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LG’s new OLED TVs are the future of television

Since the world of TVs went to flat panels there has been a hunt for the next technology that people will want to adopt.

Wanna play PlayStation games but don't have a console? Samsung's got a TV for that

2015 models to include built-in support for PlayStation Now Buyers of select Samsung Smart TVs in the first half of 2015 will be able to play Sony PlayStation games without buying a separate console.…

Tesla flaunts sleek model body and fab batt at Roadster fans

More power + less drag = 400-mile range between charges Elon Musk's Earth-bound transport company has upgraded its two-seater Roadster sports car design with a better battery – and a new body that will increase the range of the flash motors by up to 50 per cent, apparently.…

Kim Dotcom: How I saved Christmas for Xbox Live gamers

But nothing can fix Sony's COMPLETELY TITSUP PlayStation Network A string of denial-of-service attacks that took down Xbox Live and Sony's PlayStation Network on Christmas Day appear to have stopped – and New Zealand-based file-sharing baron Kim Dotcom says the ceasefire is all thanks to him.…

GIGABYTE GA-J1800N-D2H Review: Dual Core Bay Trail-D at $69

15 hours agoTechnology / Hardware : AnandTech

Our recent review of the HP Stream 11 by Brett Howse, featuring a dual core Bay Trail-M, made me wonder about the utility of such a desktop system based on Bay Trail-D. Despite testing the J1800N-D2H earlier in the year but not writing...Show More Summary

'I've got a brick feeling about this' - El Reg's guide to the best Lego films + TV

Ditch the Christmas Radio Times, surf this lot Using toys to re-enact beloved movies is pretty much one of every nerdy kid's favorite playtime activities and Lego makes this easy, by providing minifigs of many of celluloid's leading characters. It's safe to say I had far more fun with my Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Lego down the pub than I did watching Michael Bay's film.…

LG Flow punches Sonos right in its portable battery speaker hole

Also: Bonky play tech for seamless cans handoff Aiming to compete more strongly with Sonos, LG Electronics is updating its streaming Wi-Fi loudspeaker/music-player product line with something that Sonos users have (so far fruitlessly) requested; a portable, battery-powered job.…

How to capture and stream video from a PS4

With a little bit of effort, anyone can stream and capture console video without an elaborate or expensive set-up.

Reg man confesses: I took my wife out to choose a laptop for Xmas. NOOOO

It may be a lovely orange but a Chromebook is NOT a PC We love our gadgets and phones and suchlike. Gadgets can also make great gifts, so long as you get the "right one".…

Ghosts of Christmas Past: The long-ago geek gifts that made us what we are

ZX computers, Meccano and more Product Roundup  It's fairly well accepted that events and things from our past help to make us the twisted, misanthropic people we are today. Or perhaps that's just Team Register. It being the season of...Show More Summary

SEXY GOLD FireFOXY LADY hits Japan in transparent kimono today

Sunroof phone in curious big-market debut Japan's Au mobile network has launched a transparent-cased Firefox OS phone, in an unusual move for the free software community into an already well-established market.…

The past, present, and future potential of NASA’s nuclear space rocket program

Shortly after Apollo 11, Wernher von Braun, one of the fathers of rocket science, proposed that we develop a reusable Nuclear Thermal Propulsion (NTP) rocket to colonize the Moon. Today, NASA engineers are still struggling to pick up where he left off. Show More Summary

Retinal jiggles: Why your eyes and brain strongly prefer games at 60 fps

When it comes to gaming, higher frame rates are often perceived as better, even if it's not always clear why. New theoretical work from a member of Microsoft's Xbox team explores how certain elements of the human retina may tie in to the reason why 30 FPS isn't fast enough for smooth gaming.

SilverStone Raven RV05 Case Review

Today we are having a look at the Raven RV05, an atypical Midi-ATX case from SilverStone with a rotated motherboard tray and a unique visual appearance. It is the fifth and by far the smallest version of the Raven series cases, with SilverStone boasting that it is "a glimpse into the future of enthusiast PC cases". Show More Summary

Samsung/NVIDIA Case Progresses: US ITC Begins NVIDIA Investigation

The legal battle between Samsung and NVIDIA over GPU licensing has turned another page this week, with the announcement from the United States International Trade Commission that it is opening an investigation into NVIDIA and their partners based on complaints filed by Samsung. Show More Summary

Xiaomi: It really ISN'T a biz-miracle idiot tax like Apple

Chinese customers won't pay Cupertino's 50 per cent markup Worstall on Wednesday  The lads over at Business Insider seem to be getting a little over-excited about Xiaomi's latest fund raising exercise, claiming in their headline that it's the Apple of China. Show More Summary

Qbert: The Escher-inspired platform puzzler from 1982

You had to be elegant then, there was no brute force option Antique Code Show  Given the choice, which 80s videogame star would you choose to have a friendly seasonal pint and chin-wag with? Pacman’s obviously got a personality defect, Mario’s breath probably stinks, and that bloke from Jet Set Willy is no doubt a pervert. Show More Summary

Microsoft, Apple withdraw from Android patent trolling: Is the patent war drawing to a close?

After years of relentless litigation, it seems the mobile/smartphone patent war might be drawing to a close. Rockstar, a patent trolling company owned by Apple, Microsoft, Sony, Ericsson, and BlackBerry, has agreed to cancel the lawsuits it had filed against Google and most Android device makers. Show More Summary

Grab a SLIM MODEL for Xmas cheer: Sony Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact

Sony's new small slab pulls Nexus 9’s hair and steals its lunch money Review  With small tablets getting bigger it came as quite a surprise to me when one of the main Android tablet wallah’s newest devices turned out to also be its smallest. Prior to the launch of the 8-inch Z3 Tablet Compact (sic) Sony’s smallest fondleslab packed a 9.4-inch screen.…

Pond, rocks or quicksand in your 1km garden? Get a rugged DECT phone

Help! Muriel! Wolves are overhauling the ride-on! BT has launched a new cordless phone, named Elements, designed for challenging environments - notably your garden or a forecourt of some kind - and incorporating a range of 1km, or 0.625 of a mile, if you prefer.…

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