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Nintendo Updates 'Arms' With LAN Play, Arena Mode

The update highlights Nintendo's growing comfort with patching games after their release and drives home the company's increasing focus on local multiplayer and esports in its first-party titles.

As Prices Soar, Graphics Card Manufacturers Appeal To Cryptocurrency Miners

The price of many GTX 1060s on Newegg has risen above $400, even though many retailed for around $350 not too long ago. Amazon seems to have sold out of many GTX 1060s

Aerocool Revealed New AIO Cooler, Fan, Fan Hub At Computex

In addition to new cases and an RGB gaming chair, Aerocool showed off a new 240mm all-in-one cooler, fan, and fan hub at Computex 2017.

Nintendo's SNES Classic Edition Arrives September 29 For $80

The smaller version of Nintendo's classic console will also include "Star Fox 2," which was never released to the public.

Intel Hyperthreading Bug Unearthed In Kaby Lake And Skylake Processors

According to Henrique de Moraes Holschuh, a Debian Linux developer, Kaby Lake and Skylake processors have a serious flaw in their hyperthreading implementation.

NEC EX341R Monitor Review

Curved ultra-wide monitors are more frequently seen in gaming systems, but they are appearing on enterprise desktops, too. Today, we’re looking at NEC’s EX341R.

Major Hyper-Threading Flaw Destabilizes Intel Kaby Lake, Skylake CPUs

A recent flaw discovered in Intel's Hyper-Threading can cause system instabilities or crashes. Debian recommends disabling HT until appropriate UEFI updates are available (and the flaw can affect all operating systems, including Windows). The post Major Hyper-Threading Flaw Destabilizes Intel Kaby Lake, Skylake CPUs appeared first on ExtremeTech.

Report: serious HyperThreading issue in some Skylake/Kaby Lake CPUs, could result in “misbahvior”

After an investigation in recent months by the OCaml community, and communicated to the debian project team and Intel itself. The issue itself is not limited to Debian, Linux or any […] The post Report: serious HyperThreading issue in some Skylake/Kaby Lake CPUs, could result in “misbahvior” appeared first on Gaming Laptops Junky.

KFA2/Galax GeForce GTX 1080 Ti EXOC Review

KFA2/Galax creates an attractive alternative to Nvidia's Founders Edition card, complete with more performance, a quieter cooler and same dual-slot form factor.

Analogix's ICVR Could Make VR HMDs Less Cumbersome

Analogix Semiconductor, Dell, LG, and Tencent revealed plans for ICVR, or "Interface for Connected VR," in an attempt to standardize the physical connectivity of VR HMDs.

Memblaze Launches PBlaze5 SSDs: Enterprise 3D TLC, Up to 6 GB/s, 1M IOPS, 11 TB

Memblaze has introduced its new generation of server-class NVMe SSDs for mixed and mission critical workloads. The PBlaze5 SSDs are based around Micron's 3D eTLC memory and paired with a Microsemi Flashtec controller. The SSDs come in...Show More Summary

Setting Up Your PSVR: A Step-By-Step Guide

The PlayStation VR is the easiest of the three major VR systems to setup, but it's not quite as simple as plugging in a console. Follow along as we walk you through the process.

In Wake of Apple Loss, Imagination Technologies Puts Itself Up for Sale

Imagination Technologies is reportedly in talks to sell itself to interested parties. Plans to spin off other parts of the business may have fallen through, but either way, the loss of Apple as a customer could be a fatal blow. The post In Wake of Apple Loss, Imagination Technologies Puts Itself Up for Sale appeared first on ExtremeTech.

GTX 1070 Prices Soar Alongside The 'Ethereum' Cryptocurrency

The rise of a new cryptocurrency, Ethereum, is giving system builders and gamers a case of deja vu as the price on graphics cards sharply increases.

Creating A New Home For Humanity With 'Surviving Mars,' Hands On

Haemimont Games will challenge you to create a Martian colony that can support human life and withstand the forces of Martian nature.

Samsung Begins Production of Exynos i T200 SoC for Miniature IoT Devices

Samsung on Thursday said it had begun to mass-produce its first SoC for miniature IoT devices, the Exynos i T200. Aimed at devices that do not need a lot of compute power, but require ultra-low standby power consumption, the first Exynos...Show More Summary

GlobalFoundries Details 7 nm Plans: Three Generations, 700 mm², HVM in 2018

Keeping an eye on the ever-evolving world of silicon lithography, GlobalFoundries has recently disclosed additional details about its 7 nm generation of process technologies. As announced last September, the company is going to have multiple generations of 7 nm FinFET fabrication processes, including those using EUV. Show More Summary

FreeTail EVOKE Series CompactFlash Cards Capsule Review

Digital cameras and camcorders employ memory cards (flash-based removable media) for storage of captured content. There are different varieties of memory cards catering to various performance levels. CompactFlash (CF) became popular in the late 90s, but, has now been overtaken by Secure Digital (SD) cards. Show More Summary

Google Will Stop Reading Your Email to Target Ads

Google now says it will end the practice of targeting ads based on email text, but the decision was not made by the Gmail or advertising teams. The post Google Will Stop Reading Your Email to Target Ads appeared first on ExtremeTech...

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