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231: From Imposter Syndrome to Tech Influencer – One Tech Podcaster Shares His Story

From Imposter Syndrome to Tech Influencer – A Tech Podcaster Tells His Story Today’s episode continues our series where I hand the podcast over to you, the listeners, to tell your stories and tips of starting and growing your blogs. Today’s blogger is Neil Hughes from Technology Blog Writer. Show More Summary

5 Rock Solid Fundamentals for Creating a Thriving Blogging Career

Living the internet lifestyle may seem like a pipe dream to some bloggers. Sure they dove into the blogging game full of enthusiasm, positive energy flowing through their pores. Unfortunately, they never reined in their excitement, leading to some harebrained blogging activities and sustained struggles. Show More Summary

Should You Blog About Your Personal Life?

Regardless of how you typically blog, whether it’s a business or a hobby, at some point you might be tempted to blog about your personal life. You might talk about a past relationship you’ve had, refer to your day job, or even link to a registry for your upcoming wedding. But is it a good […] The post Should You Blog About Your Personal Life? appeared first on The Blog Herald.

How Bloggers Should Use Twitter to Drive Traffic

I filmed a screen share video to help you use Twitter intelligently. Many bloggers have a tough time trying to drive traffic through Twitter. These guys mistakenly try to get traffic and profits on the network all day long, tweetingShow More Summary

4 Things to Do with Blogging Criticism Versus Complaining

The fear of criticism makes most newbie bloggers shudder in their cyber boots. Even some pro bloggers feel uncomfortable after receiving negatively charged feedback. I want to help you benefit from criticism so you can coast seamlessly through your blogging day. Show More Summary

Where Your Wildest Blogging Dreams Sit and How to Get There

Blizzard like conditions. 7 degree Fahrenheit wind chills. Blowing snow. I figured; why not take the garbage out to the dumpster in my shirt, shorts and flip flops? As you can see I am not in the tropics now. Me and my wife will be in Thailand in about 3 weeks. Show More Summary

Jump into a Creative and Productive New Year

Happy new year! I hope your holidays were good and that you’ve managed to re-find some semblance of your routine. (Or maybe even some cool new routines.) On Tuesday this week, Stefanie Flaxman gave us seven ideas for how to thrill your boss, editor, or clients with your writing professionalism. Show More Summary

3 Distractions that Pull You from Important Blogging Duties

I filmed a video this morning about running a serious blogging business. The gist was how professional bloggers devote most of their attention and energy every day to being professional bloggers. You probably get this by now. But maybe you fall into the way too big lot of bloggers who claim distractions pull them away from their work. Show More Summary

10 Content Research Tools You Haven’t Tried (But Should)

Your content is your bread and butter. Marketers in general know that creating good content is the single greatest way you can engage with your audience in a meaningful way. But let’s face it, coming up with fresh ideas or knowing how to keep things relevant can be hard for all of us. Show More Summary

Battle-Tested Social Media Marketing Strategies That Bloggers Can Do in Minutes

Let me guess: You are swamped with things to do, aren’t you? As a blogger, not only would you have to create content for your website regularly (which would often take hours), but you’d also need to find clients, keep track of industry trends, polish your writing skills, and so much more. Show More Summary

Three Killer Skills Professional Writers Need to Succeed in 2018

What brought you here today? What are you hoping to learn, be, become, do, or change by reading Copyblogger? We’ll be asking that question a lot in the coming year, but while we wait (feel free to answer in the comments below — we’dShow More Summary

Revealed: How to Start a Blog and Succeed in 2018

Would you like to know how to start a blog in 2018? Here's a massive guide with tips, strategies and even a quiz to test your readiness!

228: From Crying in the Bathroom at Work to a Multi Six Figure Online Business – A Writing Blogger Shares Her Story

Leaving Her Job to Create a Multi Six Figure Online Business – A Writing Blogger Tells Her Story We’re continuing our series of blogger stories, and handing the podcast over to you so you can tell your stories and tips of starting and growing your blogs. Show More Summary

3 Silly Mistakes Made by New Bloggers that Need to Go

3 big time new blogger mistakes cripple even the most ambitious individuals. I often see aspiring newbies make these huge blogging boo boos that guarantee their failure, no matter how hard they work or for how long they work, or no matter what tools, hacks or techniques they use. Show More Summary

7 Ways for Thoughtful Writers to Wow Their Editors, Clients, and Bosses

It’s common for non-writers to have trouble understanding how writing for a living actually works. They imagine bespectacled introverts pounding away at their keyboards, detached from social settings and business transactions. How is...Show More Summary

4 Reasons Why You Should Start a Blog in 2018

At a recent Christmas party a friend asked me a series of rapid-fire questions about blogging. “Do you think I should start a blog in 2018? Or have I missed the boat with blogging? If blogging is still relevant, how could it benefit me? I guess I’m trying to work...more The post 4 Reasons Why You Should Start a Blog in 2018 appeared first on ProBlogger.       

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