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AI beats humans in Stanford reading comprehension test - CNET

Alibaba and Microsoft put their AI to the test this month, literally. And their scores bested ours, but barely.

How to Add Multiple Photos to Instagram Posts

If you’re the kind of person who struggles to pick just one photo of a particular day or event to share on Instagram, you’ll love Instagram’s multiple photos feature. Introduced early last year, it allows users to add multiple photos or videos to just one post. Show More Summary

New study finds one in nine online accounts are opened fraudulently

In 2017, data theft reached new heights thanks to high-profile attacks such as the breach at Equifax Inc. that compromised over 140 million consumers. A new report from ThreatMetrix Inc. claims that hackers have stepped up their efforts on other fronts, too. Show More Summary

There’s a much bigger issue for tech firms than Trump’s rollback of H-1B visas

The tech executives who have been decrying the Trump administration’s slowing of foreign worker visas are missing the real point: They need to rethink their entire approach to hiring and training before they worry about H-1B visa program. Show More Summary

Report: IBM to combine services units into one business called ‘IBM Services’

IBM Corp. is believed to be planning a rebranding of its Global Technology Services and Global Business Services units, merging them into a single unit to be called “IBM Services,” according to reports. The two businesses are a partShow More Summary

Hollywood Wins ISP Blockade Against Popular Pirate Sites in Ireland

The Motion Picture Association has scored a victory in Ireland where several Internet providers have been ordered to block access to eight popular pirate sites. The websites, including,,, and, serve millions of visitors per day. Show More Summary

3 Awesome Windows Notepad Tricks You Must Try

You probably don’t think much of Notepad in Windows. Compared to tools like Microsoft Word and third-party text editors and IDEs, it doesn’t really shine for any particular purpose. But that doesn’t mean it’s useless! In fact, with a little bit of old-school code in VBScript or even DOS/shell commands, you can write some fun mini-programs. Show More Summary

How to Get New Clients at Every Stage of Your Business

yesterdayInternet / SEO : SEOmoz Blog

Posted by dohertyjf I remember when I first went out on my own to build my business. Because I planned to bootstrap the product into existence, I needed to pick up some consulting work to cover my own bills before I felt comfortableShow More Summary

This diamond studded smartwatch costs nearly $200K - CNET

TAG Heuer’s latest creation is the world’s most expensive smartwatch to date, but its tech is standard wearable fare.

How to Contact Google

If you’ve had an issue with almost any web-based company, you know how hard it can be to get in contact them. Some seem to believe Twitter is an acceptable front for their customer service team, while others like Facebook are almost impossible to reach on any platform. Show More Summary

24 Interesting CMOs Worth Following on Twitter by @LarryKim

These chief marketing officers work at some of the biggest brands and are definitely worth following on Twitter. The post 24 Interesting CMOs Worth Following on Twitter by @LarryKim appeared first on Search Engine Journal.

5 Practical Google Cheat Sheets to Use Google Apps Better

If you’re a Google user, learning the ins and outs of its many apps can make you a power user on the internet. But who has the time? Psst, instead of a crash course, peruse these cheat sheets to level up. These aren’t necessarily printable cheat sheets, and they come in all forms. Show More Summary

Anatomy Of The Perfect Blog Post: A Complete Guide To Ideal Blog Post Structure And Formatting

A complete guide to the 9 separate factors that go into crafting the perfect blog post - optimized to have maximum traction after you hit the publish button. The post Anatomy Of The Perfect Blog Post: A Complete Guide To Ideal Blog Post Structure And Formatting appeared first on Blog Marketing Academy.

376 Super-Useful Royalty Free, Creative Commons, and Public Domain Websites

Want some “free” resources? Here’s a massive list of Royalty Free, Creative Commons, and Public Domain websites where you can find photos, images, sounds, music, backgrounds, fonts, icons, logos and more. When you run a blog or website it can be a little difficult to find the resources you need without paying a fortune for...

5 Logo Design Tips for Bloggers Who Suck at Design

Your logo is a huge part and is the mark of your brand – literally. It’s as important as the name of your blog and the niche you planned to cover. Plus, it adds an impact on how your target market perceives you. Although, some new bloggers...Show More Summary

7 Ways to Successfully Generate Leads from Your Blog

Blogging proved to be a phenomenon that would forever change the way businesses interact. Years later, almost everyone has their blogs – from homemakers to even Fortune 500 companies! Not only do blogs enable businesses to reach a wider audience. Show More Summary

Alex Roy Reviews the Tesla Model 3 After a Cross-Country Speed Run

Alex Roy, writing for The Drive: The Model 3 is a triumph of industrial design. Forget the naysayers. Ask anyone who isn’t a car person, or especially women — a group too often excluded from the conversation, despite its size and disproportionate purchasing power, by an industry yet to have its Weinstein moment — for real perspective. Show More Summary

Yet more River5 michegas

BTW, the River5 discussion continues with Carsten. He points out that the new method I proposed for adding items to rivers not only is more complex than the current method, and therefore more difficult to maintain, something I totally concur with, it still has a synchronization problem. Show More Summary

2019 Ford Mustang Bullitt projects effortless retro cool - Roadshow

Ford's limited edition Bullitt Mustang adds tons of style, a little extra power and a lot of cool to a Mustang GT.

iPhone 7 Plus was almost China's top selling phone in 2017 - CNET

Apple, the only foreign phone maker to hit China's top 10 list, was beaten to the top spot by Oppo's R9S.

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