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7 Ways to Use Video on Your Blog to Get More Engagement

Content consumers are living in a world perfectly formulated for them to enjoy. Hundreds of thousands of blogs are creating and sharing content with their audiences on a daily basis, and the consumer can take their pick of which websites to browse regularly. Show More Summary

The Showrunner Podcasting Course Is Open (For a Limited Time)

Yes, the course is open (temporarily). Yes, I want you to join our community. Yes, podcasting is an excellent marketing channel. But first, we need to answer the question burning inside your brain … Who is The Showrunner Podcasting Course...Show More Summary

Should You Build Your Blog on a CMS or a Website Builder?

Your blog is your business. Any decision you make about your blog requires you to perform extensive research and careful thinking, especially if you are building your blog from scratch. Therefore, a question begs to be asked: where do...Show More Summary

7 Tips to Make Friends with Influential Bloggers

Everybody wants to befriend influential bloggers but few know how to go about bonding with blogging big dawgs. I want to share 7 tips to help you build meaningful, lasting, prospering relationships with the most successful bloggers in your niche. Show More Summary

7 Common Newsletter Problems Solved

Over the past few weeks, we’ve looked at why email newsletters are so important, what your email newsletter might look like, and how to choose the right service for you. So is your newsletter up and running yet? If the answer is “Yes”, is it working as well as you’d...more The post 7 Common Newsletter Problems Solved appeared first on ProBlogger.       

What Is Your Blog USP?

USP. Unique Selling Proposition. This 3 word phrase makes many bloggers shake in their boots. I was intimidated by identifying my blog USP too, for a while. How? Where? Questions popped up in my mind, backed with strong doubts. Eventually, I figured out that stressing 1 chief benefit of following your blog is the ultimate blog USP. Show More Summary

What’s Your ‘Desert Island’ Copywriting Technique? Answers from Our Team

You’ve been shipwrecked on an uninhabited island, somewhere with blue skies and dazzling aquamarine waters. But after some time passes, no matter how big a fan of sushi you are, the appeal of your solitary paradise starts to wane. You’ve amassed a fine collection of rocks — suitable for crafting, let’s say, a copywriting message. Show More Summary

Should We All Stop Guest Blogging?

Some important figures say that we should stop guest blogging. It all goes back to an announcement from Google’s Matt Cutts about how the links that you acquire through guest blogging will no longer be all that useful and could, in some cases, actually do some harm to your blog’s SEO practices. Since then we’ve...

7 Ways To Use Video On Your Blog To Get More Engagement

You’ve probably used or are using video to make your posts more effective, but has it ever occurred to you that there are several other innovative ways you can use video to amplify your blog’s impact? Yes, they do exist, but it’s a little unfortunate that the majority of us haven’t learnt these tricks. Show More Summary

5 Top Tips on How to Be a Top Game Blogger

There’s a vast difference between the best and worst blogs, regardless of topic. To help, we’ve recently covered some of the best ways to improve your blog. Taking active measures, such as learning improvement methods, is essential for long-term success. Show More Summary

Blog Stalkers: Staying Safe Online

Amassing readers and followers is great – but sometimes the admiration tiptoes over the line from positive to crazy. What starts as a one-sided relationship or professional interaction can turn serious and bring you legal trouble or even physical harm. Show More Summary

How to Increase Blog Traffic: Effective Blog Commenting

Blog commenting. One of my favorite ways to increase blog traffic. As we move forward in our series on boosting blog traffic I want to share a vastly ignored but super powerful way to drive traffic to your blog, like bees to honey. Effective...Show More Summary

One Ridiculously Easy Way to Enhance the Power of Your Blog Posts

The overall aim of your blog is to help your audience with the issues they struggle with while also educating them on what they need to know to do business with you. That’s too much responsibility for just one article, so each blog post...Show More Summary

5 Ways to Create Better Content While Also Promoting Your Blog

With more than a billion active websites on the internet today, content creation is quickly becoming something that is overflowing the internet with more information than we could ever have expected. With this in mind, it’s now more important than ever for bloggers to actually focus on their content promotion, more than their content creation. Show More Summary

How Social Media Paid Ads Can Boost Blog Post Promotion

Some bloggers seem to avoid expenses and rely on organic traffic for their blogs. Yes, it’s achievable, but it’ll probably take you months or even years to finally see the best results you’re aiming for. Even though you follow the best practices and techniques for your blog, there are other options you can take. Show More Summary

4 Ways to Promote Your Business with Video

Did you know that almost 80% off all Internet traffic is made of video? And did you know that every day over five billion videos are watched it on YouTube? Video is huge, and if you’re not using it to promote your business you are missing out on a big opportunity. Below you will find […] Original post: 4 Ways to Promote Your Business with Video

How to Increase Blog Traffic: Promote Other Bloggers

Do you want to figure out how to increase blog traffic through a simple, easy to follow strategy? Watch this video as I explain: Online Traffic and Offline Traffic I snapped the featured image for this photo in Hanoi, Vietnam. Traffic is kinda heavy there with millions of motorbikes on the road. Show More Summary

Meet Kristin Larsen of

Using blogging as a platform to show off your expertise and help others learn how to do more, is something many bloggers are finding success with today. This is especially true in the world of online business and marketing. As we all...Show More Summary

The Massive Numbers Behind Snapchat’s Daily 10 Billion Video Views

These days we can put all our content and immortalize it on the web. But the mobile app Snapchat does the opposite – you post your story and it disappears within 24 hours. Who would have thought that this crazy idea would turn out to...Show More Summary

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