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Aetna to Subsidize Apple Watch for Its Health Insurance Customers

Aetna press release: Aetna today announced a new initiative to revolutionize members’ consumer health experience by combining the power of iOS apps and he unmatched user experience of Apple products including Apple Watch, iPhone and iPad with Aetna’s analytics-based wellness and care management programs. Show More Summary

The Talk Show: ‘You’ve Got the Nubbin’

Serenity Caldwell returns to the show to discuss Apple’s new stuff: the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, Apple Watch Series 2 (and the semi-new Series 1), iOS 10, MacOS Sierra, and more. Or as she describes it: “In which @gruber and I grumble about...Show More Summary

Voximplant Web SDK 4.0 Features Microsoft Edge Audio Calls Support

Voximplant, a cloud-based voice and video communications platform provider, has announced the release of Voximplant Web SDK 4.0, an SDK (beta) that developers can use to add voice and video communications capabilities to Web applications. Show More Summary

Pewdiepie Trashes YouTubes Heroes! Terrible Community Moderation

3 hours agoTechnology / Internet : Crenk

The post Pewdiepie Trashes YouTubes Heroes! Terrible Community Moderation appeared first on Crenk.

macOS Sierra Installation Issues? Fix Common Mac Upgrade Problems

There are a range of problems that can occur when upgrading your operating system. This applies to both computers and mobile devices, which is why it’s imperative you back up your data before clicking the Install button. But how do you...Show More Summary

Don’t Lose Your Stuff – Get 1TB of Cloud Storage For Life

Have you checked the weather today? Reports indicate that it’ll be a little cloudy! Zoolz Complete Cloud Storage: Lifetime Solution ($39) When it comes to discounts on cloud storage, this is one of the best deals we’ve ever seen. You’re going to get 1 TB of storage for life at the cost of $39. Show More Summary

Why We Never Had “The Year of the Linux Desktop”

Linux is awesome. In fact, I’ve already told you some of the reasons why Ubuntu is better than Windows. But if it’s so good, why do less than 2% of desktop computers actively run a Linux-based operating system? That’s a really tough question to answer. Show More Summary

How to Fix “Please Wait While Windows Configures Microsoft Office” Message

Stuck with an error message that says Windows is configuring Microsoft Office? Here’s the fix. Picture the scene: you’re coming down to the wire on a book report, or a work presentation, or an important spreadsheet — but when you go to open up the appropriate Microsoft Office program, you’re met with an error message that just won’t leave. Show More Summary

5 Reasons You Should Use iWork Instead of Microsoft Office

iWork has long been considered the inferior option to Microsoft Office (CA/UK). Word, Excel, and PowerPoint form the industry standard office suite, and that’s just what everyone expects to use. But it’s time to give iWork another chance. Show More Summary

Spotify Delivers a Daily Mix of Your Favorite Music

Spotify is employing a new weapon in its fight to keep you using the streaming music service. Buoyed by the success of Discover Weekly, Spotify is launching Daily Mix, a constantly evolving mix of new and old earworms. If you like Daily Mix, and you want to work on things like Daily Mix (or anything we do at Spotify), hit me up. Show More Summary

Bluetooth 5: What’s New and What’s Good?

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) has announced a new version of the wireless standard. Bluetooth 5 comes with a host of improvements, some that benefit users and some that benefit advertisers — and we’re going to explore them in this post. Show More Summary

From Writing to Game Design: 5 Complete Creative Classes on Udemy

Here’s a sure recipe for getting out of bed in the morning: become a creative. Just the urge to create something new will put your brain on overdrive and make you attack the beeping clock. Of course, turning into a creative has other non-career benefits too. Show More Summary

Using Social Login? Take These Steps to Secure Your Accounts

Over the summer Pokemon Go became one of the most successful mobile games of all time. You may have seen some of the alarming stories that the game required full Google account access, potentially allowing them to see and modify everything in your account. Show More Summary

Canada’s Netflix Rival Shomi Is Shutting Down

Shomi, Canada’s answer to Netflix, is shutting down. In the end, the juggernaut that is Netflix proved too popular to beat, so Shomi will be closing its doors on November 30, 2016. Shomi was Canadian cable giants Rogers and Shaw Communications’ effort to gain a foothold in the marketplace. Show More Summary

How to Use Calming Music at Home to Improve Your Family Life

You probably have first-hand experience in how music can shift your mood and improve your performance. But there’s growing evidence that music can be used to make massive improvements to your family life, too. For hundreds of years, music has been used as a natural remedy for illnesses and to improve psychological states. Show More Summary

How to Simplify Home Organization With the Right Tools

Organizing a home isn’t always the most exciting thing in the world. On the contrary — following through with home organization projects can be downright intimidating. But daunting as it may be, there is evidence that home organization is a form of self-improvement, and provides benefits well beyond a clean living space. Show More Summary

Amazon API Gateway Updates Aim to Simplify API Development

AWS API Gateway is a managed service that allows users to develop, host and monitor API backends on AWS infrastructure. In a move that aims to simplify API development while tightening integration with other AWS services, Amazon API Gateway has announced several updates.

Announcing the uTorrent Altruistic Mode

We’re in the process of rolling out a new feature of uTorrent, Altruistic Mode. This is a feature for users who want to make sure that they upload more than they download and are okay with the tradeoff that their download might never complete. Because this feature has some subtle and confusing behaviors, in the...

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