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It’s a Synthesizer. It’s a Violin. It’s a Modulin

It sounds a little like a Theremin and looks a lot like the contents of your scrap bin. But it’s a unique musical instrument called a modulin, and after a few teasers we finally have some details on how it was built. Making music with marbles is how we first heard of [Martin] of the Swedish music group Wintergatan. Show More Summary

SNL: Donald Trump appeals immigration ban ruling at ‘The People’s Court’

President Donald Trump isn’t ready to throw in the towel when it comes to his immigration ban. A court last week decided to uphold a ban on Trump’s own travel ban, and the president was very “vocal” on Twitter about how upset he was....Show More Summary

John Oliver explains why Donald Trump lies and why you believe him

President Donald Trump has told more alternative fact — which most people refer to as lies — than any of his predecessors. Yet he still seems to believe the falsehoods he spreads, and he lets them influence his job. Moreover, many of his supporters go by his word and put their trust in every word he says. Show More Summary

Dizzying Video Proves Drone Racing Pilots Have Super-Human Abilities

Do you remember the first time you tried flying a drone? And almost immediately crashed it into a wall? Experiences like that make it hard to believe that professional drone racers are able to pilot their tiny crafts at such impossible speeds without having some kind of super-human, X-men like powers. Read more...

Unconventional Homopolar Motor

As a hacker, chances are that you have built a homopolar motor, as you only need three things: a battery, a magnet and some copper wire. There are zillions of videos on YouTube. This time we want to show you [Electric Experiments Roobert33]´s version. Show More Summary

Vent Your Frustration and Rage With a Working Lego Whac-a-Mole Game

You’re probably going to need every kind of stress-relieving toy imaginable to get you through the next four years, and if you’re well-stocked with Lego, you can build yourself a working version of Whac-a-Mole that even keeps score. It might even be better than the original, because if you break it, you can easily put… Read more...

Watch the first trailer for ‘The Walking Dead’ season 7, episode 10

AMC’s hit zombies series is finally back, and the mid-season premiere of The Walking Dead was quite exciting. The first half of season 7 wasn’t that great, but it looks like the show is about to get better — at least considering how promising Sunday’s episode was. Show More Summary

New trailer for Apple’s ‘Carpool Karaoke’ spin-off looks surprisingly great

Apple over the weekend released a new trailer for its upcoming series Caropool Karaoke. A popular staple that essentially originated on The Late Late Show With James Corden, Apple purchased the rights to the concept this past July and...Show More Summary

This Tiny Paper Organ Deserves Its Own Jam Band

A pipe organ can cost more than $200,000 and weigh thousands of pounds. Not this instrument. The paper organ built by master craftsman Aliaksei Zholner costs and weights only a fraction of that—and it works just like the real thing. Read more...

Watch Sean Spicer get lampooned once again by Melissa McCarthy on SNL

Given how popular Melissa McCarthy's portrayal of Sean Spicer was last week, Saturday Night Live figured there was no reason to mess with a working formula and try something new. So to kick off the most recent episode, hosted by Alec...Show More Summary

Collapsing, Color-Changing Dominoes Are Like Watching a Rainbow Die

It takes far more patience than most of us could ever muster to create the mesmerizing domino falls that Hevesh5 painstakingly lays out. It’s even harder to come up with ideas worth spending countless hours on, but these color-changing dominoes are especially satisfying. Read more...

Verizon’s new $80 unlimited plan is slightly more expensive than Sprint’s $18 unlimited plan

Verizon over the weekend had some surprisingly good news for subscribers; the return of unlimited data. Starting today, Verizon subscribers will have the ability to switch over to a new $80/month plan dubbed Verizon Unlimited that will provide users with unlimited data (which includes video streaming in HD), texting and talk time. Show More Summary

Hackaday Links: February 12, 2017

Taking small LCD screens, a tiny computer running Linux, and a 3D printed enclosure to build miniature versions of old computers is a thing now. Here’s [Cupcakus]’s tiny little Apple II, complete with Oregon Trail. This Apple II is running on a C.H.I.P., uses a 3s lithium battery from a drone, and works with a Bluetooth keyboard and joystick. Show More Summary

Review: Nanoleaf Aurora Light Panels

These days, there are lots of ways you can add colorful light to your rooms, but most of them involve changing out standard lightbulbs with LED ones. If you’re looking for something that’s more of a…

‘Splatoon 2’ multiplayer demo coming to Nintendo Switch on March 24th

Other than The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, the launch lineup for the Nintendo Switch is somewhat barren. Skylanders and Just Dance are ports, 1-2 Switch shouldn't cost $50 and many of the indie titles are several years old.Show More Summary

10 new movie trailers you need to watch from this past week

We just saw a bunch of new trailers that aired during a game that a certain Falcons team thought they had in the bag, so how can there be even more new movie trailers this week? Well, not all movies get prime Super Bowl placement, so get ready for even more clips for some of the attractions hitting a cinema near you this year. Show More Summary

The Mother Of All Paper Cuts

A Dremel is a fantastically handy tool to have around the workbench, but there is one glaring and obvious downside: you will always run out of cut-off discs. if you’re trying to break into a fancy snap-fit enclosure that has been inexplicably...Show More Summary

Watch comedian Jim Jefferies tear Piers Morgan apart in the video that has the internet buzzing

As you settle in for a nice relaxing weekend of binge-watching Netflix and trying your best to stay out of the cold, you might be wondering why Netflix's comedy specials featuring Australian stand-up comic Jim Jefferies are bubbling up in the popular section. Show More Summary

Cassie the Bipedal Robot is Creepy as Hell

This is Cassie. Cassie is a bipedal robot that is only a robot arse and legs. Cassie is cool, but kind of creeps me out. I mean it’s basically robotic bum that will truck around on…

AirPods vs. BeatsX: The showdown you’ve been waiting for

After yet another delay caused the release of yet another pair of Apple's wireless earbuds to be pushed back, the company's hotly anticipated new BeatsX wireless earbuds were finally released on Friday. The new BeatsX earphones mark the third pair of Beats by Dr. Show More Summary

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