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Facebook 'Reactions' test lets you express many more feelings than just 'like'

The social network leader will venture beyond the thumbs-up with a test starting Friday for residents of Ireland and Spain.

Hacking food with virtual reality changes how you eat and taste

A new series from Vice kicks off by visiting a Japanese scientist who hacks our perceptions to mess with our rates of food consumption and perception of flavors.

Sony gives PlayStation VR a hand by acquiring gesture-tracking tech

Sony has purchased Softkinetic, a company known for making depth sensors for virtual and augmented reality technology.

It’s Time We #FEDtalk

Like many of you, I’m not 100 percent sure what it is that I do for a living. ? Okay, hear me out. I spend around eight hours a day acting as an engine that converts caffeine to websites. I can cobble together a pretty mean media query, I don’t mind saying. Show More Summary

How do I delete a Google Group?

I've been using Google Groups to run mailing lists for my church and now they want to shut everything down and start over with their own Web-based service. How can I delete the groups I've created on Google Groups? The post How do I delete a Google Group? appeared first on Ask Dave Taylor.

4 TV Shows That Get Artificial Intelligence Right

With every year that passes, artificial intelligence shifts away from science fiction and more towards pure science. Some scientists think we should be scared of AI while others think that AI will make our lives better. The only guarantee is that artificial intelligence will happen, and most likely sooner rather than later. Show More Summary

#Pubcon Day 2: Optimization Strategies for Humans and Algorithms by @mattsouthern

The second day of Pubcon Las Vegas was a wake up call to fact that marketers should be doing more to please people with their digital strategies. The post #Pubcon Day 2: Optimization Strategies for Humans and Algorithms by @mattsouthern appeared first on Search Engine Journal.

How long tail keywords can drive traffic in organic search

Instead of screaming their messages at customers, marketers can benefit from the more subtle, understated organic search, which is driven by long tail keywords.

What Are 2-In-1 Laptops and How to Pick the Best One?

Ever since Windows 8 pushed hard to be a good tablet operating system, the humble laptop has really evolved over the last few years. A new kind of notebook — the beloved 2-in-1 — even combines the features of both laptops and tablets,...Show More Summary

Social Signals Suck: Why Google Still Prefers The Gameable Link

yesterdayInternet / SEO : SEO Scoop

Aren't you tired of constantly hearing about how Google is going to replace traditional links with social links soon? Every few months, an "expert" publishes a case study explaining that social links are ranking factors, and then surmises...Show More Summary

Huge Discount on 2-Years of Private Internet Access + Bonus Deal

Today we have a deal for you that I couldn’t be more excited about. We have access to one of the best VPN services on the Internet at a 24% discount. We’re talking about 2-years of access to Private Internet Access for $59.95. Normally, you’d need to pay $40 for one year, which equates to $80 for two, so this is a fantastic deal. Show More Summary

LittleBits' new kit wants to spark the inventor in anyone

The Gizmos & Gadgets Kit, targeted at kids and families, looks to guide novices on their way to becoming master builders.

Email Newsletters vs. Content Notifications: A Head-to-Head Comparison

Remember when email newsletters were the latest, greatest thing in online marketing? Remember when you could add a form to your sidebar that simply said, “Sign up to receive my newsletter” and people would join your list in droves? Unfortunately, those days are over. Show More Summary

Marvel's 'Jessica Jones' shows off her superpowers in new Netflix trailer

Superhero-turned-detective Jessica Jones skips the stairs and uses her powers to commute to work much faster.

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