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3 Excellent Fortune 500 Blogs: What They’re Doing Right

Believe it or not, Fortune 500 company blogs are few and far between. According to UMass Dartmouth research, less than a quarter of the F500 host regularly updated public blogs. However, those that do regularly update blogs definitely have it right. Show More Summary

3 Resources to Help You Get Smart about Your Social Media Content Strategy

The other night, when I was standing in line for a comedy show, the guy behind me glanced up from staring at his phone and said, “So many people these days are making a living off of social media.” “Oh? Is that right?” I played dumb, hoping he would elaborate. Show More Summary

Yee’s Appeal Dismissed

18 hours agoInternet / Blogging : BlogHerald

On Thursday, the High Court in Singapore dismissed video blogger Amos Yee’s appeal against his jail sentence. Justice Tay Yong Kwang ridiculed Yee during the proceedings, arguing that Yee “gave no respect to anyone – the police, theShow More Summary

How to Make Money As a Blogger Through Affiliate Marketing

20 hours agoInternet / Blogging : ProBlogger

Thanks all for your feedback on our 50th episode of the ProBlogger podcast! I still can’t believe we finally made it. Onward with episode 51 and my tips on affiliate marketing as an income stream: This episode is sort of an introduction to what affiliate marketing is and how I personally approach it. There are [...]Show More Summary

Brian Clark on Why Not Being a Techie May Be a Benefit to Starting a Technology Company

It’s hard to be a non-techie in this tech-driven world. So it may seem almost impossible to start or run a tech company when you’re not one. But as the founder and CEO of Rainmaker Digital (Brian Clark) is going explain, that lack of technical expertise may be your greatest asset. Show More Summary

Good, Good, Good Advice for Recording Interview Guests and Co-Hosts

This episode outlines the best practices for recording good audio for yourself, your guest, and your co-host(s). And yes, Jerod Morris and Jon Nastor have addressed this topic before, but never quite like this … This week’s episode begins...Show More Summary

How to Keep Your Customers Coming Back for More

In the fourth part of The Mainframe’s series on membership sites, hosts Tony Clark and Chris Garrett outline strategies for keeping your customers sticking around and holding their interest. Listen in to find out all the details. InShow More Summary

How to Effectively Use LinkedIn Sponsored Updates

AJ Wilcox, one of the superstar Missing Link LinkedIn group members (and a LinkedIn ads expert), shares a case study you’ll want to emulate to get the most out of Sponsored Updates on LinkedIn. Get this, AJ took his target goal fromShow More Summary

We Are Oh so Vulnerable To The WordPress Vulnerabilities

There have been a number of WordPress vulnerabilities surfacing this week, are you protected? Post from: WP Dude If you need wordpress technical support please visit my services page We Are Oh so Vulnerable To The WordPress Vulnerabilities

What Bloggers Can Learn From Halloween

What do bloggers and Halloween have in common except for writing posts related to the season to get some eyeballs? Well, quite a lot, actually. In fact, there are what I call “Halloween lessons for bloggers”, which can bring your blog significant benefits. Show More Summary

Email Newsletters vs. Content Notifications: A Head-to-Head Comparison

Remember when email newsletters were the latest, greatest thing in online marketing? Remember when you could add a form to your sidebar that simply said, “Sign up to receive my newsletter” and people would join your list in droves? Unfortunately, those days are over. Show More Summary

Our No Fix No Fee Guarantee

When you work exclusively on-line as I do at, creating comfort with your clients so they will pay you is a huge thing. Once people have worked with you once, they see you are legitimate the task is not so big, but bringing...Show More Summary

Is Tumblr for Bloggers?

For years, Tumblr’s user base has been growing steadily. With Yahoo’s $1.1 billion acquisition of Tumblr in 2013, the micro-blogging site became part of the Yahoo brand. Near the end of 2014, Tumblr had at least 420 million users — that’s huge for a website with a bit of an identity crisis. Show More Summary

6 Actionable Content Promotion Strategies You Can Use Today

This is a guest contribution from Adam Connell of Blogging Wizard. Have you ever published a piece of content and watched it flat-line? Putting all of your effort into content which can help others, but you just can’t seem to drive enough traffic to it. We’ve all been there. So what’s the solution? It all [...]Show More Summary

The 5 key elements your blog’s ‘Start Here’ page must have

This is a guest contribution from Kelly Exeter. Imagine this: you’ve written a killer blog post and it’s being shared all over the place. Woo hoo! Your traffic is going through the roof and it’s great fun watching those numbers climb. There’s just one problem; all those new readers are reading that one viral post [...]Show More Summary

How to Develop a Six-Figure Side Gig

In this episode of Youpreneur.FM, host Chris Ducker sits down and talks with Dr. Mark Costes as they dive into how he came from being a burned-out entrepreneur to sharing the struggles and strategies he’s come across while growing his six-figure side gig. Show More Summary

3 Things Your Audience Wants You to Know about Useful Content

Publishing useful content is the backbone of any content marketing strategy. But what does it mean to be useful? Useful content boils down to three things: education, entertainment, and inspiration. And if you can combine all three … you have a winner. Show More Summary

How to Accidentally Start (then Scale) a Business

Today’s guest on Hack the Entrepreneur is the President of the Statements Brand, which includes Statements the Salon, Statements the Academy, Statements Photography, and The Statements Project. She has been in the beauty industry 24 years and an “accidental” entrepreneur for 17 years after accidentally opening a salon at the age of 18. Show More Summary

A Reporter Called Me Back … Now What?!

You did it! You pitched a reporter, and he or she called you for comment. In this episode of PR is Dead, you’ll learn best practices for making the most of this exciting opportunity. In this 19-minute episode of PR is Dead, host Doyle...Show More Summary

CBB122: 6 Reasons Why You Should Create A Membership Site

I am a HUGE fan of the membership site. And, this goes way beyond recurring monthly billing (as that is only one application of a membership site). For many reasons, if you want to turn your blog into a business, I believe turning it...Show More Summary

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