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Every new movie and TV show coming to Netflix in April

After a month highlighted by licensed content in March, the best Netflix additions in April are all original. From the return of Mystery Science Theater 3000 to the second part of The Get Down to a new stand-up special from Louis C.K.,...Show More Summary

Dartboard Watches Your Throw; Catches Perfect Bullseyes

Some people really put a lot of effort into rigging the system. Why spend years practicing a skill and honing your technique to hit a perfect bullseye in darts when you can spend the time building an incredibly complicated auto-bullseye...Show More Summary

Creepy Speaking Neural Networks

Tech artist [Alexander Reben] has shared some work in progress with us. It’s a neural network trained on various famous peoples’ speech (YouTube, embedded below). [Alexander]’s artistic goal is to capture the “soul” of a person’s voice, in much the same way as death masks of centuries past. Show More Summary

Tiny Electric Motor Runs on Power from an LED

If you were not aware, LEDs can also work in reverse: they deliver tiny amounts of current, in the microamp range, when illuminated. If you look on YouTube you can find several videos of solar panels built with arrays of LEDs, but powering an electric motor with a single 3 mm LED is something that we’ve never seen before. Show More Summary

A New Technique Captures Stunning Timelapse Footage of the Smallest Living Things

Microscopes let us observe some of the smallest objects in our universe, but with limitations when it comes to movements that can take hours, days, even weeks to play out. So a team of Austrian scientists developed new software that allows microscopes to not only track a slowly-moving object, but also capture… Read more...

Your VR Doesn’t Stink (Yet)

What does it smell like when the wheels heat up on that Formula 1 car you drive at night and on the weekends? You have no idea because the Virtual Reality experience that lets you do so doesn’t come with a nasal component. Yet. Shown here is an olfactory device that works with Oculus Rift and other head-mounted displays. Show More Summary

Samsung’s mobile future is way more exciting than the Galaxy S8

Samsung is about to unveil the Galaxy S8, a brand new flagship smartphone that promises new levels of sophistication for a mobile device, both when it comes to design and new features. But not all of Samsung’s upcoming innovations will...Show More Summary

‘Arms’ is the Nintendo Switch game I’m most interested in after ‘Zelda’

Although the Nintendo Switch launch lineup ended up being slightly more compelling than we expected, interest has begun to wane somewhat as Switch owners wait patiently for something more substantial than a port of a NEOGEO classic or...Show More Summary

Brilliant Motion-Tracking Dart Board Guarantees a Bullseye With Every Throw

A night at a local pub isn’t complete without a few rounds of darts, but as your blood-alcohol level rises, your ability to hit the bullseye greatly diminishes. Unless you’re playing with Mark Rober’s motion-tracking dart board that automatically repositions itself so you’re guaranteed to hit the bullseye every time. Read more...

Working Galaxy S8 shown powered on in brand new leaked video

Normally at this point in a smartphone's launch cycle, we're beyond sick and tired of seeing all the leaks and we just want to get the announcement over with already. In the case of the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+, however, we're actually still pretty excited. Show More Summary

Fix-a-Brick: Fighting the Nexus 5X Bootloop

Oh Nexus 5X, how could you? I found my beloved device was holding my files hostage having succumbed to the dreaded bootloop. But hey, we’re hackers, right? I’ve got this. It was a long, quiet Friday afternoon when I noticed my Nexus 5X was asking to install yet another update. Show More Summary

Dave Chappelle’s new stand-up specials are now streaming on Netflix

Comedy legend Dave Chappelle is back, and he wants you to know that he... smokes cigarettes? As promised by the streaming giant alongside the release of a recent trailer, two new hour-long stand-up comedy specials starring the one and only Dave Chappelle have just been released on Netflix. Show More Summary

More Galaxy S8 press renders leak as Samsung releases brand new teaser

In just a little over a week, all the river of Galaxy S8 leaks will finally run dry, as Samsung is set to unveil the handset during an Unpacked press conference scheduled for March 29th. Until then, however, expect to see a daily barrage of Galaxy S8 leaks and rumors mixed with the occasional official Galaxy S8 announcement and new teaser with. Show More Summary

Scratch-built Camera Gimbal for Photographer with Cerebral Palsy

We so often hack for hacking’s sake, undertaking projects as a solitary pursuit simply for the challenge. So it’s nice to see hacking skills going to good use and helping someone out. Such was the case with this low-cost two-axis handheld...Show More Summary

Tesla’s Model S P100 D set new quarter-mile record with a blazing-fast time of 10.63s

Since unveiling the Model S P100D last summer, Tesla owners have been obsessed with pushing Tesla's flagship vehicle to the limit. And with good reason, the Model S P100D is an absolute speed demon capable of going from 0-60 in 2.4 seconds flat. Show More Summary

Rapping Robots Prove at Least One Job Is Safe From the Coming Android Apocalypse

Every day there’s a new robot with improved capabilities that promises to eventually take over yet another job. But if you’re heading off to college soon, and want to ensure you’ve selected a career path that’s safe from robo-replacement, this agonizingly awkward video seems to confirm that rapping is not something… Read more...

Watch Tesla’s Model X launch out of the way and narrowly avoid a serious collision

A new video making the rounds on Reddit showcases a quick thinking Model X driver take advantage of his vehicle's instant torque to narrowly avoid a serious rear-end collision in stop-and-go traffic. While the instant torque that electric...Show More Summary

Zelda and the Ocarina of Things

Voice recognition is this year’s model for home automation, but aside from feeling like you’re onboard the Aries 1b arguing with HAL 9000, it just doesn’t do it for our geeky selves. So what’s even geekier? How about carrying aroundShow More Summary

Watch This Guy Catch a Virtual Reality Ball That Turns Out to Be Real

When you strap on all of the gear required for a modern, immersive, virtual reality experience, you’re all but completely blind to the real world. But interacting with real world objects can often enhance a virtual experience, so Disney’s researchers came up with a way to let users catch a real ball without leaving a… Read more...

How to convert any Nintendo Switch into a portable gaming rig with a 120? screen

The Nintendo Switch is the hottest video game console on the planet right now, hands down. It was released on March 3 and it has been completely out of stock ever since in every online and brick and mortar shop around. New consoles fly...Show More Summary

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