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9 Impressive Home Automation Gadgets Family & Friends Will Love

How awesome would it be if you could control a coffeemaker with your smartphone? Or what if your showerhead could play music streamed from your tablet or laptop? Would you be impressed by an outlet that turned on whenever you entered...Show More Summary

MPAA Wins $10.5 Million Piracy Damages From MovieTube

A group of major Hollywood studios have won a default judgment against the operators of MovieTube and several associated websites. The movie studios have been awarded a total of $10.5 million in statutory damages and control over a few dozen MovieTube domains, which were taken offline earlier this year. Show More Summary

Need to Blow Steam? Try Venting at These Online Listeners

Everyone has things they need to get off their chest. Whether you just had a bad day at work and want to blow off steam or are going through an extended valley, having someone to talk to can relieve some of the stress and pressure. 7 Cups of Tea (shortened to 7 Cups) is a free website that allows you to connect with thousands of volunteer listeners. Show More Summary

How To Use Price to Compete In The Collaborative Economy

If you want to compete with startups like Instacart, Uber and Etsy, there’s one aspect of your product or service that you might want to re-evaluate: your price. As we revealed in The New Rules of the Collaborative Economy, a report I co-authored with technology strategist Alexandra Samuel, cost savings is a key driver in [...]

How One Simple Tweet or Post Can Destroy Your Life

Social media users — everyday people like you and me — have a tremendous amount of power today. And when that power is combined with the pervasive growth of outrage culture, social media becomes a destructive force that can ruin innocent lives. Show More Summary

Hewlett Packard Splits is Complete and The Two Companies Will Be Going in Different Directions.

It seems like this is a very interesting split. Its very easy to see how these two companies will be going in different directions for the next few years at least. One companies has innovation and investing wisely and the other is struggling to leave its legacy products behind.

How to Change the Name of Your Windows 10 Computer

Are you sick of your computer being called “windows-user-pc1? or some other random string of numbers and letters? Would you like to change it to something that flows off the tongue a little better, like “Living Room PC” or “1337 G4ming...Show More Summary

35+ Best Affiliate Marketing WordPress Themes

This is an ultimate collection of Best Affiliate Marketing WordPress Themes, By using these selective Affiliate WordPress Theme each bloggers who are trying to earn money using affiliate links on their websites or blogs will build niche and stunning Affiliate Marketing website. Show More Summary

30+ Best Creative WordPress Templates & Themes

Today we are showcasing some Creative WordPress Templates & Themes. These WordPress Theme are best for Creative agencies, business, portfolio & any related to creative world. In the event that you need to show your works phenomenally through your site then these Creative WordPress Theme will assist you with doing that. Show More Summary

52+ Best Blue Wallpapers In High Definition Quality

This is an awesome Blue Wallpapers In High Definition Quality.these wallpapers are helpful to decorate your desktop or laptop screen or use in your upcoming web or graphic projects. Need to spruce up your gadget with a stunning wallpaper?...Show More Summary

How to Add Even More Tiles to the Windows 10 Start Menu

Want to display more tiles in the Start menu? The Windows 10 November update, which upgrades you to version 1511, makes that possible. Here’s the simple tweak that activates the feature. Go to Settings > Personalization > Start and look...Show More Summary

Australian Roads Minister's stern reminder: Hoverboards are banned - CNET

Marty McFly made them cool and Justin Bieber has even ridden one, but a politician in Australia has played the "Christmas Grinch" warning against buying hoverboards, which are banned on local roads.

Story Of YatraGenie, An Online Bus Tickeing Cab Booking Firm With 200K Cab Rides Within 10 Months Of Its Inception

What would be the three wishes that a travel enthusiast would ask if he/she was given this chance by a genie? I

Noida-Based WeTravelSolo Lets You Do ‘Real Life’ Social Networking Through Travel

WeTravelSolo – On reading the company’s name, many might infer that I’m talking about just another travel company in the town offering

Meet 8 Startups Selected for TLabs’ ‘Fall 2015’ Accelerator Programme

Noida-based TLabs, a startup accelerator and an early stage seedfund led by Times Internet, recently released a statement announcing its eight batch

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