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The Zen of Measurement, Optimization, and Focus

In this new series on The Mainframe, hosts Tony Clark and Chris Garrett discuss the importance of the right metrics in growing your business, and why you should not be paralyzed by math. In this episode of The Mainframe, Chris Garrett...Show More Summary

The Problem with the ‘Hell-For-Leather’ Writing Movement

As of late, it’s fashionable to write hell for leather. In fact, there’s a hot cottage industry in the writing culture. But is it good for the writing community? Or detrimental? For lack of better terms, let’s call this trend the “The Hell-For-Leather Writing Movement.” Or HFLWM. Show More Summary

Reading Roundup: What’s New in Blogging Lately

Coming to you live from the depths of Melbourne winter – while the rest of the country (almost) is springing into spring, we’re still freezing our butts off. Fingers crossed we’ll start to see the sun soon! Here’s what I found interesting lately around the web: How to use a $5 Twitter ad To Redefine [...]Show More Summary

3 Easy Ways to Expand Your Creativity

Imagination is more important than knowledge. – Albert Einstein Remember when you were little and the best gift of all was a large cardboard box? That box could be anything from a small family home to the vanguard of an intergalactic attack fleet. Show More Summary

The Biggest Lesson I Learned About Building a Profitable Blog in 2015

Episode 38 of the ProBlogger podcast is focused on something I’ve learned in the course of the past year that I think has the potential to transform not only your blogging, but many areas of your life. Today’s episode is personal – my personal journey of the last nine months. I talked about it at [...]Show More Summary

How to Effectively Publish on LinkedIn, Part 3

In this final episode about publishing to the Pulse Network, you’ll hear directly from special guest Katie Carroll, Social Media Editor at LinkedIn Pulse. The Missing Link hosts Sean Jackson and Mica Gadhia ask Katie the burning questions sent in by audience members. Show More Summary

How to Optimize Your Headlines for Content Discovery with Vinegar (Before You Die of Cholera)

Are you curious how the beginning and end of this headline actually fit together? It’s quite a promise to deliver on. Well, hosts Demian Farnworth and Jerod Morris do just that on this week’s episode of The Lede, and they improve your content discovery in the process. Show More Summary

CBB110: The Transformation And Why It Is Your Roadmap To Products To Sell

The first and possibly most fundamental concept to understand in order to build a profitable blog is the transformation.Everything begins with the transformation. Product/market fit is determined by the transformation that your audience...Show More Summary

One Product Does Not a Business Make

Today’s guest on Hack the Entrepreneur is the founder and CEO of Digital Marketer, where he blogs and coaches for the Digital Marketer Lab and other training courses. He started marketing online from his dorm room in 1999, and has worked in over 500 different markets. Show More Summary

How to Avoid Getting Sucker-Punched by Internet ‘Facts’

Don’t you love those Internet facts? You know, the ones that aren’t facts at all, they’re fodder for our own confirmation bias, and weapons in the Outrage Wars. In the early days of the social web, we thought that bringing people together would create a knowledge utopia. Show More Summary

Why These Famous Time-Management Techniques Are Ruining Your Productivity

Most creative people will take your head off if you butt in while they are “flowing.” But that’s exactly what the Pomodoro technique does, a popular time management trick designed to boost your productivity. The concept is simple: set a kitchen timer for 25 minutes and work until it rings. Show More Summary

Plugin Review: Revive Old Posts

Feeding the social media beast with new content is a huge time suck, automate it with the Revive Old Posts plugin Post from: WP Dude If you need wordpress technical support please visit my services page Plugin Review: Revive Old Pos...

10 Ways To Stay Productive as a Work-at-Home Blogger

This is a guest contribution from Larry Alton. Working from home sounds like a pretty cushy job. You can wear whatever you like, eat as often as you want, text your friends, run errands, and be at home with your family, all while being employed. However, that list of things can often make it difficult [...]Show More Summary

Is Podcasting Replacing Written Content Marketing?

That is the question. It’s the question I’m asked as soon as someone discovers that I manage the editorial team for Copyblogger. You see back in March, there was a sudden influx of audio content here on the pages of Copyblogger. We launched...Show More Summary

How Neuroscientist Michael Grybko Defines Storytelling

Have you ever wondered why storytelling is such an omnipresent theme of human life? Welcome to another guest segment of “The Writer’s Brain,” where Kelton Reid picks the brain of a neuroscientist about elements of great writing. Research...Show More Summary

How to Write Multiple Magnetic Tweets About Any Content (Without Being Repetitive)

If you’re using social media channels such as Twitter to promote your content, then this show is for you. This week, Hit Publish host Amy Harrison is looking at different ways you can ‘beef up your tweets’ and write multiple updates to promote just one post (without sounding boring or repetitive). Show More Summary

The Value of Crafting an Entrepreneurial Vision (and Sticking to It)

Today’s guest on Hack the Entrepreneur is a scientist turned digital artist, animator, entrepreneur — as well as an academic escapee. She has a Ph.D. from the University of Waterloo and has over 15 years of experience in research. During this time, she has generated $340,000 in funding, prepared manuscripts, and lectured. Show More Summary

Freaking Out Over the Thought of Writing a First Draft? Try Scaffolding

Your idea stretches out to the end of nowhere. One hundred words? One thousand? What’s the angle? The structure? That’s just one decision among many you must make before you write. And just one more decision that adds to your anxiety. Show More Summary

How to Email Busy Bloggers and Get Response

Do you know what happens after you click send an email to a busy blogger? Well, you guessed it right. It gets ignored. Most top bloggers are busy. They’re extremely busy. At an average, every influential blogger receives anything around 150 to 200 new emails every single day. Show More Summary

How One Couple Drastically Changed Their Life by Blogging

This is a guest contribution from Gina Horkey. Two years ago, my husband and I were just like any other American couple. We were both working in Corporate America, had a one and a half year old and another on the way. Our work schedules and commutes weren’t bad, we just weren’t doing work that [...]Show More Summary

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