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All Editors are Not the Same, so Which do You Need?

A question that frequently comes up in writing and blogging groups I’m part of is: ‘anyone know a good editor?’ This is usually followed by comments of ‘I used this guy once but it was a frustrating process’, or ‘mine was ok, but I’m...Show More Summary

180: 7 Types of Facebook Live Videos that Grow Your Audience, Build Your Brand and Make Money

Ways to Use Facebook Live to Grow Your Blog In today’s lesson, I want to talk about Facebook live video which is a technology that has been around for a while now on Facebook and that I think continues to be something that bloggers could get a lot of value out of. We’ve seen Facebook continue to develop it over the last 12 months. Show More Summary

3 Sneaky and Paralyzing Blogging Financial Limiting Beliefs

Running a professional blog requires a financial investment on your part. Or, multiple investments. As I write these words from exotic and opulent Doha, Qatar, I can say that I have invested thousands of dollars on my blog. That’s nothing compared to guys like John Chow. Show More Summary

Using InvoiceBerry to Track Business Financial Growth

How many of us here employ proper finance tracking method? Usually, it’s all about sending an invoice through PayPal and maintaining an excel sheet of income and expenses. But, this process doesn’t give a holistic picture of your finances – income growth, expenses, and investments. Show More Summary

Partnering With Non-Profits Is a Great Way to Promote Your Blog

Teaming up with a non-profit organization is a good choice if you want to grow your blog and business. As such, non-profit collaborations are currently on the rise. Want to find out how partnering your blogging efforts with a non-profit...Show More Summary

Struggling with Writer’s Block? You May Have a Packaging Problem

I want to help you KOP (more on that later) a blog post idea. Or multiple blog post ideas. Feeling frustrated by writer’s block leads to struggle, straining and striving, and increased failure. Force negates. Meaning, if you intend to fight writer’s block you’ll have a bigger fight and a bigger, more imposing writer’s block to contend with. Show More Summary

You Cannot Blog Perfect

At 5:30 AM today I let the cats out from the home where we are house sitting in Qatar. I looked down at my Chromebook for 30 seconds. When I looked up one of the cats vanished. Left the yard. Exited stage left. Or somehow. Which caused my wife to flip. Show More Summary

How to Raise Your Instagram Game for Your Blog

Instagram is one of the most popular social media channels at the moment. With different features focused on helping users share their visual content to followers, the platform allows businesses to build a more vibrant community to engage with their respective brands. Show More Summary

My Personal List of Best WordPress Plugins for 2017

I love WordPress. It has been my CMS of choice for years. However, at its core, the WordPress framework is very minimalistic.   My WordPress sites would be useless without the right plugins. I have found a number of really cool plugins that provide the functionality my blogs need. Show More Summary

Reading Roundup: What’s New in Blogging Lately?

After taking some time off over the holiday season on my blog, I’ve been thinking about things I normally don’t have time to – and I think those things have been reflected in today’s roundup! Things like going back and optimising older...Show More Summary

Young Inspirational Blogger Passes Away After Short Cancer Battle

Hannah Lyson was a young blogger with beauty and brains, but her bravery is what she will be remembered for. The 20 year old blogger had been chronicling her battle with bowel cancer, since her diagnosis last May. After a year long battle, Lyson’s family has confirmed that she passed away at their family home. Show More Summary

5 Mental Blocks for Author Bloggers to Dissolve

On perusing my Blogging From Paradise audio books on iTunes I spotted this beaut: 5 Wicked Mental Blocks I Crushed to Write and Publish 50 Books in 10 Months (and How You Can Crush them too) I got to thinking. How those limiting beliefs hamstrung my writing career. Show More Summary

4 Remote Working Benefits Bloggers Enjoy

People who have never worked remotely, who are accustomed to going into the office at the same time every morning and clocking out at the same time each evening, don’t really have anything to base the remote working structure on. However,...Show More Summary

179: How to Lower the Bounce Rate on Your Blog

11 Techniques for Lowering the Bounce Rate on Your Blog In today’s lesson I want to talk about a statistic or metric that is in Google analytics that I see bloggers talking about a lot – that of ‘bounce rate’. Just today I was askedShow More Summary

178: How to Get Products to Review on Your Blog

Strategies to Get Products to Review on Your Blog In today’s lesson, I want to share 7 strategies that I used to get products to review on my first ever commercial blog – a camera review blog. It’s not always easy to get products toShow More Summary

177: How to Build Traffic and Momentum on Your Blog After a Blogging Slump

Six Ways to Boost Traffic on Your Blog In today’s lesson, I want to talk about getting your traffic kick started in the new year. Many bloggers struggle with getting traffic momentum early in the year after the holiday period traffic...Show More Summary

Get Engaged to Your Audience and Customers

Roses are Red Violets are Blue Valentine’s Day is Tuesday Why is content marketing so hard? Welcome to the week before Valentine’s Day! As it happens, it’s connection and engagement week at Copyblogger — and the content this week is all about how you can create a more profound bond with your audience. Show More Summary

2017 Content Excellence Challenge: The February Prompts

Leave a comment with your entry for this month’s content challenge. You’ll have the chance to win a really good book! Hey, it’s February! And that means we have two new prompts for our 2017 Content Excellence Challenge. This month, we’re...Show More Summary

Top 5 Passive Income Ideas You Can Try Today

I’m sure the main reason that most of you are reading this blog is that you want to be able to earn your own living and be your own boss. That’s certainly why I started my journey making money online. Now while I really enjoy writing...Show More Summary

3 Blogging Lessons I Learned from Traveling to the Wealthiest Country on Earth

Yesterday marks the first week I spent in Qatar. With an average household income of $400,000 USD this is the wealthiest country on earth. I learned 3 distinct blogging lessons from my stay here. Lessons that can help you build a successful blog. Show More Summary

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