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Be Quiet! Introduces New Flagship Silent Base 900 Chassis

Be Quiet! has introduced its new flagship PC chassis, which combines the company’s expertise in building quiet PC components with extensive modularity and customization features. The be quiet! Dark Base 900-series PC cases will feature...Show More Summary

Samsung Announces The Galaxy C5 and C7 For China

Today Samsung announced two new smartphones that are coming to the Chinese market. They're called the Galaxy C5 and Galaxy C7, and they kick off a new line of Samsung smartphones targeting the upper-mid segment of the smartphone market. Show More Summary

Cryorig Unveils Mac Pro-Like PC Case for Gaming PCs, Ultra-Slim Desktop Chassis

Cryorig has announced its new cylindrical PC chassis, which enables system makers and enthusiasts to build Mac Pro-styled gaming computers. The new case can house one graphics card and a mini-ITX motherboard. While the chassis can formally support a variety of components, actual capabilities of such PCs will be limited by PSUs and cooling. Show More Summary

Google reportedly working on bringing Android to the Raspberry Pi 3

Google may bring Android to the Raspberry Pi 3, vastly expanding the range and capability of the diminutive device. The latest version of the RBP is significantly more powerful than earlier products -- within range of a lower-end smartphone.

NASA fails to inflate expandable BEAM module on ISS

NASA's first attempt to deploy its new expandable ISS module didn't go well.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 – A Quality Tablet

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 – A Quality Tablet While some people consider the iPad to be the only premium tablet, Samsung is giving Apple plenty of competition in the high-end tablet arena. With the Galaxy Tab S2, Samsung has developed a fast,...Show More Summary

Zalman Goes RGB With ZM-K900M Mechanical Keyboard

Zalman added an RGB keyboard, the ZM-K900M, to its gaming peripherals lineup.

Sloclap's Debut Game Is 'Absolver,' A Melee-Based Online Title

Sloclap's first game will have you use various melee and magic attacks to fight the forces of evil and rise through the "Absolver" ranks.

ACLU Joins Microsoft’s Lawsuit Against U.S. Government Over Data Request Gag Orders

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) joined Microsoft's lawsuit to put an end to unconstitutional gag orders for user data requests.

The United States nuclear system still runs (in part) on eight-inch floppy disks

The government's critical nuclear missile defense systems still rely on ancient 1970s-era technology -- but that's not as crazy as it might seem at first glance, even if it's long-since time to update the underlying hardware.

DDR4 Overclock Pushed To 5 GHz With 4266 MHz G.Skill Kit

G.Skill announced that an enthusiast overclock has succeeded in pushing the company’s DDR4 memory to 5 GHz.

Nvidia VRWorks SDK Gets Pascal SMP

Nvidia released a VRWorks SDK that features support for two new features based on the Simultaneous Multi-Projection (SMP) engine. Developers can now start implementing Lens Matched Shading and Single Pass Stereo in their VR applications.

More Social VR With vTime's 360 Gallery

vTime, a virtual reality “sociable” network that lets you chat with friends in virtual environments, has been updated with some new features. You can now share your photos with friends in VR, and 360-degree shots become your environment.

Can more, better tech vault 2016 Mazda CX-9 ahead of Toyota Highlander and Honda Pilot?

Mazda crossovers have always been fun to drive. The new CX-9 begs to compete with Pilot and Highlander with new levels of technology and better NVH.

AMD FirePro S7100X Is An MuGPU For Blade Servers

AMD revealed its latest multi-user GPU (MuGPU), the FirePro S7100X. This new graphics card is designed for use in blade servers, and it’s making its debut in Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s ProLiant WS460c Gen9 Graphics Server Blades.

Judge Throws Out Evidence After FBI Refuses To Reveal Tor Vulnerability

A judge canceled a warrant and evidence that the FBI obtained through obscure hacking methods in a child pornography case.

'Deus Ex: Mankind Divided' Trailer Shows Conflict Between 'Augs' And 'Naturals'

While you wait for the release of "Deus Ex: Mankind Divided," catch up on the rising conflict between humanity's augmented citizens and those who call themselves "Naturals."

Thermaltake Adds Hard Tubing Options To 'Pacific' Water Cooling Kits

Thermaltake announced two additions to its “Pacific” lineup of complete water cooling kits. The company previously had five options to choose from, but all of the kits included classic soft tubing. Thermaltake’s latest offerings include PETG hard tubing.

On technology-assisted longevity, or: The singularity will not be televised

Modern medicine is formidable in many areas -- but can it take on aging or bring on the singularity?

Unity, Unreal Engine Plugins Coming To WorldViz 'Warehouse-Scale' Tracking System

WorldViz announced that it will be releasing plugins that add support for its “warehouse-scale” tracking system to Unity and Unreal, which will allow consumer-grade HMDs to integrate with the system.

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