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Dell tempts hordes with MASSIVE DISCOUNTS on PCs

By massive we mean, er, not very big at all... Dell is charming PC punters with a promo and the reaction is much the same as that of the ambassadors' guests when they were handed spherical balls of hazelnut goodness in the Ferrero Rocher ads.…

IBM to deliver 200-petaflop supercomputer by early 2018; Cray moves to Intel Xeon Phi

More supercomputer news this week: The US is responding to China’s new Sunway TiahuLight system that was announced Monday, and fast. First, the Department of Energy’s (DOE) Oak Ridge National Laboratory is expected to take delivery of a new IBM system, named Summit, in early 2018 that will now be capable of 200 peak petaflops, Computerworld…

Microsoft claims Edge delivers 70% more battery life than Chrome

Redmond is claiming that Edge can deliver up to 70% more battery life than Google Chrome -- and while obviously biased, Microsoft may be right.

Amazon unveils all-new Kindle

Amazon has unveiled a new, thinner, lighter Kindle with more storage.

A lot of what Apple does is 'user-hostile and stupid' -- and we have only ourselves to blame

Opinion: If Apple does drop the headphone jack from the iPhone, that will indeed be a "user-hostile and stupid" move. But that's nothing new for Apple.

BitFenix Pandora ATX Case Review

The Pandora ATX offers a surprisingly high-end feature at an equally surprising price. How well does the rest of the case stand up to its competitors?

Drobo 5Dt Supports Both Thunderbolt 2 And USB 3.0

Drobo added "Turbo" to the "5D" name, but the performance increase comes from using TB2 to quadruple the bandwidth to the host over the previous model. The new 5Dt still supports USB 3.0 at 5Gbps for systems without the high-performance interface.

ASUS at Computex 2016: The 10 Years of the Republic Of Gamers (ROG) Booth Tour

For anyone following our Live Blog coverage at Computex this year, ASUS had two large press events in quick succession in different parts of town. The first focused on the mobile lineup of launches, in an event called Zenvolution (playing...Show More Summary

Samsung Extends Its Gear VR Ecosystem: Gear 360 Arrives In US

The Samsung Gear 360 camera, capable of capturing 360° images and video, will be available for purchase in limited quantities during VidCon, a convention for the online video industry, in Anaheim, California running from June 23-25.Show More Summary

Vesper’s Quiescent-Sensing MEMS Microphone Is Always-On With Almost Zero Power Draw

Vesper announced a new generation piezoelectric MEMS microphone that's also its first quiescent-sensing MEMS microphone that can draw almost zero power while being in always-on mode.

Intel still chip, chip, chippin' away at the European Commission's anti-trust fine

AMD's complaint: sweet sixteen, never been nixed Intel's rearguard action to avoid a billion-Euro-plus fine continued this week in a Luxembourg court, with the company arguing that the 2009 European Commission penalty was unfair.…

The Best Booths And Sights At E3 2016

While Tom's Hardware's intrepid writers were off getting the latest scoops, the Community Team dove headfirst into the crowds to bring you the sights and sounds of E3 2016.

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Tablet Review: A 2-In-1 For Pros

The market for dedicated tablets based on mobile operating systems such as Android and iOS is in decline, but the same can't be said for 2-in-1 detachable Windows PCs. These hybrid tablet/laptop systems offer an additional level of utility that standalone tablets don't provide, and best of all, they don't force consumers on a budget to choose...

'Paragon' Update Introduces Draft Mode, Balancing Changes And A New Hero

"Paragon" receive update 27.1, which includes a new Draft Mode. Balances were made to abilities, jungle camps, minion waves and inhibitors. Kallari received a rework, and Khaimera was released.

No more codes: How to authenticate your Google sign-in with just a tap

Multi-factor authentication is an important part of keeping your online accounts secure, but the process is notoriously cumbersome. Google is attempting to streamline the task by allowing you to authenticate with a tap on your smartphone.

New 'Google Prompt' Security Feature Allows Two-Step Verification With One Click

Google announced a new two-step verification method called "Google Prompt" that can be used with a single click.

One More Peek At 'For Honor'

This time around, we take on the role of a Viking as the seafaring faction attempts to take over a stronghold held by the fast-moving Samurai.

Next Nissan Leaf EV will hit 200 miles, just like Chevy Bolt, Tesla Model 3

Nissan confirms its 200-mile EV: the 2018 Nissan Leaf. It arrives late this year with a 60-kWh battery. Cost-conscious buyers should be able to get 100-mile Leafs with small battery packs.

LucidSound's LS20, LS40 Gaming Headsets Shy Away From Typical Gamer Aesthetics

During E3, LucidSound showcased the LS20 and LS40, its two upcoming gaming headsets, which show a design departure from typical gaming headsets.

Robots are coming for your job — but maybe that’s okay

Trends toward automation have never resulted in the employment doomsday many have feared, but is the coming invasion of robots going to be different?

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