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DEFCON Shenanigans: Hack the Hackaday Hat

We don’t want to call it a challenge because we fear the regulars at DEFCON can turn our piece of hardware into a smoking pile of slag, but we are planning to bring a bit of fun along with us. I’ll be wearing this classy headgear and...Show More Summary

LEGO Microscope Mk. II is Functional: 10x Cooler

Last year we featured Carl Merriam’s LEGO Microscope. It turns out he actually made an improved version shortly after making that one. His LEGO Microscope Mk. II provides up to 10x magnification and even has an…

Nested Presents a World Through Menus: the Workflow of Life

At their essence, games – video games, board games, sports – consists of nothing but choices. Will you move here? Will you attack this? And so on. Take those choices away and you’re no longer playing.…

Is Apple’s iPhone 6 going to feature a glowing Apple logo?

Following a hands-on video with the metal case of the iPhone 6, which originated from a source close to Apple’s production lines in China, YouTube channel iCrackUriDevice posted a second clip in which “the truth about glowing Apple logo and notifications” is explained. Show More Summary

Treehugger founder Graham Hill’s “Micro Apartment” on the Market

This 420 sq. ft. Soho apartment might look a little familiar. It’s gotten tons of press ever since owner Graham Hill showed off the results of a redesign courtesy of a couple architecture students—a redesign that packed eight rooms into one. Show More Summary

Surfing a never ending wave is like being stuck in a blender of fun

3 weeks agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

The barrel never ends, or at least that's what it feels like. When you think it's finally going to come crashing down, surfer Benji Brand goes through another water tunnel and keeps going and going. It's like a never ending wave where you can see everything spin around you and you never have to stop. Read more...

Meet the tech bikes of the future: Copenhagen Wheel, Denny, Merge and Solid

With special apps which promise to map you the best cycling routes, lights that make night cycling safer, bike-friendly lorries and the popularisation of peer-to-peer bike rental, this year has already seen cycling thrust into the limelight, partly fuelled by the horrifying increase in cycle deaths in the capital. Show More Summary

Giant goliath fish punks a fisherman and then steals his fish and gun

3 weeks agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

This goliath grouper sure isn't happy about sharing the waters with us humans. It grumpily swims over to the man spearfishing, intimidates him with a little head butt and then steals the fish he caught. Even worse, he took the guy's gun for a little joy ride. It's like stealing someone's date right in front of them. Read more...

Dire Straits Sold Tons of CDs Because They Were Picked To Pimp the Format

3 weeks agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

"Money For Nothing" by Dire Straits is a song remembered for many things: a dirty hook to kick things off; background vocals by Sting; a cool, early-VR-style video; and the inevitable Weird Al parody. It was a successful single on Brothers in Arms, a successful album that was one of the first major hits on those shiny, new-fangled compact discs. Read more...

iPHONE 6 LEAK: Check out the device's major redesign in new leaked video

The rear iPhone 6 shell which has appeared in various reports so far has leaked yet again, as YouTube channel iCrackUriDevice has apparently scored a copy of the component directly from a manufacturer. In a short video, iCrackUriDevice...Show More Summary

Retrotechtacular: Designing and Building RCA Televisions

While it’s almost cliché to say they don’t make things like they used to, this week’s Retrotechtacular offers fairly conclusive proof that, at the very least, they used to put more time and effort into manufacturing consumer electronics. Show More Summary

Crazy weapon combines all four Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles weapons

3 weeks agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

What's the best weapon from TMNT? Is it Leonardo's katana, Raphael's sais, Michelangelo's nunchuks or Donatello's bo staff? Or maybe it's none of them because it's actually all of them. Watch Man at Arms: Reforged combine all four weapons into one insane ninja weapon. Read more...

Video: Cortana trolls Siri in new TV commercial

Microsoft has a new TV commercial for its Windows Phone 8.1 Cortana assistant in which it’s taking new shots at one of its biggest competitors, Apple’s voice-based assistant Siri. The new ad, titled “Happy Anniversary,” shows a smartphone...Show More Summary

This Guy Taped a GoPro To His Car Wheel And It Looks Hypnotic

3 weeks agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

GoPros have taken us on some pretty ridiculous adventures, from shark dives and back country ski expeditions, to, uh, jumping out of a spacecraft and falling to Earth. But as one video artist just proved, these lil cameras can capture awesome footage from every day situations, too. Like driving. Read more...

Playing DOOM on an ATM

There aren’t too many details available about this hack, but we still thought it was interesting enough to share. YouTube user [Aussie50] seems to have figured out a way to install DOOM on an automated teller machine (ATM). Not onlyShow More Summary

4-Minutes to Entry

If you think it’s too much work to write about your projects you’re simply wrong, and I’m going to prove it to you. The first of this set of videos walks though the steps for submitting an official entry… I did it in under 4 minutes....Show More Summary

Pwning Timberman with Electronically Simulated Touchscreen Presses

What do you do if you suck at a smartphone game? Buy some in-game upgrades to pretend like you’re good? Screw that! [Valentin] did what any self-respecting hacker would: developed an automated system to play for him. Granted, when you see the demo video embedded below you’ll realize there isn’t much strategy involved in this game. Show More Summary

That Time Steve Coogan Saved A Small Radio Station Under Siege

3 weeks agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

When a radio station in Norwich, England, is taken over by a shotgun-wielding, past-his-prime DJ who's disgruntled after being let go, only one man can reason with him: Alan Partridge. Steve Coogan is back as everyone's favorite self-involved, bumbling British broadcaster in this very funny feature-length film. A-ha ! Read more...

Scientifically accurate Sonic the Hedgehog is so funny but so gross

3 weeks agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

It's always fun to realize that all your favorite childhood characters are completely disgusting creatures. Like Sonic the Hedgehog, who in real life can run really, really fast but would also create foam poop with its mouth to rub it on itself for no reason at all. In fact, hedgehogs love all kinds of poop. Read more...

Video: Don’t be fooled by this extremely detailed iPhone 6 clone running Android

The iPhone 6 isn’t even out yet and it already has a few clones that mimic its appearance and software very well, with 9to5Google having found a new video hands-on demo of one such device. While the clone is based on the leaked dummy iPhone 6 units that flooded the Internet and is fully working, it’s not actually running iOS 8. Show More Summary

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