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Pirate Bay Founder: Streaming Model Could Ignite New Piracy War

As streaming services such as Netflix and Spotify gain even greater traction, so does the centralization of online content that consumers no longer own. According to Pirate Bay founder Peter Sunde this business model holds subscribers...Show More Summary

Netflix: VPN Blockade Backlash Doesn’t Hurt Us

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings says that the recent crackdown on VPN and proxy users hasn't hurt the company's results. The VPN blockade only affects a small but vocal minority, according to Hastings, and there are no signs that hordes of subscribers are abandoning ship. Source: TF, for the latest info on copyright, file-sharing, torrent sites and ANONYMOUS VPN services.

Creative Content UK Aims to Re-Educate Book Pirates

The UK government's multi-million pound campaign to deter Internet piracy is now hoping to reach out to book fans. A new and rather pleasant video published under the Creative Content UK banner extols the virtues of buying books from...Show More Summary

YouTube Copyright Complaint Kills Harvard Professor’s Copyright Lecture (Update)

YouTube has removed access to a copyright lecture from Harvard Law professor William Fisher, following a takedown request from Sony Music. While the online course includes snippets of well-known Jimi Hendrix covers, the clearly educational...Show More Summary

Netflix Wants to Be a Great Carrot For ‘Real’ Pirates

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings has responded to the recent backlash over the company's VPN crackdown. Netflix doesn't expect the measures to have any impact revenue wise and says that it wants to be a carrot for 'real' online pirates instead. Show More Summary

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