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3D-Printed Halbach Motor Part Two: Tuning, Testing

Building your own Halbach-effect brushless DC motor is one thing. Making sure it won’t blow up in your face another matter, and watching how [Christoph Laimer] puts his motor to the test is instructive. You’ll remember [Christoph]’s giant 3D-printed BLDC motor from a recent post where he gave the motor a quick test spin. Show More Summary

This insane augmented reality video shows why iOS 11 will be a game-changer

The iPhone 8 will be great and all, but it's hard not to be as excited for the impending release of iOS 11. While typical iOS updates offer up a nice selection of system tweaks and new features, iOS 11 may very well prove to be a game-changing update thanks to the introduction of ARKit. Show More Summary

Best Buy has a great deal on the hottest Switch game of 2017 (but Amazon’s is still better)

If you don't already have a Nintendo Switch, you'd better do something as quickly as you can. Why? Because as we get closer to the holidays, Switch inventory is going to be even more difficult to come by. That might seem hard to believe since the Switch is already so scarce, but it's expected to be one of the hottest holiday gifts of the year. Show More Summary

Printrbot Teases Infinite Build Volume Printer

[Brook Drumm] of Printrbot is teasing a new 3D printer. This is no ordinary 3D printer; this is an infinite build volume 3D printer, the Next Big Thing™ in desktop fabrication. The world was introduced to the infinite build volume 3D printer last March at the Midwest RepRap Festival with a built by [Bill Steele] from Polar 3D. Show More Summary

Ride Along on This Awesome LEGO Sand Roller Coaster

You know summer is here when LEGO minifigs can be found hanging out at the beach. After all, they like some fun in the sun and sand too. Robert Carlson of 5MadMovieMakers and some friends to…

The OnePlus 5 has a serious screen issue that OnePlus calls ’natural’

There’s one new controversy for the brand new “never settle” OnePlus 5 phone, and it appears to be a rather serious issue. But OnePlus management doesn’t think so. Instead, the company said in a statement that the phone’s “jelly effect”...Show More Summary

Chilling a Hot Camera

[Eric]’s camera has a problem. It overheats. While this wouldn’t be an issue if [Eric] was taking one picture at a time, this camera also has a video mode, which is supposed to take several pictures in a row, one right after the other. Show More Summary

Key to Soldering: Pace Yourself

When writing my last article, I came upon something I thought had been lost to the seven seas of YouTube: the old-school “Basic Soldering Lesson” series from Pace Worldwide. This nine-episode-long series is what retaught me to solder, and is a masterpiece, both in content and execution. Show More Summary

iOS 11 beta suggests the iPhone 8 will include wireless charging

After years of rumors, it appears that wireless charging will finally be coming to the iPhone once Apple releases the iPhone 8 later this year. While wireless charging is far from a new technology, there will be a lot of interest in seeing what Apple's implementation looks like. Show More Summary

Brand new hands-on video shows off the first iPhone 8 accessories

A couple of weeks ago, an iPhone 8 screen protector from accessory maker Olixar made its way online, seemingly confirming the (admittedly ugly) design of Apple's next flagship phone. Days later, the same company put a selection of iPhone...Show More Summary

New video shows off every angle of the rumored iPhone 8 design

We've spent a majority of 2017 poring over dozens and dozens of iPhone 8 leaks. Some have looked surprisingly legitimate while others have been blatant fakes, but something interesting has happened over the past several weeks -- a unified vision of the iPhone 8 has begun to take shape. Show More Summary

Pixar Style Robots Are Treasure Trove Of Building Tricks

[Alonso Martinez] is an artist working on virtual characters at Pixar so it’s no wonder that his real life robots, Mira and Gertie,  have personalities that make them seem like they jumped straight out of a Pixar movie. But what we really...Show More Summary

This obscure Android phone will steal the iPhone 8’s signature feature

Qualcomm on Wednesday unveiled its new fingerprint-reading technology that works through the screen and even metal. Some will quickly say that Qualcomm just beat Apple in this particular race, but all that Qualcomm did was to announce the technology a couple of months earlier than Apple. Show More Summary

Fly Across the Water on a 3D-Printed Electric Hydrofoil

Paddleboards, which are surfboard-like watercraft designed to by stood upon and paddled around calm waters, are a common sight these days. So imagine the surprise on the faces of beachgoers when what looks like a paddleboard suddenly...Show More Summary

Video: Porsche tries to keep up with a Model S and the result is embarassing

When Tesla rolled out the Model S P100D last summer, Elon Musk proudly boasted that it was the fastest production car on the planet. And with good reason, Tesla's flagship Model S was engineered to go from 0-60 MPH in just 2.5 seconds flat. Show More Summary

How to downgrade from the iOS 11 public beta to iOS 10.3.3 the easy way

Ok, so you jumped on the iOS 11 public beta earlier this week to try some of the brand new features coming to iPhones and iPads this fall for yourself. But in the process, you’ve discovered that the beta has various bugs that you can’t live with. Show More Summary

Every Xbox One and Xbox 360 game you can download for free in July

E3 2017 was make or break for Microsoft. Not only did the company need to convince everyone that the Xbox One X is going to be worth $500, it also needed to showcase a sizable selection of exclusive games for the Xbox One. I'm stillShow More Summary

Tiniest Control Board Fits Inside an N-Gauge Model Train

[kodera2t] discovered the VL53L0X Time of Flight sensor and thought it would make a great way to control the operation of a model train without touching it. The sensor was small enough for an N-gauge train, which translates to 1:148 scale or about 9mm from rail to rail. Show More Summary

MIT is developing futuristic self-driving cars that can fly you out of traffic

Drones can’t stay up in the air for too long because they’re limited by battery life. Self-driving cars, on the other hand, are limited by speed and obstacles, such as traffic. But what if you could combine the strengths of one withShow More Summary

Random ‘Anonymous’ YouTuber claims NASA has discovered alien life, internet loses its mind

NASA is making great strides at learning and explaining the complexities of not just the planets in our celestial backyard, but also the makeup of our galaxy and the universe as a whole. They're always on the lookout for signs of life outside of Earth, and with dozens of exoplanets that could host said life, they've got some interesting leads. Show More Summary

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