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Huawei P8 And P8 Max Unveiled: Ultra-Slim Flagships With Advanced Camera Features, Long Battery Life

Huawei announced its latest flagship devices: the ultra-thin Huawei P8 and Huawei P8 Max, with efficient Corte-A53-based Kirin 930 and Kirin 935 chips and high-quality cameras.

Sticks and stones may break my DRONES – but I'm worth $10bn, laughs China's 'copter giant

DJI set to be most valuable biz in RC aerial gizmos Chinese drone company DJI could become the world's most valuable unmanned aerial vehicle biz, following a round of fundraising said to place the manufacturer's worth at a cool $10bn (£6.7bn), according to reports.…

EU files complaint against Google over search ‘abuse,’ opens Android investigation

The EU has filed a formal complaint against Google, alleging antitrust activities -- and it's planning a separate investigation into Android.

Facebook Messenger matures into a platform — but can it succeed as one?

Is it possible for Facebook Messenger to evolve into a real communication and even payment platform, and thereby succeed where Google Wave and others have failed?

HTC One M9 Review: Lollipop, Octa-Core Snapdragon, Boomsound Impress

As has become the norm in the smartphone era, major manufacturers are seemingly expected to launch a new version of their flagship phone annually. On top of that, the average consumer clearly expects greater improvements and features with each successive release. It’s a tall order to meet such demands on an annual cycle, but that’s exactly...

Huawei Announces New P8 And P8 Max

Today at the London launch event Huawei announced two new successors in the Ascend P-series of smartphones: the P8 and P8max. Noticeable lacking during the announcement is the Ascend brand name. It seems Huawei has dropped it in favour of the simpler P8 and P8max model names. Show More Summary

SpaceX launch recap: Dragon headed to space station, but Falcon 9 landing fails again

If SpaceX can get vertical rocket landings figured out, it could dramatically lower the cost of getting cargo into space.

Real-time visualization of nanoparticles interacting with tumor cells

Nanoparticle-based therapies have shown great promise for treating several kinds of disease. The next step is to understanding exactly what happens when we introduce particles of various sizes and shapes to the body, as well as when we later activate them with optical or electromagnetic energy.

ET deals: Buy a Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge at T-Mobile, save 25% off accessories

Are you looking to get a new smartphone? Well, Samsung just released two new models in its popular Galaxy S product line, and T-Mobile has both of them on offer. Even if you're still stuck in a contract with another carrier, T-Mobile is actually willing to buy out your contract for you. Show More Summary

HP flash splash at National Association of Broadcasters bash

OEMs Samsung tech, announces new flash-equipped workstations HP has been flashing at the National Association of Broadcasters' event in Las Vegas, announcing desktop PCIe SSDs for media mavens to manipulate their massive files.…

Imagination's Ensigma Whisper RPUs Promise Lowest Power Consumption For IoT And Wearables

Imagination announced the Ensigma Whisper radio processor family for IoT and wearables that includes support for Wi-Fi 802.11n and Bluetooth Smart.

Imagination Launches New Low Power Wireless IP: Ensigma Whisper

Today Imagination is launching a new set of licensable wireless intellectual property (IP) called 'Ensigma Whisper' to complement its portfolio of other SoC IPs. This announcement gives Imagination a more complete portfolio of large SoC IP blocks and notably differentiates Imagination from ARM who does not have a comparable wireless IP offering. Show More Summary

Lawyer in whistleblower case claims police deliberately attempted to infect his system with malware

A lawyer in Arkansas alleges the Fort Smith police department fought requests for documents and the discovery process. When it finally produced some of the missing emails and documentation, it deliberately handed them out using a portable hard drive infected with multiple keyloggers and trojans.

Huawei P8 Launch Live Blog (10AM EDT)

Huawei is set to launch their new non-phablet flagship, the P8, today in London. I'm on hand at the press event, which starts at 10AM EDT / 3PM BST.

Health apps and wearables make your nervous, not fit, say debating boffins

'Humanity is wasting its time on monitoring life rather than living it' says GP in BMJ The British Medical Journal has staged a debate of on the topic “Can healthy people benefit from health apps?”…

ASUS GR Series Goes Broadwell i5-5200U: The GR6

At Computex last year ASUS formally announced its mini-PC platform in the shape of the GR8. It was designed to fit within a bookcase on a shelf and act as a mini-Steam PC for gaming and streaming duties with its i7 U-series Haswell processor and integrated GTX 750Ti. Show More Summary

Intel Reports Q1 2015 Earnings: Lower PC Sales And Higher Data Center Revenues

Intel released their Q1 2015 earnings today. The company posted revenues of $12.8 billion USD for the quarter which is down 13% from Q4 2014, and flat year-over-year. Gross Margin was 60.5%, which is up 0.9% over Q1 2014 and down 4.9% over last quarter. Show More Summary

Microsoft bunging free stuff on Galaxy S6es? Not so fast – US telcos

Apps scrubbed from AT&T, Verizon mobes, because choice Microsoft has been working with smartphone makers to get its mobile apps onto more customers' phones, but as long as carriers have a say in it, Redmond might not be able to obtain the broad reach it's hoping for.…

Asus Leaks Images And Details Of New ROG GR6 Game Console

The Asus ROG GR6 is still under development, but Asus posted some pictures and a few hardware specs to keep us interested until its new system comes out.

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