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New Apple ad reminds you ‘everything changes with iPad’

Apple’s tablet isn’t the hot selling device it once was – that still means Apple is selling millions of units each quarter – and the company has released a new advertising campaign for the iOS tablet to remind you that “everything changes...Show More Summary

Hackaday Prize Worldwide: Workbench Projects Bengaluru

Bengaluru (formerly Bangalore) is a town full of awesome hackers. So when Workbench Projects, a local maker space there, asked if I’d like to come down and talk about the Hackaday Prize, I immediately set things in motion. We decided...Show More Summary

Simple video tries to explain where all the aliens are

3 weeks agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

The universe is very big and some parts are very old and if we somehow exist on a planet that’s relatively young, aliens must also exist somewhere. But where the hell are they? Kurz Gesagt tries to figure that out in this lovely animation explainer that touches on The Fermi Paradox and different types of potential civilizations. Read more...

Retrotechtacular: The Spirit of Radio

Many of us still tune in to terrestrial radio for one reason or another, be it baseball games, talk radio, or classic rock. But do you know how the sound is transmitted to your receiver? This week, our spotlight shines upon a short film...Show More Summary

Building A Transistor Clock From Scrap

[Phil] has already built a few clocks with Nixies, VFDs, and LED matrices. When his son requested his own clock, he wanted to do something a little different. Inspired by the dead bug style of [Jim Williams]’ creations, [Phil] set out to build a clock made entirely out of discrete components. Show More Summary

How To Speed Up Android Phones

When you first got your Android phone, it must be shiny with blazing speed. You could easily switch between apps and navigate without any kind of lag, however, as time passes you will start to see some lag. Apps will stop your breath for a second before starting and switching between apps may make you hammer your phone. Show More Summary

LEGO Titan of Braavos: Man of Gray and Gray

We’ve seen the Titan of Braavos a couple of times in the past seasons of Game of Thrones, and we’ll probably see more of it this season. LEGO enthusiast Steve Morrison showed off his scale model…

Logic Noise: Taming the Wild Shift Register

One of the best things about DIY synth building is that you can create devices that just don’t exist in the commercial marketplace. In this session, we’ll build a looper / sequencer the likes of which you may have never seen. And it’s groovy. Show More Summary

Hackaday Links: May 3, 2015

Everybody loves How It’s Made, right? How about 3D printers? The third greatest thing to come out of Canada featured Lulzbot in their most recent episode. It’s eight minutes of fun, but shame the puns weren’t better. Robertson drives and the Avro Arrow, if you’re wondering. Speaking of 3D printers, a lot of printers are made of aluminum extrusion. Show More Summary

Robot K-9 Scares Off the Daleks

[Bithead942’s] love of the ever popular Dr Who series led her to develop a replica of the 4th Doctor’s robotic companion. It’s name is K-9, and was built from scratch in only 4 months. Its shell is made from HPDE – a light and bendable plastic. Show More Summary

ESP8266 WiFi Throwies

A few years ago, someone figured out you can take an LED, a coin cell battery, and a magnet, tape them together, and throw them on every conceivable metallic surface. This was the creation of LED throwies, and the world was much worse...Show More Summary

Vintage Computer Festival Europa 16.0: The Hackaday Report

The 16th annual Vintage Computer Festival Europa (VCFe) is still ongoing this weekend in Munich, and of course Hackaday had to swing by. If you’re anywhere in Germany, you’ve still got until Sunday at 16:30 to check it out. The theme...Show More Summary

The BB-8 Builds Begin

Yes, the new Star Wars film coming out in December has x-wings, dogfights through the engines of star destroyers, space battles, a dead Jar Jar, and [R2D2]. It will also have the coolest droid yet, [BB-8], the rolling sphere protagonist...Show More Summary

The Russian Spacecraft Falling to Earth Poses No Danger

3 weeks agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

A Russian spacecraft is spinning uncontrollably around Earth after it broke down travelling to the International Space Station with food and fuel supplies. The vessel, Progress M-27M, will burn up when re-entering the Earth’s atmosphere in a week or two, although there is a small chance that parts of it could crash down on the planet. Show More Summary

The Ground Looks Like A Mirror In This Stunning Timelapse Of Salt Flats

Video: The world is a beautiful place, but it’s even more stunning when the ground acts as a mirror and reflects the sky. Here is a beautiful timelapse of the world’s biggest salt flat in Uyuni, Bolivia, filmed by Enrique Pacheco. It’s such a perfect reflection that you can’t even tell which side is the sky and which is the ground. More »      

Strong Little Robots With Gecko Technology

If you need to build a robot to carry something, you need a bit motor, right? Not so with these tiny robots out of Stanford’s Biomimetic Dexterous Manipulation Laboratory. One of these 12g MicroTugs can drag a 600g mug of coffee across a table, or even a 12kg weight. Show More Summary

Hackaday Prize Entry: Building A Car, From Scratch, Out Of Foam

Want an impressive example of what a few people can do in a garage? How about building an electric car, from scratch, starting with a gigantic chunk of foam? The Luka EV from [MW Motors] had a few project aims: it should be all-electric, naturally, with a top speed of 130km/h or 80mph. Show More Summary

Watch this insanely fast drone fly at impossible speeds into the clouds

4 weeks agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

Holy crap. Once this drone decides to go, it just guns it like a warp speed rocket ship into the air. It’s so fast that I can’t believe it’s real. But Quadmovr has been showing iterations of its super fast drone for months now and everything else in the video seems to be moving at a normal speed so my God, this is awesome. Read more...

Video: Exploring An Active Dam On Foot Is Not For The Faint-Hearted

Video: I think my heart is outside my body now, because it tried to leap out of my throat a number of times as I was watching James Kingston explore the Sepulveda Dam in Los Angeles from his point of view. Narrow beams, far jumps, high walls, obstacles, fear, normal human weaknesses don’t seem to apply to him. They do to me, and I’m just watching the video. More »      

Subscribe to Our Youtube Channel For a Sweet Cocktail of Video Delight

4 weeks agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been moving our best video content over to YouTube where it will live in peaceful sanctity. We’ve got a whole mess of short documentaries, hands-on testing, and absurd nonsense like this. With so much more to come! Read more...

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