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Reading Roundup: What’s New in Blogging Lately?

It’s a rainy and cool weekend here in Melbourne, and I’m looking forward to reading something inspirational with several (ok many several) cups of tea. These have been an excellent start! How Facebook Decides Who Sees Your Updates | Edgar Oh. Show More Summary

8 UX Design Mistakes Too Many Bloggers Are Making

If you’re a dedicated blogger, you probably have a lot on your plate. You have to generate content, grow your followers and email list, form valuable partnerships, promote your blog, and so much more – all before breakfast. There’s no rest for the weary when it comes to blogging, so crucial components of your blog can easily fall by the wayside. Show More Summary

The 5-Step Process that Solves 3 Painful Writing Problems

I once asked the Copyblogger community to name their biggest writing challenges. From the many responses, a pattern developed: How to get started How to cut the fluff How to finish These three issues are really symptoms of the same painful...Show More Summary

Tips on Building and Maintaining a Great Relationship with Readers

This is a guest contribution from Dan Goss. When it comes to blogging, nothing is more important than your readership – if you’re publishing the best content in the world with no-one to read it, you quickly get into a Zen-style conundrum. Show More Summary

Earn $7,000+ Commissions as an Oceanwide Expeditions Affiliate

I can show you the world. Shining, shimmering, splendid. One of the most attractive verticals you can get into as an online affiliate marketer is travel. Connecting the right travelers with the right trips can prove to be remarkably lucrative, especially since so many people are researching travels offers online already. Show More Summary

10 Industry Stats on Protecting Your Online Reputation and Brand

Have you ever taken a moment to Google your personal name to see what comes up? Hopefully, it’s your own website or blog, but if not — you might have a reputation management problem on your hands! The truth is, Google is going to deliver...Show More Summary

Cornerstone Content Defined in 60 Seconds [Animated Video]

Cornerstone content is vital for both seasoned bloggers and anyone launching a brand-new website because it can help you accomplish many of your content marketing goals. Goals like: Getting links to your website Finding new readers Attracting...Show More Summary

Try Infolinks to Boost Your Website Earnings

The vast majority of bloggers and webmasters monetize their sites with banner ads (such as AdSense or CPM ad networks) or with affiliate marketing deals (where they earn a commission for every customer they refer to affiliate partners). Show More Summary

6 Things You Need to Do Before Writing a Single Word on Your Blog

Are you thinking about starting a blog? If you are, this is the right post for you, because we are here to show you some really important things you need to know, and we are sure that, if you follow these tips, you will save yourself a lot of valuable  time and energy. Show More Summary

How to Make Money When Your Blog is Brand New: A Practical Guide

I try to avoid writing about money directly here on Blog Tyrant (I prefer to focus on growth and engagement strategies) but lately a lot of people have been asking me how to “pay the bills” when your blog is brand new. And in last week’s giveaway it really dawned on me how many people...

Case Study: How One Trick Can Help You Gain 200+ Links from Badass Sites

This is a guest contribution from Emily Johnson. Do you consider all specifics of your content and audience when it comes to promotion? The thing is, entertaining content and useful content are far from the same. When your niche is popular...Show More Summary

Tickets for the 2016 ProBlogger Event Available – Save $100 Today!

Tomorrow tickets go on sale for our 7th annual ProBlogger Training Event on the Gold Coast here in Australia, and if you’re quick you’ll save $100 AUD on the full price if you buy before 1 July. Note: Tickets are now available for sale here. Show More Summary

A Premium WordPress Plugin for Easy Social Sharing and More

It’s human nature to desire the path of least resistance. This is why marketers and online businesses are constantly seeking ways to minimize or eliminate potential points of friction. This is why Amazon, for example, features a 1-click...Show More Summary

Verge Introduces Innovative Gadget Blog, ‘Circuit Breaker’

Some might say that the gadget world has been a bit boring lately. As smartphones became dominate over music players, point and shoot cameras and GPS navigation systems, you were probably wondering what could happen to make any innovations into real game changers. Show More Summary

How to Write Subheads that Hook (and Re-hook) Your Readers

Have you heard about RADD? (I doubt it, because I just invented it.) RADD refers to a purely made-up syndrome called Reader Attention Deficit Disorder, and almost every adult I know suffers from it. The symptoms of RADD are: Inability...Show More Summary

So You Want to Be an Affiliate: Start Here

If you’re just starting to dabble in the world of affiliate marketing, it can be a lot to take in and wrap your head around. At the core, it’s simple: affiliate marketers promote a link (i.e. a product), and when people buy from that link, the affiliate makes a commission. Show More Summary

7 Impressive Ways To Electrify Your SEO Before A Site Launch

Launching a new website can be a scary, pulse-raising, time consuming task if the process is not well-organized. There are many aspects to ensure a unique user experience from coding, responsive site design, content to testing. While...Show More Summary

How Freelancers Can Build a Strong Brand Image And Capture High-Paying Clients

If you’ve gone through Zac’s free, but hugely valuable, blogging course (if you haven’t, sign-up from the sidebar) I’m sure you understand the huge earning potential that full-time blogging offers. But reaching that stage requires time, effort and a lot of sweat. Show More Summary

5 Killer Ways to Multiply Traffic and Revenue with Your Blog

Experts say that it is easy to create a blog but it is tough to make it stand out from the crowd and get lots of traffic to your site. Over the years, blogs like Moz have achieved over a million visitors every month and they have helped other blogs in the process too. Show More Summary

4 Powerful Tips to Double Your Earnings from Advertising Networks, EPS #1

Most website owners and bloggers make money from Advertising Networks. But often, the amount can be awfully miserable. Traffic is an important factor that determines how much one makes from Google Adsense, Chitika, Infolinks, Outbrain, etc but one should not neglect some very vital elements. Show More Summary

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