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TVSquared raises $6.5M to bring analytics to TV advertising

Although brands invest more than $200 billion in TV ads every year, they lack access to many of the spending optimization capabilities that are available on social media and other online marketing channels. A Scottish startup called TVSquared Inc. Show More Summary

Fix Broken Google Chrome Web Browser Sync?

Google Chrome used to sync across my Windows PC and Mac system, but now it seems busted. I noticed a tiny red icon by my name too. How do I fix it? The post Fix Broken Google Chrome Web Browser Sync? appeared first on Ask Dave Taylo...

How to Talk to Family About Money & Tools That Can Help

Money is a sticky subject, so many people avoid talking about it. However, while you might be uncomfortable discussing financial matters with your loved ones, its stigma is worth overcoming. Just like honest TED talks can change the way you think about money, talking with trusted folks about it might help you see your money in a new light. Show More Summary

The Future Of Online Business: Cryptocurrencies And Why I Believe You Should Be Accepting Bitcoin.

A talk about the evolution of money - and why I believe you should get out ahead of the curve in your online business by accepting Bitcoin today. The post The Future Of Online Business: Cryptocurrencies And Why I Believe You Should Be Accepting Bitcoin. appeared first on Blog Marketing Academy.

The Current State of Content Marketing [Infographic]

Content marketing provides a huge opportunity for many businesses to bring in new clients and keep existing clients returning. The leads that quality content can generate are invaluable for the businesses who get them. Unfortunately,...Show More Summary

Got a Spare USB? Make a Multiboot Flash Drive for Windows and Linux

Installing from a USB flash drive has become fashionable. I haven’t used a disc for any installation for a long time now. I didn’t even buy an optical drive for the last PC I built, now three years previous. That’s not to say discs are dead, but USBs are versatile, easily transported, and easily shared, as well as now coming with massive storage. Show More Summary

Air Hogs racing drone lets you experience crashes first-hand - CNET

The palm-sized DR1 quad live streams video to your phone giving you a first-person view.

How to Build Trust and Enhance Your Influence with Content Marketing

Know, like, trust. At its essence, those three things are why we do content marketing. And if you’re not hitting all three, you’re likely not enjoying success with your content. Traditional marketing is big on the know — it’s all about creating awareness in the marketplace. Show More Summary

17+ Helpful Course Brochure Templates

This is a hand-picked collection of the best Course Brochure Templates designed for Education,Academic,Golf,IT Course,Forex,Driving School and other Course related brochure. The Brochure templates for course were must created keeping...Show More Summary

35+ Best Colorful Vector Background For Graphic Designer

Nowadays, There are various kind of free vector graphics available on the web for download, but choosing perfect one is difficult (means lot of time spend on searching for perfect one). That’s why we put effort to create a perfect one hand-picked collection of Colorful Vector Background for you. Show More Summary

The 17 Best YouTube Programming Tutorials

YouTube programming tutorials: you either love ’em or hate ’em. When done well they convey more than text tutorials ever could, but most are done poorly and offer no benefit over text, in which case text is preferable because you can read at your own pace and skim as needed. Show More Summary

How Monetizing Your Blog Could Lose You Business

yesterdayInternet / SEO : SEO Scoop

Advertisements Can Drive Away Visitors And Cannibalize Your Business Placing adverts on the sidebar of your blog seems a good way to earn some extra pounds. But the disadvantages can outweigh the advantages. We all know that the keyShow More Summary

Get pregnant... or don't! Fertility apps help with both - CNET

Women have found a novel use for fertility apps: turning them into a new form of birth control.

Finally! Spectacles are available online - CNET

Snap to it. The Snapchat sunglasses are on sale now at

Marshmallow Peep Oreos are coming, and our teeth hurt already - CNET

From the basket to biscuit: The traditional Easter candy is now a cookie filling.

How Videos Can Transform Your Content Marketing Strategy

This is a guest contribution from Nathalie Cohen-Sheffer. From do-it-yourself tutorials to adorable animal clips, videos are a big part of our life – and business owners as well as bloggers are taking notice. Here are seven reasons why...Show More Summary

Unity Explained: A Look at Ubuntu’s Default Desktop Environment

Ubuntu is the most well-known version of Linux around. It’s how millions of people have discovered Linux for the first time, and continues to draw new users into the world of open source operating systems. So the interface Ubuntu uses is one many people are going to see. Show More Summary

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