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The Key to Creating an Irreplaceable Podcast

This post is about toothpaste. And about being different. And the wise words of two brilliant women. And Champagne. And how it all intertwines to create an essential piece of advice for how to get your podcast (or any other piece of online content for that matter) noticed, consumed, beloved … and never replaced. Show More Summary

The ProBlogger Podcast: Digging into Statistics

Almost the last day! While yesterday we looked to the future to build a plan to find readers, today we’re going to dig into our stats to find out what kind of effect the last 29 days have had on our sites. What can you see is different after the changes you’ve made? Some of [...]Show More Summary

10 Types of Blog Posts That Will Help Your Traffic Shoot Through the Roof

Research from Hubspot has shown that businesses that blog receive 67% more leads than businesses that do not blog. That’s good news, but does it all end with starting a blog? Apparently, your content schedule matters, too. Data fromShow More Summary

How to Make Time to Blog

Last week I asked everyone about the biggest blogging battles that they face. It turns out that time management is a huge issue – many people want to blog but just can’t find the time. This is a pretty big problem. If you want to run a successful blog but can’t find the time to...

CBB102: Youtube Annotations: What Are They And How Do You Use Them?

What are Youtube annotations and how do you use them? That's the topic of this episode of CBB. Also in this episode, I'll give you 5 specific tactics you can use annotations for in order to grow your list and increase engagement. I'll also share how this lazy guy (that's me) deals with annotations. Show More Summary

How Bestselling Author Daniel Pink Writes

Multiple New York Times bestselling author Daniel Pink stopped by The Writer Files to chat about his secrets for getting words onto the page. Mr. Pink is the author of five provocative titles on the subjects of business, work, and human...Show More Summary

List Building Profit Review – How to Grow Your Mailing List

Running a blog and website takes a lot more than just frequently posting great content. A lot of times, content marketing can be a means to an end, as it allows you to collect visitors’ e-mail information through link building, which then gives you the opportunity to target them through e-mail marketing. Show More Summary

How to Conduct Podcast Interviews Like a Pro

This week, Amy Harrison invited expert podcaster Jon Nastor to the Hit Publish house where he shares his top tips for growing an engaged audience through podcast interviews. Get ready to access the cheats, tips, and hacks that will give you some serious interviewer skills (and boost your business credibility). Show More Summary

Guy Kawasaki on Understanding the Math of Success

Today’s guest on Hack the Entrepreneur popularized secular evangelism in 1983 when he worked with the Macintosh Division of Apple. He is currently the chief evangelist of Canva, an online (and easy-to-use) graphic design platform. He is also the author of 13 books, including Art of the Start 2.0 and Enchantment. Show More Summary

Podcasting for SEO? Yep …

Loren Baker sits down with Jerod Morris from The Showrunner to discuss the world of podcasting, self-publishing, and how the game of producing one’s own content has changed over the past decade. Both Loren and Jerod started down similar...Show More Summary

A Brief Introduction to the Art of Catching Hell

There are about 100 ways to become a better writer. For example, you could: Read 100 books Listen to Ira Glass’s This American Life Cultivate a sick sense of humor Think like a psychologist Rack up rejections Write like mad But did you...Show More Summary

Digital Sharecropping: The Most Dangerous Threat to Your Content Marketing Strategy

Editor’s note: The original version of this post was published on November 28, 2012. We’re republishing it today to remind you how to protect your digital marketing efforts as social media sites continue to encourage you to publish original content on their platforms — platforms you don’t own. Show More Summary

How to Develop the Right Plan to Grow Your Blog’s Readership

We’re getting to the end of our time together, and in these last few days I like to look to the future and see how we can use what we’ve learned over the last few weeks on our blogs. Today’s challenge is a simple one, although it might take you a bit of time, but [...]Show More Summary

3 Reasons Your Link Building Strategies Won’t Help Your Search Engine Ranking

Among the over 200 Google ranking signals, quality and trusted incoming links are the firepower that incredibly increase search engines ranking; with domain-level link authority and page-level link features sharing 40% of total ranking factors between them. Show More Summary

Create Stunning Mockups in Seconds: Placeit Review

Sometimes things are almost easier to create in concept than they are to execute in reality; this is something that a lot of online marketers creating and developing apps have experienced. Creating mockups and videos for products like mobile apps have previously been a giant pain for online marketers to create. Show More Summary

Thank You. Seriously.

This month Blog Tyrant celebrated its fifth birthday and all I really want to do is say thanks. I can’t believe how quickly the time has gone! It’s been such a crazy and happy adventure – making the decision to focus on one brand that I really love – and trying my best to produce...

How To Figure Out What Product You Can Build For Your Audience

It can become a real confusing experience to figure out what product you can build that your audience will want to buy. So, what do you do? This... The post How To Figure Out What Product You Can Build For Your Audience appeared first on Blog Marketing Academy.

31DBBB Day 28 Writing Challenge: Write a Review Post

It’s writing challenge day! For some of you, this will be “business as usual”, as review posts are already part of your repertoire. For others, it will be something quite new. In today’s episode we discuss why review posts are even something to consider. They can be useful for many reasons, not just for the [...]Show More Summary

The ‘Horror’ of Making a Living from Selling eBooks

Look out, Stephen King. A new generation of Horror authors are using the power of self-publishing to climb the ranks, get new fans, and push the envelope in the genre. J. Thorn is an up-and-coming Horror author who knows how to write great books … and build an audience and income stream with them. Show More Summary

An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Investing in Yourself

Today’s guest on Hack the Entrepreneur is a marketing expert, consultant, author, and blogger for Fast Company magazine and a regular contributor to The Globe and Mail’s Report on Business section. He is the author of Evergreen, which was an instant number one bestseller in the sales and marketing section of Amazon. Show More Summary

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