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API2Cart API Method Mines Magento Abandoned Cart Data

This article is a company-provided press release and ProgrammableWeb cannot vouch for the accuracy of the statements within. If you have questions regarding the information below, please contact the company that issued the press release.

8 Elements of First-time User Experience In Mobile Game Research

Picture this: someone downloads a game on their phone, plays it once, and immediately deletes it, or forgets they ever downloaded it. It happens thousands of times every day. So, how do you prevent your mobile game from falling victim … Read More

BlueLight Chooses Bandwidth API Platform for Added Campus Safety

This article is a company-provided press release and ProgrammableWeb cannot vouch for the accuracy of the statements within. If you have questions regarding the information below, please contact the company that issued the press release.

Steam Workshop now lets content creators sell mods, but will anyone buy?

Valve Corporation has continued to provide Steam Workshop content creators with new avenues of making money, such as when it announced inventory support for games in February. By the end of last year, content creators had earned over $57 million from … Continue reading ?

Apple Watch User Guide

Boy, I really could have used this a month ago. Apple Watch is remarkably deep for a 1.0 product. One example that I couldn’t figure out on my own — how to discern “turn left” from “turn right” based on the haptic feedback when getting...Show More Summary

RIDB API Digitizes US Parklands and Recreation Activities

The U.S. Recreation Information Database (RIDB) API has been substantially upgraded, providing programmatic access to an authoritative information source on the U.S. government’s parklands, historic sites and recreational attraction...

Randy Ubillos Retires From Apple

Announced on Twitter: After an amazing 20 years working on Apple products, today is my last day. I look forward to retirement and the adventures ahead. :-) Old-school emoticon instead of an emoji. Among Ubillos’s numerous accomplishments at Apple, he led the teams behind iMovie and Final Cut. ?

5 Easily Avoidable Mistakes That Cause Most Podcasts to Fail

Most podcasts fail. It’s unfortunate, but true. That might psyche out some potential showrunners before they even start. But savvy showrunners will recognize an opportunity to learn from the mistakes of others. Obviously, there are many possible mistakes that can lead to podcasts failing. Show More Summary

IAB: Search Led Ad Spend in 2014

Search led ad format spend, while mobile continued its steady growth.

How Our Obsession With Greatness Kills the Ability to Do Good Work

The pressure to be great — well, so great that it cripples us — injects us with expectations that are typically unrealistic. We spin our wheels trying to write that epic post. But we have a tendency to measure ourselves up so inadequately to those we admire — so much so that, in the end, Read More... Show More Summary

Steam Scams To Watch Out For and How to Stay Safe

Steam is awesome, don’t you think? Praise GabeN. The glorious PC Master Race marches on and the only thing that is crying is my empty, abused wallet. I even traded the moths I’d been keeping for sustenance for a copy of Tropico 4. Because I needed it. Show More Summary

Winning developer hearts and minds through flexibility| #know15

With a background as a software engineer, Jonathan Sparks, Director of Product Management at ServiceNow, understands what it’s like to be a developer. Fortunately, he says that their platform makes things easy, especially when designing applications for enterprise. “As a … Continue reading ?

Better tools and apps empower ServiceNow’s innovation strategy | #know15

In a cloud services market that is exploding with innovation, challenge, and opportunities, Pat Casey, VP and GM of CreateNow and Platform Development at ServiceNow, is optimistic about the company’s direction. When ServiceNow started, he says, their platform could do … Continue reading ?

Hollywood Hacks: The Best and Worst Hacking in Movies

Hollywood and hacking do not get along. Real-life hacking is hard, tedious, slow work. It’s 10 seconds of payoff after weeks of testing and experimenting. Meanwhile, movie hacking is pretty much just burbling gibberish while pounding away on a keyboard like your fingers are going out of style. Show More Summary

Office 365 Management Activity API Aids Transactions Visibility

One of a company's key requirements from any cloud service is to understand how its data is being used within the cloud service provider. Given the wide range of applications and devices that access their data in the cloud, organizations demand visibility into each data transaction, not just via user operations but even at the administrative level.

Deadly Conversion Busters: How a Lack of Goodwill Could Be Hurting Your Authority

Goodwill can be the difference between a happy, growing community and a declining audience where you get more unsubscribes than opt-ins. Join The Mainframe hosts Tony Clark and Chris Garrett as they discuss how goodwill works in your digital business, what you can do to generate more goodwill, and how to nurture it with your Read More... Show More Summary

50 Blogging Tips From the Experts

As of 2014, an estimated 6.7 million people blog via “traditional” blogging platforms. Think WordPress and Blogger among others. This number has surely grown since the survey was done, with bloggers in every niche popping up like mushroom after the rain. Show More Summary

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