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High-performance, huge capacity storage devices

While the cloud has appeared just in time to offer free (or at least cheap) and easy access to gigabytes of storage space, some people like to keep their data close to hand. Here are some of the best storage devices money can buy that will help you keep your data safe.

Home Automation Systems - A Consumer Checklist

The Internet of Things (IoT) concept has gained a lot of traction over the last couple of years. One of the main applications of IoT lies in the home automation space. Consumers have many options in this space, but none of them have the right combination of comprehensiveness, economy, extensibility and ease of use. Show More Summary

Graphic designs: Six speedy 17-inch gaming laptops

Big ol' beasts of burden with bang aplenty Product Roundup  Gaming laptops have a reputation for being big and heavy and providing battery life that is counted in minutes rather than hours. Slowly, though, increased power efficiency in both CPU and GPU designs has given rise to a new generation of gaming laptops that are at least semi-portable.…

More Pictures Of 2015 MacBook’s Apple-Built SSD Controller

The ever-excellent crew over at iFixit completed their initial teardown of the Early 2015 MacBook yesterday, creating some very nice shots of the Mac’s little logic board in the process. However not stopping there the crew also detached...Show More Summary

WikiLeaks Publishes All Documents And Emails From Sony Leak

The leak contains 30,287 documents, 173,132 emails, and 2,200 email addresses. Some emails show some of the company's contributions to politicians, communications with private contractors, and research into rival movie productions.

IKEA's Qi-Powered Wireless Charging Furniture To Arrive In The U.S. 'Late Spring'

IKEA announced its wireless powered furniture items for the U.S. market. The company will start selling the Qi-based chargers and furniture in "late spring."

AMD Posts Q1 2015 Results: $180 Million Net Loss

Today AMD released their Q1 FY 2015 financial results, and the company reported revenue of $1.03 billion for the quarter. This is a 16.9% decrease as compared to Q4 2014, and a 26.4% decrease from the $1.40 billion recorded in Q1 2014. Show More Summary

Windows Promises Native Virtual Desktop Experience For Windows 10

Microsoft will include virtual desktops built into Windows 10 as a standard feature.

AMD Exits Dense Microserver Business, Ends SeaMicro Brand

AMD’s Q1’15 earnings announcement just came out a bit ago, and while we’re still waiting for the analyst call to take place to get more details, there is one item we want to get to right away, and that’s the fate of AMD’s dense server business. Show More Summary

New Apple MacBook ties for worst repairability score ever

Apple's new MacBook has gone under the spludger at iFixit, and the results aren't great if you want to repair your own hardware. In fact, they're tied for the worst Apple product ever. Is user-repairability a dead goal?

Samsung Announces SM951-NVMe PCIe SSD; 3D V-NAND Version May Come This Summer

Samsung announced the SM951-NVMe, which edges out the non-NVMe SM951 in performance. There's no 3D V-Nand (but it's coming at some point).

Building blocks of life discovered in infant star system

The Atacama Large Millimeter Array (ALMA) radio telescope array in Chile found significant concentrations of cyanides believed to be essential precursors of amino acids and other building blocks of life.

Split loyalties: Apple may pull back from Samsung chip deal due to low yields

A new rumor suggests that Apple has pulled back 30% of its A9 orders from Samsung, opting instead to take the design to TSMC. That's a huge blow, if true -- but the timeline is hard to square with Apple's traditional launch cycles.

Kaspersky releases CoinVault ransomware decryption keys for free

The Internet is a little safer today, thanks to the release of decryption keys for CoinVault ransomware.

Canonical Updates Mobile OS A Week After First Ubuntu Phone Launched

Canonical announced new updates for its Ubuntu mobile OS including battery, notifications and camera improvements.

Cyanogen, Microsoft Partner To Add Microsoft Apps In CyanogenMod OS

The implementation, which is coming later this year, will offer users a non-Windows Phone way to get several integrated Microsoft apps and services on their phones.

Moore’s Law is dead, long live Moore’s Law

Moore's Law is dead. Moore's Law is very much alive. As the nature of computing has changed over the past 50 years, the promises and potential of the semiconductor industry have changed as well.

LA schools want multi-million Apple refund after kids hack iPads

$1.3bn of locked-down Apple tech issued to school kids. Success was surely inevitable The Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) has informed Apple that it will not accept continued deliveries of iPads to students, and will be seeking a multi-million-dollar refund from the company.…

Razer Adds to Chroma Lineup With Tenkeyless BlackWidow Tournament Edition Chroma

This is Razer's first tenkeyless mechanical keyboard with Chroma backlighting, and it comes with a carrying case.

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