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Essential Tools for Content Marketers

No it’s not cheating, trust me. These handy tools will make your life easier and your content stronger. Ever heard of mental block? For content marketers it’s that moment when you can’t even think of a topic let alone begin writing the content. Show More Summary

Why You Hate Writing

The blank page is a nightmare. The great writers of the ages have feared it more than evil spirits, wasting disease, and visiting in-laws. Yet, if you want something to happen, you’ve got to spill the ink on that thing. You’ve got to do it every day. Like a detective, the writer is always digging. Read More... The post Why You Hate Writing appeared first on Copyblogger.

How to Build a Profitable Blog through Twitter

Are you confused about how to build a profitable blog through Twitter? The non-stop, rapid-fire tweet nature of the platform can intimidate even seasoned bloggers. By following a few steps you can cut through the confusion to set a foundation for increasing your blogging profits on Twitter. Show More Summary

How Bestselling Author Jay McInerney Writes: Part One

The bestselling author of 11 books, including the eighties-defining Bright Lights, Big City, Jay McInerney, took a break to chat with me about his new book, the writing process, and some timeless tips from his mentor, Raymond Carver....Show More Summary

Young Cancer Patient Has Decided To Live-Blog His Health’s Decline And Death

We’ve heard some drastic stories about people that choose to blog about pretty serious events. However, one 25-year-old cancer patient has made the controversial decision to chronicle his failing health and death. Dmitrij Panov started a blog back in February. Show More Summary

How to Start a Food Blog and Change the World

Want to learn how to start a food blog? I might be able to help with that. You see, every now and then a new niche comes along and absolutely dominates the internet. Each one is slightly different, but over time you start to notice the common strategies and ideas that work for each one...

How Working Fewer Hours Can Increase Your Productivity

By ProBlogger Productivity Expert Nicole Avery. We live in a culture that assumes the more hours you work the more work you are doing. Stories are traded of working past midnight or working 10 hour days with no breaks with great pride...Show More Summary

[Blowout Sale] Get 30% Off ALL Premium WordPress Themes

Plus a special offer for the Pro Plus All-Theme Package … Black Monday … in August? Pretty much. You may recall that every year around late October or November we offer a big discount or valuable bundle. Well, we recently ironed outShow More Summary

How a CDN can be your Blog’s Secret Weapon

The success of any online enterprise always revolves around one thing: user experience. Bear in mind that the online audience is pickier than you might think. They want relevant information to be presented in an organized fashion, they...Show More Summary

4 Creative Ways to Build Buzz for Your Next Blog Post Before It Goes Live

This is a guest contribution from Bill Achola. I remember those days when I thought writing a blog post was enough. I would invest all my efforts on choosing the right topic, writing a quality blog post, making it smart, funny, and engaging,...Show More Summary

PB148: Juggling Family Life and Blogging? Here’s some Tips on Getting the Balance Right

Finding a Balance Between Family Life and Blogging Life Today, we are talking about family and blogging. One of the reasons I was attracted to blogging was because it seemed like something that would allow me to have some flexibility...Show More Summary

How to Give and Get Exceptional Testimonials, Part One

In an age where we’re faced with too many choices, testimonials help us trust enough to make a decision to buy. Are you using this powerful tool in your business? Testimonials work because you’re not tooting your own horn — others are doing it for you. Show More Summary

4 Practical Ways to Benefit from Impostor Syndrome

So, you’ve landed a new, big-time content marketing client. Exciting times! It’s the type of client you’ve wanted for ages, and finally, you’re getting your chance. You’ve scheduled your first meeting with her. And that’s when the voices in your head start up: Who are you kidding? You’re not good enough for this client. Show More Summary

Why Wasted Words Kill Good Ideas And Cost Sales

It’s easy to take the nuts and bolts of our communication for granted. We can all talk and read and write, after all. But as soon as we start to put our own ideas out there – making the leap from reader to blogger, or from consumer to persuader – how we communicate starts to matter. Show More Summary

10 Smart Onsite Marketing Tips for Your Blog

When it comes to marketing tips for your blog, onsite techniques seem to be the bratty little kid in the family. Everybody likes the well-behaved older child – offsite, commonly followed marketing tactics – but the onsite stuff is annoying, agitating and generally ignored by most bloggers. Show More Summary

3 Ways the Cloud Helps Protect Personal Data

If you’re like the majority, your nine-to-five job calls for you to apply a cloud-based provider to manage your workflow, contacts, or other parts of your day by day ordinary. But, is the usage of the cloud valuable out-of-doors of… Continue Reading ?

9 Habits of Highly Successful Bloggers (Which One You Have?)

Do you ever wish to know, what are the habits of highly successful bloggers on the planet? What motivate them to write a quality blog post, despite having extremely busy? How do they manage their time? I guess. You might have lots of questions regarding successful bloggers activity. Show More Summary

Reading Roundup: What’s New in Blogging Lately?

At times the internet and blogging appears to be morphing at warp speed, setting our heads spinning and making us feel like it’s impossible to keep up – this has been one of those weeks! So I hope the first pick for you will help. Stop Spending so Much Time...more The post Reading Roundup: What’s New in Blogging Lately? appeared first on ProBlogger.       

Rainmaker Rewind: The Power of Being an Unmistakably Creative Entrepreneur, with Srinivas Rao

This week on Rewind, Chris Ducker welcomes creative entrepreneur Srinivas Rao to Youpreneur to chat about the importance of thinking outside of the box and differentiating yourself in your industry. They also share their tips on setting...Show More Summary

Why You Need Niche Experience to Be a Great Blogger

Have you seen ads online that say it’s easy to make tens of thousands online through blogging? In reality, there’s very little truth to this statement. In fact, only about four percent of bloggers make more than $10,000/month. Furthermore, the vast majority of bloggers (63 percent) make less than $10 in a given month. Show More Summary

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