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Microsoft wants to be part of Judgment Day, too: Introducing the Project Adam artificial intelligence

Microsoft has unveiled Project Adam, its new artificial intelligence that it claims is 50 times faster than comparable state-of-the-art systems deployed by the likes of Google. Adam can look at an image of almost anything and tell you exactly what it is; it can even differentiate between a Pembroke and Cardigan corgi. Show More Summary

Microsoft: We were big in PCs but now PCs aren't big. We're a plucky challenger, OK?

Redmond's chief salesman: We're taking 'hard' decisions WPC  Microsoft’s chief salesman Kevin Turner has tried to turn his company’s crushing lateness on devices into a positive for the sake of partners and employees.…

Brit enterprises still wolfing down PCs post-XP support death

Lenovo closing in on HP as PCs continue to clamber out bog Tech disties feasted on a relative PC sales banquet in Q2 as businesses and to a lesser extent consumers made a belated dash to rid themselves of systems running on Windows ...

Thread Group Moots New IP Wireless Networking Protocol for IoT

The increasing popularity of home automation (HA) equipment as well as the upcoming wearable market opportunities have fueled the Internet of Things (IoT) revolution. In the home automation front, we have had a number of protocols / technologies vying to be the communication enabler. Show More Summary

Child diagnosed as allergic to iPad

Apple's fondleslab is the tablet dermatitis sufferers won't want to take A report in the American Journal of Pediatrics suggests that the presence of Nickel in Apple's first-generation iPad may have exacerbated an eleven-year-old child's dermatitis.…

Raspberry Pi 2 targeted for 2017, current model gets needed upgrade

The little computer that could, the Raspberry Pi, has been due for a hardware upgrade for quit some time, but the manufacturers have revealed that the anticipated day likely won't come until 2017.

ET deals: Dell UltraSharp UZ2715H 27-inch IPS monitor for $360

The Dell UltraSharp UZ2715H has a 1920x1080 display, utilizing a premium IPS panel with wide 178-degree viewing angles and an anti-glare coating to deliver an exceptional picture. This dynamic monitor is more than just a screen though, packing a pair of 5W speakers and a built-in 2MP webcam. Show More Summary

Harvesting energy from humidity: Free, green energy from leaping water droplets

The study of a super-hydrophobic surface has led to discovery of a method for generating power from condensation. Condensing water droplets literally leap off the surface and produce an electric charge that can be harvested.

Intel’s 14nm puzzle: As Skylake details leak, everybody asks – is the chip coming in 2015 or not?

Now, fresh rumors have leaked on Intel's Skylake chipset plans, all still pointing at a 2015 release. Will Intel pull an upset and launch two new processors inside 12 months?

Google Glass HOLED: Techno-specs' inventor jets to Amazon

'Visionary' sees brighter future away from cursed project An academic turned corporate researcher, described as "the visionary" behind Google Glass, has jumped ship to arch-rival Amazon.…

LG’s flexible and transparent OLED displays are the beginning of the e-paper revolution

In 2012 it was a flexible e-ink display. In 2013 it was the slightly flexible OLED display used in the G Flex smartphone. And now in 2014 LG has produced a massive, 18-inch OLED display that can be rolled up into a tight cylinder with a radius of just 3 centimeters (1.2 inches). Show More Summary

AMD FirePro W9100 vs NVIDIA Quadro K6000

It has been almost two years since AMD launched the FirePro W9000 and kicked off a new battle in the workstation GPU wars. Today, we're reviewing the company's FirePro W9100 -- a new card based on the same Hawaii-class GPU as the desktop R9 290 and R9 290X, but aimed at the workstation market and professional consumers. Does AMD's new card...

Forget Moore’s law: Hot and slow DRAM is a major roadblock to exascale and beyond

Any attempt to truly push the future of computing means fundamentally redesigning memory -- but after 40 years, can DRAM be easily swept aside?

Overclockable Pentium Anniversary Edition Review: The Intel Pentium G3258

Many industries, both inside and outside of technology, are versed in the terminology ‘cheap and cheerful’. When enthusiasts were overclocking their CPUs at the turn of the century, this was the case – taking a low cost part, such as the Celeron 300A, and adjusting one or two settings to make it run as fast as a Pentium III 450 MHz. Show More Summary

It’s like staring ‘into a black hole’: World’s darkest material will be used to make very stealthy aircraft, better telescopes

At a nondescript industrial park in south England, scientists have created a new super-black material -- fashioned out of carbon nanotubes -- that is so dark it's like "looking at a black hole." The material, called Vantablack, absorbs...Show More Summary

Netgear Launches ReadyRECOVER Appliances for Data Backup and Recovery

Netgear announced the launch of ReadyRECOVER appliances today to simplify data backup and recovery tasks for SMBs and enterprises. ReadyRECOVER appliances, at the hardware level, are the same as ReadyDATA units (Netgear's high-end ZFS-based NAS / SAN systems targeting large SMBs and enterprises). Show More Summary

Leaked build of Windows 9 shows reborn Start menu, Metro apps running on the Desktop

Over the last couple of days, screenshots that purport to be from an early build of Windows 9 (Threshold) have leaked online. Most notably, one of these screenshots includes the new, resurrected Start menu that Microsoft first showed off at its Build conference in April. Another screenshot shows Metro apps running in a window on the Desktop.

Phab-u-less: 5.5-inch iPhone 6 won't be released 'til NEXT YEAR

You must be pleased to see me - that's no iThing in your pocket The same Apple analyst who warned that most fanbois wouldn't be whispering into their iWatches until Christmas has advised that the embiggened "phablet" model of the iPhone 6 will not be released until next year.…

Reg hardware hunter spots HP SlateBook 14 Android in the wild

Currys serves up festive fare Pics  July isn’t over yet and so it follows, neither is, er, marketing Christmas. This time Currys/PC World was playing host to this summer PR tech fest that showcases products that’ll be in stores leading up to festive season.…

Do you know what TIME it is? The iWatch will be late – analyst

That Tag Heuer guy's barely settled in, right? The mythical iWatch might be able to tell the time, but that doesn't mean Apple will be punctual in releasing it, claims an analyst.…

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