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DHS / ICE and City of London Police Make Piracy Fight Official

City of London Police and US Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Homeland Security Investigations underlined their relationship this week with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding. Focusing on IP crime, the agencies collaborate to suspend domains, shut down file-sharing sites, and arrest uploaders. Show More Summary

Popular Torrent and Streaming Sites Blocked in Denmark

Following a complaint from Rights Alliance, a Danish court has ordered ISPs to block 12 pirate sites including KickassTorrents, RARBG and TubePlus. With these blockades rightsholders hope to steer people towards legal content. One of the affected site owners, however, believe it serves as free advertising. Show More Summary

“VPN Friendly” Aussie Pirate Site Blocking Draft Unveiled

A draft of new legislation aimed at stopping Aussie consumers accessing 'pirate' sites has been made available this morning. The amendments, which contain criteria that could see hundreds of sites blocked by ISPs, is believed to have been reworded to ensure that VPN services don't become caught in the dragnet. Show More Summary

U.S. Government Wins Dozens of Millions From Kim Dotcom

The U.S. Government has won its civil forfeiture case against Megaupload and Kim Dotcom. As a result, the U.S. now owns Kim Dotcom's bank accounts, cars, art and other property worth dozens of millions of dollars. Megaupload's founder describes the ruling as unjust and says his team will file an appeal at a higher court. Show More Summary

Netflix Wants to Make VPN Piracy Obsolete

In recent months Hollywood has pushed Netflix to ensure that VPN users can't access their services. Netflix honors these requests, but according to CEO Reed Hastings there's a better way to deal with the issue. The company would like to get rid of Hollywood's geographical restrictions entirely and render 'VPN piracy' obsolete. Show More Summary

Perfect 10 Ordered to Pay Giganews $5.6m After Failed Copyright Battle

Perfect 10 must pay $5.6m in legal fees following a failed copyright battle with Usenet provider Giganews. On the heels of a February ruling in which a California Court heavily criticized the adult publisher, this week Perfect 10 was described by a Judge as a serial litigator intended to function as a "tax write-off". Show More Summary

Five Cyberlocker Operators Jailed For Spreading ‘Depraved Culture”

Five key operators of the cyberlocker site have this week been jailed for spreading "depraved content". After making available masses of pornographic videos the popular file-hosting site is said to have illegally generated close to $7m in profits. Show More Summary

UK Blocking More Than 100 Pirate Sites After New Court Order

Major UK Internet providers must now block more than 100 piracy related websites after a new High Court order. The latest blocking round was issued on behalf of the major record labels and targets several MP3 download sites such as, and, as well as a search engine for the cloud hosting service Show More Summary

Music Group Wants ISPs to Spy on Customers to Stop Piracy

In a response to the draft code tabled to deal with the Australian online-piracy problem, some of the world's largest music publishers have presented a set of draconian measures. ISPs should not only use technology to spy on their own customers, but also to proactively block access to infringing content and websites. Show More Summary

RIAA Bites Grooveshark With Record Google Takedowns

The world's leading record labels are targeting Grooveshark with an unprecedented level of copyright complaints. According to Google, during the past month the streaming service became the 7th most complained about site in the world, something that has caused Grooveshark's search engine traffic to nosedive. Show More Summary

U.S. Court Extends Global Shutdown of DVD Ripping Software

A federal court in New York has issued a paralyzing verdict against the Chinese-based DVD ripping company DVDFab. Ruling in favor of AACS, the licensing outfit founded by Warner Bros, Disney, Microsoft, Intel and others, the court has issued an updated injunction granting the seizure of several domain names belonging to the software vendor. Show More Summary

“Pay Off Your Credit Card Debt By Ratting on Software Pirates”

The Business Software Alliance, a trade group representing Adobe, Apple and Microsoft, continues to lure Facebook users with piles of cash. Do you want to pay off your credit card loans? No problem. Just report a business that uses pirated software and the money will roll in, if you're lucky. Show More Summary

Guide: How File-Sharers Can Ruin Their Online Privacy

There are persistent rumors going around that some file-sharers are doing everything they can to fly under the radar but when ruining privacy is so much easier, why bother? For those who couldn't care less about online security and have a burning desire to turn their online lives into a public free for all, here's our essential guide. Show More Summary

SXSW 2015 on BitTorrent: 8.42 GB of Free Music

The South by Southwest (SXSW) music festival is one of the largest and most popular in the United States. For more than a decade SXSW has been sharing DRM-free songs of the performing artists, 55 GB worth so far. This year's release is the largest thus far with 1,291 tracks totaling more than eight gigabytes. Show More Summary

Strike: Public Tracker & DHT Searches Presented Cleanly

Strike is a new torrent search engine and as far as we know the first to index not only all public trackers but also BitTorrent's 'trackerless' Distributed Hash Table. With a less is more philosophy, Strike tries to intelligently return only the best results and operates with zero advertising. Show More Summary

Vuze Speeds Up Torrent Downloads Through “Swarm Merging”

Azureus Software has released a brand new version of its Vuze client which allows users to merge swarms. The swarm merging feature can increase the number of download sources, bringing dead torrents to life and speeding up others. Source: TorrentFreak, for the latest info on copyright, file-sharing, torrent sites and anonymous VPN services.

YIFY Torrents Faces Domain Suspension, Moves to

The popular movie release group YTS, also known as YIFY, has switched to a new domain name. The French domain registry FRNIC has informed the site's operators that will be suspended by the end of the month, an outcome most likely the result of pressure from copyright holders. Show More Summary

Received a Piracy Letter? UK Solicitor Will Defend You For Free

In recent weeks customers of UK ISPs have received letters from copyright trolls demanding settlement for alleged downloading of movies. Today they can fight back. London-based lawyer Michael Coyle informs TorrentFreak that if the accused make a charitable donation in support of his London Marathon run, he will provide his time for free. Show More Summary

Pirate Party Becomes Iceland’s Most Popular Political Party

The results of a new poll published today in Iceland indicates that the Pirate Party has just become the country's most popular political party. According to the results, almost a quarter of all citizens would vote Pirate today. Speaking...Show More Summary

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