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The Apollo 11 moon landing, 45 years on: Looking back at mankind’s giant leap

On July 20, 1969 -- 45 years and one day ago -- Neil Armstrong became the first human to walk on the Moon. Buzz Aldrin would soon follow suit and climb down the ladder of the Apollo 11 Lunar Module (the Eagle), and the pair would then spend two and a half hours being the first ever humans to explore the surface of another world. Show More Summary

Xiaomi Launches the Mi 4

36 minutes agoTechnology / Hardware : AnandTech

Today, Xiaomi announces the next version of their flagship smartphone, the Mi 4. Much like the OnePlus One, this device is effectively a high end device at a mid-range price. For the most part, this device is very much like the OnePlus One, although there are some crucial differences. Show More Summary

Apple orders iPHONE 6 MOUNTAIN: Wants 80 MILLION huge 'Air' Jesus mobes

Incredibly hard, long bulges in fanboi pockets this year Apple has asked suppliers to churn out between 70 and 80 million units of the latest iPhone, which is expected to come in two different sizes and hit stores later this year.…

Experts gathered round corpse of PC market: It's ALIVE! Alive, we tell you

Give it another blast with the XP defibrillator! Clear! >BZZZT The XP replacement bonanza reviving the PC market isn't yet over, with estimates suggesting that one in five biz machines out in the wilds is still running the thirteen year-old OS, an HP exec has told The Channel.…

Samsung looks to up Tizen market share ... by upgrading Galaxy Gear

Android-powered smartwatches get Tizen makeover in US Owners of the original, Android-powered Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch in the US will soon have the option to switch their devices to the Tizen operating system, a change which might, counterintuitively perhaps, actually be a good idea.…

ET deals: $320 off Lenovo Y40 Core i7 laptop with R9 M275 graphics

The Y40 packs a powerhouse combination of a Core i7-4510U processor and 2GB AMD Radeon R9 M275 GPU, which provide plenty of power to keep your frame rates up with current games. This laptop also sports a 1080p anti-glare display, and...Show More Summary

Handheld device allows anyone to instantly test drinks for date rape drugs

Date rape drugs are shockingly commonplace in nightclubs, college campuses, and private parties across the world. To help solve this problem, a small team from Toronto, Ontario is crowdfunding the -- the "personal drink ID." With a device the size of a thumb drive, anyone can test to see if a drink has been tampered with.

PROOF that the Apple iPhone 6 rumor mill hype-gasm has reached its logical conclusion

A mobe that lights up? My God As Apple typically reveals a new iPhone around about this time of the year, speculation on a refreshed smartphone is rife. Today, the rumor mill hit a new low – or high depending on your point of view.…

Air Force One finally upgrades its 1980s Reagan-era phone system

Air Force One -- the US President's flying fortress -- which has been using the same clunky handsets since the Reagan administration in the '80s, has finally received some slick new phones that are much more in keeping with Obama's 21st century aesthetic. Show More Summary

Cheer up, Nokia fans. It can start making mobes again in 18 months

The real winner of the Nokia sale is drumroll... Nokia Analysis  When Microsoft swallowed half of Europe's biggest tech company, it was only a matter of time before it spat something out. And so it has, ending Nokia's thirty-year roller-coaster ride.…

Samsung Begins Tizen Rollout for Original Galaxy Gear in the US

18 hours agoTechnology / Hardware : AnandTech

Samsung's original Galaxy Gear was one of the first in an initial wave of Android smartwatches. It ran Android at a time where a smartwatch was not a form factor that Google had anticipated for their operating system. Because of issues...Show More Summary

Pyrrhic victory: Intel forces its way into mobile, but might destroy itself in the process

Intel is determined to shove itself into the mobile market, but it may be doing so in a way that destroys its own chance of ever earning a profit.

Seagate starts shipping 8TB hard drives, with 10TB and HAMR on the horizon

Seagate, after hinting in May that it would release 8TB and 10TB hard drives in the next 12 months, has started delivering early samples of its 8TB hard drive to "major customers" (i.e. enterprise customers). Curiously, while Western...Show More Summary

FONDLEMANIA: Mobile devices outstrip PCs on China's internet

Chinese folk let their fingers do the browsing Mobile devices have edged past PCs when it comes to Chinese online browsing, an official government agency in the People's Republic said on Monday.…

6 TB NAS Drives: WD Red, Seagate Enterprise Capacity and HGST Ultrastar He6 Face-Off

20 hours agoTechnology / Hardware : AnandTech

Western Digital launched the first NAS-specific 6 TB drive today. In expanding their Red portfolio, they have brought 6 TB drives suitable for 24x7 operation into the hands of home consumers. Some enterprise-specific 6 TB drives have been around since late last year. Show More Summary

Western Digital Updates Red NAS Drive Lineup with 6 TB and Pro Versions

23 hours agoTechnology / Hardware : AnandTech

Back in July 2012, Western Digital began the trend of hard drive manufacturers bringing out dedicated units for the burgeoning NAS market with the 3.5" Red hard drive lineup. They specifically catered to units having 1-5 bays. The firmware was tuned for 24x7 operation in SOHO and consumer NAS units. Show More Summary

So, now whither Microsoft? If Nadella knows, he's keeping it well hidden

A lot of cuts, but nothing's actually gone Analysis  After Microsoft’s biggest bloodbath, we’re not much wiser about what Microsoft will look like in five years' time. Steve Ballmer turned the focus from PCs to Microsoft devices and services: manufacturing its own devices, and promoting its own services regardless of the platform. Show More Summary

Banning handheld phone use by drivers had NO effect on accident rate - study

Some new ban obviously in order. Radios? Children? Recent legislation banning the use of handheld phones by drivers had basically no effect on the number of road accidents, according to a new study.…

Manual Camera Controls and RAW in Android L

For those that have followed the state of camera software in AOSP and Google Camera in general, it’s been quite clear that this portion of the experience has been a major stumbling block for Android. Third party camera applications are almost always worse for options and camera experience than first party ones. Show More Summary

Verizon caught throttling Netflix traffic even after its pays for more bandwidth

Verizon and Netflix have been arguing over whose fault it is that Netflix's performance is so terrible -- and the evidence is all pointing in the same direction.

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