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Intel Announces Q3 FY 2016 Earnings: Record Quarterly Revenue

Earlier this week, Intel announced their earnings for the third quarter of their 2016 fiscal year, and the company achieved new records across their business lines, resulting in a record quarterly revenue of $15.8 billion USD, up 9% compared to Q3 2015. Show More Summary

Kodak Ektra Smartphone Announced: MediaTek Helio X20, 21 MP Camera, USB-C

Eastman Kodak and the Bullitt Group on Thursday introduced the Ektra smartphone, which will be the first mainstream handset carrying the Kodak brand. The phone inherits its Ektra name from Kodak’s consumer cameras from the 1940s, and...Show More Summary

iPhone 7s with Intel modems struggle badly in low-signal areas

Intel and Qualcomm split the contract for the modem in Apple's iPhone 7, but early tests show significant differences between signal strength on the Intel modem versus its Qualcomm equivalent.

Intel Experiences PC Growth, 3D XPoint Samples Shipping By The Thousands

Intel recently provided updates to its stance in the PC market and its 3D XPoint launch schedule during its 3Q2016 earnings call. The company also updated its investors on the status of its new China-based Dalian fab.

How you can choose the best Macbook 12? – Fall 2016

Interested in the ultra-thin and ultralight Macbook 12" but not sure which model is the right one for you? This article is here to help you.

Nintendo Announces Switch Portable Gaming Console - Powered by NVIDIA Tegra

Earlier today Nintendo took the wraps off of their next generation console, Switch. Formerly known by the codename NX, the Switch is the successor to both Nintendo’s portable DS and set top Wii console lines, utilizing a portable, tablet-like unit that can be docked to behave like a set top console. Show More Summary

Nintendo announces Nvidia-powered Switch hybrid game console

Nintendo just unveiled its next-generation console, the Nintendo Switch. Will this hybrid platform reverse the company's poor living room hardware sales?

Razer Blade Pro Gets GTX 1080, Mechanical Keyboard, Weird Touchpad Placement

Razer announced a new thin and light gaming laptop with specs you wouldn't expect to find in a thin and light device.

Deep-dwelling bacteria could rewrite our understanding of where alien life could take hold

Radiotrophic bacteria we found in a mine shaft might force us to change our whole approach to the search for extraterrestrial life.

'Skype & Type' Attack Shows Feasability Of Acoustic Eavesdropping In VoIP Calls

Security researchers from three universities studied how they could intercept keyboard keystrokes through a VoIP call. Their research resulted in an acoustic eavesdropping attack that has an accuracy of up to 91.7%.

Acer's 24-Inch Predator XB1 Overclocks to 165Hz With G-Sync

Acer's new XB241YU promises buttery smooth and crystal clear images.

Cheapest Apple iPhone 7's memory is waaaaay slower than pricier model

Your donation is insufficient. Please buy again. Apple has found a new way of punishing their customers for not spending enough.…

Tesla declares victory on self-driving car hardware, announces full autonomous capability

Tesla has upgraded its Autopilot hardware to a level it claims will be able to support its new Full Self-Driving Capability, once the software is ready. This puts it at odds with most of its competitors, who are still feverishly working with expensive, prototype hardware.

Razer Re-Launches The Razer Blade Pro: GTX 1080 And 4K G-SYNC

It’s been a while since Razer has refreshed the Razer Blade Pro, which is their 17.3-inch desktop replacement laptop. The outgoing model still has a Haswell processor with GTX 960M. It’s always been a bit strange that the 14-inch Razer...Show More Summary

Nintendo's NX Console Becomes Nintendo Switch

Nintendo finally revealed the hybrid game console previously known as the NX with a new trailer that shows off its design, planned games, and official name: Nintendo Switch.

Asus ROG G752 Review: A Pascal Packing Mobile Powerhouse

Asus is celebrating the 10th anniversary of its Republic of Gamers (ROG) brand this year. The manufacturer launched its ROG line in 2006 and has since developed a wide range of gaming products under the brand, including some monstrous gaming notebooks like the one we'll be showing you here. With the arrival of NVIDIA’s Pascal architecture...

Suddenly, PowerColor's 'Devil Box' External GPU With AMD XConnect Is Available

PowerColor has suddenly put itself among the first companies to sell an external GPU dock with Thunderbolt 3 over USB Type-C.

Nixeus Delivers 1440p IPS Monitor With 100% sRGB For $399

Nixeus' new monitor promises to be great for content creators without breaking the bank.

Cheaper, longer-lasting epinephrine pills could soon replace overpriced EpiPens

There are some hurdles to overcome, but epinephrine in pill form could be much less expensive.

Macs are up to $543 cheaper than PCs, claims IBM

IBM continues to challenge the popular myth is that Macs are more expensive than PCs.

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