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Sony may announce two new PS4 consoles, new slim design leaks on auction site

It looks like Sony is building a new PS4 Slim to replace its current PlayStation 4, while simultaneously launching the new, upgraded, PS4 Neo. Will consumers bite on both platforms, or will they flock mostly to the new high-end hardware?

'SWEET32' 64-Bit Cipher Attack: Legacy Crypto Causing More Troubles For TLS Encryption

Two security researchers from the French Institute for Research in Computer Science and Automation showed that practical collision attacks are now possible against 64-bit ciphers and recommended that everyone starts supporting the AES 128-bit cipher.

Pow! Right in the Jawbone: Fitbit cleared in tech ripoff legal ordeal

Judge knocks out claims it stole competitor's trade secret An effort to ban health-tracking Fitbit gadgets in the United States has fallen apart, with a final decision against competitor Jawbone.…

Why you should ask for a Chevy next time you rent a car: You’ll get the core tech you want

Chevrolet doesn't sell its stripped-down entry trim lines into the rental fleets. The upshot: If the rear badge says Chevrolet, you've got Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Launches Immersive 360-Degree eSports Replay Platform, Open Beta Available Now launched a platform that will let you view your favorite eSports matches in immersive 360-degree video.

Samsung aims to conquer the memory market with HBM3

Samsung wants to push HBM3 to the high end of the market and adapt the technology to serve lower-cost segments more effectively. Combined, the two approaches could revolutionize memory bandwidth in the next few years.

I Never Want To Be Near A Nosulus Rift Again

The Nosulus Rift is real, and it's the first time that I wished for less truth in advertising.

Complete Your Build With Thermaltake RGB Liquid Cooling Fittings

Thermaltake helps you light up your hard PETG liquid cooling tubes with its new RGB G1/4" fittings.

Nvidia Announces August 2016 GRID Software Release

The new version features improved monitoring and management features

'Ashes Of Ariandel' Expansion For 'Dark Souls III' Arrives October 25

The first of two planned expansions for "Dark Souls III" will have new weapons, armor and magic.

Sony bringing PlayStation Now game streaming, wireless Dual Shock 4 controllers to PC

Sony announced that it will bring its PlayStation Now gaming service to the PC -- along with wireless support for Dual Shock 4 controllers.

A state of Zen: AMD unveils new architectural details on its latest CPU core

AMD has unveiled the majority of the Zen CPU architecture -- can this core finally deliver the performance that the company desperately needs?

'Planet Coaster:' A Theme Park Simulator With Infinite Possibilities

Planet coaster takes a modern approach to a theme park simulator, promising more creative freedom than ever before.

NVIDIA Announces Paragon Game Bundle For GeForce Video Cards

As game releases ramp up and GPU manufacturers build market interest approaching the fall season, bundles seem to be popping up like daisies. The latest to join the fray is NVIDIA’s Paragon Game Ready Pack. Paragon is the latest game out of Epic games. Show More Summary

Huawei's pricey new Honor goes upmarket. Bold move when prices are sliding

Refurbs will cause handset vendors pain Analysis  Last year Huawei launched its Honor smartphone into Western markets: a cheap and cheerful way to showcase its advantages. Over in China, the Honor was about yoof, but over here, Huawei...Show More Summary

NASA has found the lost STEREO-B spacecraft after two years

After two years lost in space, NASA has spotted the STEREO-B probe. Getting it back online might take some time, though.

AMD Bundles Together Deus Ex: Mankind Divided and AMD FX CPUs

Buying new hardware is almost always exciting, and purchases are even sweeter when they come with included gifts. In spirit of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided receiving DX12 support in the coming weeks AMD is bundling the game with select AMD FX CPU’s through participating retailers. The Deus Ex series has been well revered since its inception. Show More Summary

World of Tanks update 9.15 : Graphics engine upgraded to CoreEngine 3.0 – major performance improvements

World of Tanks has been updated to version 9.15, which brings major performance improvements with the move to the CoreEngine 3.0 3D engine. I’ve retested the Dell Inspiron 7559 with […] The post World of Tanks update 9.15 : Graphics engine upgraded to CoreEngine 3.0 – major performance improvements appeared first on Gaming Laptops Junky.

Google's robo-cars still struggle with stop lights, sunsets, junctions...

Give us self-driving processors that are twice as fast, says web giant Hot Chips  After cruising two million miles of public roads, Google's self-driving cars are still flummoxed by traffic lights, four-way junctions and other aspects of everyday life.…

AMD Zen Microarchiture Part 2: Extracting Instruction-Level Parallelism

18 hours agoTechnology / Hardware : AnandTech

Hot Chips is an annual conference that allows semiconductor companies to present their latest and greatest ideas or forthcoming products in an academic-style environment, and is predominantly aimed as the professional semiconductor engineer. Show More Summary

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