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The world as you see it with VR180

Virtual reality helps creators bring their audiences to new, amazing, and even impossible-to-visit places. As a viewer, you get a whole new angle on shows, sports, and concerts you care about. You can walk around the Eiffel Tower, dive...Show More Summary

4 Creative Ways to Promote Your Site

Promotion of a site can be a time-consuming and expensive task. This is especially tough if you have reached the initial stage of users and are looking for organic growth. We have compiled a list of 4 creative ways to promote your site that will engage your users and bring in more. 1. T-shirt giveaways […] Original post: 4 Creative Ways to Promote Your Site

Verizon Is Killing the Yahoo News Digest App

Yahoo is killing off the Yahoo News Digest app. This was a fantastic little app that eschewed bells and whistles in favor of being simple and easy to use. And it’s going away. We blame Verizon, which recently completed its acquisition of Yahoo for $4.5 billion. Show More Summary

Should You Let Your Kids Use What You Need to Know is probably the most popular app you’ve never heard of. Millions of users create and share short videos on this full-blown social network each and every day. Being most popular among users aged between 13 and 18, however, many parents have reservations about the app. Show More Summary

Visual Studio Code Is the Perfect Text and Scripting Editor for Mac

Xcode is the go-to Mac development environment, but it can be a bit much for a beginner. If you’re curious and just want to play around, Microsoft Visual Studio Code might be the better choice. It’s no longer weird to see Microsoft in the Mac section since the company ramped up its Mac and iOS support a few years ago. Show More Summary

10 of the Best Deals You Can Get on Amazon Today [US]

Right now, you can save big on Bluetooth speakers, a 3D printer, board games, and lots more. Dremel DigiLab 3D Printer ($599.99) Dremel DigiLab 3D20 3D Printer, Idea Builder for Tinkerers and Hobbyists Dremel DigiLab 3D20 3D Printer,...Show More Summary

How to Use Historical Quality Score Data for Better Ads by @LisaRocksSEM

Here's how you can use AdWords' historical quality score data to optimize and improve your PPC performance. The post How to Use Historical Quality Score Data for Better Ads by @LisaRocksSEM appeared first on Search Engine Journal.

Don’t Ruin Your Summer Photos: 10 Tips for Taking Snaps in the Sun

The camera’s whole purpose is to capture light, but sometimes the natural sunlight in summer can ruin your photos. But with a few tricks, you can avoid ruining any shot in the sun. Of course, you are going to take better photographs if you use a DSLR or mirrorless camera instead of your phone. Show More Summary

A Complete Local SEO Checklist by @MaddyOsman

This complete local SEO checklist will help you optimize your website, reach more local customers, and bring in more revenue. The post A Complete Local SEO Checklist by @MaddyOsman appeared first on Search Engine Journal.

Facebook Features To Boost Your ROI

3 days agoInternet / SEO : SEO Scoop

These features are super cool and worth a try. 1. Split Testing Split testing is another name for A/B testing. Facebook will test your campaigns on the basis of parameters you select. It also allows testing 3 variations, like A/B/C testing. You can select one of the following options and Facebook will make variations [...]Show More Summary

Want to Create a Life-Altering Habit? Try a Micro-Challenge Today

Habits can be good or bad. Good habits can transform your life and boost your productivity. For instance, writers could get in the habit of completing at least one page a day, and, in no time, they’ve finished an entire novel. Marketers...Show More Summary

Has Xavier Malware Infected Apps on Your Android Device? 

Android is the world’s biggest consumer operating system, bigger even than Windows — so it should come as no surprise that it is the target of malware. This has been the case for several years, and as Android has grown, so the threats have grown. Show More Summary

The 25 Best Websites You Might Not Have Heard About Yet

We’ve already pointed you to the best websites for men, best websites for women, and best websites for a dose of laughter. And while those are all great and useful, there are still millions of other sites on the web, many of which you’ve probably never heard of before. Show More Summary

Primephonic Review: The Spotify for Classical Music

Classical music is the oldest surviving form of music in the world. Amazingly, experts believe you can trace a direct line from the postmodern classical music of today all the way back to its roots in 2695 BC and the ancient Egyptian orchestra. Show More Summary

11 Essential Keyboard Tips and Tricks for iPhone and iPad

Apple’s mobile devices are great productivity machines, brimming with apps for getting work done on the go. You might be using intelligent email apps and smart task management apps, but have you considered upgrading your iOS keyboard...Show More Summary

Flexound HUMU: The Smart Speaker Cushion That Lets You Feel the Beat

Bluetooth speakers are ubiquitous at this point. Whether that’s from a Google Home smart device, or an Amazon Echo hooked up to your own speaker systems, or just a $30 waterproof party speaker. So if you’re going to enter the market, you better be absolutely sure you have a compelling and unique selling point. Show More Summary

The Fastest Way to Open an Admin Command Prompt in Windows 10

If you haven’t ever visited the Command Prompt, you really should. While its barebones text interface might seem scary at first, its huge list of powerful commands let you accomplish much with just a few keystrokes. Many of them require you to open the Command Prompt as an administrator. Show More Summary

Cricket is the latest to give out wireless goodies - CNET

The wireless carrier says it's going to offer discounted gift cards and other items as part of a new rewards program.

Tesla inches closer to building EVs in China with new talks - Roadshow

It's not as simple as setting up a factory and going to town on the assembly line.

Evaluating Your Blog’s First Year: 12 Great Questions to Ask

Firstly … congratulations on making it through your first year. A lot of bloggers don’t get that far. During this evaluation, we’ll take a look at key metrics for your blog, but we’ll also be thinking about what you’ve learned and accomplished over the past year. Show More Summary

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