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1 Glaring Mistake Suffered by Bloggers Related to Income Streams

Blogging never made anyone rich. Affiliate marketing never made anyone a cent. My blog consulting business never earned me a penny. My freelance writing business never earned me a cent. Before you think I didn’t get enough sleep last night or perhaps I am due an early evening coffee, bear with me. Show More Summary

Jailed Saudi Blogger’s Children Plead For His Release

As the 5th anniversary of the imprisonment of blogger Raif Badawi looms, the blogger’s children are pleading to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for help with their father’s release. The children are asking the politician to personally call Saudi Arabian officials and ask for Badawi’s release. Show More Summary

It’s ‘We Love the Writer’ Week on Copyblogger

Actually every week is “We love the writer” week on Copyblogger. But this one is special, because we’re about to open up the Certified Content Marketer program to a new group of students. This is a program that turns talented writers into well-paid talented writers. Show More Summary

6 Steps for How I Nabbed 6500 Comments on My Blog

Today I received my 6,500th comment on Blogging From Paradise. Look up top for backoffice proof. I created the blog in 2014. 3 years later I received comment #6500, even after closing comments for over 3 months a while back. Getting comments was never really a massive goal of mine. Show More Summary

Real-time SEO Auditing and Content Tracking with ContentKing

Ranking in the search results these days is tougher than ever. Not only is there more sites to compete against, there are also more link building methods, penalties to watch out for and tracking methods to pay attention to. In short,...Show More Summary

How to Create a Winning Logo Design for Your Blog Brand

Logos, we usually look at them and know which brands they represent. They are visual content that speaks volumes to a lot of consumers. They differentiate between what people consider low end or average vs what they consider premium or top of the range. Show More Summary

4 Ways to Use Social Media to Light a Fire Under Your List Building Strategy

This is a guest contribution from Megan Totka. Building a profitable e-mail list requires more than just adding a newsletter signup form to your website. Attracting and retaining an email list that ultimately turns into customers means...Show More Summary

Chatbots and the Changing Art of Blogging

You’ve followed blogging bibles to the T, from keyword research to creating search optimised content to leveraging existing content on your social channels. You were expecting incoming traffic – you got it! What you weren’t expecting is that high bounce rate and that low average session duration. Show More Summary

Writers: Here’s Why You Aren’t Getting More Great Clients

We’ve been saying it for years — writers run the web. The internet depends on a wealth of content that’s worth reading, watching, and listening to. And writers are the ones who put those words together. Who create and shape ideas, who...Show More Summary

Are You Suffering from DMAF-Itis?

I receive emails and social media messages regularly from bloggers who are suffering from a dangerous disease. The disease prevents you from moving up in blogging circles. It kills your chances of succeeding online. I fell prey to this blogging malady for years. Show More Summary

How to Maximize Your Blog Revenue with

If you are a blog or a website business owner, you know about Google AdSense. But have you heard of made headlines across the world when its founder and serial entrepreneur, Divyank Turakhia orchestrated its acquisition by a Chinese consortium in the 3rd largest ad-tech deal ever. Show More Summary

57 Must-Read Books For Entrepreneurs Recommended by Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship is more than a skill, it’s a passion and way of life for many of us. With so many people diving into the world of online marketing, blogging and business, it’s important to always stay ahead of the curve and competition. Show More Summary

The Career-Expanding Discovery Many Profitable Writers Have Made

The struggle when I started my freelance writing service business looked like this: I was fascinated with crafting words that accurately conveyed a message. I hadn’t extensively studied journalism or entertainment writing because those weren’t career paths I wanted to pursue. Show More Summary

How to Use Pinterest to Drive Traffic on Your Blog

These days, many blog writers ask this question from themselves that they had spent so much time and energy on writing a unique post for their blog – but, unfortunately, they did not get a lot of viewers / readers for it – so what is...Show More Summary

Marketing Tips for E-Commerce Websites

E-Commerce has experienced an explosion of traffic in recent years partly due to the fact that people are now more comfortable buying online than ever. With retailers recognizing this demand, this means that the landscape is more competitive, making it more critical for e-commerce websites to consider the best practices for marketing their websites. Show More Summary

4 Signs You Need More Clarity and Confidence in Your Blog

  The old me had a terrible time gaining clarity and confidence in my blog. Now I walk around wearing T-shirts of my blog, carrying my paperbacks to all corners of the globe, promoting myself freely. I slammed into years of struggle because secretly I had like zero belief in what I did online. Show More Summary

Elevate Your Online Marketing with Vtiger CRM Software

Effective communication and data management are two critical elements of any successful business. These are especially important in modern online marketing when you’ve got readers, subscribers, followers, prospects, customers, collaborators, partners, and colleagues, and you’re communicating with each of them through different channels. Show More Summary

Your Content Marketing Won’t Work Without This

“What is copy?” My wife asked me this a few days ago. I had been going on and on at dinner, hands gesturing, spittle flying, talking about something work-related. She waited patiently until I was finished to ask. Her question jarred me. Show More Summary

5 Tips for Staying Safe Online

The internet is a great place to do almost anything: make connections, share stories, shop, or run a business. But there’s a risk associated with using the internet, too. You can be the victim of scams designed to gather your personal information, banking information, or anything else you put on the internet. Show More Summary

Market Pro Theme Review – StudioPress

Niche specific themes are known to bring better conversion and deliver better user experience than themes ready for general niches. Market Pro is one such niche specific theme, available at StudioPress store. It’s specifically designed...Show More Summary

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