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Pokemon Sun and Moon guide: How to catch rare Pokemon from other games

There are over 300 Pokemon to catch or acquire in Alola region of Pokemon Sun and Moon, but did you know that there is a way to make Pokemon from other regions spawn in the game as well? That's the magic of the Island Scan feature. DON'T...Show More Summary

Pokemon Sun and Moon guide: How to get a shiny starter Pokemon

Back in 2000, Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Silver launched for the Game Boy Color in the United States. Along with adding 100 new Pokemon species to the Pokedex, Gold and Silver also introduced rare Shiny Pokemon to the series for the first time. Show More Summary

How to Use a Drone for Easy Thanksgiving Dinner Prep

2 weeks agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

The most food-centric holiday is almost upon us, and while you’ve probably already planned your Thanksgiving feast, have you started any of the prep work yet? If not, it turns out you can save yourself a lot of hard work in the kitchen if you have access to a drone and decent healthcare. Read more...

WTF is going on in this creepy new ‘Cars 3’ teaser?

Disney's Cars franchise is, like most of the properties under Pixar's umbrella, a feel-good family affair. Goofy characters, fantastic animation, and a jovial mood permeate both Cars and Cars 2. Today, Disney debuted its first teaser...Show More Summary

Showing Off the Badge Hacks from SuperCon

Since the Beginning of Time humans have been irresistibly attracted to the blinking of an LED. At first there was one LED and it was good, but eventually there were many working in unison and the matrix was formed. Badge hacking at the...Show More Summary

Pokemon Go was just updated but don’t worry, the ultimate hack still works

Pokemon Go might not be the crazy phenomenon it once was, but you would be surprised at how many people still play the game religiously. Actually, you might not be surprised since you probably still see people young and old running around trying to catch Pokemon on their smartphones. Show More Summary

Heathkit: Getting Closer This Time?

We’ve been following the Heathkit reboot for a while now, and it looks like the storied brand is finally getting a little closer to its glory days. I was thumbing through the new issue of QST magazine while I was listening in on a teleconference...Show More Summary

Red Dwarf’s Talkie Toaster Tests Tolerance

In the Red Dwarf TV series, Talkie Toaster wants to know if you want toast, and if not toast, then maybe a muffin or waffle, and it will pester you incessantly until you smash it with a 14lb lump hammer and throw it in a waste disposal. Show More Summary

You'll Need a Barrel of Soy Sauce For This Monstrous Sushi Roll

2 weeks agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

Always have a hard time deciding what you want in your futomaki roll when you’re out for sushi? With this monstrous roll created by chefs at the Sushi Chef Institute in Torrance, California, every bite will yield a different ingredient, satisfying your every last craving. Read more...

Making a 20-Pound, 25,000-Calorie Gummy Turkey For Thanksgiving Is Pure Genius

2 weeks agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

Visiting friends or family at Thanksgiving is the smartest way to deal with the holiday because you’re letting someone else go through the hassle of making a turkey. But the folks at Vat19 have an even better idea: make a 20-pound gummy turkey as part of an epic Thanksgiving candy spread. Read more...

Watch the first trailer for ‘The Walking Dead’ season 7 episode 6

Now that The Walking Dead episode 5 is past us, we might as well take a sneak peek at next week’s installment. As expected, AMC has posted both a new trailer for episode 706 — titled Swear — and a short clip that gives us an extra sneak peek. Show More Summary

Every new movie and TV show being added to Netflix in December

2016 is coming to a close, but not before Netflix bulks up its streaming catalog one last time. The company's focus on original content has occasionally come at the expense of worthwhile licensed movies and TV shows, but in December,...Show More Summary

Take a look at Apple’s new design book without spending $300

Apple last week impressed and shocked the world when it released a brand new product just weeks after unveiling the iPhone 7. For just $300, Apple fans can now get their hands on a new coffee table book that highlights a select history...Show More Summary

Tesla’s latest Autopilot demo shows us what a Model S ‘sees’ in real time

Tesla over the weekend released a pair of videos which demonstrate, in real time, what the company's Autopilot software 'sees' when it's driving without any driver involvement. While we often talk about self-driving cars and a future...Show More Summary

Microsoft is offering major discounts on Xbox One games and consoles for Black Friday

Whether you plan on picking up an Xbox One for the first time this holiday season or simply want to stock up on games for the Xbox One already sitting in your living room, now is the time to check the Xbox Store for incredible BlackShow More Summary

Portable Classroom Upgrade: Smaller, Cheaper, Faster

[Eric] at MkMe Lab has a dream: to build a cheap, portable system that provides the electronic infrastructure needed to educate kids anywhere in the world. He’s been working on the system for quite a while, and has recently managed to...Show More Summary

‘Fantastic Beasts’ meets TSA agent James Corden in hilarious security check parody

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is one of the most hotly anticipated movies of the year. It’s based on the same magical universe that we saw in Harry Potter, and it marks the triumphant return of J.K. Rowling's work to the silver screen. Show More Summary

12 new movie trailers you need to watch from this past week

If you thought last week’s trailers were awesome, then grab some popcorn. We have a few exciting clips for you, including the first full trailers for Beauty and the Beast and Ghost in the Shell, two highly anticipated titles. DON’T MISS:...Show More Summary

Steve Wozniak loves this super portable tripod, and so will you

Meet the most practical tripod ever. Thin enough to fit in your wallet, and extremely easy to assemble, this pocket tripod is the dynamic photographer’s greatest ally. Now, you can put in your pre-order for this handy invention for only...Show More Summary

This fool keeps risking his life jumping into water from terrifyingly tall buildings

You may not have heard of 8Booth, but you've likely seen some of his exploits floating around the web in recent months. You see, 8Booth has a pretty bad and dangerous habit of jumping into varied bodies of water from heights that would make even the most seasoned of roller coaster riders squeamish. Show More Summary

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