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SnapChat vs YouTube For Business

yesterdayInternet / SEO : SEO Scoop

New social platforms are launched all the time. Just like Richard Branson's famous quote “business opportunities are like buses; there’s always another one coming”, you can rest assured that there will be another social platform or app coming soon. Show More Summary

10 Unique iPhone Calendar Apps You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

If you want to use a different calendar app to the one Apple provides on your iPhone, then there are many popular options on the App Store. But, what if you are looking for something a little different? With new ways to view and interact with your calendar, these 10 apps might be less known but could be just what you’re looking for. Show More Summary

Is Pokémon Go a Privacy Minefield, Or Is Your Data Safe?

Listen to the media and Pokémon Go is the worst thing since Brexit, Trident, and Donald Trump. The app has caused people to crash their cars, waste police time by reporting stolen Pokémon, and wander down dark alleyways unaware of their surroundings. Show More Summary

The Internet's Twitter

As a user of Twitter, I appreciate that there are lines you can't cross and stay on Twitter. Leslie Jones is a great comedian, and actress, and more remarkable because of her vulnerability. She's an easy target for predators on Twitter, and I like that Twitter is keeping it safe for her to participate. Show More Summary

Best anti-virus software for the Mac?

i see that VIPRE is best security and virus protection system overall for windows..but what about Apple Mac products as i have one of each? Geek Squad wanted me to install their Kaspersky for over $130 per year, and I feel like that's a rip-off. What do you recommend? The post Best anti-virus software for the Mac? appeared first on Ask Dave Taylor.

Reading Roundup: What’s New in Blogging Lately?

Still shaking my head over that WordPress tip I HAD NO IDEA EXISTED. This changes everything – and means my workload is lighter. AWESOME. Have a great week! How to Discover Your Customer’s Favourite Social Media Platforms | Copyblogger...Show More Summary

Why Twitter is Right to Be Terrified of Snapchat

We can’t pinpoint exactly when Twitter first started taking Snapchat seriously as a threat, but we can bet that August 30 2015 was a bitter moment in Twitter’s memory. This was the day on which MTV ran a Live Story on Snapchat posting short, backstage clips of everything that was happening at the MTV Video and Music Awards. Show More Summary

5 Big Facebook Live Updates Marketers Need To Know by @DannyNMIGoodwin

On Facebook Live you can now broadcast for up to four hours, hide reactions and comments in a video-only mode, view livestreams in full-screen, and more. The post 5 Big Facebook Live Updates Marketers Need To Know by @DannyNMIGoodwin appeared first on Search Engine Journal.

Google launches imported call conversions

If the internet killed the phone call, the smartphone has revived it.

8 GNOME Shell Extensions that Improve the Interface

When GNOME 3.0 launched, it introduced a new overview mode. Here you launched apps, switched between windows, and managed virtual desktops. I loved it, and GNOME became my favorite desktop environment on any operating system. But there are still a few changes I like to make. Show More Summary

What’s the Best Action Camera or GoPro?

Ever since GoPro launched, the action camera market has heated up. GoPro still rules, but Sony, Polaroid, JVC, Xiaomi, and many others produce competitors now. It’s not surprising. Come on; everyone wants an action camera after watching breath-taking GoPro videos. Show More Summary

Jisiwei S+ Robot Vacuum with Security Cam Review and Giveaway

What do you get if you cross a security camera with a robot vacuum? Well, you get a robot vacuum with a camera on it, obviously. Meet the Jisiwei S+, a $400 mid-range autonomous vacuum cleaner that serves double duty as a home security cam. Show More Summary

15 Top-Notch Podcasts for Programmers & Software Developers

Podcasts are a fantastic way to learn more about programming, especially once you’ve grown past the newbie stage and feel stuck on how else you’re supposed to improve. And not only are they insightful, but you can do other stuff while listening! The hard part is finding the good ones, so we’ve done some of the heavy lifting for you. Show More Summary

Your Windows 10 Time Is Running Out, IsoHunt Mirrors KickassTorrents… [Tech News Digest]

The Windows 10 countdown has begun, KickassTorrents is still kicking ass after all, Spotify cozies up to advertisers, smartwatch sales are in decline, and the NES Classic Edition gets the ad it deserves. Windows 10 Gets a Countdown Timer...Show More Summary

5 Ad Campaigns That Celebrate Diversity – And What We Can Learn From Them by @megcabrera

Inclusivity and diversity have become one of the major trends in advertising. Learn from these campaigns that celebrate diversity. The post 5 Ad Campaigns That Celebrate Diversity – And What We Can Learn From Them by @megcabrera appeared first on Search Engine Journal.

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