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6 Weirdest Home Automation Gadgets You Won’t Believe

You will find lots of really useful smart home gadgets on the market; for example, you can use web-connected cameras to monitor your home’s security, intelligent thermostats to control the temperature of various rooms, and smart garage door openers that you can control from your office. Show More Summary

Can the Light on Modern Mac FaceTime Cameras Be Bypassed by Malware

The previous bit about using tape to cover your laptop camera got me wondering about the indicator light that shows when Mac FaceTime cameras are in use. Back in 2013, security researchers at Johns Hopkins University showed how thisShow More Summary

LeBron James Played Steve Jobs’s Commencement Address to Inspire the Cavs During NBA Finals

Ramona Shelburne, writing for ESPN: LeBron had spent the weekend watching old Muhammad Ali fights, in awe at the champ’s perseverance. His longtime friend and adviser, Nike executive Lynn Merritt, had suggested he study the way Ali carried himself in those epic 12- and 15-round fights. Show More Summary

Script Debugger 6

Great update to one of my all-time favorite apps. Major new features include code-folding, auto-completion, robust support for AppleScriptObjC (including inspection of Objective-C object values), and a whole lot more. If you write AppleScript, you owe it to yourself to try Script Debugger. ?

How to Use Less Data (and Save Money on Your Android Phone Bill)

Data is not cheap. Especially in the US, paying for 10GB per month instead of 2GB per month could increase your monthly phone bill drastically. If you want to cut down on that recurring cost, the easiest way is to simply use less data. Show More Summary

MPAA Boss: Europe’s Geo Unblocking Plans Threaten Movie Industry

MPAA Chairman and CEO Chris Dodd fears that Europe's plans to limit geo-blocking will "cause great harm" to the movie industry. In a keynote address at the CineEurope convention, Dodd warned that broad access to movies and TV-shows will...Show More Summary

Twitter Fabric Adds Deep Linking Capabilities with Branch Integration

Fabric, Twitter's mobile development platform, has added deep linking capabilties thanks to a newly launched integration with Branch, a deep linking and attribution tool.

Red Hat to Acquire 3scale

Red Hat recently announced that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire 3scale, a provider of application programming interface (API) management technology.

Long-Term Goals, Short-Term Annoyances

Neven Mrgan sums it up in a tweet: Removing the iPhone headphone jack is a fine long-term goal. Complaining about the short-term annoyances is also fine. These are compatible. Removing the analog headphone jack is inevitable, and the transition is inevitably irritating. Show More Summary

Millions of voter records leaked on Google

Did you know that there are database records stored on […]

Use Wikipedia on Your Mac More Efficiently with These Tools

Regardless of whether or not it’s the most credible source, Wikipedia has become just about everyone’s first stop in their quest for knowledge. Going straight to the Wikipedia in your browser to look up The Who’s Lifehouse rock opera is fine, but there are better ways to access the site if you’re on a Mac. Show More Summary

What’s Comcast win with Icontrol acquisition?

Updated: Comcast is acquiring Icontrol to boost its Xfi […]

India Funding : Uolo Gets Seed Funding; Drishti Bags Funding from Nandan Nilekani; Schedulers Logistics Closes Series B Round & More

Student education tracking app Uolo has raised $210,000 (around Rs 1.4 crore) in seed funding; Infosys co-founder Nandan Nilekani has invested an undisclosed

What’s a Quick Charger? Here’s Why You Need One Now

The biggest problem with smartphones is battery life. You’ve probably run out of juice at some point, at which point you probably relied on a battery pack as a failsafe. There are two philosophies to counter this: either we use larger batteries in phones OR we charge batteries faster. Show More Summary

How to Log Into Windows 10 With Finger Scans & Facial Recognition

You use a password to log into your Windows 10 PC. But do you really have to, and are the alternatives — a PIN, a fingerprint, or your face — as secure as having a password? Windows 10’s release and subsequent updates herald the addition of some new sign-in options. Show More Summary

BetterWorks Announces API to Connect Workplace Data Points

BetterWorks; creator of enterprise software that manages strategic plans, collaborative goals and ongoing business performance; announced an API dedicated to company goals. The BetterWorks API connects data points from across a company and displays the data in a manner that the company can view the data in context of its larger business goals.

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