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AMD Restructuring: What You Need To Know

In an official statement to Tom’s Hardware, AMD clarified the details of its restructuring goals, which included the development of several new key positions and teams, a new focus on enterprise and a 5 percent reduction to the company's workforce.

$0.55 per watt from SolarCity’s record-breaking new solar panel

A new solar panel technology from SolarCity is the most efficient rooftop solar ever released. Can it finally push solar to mass adoption?

iPhone 6s Plus: Will it bend?

If my inbox is anything to go by, there's one question about the new iPhone 6s that Apple hasn't answered satisfactorily - does it bend? Also, can it survive five minutes in boiling water?

AC1200 USB Wi-Fi Adapter Round-Up

Routers get all attention when it comes to Wi-Fi networking, but picking the right adapter is just as important. Today we test four 802.11ac USB adapters.

Microsoft gobbles Intel's Havok 3D physics unit in cloud gaming play

Don't worry, though – it still plans to play well with others Microsoft has inked a deal with Intel to buy Havok, makers of a top physics engine for 3D gaming, for an undisclosed sum.…

Micron Gains SSD Controller Technology Through Tidal Systems Aquisition

Micron gains NVMe and SATA NAND flash processors with advanced LDPC for TLC with the Tidal System Acquisition.

AMD Releases New PRO Mobile APUs: Carrizo up to A12-8800B

We touched upon this very briefly in our recent HP Elitebook news, but at the end of September AMD officially launched four new professional mobile APUs under the AMD PRO line. The PRO line is similar to the commercial line of APUs that...Show More Summary

Motorola ending promised Moto E Android updates after just 219 days

Motorola said the new Moto E would get updates unlike most other budget phones, but it has changed its tune just a few months later.

AMD's Head Of VR Marketing, Sasa Marinkovic, On The Present And Future Of VR

We were able to chat with AMD's head of VR marketing at an event at the Canadian Film Centre, where AMD was demoing the latest in VR tech.

Amazon will no longer sell Chromecast, Apple TV

Amazon is kicking Google's Chromecast and Apple's TV off its store shelves, citing customer confusion. Right.

EKWB Launches Redesigned Tops For Laing DDC Pump

EK Water Blocks revealed a new pump design based on the tried and true Laing DDC internal components. The new pump enclosure features increased hydraulic performance and is designed to act as a heatsink for the internals.

To calibrate its fusion device, NIST is bending quartz crystals

When NIST fuses hydrogen, it creates powerful x-ray signals. To read those signals, scientists have had to get creative.

China creates gene-edited ‘micropigs’ to satisfy an emerging fringe pet market

The Beijing genomics institute is now offering genetically-modified 'micropig' pets in a variety of different flavors to the discriminating swine enthusiast.

Motorola Unveils Which Smartphones Will Get Android 6.0

Motorola announced which phones will get the latest version of Android 6 (Marshmallow).

NASA releases stunning new photo of Pluto’s moon Charon

Pluto's moon Charon shows off its fascinating geological features in a new image from New Horizons.

Windows 10 Feature Focus: CompactOS

Microsoft took a serious look at how to save space from the operating system files with Windows 8.1 Update. What they came up with at the time was WIMBoot, which used the recovery partition’s compressed WIM image file as the basis for most of the system files needed by Windows. Show More Summary

Maximas USB Type-C Power Bank On Indiegogo For $69

Maximas announced another round of crowdfunding for its Xtron USB Type-C power bank on Indiegogo and is offering the massive 13400 mAh battery-charging device for a limited-time price of $69.

Microsoft Buys Havok From Intel

After eight years under Intel, Havok has a new owner in the form of Microsoft. The Windows company wants to use Havok not just for games, but for some of its other programs as well.

EU probes Samsung LCD efficiency claims as real-world testing show huge discrepancies

The EU is going to investigate Samsung and other TV manufacturers for allegedly lying on energy ratings.

Skreens Could Change The Way You Consume Digital Media

Skreens lets you consume all of your entertainment and media devices through one display, all at the same time. You can watch TV while you play a game, watch multiple football games on a Sunday afternoon, or use two consoles at once for multiplayer games.

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