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Apple makes half a gallon of synthetic human sweat each day to test its products

Here's one quality assurance and environment-related test you didn’t expect from the iPhone maker: Apple manufactures half of gallon of sweat each day just so it can test it out on some of its new products. Apple announced a significant new sustainability initiative this week, one that sounds great in theory, but might be harder to implement. Show More Summary

Watch Stephen Colbert bid a not-so-fond farewell to Bill O’Reilly

Without Bill O'Reilly, Stephen Colbert might never have gotten his own show. When he broke off from The Daily Show to star in his own spin-off, he used The O'Reilly Factor as inspiration, parodying the popular conservative host to great effect. Show More Summary

Apple’s next iPhone breakthrough sounds amazing, but only on paper

Apple’s iPhone 8 will bring a bunch of novel new features to the iPhone family, which should further refine the iPhone experience. Apple has even bigger goals in mind for its upcoming products, but they only sound amazing on paper for...Show More Summary

This Rube Goldberg Machine Is the Best Action Movie I've Seen in Years

Most Rube Goldberg machines are designed to complicate a very simple task, but a Japanese TV show called Pitagora Suitchi—which translates to Pythagoras Switch—created an endlessly complex contraption to tell the story of two colored balls who have to rescue their trapped brother. Read more...

The all-glass Galaxy S8 can really take a beating

Drop it just right from a considerable height, have it land on a hard surface, and the Galaxy S8’s glass will crack. It’s not Samsung’s fault. It just what happens. Glass shatters in some scenarios no matter how durable it’s supposed to be. Show More Summary

Learn a Language, One Moment at a Time

There’s a lot of times in an average day when you’ll find yourself waiting. Waiting for your morning brew at the cafe, or for an email to show up — it’s often just a few minutes, many times a day. It’s far too short a time to get any...Show More Summary

Watch a massive asteroid cruise by Earth live tonight

Tonight is a big night for skywatchers thanks to the relatively close approach of a large asteroid called 2014 JO25. The rock is slated to make its closest approach to Earth later tonight, and thanks to some very excited stargazers you...Show More Summary

Watch Jimmy Kimmel and Matt Damon torch United Airlines with a hilarious parody

The past few days have been nothing short of a PR nightmare for United Airlines. A little bit more than a week ago, a video of a United passenger being violently dragged off of a flight went viral and sparked outrage across the world. Show More Summary

Students Build Chainsaw Powered Tricycle

What do you do when you are a college student who wants to zip around campus, but don’t have speedy scooter? You do what these two Georgia Tech students in Atlanta did. They used their engineering…

Every new movie and TV show coming to Netflix in May

April was the best month for Netflix originals in recent memory, but May has a decent chance of topping it. Not only are we finally going to get to see War Machine (the political satire movie starring Brad Pitt), but a ton of Netflix...Show More Summary

Ethanol-Powered Arduinos

Following the time-honored YouTube tradition of ordering cheap stuff online and playing with it while the camera runs, [Monta Elkins] bought a Stirling engine that drives a DC motor used as a generator. How much electrical juice canShow More Summary

The clear coffee you never asked for is finally here

Of all the beverage options we humans have invented over the years, coffee is definitely one of the most versatile. It can be served hot or cold, with varying levels of caffeination, mixed with a seemingly endless variety of syrups, sweeteners, and even toppings, and everyone seems to have their own unique favorite. Show More Summary

Steve Ballmer Does Country a Solid, Creates Website to Track Government Spending

Since stepping down as Microsoft CEO and board member in 2014, Steve Ballmer has gone from freaking out on stage at corporate conferences to freaking out at Clippers games. Turns out he’s been freaking out about one more thing over the...Show More Summary

An awesome retro remake is coming to Nintendo Switch today

Ever since the Switch launched last month, Nintendo fans have been anxiously awaiting the next blockbuster release. Unfortunately, ARMS and Splatoon 2 won't launch until this summer and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe won't be ready until the end of the month, but on Tuesday, an intriguing multiplatform retro remake made its way on to the Switch eShop. Show More Summary

This Giant RC Truck Is the Barbie Jeep's $5,000 Off-Roading Cousin

As everyone from Texas already knows, bigger is always better, be it a giant steak or a remote control pickup truck that’s six and a half-feet long, making it roughly a third the size of the real thing. At $5,250, the Mammuth Works’ Rewarron doesn’t come cheap, but you can thrash it around a track without ever having… Read more...

Making Tension Based Furniture

[Robby Cuthbert,] an artist and designer based out of Fort Collins, Colorado is creating stable cable tables that are simultaneously a feat of engineering and a work of art. [Cuthbert’s] tables are held together by 1/16? stainless steel cables that exert oppositional tensions that result in a structurally stable and visually appealing coffee table. Show More Summary

Watch John Oliver urge the French not to copy Trump and Brexit votes in upcoming election

The French presidential election will kick off on Sunday with its first round, and Last Week Tonight’s John Oliver dedicated a lengthy and hilarious segment to the issue, urging the French population to come out and vote, especiallyShow More Summary

Someone Cut a Model Rocket Engine in Half So You Can See What Happens Inside

Despite only giving you about a second of excitement at launch, model rockets are still a fun way for us (non-billionaires) to live out our dreams of space travel. But have you ever wondered what’s happening inside a model rocket engine while you’re standing a safe distance away from ignition? Read more...

9 paid iPhone apps on sale for free right now

Today might be Galaxy S8 day but don't worry, Apple fans, because we've got something special for you, too. It's time once again to fill up those iPhones and iPads with paid apps that are currently on sale for free. We've got nine different...Show More Summary

Rule the Playground With a Chainsaw-Powered Tricycle

As a kid, you probably came up with a lot of terrible ideas your parents wisely stopped you from carrying out; that’s why you’re alive today. But once grownup, you’re free to try anything that pops into your mind, like upgrading a toddler-sized tricycle so that it’s powered by an old chainsaw. Read more...

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