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Teeny Tiny Very Small – Atomic Resolution and the Home Hobbyist

Atoms are small. Really small. You just won’t believe how minusculely microscopically mindbogglingly small they are. I mean you may think it’s a short way down the road to the chemist’s, but that’s just peanuts to atoms. Atoms really are small. Show More Summary

Cardboard Robot Deathmatch

Fighting robots are even more awesome than regular robots. But it’s hard for us to imagine tossing all that money (not to mention blood, sweat and tears) into a bot and then watching it get shredded. The folks at Columbia Gadget Works,...Show More Summary

Gathering the Hacking Community of Zurich

When my Swiss cousin-in-law sent us her wedding invitation, I didn’t immediately think I’d get to see user [antti.lukats‘] tiny FPGA projects as part of the deal. I’m really glad that I came to Switzerland for the wedding, and also got to be a part of an awesome meetup in Zurich’s Fablab. Show More Summary

Minimal Mighty Mite

If you’re getting started building your own ham radio gear, it’s hard to imagine a more low-tech transmitter than the Mighty Mite, but [Paul Hodges, KA5WPL] took it one step further and rolled his own variable capacitor. (That’s the beer can with tape and alligator clips that you see on the left.) A Mighty Mite is barely a radio at all. Show More Summary

A Guy Named Bernoulli and Ducted Propeller Designs

Want to learn why ducted propellers improve both thrust and efficiency? Well, we’ve got both the lesson and the teacher for you. [Bruce Simpson] isn’t exactly a household name, but we bet most of you already know who he is. He’s theShow More Summary

Navigating the Oceans is Deadly Without a Clock

I came across an interesting question this weekend: how do you establish your East/West location on the globe without modern technology? The answer depends on what you mean by “modern”, it turns out you only have to go back about three centuries to find there was no reliable way. Show More Summary

Building the Ultimate IKEA Bed

When [Eric Strong’s] son outgrew his convertible crib, he didn’t want to give it up. Needing the bed for their next youngest, [Eric] made his son a deal. He was going to build him the ultimate big boy bed. And boy did he ever! UsingShow More Summary

10 really easily optical illusion tricks you can do to fool people

Some of these optical illusions from Quirkology are totally silly but there are others that are genuinely fun to do, especially to kids and/or drunk people. It’s like explaining how to perform magic tricks or also how to exploit the weakness that is the human eyeball. Read more...

Glowforge Laser Cutter: Make-A-Sketch

“What if you could cut a piece of wood in half by drawing a line on it?”, Glowforge Founder and CEO Dan Shapiro asks in his interview with Tested. That’s the elevator pitch for his company’s… Tooli 4-in-1 Desktop CNC Machine: Draw It,...Show More Summary

Nap Desk is Perfect for Those Who Live at Work

Many folks out there practically live at their desks already. These are the people with jobs that require long hours and some of those folks probably feel like taking a nap every now and again. Usually,… Tired? Quick, to the Napmobile!...Show More Summary

Songwriters earn just $90 for every 1 million streams on Spotify

The music industry isn’t in turmoil, but it’s undeniably in the midst of a transformation. These days, services like YouTube, Pandora and Spotify make it easier than ever for fans to discover new music and listen to old favorites. At...Show More Summary

Cables And Winches Become An Awesome Simulator

Straight from the Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics, and displayed at this year’s Driving Simulation Conference & Exhibition is the coolest looking simulation platform we’ve ever seen. It’s a spherical (or icosahedral) roll cage, attached to the corners of a building by cables. Show More Summary

Why do action scenes in movies suck?

2 weeks agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

Here’s a really good video essay from Sam and Niko about action scenes in movies. They first start by showing us what bad action scenes look like—quick cuts, implied action, reason-less fighting, etc.—and then delve into movies thatShow More Summary

Captain Disillusion to the Rescue

We all get those emails from well meaning friends and family members about some internet video that “you just have to watch – it’s unbelievable!” Facebook is full of such posts that get passed around more than a doobie at a Grateful Dead concert. Show More Summary

How Retractable Pens Work

[Bill Hammack], aka the [EngineerGuy] is at it again, this time explaining how retractable ballpoint pens work. In this excellent video, he describes the simple (but remarkably sophisticated) engineering of the mechanism that allows a pen to pop the ballpoint mechanism out, then back in again. Show More Summary

Incredible close up video shows how a ballpoint pen works

2 weeks agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

At the very tip of a ballpoint pen is, you guessed it, a ball that rolls around and basically stains the paper with ink. Imagine if you dipped your body in paint and then rolled around white carpet, that’s basically how writing instruments works. Show More Summary

Retrotechtacular: Weston Electrical Instruments

A ‘meter is one of the most important tools on any electronics bench. After you’ve exhausted your five senses trying to figure out what’s happening in a circuit, firing up the old ‘meter is usually the next step. Meters are largely digital nowadays, but their analog ancestors are still widely available. Show More Summary

Playing Pong with Construction Crane Controllers?

Here’s a project that will leave you scratching your head! Ever wonder what it would be like to play Pong using those big heavy duty shop crane controllers? No? We haven’t either, but that didn’t stop [hwhardsoft] from trying it anyway! Now...Show More Summary

Hackaday Links: September 20, 2015

Here’s an offer from Intel and the guy behind all of reality TV [Mark Burnett]: win a million dollars for making something. Pitch an idea for wearable electronics to the producers by October 2, and you might be on a reality TV show about building electronics which they’re calling America’s Greatest Makers. Show More Summary

Watch Doctor Who Series 9 Premiere Online Free

Folks in the United States who like to watch shows from across the pond often find themselves in a dilemma, licensing and copyright restrictions usually delay new content by a considerable amount of time. Sure there are other less legal ways of watching those shows but for those who walk a straight line there aren’t that many options. Show More Summary

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