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5 Reasons Why Website Speed Matters

Speed kills. But in the case of websites, speed is essential for success—it’s the lack of speed that will kill your website. The faster your site loads, the greater is the probability that you will be able to attract and engage more users. For a blog, speed will also determine whether users will stay on […] Original post: 5 Reasons Why Website Speed Matters

Reading Roundup: What’s New in Blogging Lately?

20 hours agoInternet / Blogging : ProBlogger

Still shaking my head over that WordPress tip I HAD NO IDEA EXISTED. This changes everything – and means my workload is lighter. AWESOME. Have a great week! How to Discover Your Customer’s Favourite Social Media Platforms | Copyblogger...Show More Summary

Rainmaker Rewind: Launching Your First (or Next) Digital Product

21 hours agoInternet / Blogging : Copyblogger

This week on Rainmaker Rewind, Sonia Simone explains the value of launching a digital product and the steps you should take to get moving. Listen to Confessions of a Pink-haired Marketer to discover how digital products can help boost your income and the nitty-gritty of designing your first digital product with your audience in mind. Show More Summary

5 Common Blogging Mistakes Which Will Haunt You

When thinking about common blogging mistakes you may ponder the traditional boo-boos: spamming your readers with thin posts, not building an email list and doing no market research before you start blogging. All are grave errors but I wanted to knife into a few trickier mistakes that may trip you up without you even knowing it. Show More Summary

If You’re Seeking Fans, it’s Time to Podcast! Here’s Why.

By Colin Gray. Fans. That’s what it’s all about really. Fans are why we write blog posts. They’re why we rave about our subject – week in, week out – giving out oodles of value for the sum total of zero pennies. Whether you blog, vlog or alog (I just...more The post If You’re Seeking Fans, it’s Time to Podcast! Here’s Why. appeared first on ProBlogger.       

PB134: How to Decide if You Should Start on a New Social Network or Medium

How to Decide if a New Social Network or Medium is Right for You Today I’m going to help you decide if you should start on that new social network or that new medium like a podcast or a YouTube channel. As bloggers, we are constantly bombarded with choice as to how we can spend our time. Show More Summary

Social Media Etiquette Every Blogger Needs to Understand

As you well know, social media is an important component of any successful blogging strategy. Without social media, it’s nearly impossible to generate enough traffic to sustain a growing business. However, many bloggers compromise their results by breaking social media etiquette. Show More Summary

Profitable Writers Demonstrate How to Prosper from Your Words

If you aspire to make a comfortable income from your writing, you’ll find inspiration in the stories of the three people we’re featuring in today’s Certified Stories article. This group comes direct from our Certified Content Marketer page here on Copyblogger. Show More Summary

How to address the churning factors with better UX?

Irrespective of the industry you represent, users buy or pay for your app just because they feel it can offer solutions to their problems. If any of your users canceled the app subscription it is because some aspects of your product could not deliver the value that customer purchased it for. Show More Summary

How Bloggers Can Survive This Economic Recession

When times get financial tough, things get even tougher for bloggers and freelance writers. When you enter this industry, you know it means constantly working for your next post or finding your next client. But, when the economy causes those clients to cut their budgets, things get extra tough for those in the writing industry. Show More Summary

3 Ways Freelance Writers Can Make Money Online Today

Writing is a special and skilled task. However, the concept of being a “paid” writer is something that has changed a lot over the past several years. The the past, if you wanted to make money with writing you only had a few options —...Show More Summary

Why LinkedIn is the Only Social Media I Use

This is a guest contribution from Matthew Oleniuk. Close to ten years after Facebook took the world by storm, there’s not much point in stressing the importance of social media anymore. You just can’t grow your blog or your brand these...Show More Summary

Top 3 Reasons to Get Your Digital Commerce Summit Tickets Now

Digital Commerce Summit is three months away, and we’re all very excited about this inaugural event. It’s happening in Denver, CO on October 13-14, 2016. If you’re a digital entrepreneur, or are interested in getting into the business of creating and selling digital products, this is right up your alley. Show More Summary

Make Money Now with AdNow Native Advertising Widgets

The face of advertising on the Internet continues to change and evolve for publishers and advertisers alike. More and more users are getting increasingly displaying “ad blindness” to traditional banner ads. Does this mean you can’t make money from your website anymore? Absolutely not! It just means you need to be open to other strategies. Show More Summary

Successful Blogger? Time to Start a Second Blog

You’ve invested blood, sweat, and tears in your successful first blog. The money is finally flowing in. Go ahead and celebrate! You’ve earned it. After you’ve toasted your success and tucked some of that hard-earned revenue into savings, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and start the process all over again. Show More Summary

5 Mistakes Bloggers are Making with Online Courses

By ProBlogger expert Sam Nordberg. Online courses are the hottest thing right now. Everyone seems to be launching their own course, and looking for ways to make what they believe is “passive income” – but here are five of the biggest...Show More Summary

How to Discover Your Customers’ Favorite Social Media Platforms

Every few months, a hot, new social media tool hits the scene — Pinterest, Periscope, Foursquare, Blab — and some marketing experts make it sound like if you’re not using that new platform, you’re missing out. That notion gives me a massive headache. Show More Summary

How to Target your Audience Right? Use Segmentation

Imagine the situation when your try to sell exquisite vegetarian menu on Friday night at the sports bar full of football beer-and-beef fans waiting for “Bread and circuses” and their raw steak. Hmm, something will definitely go wrong. Show More Summary

Free: A Blogging Icon Set to Use However You Like

Here’s a free blogging icon set that you can use however the heck you like on your blog, website or Pokemon Go fan site! I know how frustrating it can be to find free icons and images for your blog. Half the time you hunt around for hours only to find the perfect icon and...

10 Top Twitter Tips to Improve Your Engagement

This guest post is by Josh Sayers of Adventure Connections One of my biggest bugbears in the world of marketing are people that do not have Twitter. It’s a free platform that has over 310 million active users, and unlike the monsterShow More Summary

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