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Hollywood Demands Tougher Penalties for Aussie Pirates

The MPAA is urging the U.S. Government to defeat online piracy and has identified several countries where change is required. Australia is a priority according to Hollywood, so to change this situation better enforcement, improved legislation and stiffer penalties are required. Source: TorrentFreak, for the latest info on copyright, file-sharing and anonymous VPN services.

Columbia Pictures Wants Anti-Piracy Policies Kept Secret, Indefinitely

Columbia Pictures has asked a Florida federal court to keep its anti-piracy policies secret forever. The records in question are part of the now closed case between Hotfile and the MPAA. Previously, U.S. District Judge Kathleen Williams ruled that the information should be unsealed in the public's interest. Show More Summary

Dotcom Loses Lawyers – Then They Erase All History of Him

Kim Dotcom is looking for a new legal team in New Zealand after a high-profile lawfirm withdrew its services. However, what's especially unusual is that Simpson Grierson has not only pulled out, but is also removing all references to Dotcom and Mega from its corporate site. Source: TorrentFreak, for the latest info on copyright, file-sharing and anonymous VPN services.

Dallas Buyers Club Pirate Agrees to Pay $14,000, But Why?

The people behind the Oscar-winning movie Dallas Buyers Club have won a $14,000 consent judgment against an Oregon BitTorrent user. Why the defendant agreed to pay the unusually high figure is unclear, but it may have something to do with the sword that was hanging over his head. Source: TorrentFreak, for the latest info on copyright, file-sharing and anonymous VPN services.

Spotify Reminded of uTorrent Past After Branding Grooveshark ‘Pirates’

Spotify's Daniel Ek has poured fuel onto the raging Taylor Swift controversy. While explaining how less availability of Swift's music will lead some to obtain it without paying, Ek labeled rival Grooveshark a 'pirate' service. Now Grooveshark is biting back by reminding Ek that he was once the CEO of uTorrent. Show More Summary

Internet Pirates Always a Step Ahead , Aussies Say

Almost three-quarters of Australians believe that using technical measures to end Internet piracy are doomed to fail and will only lead to higher ISP bills for consumers. Those are just two of the findings of a new survey carried out by the Communications Alliance, the industry body for the Australian telecoms industry. Show More Summary

ISP Protects Subscribers From Piracy “Fishing Expedition”

Atlanta-based Internet provider CBeyond is protesting a DMCA subpoena from the anti-piracy monitoring outfit Rightscorp. The ISP is refusing to hand over the identities behind more than a thousand IP-addresses connected to copyright infringement while declaring Rightscorp's efforts as a frivolous fishing expedition. Show More Summary

Rob Zombie: Music Piracy Has Re-Energized Me

While piracy has been blamed for many terrible things over the years, Rob Zombie sees things differently. Not only does the musician, director and producer not care about the phenomenon, he's happy to give his music away for free, claiming that piracy has not only re-energized him, but also made him more creative. Show More Summary

Copyright Holders Want Pirate Bay Blocked in Sweden

Several major movie studios and record labels have filed a lawsuit against the Swedish ISP B2, demanding that the company blocks access to The Pirate Bay. The lawsuit, which also calls for a blockade of the streaming site Swefilmer, is the first of its kind in The Pirate Bay's home country. Show More Summary

Online Music Pirates Hit With Lengthy Jail Sentences

Two men have been jailed for a total 53 months for their part in music sharing site Dancing Jesus. The BPI say they are pleased with the decision but a specialist solicitor working for the defense has criticized "self-serving" damages assessments put forward by the industry. Show More Summary

Vuze Debuts Chromecast-Compatible Android Torrent Client

Azureus Software has just launched a brand new version of its Vuze Torrent Downloader. The latest version of the lightweight Android torrent client delivers Chromecast functionality, enabling content to be shifted effortlessly from small to big screens. Show More Summary

ISP Wants to Understand Technology Used to Track Pirates

Legal representatives for ISP iiNet say they want an anti-piracy tracking system put under the microscope. Hundreds of the Aussie service providers customers are at risk of being sent "speculative invoices" demanding cash for alleged infringements but iiNet definitely isn't going to give plaintiff Dallas Buyers Club an easy ride. Show More Summary

Pirate Bay Founder Peter Sunde Released From Prison

Former Pirate Bay spokesperson Peter Sunde is a free man again. After more than five months he was released from prison this morning. Peter is expected to take some time off to spend with family and loved ones before he continues working on making the Internet a better place. Source: TorrentFreak, for the latest info on copyright, file-sharing and anonymous VPN services.

Comcast Sent 1,000,000 Copyright Alerts to ‘Pirating’ Subscribers

The six-strikes Copyright Alert System has been active for a while but recently Comcast reached a new milestone when the ISP sent out its one millionth copyright warning. The alerts are mostly educational in nature but repeat offenders face a browser hijack. Source: TorrentFreak, for the latest info on copyright, file-sharing and anonymous VPN services.

Unknown Sites Dominate Google ‘Pirate’ Search Results

Google's downranking of the most complained-about pirate sites last month certainly shook things up, but there have been unintended consequences too. A search for this week's most popular movie reveals relatively unknown sites dominating results and pulling record traffic. Show More Summary

AVG Monitors Torrenting Habits to Advise Heavy Downloaders

Anti-virus software can be a great help to keep viruses and malware at bay, but AVG takes its responsibilities a bit further. Avid BitTorrent users who download files at near-maximum speeds get a friendly reminder from AVG explaining that they may want to pause their downloads to improve web browsing. Show More Summary

Night Time Eiffel Tower Photos Are a Copyright Violation

Every day thousands of tourists in Paris snap a picture of the Eiffel Tower's famous light show. However, using those pictures in public may lead to unintended consequences, as pictures of France's most famous building taken at night are protected by copyright. Source: TorrentFreak, for the latest info on copyright, file-sharing and anonymous VPN services.

Google Pressured to Push Proper Porn Over Piracy

Google's attempts at pacifying the movie and music industries over piracy has piqued the interest of other content creators. Irate members of the adult industry are now calling for similar actions to promote porn, but despite taking their grievances to the BBC, Google doesn't even want to comment on the issue. Show More Summary

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