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Fix-A-Brick 2: Nexus 5X Rises From the Ashes

It was but two weeks ago when I told my story of woe —  the tale of an LG Nexus 5X that fell ill, seemingly due to a manufacturing fault at birth. I managed to disassemble it and made my way through a semi-successful attempt at repair, relying on a freezer and hairdryer to coax it back to life long enough to backup my data. Show More Summary

Rage Against the Machines Played on Toy Instruments is the Best Thing You’ll See Today

I’ve never heard of the band called “The Wackids” before, but by god are they awesome. These guys took a bunch of kids toy instruments and blasted out some awesome music in the form of a…

Watch GameCube games being played on a Samsung Galaxy S8

Video game emulation on mobile devices has come a long way over the past few years, but the launch of the Galaxy S8 appears to signal another massive step forward for gamers who want to play classic titles on their phones. This week,...Show More Summary

Don’t forget to free up gigabytes of space after the Windows 10 update

The Windows 10 Creators Update is here, and you should go download it right now. Not only does it fix bugs and security flaws, it also helps you make magical rainbows and unicorns, quite literally. But once you've downloaded and installed the update, you might notice your hard drive has filled up a few extra gigabytes. Show More Summary

Drones Are Giving Us Never-Before-Seen Close-up Views of Volcanic Eruptions

2 weeks agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

It’s not just the intense heat that makes it hard for researchers to closely study an active volcano, there’s also a potpourri of noxious gases that are less than ideal to inhale. But at the controls of a sensor-laden drone, scientists from the University of Cambridge have been able to capture amazing close-up footage… Read more...

Watch These Drones Get Fried by Over a Million Volts

2 weeks agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

Tom Scott took a pair of DJI Phantom 3 drones to the University of Manchester’s High Voltage Laboratory, where they can manufacture lightning strikes measuring over a million volts. The goal was to see what happens to a drone were it to get struck by lightning while flown in a storm, and the results will probably… Read more...

Galaxy S8 vs. iPhone 7 Plus camera test: Is a single lens better than two?

The Galaxy S8 and the iPhone 7 are probably the top smartphones you can buy right now. Samsung has the advantage of having just launched its impressive new Galaxy S models, but that doesn’t necessarily make the Galaxy S8 or S8+ the best option. Show More Summary

Watch the World’s Longest Domino Line Fall

Growing up, I spent some time with at my grandfather’s house during the summer. There were no toys, only the stuff he liked to do. That meant cards, dominos, and copious amounts of beer. That meant…

Jimmy Kimmel’s new commercial for United Airlines is viciously funny

On Monday morning, the internet (and the world at large) lost its collective mind over a disturbing video showing security officers dragging a man off of a United Airlines flight against his will. We soon learned that United needed four seats for its own staff on an overbooked flight, but couldn't get enough passengers to volunteer to deplane. Show More Summary

A Tiny Bench Power Supply

One of the more popular projects for beginners in electronics is a power supply. Yes, you can always go to Amazon and buy a nice power supply, but unfortunately, we haven’t set up our Amazon affiliate links yet. Instead, we’ll have to go with the next best thing and check out [Tron900]’s mini bench power supply build. Show More Summary

ESP32 WiFi Hits 10km with a Little Help

[Jeija] was playing with some ESP32s and in true hacker fashion, he wondered how far he could pull them apart and still get data flowing. His video answer to that question covers the Friis equation and has a lot of good examples of using the equation, decibels, and even a practical example that covers about 10km. Show More Summary

GameCube Games, Running On A Samsung Phone

2 weeks agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

Take a look at this video by GuruAidTechSupport, showing a new Samsung Galaxy S8 running the Dolphin emulator (for GameCube and Wii games) almost flawlessly. Read more...

New video and photos give us a closer look at Tesla’s Model 3

With Tesla slated to begin mass production on the Model 3 in just about three months, the company is starting to openly test its mass market EV out on the open road. As a result, Model 3 sightings on various roads and highways in California are becoming a lot more commonplace. Show More Summary

Wirelessly Charge Your Phone From High Voltage Power Lines

Using nothing more than an antenna, a spark plug, a flyback transformer, a diode, and a car phone charger, [Kreosan] have implemented the world’s most dangerous cell-phone charger: wirelessly charging their phone from high voltage power lines. Show More Summary

LG G6 stars in the craziest torture test video we’ve ever seen

In what's become something of a repetitive rite of passage, every new flagship smartphone that hits store shelves -- no matter the manufacturer -- is immediately subjected to a series of professional and amateur torture tests. Whether...Show More Summary

PC In A Mouse

[Slider2732] got his Orange Pi Zero working with a 3 watt amplifier, wireless keyboard (with built-in mouse), and car reversing monitor. But he needed a case to house it in. He remembered that he used to make parameters for ghost hunting by filling PC mouse cases with all sorts of electronics. Show More Summary

Hackaday Links: April 9, 2017

[Frederico Musto], one of the Arduinos in the Arduino vs. Arduino saga (which finally came to an end last September) may have fabricated his academic record. This news comes from Wired, providing documents from the registrars at MIT and NYU stating [Musto] never attended these institutions. Show More Summary

Make a Minigun from Coca-Cola Cans and Syringes

If you have some Coca-Cola cans, some lighters, and a few spare syringes just lying around, you can use them to make your own minigun. The question is, should you? Yes. Yes you should. Unless you…

The Cubic Cyphercon Badge

Last week in Milwaukee was Cyphercon, Wisconsin’s premier hacker conference. You can’t do a hacker con without either an electronic conference badge or a 45 hanging off a lanyard, and the Cyphercon 2017 badge doesn’t disappoint. It’s...Show More Summary

New ‘4D’ Adidas shoes are catered to your weight

Back in the 1990s all it took to sell shoes was a celebrity — typically a sports star — to give them a half-hearted endorsement. That's it. These days the footwear market is much different, and consumers dropping big bucks on name brand kicks demand some serious pageantry. Show More Summary

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