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How Green Button Made The "Pull-Only" OAuth Standard Support Push APIs Too

This is part 5 of our series What is The Green Button API initiative and How It Took OAuth To An Entirely New Level. In part 4, we helped you understand how scope is used.

How Can Other API Implementations Benefit From Green Button's OAuth Inventions?

This is the conclusion of our series What is The Green Button API initiative and How It Took OAuth To An Entirely New Level.

Sprinklr debuts a new tool to help brands get their ads in front of the right audience

Although Google and other advertising providers have built their entire business on helping brands target specific audiences, consistently showing the right promotion to the right people can still be difficult. Sprinklr Inc. hopes to...Show More Summary

CNET UK podcast 509: Pope slams fake news and the best wireless headphones - CNET

12 hours agoTechnology / Internet : Webware

Andrew Hoyle and Katie Collins discuss the Pope's views on fake news, why Andrew suffered days of rain in Scotland and which wireless headphones are worth your money.

Apple Analyst Gene Munster Leaving Piper to Start VC Firm

Mark Gurman and Arie Shapira, reporting for Bloomberg; Gene Munster, a 21-year veteran analyst at Piper Jaffray Cos., is leaving the firm to co-found a venture capital firm focusing on virtual reality and artificial intelligence. Perfect time for Apple to release a TV set. ?

A Chat With Shigeru Miyamoto on the Eve of Super Mario Run

Andrew Webster, writing for The Verge: The experience of creating Super Mario Run hasn’t been exactly like the old days, however. As games have progressed from the NES o modern devices, the teams required to make them have similarly grown larger and more complex. Show More Summary

Vesper raises $15M to bring always-on microphones to the Internet of Things

Advanced tiny microphone maker Vesper Technologies, Inc. today announced that the company closed a $15 million in Series A funding. The company builds extremely durable microphones that can run on very low power, allowing them to continue listening for longer at practically zero power drain. Show More Summary

Kleptocracy futures

Seeing all the Goldman Sachs people appointed to high positions in the new administration makes me think the next bubble will be derivatives created from the assets of the US government. Why be content with loaning money to the US for mere interest, when you can actually buy the country itself? This is innovation in America in 2016. Show More Summary

6 Ways to Optimize for Searches Other Than Google

by Jayson DeMers When people think about search engine optimization, they usually want to know how to make their site rank higher in Google. Every business has a website and Google is responsible for two-thirds of all searches online... Show More Summary

7 Games All PlayStation 4 Owners Should Buy

With Christmas just around the corner and the newly-released PlayStation 4 Slim and Pro, there’s going to be a lot of new PS4 gamers in the next few months. It’s a great time to buy a PS4 anyway with lots of good games in the back catalog. Show More Summary

How to Permanently Delete Data From a Flash Drive

Did you know that files can be pulled from data drives that have been wiped? That includes hard disk drives, solid state drives, and yes, USB flash drives. It doesn’t matter if the drive is internal or external — data recovery is a real thing that works. Show More Summary

Final Fantasy XV Is Finally Out! Is It Worth Buying?

Ten years after being announced, Square Enix has released Final Fantasy XV. The first thing displayed on-screen when starting the hotly-anticipated game lets you know that this game is “a Final Fantasy for fans and first-timers.” For the most part, this holds true thanks to solid role-playing game (RPG) mechanics and a great world. Show More Summary

How to Install Kodi for iOS Without Jailbreaking Your iPad or iPhone

Kodi is an open source media center that can play live TV, videos, music, pictures, and games. Because it’s open source, there is no app store, no licensing, and no restrictions. The community can develop whatever it likes. If you want to “cut the cord”, using Kodi is one of the best ways to access live TV. Show More Summary

Feeling Overwhelmed? Stop! 4 Time Management Tools to Save You

When you’re at work, does your mind wander to the hundred other things you have to do? When thoughts and worries about the future distract you from the present moment, you’ll feel overwhelmed. Finding time to run errands, remembering to do something when you get home, or even shopping for essentials or gifts can all make you feel overwhelmed. Show More Summary

Uber Reveals the Rules All Riders Need to Know

Uber has updated its Community Guidelines in order to inform riders of the rules they need to adhere to if they want to keep using the service. And as breaking any of these rules could see you banned from using Uber ever again, regular Uber riders should probably take notice. Show More Summary

I Quit My Job to Pursue My Passion: Here’s How You Can Do It

Doing what you have to do and doing what you love to do, for most people, are two conflicting pulls. If you don’t do what you have to do, you won’t make enough money to get along. But when you can’t do what you love, it’s easy to get discouraged. Show More Summary

The Best Media Center on a Budget: Kodi + Amazon Fire Stick

If you’ve got an Amazon Fire Stick, or you’ve spent some time reading about it, you’ll probably know it’s an amazing bit of kit. Not only is it compact and ships with its own remote, the Fire TV Stick has a wide selection of streaming services available for it. Show More Summary

Apple adds dozens of new cars to CarPlay compatibility list - Roadshow

13 hours agoTechnology / Internet : Webware

CarPlay is, or soon will be, available in 200 different models worldwide.

The Simplest Way to Create GIFs on Mac for Free

GIFs have always been one of the cornerstones of the web, but they became immensely more popular with the widespread adoption of meme culture. For some, a GIF can be worth a million words. So how can you make your own without resorting to any paid apps? All you need are these three steps. Show More Summary

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