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Great Barrier Reef gets AU$60M in life support - CNET

The money will be split between stopping polluted water entering the reef, culling predatory starfish, coral research and monitoring bleaching events.

It’s About Priorities

Russell Brandom, writing for The Verge, speculating about the possibility that U.S. law enforcement agencies could force Amazon and Google to help them identify people through archived voice data the companies retain: The most ominous sign is how much data personal assistants are still retaining. Show More Summary

Facebook addresses its function in a democracy, seemingly acceding self-awareness

After mounting pressure on Facebook Inc. regarding its role in the world, on Monday it attempted to address the issue of what impact it might have on democracy. In a “Hard Questions” series on social media and democracy, Facebook will...Show More Summary

Megadeals propel venture capital investments to record high in 2017

The amount of money invested into startups hit a new annual high in 2017 as venture capital firms made big bets on emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and automotive systems. KPMG Enterprise, a subsidiary of KPMG Services Pte. Show More Summary

Report: Coinbase booked $1B in revenue last year

Bitcoin exchange Coinbase Inc. is believed to have booked $1 billion in revenue in 2017, arguably justifying the faith investors had in it to make it the first “bitcoin unicorn” back in August. Recode, quoting “industry sources,”  makes...Show More Summary

You spend nearly a whole day each week on the internet - CNET

Report highlights dramatic shifts in online behavior since the internet went mainstream in 2000.

Netflix isn't raising prices anytime soon. (Wait, really?) - CNET

Netflix hiked prices last year, but it has no plans for another increase soon -- at least not until circumstances start to look... like they do now. Huh?

Intel asks users to hold off patching Meltdown and Spectre security bugs

Intel Corp. has told its hardware and software partners to stop distributing a security patch intended to fix the Meltdown and Spectre bugs that affect the majority of computers using its processor chips. The chipmaker began rolling out the fix in December, even before news of the bugs was leaked. Show More Summary

UiPath ushers George, Rosie and Sunny into the digital workforce

George Washington may be known as the first president of the United States, but today he’s a recent new hire at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. That’s because George is actually a software robot, designed and implemented by UiPath Inc. Show More Summary

2018: The ????Bitcoin???? Present. Future-Past

The Bitcoin Revolution Explained Understand bitcoin thanks to this informative monologue by Lee Camp as seen on Redacted Tonight (sources) January 2018 – $10848/BTC Did the price drop that much compared to the update of the first bitcoin...Show More Summary

Terracotta Mongolian Warriors at the Mount Khan Holingol, Inner Mongolia

For 2 years, I’ve always thought this was fake. Because there had been no footage or different photos of it ever on the web. Until today! These screencaps are from an epic video of Candide Thovex for Audi Quattro Watch the epic, scoreless (no music) video over here

?GoPro Shutters its Developer Program

Action camera maker GoPro has shuttered its developer program. A statement posted on the developer program website reads, "We are grateful to the GoPro Developer Community for your interest in the program." The program, which was launched...Show More Summary

Trump issues new tariffs on imported washers and solar panels - CNET

Along with Chinese-made solar panels, the announcement singles out Samsung and LG as "substantial causes of serious injury" against US manufacturers.

Microsoft Unveils New Low-Cost Chromebook Killers

Microsoft has unveiled a new range of laptops aimed at schools and students. With prices starting at just $189, these new Windows 10 devices are designed to crush the Chromebook rebellion currently threatening to topple the Microsoft empire. Show More Summary

What Millennial Moguls Are Doing Differently

Millennials are quickly making names for themselves. But how are they different than their predecessors? Here's what millennials are bringing to the table.

Crossing Broad Attire for Super Bowl 52

Crossing Broad — a terrific Philly sports site — already has an assortment of clever t-shirts for the Eagles’ upcoming Super Bowl matchup against the goddamned Patriots. Their two plays on “LII” are enough to make me overlook my disdain for Roman numerals. Show More Summary

? On Rumors of the iPhone X Being Produced for Only One Year

It’s interesting news that the iPhone X might only be around for one year, to be sure (again, if true), but it’s not surprising in the least, and it’s of interest only for us obsessives who follow such things closely.

Here's How the Google Speed Update Could Impact Your Site (& AdWords Account)

by Robert Clough THE SMALL BUSINESS GUIDE TO SEARCH MARKETING Mobile & PPC Marketing Tips WORDSTREAM Here's How the Google Speed Update Could Impact Your Site (& AdWords Account) Late last week, Google announced a major change to its mobile ranking factors. Show More Summary

Google Adds ‘Similar Sounding Words’ to Dictionary Search Cards by @MattGSouthern

Google has quietly rolled out a new addition to dictionary cards in search results. The post Google Adds ‘Similar Sounding Words’ to Dictionary Search Cards by @MattGSouthern appeared first on Search Engine Journal.

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