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Nintendo quietly added GameCube controller support to the Switch

Last week, Nintendo pushed out a major system update for the Switch which added several long-awaited features, including video capture, new profile icons and the ability to transfer save data and user profiles between consoles. It was...Show More Summary

iOS 11 will dramatically improve battery life on all iPhones

iOS 11 brings over a variety of new features and improvements for both iPhone and iPad. But the new software release, now installed on nearly 60% of compatible devices, does have one major issue concerning battery life. iOS 11 drains...Show More Summary

Tim Cook responds to reports of severe iPhone X shortages

Apple on Tuesday issued a press release to remind everyone that the iPhone X will be available for preorder on October 27th, with deliveries and in-stores sales set to start a week later. As if any iPhone buyer waiting for the “X” didn't...Show More Summary

New app remaps the Pixel 2’s strangest feature

The Google Pixel 2 phones come with a feature that’s only available on one other device, the HTC U11. Google’s Active Edge only does a couple of things, at least officially. Its main purpose is to invoke the Google Assistant with a simple...Show More Summary

‘Despacito’, the most popular YouTube video of all-time, was edited entirely with Apple’s Final Cut Pro X

A little more than two months ago, Despacito became the most viewed YouTube video of all-time, snatching the top spot from See You Again, the 2015 hit from Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth. As it stands now, Despacito, which is by Luis Fonsi and features Daddy Yankee, currently boasts an astounding 4.94 million views. Show More Summary

Google Pixel 2 XL goes up against an iPhone 8 Plus in new drop test video

With the iPhone X release still about two weeks away, it may be a while before we get to see how Apple's true flagship iPhone stacks up against the competition. In the meantime, we'll have to make do with the iPhone 8 Plus, a compelling device in its own right. Show More Summary

How Netflix’s attention to detail turned ‘Stranger Things’ into a worldwide hit

The second season of Stranger Things, Netflix's critically acclaimed and universally beloved series is just a few short days away. Set to air on October 27, just in time for Halloween, the upcoming season promises to double down on all...Show More Summary

This is the MacBook and iPhone power pack I’ve been looking for

I seldom run out of iPhone battery because I almost always have an external battery that I use to recharge it. Working at a desk surrounded by power outlets also helps. But the power pack I’ve been using doesn’t work with my older MacBook,...Show More Summary

Someone just transformed the iPad into a touchscreen MacBook Pro

When I first discovered a Medium post that explains how developers were able to add a button to an iOS device, I thought that’d be a neat solution for the iPhone X, which is going to be the first iPhone to lack a home button. But that’s not as cool as the other thing these guys did. Show More Summary

6 new movie trailers you need to watch from this past week

It’s going to be a pretty quiet at the box office, as none of the movies we’re waiting for launch this weekend. Even so, there are a few titles you might consider, including Same Kind of Different as Me, The Killing of a Sacred Deer, and Only the Brave. Show More Summary

Interview: DelivAir imagines a future where drones drop deliveries wherever you are

Drone delivery of packages and smallish goods is still nowhere near pervasive -- or even a common sight -- but some companies are already trying to figure out how to make it a more sophisticated thing than a drone simply flying to your...Show More Summary

Forget the Pixel 2’s display problems, Google’s new flagships are far too fragile

O... M... G. Google really can’t make a high-end phone quite like smartphone industry veterans can. And that’s so sad, to quote the sitting president. Forget about the Pixel 2 XL’s screen issues, which may be fixed via a software update in the future. Show More Summary

YouTube star Casey Neistat slams video sharing site’s ad strategy

YouTube star Casey Neistat has slammed the video sharing site’s ad strategy, saying that the platform’s content creators are suffering. Neistat, who has more than 8 million subscribers on YouTube, is a prominent video blogger. In a video posted on...Show More Summary

Thor and Captain America Winter Hats Are MARVELously Warm

If there’s one thing I learned from my mother, it’s that 250% of my body heat leaves through my head and I need to put a hat on or I’ll catch a death of cold. That…

The best calendar app for Macs is coming for your contacts now

Fantastical is one of the great calendar apps for iPhone, iPad, and Mac, and the company that makes it, Flexibits, decided to fix one other Mac problem. Meet Cardhop, an app that’s meant to make contacts great again on the Mac. The default contact management app on the Mac isn’t great, so Flexibits created a new app for that. Show More Summary

The Pixel 2 has a secret navigation button that Google never told us about

The Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL are shipping to buyers who preordered them online, and the first reviews of Google’s 2017 flagship phones are already in. However, not all the Pixel 2 secrets were shared with the public, and early users have...Show More Summary

Of course Alphabet is working on a drone-powered burrito delivery service

Everyone gets cravings for tasty, tasty Mexican food every once in a while (or every few days, if you're me), but leaving your couch is just such a hassle these days. I mean, you can order caskets on Amazon Prime and have them delivered...Show More Summary

Cops in Dubai are getting real, actual hoverbikes, and they look amazing

Back in the 1950s, everyone thought that by the year 2000 we'd be jetting around in flying cars. Nearly two decades late, we're finally seeing the very beginnings of the systems and technologies that could make that dream a reality, and the Dubai police force is going to be one of the first to experience it. Show More Summary

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