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Nvidia Releases Updated Driver Exclusively For GTX 1080

With Nvidia’s new flagship GPU hitting stores (and quickly selling out), the company released a new driver update exclusively for GeForce GTX 1080 graphics cards.

Developer confirms Xbox One VR is coming, but how powerful is the console likely to be?

Microsoft will reportedly announce a new console at E3, along with VR titles and Oculus Rift support, but how will they upgrade and improve the Xbox One's core architecture?

Corsair Launches Dominator Platinum Memory Modules for ASUS ROG Systems

Corsair has introduced its new custom-built kit of Dominator Platinum memory modules, which are specifically designed for ASUS ROG motherboards. The new DDR4 modules contain an exclusive SPD profile, which is only available on select...Show More Summary

EVGA Reveals New ACX Cooler, Precision X Software For The GTX 1080

EVGA revealed a brand new cooler that will debut with the company’s first overclocked GTX 1080 models. The ACX 3.0 cooler offers additional heatpipes and a more efficient heatsink design. The company also launched a new version of the PrecisionX software.

Geil Introduces Evo Froza DDR4 RAM Designed To Overclock

Geil announced a new line of enthusiast-oriented DDR4 memory modules that are designed to overclock.

Gigabyte Goes Thin And Light With Aero 14 Laptop

Gigabyte announced the launch of its ultra-thin and light gaming laptop, the Aero 14. The new notebook will be officially launched at Computex.

Microsoft, Facebook team up to construct world’s fastest transatlantic cable

Microsoft and Facebook are teaming up to build the fastest transatlantic cable ever constructed, all in the name of driving cloud computing adoption and ensuring rapid response to customer needs.

Ultimate tailgater: Honda Ridgeline embeds speakers in truck bed

In one of mankind's greatest technology triumphs since the beer cooler ice chest got wheels, the 2017 Honda Ridgeline pickup has turned the truck bed into a sound system with the addition of six speakers to the bed walls.

Asus Gives The GTX 1080 A Strix Overhaul

The GTX 1080 officially launches today, and the custom partner cards are being announced. Asus revealed two custom Strix models with Direct CU Cooling.

Zotac Has A Pair Of GTX 1080 AMP Cards; Tight-Lipped On Clock Speeds And Price

Zotac revealed its first GTX 1080 AIB graphics cards, the GTX 1080 AMP and AMP Extreme. Although the company has officially released pics and talked up the features, key specifications including the clock speeds and the price remain a mystery.

Codemasters' 'F1 2016' Arrives This Summer

Fresh off the release of "Dirt Rally," Codemasters is back to the world of Formula 1 racing. "F1 2016" comes out sometime this summer.

Infrared Key Switches? Tesoro Making Plays In Keyboard Market

Tesoro continues to remake itself with the announcement of infrared key switches, coming to a keyboard soon.

FSP Announces Twins: 500W and 700W ATX PSU with Redundancy Capability

FSP this week announced its new series of redundant PSUs called the 'Twins'. The new power supplies are compatible with standard ATX and PS2 tower chassis, but provide redundancy capabilities and can thus enable building non-stop servers...Show More Summary

Tom's 20th Anniversary: A Retrospective With The Editors-in-Chief

As Tom's Hardware celebrates 20 years, we share thoughts from all who served as Editor-in-Chief in the last two decades, including the founder and the man behind the site's name: Dr. Thomas Pabst.

Zotac and EVGA Reveal Custom GeForce GTX 1080 Designs

A few weeks back we saw the announcement of NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX 1080. NVIDIA put the founders cards on sale first, with third-party cards set to be released later. As we approach the sale date of the 1080 we can now lift the covers on the solutions other vendors will be releasing. Show More Summary

Oracle loses massive fair use case against Google, Android

Oracle lost its case against Google and Google's use of Java in Android yesterday. A jury found that Google's use of Java APIs in Android was considered fair use, despite Oracle's claims to the contrary.

i-Rocks Golem M20E: A Gaming Mouse, A Lightning Bug

A quirky mouse from a somewhat obscure company, the i-Rocks Golem M20E offers solid specs and a lightning bug-like lighting scheme.

Corsair's Bulldog PC Barebone for the Living Room is now Available: $299/$399

Many PC and chassis makers these days are trying to address console gamers with computers that are as small as game consoles and fit into the living room design-wise, but which are considerably more powerful and can run games at ultra-high resolutions. Show More Summary

Shaming OEMs won't fix Android's biggest problem

Google keeps a list that ranks smartphone OEMs based on how fast they push Android updates out to devices, and there are reports that it might make this list public.

We see what you're up to, Intel, with your eye-o-tee vision

Chipzilla slurps computer vision company Itseez to target autonomous cars Intel reduced to a component supplier to auto-makers? Don't rule it out, readers, or rate it a cut-rate fate for Chipzilla, because the company has just made a bet in just that field.…

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