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The 6-Step Process to Building Better Relationships With a Data-Driven Approach to Outreach

Outreach is the art of connecting with bloggers or authors and building relationships through social media, email, or other online channels. It’s a subject near and dear to my heart. Earlier this year, I spoke about this topic at Authority...Show More Summary

Quick Tips on How to Become a Great Writer

Many aspiring writers – and bloggers – dream of publishing a novel that will become a great hit. Lindsey Stone has put her creativity to work in this way, and you can too. Great writers aren’t born great. They get that way through practice and determination. Show More Summary

Top 7 Web Directories for 2014

While most web directories have languished over the years, some are still going strong, and getting your site listed on one of them can still help you, both with traffic and with search engine rankings. Wanna learn how to make more money with your website? Check the Online Profits training program!

Using Visual Content to Increase Blog Engagement

This is a guest contribution from Tom More of  Visual content is your secret weapon to boosting blog engagement. The blog posts of today demand fresh, eye-catching content that can be read and shared easily, which makes videos, infographics, photos, and slideshows a perfect companion to blog posts. People absorb information quicker and more [...]Show More Summary

Thinking of Rebranding Your Blog? Read This.

Rebranding an established and successful business? Why would you do that? For some, the risk of changing the name of something people have grown to know and love is too big. For others, the risk of being boxed into something they no longer feel much affinity for is even bigger. No doubt it’s a scary [...]Show More Summary

What I Really Think of Google: A Post I’m Embarrassed to Write

Most people reading this probably do some blogging SEO. And everyone knows about Google updates like Panda and Penguin. If you’re interested in all of that you might also be critical of the way Google sometimes favors certain websites in the search results – even when they might not deserve it. It can seem really...

SKEW: One Page & Multipage WordPress Theme – only $17!

If you could sum up WordPress in one word, it'd be "flexibility." The powerful software lets you easily build your own website with a bunch of nice options. Now, imagine a robust theme built to integrate seamlessly with the WP framework, and you've got unlimited potential! You've also got the amazingly awesome Skew WordPress Theme!

How to be Hated: A Blogger’s Guide to Zero Readers

Want to know a sad reality? Everything you do as a blogger causes someone, somewhere, to dislike you. Why? Because it’s impossible to please everyone. Wanna learn how to make more money with your website? Check the Online Profits training program!

10 Ways Online Businesses Can Increase Team Productivity

Welcome back to the AwesomeWeb Series. From now on, when anybody needs a web designer or developer, they go to In our last series post, we showed you the products we’d create if we had to start our online businesses from scratch. Show More Summary

6 Easy Strategies To Help You Grow Your Twitter Following

Let’s be honest. Most of us care about how many followers we have on Twitter. More or less, but we do care. It’s flattering to know that there are thousands of people who care about your opinion and it feels great when you tweet for help and get it from someone you don’t even know. Show More Summary

7 Reasons You’ll Want to Start Your Free Trial of the Rainmaker Platform Today

Last Monday, we publicly launched the Rainmaker Platform. It’s a complete website solution for content marketers and Internet entrepreneurs. With Rainmaker, you can: Create powerful content-driven websites on your own domains. Build membership sites and online training courses. Show More Summary

How To Help Save The World Using Your Social Media Account

NOTE: This post is going to be different than the usual fare around here. It is a bit more personal. It has nothing to do with business, or making money. Instead, it is about my opinion about how each of us can help make the world a little bit better. Show More Summary

How to Build a Popular Blog While Working and Raising Kids

Everyone wants to build a popular blog. But what if you also have a full time job, a bunch of kids to raise and a whole host of other family commitments to take care of? Well, then it gets tricky. I often get emails about this issue, but last week one of them really stood...

It’s been 2 Years Since I’ve Seen A Blog Training Program This Good

It has been almost two years since I’ve found training for bloggers that I’ve considered good enough to promote as an affiliate. I’m very fussy with who and what I promote (because there is so much hype and dubious practice in this space) but today have a recommendation for an authentic and valuable program that [...]Show More Summary

Meet Aaron Lee of

Blogs have become a great way for people to brand themselves while also promoting their current job positions and expertise in the process. This can clearly be seen by all of the domain names that are used in referenced to personal names. Show More Summary

7 Powerful Tips for a Winning Twitter Sales Strategy

This is a guest contribution from freelance writer Jawad Khan. More than 73% US companies use Twitter to connect with their target audience, get direct feedback from their customers and keep an eye on their competitors. You might be one of them. But are you getting any real value from the time you spend on [...]Show More Summary

Introducing Rainmaker: The Complete Solution for Content Marketers and Internet Entrepreneurs

Four years ago this month, Copyblogger Media was born. Up until that point, I had launched several businesses off of Copyblogger, with several smart partners. Each of those individual businesses were killing it and had me involved, but...Show More Summary

How to Make Winning Infographics Without Risk

The infographic is the Salvador Dalí of content marketing. By far the most interesting person at the cocktail party. Who can compete with the thin, longhorn mustache decorated with forget-me-nots? The anteater curled at his feet? His...Show More Summary

Meet Paul Shapiro of

Blogging has always been a great way for online marketing experts and professionals to build a voice for themselves while also showing off their expertise and passions. The same holds true for Paul Shapiro, who is a professional SEO, but also covers all aspects of online marketing. Show More Summary

Big List of Sites with Royalty Free Images

Whenever you need an image to go along a blog post you simply go to, search for some keyword, select and download an image you like, and upload it to your site. Right? Wrong! Wanna learn how to make more money with your website? Check the Online Profits training program!

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