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How Can You Find Clients Or Customers?

I read a question on Quora yesterday. I have seen this question asked thousands of times over the years between different websites. “How can I find clients or customers?” If you want to feel the joy of building a full time, professional blogging career you need to shift your mindset from being The Hunter to being The Hunted. Show More Summary

1 Clarity-Building Tip To Maximize Your Blogging Profits

In a few days I will leave New York City. At least until next weekend. Then back in NYC for an exciting time. But on Monday I will take the bus back to New Jersey. Or maybe I will take the train. Either way, I will travel via 1 means of dependable transport to get from Point A to Point B. Show More Summary

How to Redesign Your Blog for Improved User Experience

In blogging, there’s no such thing as permanent success. Everything comes full circle, from your content marketing, branding strategy, and web design. It’s really simple: if you’re not adaptive to the latest trends, technology, and strategies, you get left behind. Show More Summary

The Scariest Decision of Your Blogging Career

9 years ago I made a super scary decision. 3 years ago I made an equally terrifying decision. I filmed a short, quick video today in NYC explaining the gist of these decisions and how I became the blogger I am today. Watch this quick video: I had to let go the good to make room for the great. Show More Summary

5 Working Examples of How to Create a Great About Us Page

The “About Me” page is one of the first pages that site owners and bloggers create when first going live with their site. However, more often than not, this page is quickly thrown together and left to stay the same for many months or even years. Show More Summary

How to Choose the Right WordPress Hosting Plan for Your Blog

Once an aspiring business owner makes the decision to take the business digital by launching a website, they need a Content Management System (CMS). Going by the popular choice, most of them choose WordPress. It is a Content Management System or an application that eases the process of styling, managing, and publishing content. Show More Summary

What 1 Factor Boosts Your Blogging Efficiency The Quickest?

Freedom. Seeking freedom and building your blogging day around freedom is the 1 factor more than any other that will boost your blogging efficiency to epic levels. Yesterday I wrote 5 guest posts. Today I am plowing though my work – mindfully of course – to tie everything up so me and my wife Kelli can go enjoy stand up comedy in NYC tonight. Show More Summary

Better Content, Better Websites, and a Little Inspiration

On Monday, Brian Clark kicked off a new series of quick copy tips. These are short, powerful techniques that can make your copy more persuasive and get you to your goals faster. This time, Brian taught us about the Proclamation LeadShow More Summary

Top Webapps & Tools That All Bloggers Should Learn To Use

Getting started blogging is pretty simple and doesn’t require more than a website and a willingness to write. But moving into blogging seriously, especially as a profession, requires more time and attention. You can save time by learning tools that make tasks a lot easier to finish. Show More Summary

8 Best Blogs for Professional Bloggers to Follow

One way to hone your craft and keep your finger on the pulse of the blogging community is to follow relevant, professional bloggers with large audiences and lots of insights to offer. If you are not yet reading these extremely instructive blogs, subscribe today. Show More Summary

Are You A Sucker For SEO?

Every day someone tells me they found Blogging From Paradise through search engines. Google mainly. Sweet. All that hard work I never put into SEO is paying off ???? Meaning the detachment I generally operated with in regards to SEO over my blogging career benefited me beautifully. Show More Summary

Free Udemy Course Coupons for Bloggers

Udemy has quickly become one of the world’s largest and fastest growing marketplaces for online courses. With thousands of teachers and professionals on their site and more than 55,000 active courses to choose from on their site, millions of people are learning new skills or how to get better at something every single day. Show More Summary

5 Tips for Creating a Home Décor Blog

Home décor is a popular pastime, for example, among females between the ages of 18 and 65. Since women have substantial buying power and they’re also the biggest readers of blogs, a home décor blog can be a great way to turn a profit. Show More Summary

My Musings On Lead Magnets

4 days agoInternet / Blogging : WP Dude

I’ve been musing about lead magnets lately and if they are worth while for my business.  My conclusion is NO. At present if you visit my site there is no email signup to get a download or drip email course, and this is intentional because lead magnets don’t appear to generated much business for me. Read more about My Musings On Lead Magnets [...]Show More Summary

7 Classic Quotes to Inspire Your Writing

Writing is a glorious and rewarding experience, a noble craft, one of the most satisfying ways you can spend your time — at least, while your clothes are on. Except for the days when it’s horrible. Maybe that’s why writers love quotes about writing. Show More Summary

9 Key Factors to Establish Personal Brand as a Pro-Blogger

Want to establish your personal brand as a Pro-Blogger? If yes, then here are nine key factors that will help you build an effective personal brand as a professional webmaster. The term “Personal Brand” has now become a buzzword in the...Show More Summary

BitterStrawberry and HybridLink Combine as a Sweet Affiliate Network

In the early days of affiliate marketing, the process of getting the right offer in front of the right audience wasn’t so easy. Going back a bit more than a decade or so, there really was nothing in place that offered demographic targeting and advanced tracking of campaigns like there is today. Show More Summary

Enfold Theme Review – ThemeForest

Time to learn about the famous Enfold theme in detail as I’m sharing a detailed review of the same. The product is available on ThemeForest platform and has managed to get over 121k sales in last four years. It’s also been one of the top used themes for new bloggers looking to create a professional blog of their own. Show More Summary

Take This D Train Straight To The Successful Blogging Station

I am writing these words from Manhattan. Beautiful New York City. The Upper West Side. The D train is one subway my wife and I ride if we wish to travel around the city. It got me thinking; rocking bloggers ride a D train directly into the successful blogging station. Show More Summary

How to Give Personality and Life to Your Blog

In the sea of content, competing for the attention of your audience, your blog needs to sizzle with personality in order to stand out and make a lasting impression. Remember even if you offer the best suggestions and advice when delivered badly, is not going to make the slightest of an impression. Show More Summary

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