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You can recharge your iPhone with fire

Let's say you're stranded on a desert island or even just camping, and you want to charge up your phone. There are obviously no outlets around, which means you're out of luck, right? Wrong. As long as you have the ability to start a fire, you'll be able to charge your phone as long as you have a device called the FlameStower USB Fire Charger. Show More Summary

Disney just released a new version of 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens'

Star Wars is a huge phenomenon and Disney is making sure the hype continues now that its hit movie has already been released on Blu-ray, DVD and digital HD download. Star Wars: The Force Awakens proved to fans there’s hope for the Star Wars universe, and it made a boatload of cash for Disney in the process. Show More Summary

Scientifically Accurate Dinosaur Action Figures: Beasts of the Mesozoic

Even though geeky hobbies are increasingly going digital or electronic, the action figure and scale model market has remained strong. You know what’s even more enduring? Our love for dinosaurs. But veteran toy designer and sculptor…

Amazing Oscilloscope Graphics

From what we can understand, [ompuco] has built a 2D audio output on top of the Unity game engine, enabling him to output X and Y values from his stereo soundcard straight to an oscilloscope in XY mode. His code simply scans through all the vertexes in the scene and outputs the right voltages into the left and right audio streams. Show More Summary

Curiously Delightful Things Done with Lasers and Projectors

Seb Lee-Delisle has built a career around large installations that use powerful lasers and high-end projects to make people happy. It’s a dream job that came to fruition through his multi-discipline skill set, his charismatic energy,...Show More Summary

Futuristic hoverboard is the real deal, and it just set a new Guinness World Record for flight

Last month, we were blown away by a new hoverboard video that was so amazing most everyone decided that it had to be fake. The hoverboard in question - dubbed the Flyboard Air - was built by Zapata Racing and featured seemingly impossible...Show More Summary

Marissa Mayer Will Dry Her Tears With $55 Million if She Gets Fired From Yahoo

2 days agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

Marissa Mayer may be the captain of Silicon Valley’s version of the Titanic, but that doesn’t mean she’s going to drown with her angry shareholders and discarded Yahoo verticals. Instead, she’ll be rolling around in nearly $55 million worth of cash, stock options, and other assorted benefits. Read more...

Watch the first trailer for ‘Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare,’ coming November 4th

After a few nearly irrefutable leaks spoiled the surprise last week, Activision finally unveiled Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare on Monday morning. Developed by Infinity Ward, the new game "returns to the roots of the franchise whereShow More Summary

Here’s the first new trailer for Game of Thrones season 6 episode 3

I don’t know about you but I just can’t have enough of Game of Thrones right now. If you’ve seen episode 2 on Sunday night, then you’re probably looking forward to seeing what comes next, and the first official trailer for next week’s...Show More Summary

Contender For World’s Most Unsettling Drone?

We’re not sure what FESTO is advertising with their odd flying beach ball. Amongst inspirational music it gently places its translucent appendage over a water bottle and then engulfs it with an unsettling plastic sound. With a high pitched...Show More Summary

Developer gets Windows 95 running on an Apple Watch

The Apple Watch may admittedly feel a big sluggish at times, but the device's internals - 520 MHz processor, 512 MB of RAM and 8GB of internal storage - are more impressive than what many old PCs were running back in the early to mid 90s. Show More Summary

Precision CNC With Epoxy Granite

Epoxy granite is an overlooked material when it comes to making home CNC builds. As far as time and money goes, when you add in all the equipment it comes out cheaper than an aluminum casting set-up. Epoxy granite has mechanical properties...Show More Summary

Elon Musk confirms Tesla Model 3 will have Ludicrous Mode

During Tesla's Model 3 unveiling this past March, Elon Musk confidently boasted, "At Tesla, we don't make slow cars." And true to form, Tesla over the past few years has demonstrated a near obsession with speed. First, Tesla introduced Insane Mode, a feature which lets a dual-motor Model S P85D go from 0-60 in just 3.2 seconds. Show More Summary

New smart bathroom mirror is a total game-changer

If you thought that the Google Now-ready smart mirror a Googler came up with not too long ago was the best possible bathroom mirror you could imagine, then your mind is about to be blown by an even cooler design. This new smart mirror...Show More Summary

LEGO Black Ops 3 KRM-262 Shotgun: Pumped Up Bricks

LEGO weaponsmith MyDifferentUserName made a life-size replica of the KRM-262, the powerful futuristic shotgun from Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. It’s moving parts will one-hit kill you with their awesomeness. The replica has a folding…

Has Mankind Gone Too Far With Drone Fishing?

Previously man was limited in his ability to fish the waters of this world by the power of his arm or his ability to procure the services of a boat. Now, as long as man is willing to risk a thousand dollar drone set-up, he can descend upon unsuspecting fish with robotic precision. Show More Summary

How many people can the Earth actually hold?

Earth may only be a tiny blip on the map relative to the entire universe, but for our purposes, it's pretty darn big. Of course, the vast majority of earth - about 70% - is comprised of water. Taking that into account, the actual area...Show More Summary

Line Following Robot Trains Runners

  Can your line following robot move faster than [Usain Bolt] who has been described as “The World’s Fastest Timed Human”? Puma, the athletic footwear, apparel and accessories company, created such a robot to help train their company sponsored athletes. The shoebox-sized robot exceeds [Bolt]’s top speed of 44-km/hour. Show More Summary

See what it’s like to live in solitary confinement with this terrifying VR experience

Virtual reality is responsible for some of the most fascinating experiences in recent memory, from a tour of Chernobyl to some of the most immersive games in the history of the medium. These are all worthwhile applications of the technology,...Show More Summary

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