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KickassTorrents Goes Secure, Encrypts Traffic For All Visitors

KickassTorrents is the first large torrent site to bump up its security and force SSL encryption for all visitors. This makes it impossible for outsiders, Internet providers included, to monitor page visits or snoop on data being sent. Source: TorrentFreak, for the latest info on copyright, file-sharing and anonymous VPN services.

Watch this music

Today’s Cool Site of the Day is Harmogram. I can’t explain it–just check it out. See it and vote for it here (on the day of this post) and give it a ‘thumbs up’ above. To find all previous cool sites since 1994, visit our archive.   The post Watch this music appeared first on Cool Site of the Day.

Cool Websites & Tools – WordPress Theme Search, Curate Images, & Wake Someone Up

Dynamic Pin – Lock your screen and mobile applications with a state-of-the-art authentication algorithm. Dynamic Pin helps you to secure your PIN from shoulder surfing and keyloggers. Dynamic Pin changes the pin based on the expression you set in the application. Show More Summary

10 Urban Myths Of Gaming

Does the third dungeon map in The Legend Of Zelda seem familiar to you? It kind of looks like a swastika. But is it? Have you even heard of any of these 10 urban gaming myths? Did you believe them? via Liberty Games Read the full article: 10 Urban Myths Of Gaming

Random Reading: 20 Innermost Thoughts As Seen On WriteTube [Weird & Wonderful Web]

Few of us share all of our innermost thoughts with those nearest and dearest to us. If we did they’d likely think us mad, as everybody is prone to thinking weird and wonderful things every now and then. These random ramblings swill around in our heads looking for the nearest exit. Show More Summary

You’ve been peeling apples wrong your whole life

An apple a day keeps something something power tools are fun.

Did Marks & Spencer steal this independent designer's work?

Pietrasik said this is not the first time her work has been copied.

“Six Strikes” Anti-Piracy Warnings Double This Year

The six-strikes Copyright Alert System has been active for one and a half years now and warnings are being sent out at an increasing rate. The program will double in size this year, according to its executive director, in the hope that it will eventually change people's norms toward piracy. Show More Summary

Commercials at live sports events

Used to be we'd have to wait, at live sports events, while they played commercials for the TV audience, but now they play commercials for us at the stadium too. Even when there was a great play in the previous inning, they have the same commercially-sponsored insipid "stupid fan tricks." The Mets had just pulled a double steal. Show More Summary

Disturbing video documents arrest, Tasing of black father waiting for kids

Just another another day in American law enforcement’s war on black people.

3 Reasons Why Chromebook Does Not Solve Digital Security Issues

Google’s ChromeOS, at first glance, is something of a touchdown for operating system security.  It’s probably the most secure operating system in the world (at the cost of some limited functionality).  Unfortunately, ChromeOS isn’t a panacea, and serious security concerns about the platform remain. Show More Summary

“Facebook Is a Weatherless World”

The post “Facebook Is a Weatherless World” appeared first on John Battelle's Search Blog. (image) This quote, from a piece in Motherboard,  hit me straight between the eyeballs: Facebook…will not let you unFacebook Facebook. It is impossible to discover something in its feeds that isn’t algorithmically tailored to your eyeball. Show More Summary

Researchers Create A Pig Heart that Can Survive in Primates

Last week, researchers announced that they’d implanted the heart of a transgenic pig into a baboon, and kept it alive for a year.  Here’s why you should care: One day, a few decades from now, you are going to need a new organ.  Maybe a heart, maybe new lungs, maybe a new kidney — they all eventually wear out. Show More Summary

How do I set the default Web browser in Windows 8?

I have a new HP Elitepad running Windows 8.1 and it's great, but I can't figure out how to switch my default Web browser back to Internet Explorer 11 from Chrome? The post How do I set the default Web browser in Windows 8? appeared first on Ask Dave Taylor.

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