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The Strategy Behind Effective Pillar Posts To Kick Off A Money-Making Blog [Call: 10/8/14]

One of the first content-specific things that one always thinks about when starting up a brand new blog is the first batch of content. Those first few posts which are supposed to help kick off the blog with a bang. These are often called...Show More Summary

CBB 034: The Mindset Difference Between A Blogger And A Business Owner

In this episode, David talks about the "new" blog monetization. He compares the mindset of the typical blogger to the mindset of a typical business owner, then draws conclusions. :-) The post CBB 034: The Mindset Difference Between A Blogger And A Business Owner appeared first on Blog Marketing Academy.

The Biggest Social Media Game Changers for 2015

As 2014 starts winding down, it’s important to look forward and capitalize on the latest trends coming down the social media pipeline. For marketers and bloggers alike, social media networks can be a veritable springboard for great products, services, and ideas. Show More Summary

Behind The Scenes Update, My Screw-Ups, What’s Coming Next…

After a long time NOT being behind the camera, I decided I am long overdue to get back into doing some videos. In this one, I give a general update on what's going on behind the scenes at the Blog Marketing Academy - and some things I mighta screwed up on. The post Behind The Scenes Update, My Screw-Ups, What’s Coming Next… appeared first on Blog Marketing Academy.

How Bloggers Can Make The Best Use Of Their 24 Hours

This is a guest contribution from entrepreneur Charles Crawford. Whether your parents believe you or not, there are ways to make a living off of being a blogger. And with as many benefits that come with blogging, who wouldn’t want to at least check out this lifestyle? After all, you get to be your own [...]Show More Summary

Can You Help Us Out? Take Our 2015 Online Business Survey

Here at Copyblogger Media, it’s safe to say that we’ve been in your shoes. As freelancers, consultants, content publishers, and small business owners … It’s in our DNA. Our founder, Brian Clark, was a recovering attorney in the mid 90s when he discovered the Internet and just knew he could make a living from it. Show More Summary

Should You Go After Scrapers or Just Don’t Bother?

Content scrapers refer to marketers who try to pass off existing content as their own on their site. If you have a blog where you publish high-quality posts at a consistent basis for years, there’s a great chance that somebody is scraping your content. Show More Summary

5 Important Social Media Metrics You Aren’t Measuring

Social media can be a harsh terrain to navigate. Whether for businesses or freelancers, the social media landscape is often fraught with uncertainty and only one unfortunate constant…change. The best way to understand where to start or where to go next is through consistent measurement. Show More Summary

4 Tips to Maximize the Advertising Earnings of Your Website

Advertising is by far the most popular monetization methods for blogs and websites. That is because running some ads on a site is both easy and efficient. It's easy because you just need to copy and paste some code and you are set. It's efficient because if you stick to the major advertising networks your earnings will be pretty decent. Show More Summary

5 Easy Tactics for Successful Online Marketing

Successful online marketing relies heavily on your willingness to commit to consistently producing high quality content and networking via social media in order to make new and valuable connections. This article will provide you with five tips that apply to any online marketer, regardless of your specific industry and goals. Show More Summary

How to Use Pre-selling to Get More Subscribers? The Technique that is Rarely Used

Building an email list. It’s a hard topic, nearly the hardest in online marketing after closing the sale. I’ve been posting about this topic for some time now, hope you’re enjoying these posts. What I’m trying to do in this series is to cover some techniques that is rarely used by other marketers and it’s not mentioned a lot. Show More Summary

Did Your Blog Have a Tipping Point? Here’s How My 2 Blogs Grew

Time for another reader question from a recent member webinar on Did you experience a “tipping point” in readership at some point or was it just steady growth? This is actually a question I often ask full time bloggers who I meet because I love to hear the back story about how their blog [...]Show More Summary

How We Built Our Careers Online (And What You Can Learn From It)

The two biggest concerns for the average blogger are obscurity and sustainability. In other words … for the vast majority of us who set sail creating content online, we want to first develop an audience; and then, once we have an audience, we want to find a way to earn a living from our content. [ Continue Reading... Show More Summary

Blogging with Intention: Creating an Income from a Successful Blog with Crystal Paine of Money Saving Mom

Crystal Paine is the founder of the amazingly successful, which sees 1.5 million visitors each month, and employs 13 full time staff. Born of a blog series that turned into an ebook, which then evolved into an e-course, Crystal realised her readers were hungry for a real-life guide to living frugally, but well; be [...]Show More Summary

What You Need to Know to Make a Living as a Blogger Right Now

The average blogger only has two concerns. The first is obscurity. She is a total stranger in a vast world loaded with people — unknown, inconspicuous, and insignificant. Odd, considering there are so many people online. But it’s a simple law: We all start at the bottom. Show More Summary

Six Secrets to Six-Figure Product Launches with Jeff Goins

NOTE: We are running a free webinar with Jeff over at in two days (November 19), where he will talk about the Four Keys to Building a Powerful Audience Online. Normally the full webinars are only available to paid members of the site, but there will be a few big names in the next [...]Show More Summary

This Simple Writing Technique Will Help You Overcome the Inertia of Perfectionism

When you have to create fresh topics for your blog each week, sometimes you just feel stuck. Or maybe you can’t nail down your unique selling proposition that sets your business apart from the competition. Perhaps you’re still wrestling with ideas for your email autoresponder series. Show More Summary

7 Ways to Find a Topical Market that Will Fuel Your Digital Commerce Business

Before you get down to business online, you need to find the topic(s) and market(s) that can support that business. And, after answering your questions on digital sharecropping and content curation, that’s exactly what Brian and I get into on this week’s episode of Rainmaker FM. Show More Summary

Take More Risks, They Said.

“Take more risks,” they said. “It’ll be fun,” they said. I’ve been around business people all my life. And the one thing you notice is that the successful ones take risks. But not everyone is built for risk taking. Personally, I hate risks. I just want to sit in my local cafe and write blog...

10 Ways SamCart Will Increase Your Checkout Page Conversions

SamCart, a new SaaS product for digital marketers is something we’re really excited about. The brainchild of a very successful internet marketer, Brian Moran, of “Get 10,000 Fans”, SamCart was built from the ground up to be a tool internet marketers could count on to help move people through their funnels and close sales. Show More Summary

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