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Teamwork Makes the Blogging Dream Work

If you want to retire to a life of travel through blogging or if you want to become a full time blogger from home you likely need to make a shift. I thought about this shift earlier today at the manse in Doha, Qatar. My wife Kelli and I are house sitting here for the next month. Show More Summary

Community Discussion: Your One Thing for 2017

At the ProBlogger event on the Gold Coast last year, Darren motivated us all with his rallying cry to find one thing we want to do with our blogs, businesses, and lives. Just one thing that we would prioritise, measure all things against, and work hardest at among all the...more The post Community Discussion: Your One Thing for 2017 appeared first on ProBlogger.       

150+ Blogging Tools For Bloggers You Need To Skyrocket Your Blog in 2017 and Beyond

It is probably the biggest list of the blogging tools available online you can try in 2017 and beyond to boost up your blog. Whether you need writing tools, social media marketing tools, social media automation tools, SEO tools, link building tools, WordPress themes, plugins, or Stock images for blogs. I’ve got them all for you. Show More Summary

1 Element You Need on Your Blog

As I release my new eBook I wanted to share 1 thing you absolutely, positively need on your blog. Like a ding bat, I refused to place this element on my blog for many years. You had to know by now I struggled like a slimy fish flip flopping on the sidewalk because I made this mistake. Show More Summary

Reading Roundup: What’s New in Blogging Lately?

This week, as usual, the number of tips and tricks about blogging and its related tasks are overwhelmingly large! Everywhere you look, there is another article with more great advice. I hope I’ve managed to drill down and get you exactly...Show More Summary

Your Niche Is A Small Village: Here’s How To Become Well-Known In it by Marketing Yourself

This is a guest contribution from Victor Ijidola. Sometimes, the way many startups become very well-known after a period of oblivion makes it feel like the industries we operate in are actually small villages. And they really are! Have...Show More Summary

How To Create Your Blog Visual Marketing Strategy

If you are not into visual content marketing yet, you are way behind! Visual marketing is booming and evolving year by year with new platforms, tools and tactics popping up monthly! Any method of visual marketing can create a visual buzz, and so improve your campaign and results. Show More Summary

Automate Your Instagram Updates and Engagement with Instaeasy

Once upon a time, social media was decidedly simpler with far fewer rules to follow. Updates were presented to us in reverse chronological fashion and that was that. Since then, we’ve been hit by “the algorithm” and engagement has become the crucial name of the game. Show More Summary

Creative Frameworks that Build Content Marketing Success

There are two ways to go about business. The first is to have an idea and then frantically do a lot of stuff hoping some of it works. It helps to only focus on tasks you’re already comfortable with, ensuring that critically important things will fall right through the cracks. Show More Summary

Day Four: How to Publish, Promote, and Propagate Your Article

This is part five in a series on Content Marketing Strategies from Pamela Wilson of Big Brand System. It’s your fourth and final content production day: time to hit publish! Need to catch up on the rest of the 4 Day Content CreationShow More Summary

4 Blog Commenting Ninjas

Commenting ninjas. Rahul mentioned the phrase above. I had to use it for this post title (thanks dude). Skilled, masterful dynamos that leave helpful, impressive, bond-building comments on popular blogs. Seeing these artisans at work gives you a better idea of how and why you should comment on blogs. Show More Summary

How to Get Your Blog to be Ranked like a Leading Brand in 2017

Who doesn’t want to have a top rated website these days? The fact that anyone anywhere can have their own domain and web address where they can upload any content that they want is nothing short of amazing, but the difficulty for individuals...Show More Summary

Local Small Business Optimization Strategies

Ever since Google made changes to their search algorithm, and introduced Google+, small business are benefitting more. The key change that Google made is their ability to provide search results based on location. This has improved the...Show More Summary

Second Missing Pakastani Blogger Found Fleeing Country

Another story of a missing blogger has once again made headlines as controversy swirls around missing liberal activists. Pakistani blogger Aasim Saeed was reported missing earlier this month. However, it was quickly discovered that he had fled the country in fear of his life. Show More Summary

Win A Ferrari California and Make Money with AdCombo Ad Network

You have to admit it… being an entrepreneur, online marketer or even is blogger is pretty cool. It’s even better if you’ve mastered the art of making money online and can work from the comfort of your own home. This is something I’ve...Show More Summary

Bring In The Experts: How Consultants And Influencers Can Build Your Blog

Running a successful blog is about more than just drawing up some posts and tossing them up on a website. To produce quality content and profit from it, you’ll need a strong premise powered by experts and influencers who can help you draw an audience for your work. Show More Summary

7 Real-World Ways to Think Like an Artist for Better Content Marketing

Earlier this year, I wrote that I believe art plays a critical role in content marketing. But what does that actually mean? When you think about it, what does that word “art” really mean? “I’ll know it when I see it.”– Random criticShow More Summary

Day Three: How to Polish and Prepare to Publish Your Content

This is part four in a series on Content Marketing Strategies from Pamela Wilson of Big Brand System. Day 3 is the last day before publishing, so everything you do on this day will be to prepare your content to go out into the world and to give it the...more The post Day Three: How to Polish and Prepare to Publish Your Content appeared first on ProBlogger.       

5 Tools to Sell on Instagram

With 100 million active users, Instagram is a social media tool with a high engagement ratio. It’s like the proverbial golden goose and Instagram influencers are seeking ways to monetize on their popularity. I am sure many of the readers here are active Instagrammers. Show More Summary

Are You Blogging with this Warped Idea in Mind?

I used to believe in the idea of sacrifice. I believed it was letting go something of a lower nature to make room for something of a higher nature. Example; as I sit here in JFK airport in NYC I am preparing to travel to Qatar for a month. Show More Summary

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