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Why Boosting Facebook Posts Is Not So Bad After All

By ProBlogger SME Samantha Jockel. When I think back over the past six years I have been using Facebook as a business tool, there have been moments of exhilaration and despair. In the early days, we experienced incredible growth on some...Show More Summary

Ad Networks Vs Affiliate Banners! Which is the way forward?

One thing that kills business is the fact that people read or hear things and make strategic decisions without proper research backed by data and facts. We have read and heard that making money with banners is dead because of a sickness called banner blindness. Show More Summary

Quick Tips on How to Gain Higher Quality Backlinks

Every webmaster wants his website to rank in the top search results when search with relevant keywords is done. And for this, search engine optimization (SEO) for the website is absolutely mandatory. For effective SEO, various kinds of tools are implemented and back linking is a prominent one. Show More Summary

Euro 2016: Underway And Plenty Has Changed

Social media and blogging are playing an extra important role in this year’s Euro Soccer Tournament. Whether it is keeping updated on the matches while on the go, buying tickets to the various venues or reading the latest news about the rowdy fans’ shenanigans, the world is using the web to stay in the know. Show More Summary

Reading Roundup: What’s New in Blogging Lately?

I have to say, my favourite link this week has got to be the first one – the interview with Rand Fishkin. I love a peek behind the curtain into how other people have been successful! So much this week to get your inspiration on – I hope...Show More Summary

Rainmaker Rewind: Microsoft Just Bought LinkedIn. Here’s Everything You Need to Know

This week on Rainmaker Rewind, Sean Jackson, Jabez LeBret, and Mica Gadhia have a conversation about the recent acquisition of LinkedIn by Microsoft for $26.2 billion. In this up-to-the-minute episode, you’ll hear The Missing Link team share their thoughts about this announcement and what it means for you. Show More Summary

How To Create Viral Content Your Readers Will Love

Creating valuable content for your website that turns into Viral Content is the dream of every website owner. But how do you make sure you produce valuable viral content – rather than nonsense content, that is quickly forgotten? Last...Show More Summary

5 Examples of How Bloggers are Using Video to Increase Engagememt

When it comes to creating content online, it’s all about engagement. It doesn’t matter if it’s text, infographics, images or video… you must provide your audience with something they find value in or they are simply going to leave your site and never come back. Show More Summary

A Look Behind the Curtain of the Fashion Blogging World

As we’ve recently seen, there are some bloggers who have become completely disillusioned with the blogging industry, citing it as too staged, unoriginal, and simply a waste of time. However, this industry – when used in the right way – can be used as an unequivocal force for good. Show More Summary

7 Weeks In… Status Report On The New RV Blog [RV Blog Report #3]

7 weeks into the new RV blog, we check in on the traffic numbers, email list size... and the tactics I'm using to jump start this brand new blog from scratch. The post 7 Weeks In… Status Report On The New RV Blog [RV Blog Report #3] appeared first on Blog Marketing Academy.

9 Reasons I Hate Your Blog

By Jerry Low. Does your website have a high bounce rate? What is it about your blog that makes them want to press the back button? The truth is that if your bounce rate is high, then there is something that is causing people to discredit...Show More Summary

The Content Junkyard (and Why So Many Articles Fail)

On May 22, 1919, a New York hotel owner named Raymond Orteig announced a prize. The Orteig Prize, as it came to be known, was the whopping sum of $25,000 (about $340,000 in 2015). It was to be given to the first allied aviators who flew...Show More Summary

B2B Portals: An Ocean of Benefits

There are two kinds of commerce active in the world marketplace: business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C). Companies involved in the latter form of commerce spend a lot of time and effort marketing to individual consumers they believe would be interested in their products or services. Show More Summary

PB124: Using “We” When You Mean “I” – Does it Matter?

Using We and I in Blogging Today we are talking about using the words we and I. This comes from a question from Sally. This show was prerecorded because I am on a beach in Thailand. If you would like to join us on the Gold Coast in Australia for the ProBlogger Event, you have just under two weeks left to save $100 on your ticket. Show More Summary

How To Get Loads Of Traffic To A Newly-Launched Blog

Your new blog is set up, and it has a fabulous looking design. It’s time to start getting a lot of traffic and make sales. Here’s where things get tough, and people quit. Registering your domain name was easy Setting up your website was easy. Show More Summary

CPXcenter: A Comprehensive Affiliate System for Everyone

I’ve reviewed a great number of affiliate networks and affiliate programs over the years. The individual details can vary considerably, like the types of offers they maintain in their inventory or how they decide to issue payments to publishers, but the fundamental foundation remains the same. Show More Summary

How To Bring Your Old Blog Posts Back From The Dead

If you’ve been blogging for a while, chances are you have plenty of old blog posts gathering dusts in the corners of your site. Blogging standards change daily, which means that some of your most popular past posts might not be getting you as much exposure as they could. Show More Summary

5 Google Font Combinations That Will Make Your Blog’s Design Sing

By ProBlogger Design Expert Kelly Exeter. When it comes to the readability of your blog, font choice (along with font size and line spacing) is crucial. Unfortunately, this is an area where may bloggers are getting their blog design horribly wrong. Show More Summary

What It’s Really Like to Start an Ultra-Successful Company: Meet Moz’s Rand Fishkin

Rand Fishkin is known for founding an incredibly successful company — while keeping an unwavering commitment to his core values. You may have noticed, if you look around at the general business landscape, that a lot of successful founders are a bit cocky. Show More Summary

Five Essential Photography Tips for Bloggers

Once, a good blog was defined by its text alone. It didn’t matter too much what it looked like as long as it had useful information. Then the digital age exploded, and it was easier than ever to upload images onto your blog. From there,...Show More Summary

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