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Mouse Brains Plus Line Laser Equals Rangefinder

[Neumi] wrote in with a sweet robotics hack. It’s a 2D laser distance sensor (YouTube) made with a cheap line laser and an optical mouse’s flow-sensor chip used as a low-resolution camera. In one sense, it’s a standard laser-distance-sensor project. Show More Summary

Hands-on video shows 75 new iOS 10 features you need to see

Whether you’re an iOS veteran or you’ve just discovered the iPhone an iPad, moving to iOS 10 will require a bit of learning. The software update is massive, containing a slew of important improvements – Siri, iMessages, Apple Maps, and...Show More Summary

Watch the first trailer for ‘The Office’ spinoff movie, ‘David Brent: Life on the Road’

Nearly three years ago, Ricky Gervais revealed that he would be returning to the world of The Office to see what bumbling boss David Brent had to up to for all these years. He released a few YouTube videos reprising his role as the character,...Show More Summary

Can $400 buy you perfect home Wi-Fi? Luma wants you to think so

Wireless routers are the most necessary but least-loved gadget that everyone has to buy. It's difficult to make a light-up internet box interesting, but that's what a new startup has tried to do with its Luma router system, which is finally available to buy. The concept behind Luma is pretty simple. Show More Summary

Las Vegas Looks Even Weirder in Infrared

Las Vegas doesn’t exactly need any help when it comes to looking ridiculous, but this footage, which was shot in infrared by Philip Bloom, makes bits of Vegas look like a cotton candy wonderland (as opposed to its typical styrofoam opulence). Show More Summary

[HomoFaciens] Shows Off With DIY Paper Printer

[HomoFaciens] is always making us feel silly about our purchases. Did we really need to buy a nice set of stepper motors for that automation project? Couldn’t we have just used some epoxy and a threaded rod to make an encoder? Did we...Show More Summary

Nothing on the internet is more amazing than this viral Japanese Trump commercial

We can guarantee with absolute certainty that regardless of who becomes next president in January, this viral Japanese Trump commercial below will be the best thing to come of the 2016 presidential election. As ridiculous as realityShow More Summary

This new video of Magic Leap’s augmented reality tech might blow your mind

Of all the impressive virtual and augmented reality demos we’ve seen to date, Magic Leap’s videos always stand out. The company is far from releasing a commercial product, and it’s working on doing things right. But every once in a while,...Show More Summary

New free tool lets you send Gmail attachments that self-destruct

One of the best things about Gmail — aside from the fact that it offers tons of storage and a terrific feature set for free — is that Google not only allows but encourages enhancements from third-party developers. There are a whole host of essential Gmail plug-ins out there and we've covered many of them right here on the site. Show More Summary

Crank Your Speakers, Because This Rocket Test Is the Best Thing You'll Hear All Day

Watching a rocket blast into outer space is a remarkable experience. But watching a rocket engine strapped into a test facility release its explosive fury here on Earth is somehow even cooler. It gives you a better idea of the engines’ power, and it’s a better opportunity to hear their deafening roar. Read more...

The Pilot of This Camera Drone Has Mad Skills

Watching this footage of talented RC pilots making their planes perform amazing stunts is made all the more impressive when you stop to think about the skills needed to capture these impossible mid-air closeups. Read more...

One of the new Pokemon looks frighteningly similar to Donald Trump

Although The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wind was Nintendo's focus at E3 2016 this year, it wasn't the only game featured on the company's two-day live stream. Rather, Nintendo kicked things off with an in-depth look at Pokemon Sun and Moon, the two newest entries in the popular portable franchise. DON'T MISS: PlayStation vs. Show More Summary

Arduino Meets da Vinci in a Gesture-controlled Surgical Robot

Lots of us get to take home a little e-waste from work once in a while to feed our hacking habits. But some guys have all the luck and score the really good stuff, which is how these robotic surgical tools came to be gesture controlled. The...Show More Summary

High-speed police chase in Lithuania looks like something out of James Bond

If you're going to attempt to escape law enforcement in a car, you might as well go all out. At least, that appears to be the thinking behind one Lithuanian driver who, rather than simply pull over and accept his punishment, decidedShow More Summary

Tesla Coil + light bulb = world’s greatest DIY project

Remember that awesome little plasma ball you had in your bedroom when you were growing up? Remember how much fun you has staring at those little lightning bolts as they danced across the inside of the glass? A recent DIY project from everyone's favorite crazy Russian will let you relive the magic and then some... Show More Summary

First season 2 teaser trailer will remind you how much you loved Netflix’s ‘Narcos’

Narcos is one of Netflix's best original series, and fans of the first season were undoubtedly left wanting more. Luckily for them, the second season of Narcos is coming soon and Netflix released the first teaser trailer for it. There...Show More Summary

Watch the official trailer for the ‘Kevin Hart: What Now?’ stand-up special

As one of the hardest working comedians in showbiz, Kevin Hart is all over the media map these days. From TV guest spots to award show host to leading roles in big budget movies, Hart is always on the grind. But of Hart's next big move,...Show More Summary

10 things we all hate about blockbuster movies

Even as cord cutting and streaming services have changed the face of the entertainment industry for good, consumers still go in droves to the movie theater every month. None of us want to miss out on the billion-dollar blockbusters that...Show More Summary

Watch live as SpaceX tries to land its Falcon 9 rocket on a barge

Elon Musk’s SpaceX landed the first stage of its Falcon 9 rocket three times in a row, and on Wednesday it’s trying to perform a fourth consecutive successful landing. As was the case before, you can watch the entire event live as it happens, and follow along as the rocket deploys its payload into space. Show More Summary

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