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FullStory: Gain Insight From Watching Users in Action

11 minutes agoInternet / Usability : UX Movement

Creating the best user experience calls for more than following best practices. You have to see what users are actually doing on your site to find out where the real problems are.

Make a Raspberry Pi Gmail Notification Light

22 minutes agoTechnology / Internet : Make Use Of

In this quick and easy Raspberry Pi project, you’ll learn how to make a Gmail email notification light. If you have any unread emails, a Python script turns the LED on. This project requires very few parts, and can be completed in under...Show More Summary

Google’s Interstitials Penalty to Affect AdSense Page-level Ads? by @SouthernSEJ

There has been some confusion as to whether or not AdSense Page-level ads will be affected by Google's upcoming mobile interstitials penalty. The post Google’s Interstitials Penalty to Affect AdSense Page-level Ads? by @SouthernSEJ appeared first on Search Engine Journal.

How to Mount a USB Flash Device in Linux And Your Raspberry Pi

Removable USB storage makes it simple to transfer data from one PC to another, but if the computer you’re using doesn’t automatically mount the device when you plug it in, you’re likely to find that moving data to and from the USB drive (CA) is difficult, if not impossible, without the right commands. Show More Summary

Arya actress: It'd be cool to kill off this character on 'Game of Thrones' - CNET

Maisie Williams says she'd like to have her character cross another major name off her list before the hit show ends.

The EU wants Apple to pay $14.5 billion in back taxes, and Tim Cook isn't happy about it - CNET

The EU says Apple didn't pay enough taxes for profits in Europe, but Apple insists it meets its tax obligations and plans to appeal.

7 Security Apps For Your Mac That Are Super Cheap Right Now

When you think about apps that make you hop out of your chair in excitement, security apps are probably at the bottom of the list of what comes to mind. They’re necessary, but not exactly fun. The apps available in the massive Ultimate...Show More Summary

Dell to close landmark $67B EMC acquisition on Sept. 7

Dell announced that its $67 billion acquisition will close on Sept. 7 following approval by Chinese authorities.

Mobile Isn't Just First, It's Primary

A recent survey of more than 1,000 adults by Burke for the Local Search Association found that 56% of mobile searches were happening from home.

6 Reasons to Start Your Kids Off With Linux

Do you know how to use a computer? Under a certain age, that question sounds ridiculous. Those words will be even more foreign by the time your kid becomes an adult. Using computers is something people simply do. But not all computers, or the operating systems that run them, are created equal. Show More Summary

Why Consistency Matters Across the Media Types Offered by an API

Over on DZone -- one of my favorite app development sites -- Toyella technical director Rob Allen has published a rather opinionated post regarding the all-important "media-type" component of RESTful APIs while also delving into the religious debate of what is and what is not a RESTful API.

The press and Trump's racism

Read this article by Joan Walsh on The Nation about how badly the press is covering Donald Trump's racism. Clinton's great speech on Trump's racism wouldn't have been necessary if the press were doing their job. Trump's racism and the racism it enables among his supporters is major news. Show More Summary

Microsoft Attacks Apple Macs, Work For Google For Free… [Tech News Digest]

PC vs. Mac becomes Surface Pro vs. MacBook, Google Crowdsource helps you help Google, Apple sends out iPhone 7 event invites, Google Cast is now built into Chrome, and using virtual reality to pop the question. Microsoft Brings PC Vs. Show More Summary

How Private Investigators Use the Internet to Track You

The internet is as deep as it is wide. And we are just singular entities drifting across the surface, perhaps clinging to a piece of driftwood. Underpinning us, keeping us afloat is the raw data we generate and consume so readily. If we are generating the ocean, the driftwood is surely our user profile. Show More Summary

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