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A Micro RC Plane Builder Shares His Tricks

There are individuals who push tools, materials, and craftsmanship to the limit in the world of micro RC aircraft, and [Martin Newell] gives some insight into the kind of work that goes into making something like a 1:96 scale P-51 Mustang from scratch. Show More Summary

REVIEW: Samsung's Chromebook Pro marks the beginning of the end for Windows

Taking over the world isn’t easy, but Google is well on its way. The company’s Android platform is still in its infancy in the grand scheme of things, and yet smart thinking on Google’s part caused adoption to skyrocket in no time at all. Show More Summary

This 18? Tall Freddy Krueger Action Figure Will Cut You

Growing up, I don’t think any scary movie puckered my sphincter quite as much as A Nightmare on Elm Street. That damn movie was scary. Talk about needing to sleep with the lights on. It was…

Iron Man, In IRON!

Sometimes a project comes our way which has so much information contained in it as to be overwhelming, and on which it is difficult to know where to start. A good example is [Barry Armstead]’s Iron Man suit, to which we were introduced...Show More Summary

Here’s how the PS4 Pro’s next update will make every game better

The Playstation 4 Pro has been out for a number of months, and games that have been updated to utilize the more powerful hardware have gotten plenty of great press. Unfortunately, not all developers have taken the time to roll out patches for their titles, but a new software update from Sony might make that a moot point. Show More Summary

Good in a Pinch: The Physics of Crimped Connections

I had a friend who was an electronics assembly tech for a big defense contractor. He was a production floor guy who had a chip on his shoulder for the engineers with their fancy book-learnin’ who couldn’t figure out the simplest problems. Show More Summary

The SmallSat Launcher War

Over the last decade or so the definition of what a ‘small satellite’ is has ballooned beyond the original cubesat design specification to satellites of 50 or 100 kg. Today a ‘smallsat’ is defined far more around the cost, and sometimes...Show More Summary

Mark Zuckerberg’s plan to cure ‘all diseases’ gets off the ground

Following in the footsteps of Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg is using his tremendous wealth and clout to help improve the quality of life for individuals across the globe. In late 2015, Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan set up theShow More Summary

This honest ‘John Wick’ ad is the only trailer you need to see

We’ve witnessed some massive trolling during the Super Bowl, and I’m not even talking about what happened in the game. A brand new trailer for John Wick: Chapter 2 was released on Sunday, mocking the one movie it’ll fight at the box office this week, Fifty Shades Darker. Show More Summary

Alt-Right Dickheads Bravely Cancel Their Netflix Subscriptions Over 'Dear White People'

Netflix debuted the teaser trailer for their original series Dear White People earlier today and wouldn’t you know it, some very predictable people weren’t pleased! A summation of the 34-second teaser might be “blackface is bad!” which most sane, compassionate individuals would agree with. But if the internet were… Read more...

Say Goodbye to Productivity While You Watch This Glowing Pendulum Swing Wildly Around

A swinging pendulum is notoriously mesmerizing—that’s why hypnotists are always swinging pocket watches in front of someone’s eyes to put them under. But when you add an extra point of articulation, creating a double pendulum, the seemingly random and flailing motions that ensue go well beyond hypnotic. Read more...

These 4 iPhone hacks might just blow your mind

We share iPhone tips and tricks all the time here on BGR. Apple has added so many nifty features to its mobile platform over the years that it's simply impossible to remember them all. In fact, there are probably a bunch of features hiding in your iPhone right now that you had no idea were even there. Show More Summary

New video gives a detailed overview of the Nintendo Switch hardware

Late on Tuesday night, Nintendo shared a video detailing the hardware of its upcoming Switch console. We already know the specs of the machine (and had a chance to get our hands on it last month), but this is the first video Nintendo...Show More Summary

Behold: This iPhone 8 concept running iOS 11 is the stuff dreams are made of

There's plenty of attention focused on Samsung's upcoming Galaxy S8 at the moment, with rumors coming in hot and heavy now that we're a little over a month away from seeing the device unveiled. Later this year, attention will turn to other exciting new flagship phones like the next-generation Moto Z, OnePlus 4, Galaxy Note 7 and Google Pixel 2. Show More Summary

How Commercial Printed Circuit Boards Are Made

Most of us who have dabbled a little in electronics will have made our own printed circuit boards at some point. We’ll have rubbed on sticky transfers, laser-printed onto acetate, covered our clothing with ferric chloride stains, and applied ourselves to the many complex and tricky processes involved. Show More Summary

Are you ready for clothing designed by a smartphone app?

If you're sick of the trend of everyone calling everything "smart" and cramming pointless technology into every aspect of everyday life, it's probably best to look away now. For those of you still here, you'll probably consider yourself...Show More Summary

Barack Obama goes kiteboarding on a private island, and there’s video to prove it

Since leaving the White House, former President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama have been living the good life. Making good on his promise to go on a two-week vacation, the former First Couple have been travelling quite a bit since Donald Trump's inauguration. Show More Summary

Watch Microsoft’s HoloLens bring ‘Portal’ to life in the real world

Last summer, the world lost its collective mind over Pokemon Go. Thanks to augmented reality, smartphone owners were able to find and catch Pokemon in the real world for the very first time. Many speculated that Pokemon Go would kick...Show More Summary

A Six-Voice Synth Built On The Raspberry Pi

Over the last few decades, audio synthesizers have been less and less real hardware and more and more emulations in software. Now that we have tiny powerful computers that merely sip down the watts, what’s the obvious conclusion? A six-voice...Show More Summary

The final Defender arrives in the trailer for Marvel’s ‘Iron Fist’

Next month, the fourth and final Defender will make his debut on Netflix. Iron Fist is quite possibly the least recognizable of Marvel's heroes to have his own show, but the Iron Fist series will serve as the last piece of connective...Show More Summary

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