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Apple Bricks iPhones On Purpose, Google Tackles ISIS With Ads… [Tech News Digest]

Error 53 can kill your iPhone, Google uses ads to deter terrorism, Yahoo Games is no more, The Frinkiac is a search engine for The Simpsons, and the robot golfer who scored a hole-in-one. Apple Kills Repaired iPhones Thousands of Apple fans have had their iPhones bricked when upgrading to iOS 9. Show More Summary

Are You Using Social Media Effectively For Your Ecommerce Business?

10 hours agoInternet / SEO : SEO Scoop

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn have become almost ubiquitous in our daily lives. The effect is so strong that today it is imperative for businesses to have a social presence. Yet, not all are using the true potential...Show More Summary

New Twitter Home Page is Live – Completely New Design and It Looks Great

10 hours agoTechnology / Internet : Crenk

Twitter has just launched a completely redesigned home page. Im a big fan. It feels like they are trying to make the service a lot easier to understand and easier for people not logged into the platform to read news (and Twitter can also make the money off those people).

Get Everyone Talking with 12 Fun Ice Breakers for Work

You’ve heard about the importance of warming up properly before intense physical activity, especially if you want to increase your performance. Well, it turns out that mental warmups and ice breakers are equally as important to prepare for tasks that can tax your mind. Show More Summary

The 50 Best Love Songs to Stream This Valentine’s Day

That big commercial holiday known as Valentine’s Day is almost upon us. A day when florists triple their prices, and people all over the globe glare meaningfully at their partners, thinking “just you dare try forgetting…”. If you DOShow More Summary

9 Apple Mac Antivirus Options You Should Consider Today

By now, you should know that Macs need antivirus software, but which one should you choose? There are lots of Mac-specific security apps, and it can be difficult to tell them apart, so we’ve done the research for you. These nine security suites will help you stay free of viruses, trojans, and all other sorts of malware. Show More Summary

WordStream’s Larry Kim on how paid social ads can become your ‘unicorns’

Reporting live from Connect, our two-day search event in Miami, here’s the second in a series of posts summarising a few of our sessions, covering either organic engagement or paid search innovation.

Super Bowl cell towers power up (pictures) - CNET

12 hours agoTechnology / Internet : Webware

Cellular providers are boosting their signals in San Francisco to support increased Super Bowl traffic

Why India suddenly matters to Silicon Valley - CNET

12 hours agoTechnology / Internet : Webware

Hundreds of millions of Indians are buying their first smartphones. The country's rapid growth has caught the attention of tech companies around the globe.

Geek Reading February 5, 2016 #1036

Leading off our day is a cool article from Fast Co.Exist about a house that costs about $20,000. There is not a lot of detail about the house, but the idea is every cool. At Bothsides of the Table, Mark Suster talks about what will happen in VC  in 2016. At Sudophilosophical, we get an […]

3 Resources to Help Beginners Become Professional Content Marketers

12 hours agoInternet / Blogging : Copyblogger

“Da” was the first pronoun I used to refer to myself as a small child. I think I was trying to say “I,” but I overcomplicated the word. At any rate, whenever I encountered a new or challenging task — like growing human beings do — IShow More Summary

6 All-in-One IoT Birthday Gifts For Your Geeky Friends

The Internet of Things (IoT) can make our lives much easier – streamlining simple tasks and removing the human element from a lot of day-to-day chores. Unfortunately, it can also be expensive to get a smart home up and running. You might find that you buy one gadget, but you need another add-on to make it fully functional. Show More Summary

ZenMate VPN: Lifetime Premium Subscription For $49

When you browse the web, you want to make sure you’re as safe and secure as possible. The best way to do that is with a VPN. If you want a quality VPN that won’t slow down your Internet speeds, you need to check out ZenMate. It received...Show More Summary

10 Super Ways to Save When Shopping on Amazon

Are you a frequent Amazon shopper? Do you love to find options to save money before making your purchases? There are plenty of ways to save some bucks when shopping on Amazon that you may or may not know about. So, before making your next purchase, check out these 10 options to see if you can save a little more. Show More Summary

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