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Chip rumor-gasm: Intel to buy Altera! Samsung to buy AMD! ... or not

One way to boost your share price by 28 per cent Rumors flew fast and furious on Friday about possible acquisitions in the chip industry, with both Intel and Samsung said to be eyeing purchases that could strengthen their positions against rivals.…

HTC Vive Developer Edition: Free To Pre-Approved Developers

HTC and Valve announced that the Vive Developer Edition headset will be given away for free to "select developers" this Spring to jump-start gaming support.

ISS astronauts to test new eye protection for future Mars missions

Three new technologies will be tested on the ISS over the next year to make sure future Mars pioneers will be able to see where they're going.

YouTube Experiments With 4K Video At 60 Frames Per Second

The six 4K videos feature clips from a volcanic explosion and in-game footage from the space-based game Star Citizen.

Huawei Kirin 930 Chip Uses High Frequency Cortex-A53 For High-End Performance

Huawei announced its new high-end SoC containing eight cores of which four Cortex-A53 cores have a low clock speed of 1.2 GHz and the other four have a high clock speed of 2 GHz.

Budget cuts at NASA could kill Opportunity, Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter

NASA has announced that it may have to cancel both the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter and the ongoing Opportunity mission due to budget shortfalls. Both projects could be vital to long-term colonization efforts on the Moon or Mars.

2015 Chevrolet Colorado review: Blending tech with smaller size (for a pickup)

This compact (more like midsize) pickup is perfect for a first truck. The LT trim line has the most technology and driver-assist features.

Microsoft can’t make up its mind, rebrands Universal applications as Windows apps

Microsoft has decided that new applications developed for its Windows 10 platform will be known as "Windows 10 apps," while old software built for desktops and laptops will be "Windows desktop applications." We pine for Metro brandi...

Making the ultimate carbon nanotube brain electrode

Researchers at Rice University have perfected a technique they call 'wet spinning' to bundle millions of nanometer-sized carbon nanotubes into micron-sized threads.

DARPA to re-invent GPS navigation without the use of satellites

DARPA has unveiled its plan for the future, and it includes a brand new global positioning, navigation, and timing system (GPS) that doesn't depend on satellites.

ET deals: 10,000 online courses for $10 each at Udemy

If you've been itching to learn something new, why not take an online course? Udemy is currently running a sale on thousands of classes, so you can learn everything from brewing your own craft beers to programming in Swift for just 10 bucks a pop. And if you're undecided about exactly which topic you want to invest your time in, here are some recommendations.

Intel And Micron Announce Shipments Of 3D NAND - Op-Ed

Intel and Micron hosted a joint webcast yesterday titled "Intel and Micron - A Strong Partnership" to announce their 3D NAND technology. We take a much closer look at the possibly fractured state of the IMFT union.

ZTE's stealthy Nubia: China-made Google-free Android mobe

Free-range ninja phone proves compelling but unusual Hands On  A stealth project being shown discreetly at Mobile World Congress this month shows how far Chinese phone manufacturers have come – and how far they have to go. It’s under the umbrella of ZTE, the state-owned telecoms giant, and was officially unveiled this week.…

Hands on: PS4 firmware 2.50 with suspend and resume, 60fps Remote Play

Earlier this week, Sony released PS4 firmware 2.50 dubbed "Yukimura," which adds suspend/resume and 60fps Remote Play. Here's what we found.

All About Click ARM, The Darkhorse In The Modular Mobile Hardware Race

Multiple companies are working on developing modular mobile devices. ImasD Technologies is one you may not have heard much about, but the Spain-based company is making some noise.

HTC One M9 Android smartphone: Like a M8 with a squinty eye

Design of the times Review  In a world of generic smartphones where even Apple and Samsung seem to be converging on the same design, HTC has designed phones that are pretty distinctive – the HTC One is one of the very few brands you can recognise from across a room.…

Exploring DirectX 12: 3DMark API Overhead Feature Test

17 hours agoTechnology / Hardware : AnandTech

This week the benchmarking gurus over at Futuremark are releasing their own first run at a DirectX 12 test with their latest update for the 3DMark benchmark. Futuremark has been working away at DirectX 12 for some time – in fact they...Show More Summary

Estimating Intel-Micron 32-layer 3D NAND Die Size

18 hours agoTechnology / Hardware : AnandTech

Yesterday Intel and Micron shared some new details of their 3D NAND technology and during the presentation they also showed a production wafer. I missed the wafer during the live broadcast (hence I couldn't include this in the initial...Show More Summary

What is HPC actually good for? Just you wait and see

Technology, if not money, does trickle down to your children High Performance Computing (HPC) is all terribly exciting. We get announcements about this supercluster or that beating the number of teraflops of that other one (or, more likely these days, petaflops). Or maybe it's data throughput or storage size or even transfer rates.…

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