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Nanopixel displays with 150 times higher resolution – and they’re flexible, too

Researchers at Oxford University in England have created nanopixels that measure just 300-by-300 nanometers. Compare this to a modern smartphone with a 400 ppi display, where each pixel is about 150 times larger (about 50 microns across). Show More Summary

Creative Sound Blaster ZxR Versus Onboard Audio

Back in the day (which, for you youngsters, is a scientific measurement of time reserved for anyone who used to walk to school during snowstorms, uphill, both ways), discrete audio solutions had no trouble earning respect. Many enthusiasts considered a sound card an essential piece to the PC building puzzle. Depending on how far your PC gaming...

Thought PCs were in the toilet? They're STILL eating Apple's lunch

Mac sales take a battering in US market Apple is losing ground to rival PC manufacturers as sales plummet in the key US market, according to a report from IDC.…

Synology DS414j: An Ideal Backup NAS

The consumer Network Attached Storage (NAS) market has seen tremendous growth over the past few years. As the amount of digital media generated by the average household increases, the standard 2-bay NAS is no longer sufficient. 4-bay...Show More Summary

Say goodbye to the noughties: Yesterday’s hi-fi biz is BUSTED, bro

Are the days of floorstanders and separates numbered? Breaking Fad  In case you hadn’t heard, someone has ripped up your pappy’s hi-fi handbook. Seismic shifts in just about every area of music technology have fundamentally changed the way we use home entertainment.…

IBM plows $3 billion into 7nm chip research and ‘post-silicon’ computer technology

IBM has announced that it's plowing $3 billion into two R&D programs that will hopefully make it the authority on 7-nanometer-and-beyond chip technologies. One R&D project will look at pushing conventional silicon chips as far as they...Show More Summary

MSI’s ECO Range of Motherboards Announced

At Computex this year, the MSI booth featured a range of new motherboards branded ‘ECO’, with the emphasis on minimizing power output while still retaining a level of functionality. Today we received the official announcement for the range, which will initially encompass three models: the Z97M ECO, the B85M ECO and the H81M ECO. Show More Summary

Who us, in-app-ropriate? Apple rats on Google to the FTC – report

Said to have turned in rival to Feds over in-app purchases Apple turned in Google to the Federal Trade Commission for the same in-app purchase issues for which the iPhone-maker itself had been criticised, according to Politico.…

'Hand us the $3bn pliers' says IBM after scrying ugly future of chip tech

Big Blue's boffins bank big bucks, blast beyond silicon... FOR SCIENCE Analysis  IBM's scientists, having seen things in their labs that would terrify the life out of any silicon chip aficionado, have been given $3bn to solve a problem that lurks far in our future.…

ET deals: Sharp Aquos 60-inch 3D 240Hz LED HDTV for $973

The Sharp Aquos LC-60LE847U features a 60-inch 1920x1080 3D panel with 176-degree viewing angles, making it easy to gather a crowd around. The screen is an edge-lit LED display, which delivers distinct and even lighting. This TV sports...Show More Summary

Intel’s Anniversary Pentium may be the ultimate budget gaming CPU

Intel's new Anniversary Pentium is here, and it can overclock like gangbusters. If you're interested in high-end single-threaded performance, this chip delivers almost all of the Core i7-4790K's performance for one-fifth of the cost...

10Gbps over a copper telephone line: A new world record set by Bell Labs

The telecommunications masters at Bell Labs have managed to deliver a world record connection speed of 10Gbps (10,000Mbps) over copper wires. Dubbed, the new technology could be used to massively extend the life of existing copper...Show More Summary

Watch our Hangout with ARM GPU Fellow Jem Davies

For those of you who weren't able to catch the live stream be sure to watch our interview with ARM Fellow and all around GPU expert Jem Davies. In our Hangout Jem talked about how he got involved with GPUs at ARM (spoiler alert: his boss told him to go out and buy a GPU company). Show More Summary

The human brain’s remarkably low power consumption, and how computers might mimic its efficiency

A new paper discusses the efficiency of neuronal computing and the ways in which we might better model the brain's function in future hardware. In some significant ways, we're clearly on the right track already.

US Department of Energy doubles lithium-ion battery capacity with spongy silicon

The Department of Energy's Pacific Northwest National Laboratory has created a new variety of lithium-ion battery that can store at least twice the amount of energy found in your conventional smartphone or laptop battery. Unlike some...Show More Summary

Brit IT industry comes up for air after recession

Just 31 businesses stopped breathing in Q2 There are fewer corporate pile-ups on the channel highway than at any point in more than a decade and a half, official stats from credit reference agency Graydon UK reveal.…

Dash it, Foxconn: Where's that 1 MILLION-strong robot ARMY?

'Foxbots' just aren't good enough to take up the slack Foxconn's much-vaunted robot army will do little more than insert screws, polish parts and assist human workers, it has been claimed.…

Hitachi Expands Ultrastar C10K Family with 1.8 TB 12 Gbps SAS HDD

Hitachi (HGST, a Western Digital company) today launched the Ultrastar C10K1800, a 10000 RPM hard drive in the 2.5" form factor targeting enterprise / data center applications. Earlier versions of the Ultrastar C10K family topped out at 1.2 TB and came with a 6 Gbps SAS connector. Show More Summary

NASA’s new astronaut-replacing robots, powered by Google Tango smartphones, launch into space this week

First robots stole our jobs here on Earth -- and now Google and NASA want to do the same to our astronauts. Later this week, Google and NASA will launch some Tango smartphone-powered SPHERES robots to the International Space Station....Show More Summary

'Ribbed' for your pleasure: Jony Ive 'n' pals unveil NAKED IPHONE

All-glass mobe could herald the END of traditional cases Apple has patented a method of building an all-glass device which could herald the arrival of a see-through iPhone.…

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