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D-Wave's 2,000-Qubit Quantum Annealing Computer Now 1,000x Faster Than Previous Generation

D-Wave announced its next-generation quantum annealing computer that's powered by 2,000-qubits and is 1,000 faster than the previous 1,000-qubit generation.

Lian Li PE-750 SFX-L 750W PSU Review

Lian Li enters the PSU market again with two new SFX-L models featuring 550 W and 750 W capacities. The PE-750 is under the microscope today. It features modular cabling, a single +12V rail, and a semi-passive fan.

Elon Musk lays out SpaceX’s incredible plan for colonizing Mars

According to Elon Musk, you could have the chance to live on Mars much sooner than you thought.

NVIDIA Teases Xavier, a High-Performance ARM SoC for Drive PX & AI

20 hours agoTechnology / Hardware : AnandTech

Ever since NVIDIA bowed out of the highly competitive (and high pressure) market for mobile ARM SoCs, there has been quite a bit of speculation over what would happen with NVIDIA’s SoC business. With the company enjoying a good degree...Show More Summary

GTC Europe 2016: NVIDIA Keynote Live Blog with CEO Jen-Hsun Huang

23 hours agoTechnology / Hardware : AnandTech

I'm here at the first GTC Europe event, ready to go for the Keynote talk hosted by CEO Jen-Hsun Huang.

HP Inc: No DRM in our 3D printers, we swear (unlike our 2D ones)

Raw materials will be open and multi-source While HP Inc is getting a lot of flack over its DRM lockdown on 2D printing consumables, in the 3D world the company wants to address that it won't be setting the prices on consumables.…

USB-C is now wired for sound, just like Sir Cliff Richard

3.5mm audio jacks are in big trouble now as one cable to rule them all standard signed off The USB implementers forum has loosed “USB Audio Device Class 3.0” onto the breathlessly-waiting world.…

AOC Agon Displays Land In US, Include Nvidia G-Sync Option

AOC announced that its Agon-series gaming displays are coming to the U.S. in the form of two 27-inch QHD monitors. Meet the AG271QX and AG271QG.

Single Player: See The World Of 'Battlefield 1' Through The Eyes Of Five Characters

The story of "Battlefield 1" features five characters in different fronts of The Great War.

Xiaomi Mi 5s and Mi 5s Plus Announced

Xiaomi announced two new flagship smartphones today. The Mi 5s and Mi 5s Plus are updates to the Mi 5 / Mi 5 Pro and Mi 5 Plus phones that were announced at MWC 2016 in February, and pack some new hardware inside a new brushed-aluminum...Show More Summary

Rumors hint Nvidia, Apple may get back together

For the last few years, Apple has been an AMD-only shop. That could change if rumors are true; Apple may be preparing to pivot back to Team Green.

Google Translate Boasts Near-Human Accuracy Levels With New Neural Network-Powered System

Google announced its new Google Neural Machine Translation system for Google Translate, which reduces errors by 55-85% for several language pairs, achieving almost human level performance.

OCZ's TL100 DRAM-less SSD Starts At $45

Two years ago, we started writing about DRAMless SSDs designed to reduce the cost of flash-based storage further. OEM products arrived earlier in the year, and today they arrive for retail consumption. The big attraction is the stocking-stuffer pricing.

Apple is aware of iPhone 6 ‘touch disease,’ but refuses to discuss it

Apple still isn't acknowledging that touch disease exists, but multiple employees are claiming the company is fully aware of the problem. It just doesn't intend to do anything about it.

'EVE: Valkyrie' Joint Strike Update Adds Cross-Play In Time For PSVR Launch

CCP Games is preparing the third free update to "Eve: Valkyrie." The "Joint Strike" update to the VR-exclusive space dogfighting game features a host of changes, including cross-play support with the PSVR version that launches alongside Sony’s VR HMD.

NZXT’s S340 Elite Refined For Virtual Reality PCs

Virtual reality hardware is readily available now, and several companies are building hardware components that complement the technology. Even case manufacturers see opportunities to innovate.

Polygons to the rescue: ‘virtually unwrapping’ an ancient scroll long thought destroyed

The beginning of Leviticus talks about burned animal offerings, but somehow we don't think this is what the writers had in mind.

Facebook Prohibited From Collecting WhatsApp Data In Germany

The Hamburg Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information prohibited Facebook from collecting WhatsApp information from users, and also ordered the company to delete any previously stored WhatsApp data.

New LITE working group takes up ARMs against the IoT

Another initiative targets developers of smart doorbells and other gizmos Linaro, the collaborative engineering effort focused around Linux for ARM-based devices, has spawned a new working group to develop open reference platforms for connected products, with an inevitable eye on the Internet of Things (IoT).…

Researchers discover how to shape sound in 3D

Researchers from Max Planck in Stuttgart have created an acoustic hologram capable of moving objects using nothing but sound.

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