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ECS Announces Z97-PK: A Motherboard with ‘One Key OC’ 4.7 GHz for Pentium G3258

With the launch of the overclockable Pentium G3258 processor, some motherboard manufacturers have been scrambling to get a cheaper product to market to be the centre point of a Pentium based build. We covered ASRock’s Z97 Anniversary...Show More Summary

Things are looking up in Flappy Bird sequel

'Swing Copters' offers the same gameplay but in a different direction Game developer Dong Nguyen, the man behind Flappy Bird, has revealed the name and look of his next game.…

AMD Jumps Into the SSD Market: Radeon R7 Series SSD Launched

Back in 2011, AMD made a rather unexpected move and expanded its Radeon brand to include memory in addition to graphics cards. With today's announcement AMD is adding another member to its Radeon family by releasing Radeon R7 Series SSDs. Show More Summary

AMD Radeon R7 Series 240GB SSD Review

AMD is launching a new family of products today, but unless you follow the rumor mill pretty closely, it’s probably not something you’d expect. It’s not a new CPU or APU. And it’s not a new GPU or memory kit either. Well then, “what could it be” you ask? Today, AMD is launching its first line of solid state...

ARM's Cortex M: Even Smaller and Lower Power CPU Cores

ARM (and its partners) were arguably one of the major causes of the present day smartphone revolution. While AMD and Intel focused on using Moore’s Law to drive higher and higher performing CPUs, ARM and its partners used the same physics to drive integration and lower power. Show More Summary

EVGA Torq X10 Gaming Mouse Review

EVGA recently sent us their new Torq X10, a gaming mouse that also marks EVGA's first foray into the gaming peripheral market. On paper, it boasts excellent features and specifications. We are going to find out if it can live up to the high expectations of both the company and the consumers in this review.

Oculus sucked by Zuck? 'I'm over it' – Minecraft supremo Notch

Great, so when's the port to Rift vom-goggles? The man behind Minecraft says he is warming to the virtual-reality headsets made by Facebook-owned Oculus – and backing off a threat to never port his world-building game to the Rift hardware.…

Origami might change the way NASA builds solar panels

A new type of solar panel for spacecrafts blooms like a flower thanks to origami-inspired design.

August Xbox One system update brings 3D, remote downloads

This month's Xbox One system update is rolling out today, and it adds some long-awaited features. 3D Blu-ray support, remote game downloads, and improved notifications are all being added. These frequent additions and refinements certainly...Show More Summary

iPhone 6 flip tip slips in Aussie's clip: Apple's 'reversible USB' leaks

New plug not compatible with official Type-C, according to fresh rumors Pic  Apple is working on a new reversible USB plug for its next iPhone's charger cable, it's rumored.…

HP Pavilion 23xi IPS LED-backlit monitor for $135

Adding an additional monitor to your office setup is a great way to increase productivity or even just improve your ergonomics, so you spend less time looking down at a laptop screen. HP has just slashed the price of their 23-inch IPS monitor, now just $135 after a coupon. That's a huge 41% off the usual price.

Rosetta spacecraft takes amazing 3D image of comet’s topography

After over four billion miles and 10 years, the European Space Agency's Rosetta probe reached its target to become the first-ever spacecraft to orbit a comet. Since then, we've received a slow trickle of images taken by the probe. Now, the ESA has released a shot so close to the comet that we can clearly see the space rock's intricate topography. Show More Summary

The American Midwest: Traveling where the cloud can’t follow

I love visiting with my family, but it comes with one major downside: the location. You see, my dad's family all live in rural Ohio and West Virginia -- where the cloud goes to die. Not only is cell coverage spotty, but residential internet access isn't much better. Show More Summary

NAS Units as VM Hosts: QNAP's Virtualization Station Explored

Virtualization has been around since the 1960s, but it has emerged as a hot topic over the last decade or so. Despite the rising popularity, its applications have been mostly restricted to enterprise use. Hardware-assisted virtualization...Show More Summary

FMS 2014: HGST Announces FlashMAX III PCIe SSDs

Continuing with our Flash Memory Summit coverage, HGST announced their FlashMAX III enterprise SSD, which is the first fruit of HGST's Virident acquistion and continues Virident's FlashMAX brand. The FlashMAX III will come in half-height, half-length form factor and will be available in capacities of 1100GB, 1650GB and 2200GB. Show More Summary

Windows 9 technical preview, the first step towards fixing Windows, may appear next month

Windows 8 has been a bit of a train wreck for Microsoft as users have expressed their displeasure in the tablet-oriented direction. Windows 9 is supposed to pull it back, and the first technical preview may be just a month away.

FMS 2014: SanDisk ULLtraDIMM to Ship in Supermicro's Servers

We are running a bit late with our Flash Memory Summit coverage as I did not get back from the US until last Friday, but I still wanted to cover the most interesting tidbits of the show. ULLtraDIMM (Ultra Low Latency DIMM) was initially...Show More Summary

Browser Face-Off: Chrome 37 Beta Battery Life Revisited

Last week we posted our Browser Face-Off: Battery Life Explored 2014, where the battery run down times of Firefox 31, IE11 Desktop, IE11 Modern, Chrome 36, and Chrome 37 beta were tested on Windows. We used GUI automation to open browsers, tabs, and visit websites to simulate a real user in a light reading pattern. Show More Summary

TV transport tech, part 1: From server to sofa at the touch of a button

You won't believe how much goes into today's telly tech Feature  Ah, the magic of television. With the press of a button and the twist of a knob, the residents of homes around the country could cosy up for an evening's entertainment as the set warmed up to a steady monochrome glow – with the lucky ones able to tune in to BBC 2.…

Top Gun display for your CAR: Heads-up fighter pilot tech

Sadly Navdy kit doesn't include Sidewinder missile to blast traffic Car-display manufacturer Navdy has refuted claims that its new device is dangerous, saying there are plenty of precedents for the technology.…

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