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This strange contraption brings AR to your iPhone for $100

Apple confirmed at WWDC 2017 what we already knew: augmented reality (AR) will play a big role in the future of the iPhone, starting with iOS 11. But you won’t have to wait for iOS 11 to arrive in order to experience AR on the iPhone. Show More Summary

AirBar transforms your MacBook Air into the touchscreen Mac you’ve been waiting for

At this point, it seems like Apple might never release a laptop with a touchscreen. The company reverses course all the time — remember when Steve Jobs scoffed at the idea of native third-party apps on the iPhone? — but over the years Apple has never wavered when it comes to rejecting touchscreen laptops. Show More Summary

Rovers to the Rescue: Robot Missions Tackles Trash

Everyone knows plastic trash is a problem with junk filling up landfills and scattering beaches. It’s worse because rather than dissolving completely, plastic breaks down into smaller chunks of plastic, small enough to be ingested by birds and fish, loading them up with indigestible gutfill. Show More Summary

Customize Forstner Bits For Fidget Spinner Explosions

[Matthias Wandel] is a woodworker par excellence. He’s the guy behind all those wooden gear contraptions, he made cove molding on a table saw, and if the phrase, ‘don’t do this unless you know what you’re doing’ applies to anyone, it applies to [Matthias]. Show More Summary

The Acorn Archimedes At 30

The trouble with being an incidental witness to the start of something that later becomes world-changing is that at the time you are rarely aware of what you are seeing. Take the Acorn Archimedes, the home computer for which the first ARM processor was developed, and which has just turned 30. Show More Summary

Will Arya kill Ed Sheeran in Game of Thrones?

Spoiler alert: Ed Sheeran had a cameo in the Game of Thrones premiere last night, and it was glorious. Yes, that’s a minor spoiler from the first episode of season 7, and I’m about to spoil that moment some more — now’s your chance to...Show More Summary

Following Nintendo’s lead, Atari is making its own NES Classic

Late last year, Nintendo surprised everyone by releasing a miniature replica of its classic Nintendo Entertainment System, equipped with 30 pre-installed games from '80s. In turn, consumers around the world surprised Nintendo by purchasing...Show More Summary

A closer look at the iPhone 8’s facial recognition feature

Regardless of whether or not the iPhone 8 will feature Touch ID, it's all but guaranteed that the device will feature facial recognition technology. Over the past few weeks and months, word that the iPhone 8 will incorporate facial recognition...Show More Summary

Leak: This is what the Pixel 2 XL might look like

Google will launch two Pixel models this year, according to multiple independent reports, including one that’s going to look like the original Pixel and one that will embrace the full-screen design that’s in fashion this year. HTC will...Show More Summary

The Cheapest Meter on Banggood

According to [pileofstuff], he didn’t really need another digital multimeter. However, when he saw a DT-832 meter on Banggood for the princely sum for $4.99 he wondered just what kind of meter you’d get for that price. You can see his conclusions in his recent video (below). Show More Summary

Radiohead’s Greatest Hits for the ZX Spectrum

We’ll admit that only a few of us here at Hackaday are Radiohead fans. However, we all couldn’t help but appreciate their new remastered release of OK Computer. The new release contains some bonus material. At the end of the bonus material...Show More Summary

How to play the ‘Splatoon 2’ Splatfest demo on Nintendo Switch on Saturday

Splatoon 2 officially launches on the Nintendo Switch next week, but if you simply can't wait that long, you can actually spend a few hours playing the game this Saturday during the Splatfest World Premiere demo event. Unlike the Global Testfire back in March, the Splatfest will only be available during a single four-hour session. Show More Summary

7 new movie trailers you need to watch from this past week

War for the Planet of the Apes opened in cinemas around the world on Friday, and it’s probably one of the movies you should consider watching in a theater this weekend. While you decide, however, here are some fresh clips of upcoming...Show More Summary

Laser Exposing PCBs With A Blu-Ray Laser

For those of us whose introduction to PCB making came decades ago and who share fond memories of permanent markers and crêpe paper sticky tape, the array of techniques available to PCB artists of today seem nothing short of magical.Show More Summary

Video shows woman destroying $200,000 of sculptures while taking a selfie

What lengths would you go to snap the perfect selfie? Would you be willing to bend your neck at an awkward angle? Of course you would. What about posing in a public place, with onlookers rolling their eyes? Sure, why not. How about crushing...Show More Summary

New NASA video shows Pluto as you’ve never seen it before

It might not be a planet anymore, but Pluto is still a pretty interesting place. It's a rocky world covered in a thick layer of water ice and frozen nitrogen, and it's close enough that we can study it with relative ease. Now, usingShow More Summary

Here’s your first look at Disney’s upcoming Star Wars theme park

If you thought theme parks were dying, the news earlier this year that Nintendo is teaming with Universal Parks & Resorts on its own real-world Mario wonderland might have changed your mind. Now, with the Star Wars license firmly inShow More Summary

New video details how Dr. Dre discovered Eminem

Whether you hated him or loved him, Eminem in the early 2000s was an artist that was simply impossible to ignore. With a seemingly endless stream of chart-topping hits -- which featured lyrics that were both clever and notoriously offensive...Show More Summary

I had no idea construction trade shows were this exciting

As someone who spends much of his work day trying to sift through gadget rumors and staring wide-eyed at photos taken hundreds of millions of miles away from Earth, I'm not the kind of guy who passes judgment on what anyone does for a living. Show More Summary

Want to feel tiny? Watch a sunspot dwarf our entire planet

It's always a good idea to start of your day with a reminder that nothing you do probably even matters in the grand scheme of things. This gorgeous new video from NASA will do that in about five second, so sit back, relax, and watch a sunspot make our entire planet look like nothing more than a small dot of nothingness. Show More Summary

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