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Testing Virgin America’s Unconventional Flight Booking Experience

Every Tuesday, UserTesting’s Research Team studies a different product to share here on the blog. We hope you’ll learn some nifty research techniques and get inspired to run some insightful tests of your own. Enjoy, and check back in next … Read More

The Step Before Writing

The web is becoming increasingly cluttered with content. To stand out, organizations need to focus on quality and relevance rather than quantity. This week, author Bjørn Bergslien offers tips and tools to get started. The post The Step Before Writing appeared first on UX Booth.

Visual Website Optimizer: World’s Easiest A/B Testing Tool

Everyone wants a perfect design that brings in the highest conversion rates. But how do you get there? The answer is A/B testing. A/B testing allows you to show different designs to your users.

Every Moment Counts: Why Companies Need To Focus on Experience First

Every moment is an experience. The other day, I saw this phrase featured on one of those tacky waterfall-and-unicorn motivational posters. But, you know what? It got me thinking. Are we considering specific moments in our customer lifecycle? It seems … Read More

The Impact of UX on Brand Perception

Let’s play a little word association game. I’m going to share the names of a few companies for you to consider. Think about what word you would use to describe your opinion about their brand. OK, here we go: Virgin … Read More

Are the New Net Neutrality Regulations Solving the Problem? [POLL]

The FCC voted on Thursday, 2/26,  to pass strict new regulations to keep the internet equally open to all individuals. Opponents, mostly ISPs, argued regulations would interfere with the free market. The vote passed the regulations with a 3-2 decision. … Read More

How to Sell Content Strategy to Management

The process of selling content strategy to management begins when the content strategist has a conversation with a key decision maker. This week, author Hilary Marsh shares with us a strategy for making that conversation simple and successful. The post How to Sell Content Strategy to Management appeared first on UX Booth.

Serendipity in the Digital Age: Testing the Dating App, Happn

Every Tuesday, UserTesting’s Research Team studies a different product to share here on the blog. We hope you’ll learn some nifty research techniques and get inspired to run some insightful tests of your own. Enjoy, and check back in next … Read More

4 Ways to Test Your Product In the Wild

These days, you can test more user experiences than ever before. Here at UserTesting, we recently launched our new mobile recording technology, which makes it possible to test user experiences in real-world locations like retail stores, restaurants, stadiums, airports, and … Read More

71 Questions Every Marketer Should Be Asking (And How to Test Them)

We’ve all seen them. Maybe you have one on your team. Maybe you’re hoping to become one. We’re talking about spectacular marketers. The ones who always have a brilliant campaign idea up their sleeve. The ones who build the highest-converting … Read More

T-Shirt: UX is Not UI

Many confuse UX with UI, but they are not the same. They are part of the same circle, but not the same side. This shirt represents the differences through iconography.

Which eBook Would You Like to Read? [POLL]

What would you like to learn next? Here at UserTesting, we’re creating some new resources to help you be successful at testing, measuring, and improving your customer experience. We’d like your input on the topic for our next eBook! User … Read More

The UserTesting Podcast, Episode 1: Destination Testing

In this podcast episode, UserTesting’s Research Manager, Bryan Kern, and Lead Mobile Researcher, Lisa Preville, chat about destination testing and the capabilities of the new UserTesting Mobile Recorder. They discuss: The difference between “in-the-wild” and “destination” testing “Device” versus “beyond-the-device” … Read More

Why Doesn’t Mobile Convert?

Today’s post is an excerpt from our popular eBook, Why Mobile Doesn’t Convert, and How to Fix It. Enjoy!   If there’s a consensus about anything in the fast-changing mobile market, it’s the idea that e-commerce conversion—the ability to move … Read More

Back Pocket Apps: Let’s Reconsider the Wireframe

What if instead of designing systems to be touched and tapped, we avoided screens, embraced typical processes, and made apps that worked best when our phones are in our pockets? Author of The Best Interface is No Interface, Golden Krishna...Show More Summary

The Art of Questioning as a UX Skill

When starting any design project, you’re going to need to ask a lot of questions. The perceived problem and the actual problem may not be the same. So how can you get better at asking the right questions?

Which Channel Are You Testing the Most? [POLL]

These days, it’s easier than ever before to test the user experience across every channel and device. More and more companies are focusing on understanding a customer’s complete omni-channel experience. Some companies do a lot of user testing on their … Read More

Tips for Using Written Response Questions in UX Research

Imagine this scenario. You’ve just run a 5-person usability study on your e-commerce site. User A told you that “…During the filtering process, it seemed like I could only research one brand at a time.” Then User D mentioned that … Read More

We Create Our Own Stress

An excerpt from my dialogue with Paul McAleer on our podcast Designing Yourself, Episode #18: Under Pressure (originally aired July 24, 2014), with minimal editing for readability. I require deadlines. When I don’t have deadlines, and things are open-ended, they just don’t get done. When someone makes a request of me, even something totally benign [Keep Reading...]

Problems Cannot Survive in the Present

We had been under sail for the last hour, at meager speed, hugging Point Loma. Just as we passed the point and finally crossed over from San Diego Bay to the Pacific Ocean, we picked up a lot more wind and we were soaring. As the wind changed, so did the waves. Big rolling waves [Keep Reading...]

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