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How to Find Your Next Big Thing

Entrepreneurs and independent business people are always working on the next thing, often on the side while we maintain our current income. And as your mind begins to see the world in a more entrepreneurial way, you’ll spot opportunity everywhere. Show More Summary

Creating Content that Connects to Your Target Audience

So you have a blog and you have a few readers, but how interested are your readers in what you write? Are they inspired by it? Does it help them to solve problems in their work or personal lives? Do they tell family, friends or colleagues...Show More Summary

Increase Mobile Marketing Revenue with Mobidea Affiliate Network

If you were to look at all of the different methods of advertising in the world today, you would quickly see that more money is flowing into mobile marketing than ever before. The reason why mobile is so important and lucrative is that everyone is connected to their devices at all times. Show More Summary

(OK, Just One More Episode) 3 Pillars to Building Influence & Establishing a Brand

This week, Jabez interviews The LinkedIn Lady, Carol McManus, host of the weekly business live radio show on ABRN. Carol shares the three pillars to building influence and establishing a successful brand. We dive into the power of speaking, how to create brand-building content, and how a book can change your business. Show More Summary

How to Build an Online Education Business

On this week’s episode, we’re joined by Tonya Mork of Know the Code. Tonya likes to rethink the way she does things to find a better path: one that is more efficient, effective, leads us forward, and is balanced with intent. She likes...Show More Summary

How to Craft a Marketing Story that People Embrace and Share

You’re telling a story. Whether you know it or not, or intend to or not … you absolutely are. Everything you do to market your business is another paragraph, page, or chapter in the story people hear from you. And the story people hear...Show More Summary

Russian Blogger Arrested for “Inciting Hatred” by Playing Pokemon Go in Church

From the day Pokémon Go was released, it was clear that the world was going to experience a phenomenon. Within 13 hours of its launch, the app was already #1 in the top-grossing list in the US! It hasn’t been all fun and games for the app’s makers and players, though. Show More Summary

Quantifying the ‘YouEconomy,’ with Shelby and Josh from Success Magazine

In this episode, we focus in on something that a lot of entrepreneurs go through: entrepreneurial self-doubt. Many budding entrepreneurs find themselves asking the question, “Is this right for me?” So, today Chris dives into his personal strategy for when he faces doubts, how small goals can help you boost confidence, and so much more. Show More Summary

How to Turn Your Business Blog Readers Into Paying Customers

This is a guest contribution from Alicia Rades. You started a blog for your business because you recognized the importance of content marketing. You know that businesses that blog get more traffic than those that don’t. But more traffic doesn’t necessarily mean more customers. Show More Summary

How to Supercharge Your Online Authority an Hour at a Time

Here at Copyblogger, we don’t espouse the “get rich quick” message that’s so prevalent in online business circles. If anything, our message has always been: “Let us show you how to work hard on the right things so you can see results over time.” Not too sexy, right? That’s OK. Show More Summary

How to Find Blogging Motivation When Times Get Tough

  Are you having a tough time trying to build your blog when life intervenes? The kids may get sick. Your central air may break down during a sweltering heat wave. Heck, you may have to walk 5 miles to get water for the day. If you have an internet connection and phone or basic laptop (or computer) you can blog from anywhere on earth. Show More Summary

3 Apps that Nailed Content Marketing Last Year

If you think content marketing is not for the app world, you couldn’t be more wrong. Most probably, you are confused with the wrong variables. With a little calculation, strategic planning and sensible analysis, apps can exploit content marketing to deliver staggering acquisition figures. Show More Summary

Facebook Recommends Psychiatrist’s Friends Connect, Completely Violates All Privacy Policies

As if Facebook “people you may know” feature wasn’t creepy enough. (Listen, if I really do know them and aren’t friends on Facebook, chances are I don’t want to be!) Anyways, it seems the social media giant crossed the line when one psychiatrist discovered that Facebook was suggesting that her patients friend each other. Show More Summary

3 Link Building Methods Every Blogger Should Be Using

Ranking in the search results is one of the most important factors in finding success with a blog. With over a billion active sites on the internet today and more than 300 million of them being blogs, there is simply way too much content being created on a daily basis. Show More Summary

How to Monetize Education Traffic with byOffers Writing Network

With the back to school season now in full swing, it won’t be long before students start to feel the crunch and pressure of their studies. There are all sorts of tutoring services available, both online and locally, but what about when...Show More Summary

3 Questions that Can Haunt Creative Professionals

Sonia’s back on the podcast this week with suggestions on how to address three challenges that pop up often in our communities. When we’re talking with creative professionals, and content marketers in particular, we’ve noticed certain challenges that come up again and again. Show More Summary

Focus on What Needs to Happen

My guest today is a speaker, guerrilla marketer, and an entrepreneur. He founded and ScreenRobot. These two sites combined have received nearly 20 million page views without any paid marketing. He is currently the founder...Show More Summary

Make Money with Clickadu Pop-Under Ad Network

As the Internet continues to change and evolve, so must the face of advertising on the Internet. People online are becoming increasingly “ad blind” and traditional banner advertising might not be as effective as it once was. If visitors...Show More Summary

How I Turned One Blog Post Into a 7-Figure Business (And How You Can Capitalize on Going Viral)

In 2013, I experienced a writer’s dream come true. My blog post, 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do, went viral. And not just a little viral, it went mega-viral. It was read by millions of people in a matter of days. And thenShow More Summary

Up for the Challenge? Try This Unusual Method to Help Achieve Your Business Goals

Jadah Sellner and Jen Hansard, two moms who co-founded a business called Simple Green Smoothies, added 28,000 people to their email list in 2013. These days, they have an active, engaged list of more than 385,000 people. My first reaction...Show More Summary

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