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Hackers cram Famicom Mini inside a Game Boy, and you’re going to want one

The NES Classic Edition might be the hottest Nintendo gadget in years but over in Japan they don't really care. That's because the NES as we know it doesn't exist in the Japanese market. Instead, Japanese gamers got the Famicom, which...Show More Summary

Pulsed Power and its Applications

Pulsed power is a technology that consists in accumulating energy over some period of time, then releasing it very quickly. Since power equals energy (or work) divided by time, the idea is to emit a constant amount of energy in as short a time as possible. Show More Summary

There will soon be a new bright spot in our night sky

A college professor and his students might be at the cusp of accurately predicting a change in our night sky. Larry Molnar of Calvin College, with the help of colleagues Karen Kinemuchi and Henry Kobulnicky, say that a gigantic explosion...Show More Summary

Video: The iPhone revolution started with two horrendous prototypes

The iPhone turned 10 this week, although the phone was in development more than two years before Steve Jobs felt comfortable enough with the product to actually announce it. A video last week showed us an original iPhone prototype that ran iPod-based software complete with a digital click wheel. Show More Summary

Full-Auto Crossbow Rocks and Rolls on Rubber Bands and Electric Drill

You’ve got to enjoy any project where the hacker clearly loves what he or she is doing. And when the project is as cool as a motor-driven, rubber band powered, fully automatic crossbow, it’s hard not to laugh along. A full-auto crossbow...Show More Summary

Tesla steals top Apple coder for its Autopilot team

Chris Lattner isn’t a familiar name to most people who follow Apple news, but he’s definitely an Apple star — or he was an Apple star, as he announced on Tuesday that he’s leaving the company to pursue a different opportunity. TeslaShow More Summary

Paper Airplane Machine Gun V2.0

A little over two years ago we posted an amazing contraption that holds a stack of paper sheets, folds them into paper planes, and launches them. There’s now a newer version — the PFM A5 v2.0. It is over a meter long, weighs about 10 kilograms, and features a mind-boggling number of gears and moving parts. Show More Summary

Try and guess how long this man spent manually scrolling to the bottom of a 1.04 million row Excel spreadsheet

For centuries, mankind has sought answers to some of the universe's most perplexing and troubling questions. While some of these questions stretch back thousands of years -- what is the meaning of life? -- the advent of the technological...Show More Summary

Watching Robots Stuck in Repetitive, Mundane Tasks Is Stressing Me Out

If you’re living under the assumption that your job could never be filled by a robot, think again. Your day-to-day routine might not seem as monotonous as the tasks that factory line robots perform, but as Michael Marczewski’s stressful short film Vicious Cycle asks, is it really? Read more...

The 3D printers of CES

CES is over, and now we can take a step back, distance ourselves from the trade show booths, and figure out where 3D printing will be going over the next year. The Hype Cycle is a great way to explain trends in fads and technological advances. Show More Summary

How to Make an Edible TRON Pie That Actually Glows

If there’s one takeaway from either the original 1982 TRON movie or the 2010 sequel, Tron: Legacy, it’s that glowing stuff is always kind of cool to look at. To build off this, the talented and creative bakers at Pies Are Awesome managed to make a delicious-looking TRON-themed pie that glows in the dark, but is still… Read more...

Pumping Up An Antenna From A Stream Of Sea Water

Our Hackaday readership represent a huge breadth of engineering experience and knowledge, and we get a lot significant number of our story tips from you. For instance, today we are indebted to [sonofthunderboanerges] for delivering us...Show More Summary

Watch the Colors of the Four Seasons Get Recreated with Microscopic Footage

Winter is here and though it hasn’t overstayed its welcome just yet (it will), it’s still no fun to have to wear so many darn layers. It’s much more fun to imagine the other (better) seasons. Beauty of Science made this very colorful video using footage taken from microscopes or macro shots—chemical reactions, paint… Read more...

Amazon Echos mass-order dollhouses after local news clip

If you give young kids access to a high-tech Internet-connected device like an iPhone, history has shown that they'll eventually figure out -- or accidentally stumble across -- a way to start racking up charges to your credit card. Indeed,...Show More Summary

Everyone on Facebook is going crazy over desiccant packs – here’s how to get them cheap

If you use Facebook with any sort of regularity, you've undoubtedly seen one of the many videos floating around right now about desiccant packs. Hey it's better than fake news, right? Desiccants are those little packets filled with dehumidifying silica gel beads that you often find in packaging with things that are shipped to your house. Show More Summary

How to add new games to the NES Classic Edition

The NES Classic Edition has officially been hacked to allow the install of new games, and the mod allows for more than double the number of titles to be played. The hack originally appeared on a Russian forum, and then Reddit, and in the short while since it became known there have been other modders working hard to streamline the process. Show More Summary

Trump fires back at Meryl Streep’s heartfelt Golden Globes speech

Meryl Streep was honored at the Golden Globes last night with the Cecil B. DeMille lifetime achievement award, and the accomplished actress delivered a heartfelt speech about actors, diversity, and the recent presidential election. Without...Show More Summary

150 MPH Rocket Knife Slices, Dices, Juliennes

The Backyard Scientist is back and his latest project involves a killer knife that will slice through anything because it is traveling on a track at 150 MPH. Pretty scary, but also pretty awesome. The idea…

As the iPhone turns 10, here are what the first reviews looked like in 2007

10 years ago today, Steve Jobs walked on stage and introduced the world to the iPhone. Without exaggeration, the iPhone forever changed the way we interact with technology, and more broadly speaking, how millions of people across the world live their lives. Show More Summary

Video imagines a revolutionary new iOS 11 interface on the iPhone 8

Many reports claim that Apple’s iPhone 8 will be a revolutionary device that will pack a bunch of new features never seen before on an iPhone. One of the most exciting ones concerns battery charging, as Apple is reportedly working on a wireless charging technology with Energous that would let you recharge the iPhone 8 wirelessly from across the room. Show More Summary

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