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Chevrolet launches Apple CarPlay, Android Auto across 14 models

Most of Chevy's 2016 model lineup is compatible with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto connections to your dash. Unlike Hyundai, existing cars aren't compatible.

Nest rival: Smartphones will decide who wins in the Internet of Stuff war

Ecobee CEO on Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, thermostats and more Interview  It's almost impossible to talk to anyone about the internet of things right now without them drawing some kind of connection to the Nest smart thermostat.…

Researchers: SSDs struggle in virtual machines thanks to garbage collection

New research shows that consumer SSDs struggle to maintain high IOPS in scenarios where multiple simultaneous VMs are installed -- and enterprise SSDs may perform little better.

CBS boss says he'll show off his crown jewels on Apple TV – for a large enough check

Only a matter of time before network succumbs to Cupertino The head of US TV giant CBS said he is open to a deal that would put the network's programming on Apple's TV boxes – if the price is right.…

SilverStone Packs 700 W Into Teeny SFX-L Power Supply

SilverStone's latest SFX PSU can push up to 700 W. Who's thinking dual-GPU graphics card in a Mini-ITX case?

Private Internet Access VPN Service Review

PIA is one of the leading VPN services, and perhaps the most popular. Here's our reader-based assessment of PIA, and results of our own hands-on testing.

NASA wants to turn CubeSats into full-fledged planetary explorers

A new concept for planetary entry radically reimagines our robotic explorers as a swarm probes the size of a loaf of bread.

Boffins create tiny holographic battery that fits INSIDE a chip

Tech that's not hard to swallow intended for aspirin-sized medical devices A battery small enough to be mounted inside a chip has been developed at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.…

Google I/O 2015 rumor roundup: Android M, Glass, new Photos, and more

Google's annual dev conference has become much more than a place for developers to schmooze. Here's what to expect.

Western Digital Revamps My Passport Ultra, My Passport For Mac With 3 TB Models

WD updated its My Passport Ultra and My Passport for Mac external drives. New capacities range up to 3 TB.

Revisiting GameWorks: AMD, Nvidia tangle over optimizations to The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Nvidia and AMD have tangled once again over GameWorks. We investigate, including the murky world of game optimization.

SanDisk Brings Z Series SSDs To Mainstream And Embedded Markets

SanDisk launched a new low cost SSD for the mainstream PC and embedded market. The Z400s is a DRAM-less design with the new Silicon Motion SM2246XT controller and SanDisk's 1Znm MLC flash.

Russian 'Baikal-T1' Chip Comes With Dual-Core MIPS CPU And OmniShield Support

Imagination announced today that the Russian company Baikal Electronics is now using the MIPS P5600 CPU in its Baikal-T1 chip for networking devices.

Lenovo Updates Enthusiast Z-Series And IdeaPad Series With Three New Laptop Lines

At Lenovo Tech World, Lenovo announced three new consumer laptop lines in the IdeaPad series and the enthusiast Z-series.

Spot the CPU: Russian Baikal-T1 SoC Goes MIPS

If you keep your ear to the ground with the technology press, you can’t help but notice a few news stories hitting the ground when it comes to Russia, and a slow progression away from x86 relying on home-grown silicon for enterprise applications. Show More Summary

MIT researchers pioneer technique for mass-producing graphene

This fabrication method could facilitate the mass production of graphene in large, continuous sheets.

Get a ZTE Force smartphone for $24.99, enjoy free mobile data from FreedomPop

Whether you're on a tight budget or simply in need of a secondary smartphone, you definitely need to check out today's deal from FreedomPop. For just $24.99, you'll get a ZTE Force smartphone running Android 4.0, and a month of unlimited talk, text, and data for free. The best part? No long-term contracts!

NetUSB vulnerability leaves millions of connected devices open to attack

Security researchers have published proof-of-concept code for a major router vulnerability leveraging a popular Linux kernel driver that could be used by hackers to compromise millions of connected devices.

Microsoft boosts iOS and Android compatibility with Windows 10

Microsoft has announced it will release new software called Phone Companion for Windows 10, as well as new and mobile apps that will give Android and iPhone owners a better experience with Windows 10 and the company's cloud services...

The AMD A10-7700K and AMD A6-7400K CPU Mini-Review

In recent months and quarters I have had discussions about why CPU manufacturers offer a number of processors each separated by $7 and 100 MHz. The obvious answer (but not always the logical answer) is to cater for what the customer wants by overloading them with choice. Show More Summary

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