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Is Blogging Finally Dead?

As someone who runs a blogging company I am always very curious about the trends that blogging itself is undergoing. This is especially important to me as a lot of people look to this website for information about best practices when it comes to our much-loved medium. And something that has been popping up more...

40 Influencer Marketing Tips From the Pros

The marketing landscape has changed over the years, and with the explosion of social media, marketing has also taken on a different turn. Social media influencers are now being “targets” of brands who want to broaden their reach. With...Show More Summary

Best Guide to Create Your First Website

If you are planning to start your first blog or website, either for yourself or for your business, you know that the first steps can seem daunting. There is a lot of technical informatin to digest, and sometimes getting one thing wrong can result in the failure of your project. Show More Summary

How to Rev Up Your Article from the Start

Cartoonists don’t think straight. If you tell them about cars, they think of chewing gum. If you talk to them about dinner, they think of heel balm. In short, they force-fit thoughts that may have no connection to each other.  But what’s...Show More Summary

How To Increase Your Blog’s Optin Rate Without Creating Any New Content

What if you could double your email list signups simply by rearranging some of the content you already have - and not have to actually take the time to create anything new? Perhaps you can. The post How To Increase Your Blog’s Optin Rate Without Creating Any New Content appeared first on Blog Marketing Academy.

21 Key Principles For Success In Modern Business

It is said that “success is simple, though it is not necessarily easy” Search online and you will find no end of powerful quotations and articles on the qualities you need to be successful. But with so much ‘success information” available,...Show More Summary

When Clients Don’t Pay: Legal Options for Freelancers

It’s a worst case scenario for a freelancer. After spending valuable time and energy completing a project to your client’s exact specifications, they drop contact as soon as your invoice hits their desk. Ordinary employees have numerous protections granted to them under the law, but the legal waters are murkier for independent contractors. Show More Summary

Last Chance to Save: Our Sale Ends in a Few Hours

Only a few hours left. This year’s Black Monday-to-Monday sale ends later today (November 16, 2015) — at 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time to be exact. Here are the two deals you can take advantage of, plus one important point to remember: DEAL...Show More Summary

Are Your Blog Posts Optimized for Twitter Shares? 5 Vital Points to Check

Just look at these numbers: every second, on average, around 6,000 tweets appear on Twitter. This makes about 360,000 tweets per minute and 500 million tweets per day. That’s nothing but official Twitter stats. Impressive, right? What’s even more impressive is that these numbers just don’t stop growing. Show More Summary

CBB133: Setting Your Price Part 3 – How To Test A Price And Product Idea

This episode describes the typical situation people find themselves in - and then walks step-by-step through the pre-sales process and how to do this for yourself. The post CBB133: Setting Your Price Part 3 – How To Test A Price And Product Idea appeared first on Blog Marketing Academy.

15 Actionable Tips to on How to Write Better Emails

Our email inbox is a very precious area. Not only is our email something that we check multiple times daily, but it’s also something we have to continually scan for spam and other unwanted emails. So when we do take the time to open whatever might be sitting in our inbox, it better be good and well worth reading. Show More Summary

3 Resources to Help Content Marketers Learn About Smart Web Design

I like to snack. I’m a big snacker. And I like to examine the packaging that houses my snacks. It’s a side effect of being a content marketer. Recently, I studied the wrapper of a granola bar. One side listed the ingredients, and the other side was white with small, green polka dots. Show More Summary

[Rebroadcast] Why Email Is Your Show’s Mandatory Companion

Yes, you’ve heard the main section of this episode of The Showrunner before — about the importance of building an email list as part of your audience-engagement strategy. But the intro and outro are new, as Jerod Morris explains why he and Jon Nastor decided to rebroadcast this episode this week. Show More Summary

Why You Should Build Your Own Products

In this new series on The Mainframe, hosts Tony Clark and Chris Garrett explore product creation as a way to build a profitable and sustainable business. Listen in to get all the details. In this episode of The Mainframe: Why products...Show More Summary

We Didn’t Think CEO Types Used LinkedIn, Until We Found This Report

The research is in, and you’re going to be shocked! The Missing Link team dives deep into how C-level executives (CEO, CFO, CMO, etc.) really use LinkedIn and how you can connect with them. Leslie Farnsworth of FrogDog wasn’t satisfied with the rumors she heard about LinkedIn users, especially those in executive-level positions. Show More Summary

4 Delightful Editing Tips to Make Your Words Dazzle and Dance

Do you ever read back a draft of your writing and wonder what happened? Red-cheeked, you thought your draft was complete. You felt excited. Brimming with enthusiasm. You knew it … this was going to be superb. Probably your best-ever blog post. Show More Summary

Will That New Plugin Break your Site?

2 weeks agoInternet / Blogging : WP Dude

Will that new plugin break your site? Use this 6 point check list before you add a new WordPress plugin. Post from: WP Dude If you need wordpress technical support please visit my services page Will That New Plugin Break your Site?

Trouble Coming Up with Ideas for Posts? Check Out This Generator

If you have been blogging for a while, you probably know that coming up with ideas for new and interesting blog posts can be quite a challenge on in a while. Keeping your blog updated and writing new content regularly is paramount to...Show More Summary

Optimizing a Blog to Rank in Google

Over time, Google has created a series of algorithms that ultimately scan or “crawl” a website to determine where and how it should be ranked within its search results. These algorithms analyze nearly every corner of a website including...Show More Summary

Survival Guide: What to Do When Your Blog Starts to Die

It’s a horrifying thought, isn’t it? All those hours spent writing blog posts, emailing subscribers and developing your blogging skills only to see your site start to die. So what do you do? Unfortunately this is a really common event and can happen to any blog in any niche. It might be Google penalty or...

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