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How Star Trails Look from the ISS

If you’re in a dark enough place, and are patient enough to shoot lots of long exposure photos, you can capture some impressive star trail photography right here on Earth. The result are images which basically…

Portable SNES Chiptune Player

Chiptunes are the fantastic, bleeping musical renditions of the soundchips of retro consoles past. Performers of the art overwhelmingly favour the various flavours of Game Boy, though there are those who work with such varied machines as the Commodore 64, Sega Genesis, and the Nintendo Entertainment System. Show More Summary

Living In A Storage Locker Undetected For 2 Months

A Vancouver man [007craft], also known as [Michael], posted a video on YouTube about his living in a storage locker to save money for an apartment. The small space meant he had to incorporate quite a few little hacks to make living there...Show More Summary

YouTube has a new design, a new logo and an updated app

YouTube has undergone a series of significant changes over the past few years, but on Tuesday, all of the pieces finally began to come together. YouTube chief product officer Neal Mohan published a blog post explaining everything the...Show More Summary

A Diode by Any Other Name

As active devices go, it doesn’t get much simpler than a diode. Two terminals. Current flows in one direction and not in the other. Simple, right? Well, then there are examples with useful side effects like light emitting diodes. [GreatScott]...Show More Summary

Control Thy LED

In a previous article, I discussed LEDs in general and their properties. In this write-up, I want to give some examples of driving LEDs and comparing a few of the most commonly used methods. There is no “one size fits all” but I will try and generalize as much as possible. Show More Summary

This is the closest we’re going to get to an ‘Apple car’

When Apple first began work on Project Titan -- the code name for the company's electric car initiative -- its goals were incredibly ambitious. According to reports, Apple spent a lot of time trying to completely rethink the drivingShow More Summary

Drones provide a depressing look at Hurricane Harvey’s devastation

Hurricane Harvey struck Texas this past weekend, making landfall early Saturday and leaving a path of utter devastation in its wake. For those of us unable to witness the storm's impact firsthand, it can be difficult to fully understand how widespread and overwhelming the disaster truly is. Show More Summary

The Floppotron Plays “Eye of the Tiger”

Survivor’s Eye of the Tiger will always be associated with Rocky III. After all, it was the theme song for 1982 boxing flick, in which Sly throws down with Mr. T. Given its era, it only…

Studio behind ‘Skyrim’ might be making a ‘Game of Thrones’ game

If there's any modern television series that deserves a proper open-world RPG video game adaptation, it's Game of Thrones. George R.R. Martin has spent the past two decades fleshing out the fictional world that he established in A Game...Show More Summary

Everything you need to know about Uber’s new CEO, Dara Khosrowshahi

After a long and bitter search, Uber has finally found a new CEO to replace former chief executive and founder Travis Kalanick. Uber has selected Dara Khosrowshahi, an outspoken 48-year-old who has served as the CEO of Expedia sinceShow More Summary

Hackaday Links: August 27, 2017

Hulk Hands! Who remembers Hulk Hands? These were a toy originally released for the 2003 Hulk movie and were basically large foam clenched fists you could wear. Hulk Hands have been consistently been re-released for various Marvel films, but now there’s something better: it’s the stupidest tool ever. Show More Summary

3D Printing T-Shirt Designs

Usually, t-shirt designs are screen printed, but that’s so old school. You have to make the silkscreen and then rub paint all over – it’s clearly a technique meant for the past. Well, fear not, as [RCLifeOn] is here to bring us to the...Show More Summary

DIY Mocha Cooker

Food-grade 3D printing filament is on the rise and it is nice to have a custom coffee mug in the office to instill a little envy in the locals. [Stefan] took it upon himself to create a Mocha Machine that he would 3D print and test the...Show More Summary

Harvesting Copper from Microwave Ovens

Obsolete appliances were once a gold mine of parts, free for the taking with a few snips of your diagonal cutters. Times have changed, though, and most devices yield only a paltry supply of parts, so much so that only by harvesting raw materials can you get much value out of them. Show More Summary

Alec Baldwin brings back his Trump impersonation for SNL’s Weekend Update

You’re right, it’s too early for Saturday Night Live to be back on TV. But SNL has a spinoff to keep you entertained until the regular season arrives. That’s Weekend Update, which covers your daily news in SNL fashion. And that means...Show More Summary

Design and 3D Print Robots with Interactive Robogami

Robot design traditionally separates the body geometry from the mechanics of the gait, but they both have a profound effect upon one another. What if you could play with both at once, and crank out useful prototypes cheaply using just about any old 3D printer? That’s where Interactive Robogami comes in. Show More Summary

8 new movie trailers you need to watch from this past week

The only thing you should be concerned with this weekend is the season finale of Game of Thrones. Okay, and there’s this fight everyone seems to be talking about that you might also enjoy. That doesn’t mean, however, that we don’t have...Show More Summary

A Disc Shooter For When Rubber Bands Or Nerf Darts Aren’t Enough

There are times in everybody’s life when they feel the need to shoot at things in a harmless manner. For those moments there are rubber bands and Nerf darts, but even then they feel like mere toys. If that is the point at which you find...Show More Summary

These hovering gyro-busses could be the future of transportation

It's become pretty clear that flying cars aren't going to be a thing for a long, long time, so how exactly are modern cities going to solve the problem of public transportation as populations continue to boom? Engineering firm Dahir Insaat believes it has the answer, and while it doesn't fly, it's just as futuristic. Show More Summary

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