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Amazon, Sony, Steam refunding players unhappy with No Man’s Sky, former Sony content director calls refund-seekers thieves

Sony, Steam, and Amazon are all offering refunds on No Man's Sky to dissatisfied players, even after their normal policies have expired. Did Hello Games mislead players about the nature of their title?

Asus X99-E-10G WS Motherboard With 10 Gbit Ethernet Controller Makes NA Debut

Asus announced that its new X99-E-10G WS motherboard, which had previously been shown in Europe, will soon come to North America. They key feature on this board is its 10 Gbps Ethernet controller.

Purism Explains Why It Avoids Intel's AMT And Networking Cards For Its Privacy-Focused 'Librem' Notebooks

Purism, the maker of Librem notebooks, which focus on privacy, security, and freedom, explained why its computers are free of Intel's proprietary Active Management Technology and of Intel networking cards: to avoid remote access.

Implantable “memory prosthetic” opens new horizons for cyborg future

Implantable memory prosthetics could be the first in a wave of cyborg devices available for the enhancement of the human brain.

Here Are The PC System Requirements For 'Halo 5: Forge'

You'll be able to create your own custom matches and maps as well as compete in 16-player online gameplay.

Microsoft Preps 'Minecraft' Boss Battles

Microsoft announced that a future Minecraft update will allow players to test their mettle in two major boss battles. The update also includes a number of other new features, such as slash commands.

GPU Docks Could Bring Gaming And VR To MacBooks; Wolfe Kickstarter Paves The Way

A Kickstarter campaign from Cambridge-based Wolfepack Inc. seeks to change the external graphics enclosure landscape with its Wolfe GPU Dock, which could be the missing link for high-end gaming and VR in an macOS-based device

Other countries are ‘beating’ the US to fully driverless cars. Let them.

The world's first (limited) self-driving taxi has been announced... in Singapore. Does this represent a loss for American companies?

Fanatec Reveals Long Awaited 'ClubSport Light' Peripheral Lineup

Fanatec revealed three new products in the company’s mid-tier ClubSport Light series of simulation racing peripherals. The company is taking pre-orders for an updated wheel base, pedal set, and pedal load balance kit.

Here's how much RAM your PC needs to run smoothly

Is there a case for more than 8GB of RAM? Sure there is, but the bang for the buck trails off beyond that point.

MSI GE62 Apache Pro-14 First Look

The MSI GE62 Apache Pro-14 is an affordable gaming laptop that combines decent performance, good features, at a more attractive price than some of the higher-end systems we've tested. Let's see where it falls comparatively.

HP launches laptops with privacy-guarding displays, limited field of view

HP has a new screen technology it hopes will keep nosy over-shoulder readers from snooping on your hardware -- but will consumers bite?

Memory Frequency Scaling on Intel's Skull Canyon NUC - An Investigation

Overclocking has generally been the domain of enthusiasts with desktop rigs. However, increasing the CPU frequency beyond the official specification is not the only way to extract more performance from a computing system. Memory-bound workloads can benefit from memory hierarchies with increased bandwidth and/or lower latencies. Show More Summary

SilverStone Introduces VT101 Mini-STX Chassis for $35

At Computex, SilverStone started to show off its early mini-STX prototype cases. This week it introduced its first commercial product, the VT101. The new PC case inherits classic design elements of SilverStone chassis and despite the...Show More Summary

Forcing the Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Microsoft’s big overhaul of Windows 10 which they call the Windows 10 Anniversary Edition was released to the public on August 2, 2016.  Microsoft is delivering this update to more than 350 million devices around the world, so it is being rolled out slowly. Show More Summary

Zalman Z9 Neo Mid-Tower ATX Gaming Case Review

The Z9 Neo represents Zalman’s latest attempt to conquer the gaming value market by enhancing features and quality. Our performance analysis puts its low price into a value perspective.

Share Your Live Gameplay Directly On Facebook With Blizzard Streaming

Blizzard and Facebook have teamed up to bring livesgame streaming of Blizzard games to Facebook pages everywhere.

Asus ProArt PA329Q 32-inch UHD Pro Monitor Review

If you’re in the market for a premium professional wide-gamut monitor, it makes sense to add high pixel density to your list of criteria. To that end, we’re looking at Asus’ PA329Q today. It’s a 32-inch IPS panel with Ultra HD resolution.

Diagnose car problems with your smartphone or tablet

Got a 'Check Engine' light on your dash, staring at you? Wonder what it means? Wonder how much it will cost you to fix? Wondering if you can fix it yourself, if only you knew what it meant?

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