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1 Painful but Exciting Blogging Concept to Master

My email list growth seemingly slowed down recently. But I have never been more well known online. I also see my blogging profits steadily increasing. Note; I am writing these words from Thailand where I will be on working holiday for 7 weeks. Show More Summary

You Should Allow Passion For Your Blog To Consume You

As an entrepreneur, you became your own boss to pursue a dream. You started your journey with passion, and if you want to be wildly successful, you’ve got to keep that flame lit. When you think back on your life, you’ll find that passion...Show More Summary

1 Way to Handle Blogging Crises Intelligently and Effectively

Meet Yoda. He doesn’t seem to be phased by blogging crises. I betcha he worries not about the White Screen of Death. No way would he fret about spammers or scammers trying to flood his blog. Yoda the Thai French Bulldog plays a prominent role in today’s Facebook Broadcast. Show More Summary

5 Ways to Market Yourself as a Blogger

Bloggers are growing in number these days and they are in varied niches. Some engage in blogging for personal reasons such as to push a personal advocacy or simply to share their journey with the rest of the world. The others blog for...Show More Summary

1 Weird but Powerful Truth of Building a Successful Blog

One concept loses itself on most bloggers. The majority desperately search for hacks, tricks and techniques to become a successful blogger as quickly as possible. I am all for leveraging. But in the same breath, a weird but incredibly powerful truth forms the foundation for all successful blogs. Show More Summary

How to Easily Create a Blog Using Office 365

If you’re a blogger, imagine not having to struggle with using WordPress again. Even with WordPress being the most popular and used content management platform on the internet today, there are still always going to be other solutions. Show More Summary

4 Tips to Dissolve Crippling Blogging Self Consciousness

I just filmed a Facebook Live Broadcast in Bangkok, Thailand at rush hour. Talk about a good practice to overcome blogging self-consciousness. The deal; if you overcome self-consciousness on the blogging front you dissolve crippling fears which block success. Show More Summary

I’m Sorted With Sortd

last monthInternet / Blogging : WP Dude

For the past three months or so, I’ve been using a new tool to manage my projects, this one seems to fit all my needs. … Post from: WP Dude If you need wordpress technical support please visit my services page I’m Sorted With Sortd

Nate Rifkin | How To Write Better Copy and Make More Sales

Nate Rifkin is one of the most prolific and successful young Copywriters of his generation. His clients include publishing behemoth Agora, as well as starting his own nutritional supplement company. But, unless you have a large budget...Show More Summary

Is Food Blogging Profitable?

With “blogging” now a full-time serious profession, I have seen the trajectory of blogosphere grow from “tech blogging” majorly to other niche segments such as “fashion,” “real estate,” “personal health,” “finance” and even “food.” In the last few days, I was researching the concept of niche sites and their monetization techniques. Show More Summary

Advice and Resources for Success as a Creative Professional

This week, we talked about some of the joys — and pitfalls — of the professional creative life. Your friends don’t get what you do, sometimes you don’t completely “get it” yourself — but when it’s working, the rewards can be glorious. Show More Summary

How to Gamify Your Blog and Increase Engagement

Capturing people’s attention is an essential part of blogging. Without it, your blog would be useless. Yes, there are lots of ways to do that. But one of the best ones is by gamifying your blog. Gamifying has invaded the e-learning landscape because of its effectiveness in fostering engagement. Show More Summary

Legal Aspects to Consider when Starting your Blogging Business

Most bloggers will start their online platforms from a pure joy of writing. As their voice becomes increasingly popular in the virtual world, most will naturally begin to think about how to actually derive income from their blog. There...Show More Summary

1 Way to Avoid the Unpleasant Feeling of Being a Blogging Fraud

Guess I gotta walk my talk, right? I made the bold move of filming a Facebook Live Broadcast in the middle of Bangkok, Thailand this morning. The guy who preaches moving out of your comfort zone regularly definitely exited his comfort zone doing a live video in a bustling place filled with curious Thai folks, wondering what this farang was up to. Show More Summary

Have You Really Thought through Your Blog Marketing Strategy Intelligently?

Blogging lessons smack you upside your head all day long. Tune into successful tips by observing life around you. Today I landed in Bangkok Thailand. My wife flew from NYC to BKK via an 18 hour flight. Our arms were tired. Anyway, I snapped images as we cruised around the streets today. Show More Summary

The ‘Old School’ Factors that Lead to 21st-Century Sales

2 months agoInternet / Blogging : Copyblogger

When I first started out as a business owner, marketing my freelance copywriting services, I was very aware of my biggest constraint: I was a lousy salesperson. When I was a kid, I had a hard time selling raffle tickets to my own grandmother. Show More Summary

Easy Ways to Find Low-Hanging Fruit Keywords for Your Blog

2 months agoInternet / Blogging : BlogHerald

In blogging, keyword research is crucial in determining which search phrases to optimize for your site. Finding low-hanging fruit keywords or those that are within reach is part of that research and an efficient way to gain better reach and higher traffic. Show More Summary

5 Blogging Tips that Have Nothing to do With Writing

2 months agoInternet / Blogging : BlogHerald

It may sound strange, but writing is only one aspect to maintaining a successful blog –– a big aspect –– no doubt, but in truth only one of many. Indeed, there’s much more to creating an engaging blog than simply blurting out 500 words at a time. Show More Summary

Do Not Give Up on Your Blog Just Yet

2 months agoInternet / Blogging : Blog Tyrant

Every year millions of people start new blogs with dreams of making an income to help support their family or to just pursue something they love. But, as we know, a massive portion of those blogs fail in the first year. So when should we give up on a blog? How do we know that...

So, You Want Guest Posts on Your Blog? Here’s How to Avoid Disaster

2 months agoInternet / Blogging : BlogHerald

Let’s start with this: inviting experts to create articles that you’ll post on your business blog is a smart idea. After all, your goal is to provide your customer community with topical, relevant, and original content, and this certainly fits in this strategy. Show More Summary

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