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Google to Support Pointer Events API in Chrome

In a recent article on ZDNet, it was stated that Google has finally indicated that it will support the Pointer Events API in Chrome. This decision comes after a lot of back-and-forth opinions throughout the development of the API, but it seems that Google is now happy enough that certain issues have been addressed and intends to proceed.

The Best Ways to Sell Books Online

I like to read. A lot. So much so, in fact, that my father-in-law installed a self-built six foot long bookcase in our house shortly after we moved in, and even that wasn’t enough to deal with the vast collection of novels, guides, encyclopaedias and biographies that I owned. Show More Summary

U.S. military is now using the spy-resistant Blackphone

No device is perfectly secure, but the Pentagon is hoping the Blackphone comes close.

Alabama woman goes viral after apologizing for kids' movie-theater rudeness

She hardly thinks she deserves to be Mom of the Year, but this story has a happy ending.

Caliber Launches Linkedin Chat App

Caliber recently launched as a chat app for LinkedIn users. In a landscape where many apps add chat functionality as quickly as possible, LinkedIn has not yet shown such interest. LinkedIn has limited its messaging functionality to InMail, which operates similarly to email. Show More Summary

This Month in #ContentMarketing: March 2015 by @dantosz

This month's #ContentMarketing roundup includes several articles to help grow your content marketing efforts in the coming months. The post This Month in #ContentMarketing: March 2015 by @dantosz appeared first on Search Engine Jour...

Why Paper Planners Are Relevant in the Age of Smartphone Calendar Apps

Our smartphones are more than capable of keeping track of our daily schedules, and our desktops make it simple to stay on top of tasks. It’s not enough that this capability comes included out of the box — there is an overabundance of third-party alternatives. Show More Summary

The 11 best meal combos you can make from McDonald's breakfast and regular menus

Mickey D's is considering making breakfast available all day. We couldn't possibly be more excited.

Sensai launches new platform that lets companies leverage their unstructured data

Nearly every established company has a pile of unstructured data that is just waiting to be used, but taking the eclectic mountains of old reports, call transcripts, emails, and other files and turning them into something useable often requires a huge investment not … Continue reading ?

UK IP Chief Wants ISPs to Police Piracy Proactively

The UK's top IP advisor has published recommendations on how Internet service providers should deal with online piracy. Among other things, it's suggested that Internet services should search for and filter infringing content proactively. Show More Summary

This is an April Fool-free zone

There are no joke posts here, and there won't be. I'd love to see other blogs and news sites make that statement. See also: This is not an April Fool joke.

What's the best JavaScript editor?

On March 23, I posted a short-term roadmap for MyWord Editor, including this: The editor is a plain pre-HTML5. There are lots of great projects underway to do beautiful full-featured text editing in JavaScript. I did a survey of them last week, and have reached out privately to some of the authors of these tools. Show More Summary

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