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AMD Ryzen 5 2400G Tests: How Much Does Memory Impact Gaming?

Eager to coax more performance from AMD's Raven Ridge-based processors, we reinstalled our Ryzen 5 2400G to see how it reacts to different memory frequencies, timings, and DIMM configurations.

Buying a Used Graphics Card? What to Watch For

With new GPUs selling for outrageous prices, people are looking everywhere they can to find a graphics card that doesn’t break the bank. For some, a used GPU may be the answer, but you need to take caution when considering this opti...

Nvidia Releases Game Ready Driver For ‘Final Fantasy XV,’ ‘Warhammer: Vermintide 2’

Nvidia has released a new version of the GeForce driver, 391.01 WHQL. It optimizes the experience of using GeForce cards with the upcoming titles 'Final Fantasy XV' and 'Warhammer: Vermintide 2' as well as the recently released 'World of Tanks 1.0.'

Seasonic Prime Titanium Fanless 600W PSU Review

Seasonic finally has a Prime Titanium fanless power supply to show off. This 600W model was long-awaited by enthusiasts looking for complete silence. And it's an ultra-high performance PSU that trounces most actively-cooled competit...

EKWB Releases Full Cover GPU Water Block for Titan V

EKWB is releasing water blocks for NVIDIA’s flagship GPU offering in the Volta-powered GeForce Titan V. The Titan V, released in December 2017, isn’t pegged to be a gaming card, but it is clear EK appears to believe a market exists for those who would like additional cooling on their $3000 video card. Show More Summary

Nokia’s 8110, aka the ‘Matrix Phone,’ Returns in May

Last year, Nokia announced the nostalgia fueled Nokia 3310. This year, it's announcing the 8110, the so-called "Matrix phone." The post Nokia’s 8110, aka the ‘Matrix Phone,’ Returns in May appeared first on ExtremeTech.

Lenovo Dishes On 3D XPoint DIMMS, Apache Pass In ThinkSystem SD650

Can you imagine a 512GB memory stick? Intel's Apache Pass makes that a reality in Lenovo's new ThinkSystem SD650.

SanDisk Has A 400GB MicroSD Card For $300

SanDisk has a new microSD card that offers 400GB of storage in the size of your fingernail with A2 specification performance for blazing fast application speed on your mobile device, with a corresponding $300 price tag.

Samsung AR Emoji: It Almost Looks Like Me, I Guess

BARCELONA, ESP – One of the ‘innovations’ of the latest generations of smartphones have been interactive avatars that devolve into emoji. By using a bit of photography and some real-time face mapping, users on certain devices can create mini-avatars of themselves or emulate other non-humanoid avatars. Show More Summary

Massdrop: Nvidia Expects GPU Prices to Rise Through Q3 2018

Hardware community Massdrop is predicting GPU prices will remain high through Q3 of this year. Here's hoping they're wrong. The post Massdrop: Nvidia Expects GPU Prices to Rise Through Q3 2018 appeared first on ExtremeTech.

WD Announces Fast NVMe Storage For IoT Devices, Maybe An In-House Controller

Western Digital announced two new high-performance NVMe SSDs for the client market, but there may be more to this story.

Bringing Vulkan to Apple's Platforms: Khronos Group Announces Open Source MoltenVK 1.0 & SDKs

One of the unfortunate outcomes of Apple's desire to build their own top-to-bottom software ecosystems is that the company has gradually pulled away from supporting common APIs, particularly in graphics. Whereas early this decade Apple...Show More Summary

Intel Launches Stratix 10 TX: Leveraging EMIB with 58G Transceivers

One of the key takeaways from Hot Chips last year was that Intel’s EMIB strategy was going to be fixed primarily in FPGAs to begin with. Intel instigated a bridge and chiplet strategy: with the right FPGA, up to six different chiplets can be added via EMIB in a single package. Show More Summary

Galaxy S9 Exynos 9810 Hands-On - Awkward First Results

Following our launch article I promised an update on the performance scores of the Exynos 9810 variant of the Galaxy S9. I was able to have some time with one of the demo devices at the launch event and thoroughly benchmark it with a...Show More Summary

Samsung Announces The Galaxy S9 and S9+

Today Samsung is announcing the Galaxy S9 and S9+. Both devices bring iterative designs over the Galaxy S8 – which is not a bad thing. The camera sees significant upgrades with both a new innovative camera sensor as well as an industry first-adjustable lens that can switch between f/1.5 and f/2.4 apertures. Show More Summary

MWC 2018: Samsung Galaxy S9 Press Event Live Blog (5pm UTC, Noon ET)

This is it. The biggest unkept secret in recent tech media, now coming to Mobile World Congress. Samsung's show is busy, and we're sitting as far forward as we were able to get, after queuing for two hours. This is Samsung, let us be your guides.

MWC 2018: Nokia Press Event Live Blog (3pm UTC, 10am ET)

Nokia smartphones, as managed by HMD Global, have a number of announcements this year as part of the Nokia press event. We are sitting here, eagerly awaiting to report on what is going on.

MWC 2018: ZTE Blade v9 Live Blog (3pm UTC, 10am ET)

Whirlwind stop at ZTE as part of the MWC Press Event escapades. ZTE last announced the Axon M, a folding smartphone. We're likely to see the Blade v9 at today's event!

Hands On with the LG V30s ThinQ: Artificial Intelligence

BARCELONA, ESP — At Mobile World Congress this year, LG introduced the V30S ThinQ, the new flagship for the company. The new handset builds upon the V30 launched in October, but has added features, such as the introduction of a version...Show More Summary

How to Stress-Test CPUs and PCs (Like We Do)

In the second part of our stress-testing series, we show you how to punish your CPU and GPU, examining which configurations produce the largest possible loads and most waste heat. Then, we generate normal loads that closely replicate gaming.

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