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Flappy Bird on an… E-Cigarette?

Okay, now we’ve seen it all. Someone put the effort in to port Flappy Bird… to run on an e-cigarette. An eVic-VTC Mini to be precise. So now, between puffs, you can play one of the most frustrating games ever. In fact, he’s also gone...Show More Summary

10 ‘Star Wars’ mysteries we won’t know the answer to for months or even years

Despite the impossibly high expectations from fans who had been waiting years for it, Star Wars: The Force Awakens managed to capture the imagination of the filmgoing public, quickly becoming one of the highest grossing movies ever. That said, it wasn't quite as straightforward or cohesive as A New Hope, it's primary inspiration. Show More Summary

Crazy video: Service technician goes on a joyride and snorts coke in a customer’s car

Have you ever taken your car in for servicing and found something amiss with it afterward? Even if you have, you've hopefully experienced nothing like what one Audi owner went through when he found traces of a mysterious white powder found in the seams of his car's seats after picking it up from the Audi Palo Alto servicing center. Show More Summary

Crowdfunding new Commodore 64s, desktop and handheld The 64 is a crowdfunded rebuild of the classic Commodore 64, to ship with an as-yet-unannounced collection of games and software from the beloved gaming platform. (more…)

Measuring Parts for Accurate Reverse Engineering

Like most hackers, I’ve run into a part that looks like it might do what I want, but the only documentation came from a company so thoroughly defunct their corporate office is now a nail salon and a Subway. So, as any hacker who’s wandered through a discount store with a spare twenty, at one point I bought a Chinese caliper. Show More Summary

Poor Man’s Time Domain Reflectometer

A time domain reflectometer, or TDR, is an essential piece of test gear when working on long cables. The idea is simple: send a pulse down the cable and listen for the reflection from the far end. The catch is that pesky universal constant,...Show More Summary

The Toyota uBox Is What Generation Z Will Be Driving In 2020

Young kids want to drive a Johnny Cab. That’s what students at South Carolina’s Clemson University, working with Toyota, has decided — and thus was born the uBox concept, which looks like a soft-roader SUV ate an urban assault vehicle. Show More Summary

The latest Super Mario Bros. world record run shouldn’t have been possible

There's a reasonable chance that no one will ever beat the new world record run of Super Mario Bros. This week, a speedrunner who goes by the name Darbian managed to finish an "any percent" run of the NES classic in 4:57.260. SEE MORE: iOS...Show More Summary

Neuropsychologist Has a Secret Life as a Bullwhip-Cracking Stuntwoman 

2 weeks agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

Indiana Jones proved just how useful a good bullwhip can be, both as a tool and as a weapon, but people are still surprised when neuropsychologist Jessica Cail tells them that one of her favorite hobbies is practicing whip-cracking. She talks about this peculiar sideline in the latest installment of the NOVA video series, Secret Life of Scientists. Read more...

Recent Tesla hire might have spoiled one of the Model 3’s biggest surprises

BGR has learned that Tesla recently hired Milan Kovac, the former principal engineer over at Skully Systems. In case you're unfamiliar, Skully is the company behind a futuristic motorcycle helmet with a built-in heads up display (HUD). Show More Summary

This is what ‘Batman v Superman’ looked like before they added special effects

Although the critical reaction to Batman v Superman has been largely negative (still hasn't cracked 30% on Rotten Tomatoes), plenty of filmgoers and reviewers alike had positive things to say about the look of the film. DON'T MISS: Now...Show More Summary

Use This Website to Make Obama Say Anything You Want

2 weeks agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

Have you ever wondered how those clever YouTubers get Obama to sing and rap entire songs? They usually spend countless hours carefully splicing together individual words taken from footage of the president, but you can now do the same thing in just seconds with a new website called Talk Obama To Me. Read more...

Minions Turn Your Keyboard into a Bluetooth Keyboard

Evil geniuses usually have the help of some anonymous henchmen or other accomplices, but for the rest of us these resources are usually out of reach. [Evan], on the other hand, is on his way to a helpful army of minions that will doShow More Summary

UC Davis Tried Really, Really Hard to Erase That 2011 Pepper Spray Incident From the Internet

2 weeks agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

Remember the November 2011 pepper-spray incident at UC Davis? After video footage of a campus police officer casually blanketing Occupy Wall Street student protestors with pepper-spray went viral, the episode prompted mass outrage, sparked conversations about the militarization of police, and launched a thousand memes. Read more...

Hoverboards are here – If You’re Crazy Enough to Try

A new video has been stirring questions on the internet this week. It shows a test of the Flyboard Air, a device that is somewhere between a Back to the Future Hoverboard and Green Goblin’s glider. The video depicts pilot [Frank Zapata] taking off, flying around, and landing an a platform not much larger than a milk crate. Show More Summary

Yep, some guy really installed Flappy Bird on an e-cigarette

I haven't thought about Flappy Bird for a long time, and with good reason. It just wasn't that great of a game despite the fact that the Internet became briefly obsessed with it more than two years ago. That said, I do appreciate games that are so simple that you can port them to just about anything... Show More Summary

Flappy Bird Gets Ported Onto A Box Mod Vape

Many of you guys have probably heard of Flappy Bird, the infamous Mario-themed game for mobile devices that caused quite a stir a couple of years ago. While the game’s popularity has died down considerably, it seems that there are still...Show More Summary

Forget Mentos, this is what happens when you mix salt and Coke

We all know the viral videos showing Coke having an adverse reaction to Mentos. But what happens when you mix Coca-Cola and kitchen salt? One guy set out to find out, and the results are incredible. DON’T MISS: Samsung flash drives start...Show More Summary

Update your iPhone now or a new Wi-Fi bug could brick your phone

Looking for a good reason to update to the latest version of iOS? Over at Krebs on Security this week, Brian Krebs has reported that two security researchers have found a new way to automatically brick a stranger's iPhone by forcingShow More Summary

Watch Jimmy Fallon and Amy Schumer explain embarrassing photos on their phones

There are few talk show guests more entertaining than Amy Schumer. Her sketch show and her movie and her SNL appearances have all been stellar, but she really seems to thrive on a couch with Ellen, Kimmel, or in this case, Jimmy Fallon. DON'T...Show More Summary

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