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One-Toothed Robot vs. Two Flamethrower Robots: Place Your Bets!

If you think robot fights are clumsy and silly, YouTuber Team Velocity is here to prove you wrong. He recently shared one of his matches at this year’s RoboGames, and it is a fast-paced and brutal…

Watch the all new action-packed ‘Fantastic Four’ trailer right here

After the Batman v. Superman trailer that was supposed to air in IMAX cinemas leaked last week, a new trailer for a hot upcoming superhero blockbuster hit YouTube during the weekend — also earlier than it was supposed to. Posted by YouTube...Show More Summary

VCF East: [Bil Herd] And System Architecture

Last Friday the Vintage Computer Festival was filled up with more than a dozen talks, too many for any one person to attend. We did, however, check out [Bil Herd]’s talk on system architecture, or as he likes to call it, the art and science of performance through balance. Show More Summary

A Scary Powerful Jacob’s Ladder

What to do with an extremely high voltage transformer and power supply… what to do…  what to do… Short it out Jacob’s Ladder style of course! Fresh from [Gristronics], a team of hackers had the opportunity to play around with a 11,000V transformer… and some copper pipe. It’s 2.5m tall (just over 8?) and produces an awe-inspiring electrical arc. Show More Summary

Richard Hammond Is Having Trouble Filling His Spare Time

Video: Since Top Gear went on what is almost certainly permanent hiatus, the three presenters have been filling their time in various ways. Jeremy Clarkson has spent it dodging the media and James May has been perfecting his musical talents, but Richard Hammond seems to be struggling. More »      

Hackaday Links: April 19, 2015

Bang & Olufsen have made some pretty amazing equipment for a long, long time. That last part can become a problem. [Oliver] found the electrolytic caps on his Beomaster 2400 were causing problems. He completely recapped the unit, all...Show More Summary

BB-8 is real! But how did they do it?

BB-8 the new droid in the star wars franchise made his first public appearance (YouTube link) at Star Wars Celebration last week. While cast and crew of the movie have long said that BB-8 is real, seeing it up on stage, driving circles around R2D2 takes things to a whole new level. Show More Summary

VCF East X: The Not Trashy Eighty

The lowly TRS-80 doesn’t get much love in most circles; it’s constantly overshadowed by the popularity of the Apple II or computers that had graphics that weren’t terrible. For [Mike Loewen]’s VCF exhibit, he’s turning his TRS-80 into...Show More Summary

[Mike] Illuminates us on LED Filaments

LED filaments started showing up in light bulbs a few months back. [Mike] discovered that the strips are available in bulk from ebay and Alibaba. Always keen to work with new LED technologies, [Mike] ordered a few for experimenting and posted...Show More Summary

VCF East X: Virtual Reality With PETSCII

What would happen if Oculus-quality virtual reality was created in the 80s on the Commodore PET? [Michael Hill] knows, because he created a stereoscopic video headset using a PET. This build is an extension of [Michael]’s exhibit last year at VCF East where he displayed a video feed with PETSCII. Show More Summary

You Betta’ Recognize the Aluminum Beverage Can

He’s back, [Bill Hammack] aka The Engineer Guy. He has a habit of revealing how the ordinary is extraordinary with a meticulous unveiling of all the engineering that goes into a thing. This time around it’s the aluminum beverage can....Show More Summary

Of course the new Star Wars trailer is amazing in Lego

2 weeks agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

The second trailer for The Force Awakens hasn't even lived on the interwebs for more than a day, but there's already a Lego creation of the entire 110 seconds of pure awesome, courtesy of FinalFeature. Read more...

Watching fighter jets burn through the night is pure awesome

2 weeks agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

I can pretty much watch these fighter jets rip through the runway at night forever. I mean, what is more awesome than seeing city lights blur and afterburners shoot out fiery power? This footage comes from The Aviationist and includes all kind of fighter jets burning rubber at the Nellis Air Force Base near Las Vegas, Nevada. Read more...

Netflix to deliver Planet Earth sequel in stunning 4K quality

Netflix’s stable of exclusive content is about to get bigger and better. The Internet streaming juggernaut announced this week that it plans to revive the BBC’s award winning nature documentary Planet Earth, a series which initially aired back in 2006. Show More Summary

Bouncing A Ball With A Robot

A fan of kinetic projects, [Jimmy Demello] threw together a pretty cool robot that can bounce a ball back and forth between its hand(s). Made from scraps around the house, it consists of some wood, a piece of a fishing pole, chop sticks, a single servo motor, and of course an Arduino Uno. Show More Summary

An Improved Table Saw Fence With Threaded Rod

Back in the bad old days, table saw fences were terrible. You would have to measure the top and bottom of the fence before each cut, just to make sure the fence was square to the blade. In the 1970s, [Bill Biesemeyer] invented a better...Show More Summary

DIY Automatic Chain Cleaning Machine

Spring is here and it’s time to pull the bikes out of the shed. One think that is often overlooked is bicycle maintenance. No one wants to be that guy walking his bike home after a part failure renders the bike unrideable. One portion of proper bike maintenance is cleaning the chain. Show More Summary

The Hummbucker Electric Kazoo – raise your freak flag high

In a world where we struggle to differentiate ourselves from the masses, it can be rough to find something that is inherently “you”, but is still an original idea. You want to make your mark in the world, but the only problem is…what do you do? One search on the web will show you that most things have already been done. Show More Summary

Titanic Summarised In Retro 8-Bit Video Game Style Is Pretty Fun

Video: I’ll never watch Titanic again, because I don’t have a time machine that could send me back to the ’90s as a teenage girl. But! I would love to play this silly 8-bit video game of Titanic. It sums up all the happenings in the movie pretty well and is perfectly silly: you play cards, you draw Rose naked, you escape a sinking ship and then you die. More »      

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