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This humanoid robot diver is a submersible avatar

A professor at Stanford University has designed a robotic humanoid diver with articulated hands that is designed to be an underwater avatar, exploring the way a human would— while its driver remains safely up at the surface. The robot,...Show More Summary

Japanese Lab Builds 5-Axis 3D Printer

A Japanese lab is investing some time in the possibilities of a 5-axis 3D printer. They show it printing using five axis as well as doing finish machining on a printed part. We’ve covered parts of why this is the right direction to go...Show More Summary

Never-before-seen footage of Tesla’s Model S and Model X manufacturing process

While Tesla's preoccupation with product secrecy is nowhere near as obsessive as Apple's, the company over the past few years has become a bit more guarded about the happenings at its Fremont factory. Over the past few months, however, Tesla has seemingly become a bit more willing to pull back the curtain of secrecy ever so slightly. Show More Summary

Everything wrong with the ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ plot

Critics loved Star Wars: The Force Awakens — let's not forget, though, that movie critics are often completely useless — and it’s definitely a movie to see this year. That doesn’t make this Star Wars episode perfect, however. We’re still looking at a clone of A New Hope, and there are several plot holes that we're not terribly happy about. Show More Summary

Inventor builds incredible HoverBike that actually flies

When he’s not busy designing thermite cannons or wearable weapons that involve throwing flames, Colin Furze comes up with all sorts of clever ideas – or takes inspiration from his YouTube fans. For his latest stunt, he created an amazing...Show More Summary

Homemade Hoverbike Is as Fun (and Dangerous) As It Looks

Colin Furze has a long history of creating crazy contraptions and doing crazy stunts. He may have outdone himself this time with his homemade hoverbike. Yes, it looks fun as hell. It also looks dangerous as…

Forty-Year-Old Arcade Game Reveals Secrets of Robot Path Planning

What’s to be gained from reverse engineering a four-decade-old video game? As it turns out, quite a lot, and as you’ll learn from [Norbert]’s recent talk at the ViennaJS meetup, it’s not just about bringing a classic back to life. The game in question is Kee Game’s Sprint 2, a monochrome 2D car race that allowed two players to compete head to head. Show More Summary

It looks like an actor from ‘Star Wars: Rogue One’ just gave away a huge spoiler

If the months preceding the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens were any indication, we're never going to know much about the upcoming Star Wars movies before they hit theaters. The same was true of Rogue One, even after we saw the...Show More Summary

AirConsole turns your browser into a game console and your phone into a controller

It's a shame that video game consoles have grown so large that carrying them to a friend's house no longer feels like a reasonable option. You're not going to throw your Xbox One in a backpack the way you did with your Nintendo 64 or...Show More Summary

5 games that were never finished and are now impossible to beat

Some games require a great deal of effort to complete. Whether its their length, their difficulty or their complexity, games like Dark Souls, Spelunky and Dota 2 are best known for driving players crazy as they attempt to fight their...Show More Summary

Take an incredible 360-degree VR tour of the abandoned city of Chernobyl

On the 30th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster, intrepid video game developer The Farm 51 has released a stunning 360-degree trailer for a VR project that will allow viewers to explore the abandoned city without ever leaving their...Show More Summary

The hilarious Star Wars: The Force Awakens ‘outtakes’ we’ve been waiting for

The newest Star Wars villain, Kylo Ren, has appeared in various spoofs following the release of last year’s massive hit Star Wars: The Force Awakens. But what you’re about to see probably takes the cake so far: fake, but hilarious outtakes from the movie. Show More Summary

10 ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ theories that will have your head spinning

It's been months since Star Wars: The Force Awakens left theaters, but that hasn't stopped fans from poring over every moment of the movie to try to discover any hidden secrets they might have missed. So while you're waiting for Rogue...Show More Summary

Robot Beats Piano Tiles

Machines running out of control are one of the staples of comedy. For the classic expression, see Chaplin’s “Modern Times”. So while it starts out merely impressive that [Denver Finn]’s robotic fingers can play an iPad piano video game, it ends up actually hilarious. Show More Summary

The MakerBot Obituary

MakerBot is not dead, but it is connected to life support waiting for a merciful soul to pull the plug. This week, MakerBot announced it would lay off its entire manufacturing force, outsourcing the manufacturing of all MakerBot printers to China. Show More Summary

You'll Never Be as Good at Anything as This Guy Is at RC Helicoptering

6 days agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

It might look like this erratic RC helicopter is malfunctioning and about to crash, but its pilot, Tareq Alsaadi, is in complete control. RC choppers are notoriously difficult to fly, but Alsaadi makes it look beyond effortless with a routine that has his craft flipping around in every direction. Read more...

Autograph: A String Art Printer

“String Art” is the name of the art form that transforms thousands of nails and just as many feet of thread into unique masterpieces. Some artists have developed techniques to create photorealistic string art works, but until now, there was no way around the tedious and time-consuming manufacturing process. Show More Summary

DARPA aims to develop smarter, nimbler vehicles

DARPA announced on Tuesday that it has awarded contracts to eight organizations to develop more intelligent, more agile ground vehicles that aren’t burdened by extra armor. The problem that the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency...Show More Summary

Someone thinks he found Millennium Falcon wreckage on Earth using Google Maps

Not too long ago, someone claimed to have discovered a UFO near Area 51 using nothing other than Google Earth, and various sets of historical images of that location. There’s no way to confirm that sighting, but alien fans will surely want to hear about an equally fascinating find. Show More Summary

The RokPak is a Drybox for outdoor enthusiasts

If your hobbies usually including rock climbing, hiking, rafting, kayaking, and other outdoor activities, you probably know the real struggles of keeping your devices on you. While there are starting to be phones you can pour bottle after bottle of champagne on, some phones can’t take a drop of water or they’ll start to malfunction. Show More Summary

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