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10 Viral Marketing Campaigns That Didn't Break the Bank

by Robert Clough Are your marketing efforts burning a hole in your wallet? It's time to get creative. Here are 10 viral marketing campaigns that took off on a shoestring budget. Did you know you can run a successful marketing campaign...Show More Summary

8 Online Marketing Tips for Your Pest Control Company

by Robert Clough Want to get any many pest control customers as possible? You can't ignore the internet. Check out this list of online marketing tips to improve your strategy. The pest control industry seems to be growing at a faster rate than ever before, with Statista estimating the global industry's value will reach $16.49 billion by next year. Show More Summary

How to Set Up and Run a Successful Facebook Ad Campaign

by Robert Clough There's a difference between running a Facebook ad campaign and running a successful Facebook ad campaign. Learn how to set them up the right way. Facebook marketing moves and shakes whole industries nowadays. Many people attempt to master it, but few businesses manage to create the perfect Facebook ad campaign. Show More Summary

Is Your Website Ready for Google's Mobile-First Index?

by Robert Clough More websites are being added to the Google mobile-first index. Most importantly, what does this mean for your site's SEO? Get the latest right here. Did you know mobile devices have finally surpassed desktops in terms...Show More Summary

Everything You Need to Know About Interactive Content for SEO

by Jayson DeMers For years, writing articles was the best way to create meaningful content and improve your site's rankings in search engines. Today, content is still king--but the type of content required to see the best results isShow More Summary

A Beginner's Guide to Page Authority

by Robert Clough Confused about what your page authority means and how you should use it? Don't miss this beginner's guide on understanding and increasing your PA score. Page authority can make certain pages on your website stand out in the search rankings. Show More Summary

What Are AdSense Keywords?

by Robert Clough You may be familiar with AdSense, but do you know how to use it properly? Here's a guide on AdSense keywords to help you gain a better understanding. If you're a webmaster or blogger, Google AdSense is a great way to make some money while you focus on other things. Show More Summary

5 Ways to Use Retail SEO to Improve Local Rankings

by Robert Clough Local SEO doesn't just increase your Google ranking, it can also supercharge your foot traffic. Here are five retail SEO strategies every store owner needs. Being a small local retailer can be tricky. You're reliant on a local customer base, and it seems impossible to take on the Walmarts and Targets of the world face-to-face. Show More Summary

7 Types of Blog Posts to Drive More Traffic to Your Law Firm Website

by Robert Clough 7 Types of Blog Posts Any Law Firm Website Should Use Struggling with writer's block? Wonder what type of content will drive the most traffic to your law firm website? Check out these popular types of blog posts! AsShow More Summary

5 Ways to Avoid Keyword Cannibalization

by Robert Clough Are too many of your pages fighting to rank for the same keyword? This is called keyword cannibalization, and here are five ways to avoid it. When it comes to building your sites SEO, keywords are crucial. With 82% of...Show More Summary

How SEO for Healthcare Can Help You Get More Patients

by Robert Clough Looking to attract more patients with online marketing? Learn here how SEO for healthcare can help elevate your practice to the next level. Healthcare is like any other business. At the end of the day, if there's no income, there's no way you can help your patients. Show More Summary

The Top 10 Benefits of Outsourcing IT Services

by Robert Clough Are you wondering if it's right for your business to outsource IT services? Then click here. This article will highlight 10 benefits of outsourcing IT services. You think nothing of outsourcing your legal needs to aShow More Summary

The Best Tips On How To Market Your Casino Website With SEO

by Robert Clough How To Market Your Casino Website With SEO Even casino websites can benefit greatly from well executed SEO. Check inside for a handy primer on how to leverage SEO for your site today. Are you looking for a way to boost...Show More Summary

How to Send An Uber Targeted Mobile Campaign

by Robert Clough Are you getting ready to launch a mobile campaign to send to prospective clients? Read this article to learn how to implement your ad campaign effectively. With most small businesses spending an average of $75,000 a year on digital marketing, clients want their dollars to be spent intelligently. Show More Summary

Where Clickbait, Linkbait, and Viral Content Fit in SEO Campaigns - Whiteboard Friday

3 hours agoInternet / SEO : SEOmoz Blog

Posted by randfish When is it smart to focus on viral-worthy content and clickbait? When is it not? To see fruitful returns from these kinds of efforts, they need to be done the right way and used in the right places. Rand discussesShow More Summary

Getting Around the "One Form" Problem in Unbounce

3 hours agoInternet / SEO : SEOmoz Blog

Posted by R0bin_L0rd What is Unbounce? Unbounce is a well-known and well-regarded landing page creation tool designed to allow HTML novices to create impressive and impactful landing pages, while offering scope for more experienced coders...Show More Summary

8 Common Website Mistakes Revealed Via Content Audits

3 hours agoInternet / SEO : SEOmoz Blog

Posted by AlliBerry3 One of the advantages of working for an agency is the volume of websites we get to evaluate. The majority of clients who sign up for ongoing SEO and/or content services will receive a content audit. Similar to aShow More Summary

How to Discover Featured Snippet Opportunities - Whiteboard Friday

3 hours agoInternet / SEO : SEOmoz Blog

Posted by BritneyMuller Winning featured snippets is one of the best ways to get visibility on page one of Google's SERPs. It's a competitive environment, though, and there are tons of specific considerations when it comes to increasing your chances of earning that spot. Show More Summary

Building Links Through Social Responsibility & Taking a Stand by @tonynwright

Is link building through social responsibility right for your business or brand? Click here to find out. The post Building Links Through Social Responsibility & Taking a Stand by @tonynwright appeared first on Search Engine Journal.

Google Shopping Actions: Google Not Paid from Organic Search by @martinibuster

There's a report that Google is partnering with brands to sell products from organic search. Danny Sullivan believes report may be mistaken. The post Google Shopping Actions: Google Not Paid from Organic Search by @martinibuster appeared first on Search Engine Journal.

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