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Billionaire who sold Minecraft to Microsoft is sad and lonely

Technically Incorrect: In a series of tweets, Markus Persson says he's never felt more isolated.

How Indiana’s Legislative Site Foiled Attempts to Scrape It

With Indiana enacting the Religious Freedom Restoration Act earlier this year, the Open States team wanted to access the data to provide the text to the public.

Samsung’s Smart Fridge Just Got Pwned. How About The Rest Of Your Smart Home?

$3599 is a lot of money. It could get you a decent second-hand car, or a relatively tricked out iMac. You could buy 3599 McChicken burgers, or 2589 McDoubles. Or it could get you the Samsung RF28HMELBSR. This (snappily-named) fridge has everything. Show More Summary

MPAA Demands Extraordinary Measures to Prevent Piracy

Companies wishing to process, handle or distribute video content for the MPAA have to go to extraordinary lengths to become accredited by the Hollywood group. From background checks on all personnel and the banning of certain types of clothing, to food restrictions and personal searches, the MPAA hopes to keep content leakage to a minimum. Show More Summary

Why you must watch BoJack Horseman

Note: There are a few nano-spoilers here, but you can safely read this and still have 100 percent of the fun watching the show, because nothing can begin to explain how spacy and intelligent it actually is. This is more of a sales pitch...Show More Summary

Where to Download the Best Linux Games Without Any Hassle

Not even a decade ago, native gaming on Linux was barely a conceivable reality save for a few open source cross-platform games. Today, it’s clear that the “no games on Linux” myth is dead. Sure, hardcore gamers will probably still choose...Show More Summary

1 Billion People Used Facebook On A Single Day!

The world has 7 billion people and of those 1 billion people used Facebook on a single day on 27 August 2015. It is an estimate of the popularity of... Read full original article at 1 Billion People Used Facebook On A Single Day! ©2015 QuickOnlineTips. Show More Summary

Markus Persson and life after success

I read today's articles about Markus Persson with interest. I know the story, I experienced it myself a long time ago. Achieving all the success you wanted is not as simple as you might think. I've written about that before here on my...Show More Summary

50 Customer Service Quotes to Live By by @albertcostill

How does your brand handle customer service? Do you have any favorite quotes regarding customer service that you want to share? The post 50 Customer Service Quotes to Live By by @albertcostill appeared first on Search Engine Journal...

ProBlogger Podcast 39: What is Your Why?

The previous episode of the ProBlogger podcast asked you a very simple question that I think is the basis of all that we do: “how are you?”. How are you physically, emotionally, with your health? Are you blogging from a solid foundation of wellness? Are you taking care of your personal needs? I shared a [...]Show More Summary

How APIs Power News Organisations

APIs are used in many, many ways in a wide range of industries. However, it seems that some organisations are implementing them in more beneficial ways than others, according to David Weinberger’s recent article for Nieman Reports.

Offcloud Downloads Torrents to Google Drive and Dropbox

For people who are constantly on the go, it can be quite convenient to download torrents remotely. With Offcloud this is an option. The service enables users to download torrents directly to their Dropbox or Google Drive account, automatically syncing the files across all devices. Show More Summary

Liverpool Lose to West Ham for First Time at Anfield since 1963

2 days agoTechnology / Internet : Crenk

West Ham won their first league match at Anfield since 1963 and inflicted a first loss of the season on Liverpool in a game featuring two red cards. Liverpool 0 – 3 West Ham As a Liverpool fan it was a very bad day. It seems like the team just didnt turn up!

The Pirate Bay Is Down…

The Pirate Bay is down at the moment, causing a mild panic among many BitTorrent users. While some fear the worst, the site probably won't be offline for very long. Source: TorrentFreak, for the latest info on copyright, file-sharing, torrent sites and ANONYMOUS VPN services.

The Talk Show: ‘90 Minutes or Bust’

Special guest Ben Thompson returns to the show. Topics include: our top complaints about Apple Watch, Apple making a car, Amazon’s profile of the work culture inside Amazon, and more. Brought to you by these great sponsors: Harry’s: High-quality shaving products. Show More Summary

Universal: Smart Pirate Site Owners Get Round Restrictions

The managing director of Universal Music in Sweden has hinted at the futility of trying to block and shut down pirate sites. Per Sundin, a key figure in the prosecution of The Pirate Bay, says that site operators will always find a way to adapt, so making legitimate services such as Spotify better is the key to beating piracy. Show More Summary

Windows NT

Flashback to 1995 It's roughly the 20th anniversary of Windows 95. I was there, in Redmond when it rolled out. With Jay Leno and Bill Gates. I got a private demo of Blackbird, which was supposed to be Visual Basic for the Internet. Quite a day. Show More Summary

CBB111: An Overview Of The Blog Profit Funnel

The concept of the "funnel" has been used in sales for years. And it is quite possible that you've heard the idea of the sales funnel before. In this episode of CBB, I outline what I call the blog profit funnel. The post CBB111: An Overview Of The Blog Profit Funnel appeared first on Blog Marketing Academy.

Check out SEJ’s New #MarketingNerds and #SEJThinkTank Landing Pages by @AkiLiboon

To make your Marketing Nerds and SEJ Marketing ThinkTank experience better, we've launched new landing pages for our content initiatives. The post Check out SEJ’s New #MarketingNerds and #SEJThinkTank Landing Pages by @AkiLiboon appeared first on Search Engine Journal.

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