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Here’s what talk show hosts had to say about Trump’s insane press conference

As chaos engulfed Charlottesville, Virginia on Saturday, President Donald Trump delivered a short message condemning violence "on many sides." The media, the public and politicians on both sides of the aisle called out the presidentShow More Summary

Alexa In A Bunny Rabbit

The Raspberry Pi is the perfect candidate for Google’s AIY where you can talk to a cardboard box with some electronics in it. [BuddyCasino] took on the challenge of squeezing an Alexa Client in an ESP32 and to make things interesting,...Show More Summary

Watch a Galaxy S5 fall 1,000 feet from a plane and land safely

I've managed to shatter the display on my iPhone 6 twice in the past year after miraculously having never cracked a phone screen before in my life. I dropped it from my pocket on the sidewalk the first time, and the second time it fell off of a nightstand. Show More Summary

You Probably Don’t Want To Find This Toilet In Your Washroom

Ok, this one is a bit bizarre, but in perfect keeping with the subject matter: a talking toilet ripped from the pages of the Captain Underpants children’s books. user [ hamblin.joe ]’s county fair has a toilet decoratingShow More Summary

A gas model made of magnets

Magnets are great stuff and everyone loves them, there are so many things you can do with them, including creating a model of the crystalline structure of solids, just as [Cody´sLab] did using a bunch of magnets inside a pair of plexiglass...Show More Summary

Pouring 1200° Tea: Foundry in a Fire Extinguisher

Let’s face it — the design of most home foundries leaves something to be desired. Most foundries are great at melting metal, but when it comes to pouring the melt, awkward handling can easily lead to horrific results. That’s why we appreciate...Show More Summary

Wideband Woes and the Junkbox Miata

As ever, I am fighting a marginally winning battle against my 1991 Mazda MX-5, and this is the story of how I came to install a wideband oxygen sensor in my Japanese thoroughbred. It came about as part of my ongoing project to buildShow More Summary

Swedish Rocket Knives

There are trends in YouTube videos among various video producers. A few weeks ago, it was all about fidget spinners until some niche tech blog ran that meme into the ground. Before that, the theme was red-hot knives cutting through stuff. Show More Summary

Print A Flexible Keypad

[Micah Elizabeth Scott] needed a custom USB keyboard that wrapped around a post. She couldn’t find exactly what she wanted so she designed and printed it using flexible Nijaflex filament. You can see the design process and the result in the video below. The electronics rely on a Teensy, which can emulate a USB keyboard easily. Show More Summary

Watch Stephen Colbert grill Anthony Scaramucci following Trump’s Charlottesville remarks

Anthony Scaramucci will probably be remembered for years to come for his extremely short stint at Trump’s White House. The former financier was the White House Communications Director for just 10 days, but he certainly made an impression...Show More Summary

Building A Motorized Barrel Boat

[Rinoa Super-Genius] shows us in a video how to build a crude motorized barrel boat using only a few parts, including pontoons for extra buoyancy and stabilisation. Building a barrel boat is simple. All you really need is a plastic barrel, scrap wood, PVC pipe with end caps, a battery, and a trolling motor. Show More Summary

Watch the entire first episode of Disney’s ‘DuckTales’ reboot free right here

Nearly 27 years ago, Disney's animated TV series DuckTales aired its final episode. 25 years later, Disney XD announced that it would be reviving the series for a new generation. Today, the first episode of that rebooted series was posted...Show More Summary

This is what Tesla’s Autopilot feature looks like on the Model 3

Proving all the naysayers wrong, Tesla last month began delivering the Model 3 to early reservation holders. Though initial deliveries were made to only 30 people, the larger takeaway is that Tesla managed to meet its production schedule on time, a welcome change given the numerous delays that plagued both the Model S and the Model X. Show More Summary

Smart Speed Bumps Slow Only Speeding Cars

Like it or not speed bumps are an essential part of our road infrastructure especially in built-up places like near schools [Business Insider UK] reports non-Newtonian liquid filled speed bumps are being tested in Spain, Israel and Germany. Traditional speed bumps do have their drawbacks; damage to the underside of low vehicles is common. Show More Summary

Maker Update: Bobbleheads & Burrs

Pivot blade allows easy burr removal from iron pipe, copper and PVC tubing

Of course Samsung just fired shots at Apple in its new Galaxy Note 8 teaser

In the immediate wake of the fiasco that was the explosion-prone Galaxy Note 7, a number of pundits thought that Samsung would never be able to recover from what was arguably the biggest PR nightmare in tech history. Samsung, though, managed to do that. Show More Summary

Watch today’s SpaceX launch live right here at 12:30 PM

SpaceX might have some seriously grand plans for the near future of its rocket program, but until the "world's most powerful rocket" is ready to head skyward, it's business as usual at the commercial spaceflight firm. Today, SpaceX will...Show More Summary

Building An Ultralight Out Of Foam In A Basement

[Peter Sripol] is something of a legend in the DIY RC aircraft crowd. He’s friends with Flite Test, and there he built an enormous RC cargo plane that could easily carry a small child aloft. Now, [Peter] is aiming a bit higher. He’s building an ultralight — a manned ultralight — in his basement. Show More Summary

Golden Girls Dorbz Figures

The ’80s and ’90s brought us some of the most watched and funniest sitcoms of all time. After producers like Norman Lear broke ground in the ’70s, characters could be more realistic, with human flaws, and…

We’ve never seen anything like this latest iPhone 8 leak

Apple leaks have become shockingly predictable over the past few years. First, bits and pieces start to trickle out as inside sources chat with people who work for Apple suppliers. Based on the types of components Apple orders from these suppliers, various things can be inferred about next-generation iPhones. Show More Summary

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