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Create Personal Data Visualitzations and Insights with Gyroscope

Last year Anand Sharma created a website that had stunningly beautiful real-time visualization of his personal activity data. He later when on to provide technical details regarding how we built the site and later announced that he was working to bring this as a service to the public called Gyroscope. As of last week they are slowly starting to provide...

CBB067: How To Create Your First Blog Posts To Launch Your Blog

The term "pillar post" is often used to refer to that initial batch of blog posts that you create to kick off a brand new blog. But, exactly HOW to you go about creating these pillar posts? In this episode, we discuss how to do data-driven pillar posts... Show More Summary

How to Launch a Podcast Network

In previous episodes of New Rainmaker with Brian Clark, Brian and Robert Bruce have discussed the “why” of starting a podcast (or podcast network). In this one, they talk about the “how.” As many of you know by now, it has been almost two weeks since Copyblogger Media launched an on-demand audio network called Rainmaker.FM. Show More Summary

Go as Far as You Can, then Let Someone Else Pull You Back

Today’s guest on Hack the Entrepreneur is a brilliant entrepreneur who has seen more landing pages than anyone on the planet — in fact, he looks at 1,000 pages per week. He is co-founder of Unbounce, a company that allows marketers to...Show More Summary

Can You Be a Writer and an Editor-in-Chief?

An editor’s job could be viewed as a writer’s safety net — an opportunity to catch and correct mistakes before the general public views a writer’s work. But what if an editor regards a section of text as a mistake and the writer regards that same section as an integral part of his work of Read More... Show More Summary

How to Use RSS to Write Better Headlines

Is 90 minutes of your time worth learning about which headlines actually work online? Ever wonder why some headlines are better than others? I mean what makes some headlines irresistible and others fall flat? More importantly, ever dream...Show More Summary

4 Revelations that Drove Me to Quit My Job and Start a Business

Someone in this room is going to change everything because they cared. Seth Godin and his round-framed glasses stared back at a room filled with ambitious entrepreneurs-in-training, and I looked around wondering who would be the next...Show More Summary

The Art of Creative Blog Writing

Editor’s note: This post was written by Melinda Osteen, a blogger and an editor who features the latest blogging trends in her articles and intends to share her knowledges with young specialists. She works as a writing expert and an editor at Papersgear writing service. Show More Summary

How an Industry-Specific Writer Can Improve Your Company’s Blogging

As a business owner, you most likely don’t have time to be writing blogs for your company, even if you would like to. But according to LinkedIn, companies that post blogs 6 to 8 times a month get almost double the leads than companies that post 3 to 5 times a month. Show More Summary

Blog Post Idea: How I Do It Posts

Recently I shared a simple technique that I use to come up with ideas to write about on my blog – answering a beginner question. While not really rocket science I had a number of readers contact me privately with thank-you messages appreciating the nudge to write that type of post. Today I’d like to suggest [...]Show More Summary

Lead Magnet and Opt-In Critiques [Call:03.24.15]

So… yes, this is the first Office Hours calls since we renamed it from VIP to “The Blog Monetization Lab.” And we’ll start it off with the new name on our topic for today which is all about lead magnets and opt-ins. In this call we have...Show More Summary

The Ultimate List Of The Best WordPress Mobile Theme Plugins

When it comes to making your website or blog mobile friendly you basically have two options: either using a responsive WordPress theme or a mobile one. There’s a distinction to be made between responsive and mobile. In plain termsShow More Summary

How to setup a DigitalOcean Droplet with ServerPilot and WordPress

Recently I moved one of my niche blogs from shared hosting to VPS. After countless hours of researching for a great VPS one name kept showing up every time: DigitalOcean. So I decided to check them out and see what the fuss was all about. Show More Summary

6 Tips to Consider When Building a Service-Based Blog Business

If you’re struggling to make money from your blog, you might want to consider leveraging a service-based income model. So, instead of waiting to build a popular blog and then monetizing it by displaying ads, you take things to the next...Show More Summary

The Single Word that Can Cripple Any Online Entrepreneur

Fear is one of the dirtiest words in the English language — and something that every one of us faces. No Sidebar host Brian Gardner has been an online entrepreneur for eight years now, and he has said “I am afraid” an infinite number of times. Show More Summary

The Critical Importance of the Pre-Sell

What stops people from buying from you? Why do some launches fall flat? In this episode of The Mainframe, join hosts Chris Garrett and Tony Clark as they reveal the key strategy that will allow you to not only sell more of your products and services to more people, but will also reduce refunds and Read More... Show More Summary

How to Write Headlines that Get Results

Headline writing is probably the first and most important skill you need to learn as a web writer. John Caples called it the most important part of an advertisement. That’s why he dedicates four out of 18 chapters to headline writing in his book Tested Advertising Methods. Show More Summary

The Best WordPress Plugins for SEO, Social And CRO in 2015

In spite of WordPress getting some flak in recent times, one can’t deny that the platform is still huge. With more than 74 million web sites using WordPress, it’s only to be expected that developers continue to focus on making plugins for the platform. Show More Summary

How to Structure and Sell Your Natural Expertise

Way back in late 2009, I was getting antsy, on both a personal and a professional level. I had run my own design studio for almost 20 years. And I’d created just about anything a designer could create, from business cards to billboards — even a glossy, full-color national magazine. Show More Summary

Is ‘Choose Yourself’ Good Advice … or New-Age Phooey?

Seth Godin says “pick yourself.” Choose yourself. Select yourself. It’s a refrain we hear across the web. But what does it really mean? On the latest episode of The Lede, the second in the “Hero versus Villain” series, Jerod Morris and Demian Farnworth debate this question. Show More Summary

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