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Opera, not Microsoft Edge, is the best for battery life, says Opera

"Better luck next time, Microsoft!" says Opera's director of software development, who criticized the Redmond giant for not being transparent about its testing methodology.

Radeon R9 380 vs. GeForce GTX 960 Video Card Review

Let's compare a Radeon R9 380 and a GeForce GTX 960 4 GiB video cards, to find which one is the fastest mainstream video card on the market. The post Radeon R9 380 vs. GeForce GTX 960 Video Card Review appeared first on Hardware Secrets.

Game Review – Overwatch

Overwatch is the new FPS game from Blizzard. Why are everyone talking about it? Let's find out! The post Game Review – Overwatch appeared first on Hardware Secrets.

XSPC Releases Nine Watercooling Kits With Raystorm Pro Blocks, D5 Pumps

XSPC recently released the Raystorm Pro CPU waterblock. Today, the company revealed nine preconfigured watercooling kits featuring the new block.

PC Games Of E3 2016

PC gaming continues to grow and is slowly taking up more and more of E3, which is traditionally known as a more console-oriented event.

Conquest Mode In 'Battlefield 1,' Hands On At E3

I joined 63 other players in an epic World War I battle in the French countryside for control of multiple locations on the large map.

Flat science budgets could kill the Arecibo Observatory, the world’s largest telescope

The Arecibo telescope has been a landmark observatory for 50 years, but limited funding could see the facility shut down in the near future.

Brain training is nothing more than a placebo: study

You might like to think you can make yourself smarter, and that's the basis of the $1 billion brain training industry. It's looking like it's all nonsense, though.

Scaring Myself To Death In VR With The 'Resident Evil 7 Teaser: Beginning Hour' Demo

Capcom's VR demo for "Resident Evil VII" is beautifully created, but it's also a terrifying experience.

'Flatpak' Is The Universal Linux Packaging Format That Puts 'Security First'

The recently released "flatpak" Linux packaging format promises to make security its main priority, while also making Linux apps as universal as possible.

BMW i3 batteries get recycled for home power backup

BMW's Second Life program finds a home for used (but not dead) BMW i3 batteries. Each module powers an American house for about a day.

Dell tempts hordes with MASSIVE DISCOUNTS on PCs

By massive we mean, er, not very big at all... Dell is charming PC punters with a promo and the reaction is much the same as that of the ambassadors' guests when they were handed spherical balls of hazelnut goodness in the Ferrero Rocher ads.…

IBM to deliver 200-petaflop supercomputer by early 2018; Cray moves to Intel Xeon Phi

More supercomputer news this week: The US is responding to China’s new Sunway TiahuLight system that was announced Monday, and fast. First, the Department of Energy’s (DOE) Oak Ridge National Laboratory is expected to take delivery of a new IBM system, named Summit, in early 2018 that will now be capable of 200 peak petaflops, Computerworld…

Microsoft claims Edge delivers 70% more battery life than Chrome

Redmond is claiming that Edge can deliver up to 70% more battery life than Google Chrome -- and while obviously biased, Microsoft may be right.

Amazon unveils all-new Kindle

Amazon has unveiled a new, thinner, lighter Kindle with more storage.

A lot of what Apple does is 'user-hostile and stupid' -- and we have only ourselves to blame

Opinion: If Apple does drop the headphone jack from the iPhone, that will indeed be a "user-hostile and stupid" move. But that's nothing new for Apple.

BitFenix Pandora ATX Case Review

The Pandora ATX offers a surprisingly high-end feature at an equally surprising price. How well does the rest of the case stand up to its competitors?

Drobo 5Dt Supports Both Thunderbolt 2 And USB 3.0

Drobo added "Turbo" to the "5D" name, but the performance increase comes from using TB2 to quadruple the bandwidth to the host over the previous model. The new 5Dt still supports USB 3.0 at 5Gbps for systems without the high-performance interface.

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