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Apple tries to prove your AirPods won't fall out - CNET

Commentary: In new ads, Apple presents its new earpieces with suitable simplicity and an encouragement to dance on parked vehicles.

Rapunzel's hair grows back, with attitude, in 'Tangled' sequel - CNET

Hair today, gone tomorrow: The Disney Channel movie gives the princess back her long locks, and she's not happy about it.

Porn Pirate Sites Use ‘Backdoor’ to Host Videos on YouTube

Adult themed streaming sites are using a loophole in Google's services to store infringing material at no cost. Google's servers are increasingly being used as a hosting platform, by exploiting YouTube's private publishing backdoor. Source: TF, for the latest info on copyright, file-sharing, torrent sites and ANONYMOUS VPN services.

Proposed Cut of Planned Parenthood Funding by New Administration

As I listened to the discussion over the new Administration’s (can’t even say his name) proposed $250 million cut of Planned Parenthood on NPR this week, I thought "is this a throw-back Thursday joke of some kind? This de-funding proposal,...Show More Summary

12 Travel Instagrammers Who Inspired Me in 2016!

Truth be told, I tend to hate lists but readers seem to love them. The reason I hate them is because it requires me (or one) to choose. As a parent, if someone asked you if you had a favorite child, it's like asking whether you have more love for one or the other, not necessarily who you align with the most. Show More Summary

Lifestyle, Technology, Home & Health: My Top Picks from CES 2017

Let's face it --- the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) which is held every year in Las Vegas, can be a dizzying experience. I've been going for about 25 years, almost always repping a product and sometimes more than one, from kids...Show More Summary

We Blog the World's Holiday Gift Guide

It's that time of year again and with December comes holiday soirees, cocktail gatherings, family celebrations and whether you have kids or not, it's the season of giving. It's the time we give of ourselves just a little more and buy gifts for loved ones which come in all shapes, prices, categories and colors. Show More Summary

SpaceX returns to space and nails re-entry landing - CNET

Elon Musk's rocket company successfully launches 10 satellites aboard a Falcon 9 and brings the rocket back for a smooth landing.

Why 8 out of 10 Bloggers Never Make More than $100 Online

Fear. Fear is the reason. A belief in scarcity. Doubt. I read 10 questions I have been asked on Quora. 5 minutes ago. They went like: how can I get my Adsense to work? (aka, how can I make pennies per ad click?) how can I earn $100 through...Show More Summary

Why IBM's Watson Speech API Might be Right for Your App

In recent history we have seen tech giants put out speech recognition APIs, allowing developers to integrate speech-to-text technology into their applications. Developer Daniel Janus puts three of the popular contenders through their paces over at Rebased. 

The party is for everyone

An 11-minute podcast, the first of the year, about two topics that are very related: The president-elect didn't run a campaign to unify the country betw the election and inauguration. He kept the tension up. Not good for him, and imho also a problem for the country. Show More Summary

TWTR bought by a Repub?

This is one of those posts I don't want to write, but now I have to write it. I don't want to write it because I don't want to give anyone any ideas. But there's no avoiding it now. First, it looks like Zuck is going to run for president. Show More Summary

Zuck and Bezos in DC

This post started in pngWriter. More speculation. Both Zuck and Bezos woke up and realized Holy shit you can buy the US for a lot less than we have. Another way of looking at it, the US govt is a bargain. So Bezos bought a huge party house in the same neighborhood as the Obamas and Ivanka Trump. Show More Summary

pngWriter update

I'm using pngWriter again, now that I figured out how to make the text look crisp. See the previous post about pixel ratios. It's almost perfect, and it's made Twitter way more exciting. So if Jack you're listening, do it, it'll make Twitter exciting the way Napster made music exciting. Show More Summary

FCC Chairman warns Republicans against net neutrality repeal - CNET

In his last speech as chairman of the FCC, Tom Wheeler defends his controversial open internet rules that prohibit broadband providers from favoring their own services at the expense of their competitors.

How to Use Pinterest to Supercharge Your Social Media Presence by @

Pinterest may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of avenues for social media marketing, but it’s actually perfect for brand-building and sales. Here’s how you can take full advantage of this platform: The post How to Use Pinterest to Supercharge Your Social Media Presence by @ appeared first on Search Engine Journal.

How I trained like a Navy SEAL for 4 minutes - CNET

We navigated a pitch-black obstacle course equipped with military-grade night vision technology and Nerf guns.

Pirate Apps Corrupt Kids & Bust Your TV, Industry Warns

Modified Kodi devices might be a great way to enjoy streaming content but they can corrupt your children and damage your TV. That's the message from The Industry Trust for IP Awareness and, who are warning parents that...Show More Summary

38+ Fantastic Hosting WordPress Themes 2017

If you are planning to begin an online blog then you certainly go for WordPress.It is on the grounds that WordPress is the most mainstream and usable blogging platform on the web.The reason behind of it’s popularity and usability is that, it’s very user-friendly and also it gives you flexibility with it’s thousands of free and premium plugins. Show More Summary

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