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Macklemore records music video with his 100-year-old grandmother, and it’s glorious

Celebrity culture in America turns people like Mackelmore into idols, but rarely pays any attention to the loving and supportive families that surround them. In a new music video for his new single Glorious, Macklemore — whose real name...Show More Summary

Anyone Need a Little Fuming Nitric Acid?

If there’s a chemical with a cooler name than “fuming nitric acid,” we can’t think of it. Nearly pure nitric acid is useful stuff, especially if you’re in the business of making rocket fuels and explosives. But the low-end nitric acid...Show More Summary

Game of Thrones Dragon Egg Salt and Pepper Shakers: Seasoning is Coming

These Game of Thrones Dragon Egg Salt and Pepper Shakers are perfect for seasoning those giant Westeros meals no matter what house you belong to. I wouldn’t recommend them to season actual dragon meat because that…

‘Hearthstone: Knights of the Frozen Throne’ expansion turns heroes into Death Knights

On Thursday night, moments before the 2017 HCT Spring Championship series kicked off in China, the Hearthstone team shared a video message introducing the next expansion for the card game: Knights of the Frozen Throne. Unfortunately,...Show More Summary

Tetris on a Soldering Iron

Our commenteers have all said good things about the open-source TS100 soldering iron pencil: things like “it solders well”. But we’ve all got soldering irons that solder well. What possible extra value does having open-source firmware on a soldering iron bring? [Joric] answered that question for us — it can play Tetris. Show More Summary

Blinking A Light With Ping

The Flashing Light Prize is on right now, and that means all our favorite geeks and YouTubers are aspiring to what could be done with a 555. The rules are simple: turn a light bulb on and off somehow. [Sprite_tm] is answering the call,...Show More Summary

Russia develops military exoskeleton to give soldiers superhuman capabilities

Any sci-fi flick or video game showing a futuristic battlefield is always filled with soldiers wearing advanced high-tech armor and all manner of fancy gadgetry. Russia is doing its best to make that fictional battlefield of the future a reality with a new powered exoskeleton built to give soldiers a superhuman edge over their foes. Show More Summary

The Nintendo Switch’s lack of power loses it another game

In many ways, the Nintendo Switch is everything the Wii U wasn't. It's sleek, it's convenient and just four months into its existence, it already has a library of games worth getting excited about. But at the end of the day, the Switch...Show More Summary

These fake iPhone 8 clones are laughably bad

Experienced iPhone rumor-lovers probably know how to spot a fake device from a clone made in China. But new users who’re not familiar with Apple’s smartphone may fall for clones that look almost exactly like the real thing. The iPhone...Show More Summary

You can now play PS4 games on PC with a PlayStation Now subscription

More than two years after launching, the PlayStation Now game subscription service is finally getting PlayStation 4 games. The PlayStation team on Thursday announced that the first batch of PS4 games had arrived on PS Now, bringing the total number of games in the PS Now library over 500. Show More Summary

How Do They Synchronize Power Stations With The Grid?

There are probably times in every Hackaday reader’s life at which you see something and realise that the technology behind it is something you have always taken for granted but have never considered quite how it works. Where this isShow More Summary

21 Deliciously Geeky Cupcakes – and How You Can Make Some of Them

Who doesn’t love cupcakes? Whether you’re young or not so young, cupcakes always hit the sweet spot at a good party — including nerdy ones! We’ve found 21 super geeky cupcakes for fans of all kinds. Some are simple, some are works of...Show More Summary

2-Player Pinball Machine: Ain’t Seen Nothing Like It In Any Amusement Hall

Typically, pinball is a one player at a time game, but artist Cristiana Felgueiras of Get Hands Dirty has created an awesome two player pinball machine that two players can use simultaneously. She had some help…

These glasses-free ‘holograms’ are as close to the real thing as we may ever get

We've seen so many examples of technology that was once science fiction become reality that it's hard to believe true holograms as many think of them — like the floating Princess Leia in Star Wars — are still firmly in the realm of fantasy. Show More Summary

Classic IBM TR-2 Flip-Flop Reproduction

As useful as computers are, most of them have all the design charm of a rubber doorstop. Oh, for the heady early days of computing, when vacuum tubes ruled, hardware was assembled by hand, and engineers always wore a tie. Looking toShow More Summary

Tiny Light Bulb Flasher Vies for World’s Record

We’re going to go out on a limb here and declare this minuscule incandescent light flasher the smallest such circuit in the world. After all, when you need a microscope to see it work, you’ve probably succeeded in making the world’sShow More Summary

New concept imagines a Google Pixel 2 XL you’ll fall in love with

A report from a few days ago said that the 2017 Pixel phones coming from Google will not be identical. The Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL will be made by HTC and LG, respectively, other leaks have indicated, and that may be the reason why they won’t be similar in terms of design. Show More Summary

Fidget Spinner Gigantor

Had enough of fidget spinners yet? If you haven’t heard, a toy that consists of a bearing in the center of a multi-lobed flat structure that’s designed to spin around the bearing’s axis with little force has taken the world by storm....Show More Summary

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