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These iPhone X tips and tricks will help you adapt to Apple’s big design overhaul

The iPhone X is still back ordered across the world, but you can still buy one from Apple retail stores and carriers if you’re lucky enough to find one. But once you get it, you’ll have to forget the way you used to interact with iPhones...Show More Summary

Boston Dynamics has a new robot dog, and this one might be its creepiest yet

When it comes to creepy robots, it's impossible to compete with Boston Dynamics. The company, which was famously bought then sold by Google, has always had a knack for making bots with unsettlingly realistic movements, and it just teased...Show More Summary

Some insane people think this weird triangle is a crashed alien ship on Mars

Mars is one of the most studied and scrutinized of all the planets in our Solar System, and space agencies have sent probes, orbiters, and rovers to investigate it in unprecedented detail in recent years. Mankind has never found anything...Show More Summary

iPhone X Review: One week with the world’s best smartphone

Apple is a company that usually isn't first. Not with larger-screen smartphones. Not with the switch to OLED panels. Certainly not the first to a 12 megapixel camera. Nope, not edge-to-edge displays. Wireless charging? You're dreaming. Show More Summary

iPhone X exclusive Animoji might not even need Face ID’s TrueDepth camera to work

Every new iPhone comes with new hardware and software innovation that power signature features that aren’t available on other iOS or macOS devices. In time, these features will be available on all iPhones and iPads of the future. Older...Show More Summary

The iPhone X’s Face ID has one real vulnerability: Your kids

The iPhone X comes with the most secure facial recognition system available on a mobile device right now, miles ahead of the next best thing. There’s one chance in a million for someone else’s face to unlock your device, Apple said on...Show More Summary

Mozilla is finally ready to take on Chrome with a brand new version of Firefox

A couple of months ago, Mozilla started teasing a new version of the Firefox browser that would be twice as fast as the latest release and 30% lighter than Google Chrome. Dubbed Firefox Quantum, the updated browser would finally give...Show More Summary

Scientists just used a brain implant to improve human memory, and it could change everything

The human brain is truly a wonder, and nature has honed it to be an incredibly efficient tool for processing information and hanging on to things we might need at a later date... but it could be even better. Scientists have now doneShow More Summary

Your favorite smartphone case maker also makes the coolest headphones you’ve ever seen

The brand Spigen is known far and wide for making some of the best and most popular smartphone cases out there. In fact, if you search Amazon for the best-selling cases for any popular phone like the iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus, Galaxy Note 8, and more, you're going to see multiple cases from Spigen at the top of the list every single time. Show More Summary

New report highlights ‘fit and finish’ issues with the Tesla Model 3

With Tesla still "anti-selling" the Model 3, interested buyers simply can't walk into a Tesla dealership and test drive the company's mass market EV. Hardly a surprise, Tesla is still struggling to ramp up production to meet staggering demand. Show More Summary

A new Pixel 2 XL problem popped up, and of course it involves the display

From afar, there's no question whatsoever that the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL are Google's best smartphones ever, including both its old Nexus line and the newer Pixel lineup. The same is true on paper, where the phones' specs paint a picture of a class-leading smartphone duo that showcase the best of what Android has to offer. Show More Summary

Here’s how to make your own transparent iPhone X

The iPhone X only comes in black and white, and both versions look so good that you’ll have a hard time choosing between them. But what if I told you there was a way to have a transparent iPhone X instead? As you might have guessed, this type of iPhone cosmetic alternation is not something Apple condones. Show More Summary

10 new movie trailers you need to watch from this past week

Murder on the Orient Express, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, and Daddy’s Home Two are three of the new movies opening this weekend that might be just entertaining enough to get you off Netflix and into a cinema. That’s if...Show More Summary

Watch a giant crab mercilessly attack a full-grown bird and fuel your nightmares

Crab and arthropods in general are often pretty creepy all on their own, but when you see one ruthlessly murdering (and eating!) a creature you would never expect, they get even more frightening. A newly-captured video of an island-dwelling...Show More Summary

The Animation Dome

My inventor friend Les Cookson, just reached out and shared his new project with me: The Animation Dome. As usual, Les has created something that we’ll want to play with—and as with all his projects, it's inspired by a technology designed over 150 years ago: the Zoetrope. Show More Summary

This brilliant new AI will fight email scammers by wasting their time

Netsafe, a New Zealand-based non-profit online safety group, introduced an AI email bot this week that will fight back against phishing scams by wasting their time. As Netsafe explained in a on Tuesday, the bot replies to scams "with...Show More Summary

GoPro bravely sacrifices itself to capture first-person view of being devoured by lava

Not many people have been swallowed up by lava and survived — in fact, the number has to be somewhere around zero, if I had to guess — and the same is likely true for consumer electronics. One brave GoPro action cam managed to beat those...Show More Summary

New videos highlight serious problems with Tesla’s build quality

There are certainly no shortage of reasons to applaud Tesla. Broadly speaking, the company single-handedly spearheaded the EV revolution while simultaneously reshaping the very idea of what the driving experience should be like. What's...Show More Summary

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