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Why ketchup is so damn hard to pour and what you should do instead

Ketchup, that delicious nectar of a condiment, is more annoying than it should be to pour out and enjoy. Why? Partly because of the dumb bottle it's in but mostly because it's a non-newtonian fluid in more than one way. Watch TED-Ed explain why it's so damn hard to pour out and what you should do instead in this enlightening animation. Read more...

Video: Galaxy S5’s battery will explode if you hammer it just the right way

After seeing the Galaxy S5 dunked in water, ran over by an SUV and dropped from 10 feet, it’s only logical to see more torture tests starring the Samsung flagship device, including an actual hammering test. Video Daily decided to see how the handset would survive tough shocks by actually taking hammer hits against the glass of the handset. Show More Summary

Thumb Twiddling Machine Helps Your Fingers Do the Twiddling

Video and interactive artist Eran Amir created this silly contraption which does one thing and one thing only – it helps you twiddle your thumbs. Clearly, he did this because if you are truly so bored…

VCF East: Old Computers, New Games

While the vintage computer festival in Wall, NJ had just about every vintage app you could imagine – multiple varities of NIXes, pre-Zork Dungeon, BASIC interpreters of all capabilities, and just about every game ever released for 8-bit...Show More Summary

Hypnotize Yourself with These Flashy Lights and Funky Beats

Groove your case of "The Mondays" away with these get-fresh jams and undulating geometric forms in "abstract composition 140101" by animator sinsynplus. It's incredible what he does with just squares and circles. Turn off the lights and put it full-screen to get the full effect. Read more...

This video reveals the origins of the Internet's most famous memes

Memes are so damn clever at capturing emotion and feeling that they're pretty much the clearest way to communicate on the Internet. Need to explain your disappointment in something? Throw up that facepalm. And though most pop culture...Show More Summary

The A-Z of dancing: A dance style for each letter of the alphabet

Here's an unofficial guide to the ABC's of dancing. Watch incredibly toned and tanned people more beautiful than your most beautiful friend perform different dance moves for each letter of the alphabet. Basically, all the moves you think you can do in your head but look completely foolish trying in real life. T is for twerking, obviously. Read more...

Seeing this dad's Saturday mornings will convince you to not have kids

Enjoy peace and quiet? Like it when you get to unwind? Maybe you look forward to a weekend filled with nothingness. If you have kids, all that alone time gets replaced with blaring pop music wondering what certain animals sound like and dolls getting smashed on your shoulder. Every damn day. What a wonderful trade off! Read more...

Can You Kill Someone With an Icicle? Slingshot Maniac Investigates

Everyone's favorite vaguely Eastern European slingshot enthusiast is back again to endanger both himself and the people he loves. Except this time, Joerg is flinging ice—because winter is coming. Read more...

Hackaday Links: April 6, 2014

Back in September we saw this awesomesauce wristwatch. Well, [Zak] is now kitting it up. Learn more about the current version, or order one. [Thanks Petr] Home automation is from the future, right? Well at [boltzmann138's] house it’s actually from The Next Generation. Show More Summary

VCF East: The Swyft Card

Ninety five percent of the population will say Apple computers is the brainchild of [Steve Jobs]. The other five percent will be right, but what nearly no one knows is that the Macintosh project was originally conceived by [Jef Raskin]. Show More Summary

University Attempts to Break 3D Printing World Record

LeTourneau University attempted to set a 3D printing Guinness World Record yesterday. They had 50 3D printers print the same thing at the same time. Impressive? Kind of, but not really. LulzBot — our favorite 3D printer company — saw this and thought “that’s cute — we run over 50 printers a day on a normal basis!”. Show More Summary

Super Mario on a Human-Machine-Interface!

Getting Super Mario to work on your TI-83 calculator is almost a rite of passage for young geeks, so we really liked this project where [Chad Boughton] managed to get it running on a PLC’s HMI screen instead! He’s using a Danfoss DP600LX microcontroller with an HMI display along with a CAN bus joystick. Show More Summary

Do Not Let Super Mario Out Of Your Sight, He'll Destroy Your House

Ever wonder what Super Mario does when he's not running across your screen kicking Koopa Troopas? Filmmaker John Huffnagle shows us what everyone's favorite plumber might do if left alone in your house. Long story short: Don't let Mario out of your sight. Read more... Says His Amazing Smartwatch Is Totally Real, Coming in July

Musician/Intel employee /iPhone accessorizer appeared on a British TV show yesterday showing off his self-produced smartwatch, which he says has completely replaced his phone. If we're to believe everything we see on TV, it's pretty impressive. Read more...

Magic pinball gets perfectly stuck between a bumper and kicker forever

You can play a pinball machine forever and not have a pinball hit at a more perfect angle than this. Look at it bounce back and forth and back and forth and back and forth forever between a bumper and kicker. If only every pinball game was so easy. According to YouTube user lilmul123, this went on for a few minutes before the bumper's solenoid burned out. Read more...

Watch This Stream of An Artist Spending Two Weeks Inside Of A Bear

Channeling equal parts Empire Strikes Back and Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls, French artist Abraham Poincheval has begun his performance art piece known as Dans La Peau de l'Ours (Inside the Skin of the Bear) by taking up residence inside of a hollowed out bear's body. Read more...

The Eye-Watering Science Packed in a Can of Tear Gas

Tear gas is a relatively modern invention—a non-lethal repellant developed from the killer chemical weapons of World War I. But each canister relies on the fascinating chemistry of some ancient compounds and reactions. Wired gives us a look inside, without all the coughing and choking. Read more...

Video: Here are the Project Ara Android phone sizes

With less than two weeks to go to Google’s first Ara Developers Conference – which takes place on April 15 and April 16 in Mountain View, and which will also be streamed online – Phoneblocks released another video further detailing this awesome modular Android smartphone concept, this time showing the team that’s working on Google’s project. Show More Summary

Imogen Heap's musical gloves

Sean sends us, "a video interview with Imogen Heap describing her homemade electronic interface gloves that control her music interface software by the movement and positions of her hands." Heap is kickstarting an open source hardware version of the gloves.

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