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ExtremeTalk: Does anyone actually love Windows?

Microsoft's CEO, Satya Nadella, has repeatedly said that he wants users to love Windows. Does anyone?

AVADirect Avant P870DM-G First Look

We’ve seen the Avant P870DM-G somewhere before (or at least something almost identical to it). AVADirect's interpretation of Clevo's shell is as close to the original as it gets, with an Intel Core i7-6700K and GeForce GTX 980 in a $2700 laptop.

Why are we still building space tech down here on Earth?

Any robust future in space will almost certainly require a way to build there -- and that future might not be as far out as you think!

Women In Tech: Jane Silber, CEO Of Canonical

From across an ocean, Jane Silber (Canonical CEO) and I discussed her background and career path, the emergence of Canonical, the changing tech landscape, and girls and women in STEM fields. (Cameos: artificial intelligence and virtual reality.)

AMD Zen May Arrive In 2016, But Mass Availability Slated For 2017

AMD CEO Lisa Su responded to questions about the company’s upcoming Zen microprocessors during AMD’s quarterly earnings call. Although it appears some of the Zen CPUs will ship in Q4 2016, most people won’t have access to them until 2017.

Samsung: You won't settle? Fine, we'll do this the Huawei

South Korean electronics giant countersues in patent spat Samsung has filed a countersuit against Huawei in China over allegations of patent infringement.…

The Best deals on Laptops, Components, Tablets, Smartphones, Accessories and more: July 22nd

Looking for the best deals but have no time to research or not enough knowledge to figure out what is and what isn’t a good deal? I’m here to help you. With 15 years of experience (See my About page) with computer hardware, researching, staying up-to-date with new products, performance and prices, I know what […]

Your privacy at risk: Verizon reportedly close to purchasing Yahoo’s Internet business

A major report suggests that Verizon may be about to buy Yahoo's internet business. It's unwelcome news for anyone concerned with privacy, but a potentially great move for Verizon's bottom line.

White House to bung electric car industry $4.5bn in loans

Before you buy that Tesla though… The White House has said the US federal government will underwrite loans totaling $4.5bn to expand the use of electric cars.…

Revealed: How Dell can afford $67bn for EMC – by selling $650k laptops

Ambitious finance plan looks to bring big bucks World exclusive  Dell's ingenious strategy for financing its audacious $67bn acquisition of EMC is a secret no more.…

Nvidia announces new ‘Nvidia’ Titan X: $1,200, 12GB of GDDR5X, shipping August 2

Nvidia suprise-announced their new Nvidia Titan X today -- $1,200, no GeForce branding, and 40% more cores than the GTX 1080.

Live Planet VR Camera Has 16 Lenses; Preorder For $4,995

Reality Lab Networks announced that its Live Planet 4K VR and 360 video content camera is now available for preorder.

Latest 'No Man's Sky' Trailer Shows Resources And Trade

Make some money on your way to the center of the galaxy by gathering resources and selling them to merchants.

Microsoft's 3D Jedi phone explored

Ambitious but doomed UX experiment, I see A never-released Microsoft phone has surfaced, providing a glimpse of how Redmond's designers proposed to evolve touch-based user interfaces.…

Dark matter evades even our most sensitive detector

After its last, 20-month run, the Large Underground Xenon (LUX) dark matter experiment team reported that they had failed to detect any of the particles they were looking for.

Hubble uses gravitational lens to look back at the early universe

Hubble can't see quite well enough on its own, so it needs a little gravitational assist.

Move over Android, iOS also has a fragmentation problem

Android fragmentation is a well-known and well-documented problem. But iOS fragmentation is also on the increase.

G-Technology Introduces G-Drive and G-RAID External HDDs up to 20 TB

G-Technology this week introduced several new models of its G-Drive and G-RAID products with Thunderbolt 1, USB 3.0 or Thunderbolt 2 soltions. These are direct attached storage (DAS) devices, based on the latest hard drives featuring 10 TB capacity. Show More Summary

Machine learning is about to change how corporations are run

Google's machine learning subsidiary, DeepMind, may be about to pay for its $500 million price-tag -- again, and again, and again.

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