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Razer Unveils Wildcat Xbox Controller, Updated Nabu Wearable At PAX Prime

Razer is taking a break from showing off PC peripherals at PAX Prime to shine some light on its console and wearable products.

Acer founder declares company would welcome a takeover bid

According to Acer's founder, Stan Shih, the company would welcome a takeover effort or interest from its competitors.

'Time Machine VR' Title Launches In Early Access, Demo Shown At PAX

Montreal, Canada-based Minority Media Inc. launched "Time Machine VR," one of the first VR exclusive titles in "Early Access" through Steam. The company is showing the game off to attendees at PAX Prime, and has the game on sale for the weekend.

Chrome 45 To Automatically Block Auto-Playing Flash Ads

Google announced that starting with the next version of Chrome, which should launch on September 1, all auto-playing Flash ads will be blocked by default. Advertisers are recommended to convert their Flash ads to HTML5 by then.

Breaking Bad pilot becomes first 4K content pirated from Netflix

The supposedly unbreakable HDCP 2.2 didn't stop noted release group iON from posting a torrent of the 4K Breaking Bad pilot from Netflix.

AMD Quietly Releases Radeon R9 370X, China-Only For Now

Back in June when AMD launched the Radeon 300 series, AMD made the unusual move of only releasing refresh SKUs for around half of their products. While the 390 series saw the release of the vanilla 390 and 390X parts, the 380, 370, and 360 were all released with just one SKU respectively. Show More Summary

The Intel Skylake i7-6700K Overclocking Performance Mini-Test to 4.8 GHz

At the time of our Skylake review of both the i7-6700K and the i5-6600K, due to the infancy of the platform and other constraints, we were unable to probe the performance uptake of the processors as they were overclocked. Our overclock...Show More Summary

Chrome will automatically block Flash ads starting September 1

On September 1, Google Chrome will turn the lights out on Flash for good.

Valve and HTC Push Wide Release Of Vive VR Headset To 2016

Valve isn't a stranger to product delays or discrepancies between promised launches and when a product actually launches. This is often joking referred to as Valve Time, and it seems that Valve's hardware endeavors are no safer from it than their video games are. Show More Summary

First DX12 Game Available Today, 'ARK: Survival Evolved' Free Through The Weekend On Steam

"Ark: Survival Evolved" will be getting an exciting update later today. The "Early Access" game is to receive the highly anticipated DirectX 12 update, making it the first commercially available DX12 title.

Fake EFF Domain Spreads Malware In Spear Phishing Campaign

Google helped the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) to uncover a spear phishing campaign that was using a fake domain to infect certain targets.

Corsair Showcases Production 'Bulldog' Barebones HTPC At Pax Prime

Corsair finalized the production version of its Bulldog barebone HTPC concept, and is showcasing it at Pax Prime.

Samsung Galaxy Note5 And Galaxy S6 Edge+ Review: More Of A Good Thing

Samsung has done very well with a couple of key design elements in their previous smartphone offerings, curved displays and the larger format Galaxy Note line. The Galaxy Note series has done especially well for the brand, with a user base that doesn't mind a bit more heft in exchange for more screen real estate, as well as other unique functionality...

Self-healing material could patch up damaged spacecraft in under a second

A new material created by University of Michigan researchers could patch holes in spacecraft caused by small impacts.

ET deals: Lenovo H50-50 quad-core desktop PC for $650

If you're in need of a flexible desktop tower on the cheap, take a look at the H50-50 desktop PC from Lenovo. With a spacious solid-state hybrid drive, a quad-core CPU, and a one year warranty, this model is an absolute steal when you use today's coupon code.

The Tesla Model S demolishes Consumer Reports’ rating system

Spinal Tap's stereo went to 11. So why can't Consumer Reports have a car that goes to 103, not just 100?

PAX Goers Have Multiple Chances To Try HTC's Vive VR

VR demoa have been covered extensively by the tech media, but there have been few chances for the public to try out any of the upcoming VR HMDs. This weekend at PAX, there will be three different stations available to give HTC’s Vive a trial run.

Blossom Smart Watering Controller Review

Home automation has garnered renewed attention, thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT) revolution. Many vendors targeting this market look to deliver solutions for aspects appealing to a broader audience. Some examples include lighting, temperature control, security using IP cameras etc. Show More Summary

AMIDuOS V2 Shows Increased Performance, Decreased Stability

We tested out AMIDuOS V2.0 to see how the program has changed over the last six months of development.

Honor 7 – heir apparent to the mid-range Android crown

Huawei's nicely honed handset with nowt left out Review  With a starting price of £249, the Honor 7 is a quality phone that offers astonishing value for money: and it could be a genuine game-changer for how people buy phones. Not only...Show More Summary

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