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Dell To Add Off-Host BIOS Verification To Endpoint Security Suite Enterprise

At CES this year, Dell kind of broke from tradition and focused more on their business products. When I had a chance to talk to them, they were very enthusiastic about the fact that Dell is one of the few companies that does complete end to end solutions for the enterprise. Show More Summary

Like your iPhone, but not enough to touch it? This patent's for you

Apple gearing up for a mega Surface challenge? Do you baulk at the size of Microsoft’s mega Surface Hub whiteboard, and want something a little more Apple-tastic for your wall?…

A new budget exoskeleton could help paraplegics walk at a drastically lower price

A new type of powered exoskeleton aims to extend the benefits of the technology to people at a much lower price tag.

Pebble punts out new firmware to watch you as you sleep

Where are the straps? Pebble delivered a major update today to its watches, which boast the biggest third party app ecosystem of any wearable platform.…

Scottish MP calls for drone-busting eagles

Impressed by Dutch anti-UAV squadron plan A Scottish MP has suggested cops north of the border might consider the idea of drone-busting eagles, following recent Dutch trials of a winged anti-UAV operative.…

Logitech, Matured: The G810 Orion Spectrum Mechanical Keyboard

With its latest mechanical keyboard, Logitech G proves it has style and taste to accompany its thorough development of the underlying tech.

OCZ Trion 150 SSD Firmware Tweaked To Boost Sequential Data Transfer Performance

On the surface, the OCZ Trion 150 is a revamped Trion 100 with Toshiba 15nm flash. Under the cover, OCZ tweaked the firmware to enable more sequential data transfer performance.

Mushkin Reactor 256GB SSD Review

Mushkin's Reactor SSDs sell for very low prices online, and the 1TB model is one of our top value picks. Is the 256GB model as good of a value? We answer that today.

ioSafe Launches BDR 515 Backup and Disaster Recovery Appliance

ioSafe's disaster-resistant storage devices are unique in the market. Yesterday, they introduced the latest member of their backup and data recovery (BDR) server lineup - the BDR 515. It is a 6-bay x86 NAS running Windows Server 2012 R2. Show More Summary

Soft Machines' 'Virtual Cores' Promise 2-4x Performance/Watt Advantage Over Competing CPUs

Soft Machines' Virtual Instruction Set Architecture uses the concept of "virtual cores" to better distribute threads between two or more physical cores. The company claimed this offers better performance per watt than competing CPU architectures.

Eurocom's Sky X9 Receives A Mobile Workstation GPU

Eurocom announced the new Sky X9W, a workstation variant to its Sky X9 desktop-replacement laptop, featuring an Nvidia Quadro workstation processor.

GogglePal Brings Augmented Reality To The Slopes

GogglePal, a new universally mounted augmented reality heads-up display, allows users to track their stats while skiing/boarding.

Tesla PowerWall is a good deal if you don't mind a 25-year payback

So says consumer mag Choice. Elon Musk says version 2 will do better It's got a ten-year warranty and an unknown battery life, but the Tesla PowerWall will pay for itself, eventually.…

The Pentagon’s official F-35 bug list is terrifying

The F-35's most recent bug list and product status has been released. The aircraft's state remains abysmal, and the DoD is counseling against any kind of bulk purchasing program.

European Commission Targets 'Bitcoin Anonymity' For Regulation

The European Commission proposed an "action plan" that targets prepaid cards and "Bitcoin anonymity" with new regulation that would force users to reveal their identities before converting Bitcoin into real currencies.

UK approves CRISPR for editing human embryonic genome

Belay the controversy: just the facts about this first-in-the-world proposal to alter the genome of healthy human embryos.

'Dust 514' Shutting Down In May, New FPS Game In The Works For PC

CCP Games' first-person shooter on the PlayStation 3 is shutting down after three years. A new FPS game is in development for the PC based on "Dust 514" and the work from Project Legion.

One killed in potential aircraft bombing, Somali jet makes emergency landing

A suspected terrorist bombing forced Daallo Airlines Flight D3159 to make an emergency landing yesterday just minutes after departing the airport. Flight delays may have saved lives, as the bomb exploded shortly after takeoff rather than at high altitude.

HP Pro Slate 8 Review: Nifty Duet Pen, Premium Pricing

If you like the idea of using a stylus with your mobile device, then you probably prefer the precision and additional functionality over the convenience of a fingertip. That, or you've picked up a brand-new HP Pro Slate 8, a tablet targeted at working professionals that includes a rather useful and unique accessory dubbed the "Duet Pen" that...

AbleGamers 'Expansion Packs' Bring Assistive Gaming To More People, And Faster

The AbleGamers Foundation Expansion Packs initiative will provide group care facilities with equipment that allows disabled individuals the ability to play video games they may not otherwise be able to experience.

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