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Dash cam reveals the human bouncing that happens inside a car crash

2 weeks agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

Thankfully, it's okay to laugh a little at this scary footage of a man bouncing around inside his car while a SUV rear ends him into an oncoming semi truck. That's because Daryl Peterson, the driver in the car, managed to walk away from the crash without a scratch or any injury at all. Thank God for airbags and seatbelts. Read more...

Spanish Activists Use Holograms to Protest Anti-Protest Law: Holograms for Freedom

On July 1, a ridiculous law in Spain will take effect. Insultingly called the Citizen Safety Law, the legislation forbids public demonstrations outside government buildings and other structures that “provide basic services” unless permitted by the…

Retrotechtacular: Using the Jet Stream for Aerial Warfare

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) are all the rage these days. But while today’s combative UAV technology is as modern as possible, the idea itself is not a new one. Austria floated bomb-laden balloons at Venice in the middle 1800s. About...Show More Summary

Old Fluorescent Fixtures Turned Into Fill Lights

The Tymkrs are hard at work setting up their home studio, and since they’ll be shooting a few videos, they need some lights. The lights themselves aren’t very special; for YouTube videos, anything bright enough will work. The real challenge...Show More Summary

How To Reverse Engineer A PCB

For [Peter]’s entry for the 2015 Hackaday Prize, he’s attempting to improve the standard industrial process to fix atmospheric nitrogen. Why? Fertilizers. He’s come up with an interesting technique that uses acoustic transducers in a pressure vessel, and to power that transducer, he’s turned to the greatest scrap heap in the world: eBay. Show More Summary

Watch: Samsung’s new Galaxy S6 ad highlights one of its most useful features

Samsung on Monday released a new TV commercial for the Galaxy S6 that focuses on one of the phone’s main features… but the company is not pushing the novel curved display of the Galaxy S6 edge model and is instead focusing on something more useful. Show More Summary

This Movie's Realistic AI Scared the Shit Out of Me

2 weeks agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

When I watched the trailer for Ex Machina, I was excited. It wasn’t just the uncanny and attractive robot Ava, either. There were androids, AI, Turing tests! This looked like the scifi movie of my dreams. But when I saw Ex Machina recently, I was terrified. Because it told the truth about what A.I. might become. Read more...

Watch: What happens when a Tesla Model S runs over the Galaxy S6

Samsung’s Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge are probably the most durable Android handsets the South Korean giant made to date, even though they’re not indestructible – after all, no handset is. The Galaxy S6 has already been put throughShow More Summary

Peripherals Behind The Iron Curtain

The article Home Computers Behind the Iron Curtain sparked a lot of interest, which made me very happy. Therefore, I decided to introduce more computer curiosities from the Iron Curtain period, especially from the former Czechoslovakia...Show More Summary

Hackaday Links: April 12, 2015

More Arduino Drama! A few weeks ago, Arduino SRL (the new one) forked the Arduino IDE from Arduino LLC’s repo. The changes? The version number went up from 1.6.3 to 1.7. It’s been forked again, this time by [Mastro Gippo]. The changes? The version number went up to 2.0. Show More Summary

Robotic Glockenspiel Crunches “Popcorn”

[James] sent us a video of his latest creation: a robotic glockenspiel that’s currently set up to play “Popcorn”. It uses eight servos to drive mallets that strike the tone bars with fast, crisp movements. The servos are driven with a 16-channel I²C servo driver and MIDI shield, which are in turn controlled with an Arduino Uno. Show More Summary

Beeping Easter Eggs for Blind Children: The Rachel Project

In 2005, bomb technician David Hyche was looking for a way for his blind but fiercely independent 2-year-old daughter Rachel to participate in their church’s Easter Egg hunt. David read about the Blind Children’s Center’s beeping…

We Definitely Shouldn't Have Taught Robots How To Sword Fight

3 weeks agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

Japan’s Namiki Laboratory is known for its robotic arms and high-speed vision systems that can move and react faster than a human being can. That’s the neat part. The scary part is that for some reason the researchers there have decided that teaching their creations to effectively fight with swords was a good idea. Show More Summary

Modded Microwave Sets Its Own Clock

Of all the appliances in your house, perhaps the most annoying is a microwave with a flashing unset clock. Even though a lot of devices auto-set their time these days, most appliances need to have their time set after being unplugged or after a power outage. Show More Summary

Blink Thrice To Let Me In

Now here’s a really cool home hack. [Luis Rodrigues] has automated his garage door to open, simply by flashing his headlights at it. But wait, doesn’t that mean anyone could break into his house? Nope. At first we thought he had just...Show More Summary

Robo Foam Cutter Makes Short Work of your Foam Rolls

Tired of cutting your foam sheets down to size? [jgschmidt] certainly was, and after one-too-many hours cutting foam manually, he built himself a machine that cuts sheets automatically, and he guides you through the process step-by-step. [jgschmidt’s] build is a clever assembly of stock parts acquired from ServoCity. Show More Summary

Retrotechtacular: The Bessemer Converter

Here’s a rose-colored look into the steelworks at Workington, Cumbria in northern England. At the time of filming in 1974, this plant had been manufacturing steel nonstop for 102 years using the Bessemer process. [Sir Henry Bessemer]’s...Show More Summary

Hackaday Links: April 5, 2015

[Dino] found something pretty cool at Walmart. It’s a USB Lighter; basically a car cigarette lighter that’s powered by a battery and charged via USB. A few bucks will buy you a battery, charge controller, and USB plug that will deliver over 2 amps at 3.7 Volts. Speaking of battery chargers, here’s something from [Thomas]. Show More Summary

Terminator T-800 Stained Glass: Church of Skynetology

…and on the second movie he rose again. Stained Glass Co.’s large T-800 stained glass portrait is a wonderful homage to the one who sacrificed himself to save us all. Or is this the dude who…

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