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3 Resources to Help You Choose the Right Words for Your Content

Taste the tomato. The first week of the year can stir up a lot of energy, excitement — and anxiety. The other day, while hurriedly shoving forkfuls of a salad into my mouth (I needed to get back to work), my taste buds suddenly lit up due to a bite-size piece of tomato. Show More Summary

4 Tips for Visualizing Data With Maps

From a content marketing point of view, data visualization is extremely important. As we move through 2016, we’ll continue to shift away from text-based content and slowly gravitate towards visual mediums. However, that doesn’t mean people want less substance. Show More Summary

How To Drive Traffic From Instagram to Your Blog

Instagram is a great place to see pictures of sunsets and share photos of your food with your friends, but can the photo sharing app really help you drive traffic to your blog? While Instagram marketing is not as straight-forward asShow More Summary

13 Quick Tips to Create More Content in Less Time

As bloggers and online marketers, nothing is more time consuming than the content we create. It has to be original, useful to our audience and of course… high in value — all of which takes a lot of time. However, we still continue to produce an amazing amount of content on a daily basis. Show More Summary

Host28 Review – Hosting for Small and Medium Business Sites

With hundreds of different website and blog hosting services available on the internet today, we want to give our audience a wide range of options to choose from. Along with the many other hosting reviews we’ve done over the years, we have another one for you today from Host28. Show More Summary

13 Tips from Popular Bloggers to Beat Procrastination and Write Productively

Editor’s note: This post was written by Antonio, a blogger and a consultant who provides writing assistance to job seekers. He loves writing about marketing, education and productivity. He’s also crazy about riding his bike and bumping into new people (when he’s on foot). Show More Summary

Mobile Marketing Can Change Your Business

Any marketer that’s been paying attention knows that things change rapidly. And that what was considered niche, unattractive or downright impossible today can become the multi-million $ business of tomorrow. Now, we are on the cusp of another major medium shift and smartphones are the culprits. Show More Summary

WordPress Memory Management

last monthInternet / Blogging : WP Dude

Is your website running slowly, are there sometimes out of memory errors on your site like this one? You may need some WordPress memory management. Fatal error: Out of memory (allocated 11272192) (tried to allocate 77824 bytes) WordPress...Show More Summary

5 Ways to Get More Traffic with Content Marketing

It’s the question I get asked more often than any other when I’m talking with business owners about content marketing strategy. And it’s the question we see most often from new members in our Authority Q&A sessions. “How do I get more...Show More Summary

How to Consistently Create Remarkable Content

It’s no secret that creativity and innovation are two key ingredients in a highly effective content marketing strategy. And yet, consistently coming up with new, imaginative content ideas for your business or brand can seem utterly vexing at times. Show More Summary

Create Your Own Feltron-Like Annual Report with Gyroscope

Last March I reviewed the initial release of Gyroscope. You provide access to services like Fitbit, Runkeeper, Instagram, and Foursquare and it aggregates and creates beautiful visualizations from your personal data. You can read my initial review here. Show More Summary

Mark Zuckerberg’s New Year’s Resolution: Build Jarvis

Every new year brings with it a flurry of New Year’s resolutions. (We hope that your resolutions are going well, by the way.) Most of us have relatively simple resolutions. We resolve to go to the gym more often, lose a pound or twoShow More Summary

Looking for an Email Marketing Provider? Checkout SendinBlue

Over the years I have tested many (too many!) email marketing providers. Given that virtually all of my sites offer an email newsletter or list, I am always looking for new solutions in the market, to keep up to date with what companies are doing and offering. Show More Summary

Stop Using Stock Photos on Your Blog

For bloggers, writing quality content isn’t the most difficult task. In reality, the trickiest aspect of publishing good posts is finding the right imagery to support the post. Because of the ease and simplicity of stock images, most bloggers resort to selecting cold, boring stock pictures. Show More Summary

Title: 10 Best Franchise Blogs to Follow

Looking to buy a franchise or to expand your current business? There’s no better place to get timely information and advice than a blog all about franchising. Fortunately, there are several blogs devoted to the practice that can increase your knowledge and help you to evaluate the best opportunities to start a new business. Show More Summary

Should You Write for Fans or Customers?

Mickey Spillane did not suffer from delusions of grandeur. He didn’t expect his novels — featuring private eye Mike Hammer — to be regarded as great works of literature. What he wanted was for them to sell. I have no fans. You know what I got? Customers. Show More Summary

8 Writing Tips from Mark Twain

Whether you chose blogging/content writing as a way to make money from home, or you need to write content for marketing purposes, there is one thing to keep in mind: you can always learn something from the greatest authors in history. Show More Summary

Detox Your Website

last monthInternet / Blogging : WP Dude

It’s that time of year again, time for a detox, but why not detox your website, here are four techniques and three health checks. Post from: WP Dude If you need wordpress technical support please visit my services page Detox Your Website

Bloggers: Here are the 7 Tools You Didn’t Know You Needed

As a blogger, you are limited by three things. First comes creativity. If you don’t have creativity, you’ll never be able to launch a blog and consistently populate it with fresh, relevant content that engages readers. Second comes your writing ability. Show More Summary

How To Avoid The Most Common Pitfalls in Growing Your Online Business in 2016

There are 3 things that are absolutely the most common constraints to people working on building their online business. Here's how to avoid them in 2016. The post How To Avoid The Most Common Pitfalls in Growing Your Online Business in 2016 appeared first on Blog Marketing Academy.

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