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Navigating The Vastness Of Themeforest

2 weeks agoInternet / Blogging : WP Dude

I'm in the market for a new theme to refresh the look and feel of WPDude, I'm scouring Themeforest for a great new look and I thought I would share my experience. Post from: WP Dude If you need wordpress technical support please visit my services page Navigating The Vastness Of Themeforest

Twitter Unfollow Tools: Automatically UnFollow Non-followers With A Single Click

Twitter is one of the most powerful social media platforms for blog promotion and marketing, only if you know how to use it right. In my early days on Twitter, I didn't know how to use Twitter effectively. I didn't even know that I can...Show More Summary

How to Turn Your Withering Blog Posts into Fully-Fledged Plants

The problem that most bloggers suffer from is leaving their old blog posts to dry. Think of your blog posts as seeds you’ve planted in your backyard. You used the right soil to tuck them in, exposed them with the right amount of sunlight, and watered them on a regular basis. Show More Summary

Adaptation Rules: The Right Visuals for the Right Niches

Sure, it is important to have a nice logo, and have a pretty website. But, are your design choices beneficial or detrimental to your efforts? Weirdly, even if your blog looks like a million dollars, it might be the look that just doesn’t suit you, your message, or your audience. Show More Summary

1 Reason Why Most Bloggers Struggle to Get Traffic and Earn Profits

I am in a throwback type of mood today. Maybe because we are at 100 degrees in Thailand – again – and I wish to revisit cooler climes. Anyway, peep this video of me from last year in beautiful Rivas, Costa Rica. I explain why you may...Show More Summary

5 Tips To Build Your Startup Status As A Thought Leader Through Blogging

Traditional companies have accepted the importance of regular blogging to maintain visibility and drive traffic to their sites. But most startups put blogging on the lower level of their priorities and budget, preferring to fight it out with the competition first than writing quality content for a blog. Show More Summary

5 Blogging Tips From A Social Entrepreneur

This is a guest contribution from James Aschehoug. While the modern social entrepreneur may be heavily focused on ideals — whether they be ideological, concrete, or hopefully a mixture of both — it is necessary to use all of the relevant...Show More Summary

A Surefire Way to Get Constant Traffic to Your Content

Two weeks ago, my side project Further had one of its highest traffic days ever. If you’re not familiar, Further is a personal development email newsletter in which I curate content from around the web. It’s basically whatever I find useful and interesting related to health, wealth, wisdom, and travel. Show More Summary

Are You Hiding Your Products and Services?

I recorded this Facebook live video earlier today in Thailand: because I spotted a problem tripping up even the most determined bloggers. But before we go on, I wanted to invite you to purchase my eBook: How to Retire to a Life of Island Hopping through Smart Blogging Aha! That’s it. Show More Summary

ReachMobi Unlocks the Power of Web Push Notifications

Cutting through the noise of the ever-expanding Internet is a challenge for any marketer. At the same time, publishers are always on the lookout for new monetization opportunities and innovative ways to reach new audiences. OfferingShow More Summary

Atmosphere Pro Theme Review – StudioPress Sites

Internet was once dominated by graphic featured heavy websites, which were not at all fast when accessed via mobile phones. Now, the trend has shifted to minimal looking websites which are equally good in graphics but, consuming lesser resources. Show More Summary

Has Google’s ‘Fred’ Update Left Your Rankings Dead?

Recently, Google’s ‘Fred’ ranking update hit the search pages. While Google hasn’t confirmed the update, it’s certainly live. Webmasters across the board have been impacted by Fred, but not every page is created similarly. Low-value content and poorly configured sites are taking a heavy blow. Show More Summary

3 Proofreading Pointers, So Your Writing Isn’t Shared for the Wrong Reason

Whenever someone questions the importance of proofreading, my go-to response is: “Pubic relations is quite different from public relations.” We all sometimes make a typo that omits or changes a letter in a word. A typo like that is difficult to spot when the mistake is still an actual word (or words). Show More Summary

Are You Puking Practical Tips All Over Struggling Readers?

I just poked around my iTunes audio book store and noticed something. Feel free to buy an audio book or two to build a successful blog. Or to build your dream life. Anyway, some of you may wonder if I ever talk much about blogging. I share practical tips and all. Show More Summary

The Emoji Evolution: How Your Brand Can Use Emojis

Emojis – where would be without them? Some interactions just wouldn’t be the same without the addition of an expressive face (or wine glass depending on the day of the week), and it’s not just the public who have taken to emojis enthusiastically. Show More Summary

Forget Memes. Here’s What Blogs Can Really Do.

Blogging has long been an effective way to share ideas and information, but it hasn’t always been something that the cool kids embrace. Should that worry us? Last week someone kidded with me by saying that “…only idiots blog, so don’t do it”. Don’t worry, they were joking and I had a good laugh! But...

4 Ways to Get Traffic To Your Site

Content might be king, as they say, but in that case, promotion is queen! Unless you get people to visit your site, your brilliant content will not get noticed by anyone, let alone read and shared! Below you will find 4 methods you can use to increase the traffic to your website. 1. Organic Traffic […] Original post: 4 Ways to Get Traffic To Your Site

Five Resource Guides on How to Create Expert Roundup Posts

If you want to earn good money online and acquire great exposure, a good idea is to write some amazing expert roundup posts. Expert roundups are great because they can provide a ton of value to your audience while also bringing a lot of social activity, traffic, expertise and backlinks to your site in the process. Show More Summary

Why Medium is the Best Marketing For Your Blog

Photo Credit: Pineapple Supply Co This is a guest contribution from Tiffany Sun of Rabbut. It’d always frustrate me after I publish a post on my blog. Simply because no one would respond or share it. Did I pick a boring topic? Did I not provide enough value to readers?...more The post Why Medium is the Best Marketing For Your Blog appeared first on ProBlogger.       

6 Tips to Get Started With Selling on Your Blog

Are you a successful blogger looking for ways to monetize your web traffic? If you do not see the results you want from display ads, affiliate marketing, or influencer opportunities, then you may want to consider selling goods or services on your blog. Show More Summary

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