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Best Convertible Laptops: Holiday 2015

For our final segment on notebooks, we will take a look at convertibles. We’ve already covered standard notebooks, as well as gaming laptops. This final installment will focus on convertibles. This category sprouted out of nowhere with...Show More Summary

Sony unlocks the PS4’s seventh CPU core, but will games benefit?

Sony quietly unlocked the PS4's formerly reserved seventh core for game developers recently -- but whether or not that will lead directly to higher performance is a very open question.

The Microsoft Band 2 Review

At the end of October in 2014, Microsoft surprisingly released a late night press release about a new device they were launching. It was the Microsoft Band, which is a fitness wearable that was a key component of their Microsoft Health service. Show More Summary

AMD Releasing New Crimson Drivers for GPU Fan Issue

Last week we covered the launch of AMD’s new Radeon software known as Crimson. Crimson is a departure from the Catalyst name, offering an updated interface and promising a larger range of quality assurance testing moving into the new DX12 era. Show More Summary

Plextor M6V SSD Review

Value-oriented shoppers in the market for an SSD don't have to settle for TLC-based drives. Plextor found another way to reduce prices with two-bit-per-cell MLC: just use flash with smaller cells.

OLPC's modular heir hits the crowdfunding trail

The only thing slower than the original XO is the timeline for delivery of new kiddie-tab One Education, the Australian offshoot of the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) project, has hit the crowdfunding trail to find the resources needed to build its heir to the project's XO computer.…

Epson ET-4550 Gives You Ink For Years

We review the Epson ET-4550, which comes with enough ink to last the average consumer two years and has refillable cartridges. Check it out! The post Epson ET-4550 Gives You Ink For Years appeared first on Hardware Secrets.

NEC EA275UHD 27-inch UHD Monitor Review

NEC adds to its Ultra HD offerings with a 27-inch IPS model, the EA275UHD. Solid build quality and performance mark this enterprise-ready display.

AVADirect's To Expand Beyond Gaming PCs Into Home And Business Segments

AVADirect's new Home and Business sections on its website are part of the company's new goal of targeting a wider range of demographics for the custom-built PC business.

Meet ARM1, grandfather of today's mobe, tablet CPUs – watch it crunch code live in a browser

Blueprints restored for ARM's 25th anniversary Pics  Chip geeks have produced an interactive blueprint of the ARM1 – the granddaddy of the processor cores powering billions of gadgets today, from Apple iPhones to Android tablets.…

SanDisk May Be Clearing Extreme Pro SSD Inventory Ahead Of New Release

High-performance SSDs get new low prices for Black Friday and beyond. This sets the tone for new pricing going forward, but one product stands out from the rest.

Millions of families hit in toymaker VTech hack – including 200,000+ kids

Youngsters' personal info, parents' contact details leak from Chinese gizmo giant Names, home and email addresses, security questions and answers, and more information on millions of families worldwide have been swiped from a top toymaker's database.…

Why Are Lenovo And Razer Teaming Up On Gaming? (Spoiler: Maybe VR)

Lenovo and Razer are partnering up on gaming systems and devices. But why? It may be a prelude to something bigger: virtual reality.

Black Friday: The Best deals on Laptops, Components, Tablets, Smartphones, Accessories and more!

The best deals for Black Friday! Over 60 laptops, CPUs, RAM, SSD, Video Cards, tablets, smartphones, mouse, keyboards, printers and more!

The ASRock Z170 Extreme7+ Review: When You Need Triple M.2 x4 in RAID

When we first analyzed the Z170 chipset from Intel, we were pleased to see that it offered 26 high speed input/output ports, which included 20 PCIe 3.0 lanes and support for up to three PCIe storage devices in RAID. Although there are...Show More Summary

MSI Goes Green (Again) With Eco-Series Motherboards

MSI is known mainly for its high-performance and gaming-oriented motherboard and graphics card products. However, MSI is going green (again) with its budget-and-environmentally-friendly lineup of Eco motherboards.

About The Siam 7x, A Dark Horse Dual-Screen Smartphone From Out Of Nowhere

We had never heard of CRBT Inc., the company behind the intriguing Siam 7x dual-screen smartphone. So what is this company, and how does it expect to take on the juggernauts of the smartphone world in an already-saturated North American market?

Mobe-maker OnePlus 'fesses up to flaunting USB-C spec

Adapter and cable are fine with OnePlus' own phones, but other kit could cook In early November Google chap Benson Leung caused a stir when he wrote an analysis suggesting manufacturers of cables and power adapters weren't paying attention to the USB Type-C spec. Manufacturers' inattention, he worried, might result in devices being damaged as they suck down too much power.…

Lights, power, action! Smartplugs with a twist

Zuli pushes past the competition - but how useful is it really? For reasons that continue to confound consumers, the two most popular areas for smart-home technologies right now are lightbulbs and plugs.…

Best NASes: Holiday 2015

We have already published holiday guides for mobile devices, laptops, CPUs, PSUs and SSDs. Today, we will take a look at the various options available in the commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) network-attached storage (NAS) market space. The COTS NAS market can't be simply delineated based on price and performance. Show More Summary

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