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MSI Outs Eight New Motherboards With AMD 'Godavari' APU Support

Today, MSI announced the release of several new motherboards for AMD FM2+ chipsets, featuring compatibility for AMD's upcoming Godavari processors.

Microsoft sheds light on Windows 10 revenue, future OS pricing plans

Microsoft announced it would begin deferring revenue on enterprise as well as consumer sales of Windows 10. Buried in that dry-sounding announcement are intriguing hints about how Microsoft intends to earn money off Windows -- and what it means for ordinary users.

AMD Radeon R9 380 GPU Spotted In HP ENVY Tower

HP published a press release about some new PCs that will launch later this year, and one of them offers the AMD Radeon R9 380. Wait, what?

Microsoft kills off Windows Media Center for Windows 10

It's been a long time since we heard any news from Microsoft regarding Windows Media Center, and now it seems the company is driving the final nail into the coffin.

ASRock Rack Announces Mini-ITX LGA2011-3 Motherboard, with Quad-Channel SO-DIMM DDR4

Hot on the heels of the recent announcement of a Haswell-E based mini-ITX motherboard from the main motherboard division of ASRock, the ASRock X99E-ITX, the server division has decided to release one of their own. One of the main complaints...Show More Summary

Justice Department to review use of stingrays, other surveillance equipment

The Justice Department has announced that it will review its use of stingrays and other surveillance technologies -- a baby step in the right direction, but a far cry from what's needed.

Facebook Refines Internet.Org Open Platform

Hoping to grow the services available in, Facebook has developed a new open platform.

Mozilla Deprecating HTTP For A More Secure Web

Mozilla announced that it's going to deprecate browser features for non-secure HTTP content and will build new features only for HTTPS connections.

The 25 Best SSDs (Solid State Drives) For Your Money: May 2015

Now with the even faster Samsung SM951 SSD! 25 recommendations to help you find the best SSD for your needs!

Cosmic rays will melt your brain

A few years ago, researchers asked what really happens to your brain when you you irradiate it. Now those same researchers have asked the next logical question: What happens to your brain on the way to Mars?

DeepCool's Unique Tristellar Case Available in June, Will Cost $399

At last, DeepCool announced global availability information for its striking Tristellar Mini-ITX case.

ET deals: Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon 14-inch 1080p Ultrabook for $925

If you need a lightweight laptop with all-day battery life, check out the ThinkPad X1 Carbon from Lenovo. It weighs less than three pounds, measures just seven-tenths of an inch thick, and offers nearly 11 hours of battery life between charges. If you commute or travel frequently, this fantastic little Ultrabook is a great investment.

Update to PSU Testing 2015: A Minor Change

Today I want to discuss a minor change in our PSU testing procedures, and how they have evolved since our 2014 - How We Test PSUs pipeline post. To date, all of our testing was being done in accordance with Intel's Power Supply Design...Show More Summary

The Surface 3 Review

The Surface lineup for Microsoft has been extremely interesting to watch. What first launched in October 2012 as the Surface RT has been constantly iterated upon, and of course the Surface Pro line has evolved even faster. The Surface...Show More Summary

Eight pounds of computing muscle car: Hands on with the HP ZBook 17 G2

What do you get if mobile performance is your goal, and you're willing to pay up for it? An HP ZBook 17 G2 with high-end GPU. We go hands on with one and share our findings.

Astronomers find great big planet orbiting tiny little star

The dimmest class of stars could be hiding some huge planetary secrets.

Tesla Powerwall: not much cheaper and also a bit wimpier than existing batteries

Elon Musk's revolution will not be electrified It's pretty and batteries are ugly – but Tesla's Powerwall is more like an incremental change than a radical disruption.…

Samsung S6/S6 Edge memory bug

Owners of Samsung's new flagship smartphone are complaining of a RAM management bug which causes apps to be refreshed when multitasking, which in turn causes background apps to lose their content.

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