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'Fallout 4' And 'Star Wars Battlefront' Benchmarks On An AMD APU

Although it is a low performance system, we now have an AMD APU-based build on hand and have run tests on "Fallout 4" and "Star Wars Battlefront."

AMD’s new Radeon Crimson software crushes Catalyst, boosts performance

AMD has launched a complete overhaul of its driver stack today, with new performance boosting features, per-game overclocking, shader cache support, better FreeSync implementations, and improved Linux performance.

Jeff Bezos-backed Blue Origin lands a reusable rocket after sending it to space

Blue Origin's New Shepard rocket made it to the edge of space, then landed safely on the launchpad. Want to go for a ride?

Move Over AMD Catalyst, Radeon Software Crimson Is Here

Say goodbye to AMD’s Catalyst Control Center and make way for Radeon Software Crimson. The new driver package from AMD is finally available, and it boasts a sleek new look, better menu organization and the company claims it operates much faster.

Dell's 'Superfish:' Customer Discovers 'eDellRoot' Certificate And Private Key On Laptop

Dell customer discovered the "eDellRoot" certificate in the Windows root store that was also bundled with its private key, allowing other attackers to forge certificates for popular websites. Dell announced a fix is coming soon.

Cougar Mismatches Colors With 450-Series Gaming Keyboard And Mouse

Cougar's latest gaming peripherals tackle a mid-tier market segment with mismatched color accents.

Omni-Path Switches at SuperComputing 15: Supermicro and Dell

It was clear at SuperComputing 15 that Intel had two main things in mind to promote: Knights Landing, their new Xeon Phi product, and Omni-Path, their new 100 Gbps network fabric aimed squarely at Infiniband. Omni-Path as we have published...Show More Summary

Tardigrades, already impossible to kill, also have foreign DNA

Tardigrades, already made of indestructible win, have shown up again in the scientific weirdness Hall of Fame this week, thanks to a new study that sequenced the first tardigrade genome and found that 17.5% of it came from other species.

Gigabyte H170N-WIFI Motherboard

We review the Gigabyte H170N-WIFI, a socket LGA1151 Mini-ITX motherboard based on the new Intel H170 chipset. Includes the images and detail you've come to expect from HardwareSecrets. Check it out! The post Gigabyte H170N-WIFI Motherboard appeared first on Hardware Secrets.

6 perfect gifts in 2015 for science geeks

The holiday shopping season has begun, and now's the time to decide exactly what kind of gifts you're going to buy for your loved ones. Smartphones and game consoles are certainly crowd pleasers, but it's worth remembering that this is a great opportunity to foster a love of science -- especially in children.

First: Astronomers capture a planet in the process of forming

Astronomers have captured the first-ever photos of a forming planet, a gas giant some 450 light-years from Earth.

AMD Moves Radeon HD 5000 & 6000 Series to Legacy Status - All Pre-Graphics Core Next GPUs Now Retired

Alongside today’s release of the new Radeon Software Crimson Edition driver set, AMD has published a new page on their driver site announcing that video cards based on the company’s pre-Graphics Core Next architectures have been moved to legacy status. Show More Summary

Best Tablets: Holiday 2015

After kicking off our yearly holiday guides with a look at some of the best Android smartphones on the market, it's time to take a look at the best tablets you can buy this holiday season. Something interesting about the tablet industry...Show More Summary

'Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate' Benchmarks: A Stressing Experience

"Assassin's Creed: Syndicate" is finally out on the PC, and if you want the best frame rate for your system, you'll need a high-end system and also spend some time in the game's graphical settings.

AMD's Radeon Software Crimson Driver Released: New Features & A New Look

At the tail-end of 2014 AMD launched their Catalyst 14.12 driver set, better known as the Omega driver set. With Omega, AMD shifted their development process for the Catalyst driver set, focusing on delivering feature updates in fewer,...Show More Summary

ARM on AMD: The A1100 Seattle Silicon at SuperComputing 15

Anyone loosely following AMD’s efforts with ARM intellectual property would have had on their periphery the noise of the A1100 product aimed at servers, codenamed Seattle. The idea was to use AMD’s back-end expertise to produce a multi-core...Show More Summary

iPad Air 2 vs. Fire 10 HD: Which is the best tablet?

Both Amazon and Apple have tablets at the ready for the holiday spending extravaganza. But that means consumers are faced with a choice. So, let's put Apple's iPad Air 2 up against Amazon's 10.1-inch Fire HD 10 and see which comes out as the winner.

Adata SP550 SSD Review

Adata's SP550 is the first SSD to hit our lab with Silicon Motion's new SM2256 controller paired with SK Hynix NAND. But does it compete with Samsung's prolific 850 EVO?

What America's drone owner database could look like in future

ID number per person, tiny gadgets exempted, personal info optional, etc A task force assembled by the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has revealed its suggestions for personal drone registration in the US.…

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