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Yee’s Appeal Dismissed

On Thursday, the High Court in Singapore dismissed video blogger Amos Yee’s appeal against his jail sentence. Justice Tay Yong Kwang ridiculed Yee during the proceedings, arguing that Yee “gave no respect to anyone – the police, theShow More Summary

Google Launches An Experimental Public Transport App For Delhi

Google’s Maps team has designed and launched an experimental app called – Delhi Public Transport, for New Delhi residents to get around

Bloomberg on Apple’s Utter Dominance of Phone Market

Ashlee Vance, writing for Bloomberg: Apple’s utter dominance of the money-making end of the industry stems from its business model and unique brand. Since stumbling in 2013 with the slightly down-market iPhone 5C, the company has redoubled...Show More Summary

Online House Rental Startup Grabhouse Raises $10 Mn Via Sequoia & Kalaari Capital

Mumbai-based Cryptopy Technologies Pvt Ltd which owns and opearates, a broker-free online house rental platform., has announced that it has raised

Important Domain Name Registration

Elliot Silver: Whois records show that Google is now the owner of Prior to the acquisition, the domain name was privately owned and appears to have been parked. At the time of publication, does not resolve, although it would seem wise for the company to forward it to the Alphabet website. ?

Think Before You Tweet: Don’t Let Social Media Get You Fired

Picture this: you decide to send a tweet that might be considered offensive to some, but you think it’s just a joke. Then, you lose your job because of that very tweet. It sounds crazy, but it’s happened before to others, and it could happen to you if you don’t think before you take to social media to share your thoughts. Show More Summary

How to Make Money As a Blogger Through Affiliate Marketing

Thanks all for your feedback on our 50th episode of the ProBlogger podcast! I still can’t believe we finally made it. Onward with episode 51 and my tips on affiliate marketing as an income stream: This episode is sort of an introduction to what affiliate marketing is and how I personally approach it. There are [...]Show More Summary

AG Mobile Ghost: A South African Designed Android Phone

AG Mobile is a South African company that designs mobile phones. Recently they sent us their flagship android device to review. Meet the AG Mobile Ghost. An Android phone designed right here in SA. A quick look at the specs: 5.5? HDShow More Summary

GPUs not CPUs for video in the cloud | #reinvent

Is TV getting less popular in lieu of all the mobile op […]

AWS a force, but not the only choice | #reinvent

So what do you do when you need to test an application […]

Daily API RoundUp: LotaData, Teamwork Projects, Unsplash

Every day, the ProgrammableWeb team is busy, updating its three primary directories for APIs, clients (language-specific libraries or SDKs for consuming or providing APIs), and source code samples.

Tango Card Improves Rewards as a Service API

Tango Card has announced major improvements to its Rewards as a Service (RaaS) API. The digital gift card provider arose as a leader in the e-gift card API space, and the improvements will only solidify that position. The RaaS API v1.1 includes new features that improve catalog and order functions. Show More Summary

Twitter Nixes JSON Share Count API

Twitter this week warned publishers and partners that it is prepared to refresh the Tweet button. The button itself will be refreshed with a simpler, high-contrast design. While the new button itself my be a curiosity to design wonks, the changes being made to the underyling code are far more impactful. 

Microsoft Lumia 950

Why put that glaring, obnoxious “Microsoft” on the front face? Nobody wants to see that. Nobody. This one of the things Apple does that everyone should copy but few do. ?

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