acquire, but so far the bare chips have been unobtanium. Show More Summary

Behind the scenes of the most thrilling nature video of all time

Even if you've never watched a full episode of the Planet Earth series, you've probably still seen one specific scene from an episode of Planet Earth II. Back in November of 2016, Planet Earth II hit the airwaves in the UK and brought with it a truly epic action sequence that seemed too crazy to believe. Show More Summary

Making Use of Stellaris/Tiva Real-Time Clock

If you’re at all like us, or like [Vadim], you’ve got a stash of development boards in a shoebox on a shelf in your closet. If you’re better organized that we are, it might even be labeled “dev boards”. (Ah well, that’s a project for another day.) Anyway, reach into your box and pull one out, and put it to use. Show More Summary

10 new movie trailers you need to watch from this past week

Good news, folks, it’s already that time of the week when we try to forget about all the serious things that happen around us during the week while we enjoy new movie trailers for upcoming attractions. And this week was pretty busy in...Show More Summary

Colbert roasts President Trump for his bizarre ‘stress conference’

While every day with the Trump administration is an adventure, Thursday was especially eventful as President Donald Trump hosted a 77-minute long press conference in which he lied repeatedly, attacked the media for delivering fake news and slammed Hillary Clinton, who is no longer running for office. It was quite a sight to behold. Show More Summary

Watch a congressman compare Trump’s White House to ‘Stranger Things’

It’s been a tough week for Trump’s camp, and the president's solo press conference on Thursday did not help. According to Trump, the dishonest media is still unfair, and anything having to do with Russia is fake news — that's on top of all the reports that criticize Trump, which are also fake news. Show More Summary

Watch scientists explore the ocean floor, live

Do you ever feel like scientists get to have all the fun? Researchers like the ones from the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration get to cruise around on their fancy ship, the Okeanos Explorer, and send their ultra high-tech cameras down to the ocean to observe all kinds of awesome stuff. Show More Summary

The Best Conference Badge Of 2017 Is A WiFi Lawn

It’s February, conference season hasn’t even started yet, and already there’s a winner of the best electronic badge of the year. For this year’s MAGfest in beautiful downtown Baltimore, [CNLohr] and friends distributed 2,000 ESP8266-based swag badges. These custom #badgelife badges aren’t. Show More Summary

Down and Dirty with Contact Cleaners

I had a friend who was an engineer for a small TV station. I visited him at work once, and despite the fact that he wouldn’t let me climb the 1,200? antenna tower, I had a great time. I was working for a video production studio at the...Show More Summary

Watch Donald Trump get caught lying to your face on TV

Donald Trump the citizen, Donald Trump the outlandish candidate, Donald Trump the Republican nominee, and POTUS Donald Trump all have one thing in common. They’ll all lie to your face in blatant disregard of the facts. It’s especially...Show More Summary

Watch 104 individual satellites achieve orbit and shatter a world record

Earlier this week we told you about India's mission to deploy an absurd number of satellites from a single launch vehicle. Thankfully, the mission went off without a hitch, and the record-breaking payload was successfully placed in orbit by the Indian Space Research Organization, ISRO. Show More Summary

Colin Furze Lights Fireworks with a Giant Fire Tornado: Just Another Day

Colin Furze has gone and done another crazy awesome thing. No surprise there. This time it was all to celebrate his YouTube channel reaching another big milestone: four million subscribers! So how does one commemorate such…

80 new Pokemon are coming to Pokemon Go, but more new features are hidden in the code

Pokemon Go developer Niantic revealed on Wednesday that 80 new Pokemon from the Johto region introduced in Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Silver will be added to the game by the end of the week. Along with the new Pokemon, Niantic is alsoShow More Summary

Madman Manages to Build 20-Foot Tall Fire Tornado Without Burning Down His Entire Country

6 days agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

Colin Furze, the internet’s favorite inventor who always puts awesome first and safety second, has created what certainly looks like the largest man-made fire tornado ever built. Combining two of nature’s most destructive forces seems like a good idea, right? Read more...

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