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5 Ways to Find Blog Design Inspiration Offline

Your blog’s design and layout is something that takes time, careful planning, and careful attention to detail. But have you ever paused to think about where you’re getting inspiration for your design? If you’re only copying other blogs, are you really doing anything unique? Instead, maybe you should turn your attention towards the offline world. Show More Summary

A Quick Step-by-Step to Build Links Through Guest Blogging

While there are a number of ways to hit the target number of links for your blog every month, the most effective and classy way is through guest blogging. It is the perfect opportunity to give value-packed content to your readers and in exchange, you can get a link or two for your blog. Show More Summary

Enjoy Responsibly: It’s Grown-Up Week on Copyblogger

Hey there — welcome back to the Copyblogger Weekly! Not sure why, but we had a kind of “adult” thing going on this week. Sean Jackson and Jessica Frick kicked off Monday with a podcast about the, er, adult entertainment industry. If that’s a bit racy for you, I really enjoyed The Digital Entrepreneur podcast. Show More Summary

Canva Review

3 weeks agoInternet / Blogging : WP Dude

I’ve started to use an excellent tool called to create images for blog posts, ads and other online needs, here is my video Canva review. Canva is a freemium online  image manipulation tool, I have been using it for about one month and as a non-designer I am very very happy with the results. Show More Summary

What to Look For When Choosing a Web Host for Your Blog

The quality of web hosting is one of the most overlooked factors that can determine a blog’s success. Fair enough, all web hosting services are capable of making a site online and accessible to the intended users. However, when it comes to uptime, speed, and security, subpar hosting will get you nowhere. Show More Summary

5 Ways to Develop a Better Email List

You know you need an email list, but nobody signs up. You change things around, but the problem persists. How can you get email subscribers? You could help your customers with their bleeding neck problems if only they would sign up.Show More Summary

Knowing What To Work On And When – Ranking Your Ideas In Order

The Ideas and Projects Ranking File template - with explanation video on how to use it. The post Knowing What To Work On And When – Ranking Your Ideas In Order appeared first on Blog Marketing Academy.

Hijab-Wearing Blogger Becomes Newest Covergirl Ambassador

The latest Covergirl brand ambassador is another symbol of the brand’s dedication to inclusivity. 24-year-old Muslim makeup artist and beauty blogger, Nura Afia will be featured in their So Lashy! BlastPro mascara campaign, to be launched later this month. Show More Summary

It’s not what you say that matters

How many times have you seen a misunderstanding caused by a message being delivered lazily over text? How many people have you seen get into an argument because of what they perceived to be an insult, that was not intended that way.Show More Summary

The Book is Launched! Now What?

Despite some challenges surrounding her launch, Pamela’s book has been released into the wild and has garnered positive reviews. What’s next? Pamela and Jeff convene one last time to look back on where Zero to Book started and discuss the launch and long-term plans for Pamela’s new book on content marketing. Show More Summary

It’s Your Duty to Design the Life You Want, with David Kadavy

Many people go out on their own in pursuit of the perfect lifestyle. Of course, “perfect” is entirely subjective. Maybe it’s to become a digital nomad and travel the world. For others, it’s the freedom to work from home and be closer to family. Show More Summary

The Smart and Simple Framework for Finding the Right Pricing Model for Your Membership Site

Building profitable membership sites is one thing we know a lot about at Rainmaker Digital, and one question we often receive is: How do you create the right pricing for a membership site, especially one that is just launching? Even sophisticated online entrepreneurs struggle with that question. Show More Summary

New to Blogging? Ditch the Fear of Judgement

By ProBlogger psychology expert Ellen Jackson. You will become way less concerned with what people think of you when you realise how seldom they do. David Foster Wallace, Infinite Jest. I wrote my first blog post two years ago, after a seven-year hiatus from writing. Show More Summary

How the Author of ‘The Bestseller Code’ Jodie Archer Writes: Part One

Literary scholar, publishing consultant, and co-author of the critically acclaimed book The Bestseller Code, Jodie Archer dropped by to chat with me about her journey, the coming revolution in publishing, and the insecurities that all writers face. Show More Summary

Getting More Traffic, Links, and Shares to Your Content

“Help! No one is reading my content!” We have some thoughts … Whether your site is big or small, we all want more engaged visitors who are reading, watching, and listening to our content. In this 23-minute episode, Sonia talks about:...Show More Summary

1 Tip to Wildly Accelerate Your Blogging Growth

58 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s what the temperature read this morning indoors before I fired up the heat. Things in the Northeast are a little cooler than Costa Rica now. A little more blustery than Bali. More freezing than Fiji. But I dove into my morning ice cold shower, anyway, transitioning into a popsicle for a minute. Show More Summary

Persuasion Lessons from the Political Trenches

Whew. I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but it’s been an intense election season in the U.S. And if you haven’t noticed … I hope your visit to rural Mongolia has been enjoyable and productive. Wherever you may happen to live, watchingShow More Summary

How to Make Time for Blogging During Your Lunch Break

This is a guest contribution from Larry Alton. Blogging is something that we all know we need to do. But as a busy professional with a weekly schedule consisting of non-stop meetings, conference calls, project deadlines, and personal responsibilities, actually making time for blogging can seem impossible. Show More Summary

No More Excuses. You Need a Password Management App.

One of the best decisions I ever made related to my online life was to start using a password management app. I originally decided to do this just so I could save time. One of the features of such an app is automatically filling out the login screen for websites and apps. This feature alone will save you tons of...

The Power of Not Being Stubborn

What do advanced sports analytics have to do with digital commerce? Well, everything — at least when it comes to the story of Ed Feng and his site The Power Rank. In this 31-minute episode, Ed shares a number of lessons he has learned...Show More Summary

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