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7 Website Design Features That Will Increase Profits and Userabilty

I’m excited to introduce the first of many posts for the all new AwesomeWeb Series here at IncomeDiary! Each week I’ll ask 6 other internet entrepreneurs a specific question relating to your online success.  At the end of each weekly post, you’ll have an opportunity to vote on the best responses. Show More Summary

Guest Blogging SOS: 3 Ways

It’s damn hard to be successful in guest blogging. We also know how guest blogging is really one of the best ways to not only increase blog traffic and backlinks but also to establish a blog as an ‘authority figure’. Many bloggers outsource the guest blogging process these days and there are some who don’t. Show More Summary

Five Great Places to Find Your Next Blog Post Title

Do you struggle to come up with titles for your blog posts? You might not be short of topic ideas … but somehow, the actual titles end up sounding boring and bland. Here are six great places to find the title for your next blog post:...Show More Summary

Agile Content Marketing: How to Attract an Audience That Builds Your Business

It’s the question I get more than any other, and it’s one of the most important questions you’ll answer in marketing your business: How do I create a content marketing strategy that actually works? That will take several thousand words to answer, and then you’ll have to create your own strategy. Show More Summary

5 Things to Do Before Launching Your Site

Anyone can build and launch a web site these days, what with all the tutorials and tools available for free (and for a price, for those who are willing to pay). Of course, you can always pay someone to do the job for you, but if you’re...Show More Summary

The Future of SEO – How Every Blogger Needs to be Positioned to be Successful

Let’s face it, search engine optimization as we know it is an ever-evolving, not dying, art. Gone are the days of simply throwing up a couple targeted keywords, dumping a ton load of miscellaneous backlinks and walking straight to the bank. Show More Summary

Blogger Vs WordPress Comparison: Which One Should I Use?

This comparison post will help you choose between Blogger and WordPress when starting your site. The post Blogger Vs WordPress Comparison: Which One Should I Use? appeared first on How To Make My Blog.

Top Tips to Let Go of Fear

This is a guest contribution from Jennifer Louden.  What I’m about to tell you is the most overlooked key to being a successful teacher – as well as a successful business owner, parent, writer, athlete, and all around happy human being. It’s the precursor to more sales, to repeat business, to turning customers into raving fans, [...]Show More Summary

Tag Cloud – Types & How to Add them?

Tag cloud is a visual representation or a navigation tool used to visualize the content of a blog or website. In more technical terms, it is an arbitrary arrangement of keywords displayed on the blog to help viewers search content easily and to help search engine bots classify the site. Show More Summary

Should You Always Offer A Freebie To Build Your Email List?

Do you always need to give away something for free to get people to join your email list? Perhaps not. We talk about that in this video, as well as a tactic you can use to get more BUYERS on your email list. The post Should You Always Offer A Freebie To Build Your Email List? appeared first on Blog Marketing Academy.

Why Parallax Design Doesn’t Have to Tank Your SEO

Can parallax design be bad for a website’s SEO? Absolutely. Hence the chatter. But this shouldn’t deter you from considering parallax effects for your site, because any design style can be bad for SEO if it causes a site to load slowly or reduces it to a single URL. Show More Summary

Getty Images vs Creative Commons and Privacy: What Bloggers Need to Know

This is a guest post written by Simon Schmid of iubenda. Getty Images recently announced a new image embed feature that allows bloggers (and others) to access and use their vast library of images for non-commercial purposes. This rather remarkable change in policy by Getty Images shows that it’s ready to work with content creators and adapt to the times [...]Show More Summary

Smarter Monkeys? Why You Need Pillar Blogging Posts

The amount of blogging data being tracked online via social media these days is enough to make George Orwell spin in his grave. Even he couldn’t have predicted the quantity of market research consumers are handing out for free with social media platforms – even lazy bloggers and hardcore picture sites are helping big companies make bank. Show More Summary

Fan Reach Decreased on Facebook with 55% since August 2013

Recently, Facebook pages have experienced a significant decrease in the number of fans they reach with their messages so if you are a blogger and you are sharing your blog posts on Facebook, you might have noticed this. According toShow More Summary

Understanding Cyber Squatting & Preventing Online Business Losses

Any online business runs the risk of cyber squatting if no preventive measures are followed in the beginning. What is Cyber Squatting? Also known as domain squatting, the Anti-Cyber Squatting Consumer Protection Act in the United States...Show More Summary

5 Ways to Build Long-Lasting Authority

Authority is where it’s at these days. Of course, as a Copyblogger reader you know that already. Google values authority so much that it’s trying to build an authority measurement into its algorithm. Authority has simply become the way to stand out and get ahead. Show More Summary

Social Networks: Should You Go for Quantity or Quality?

If you’ve launched a blog, you’ve got plenty of work to do already – writing regular posts, moderating comments, reading and commenting on other people’s blogs, sending out guest post pitches … … so how can you find the time to joinShow More Summary

Announcing the New Sticky Top Bar Plugin: A ProBlogger WordPress Plugin

A couple of weeks ago we launched the new – a private membership site that not only has a community/forum area for bloggers to network, collaborate and learn but one which provides members with regular webinars as well as exclusive access to some tools that my team have been developing for my blogs. Recently [...]Show More Summary

12 Signs You Are Ready To Be A Professional Blogger

These are the twelve signs that your online project is going well and that you are turning into a professional blogger. The post 12 Signs You Are Ready To Be A Professional Blogger appeared first on How To Make My Blog.

Best Travel Bloggers Dish Out Sage Advice

What can you learn from the best travel bloggers? Quite a bit, regardless of what kind of blogger you are, from foodie to relationship disher-upper, or even if you haven’t quite started a blog (yet). Travel bloggers provide a uniqueShow More Summary

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