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SanDisk Unveils Dual USB Type-C Drive And iXpand 128 GB Flash Drive

SanDisk announced its first Dual USB Drive with a Type C connector, as well as a new 128 GB iXpand Flash Drive today at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain.

SanDisk Releases 200 GB Ultra microSD Card And High-Endurance Model

SanDisk announced its new 200 GB Ultra microSDXC UHS-I and High Endurance Video Monitoring memory cards today at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain.

In Barcelona, no one can hear you scream ... HTC, Valve unleash Giger-inspired VR headgear

It doesn't look weird at all. Really MWC  HTC has followed in the footsteps of Facebook-owned Oculus and Microsoft with its own VR headset.…

Samsung Announces the Galaxy S 6 and S 6 Edge

In recent times, Samsung has seen the erosion of their dominance in the Android ecosystem. The reasons for why this is are many, but at least some of the criticism has been focused on the products themselves. At the high end, many criticisms...Show More Summary

Samsung Unpacked: MWC 2015 Live Blog

Here we are at Samsung Unpacked at MWC 2015. Ian on Photos, Andrei on text. Everyone is getting seated, seems to be almost 5000 people here

Samsung Galaxy S 6 Preview

Samsung shifts its focus to design and forms the Galaxy S 6 and S 6 edge from aluminum and glass. There's more to these devices than a glossy new exterior though, because packed inside these premium materials lurks the latest technology.

HTC Partners With Valve On Vive VR Headset Coming End Of 2015, Challenges Samsung Gear VR

In what was a powerful statement about the viability of the burgeoning VR market, HTC announced that it has partnered with Valve to create the HTC RE Vive, a VR headset that combines HTC's mobile engineering with Valve's VR prowess.

HTC One M9 Debuts, Flashes Style, Promises Performance

In what was not at all a surprise, HTC announced is M9 smartphone today at Mobile World Congress. The HTC One M9 is the successor to the One M8 and thus is the new flagship device for the company.

Out of time: Huawei, LG unveil watches nobody wants to buy

Can I borrow your charger? MWC  China’s Huawei and South Korea’s LG showed off new watches today. The “smartwatch” is a misnomer: both will stop telling the time after a day, unless they are charged. Then they can tell you the time for another day.…

NSA, GCHQ Can Decrypt Calls And SMS In Real-Time With Stolen SIM Encryption Keys

NSA and GCHQ hacked a major SIM card manufacturer to steal all of its SIM encryption keys and compromise phone call and SMS security.

MediaTek Unveils CrossMount Platform Designed To Make Smartphones, Home Devices Operate As One

MediaTek announced a new technology today at Mobile World Congress (MWC) called CrossMount that seeks to become a new standard for simplifying hardware and software sharing between devices.

HTC Announces VIVE, a Valve VR Headset, and Grip, a Fitness Band

In addition to the HTC One M9, HTC is also launching the VIVE, a VR headset. While it may seem a bit strange that HTC is doing this, it makes sense once one realizes that the VIVE isn’t designed as a mobile VR solution at all. Instead,...Show More Summary

HTC Launches One M9: Hands-On

Around the end of 2012, HTC was in dire straits. The HTC One X, S, and V were supposed to be a big change in HTC’s product lineup, and was supposed to do away with the confusing nomenclature and unfocused lineup. However, it seems that the device fell flat for a wide range of reasons. Show More Summary

HTC One M9 hands on: Like a smart M8 in a sharp suit

If it ain't broke, just polish it gently MWC  HTC's One is like a tasteful band that's been the critics' choice for years but never quite breaks through from cult status to superstardom. It's by far the classiest thing on the market – but its distinctiveness and craftmanship hasn't been rewarded by runaway success.…

Boom! MediaTek parks tanks on Qualcomm's lawn

Boasts big HTC win, and streaming tech MWC  This time last year MediaTek was still smarting about sniffy comments made by Qualcomm. "You can’t take eight lawnmower engines, put them together and now claim you have an eight-cylinder Ferrari," Qualcomm's senior VP Anand Chandrasekher had said, referring to MediaTek’s 610 and 615 eight core smartphone chips.…

Wnkers of the world unite to SAVE THE PLANET one jerk-off at a time

Pornhub's new hardware seeks to pump up the power A standout smut peddler wants its customers to take a shot at saving the planet with a kinetic power generator, tastefully dubbed the Wankband, which uses the wrist action favoured by onanists.…

Watch out hipster nerds – Granny Beskind's behind you!

91-year-old Jony Ive wannabe helps out design firm Ideo In a push back against the twenty-something, misogynistic Silicon Valley culture – along comes nonagenarian Barbara Beskind.…

Breaking Down Origin PC's Scratch-Built Millenium PC

The Millenium is a big deal for Origin PC, as the builder created the whole thing from scratch; it's a completely custom chassis, built from the ground up. We dove in and had a look at the beast....

Acer enters Windows Phone fray with cheapie Liquid M220 mobe

Runs better than Android on same hardware, vendor claims MWC  Acer is entering the Windows Phone market, with a low-end model that will retail for just €79, making it the cheapest mobile in the vendor’s range.…

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