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This Site Shows Which Political Candidates Are Most Like You

The United States Presidential Election of 2016 is underway, and while there are plenty of ways to track the campaign, you might not be sure which candidates you should support yet. By using the bipartisan iSideWith political quiz, you can quickly find out how your political views match up against all candidates currently in the running. Show More Summary

Swedish Pirate Bay Blocking Decision Will Go to Appeal

Last Friday's ruling by the Stockholm District Court that a local ISP cannot be forced to block The Pirate Bay will not mark the end of the matter. The copyright holders behind the legal action say that they are surprised by the decision and will definitely be taking their case to appeal. Show More Summary

Mobile Internet Startup MoMagic Receives Investment From FIH Mobile, A Foxconn Subsidiary

MoMagic Technologies, a Noida-based startup working on Mobile Applications and VAS with special focus on emerging markets, today announced that FIH Mobile

18+ Best Coupon Apps For Android And IOS Mobile

In this rundown we have compiled a list of Best Coupon Apps For Android And IOS Mobile.These Coupon apps save you a lot of money and energy for browsing lot of this collection we have include almost all types Coupon Apps like food,cloth,recharges,movie,electronic and many more. Show More Summary

Education ECommerce Startup Fastudent Raises Seed Funding From Group of Angel Investors

Noida-based Fastudent, an education e-commerce start-up, has announced that it has raised a round of seed investment from a group of marquee

7 Search Engines That Rocked Before Google Even Existed

Though the Web became publicly available in 1990, the first web search engine didn’t arrive until 1993. Up until then, all websites were manually tracked and indexed by people. And while we now recognize Google as the king of web search, Google wasn’t even in the game until 1998. Show More Summary

Microsoft to finally make it in mobile… in 2019

Microsoft’s refusal to give up in mobile might so […]

What is Remote Usability Testing?

The main goal of usability testing is to answer the question “Can people use this design?”  In order to find the answer, user researchers will: Put a product or experience in front of someone Ask them to perform a set … Read More

How to Change the Default Program for Any File on Windows

Swap out the Microsoft defaults for opening Windows files with third-party programs of your choice. This change is super convenient, and you’ll only need to do it once per file type. Let’s say you want to change the default viewer for JPEG images. Show More Summary

The Easiest Way to Fix Blurry Fonts in Windows 10

If you’ve messed around with the DPI scaling option on your high-resolution display — in an attempt to make things easier to read — then it can sometimes come with a negative side effect: blurry fonts. (And unfortunately, it’s just one...Show More Summary

Why API Developers Love To Use GitHub

GitHub is one of the most popular forms of source control for API development, boasting a community of over 11 million users and 27 million projects. In a recent post on the Nordic APIs Blog, Kristopher Sandoval discussed why developers love the service.

Copyright Industry Still Doesn’t Understand This Fight Isn’t About Money, But Liberty

With a lot of people streaming music and video from services such as Spotify, Pandora and Netflix, torrenting is less of a visible conflict than ten years ago. But similar fights continue in the shape of net neutrality and privacy, with the same values: it was never about the money. Show More Summary

The Plutocrat vs Hitler 2.0

Jeb is full of it because there's basically no difference in the kind of government you'll get from Hillary Clinton and a garden variety Republican presidential candidate. Cruz, Rubio, Christie, Bush or Clinton will fill the job description more or less the same way. Show More Summary

Emoji now work properly

Previously, you would enter an emoji code in some text and when you posted, it would be converted to an image. If you edited the text the emoji code would be gone replaced by the image. If you then saved again you'd often get garbage. Show More Summary

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