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Microsoft kills Xbox Fitness, will yank access to previously purchased content

Microsoft is killing Xbox Fitness -- without refunding any of the money people spent on the application, or providing any compensation for the loss of purchased content.

Check out Google Earth’s amazing new satellite imagery from Landsat 8

Earlier this week, Google announced that it upgraded the satellite imagery on Google Maps and Google Earth with data collected from Landsat 8. With finer detail, more accurate colors, and a faster rate of capture, these new images from the US government make Google's consumer-facing services better than ever.

Samsung Embraces Vulkan As The Next-Gen Graphics API Is Poised To Reshape Mobile Gaming

As Vulkan is about to land in Android N, Samsung seems to go out of its way to support the API, promote Vulkan gaming to consumers, and help developers port their games to the next-generation graphics API.

Jaunt opens its industry-leading VR capture tech to other studios

VR production has been highly vertically-integrated, with studios building their own capture rigs, and writing much of their own processing software. Jaunt is now offering its ONE rig and cloud-based processing software for rent to other studios.

ET deals: Free SEO analysis from SearchBloom

Search engine optimization is something you should take very seriously when you're running an online business. If your site's content isn't easily found through Google, your entire operation could be severely impacted. So take a few minutes, have your site analyzed for free on SearchBloom, and find out what changes you should make going forward.

Facebook uses your location data to suggest new friends, despite huge privacy concerns

Facebook has admitted mining your location data to match you with other nearby individuals as part of its "People You May Know" feature. While these messages can help old friends reconnect, they're also potentially risky -- and despite the company's claims to the contrary, at least some individuals appear to be matched with others based on nothing but geographical proximity.

Tom's Hardware Steam Giveaway, 'The Witcher 3' Plus DLC Season Pass

We've got another great Steam giveaway for you! This round, we're bringing you three copies of "The Witcher III," including the game's DLC Season Pass!

Razer Blade Stealth Review

The ultrabook market shows no signs of cooling off any time soon. We've recently explored different flavors from all the top vendors including HP's Spectre x360 15t, Lenovo's ThinkPad X1 Yoga, ASUS's Zenbook UX-305CA and our reigning Editor's Choice in Dell's XPS 13. There's a lot to love about these premium thin and light machines. And though...

Mazda G-Vectoring Control: Software tweak makes you (think you’re) a better driver

Mazda's new algorithm eliminates constant corrections going through a turn. GVC makes cars track straighter on highways, too.

Watch NASA test the world’s largest solid rocket booster today live

This second test of the Space Launch System's solid rocket booster will cool the unit to its minimum operating temperature, then light it up for a full 2-minute burn that outputs 3.6 million pounds of thrust.

be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900 Case Review

The be quiet! Dark Base 900 and Dark Base Pro 900 are identical on the inside and both offer tons of options for enthusiasts. Today we test the Pro version.

Virtual Reality Gets More Productive As 'Space' Brings Multitasking To The VR Age

Pygmal Technologies announced "Space," a virtual environment designed for multitasking in VR. The company launched a free beta that can access up to six virtual displays. This fall, the full release will offer unlimited screen real estate.

Magnetic scanners to catch Tour de France electric motor cheats

I like to mod by bicycle, I like to drive my bike New technology is being wheeled out for this year's Tour de France to scan bikes for hidden electric engines.…

Microsoft confirms Surface 3 production will end this year, has no public plans for a follow-up

Microsoft's Surface 3 was the best of the company's three lower-end tablet devices, but Microsoft appears to be canceling the hardware with no plans to create a replacement. Intel's decision to cancel its tablet and smartphone products may be behind the move.

Asrock's First Two Hyper-OC Non-K BCLK Motherboards Now Available

Due to the precarious state of Asrock’s Hyper-OC motherboards, and strong opposition from Intel, it appeared for a long time that these boards would never be released. Asrock has now released some of them, at least, but it may be for just a short time.

EKWB Keeps Promised Schedule (Almost), Outs Gigabyte GTX 1080 G1 Gaming Full Cover Water Block

EK Water Blocks revealed another full-cover GPU water block over the weekend. The company began taking orders for the EK-FC1080 GTX G1 blocks and will start shipping units tomorrow.

Acer, Starbreeze Announce Joint Venture; StarVR HMD Shipments To Begin This Year

On May 16, Acer and Starbreeze Studios revealed that the two companies were in talks about a manufacturing partnership for the upcoming StarVR HMD. The board of directors from both companies have since approved a joint venture.

Nintendo’s upcoming NX console may use cartridges instead of discs

Nintendo is reportedly considering bringing cartridges back instead of game discs for the upcoming NX console. The move could dramatically improve performance if Nintendo can control costs.

Why gravitational wave detection may have also revealed dark matter

An old theory of dark matter may be gaining ground thanks to new analysis of LIGO's historic gravitational wave discovery

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