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Google Suggest is Now Smarter… Sometimes by @5le

Sometime last year, Google launched a feature that incorporates knowledge graph data into Google suggest. It would be fantastic…. if only it worked. The post Google Suggest is Now Smarter… Sometimes by @5le appeared first on Search Engine Journal.

10+ No-Signup Collaboration Tools You Can Use in 10 Seconds

What do you think of when you hear the word “collaboration”? Do you associate it with the frustrating clunkiness of trying to synchronize everyone’s work? Many collaboration tools require an account to even get started before you benefit from their collaboration features. Show More Summary

What the Heck Do 4G+, 4GX, XLTE, LTE-A, and VoLTE Mean?

The names of our Internet speeds and services can undoubtedly be confusing. It used to just be 3G and 4G, but now between 4G+, 4GX, XLTE, LTE-A and VoLTE, how is anyone supposed to keep track of exactly what these acronyms means? Luckily for you, we’ve done the sifting and searching through the mounds of technological jargon out there. Show More Summary

SanDisk shakes up the storage stack with new all-flash storage appliance

SanDisk, a company that’s best known for making consumer thumb drives and SD cards, stunned the storage world this week by entering the storage array market with a flash array that is claimed to be the first to break the $1/gigabyte … Continue reading ?

Understand Hadoop’s limitations in order to realize its full value

A major issue facing Hadoop early adopters is… now what? While all the excitement about Hadoop is well justified, many people don’t fully understand its limitations – such as the difficulty of connecting and linking data across the cluster – … Continue reading ?

Rockband 4 announced for fall release on Xbox One and PS4

A few months after rumors hinted at a possible return of the Rock Band rhythm game franchise, Harmonix has officially announced that Rock Band 4 will be released later this year for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Harmonix helped define the music rhythm … Continue reading ?

Celebrate World Book Day with the best #bookshelfporn on Instagram

In honor of World Book Day, we collected some of Instagram's most orgasm-inducing shelving schemes.

Peeps-flavored milk is a thing, and it sounds repulsive

The spring treat is being turned into a milk flavor, and Twitter isn't happy about it.

North Korea calls knife attack on U.S. ambassador 'punishment'

The reclusive regime will take any opportunity to poke America in the eye.

4 things BlackBerry needs to do to be cool again

The disgraced mobile company has a future if it wants it.

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