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Cloud Hosting vs. Traditional Hosting: Why Hosting Your Blog in the Cloud Is Better

Once you’ve made the decision to self-host your blog, you have a number of options to choose from. You could go the completely custom route and purchase a server and set up your own mini data center, but that’s probably more time consuming and complex than you need at this point. Show More Summary

Multi-Channel Digital Marketing to the Customers You Have Today Is Critical to Growing Your Business Tomorrow

Businesses devoting most of their marketing budgets and time to chasing new customers are missing the important—and bankable–revenue potential in existing contacts. The customers you already have may be your most valuable business asset. ...Show More Summary

A Guide to Video Content & Where it Fits in your Marketing Plan

While video marketing is not a new concept, in latest years it has become one of the most used methods of advertising a brand and increasing customer awareness. With so many platforms where a video ad can be posted and plenty of tools available for creating video content, it’s really not surprising. Show More Summary

Stay In The Loop: Google Will Make Sure You Never Miss A Mention Again

We rely on Google for many things these days, but now it wants to help you with one more thing. The tech giant is introducing a new feature that will make sure you never miss another online mention again. The ‘Stay In The Loop’ feature...Show More Summary

Optimise Your Blog with Google Search Console: A Treasure Trove of Traffic

By ProBlogger SEO Expert Jim Stewart of StewArt Media. Google Webmaster Tools had outgrown its moniker and become such an invaluable tool for more than just webmasters – SEO professionals, business owners, app developers, web marketers,...Show More Summary

Top 27 Content Marketing Tips from the Pros [Infographic]

Some time ago, we covered what is Content Marketing using a short 60-second animated video here in BloggingTips, we also gave you a content marketing checklist you can follow to promote your content. Today, we are going further and covering ‘Top 27 Content Marketing Tips from the Pros’ brought to you by the team at DigitalVidya. Show More Summary

How to Make Your Website Carbon Neutral (BTW, it’s Really Easy)

Every time someone visits your website a server somewhere needs power. More often than not that power comes from a “dirty” electricity source. Websites now produce a huge chunk of global greenhouse gasses. Over a year we’re potentially talking tonnes of pollution into the atmosphere for each website that goes online. It’s pretty frightening. But...

10 Tools To Make Your Blogging Life Easier and Fast

Yes, half of the year has been passed, and it’s on its full pace with all updated Google algorithms and tightened belts to take off with fresh twists and turns in the blogging space. If you are a blogger and still you are away from the blogging tools, then you are making a blunder. Show More Summary

Writers: Discover How to Step Up Your Game with Our Free Ebook

We love writers around here. Have you noticed? Professional writers. Aspiring writers. Struggling writers. Successful writers. Writers of all kinds! To show our appreciation, we put together a free ebook for writers called WORD. Because...Show More Summary

5 Ways to Get More Passive Income for your Blog

Most businesses understand the importance of having a website these days, and a significant portion of new businesses today get their start exclusively with an online storefront. Websites can be great money-making tools, putting your business in front of more people and offering faster, more efficient transactions for your products and services. Show More Summary

4 Useful Website Building Tips for the Rookie Blogger

As a rookie blogger, there are a lot of hurdles you must overcome in order to get started. One of the first and most important tasks is designing a website that’s attractive, smooth, and inviting. But if the thought of building a website seems daunting, don’t worry. Show More Summary

PB137: Challenge – 7 Days to Getting Your Blogging Groove Back

Challenge: 7 Days to Getting Your Blogging Groove Back Have you lost your blogging groove? It’s easy to do – particularly in the middle of a year when so many other aspects of life compete for your attention and where motivation can sometimes go missing. If your blog is feeling a little stagnant – today is for you. Show More Summary

Do You Know How To Keep Your WordPress Site Safe?

WordPress has become one of the most popular CMS platforms and chances are you either have a WordPress site or are thinking about getting one. Unfortunately, because of its popularity, WordPress has become a target for hackers. The most important step in making sure your WordPress site is safe is educating yourself. Show More Summary

10 Reasons Why You Should Never Compromise As a Freelancer

It doesn’t really matter why you chose the non-traditional way of making money by freelancing. If you’re still doing it, you’ve definitely found out it’s a tough business. And one of the reasons is that employers often expect to find...Show More Summary

6 Great Ways to Boost Likes & Shares for Your Posts

Are your posts valuable and relevant for your readers? Do you want to get more likes and shares for your content? Generating leads is among the most important objectives of any blogger or online business. Social media is an effective tool to gain more visibility as well as a larger number of followers and traffic. Show More Summary

Reading Roundup: What’s New in Blogging Lately?

I almost squealed with glee this week reading this stuff – my notebook is packed with awesome tips. Enjoy! New Feature Alert: Facebook’s Latest Live Video Upgrades | Edgar Targeting! applauds So You Think You Chose to Read This Article? | BBC Holy cow. Show More Summary

Blogger Disgraced After Making Profits Off Of Cancer Scam

Australian blogger, Belle Gibson has built quite the following after claiming that natural remedies cured her from a terminal cancer diagnosis. Gibson is know facing severe legal consequences and financial penalities after admitting it was all a lie. Show More Summary

9 Blogging Tips for Smart Time Management

Are you hungry to feast on proven blogging tips for time management? After polling bloggers for their most aggravating pain point I was stunned to see time management issues rank near the top of the list. If you’re beyond frustrated to watch time vanish into thin air right before your eyes you’ve come to the right place. Show More Summary

3 Creative Ways to Blog About the Pokemon Go Craze

Everyone is talking about Pokemon Go. It’s on the news, it’s on social media… heck, it’s even on your mobile device! Yes, Pokemon Go is everywhere and while millions of people are playing the game, a select few are trying to profit from the game as well. Show More Summary

How to Pitch Brands When You Have Low Traffic

A common question from new bloggers is “How big do I have to be before I can start working with brands?” It’s a question that reveals how often emphasis is put on audience size when it comes to marketing spend in the influencer space. There are definitely ways you can...more The post How to Pitch Brands When You Have Low Traffic appeared first on ProBlogger.       

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