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Comfort Thermometer With Impressive LED Display

A frequent early project for someone learning to use a microcontroller such as an Arduino board involves hooking up a temperature sensor and an LCD display to make a digital thermometer. Not many components are involved, but it provides...Show More Summary

How the Nintendo Zapper Light Gun Actually Works

2 weeks agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

It’s an age-old question: what exactly was going on when you laid waste to cartoon ducks with the Nintendo Zapper? The 8-Bit Guy is here to exhaustively explain exactly how this beautiful little accessory worked its magic. Read more...

Video shows what happens when an iPhone meets molten aluminum

Whenever Apple releases a new iPhone, folks with money to burn waste no time subjecting Apple's next-gen device to any number of drop tests and torture tests. If you're at all curious about whether or not your new iPhone can withstand...Show More Summary

Hacked CCFL Inverter becomes an Arc Lighter

[GreatScott!] needs to light off fireworks with an arc rather than a flame, because “fireworks and plasma” is cooler than fireworks and no plasma. To that end, he attempted to reverse engineer an arc lighter, but an epoxy potted high-voltage...Show More Summary

Finnish Man Crushes Toilet Paper Into World's Shittiest Skateboard

2 weeks agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

GIF via YouTube If you want to make a skateboard on the cheap, all you need is 20 rolls of toilet paper and a hydraulic press. A word of warning though, it probably won’t be very good. Read more...

Everything that sucked about 2016 summed up in one amazing horror movie trailer

All you seem to be able to read on social media lately is "2016 this" and "2016 that," but how bad were the last 12 months really? This fake horror movie trailer by Friend Dog Studios attempts to answer that question, and as it turns...Show More Summary

Airline pilot arrested after trying to fly drunk

Airline pilots regularly carry the lives of dozens or even hundreds of people in their hands, so it's probably a good idea that they stay sober while performing their duties. One pilot in Indonesia obviously didn't feel that his jobShow More Summary

Fully 3D Printed Snow Blower

For anyone living in cooler climates, the annual onslaught of snow means many hours shoveling driveways and sidewalks. After a light snow, shoveling might seem a waste of time, while a snow blower would be overkill. If only there were...Show More Summary

Watch parents panic as a kid’s adorable Alexa request returns graphic pornography

Amazon's Alexa will always do its best to make out what you're trying to tell it, but when it comes to the adorable mumble of a youngster just getting a grasp on the spoken word, sometimes its algorithm comes up a bit short. A YouTube...Show More Summary

You Don't Need a Hill When There's a Jet Engine Strapped to Your Snowboard

2 weeks agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

Adding to the near-infinite list of things you saw on the internet that you really shouldn’t try at home, YouTube’s the Hacksmith strapped a couple of jet turbine engines to the back of a snowboard and hit his Canadian snow-covered streets because when you’ve got a jet-powered snowboard, you don’t need a mountain. Read more...

There’s a crazy new iPhone bug that can crash your iMessage app for good

Every once in a while, someone finds a way to crash an iPhone by sending a specific type of iMessage or text message to unsuspecting victims. These malicious messages could crash the app, or even crash the iPhone. Usually, there are fixes for such issues... Show More Summary

Sansa MP3 Player Runs Doom Unplayably

DOOM, is there anything it won’t run on? Yes. Your front lawn cannot currently play DOOM. Pretty much everything else can though. It’s a testament to the game’s impact on society that it gets ported to virtually every platform with buttons and a graphical screen. This video shows a Sansa Clip playing DOOM, but it’s only just barely recognizable. Show More Summary

New footage shows the underwater world hidden beneath Antarctica

What mysteries lie beneath Antarctica's ice shelves? The scientists at the Australian Antarctic Division recently dove beneath the surface of the ice in East Antarctica to give themselves — and the rest of the world — a closer look at the fascinating world hidden in the frigid depths below sea level. Show More Summary

Netflix helps parents trick kids into going to bed early on New Year’s Eve

Trying to convince a kid to go to bed before midnight on New Year's Eve is like pulling teeth, but thanks to Netflix, you don't have to do it alone. Continuing a tradition that began last year, the streaming service this week released...Show More Summary

This ridiculous clock has shape-shifting 3D digits

You might think that by this point in humanity's existence we've exhausted every possible style, configuration, and design of the modern clock, but you'd be dead wrong. Leave it to the Swiss to invent one of the most interesting — and insanely expensive — timekeeping concepts ever imagined. Show More Summary

Every PS4, PS3 and PS Vita game you can download for free in January

With just a couple of days left until 2016 is (mercifully) over, Sony has announced the selection of free PS4, PS3 and PS Vita games that will be available for PlayStation Plus subscribers in January. If you want to download any of the...Show More Summary

Incredible robot defies gravity to clean your windows

Okay, we are seriously living in the future right now. The Roomba was a huge advancement in home cleaning technology, allowing people to sit back and relax while a small robot vacuum cleaner navigates its way around their homes, picking up dirt and debris in the process. Show More Summary

‘Pokemon Go’ for Apple Watch should have been cancelled, because it sucks

Niantic first showed off Pokemon Go for Apple Watch back in September at Apple's iPhone 7 debut event. The game is a natural fit for the wearable because both Pokemon Go and the Apple Watch have big fitness components and encourage you to get out of your house and do something other than each nachos. Show More Summary

Parts Bin Bonanza Leads to Arduino FM Radio

Trolling eBay for parts can be bad for your wallet and your parts bin. Yes, it’s nice to be well stocked, but eventually you get to critical mass and things start to take on a life of their own. This unconventional Arduino-based FM receiver...Show More Summary

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