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Normal guy catches a super fun ride on a spaceship back to Earth

The sad truth is that most of us will never be astronauts who can ride spaceships back to Earth. Here's one hilarious way we can pretend though: be like this genius prankster who brought a blow up spaceship with him on a skydiving jump from a hot air balloon. Yup, he rode a spaceship back to Earth. Read more...

The Reason Dead Batteries Bounce

For the last few years, very well-informed people have been able to tell if an alkaline battery is good or not simply by dropping them. When dropped from an inch or two above a hard surface, a good battery won’t bounce, and will sometimes land standing up. Show More Summary

Garth Brooks Launches iTunes Competitor "GhostTunes" Because Why Not

Notorious friend to drunks and keen observer of meteorological phenomena, Garth Brooks, is finally putting his entire musical catalogue online—by launching his very own iTunes alternative, GhostTunes. Read more...

The Shaman 8x8 ATV Can Tackle any Vision Quest

Want to explore the muddiest and messiest of the marshlands, without getting stuck chest-deep in the mud screaming "Artax! No!"? This is the 21st century, so naturally there is an insane machine that will get the job done with obscene power and style. Let the Shaman take you on a vision quest. Read more...

Watch the Amish build an entire barn in less than 10 hours

You put a group of people together and give them a common goal and magic can happen. Even if that magic, in this case, is just building a barn. It's hypnotic to see the organization in this, like seeing a bunch of worker ants swarm together with one mind. Read more...

Seeing skateboard tricks in slow motion is like breaking gravity

Slow down these skateboard tricks all you want and it's still damn impressive how skateboarders can make a board twist and bend exactly how they want it. It's like there are invisible strings attached to the board or a hole to exploit in gravity. But it's just a beautiful ballet of footwork. Read more...

Marmosets can learn from movies, who knew?

Well, this is bananas. First tortoises were using iPads, now scientists say that marmosets can learn from movies, and they’re not, er, monkeying around. (Sorry.) As New Scientist reports, researchers from the University of Vienna filmed a marmoset opening a plastic device to retrieve a treat in a lab setting. Show More Summary

What it's like to see cities from the ISS like an astronaut

You know how when you look outside the airplane window and you're in awe of all the lights and the outlines of the city and how you're in the freaking air? Yeah, that's nothing compared to the fun that is spotting cities from the ISS. Watch as astronauts show us what cities look like from space. Read more...

New map shows where the Milky Way galaxy is inside its supercluster

For the first time, scientists have pinpointed where our galaxy stands amongst thousands of other galaxies in our home supercluster. The new map shows beautiful feathery strings linked together with the Milky Way galaxy placed on the edge of the newly named Laniakea supercluster, home to 100,000 other galaxies. Read more...

[Ben Krasnow] Hacks a Scanning Electron Microscope

[Ben Krasnow] is quite possibly the only hacker with a Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) collection. He’s acquired a JEOL JSM-T200, which was hot stuff back in the early 1980’s. [Ben] got a great deal, too.  He only had to pay shipping from Sweden to his garage. Show More Summary

Fresh Air Plus: This smart toilet seat will eliminate odours from your stinky bathroom

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Fresh Air Plus. Here at shinyshiny we come across products, apps and services everyday that aim to make our lives easier and answer some of those niggling, age-old questions, like how can I get fitter with the help of my phone? And how do I make my home more connected? Well today a new... Show More Summary

Monsters, Inc. as a horror movie is pretty intense

Monsters, Inc., one of my favorite Pixar movies, used the idea of monsters and scares and creepy creatures for laughs and a heartwarming story. This movie trailer by Ross Thompson paints the picture differently and re-cuts the scenes in the style of the Prometheus movie trailer. This is Monsters, Inc. the horror movie. Read more...

Good Morning, Hong Kong

Video: One of the coolest things about Hong Kong — one of the great cities of the world that feels a lot like living in the future, for better or worse — is the bustling city’s relationship with the picturesque nature that surrounds it. You get a glimpse of that in this video by Billy Boyd Cape. More »      

Legend of Zelda in Microsoft Excel: Excelda

Microsoft Office 2000 had a racing game Easter egg that can be unlocked through Excel. But Excelda is no secret. It’s a port of The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening made with Visual Basic and Microsoft…

When A 6-Pack Of Beer Isn’t Enough, There’s A 99-Pack

We’re not sure why you wouldn’t just buy a darn keg of beer, but if you absolutely must get your malted beverages in a cardboard box, you should know that The post When A 6-Pack Of Beer Isn’t Enough, There’s A 99-Pack appeared first on OhGizmo!.

Scribble Pen: Real or Not?

For many, Scribble seemed like the best thing since sliced bread. It was a pen that could copy the color of absolutely anything simply by pushing its built-in scanner against an object. The pen could then…

A Robotic Dolly Means You'll Never Carry Anything Up Stairs Again

2 weeks agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

Tackling a long flight of stairs is grueling enough when you're empty-handed, but having to climb step after step while carrying something heavy? Mankind wasn't designed to endure such torture, so thankfully we've invented something so we don't have to. Show More Summary

Cortana makes fun of Siri in brand new TV commercial

Microsoft is back at making fun of Apple products in a new TV ad that stars Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana, the two voice-activated virtual assistants available on iOS and Windows Phone, respectively. In the new commercial, Microsoft...Show More Summary

Hydropower from a Washing Mashine

Living off the grid is an appealing goal for many in the hacker community, perhaps because it can fulfill the need to create, to establish independence, to prepare for the apocalypse, or some combination of all those things. [Buddhanz1]...Show More Summary

How NOT to get motivated: Eight of the worst songs to run to #RunningWeek

Chucking together a running playlist on the fly can be dangerous. Pumped up and eager to get moving, you throw a few favourite songs on a list, load it up and go. But not every song – no matter how much you love it – is good to run to. Show More Summary

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