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Blinking LEDs on the Internet of Printers

When you ask for recommendations on which 3D printer to buy, damn the cost, the Ultimaker is consistently at the top of the list. There’s a reason for the popularity of this printer — it’s easy to use, extremely high quality, and has an entire freakin’ Linux system running somewhere under the hood. Show More Summary

Netflix just released the first teaser for ‘Black Mirror: Season 4’

Black Mirror is a modern take on classic sci-fi shows like The Twilight Zone but with a broad focus on technology, and how it can work against us. Owned initially by Channel 4, which made the first two season of the series, Black Mirror is now a Netflix original. Show More Summary

Custom Cut Pinwheel Makes a Useful HVAC Duct Flow Meter

Everyone is familiar with pinwheels, and few of us haven’t crafted one from a square of paper, a stick, and a pin. Pinwheels are pretty optimized from a design standpoint, and are so cheap and easy to build that putting a pinwheel to...Show More Summary

Astronaut pee could be turned into plastics

Astronauts are masters at recycling, and the brave space farers aboard the International Space Station already repurpose urine and the humidity they exhale into drinking water, but when it comes time to send a manned mission to Mars, pee might be an even more crucial resource. Show More Summary

Listen to Taylor Swift’s new single, ‘Look What You Made Me Do’

Late on Thursday night, Swift shared the lyric video for "Look What You Made Me Do," the lead single from her upcoming studio album Reputation. This is the longest fans have ever had to wait between albums, and if the song is any indication of what's to come, this will be Swift's darkest music to date... Show More Summary

A 3D Printed Junction Transistor Model

Transistors are no doubt one of humankinds greatest inventions. However, the associated greatness brings with it unprecedented complexity under the hood. To fully understand how a transistor works, one needs to be familiar with someShow More Summary

Quintuple-Sized LEGO Go-Kart

[Matt Denton] was inspired by [James Bruton]’s scaled up LEGO and decided to create his own giant LEGO project. He found a classic model that he wanted to scale up.  1985’s Technic Go-Kart (set #1972) contained 98 pieces and seemed manageable. He...Show More Summary

DSLogic Plus Teardown and Review

The DSLogic open source logic analyzer is on its second release (the plus version) and [OpenTechLab] has a comprehensive review of the new model, which, unlike the original model, includes a different method of connecting probes andShow More Summary

Every Xbox One and Xbox 360 game you can download for free in September

Summer is finally winding down, but when the weather begins to cool, you know you're that much closer to a busy holiday release season for video games. Madden 18, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle and Destiny 2 are all set to launch inShow More Summary

This wild Game of Thrones theory explains everything that’s wrong with episode 6

The fast-paced season 7 of Game of Thrones is almost done, and we’ve had a wild ride so far. Other than the time-and-teleportation issue, and some logistical problems with the action in episode 6, the current season was just brilliant. But we have a brand new fan-theory out there that seems to be entirely plausible. Show More Summary

Possibly the Most Up-Cycled, Hacked E-Bike You’ll See All Week

When it comes to bringing an idea to life it’s best to have both a sense of purpose, and an eagerness to apply whatever is on hand in order to get results. YouTube’s favorite Ukrainians [KREOSAN] are chock full of both in their journey...Show More Summary

Remote Controlled Nerf Bomb

There was a third-party multiplayer upgrade pack for one of the Quake games back in the ’90s that included a whole slew of non-standard weapons. Among them one of the most memorable was a gravity well, that when thrown into the middle of a crowded room full of warring players would suck them into a vortex. Show More Summary

10 Netflix movies and shows you should watch before they’re removed in September

All good things must come to an end, which is why we are once again putting together a list of all the best content that's scheduled to leave Netflix next month. As excited as we get about the new movies and shows that come to the streaming...Show More Summary

Ask Hackaday: Saving The World With Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Men

This is a solution to global warming. This solution will also produce electricity, produce rain in desertified areas, and transform the Sahara into arable land capable of capturing CO2. How is this possible? It’s simple: all we need to do is build a five-kilometer tall, twenty-meter wide chimney. Show More Summary

Finishing A Mini PS One: SLA vs Extruded

One of the biggest lessons learned by first time 3D printer users is that not everything can be replicated and a printer is a machine and not a miracle worker. It has limitations in terms of what it can print as well as the quality of the output. Show More Summary

Every new movie and TV show coming to Netflix in September

You know that your streaming platform is firing on all cylinders when a "down month" of additions still includes a new season BoJack Horseman, the return of Pulp Fiction, four classic Disney movies an original stand-up comedy special from Jerry Seinfeld. Show More Summary

Wood Finish from old Records

Next time you’re working on a project that needs a durable wood finish, don’t grab the polyurethane. Follow [Victor Ola’s] advice and raid your grandparent’s record cabinet for some old 78 records. Modern records are made from vinyl....Show More Summary

Watch the Galaxy Note 8 Unpacked 2017 live stream right here

On Wednesday morning at 11:00 AM EDT in New York City, Samsung will take the stage at its Galaxy Unpacked event to officially reveal the Galaxy Note 8. Despite having been the subject of countless leaks over the past few months, theShow More Summary

The Last Interesting Chrysler Had a Gas Turbine Engine

The piston engine has been the king of the transportation industry for well over a century now. It has been manufactured so much that it has become a sort of general-purpose machine that can be used to do quite a bit more than merely move people and cargo from one point to another. Show More Summary

Oreo has a game-changing Android feature, but you won’t even realize it’s there

Android 8.0 Oreo is finally official, but that has little meaning for most Android users out there. Aside from a few millions of Pixel and Nexus devices that can be updated to Oreo right now, all the other Android users are left in the dark, having to rely on the “old” Nougat, at best, for now. Show More Summary

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