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Have you deleted your Facebook? The pros and cons (The 3:59, Ep. 373) - CNET

On today's episode, we talk about the massive call on social media to delete Facebook and why many aren't following it. Also, cybersecurity for elections.

MIT's robotic fish swims in the ocean, fits in at 'school' - CNET

"SoFi" is a soft robotic fish with a fish-eye lens (of course) that can explore where few other robots or humans can, and without spooking the locals.

Twitter CEO says bitcoin will rule the world by 2028 - CNET

Despite digital currencies barely being used to buy and sell things, Jack Dorsey believes bitcoin will be the "single currency" on the planet within the next 10 years.

Amazon Voice Search Attracts Older Shoppers, Younger Consumers Prefer Mobile Phones

Some 23% of consumers ages 25 to 34 who were surveyed by CPC Strategy prefer to search and shop on a mobile phone, and 27% like to shop via Amazon Echo or Dot.

5 Office 365 Business Tools to Skyrocket Your Productivity

Office 365 is Microsoft’s subscription package designed for productivity and collaboration. So, the Office tools you get depends on the tier you choose. You are already familiar with Word or PowerPoint. So, let’s explore five other Office 365 business tools that make team collaboration easier. Show More Summary

Don’t Underestimate the Power of Kylie Jenner

It only took one tweet from Kylie Jenner to send Snapchat's stock tumbling. Here's how the new queen of marketing could impact the future of social media.

Dodge Viper plant to house historic vehicle collection, meeting space - Roadshow

2 hours agoTechnology / Internet : Webware

The Conner Avenue Assembly Plant has been dormant since the Viper ceased production last year, but it won't stay that way for long as nearly 100,000 square-feet of the plant have been set aside as a private museum and corporate meeting facility.

Aston Martin returns to F1, plans "core" mid-engine production car in 2021 - Roadshow

2 hours agoTechnology / Internet : Webware

A partnership with Red Bull Racing means the Aston Martin name will appear on an F1 car for the first time in 59 years... and that's just the beginning of the automaker's plans.

Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg mercilessly mocked by Stephen Colbert - CNET

2 hours agoTechnology / Internet : Webware

Commentary: Cambridge Analytica doesn't escape the late-night host's scorn either, as Colbert can't help marveling at the mess.

NASA astronaut afraid of heights, goes to ISS anyway - CNET

2 hours agoTechnology / Internet : Webware

NASA's Drew Feustel admits to a fear that would prevent most people from becoming an astronaut.

Should you be paranoid around Amazon's Alexa? - CNET

2 hours agoTechnology / Internet : Webware

9 questions you've had about Alexa but were too afraid to ask.

Cadillac releases native Spotify app for 2018 models - CNET

2 hours agoTechnology / Internet : Webware

Cadillac has announced it's collaborated on its first native streaming app with the world's most popular music service Spotify

Google is reportedly acquiring heavily funded VR startup Lytro

Word is that Google Inc. is in the process of acquiring Lytro Inc., a startup backed by $215 million in funding that develops hardware and software for producing immersive content. The buyout price reportedly falls well below Lytro’s last private valuation. Show More Summary

Keyword Positions Are Misleading: Here's What to Watch for Instead

by Jayson DeMers For two decades now, search marketers have gravitated toward one metric--one KPI--that's apparently more important than all the others: keyword positions. On the surface, it makes sense. The entire point of search engine...Show More Summary

When the end is near

I'm having a back and forth with Brent on Twitter about maxing out on change, something that happens to every generation at some time. I was reminded of a story I told once about Don Hewitt, the creator of 60 Minutes. It was in a comment,...Show More Summary

8 Smartphone Accessories to Have in Your Car at All Times

Bringing technology in our rides has never been easier, thanks to Android Auto and Apple CarPlay integrating your phone into your infotainment system. You probably always your phone with you when driving around. And just like it’s a good idea to keep some emergency items in your car, you should keep some phone accessories in your car too. Show More Summary

7 Essential SEO Tips for Treatment Centers

by Robert Clough Keeping treatment centers booked solid is all about getting the word out. These 7 essential SEO tips can help you do just that. With most small businesses spending 35% of their marketing budgets on digital ads, making sure you're getting a return on your investment is key. Show More Summary

Google may acquire light-field tech company Lytro for VR/AR - CNET

3 hours agoTechnology / Internet : Webware

Sources report Google plans to purchase Lytro, a company that owns 59 patents related to VR-related tech.

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