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Chromebook Buyer's Guide: Holiday 2014

50 minutes agoTechnology / Hardware : AnandTech

If you want something more than a tablet, the cheapest options are undoubtedly Chromebooks. These are basically the least expensive laptops you can find, and while we're working on other guides for Windows laptops, we're going to start with Chromebooks. Show More Summary

ExtremeTech’s 2014 holiday gift guide: High tech futuristic gift ideas for geeks and nerds

With Christmas and the holiday season fast approaching, we've compiled a list of all the gadgets that we at ExtremeTech we've bought -- or are saving up to buy -- so that you, or perhaps a friend or loved one, can feel like they're living in the future, too. Show More Summary

Zotac ZBOX CA320 nano PLUS Review: A Fanless AMD mini-PC

Over the last couple of years, mini-PCs in the ultra-compact form factor (UCFF) have emerged as one of the bright spots in the troubled PC market. Zotac is no stranger to this segment. In fact, their nano xs units came to the market before the Intel NUC, even though the NUC is credited with kickstarting the UCFF trend. Show More Summary

NASA preps launch of four satellites that will finally suss out the origins of Earth’s mysterious magnetic field

This coming March NASA will be launching the Magnetospheric Multiscale Nission (MMS), a effort ten years in the making which will hopefully answer some of the many outstanding questions we have about Earth's magnetic field. In particular,...Show More Summary

Intel roadmap update: Skylake on track for 2015, will debut alongside Broadwell-K

Intel has given a full set of updates to its product roadmaps for 2015 and even into 2016 -- here's what the company is planning across its entire range of products.

UK boffins: We'll have an EMBIGGENED QUANTUM COMPUTER working in 5 YEARS

Oxford boffins toil away on Q20:20 machine Oxford boffins have vowed to have the largest quantum computer ever made up and running within five years and help Blighty regain its place at the top of the tech world.…

Jackie Chan Blu-ray disc boosts solar panel efficiency by a massive 22%

Researchers at Northwestern University have used Blu-ray discs -- of Jackie Chan's Police Story 3: Supercop, to be exact -- to increase the efficiency of solar panels by 22%.

Intel announces 32-layer 3D NAND chips, plans for larger-than-10TB SSDs

Intel has announced its leaping into the 3D NAND market, courtesy of its partnership with Micron. Can it steal early momentum from Samsung?

Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro, Watchband Hinge And Intel Core M Deliver Thin And Light Performance

When Intel gave us a the real deep-dive look at their new 14nm Broadwell Core M series processor, back in August, we left hopeful of great things coming to ultra-light notebooks and premium 2-in-1 tablet devices. Intel's low power 14nm Tri-Gate architecture coupled with an enhanced integrated graphics core, offered the promise of "fanless"...

MSI B85M ECO Review: Aiming Green at $73

Whenever we talk about processors and silicon, one of the key major points is efficiency and performance per watt. One issue to consider is that while that new CPU uses 10W less, it makes little difference if the motherboard or other components eats up the difference. Show More Summary

Hi-torque tank engines: EXTREME car hacking with The Register

Bentley found in a hedge gets WW2 lump insertion Most car marques – Lagonda, Ford, Morgan and so on – have a proud history and the respective car clubs often worship the original form; if you present a car for judging, it had better be exactly as per factory spec. Or else.…

Yes, UK. Johnny Foreigner has better mobe services than you

EE best of a disappointing lot UK readers, what you've always suspected has been proven true – even the weakest mobile networks abroad perform better than our second-best, according to German mobile network survey company P3, which has published solid numbers on mobile network coverage.…

Amazon Fire Phone: What's MISSING... and why it WON'T set the world alight

You fought hard and you saved and earned. But all of it's going to burn... Review  Having a headline piece of consumer tech crash and burn in the US market is every company's nightmare and that's exactly what happened to Amazon’s Fire Phone. Show More Summary

Trousers down for six of the best affordable Androids

Stylish Googlephones for not-so-deep pockets Product round-up  Cheap Android smartphones have their place ultimately in a landfill site 1 for those on a tight budget or as an extra for convenience abroad or elsewhere. So what if you fall into the middle ground?…

IDC predicts iPad sales crash, says Win 8 is killing 2-in-1 Typoslabs

Death of the PC? Death of the touch screen revolution more like it Market-watcher IDC has bad news for vendors of fondleslabs and two-in-one Typoslabs like Microsoft's Surface: sales of the former are going to slow markedly and punters are avoiding the latter because of Windows 8.…

The Best WiFi Routers, Best WiFi Adapters and Bluetooth Adapter

You don't have time to read reviews and you just want to know which WiFi routers and adapter are the best? This article is for you.

Toshiba Australia recalls combustible laptop power cords

Lappies sold between 2010 and 2012 at risk becoming El Scorcho Toshiba Australia has issued a recall notice for the power cored it supplied with laptops sold in Australia between 1st September 2010 and 30th June 2012.…

FTC: Sony told big fat WHOPPERS in its PlayStation Vita ads – and now it has to pay

Settlement with games giant could land you a few dollars Sony will dish out cash and vouchers to PlayStation Vita gamers following allegations its ads for the handheld console were lies.…

ET deals: LG Viper LTE Smartphone plus USB modem with free talk, text, data for $70

FreedomPop continues to shake up the market with their $0 per month cell phone plans, and as Black Friday approaches, they're offering a great deal on a certified pre-owned LTE smartphone and USB modem, bundled together for just $70. As always, you never have to pay again to continue getting internet and cell service.

A simple new circuit design could double cellular and WiFi bandwidth

A new radio design from the University of Texas may have found a way to transmit and receive data simultaneously, without the need for specialized software networks. Could this new technology transform cellular broadband and WiFi data speeds?

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