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See Actual Microwaves — No More Faking It

Last week we saw a lot of interest in faux visualization of wireless signals. It used a tablet as an interface device to show you what the wireless signals around you looked like and was kind of impressive if you squinted your eyes and didn’t think too much about it. Show More Summary

I’m breaking up with technology today

Today is one of those days — one of those exceedingly rare days — where I want to break every single thing I own that has a battery or is plugged into the wall into thousands of pieces. My wireless phone service is screwed up on an account...Show More Summary

How Biohackers are Fighting a Two-front War on Antibiotic Resistance

We humans like to think of ourselves as the pinnacle of evolution on the planet, but that’s just a conceit. It takes humans roughly twenty years to reproduce, whereas some bacteria can make copies of themselves every 20 minutes. Countless...Show More Summary

How to Upgrade a Chinese CNC Machine

Looking to add a small CNC machine to your garage or hackerspace’s arsenal of tools? Like any tools — China has you covered for the cheap options — but the question is, is it worth it? Typically it depends on the tool, but when you can...Show More Summary

Watch What Happens to This Drop of Water When It Hits Hot Oil

4 weeks agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

Oil and water truly don’t mix, and this is especially true if you try to throw water on an oil fire to quench the flames. Instead, it just goes BOOM! Read more...

The Rise of the Rural Hacker

On the far side of the Boso peninsula lies Kamogawa. This isn’t the Japan of LEDs, Otaku and maid cafes, or that of wage slave salarymen collapsing from exhaustion. This is the Japan of rice farmers and fields, fresh fish and wild boar, electron microscopes and gigabit fiber, SMD assembly and 500Mhz 5 Gigasample oscilloscopes. The world has changed. Show More Summary

Using LTSpice to Measure Total Harmonic Distortion

Audiophiles spend a lot of time and effort worrying about audio specs like Total Harmonic Distortion (THD). Makes sense, because THD affects the quality of audio reproduction. However, THD can also affect interference from radio signals and even losses in power transfer systems. Show More Summary

Hackaday Links: September 6, 2015

The MeArm is a cool little robot arm that can be controlled with just about any microcontroller. There’s a new version of it up on Thingiverse. Here’s something to get kids interested in robotics: the GoBox is a robot kit with multiple ‘missions’ delivered monthly. Show More Summary

Hackaday Prize Semifinalist: Picking Up Litter With Robots

On beaches, in parks, and in [BDM]’s back yard, there’s a lot of liter everywhere. The normal solution to this problem is to hire someone or find some volunteers to pick up all this trash. We’re living in the future, though, and that means robots. Show More Summary

Upgrading Your Alarm System With an Arduino

When [Doug] moved into his new house, he found an old alarm panel set up — but it had no monitoring service any more. Not wanting to pay a monthly fee to have it setup, he decided to try interfacing an Arduino with the system in order...Show More Summary

Check Out These Fantastic Urban Makeovers Documented By Google Street View 

last monthTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

Everyone loves a good before/after image, whether it’s a house flip or the makeover montage from Clueless. A group of Brazilian urbanists are expanding the genre to include public space transformations—as documented by Street View. Read more...

Video: A portrait of a chef opening a restaurant

last monthTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

Life and Thyme continues its excellent video series about food and chefs by taking a look at Chef Timothy Hollingsworth and his upcoming Otium restaurant. In this chapter, we see Hollingsworth take a visit to the fish market and cook a splendid looking dish while talking about what food and more importantly, passion means to him. Read more...

Kansas Farmer Successfully Catches A Fish Using His Drone

We’ve seen drones used for all sorts of things, like photography, videography, and rescue efforts. However one Kansas farmer by the name of Derek Klingenberg decided to use his drone for fishing. This is actually a pretty good idea as it allows the pilot to stand along the shore, while the drone goes out into deeper waters. Show More Summary

Awesome video seamlessly edits all your favorite movie characters into one scene

last monthTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

This is so much fun to watch. Hell’s Club by Antonio Maria da Silva of AMDS Films takes so many of your favorite characters from different movies and blends them all together into one coherent scene in a fictional club. The editing is...Show More Summary

The Kraakdoos — Musical Abuser of an Ancient OpAmp

A friend from the newly founded Yeovil Hackerspace introduced me to a device known as “The Kraakdoos” or cracklebox. The cracklebox is an early electronic instrument produced by STEIM in the 1970s. The instrument consists of a single PCB with a number of copper pads exposed on one side. Show More Summary

Millennium Falcon and X-Wing Drones Arrive for Force Friday

September 4th is Force Friday, when Disney is streaming a massive unboxing event. It’s a huge day for Star Wars collectors. Maybe the biggest day in decades. Two items are sure to be of particular interest…

GoBox Raspberry Pi Robot Subscription Kit: Maker 1

Dexter Industries makes educational electronics and robotics kits for all levels of experience. With its new GoBox subscription service, the company aims to be more involved in the progress of robotics newbies, particularly children. The heart…

The laser cannon that kills drones

Silent and invisible, Boeing’s new laser cannon slays enemy drones by taking them down in under a minute. The Compact Laser Weapons System (CLWS) can track down an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) and eliminate a threat. Boeing just released a video of its Compact Laser Weapons System demonstration. Show More Summary

A Container Ship Travelling Around The Ocean At Night Is One Of The Most Beautiful Things

I literally gasped in disbelief when I first saw this timelapse by Toby Smith of the Gunhilde Maersk at sea. It goes from Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam to Ningbo, China and the night scenes are unbelievable. The skies are salted with glittery...Show More Summary

Being Picked up by a Swarm of Drones May Become Reality

In case you haven’t seen it yet, this video has been taking the internet by storm. The YouTube user [Gasturbine101] has successfully taken flight in his home made multi-rotor flying machine. It’s a massive array of high powered brushless motors with props, fifty-four in fact, all counter-rotating. Show More Summary

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