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Faux Grid Tracks

A little while back, there was a question posted to css-discuss: Is it possible to style the rows and columns of a [CSS] grid—the grid itself? I have an upcoming layout that uses what looks like a tic-tac-toe board—complete with theShow More Summary

Surviving the digital disruption by promoting more internal ideas

With data expanding rapidly outside the traditional four wall data centers that have long sufficed for processing, traditional paradigms simply can’t hold up in the digital transformation. Enterprises now face the challenge of balancing new demands with existing infrastructure, shifting org structure and business strategy alike. Show More Summary

How to Edit Your Blog Posts Like a Pro

It’s every blogger’s worst nightmare. Your latest post gets shared by a big-name blogger, and you start getting lots of traffic. Hurrah! But then someone sends you an email (or worse, leaves a comment) pointing out a glaring mistake in the first paragraph. Show More Summary

Salesforce tops earnings forecasts, but investors wanted a more bullish outlook

Buoyed by sales of its growing array of cloud-based customer management software, Inc. topped forecasts for its third fiscal quarter but fell just shy of analysts’ earnings forecast for the current quarter. The outlook...Show More Summary

Why cyborg creators must self-govern security, privacy efforts

Most people probably aren’t aware of this, but the 2016 U.S. Presidential election included a candidate who had a radio-frequency identification chip implanted in his hand. No, it wasn’t Donald J. Trump. It was Zoltan Istvan, a nominee...Show More Summary

‘Internet of things’ blockchain network startup Moeco raises $5M from Bitfury

Berlin-based startup Moeco, a startup with plans to build a blockchain-based “internet of things” support network, today announced it has received $5 million in funding led by full-service blockchain provider Bitfury Group Ltd. Moeco...Show More Summary

Skype removed from Chinese app stores at government’s request

The government of China has forced the removal of yet another foreign-made communication app, the New York Times reported today. Microsoft Corp.’s video chat service Skype has been removed from the Apple App Store and several other app...Show More Summary

Read 'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2' script online for free - CNET

Groot's "death button" scene is just as funny when you read it as when you watch it on screen.

Did Samsung just out its folding Galaxy phone? - CNET

Whatever the "SM-G888N0" is, it popped up on Samsung's Korean website.

FCC chief moves to eliminate net neutrality regulations - CNET

Ajit Pai says he's fixing an Obama-era mistake that allowed the US government to micromanage the internet. Democrats warn the move will harm consumers.

Sonos users can now control Spotify with Alexa voice - CNET

Now you can make Spotify the default music service when asking Alexa for music on Sonos speakers. We go hands-on.

Tiny aliens may ride clouds of 'space dust' between planets - CNET

New research suggests particles colliding with our atmosphere may bring life to Earth and send microscopic earthlings elsewhere.

Black Friday Sale: Huge Savings on StudioPress Premium WordPress Themes (Starts Today!)

We’ve been excited to unleash this year’s Black Friday sale ever since we first told you about it two weeks ago. And why wait until Friday to get started? Just in case you are planning to brave the crowds and chaos this Friday … Or in...Show More Summary

6 AdWords & Bing Ads Secrets Every PPC Marketer Should Know by @LisaRocksSEM

Here are six expert PPC tips in AdWords and Bing Ads to improve performance and streamline management. The post 6 AdWords & Bing Ads Secrets Every PPC Marketer Should Know by @LisaRocksSEM appeared first on Search Engine Journal.

1 Common Blogging Mistake in the Profits Department

I read a post from a top earning blogger the other day. Said top earner has raked in some serious coin over the years. He routinely makes a healthy amount of cash on a daily basis. After sharing his income, many followers note how it took him 10 years to reach that point of earning a hefty paycheck on a daily basis. Show More Summary

How to Combine SEO & Content for Bigger Wins by @lorenbaker

Here's how aligning your SEO and content teams can help your brand achieve maximum marketing impact. The post How to Combine SEO & Content for Bigger Wins by @lorenbaker appeared first on Search Engine Journal.

Here’s How to Get the SEO Reports You REALLY Want & Deserve by @rankranger

Wondering how can you get custom, 100% white label SEO reports? Here's a software that can provide it to you. The post Here’s How to Get the SEO Reports You REALLY Want & Deserve by @rankranger appeared first on Search Engine Journa...

Red Hat integrates its OpenShift container platform with AWS services

Red Hat Inc. is adding native integration with many of Amazon Web Services Inc.’s cloud services to its OpenShift Container Platform. The OpenShift Container Platform is Red Hat’s on-premises private platform-as-a-service product, built...Show More Summary

How to Record Gameplay Videos on Nintendo Switch

Capturing your gameplay through screenshots and videos is an important feature of modern video game consoles. Just like you record your desktop for PC games, both the Xbox One and PS4 allow you to capture what’s on screen and share it with friends. Show More Summary

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