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SMS Exploit Messages

There's an iOS vulnerability affecting iPhone, iPad, and even Apple Watch that allows for a denial of service.Crashing a phone with an SMS? That's so 2008.S60 SMS Exploit MessagesUnlike 2008, this time kids are reportedly using the vulnerability to harass others.Apple is working on a security update. Show More Summary

Remotely Possible with Steve Krug and Tomer Sharon [On-Demand Webinar Series]

We’ve just wrapped up a six part series of webinars with Steve Krug and Tomer Sharon, and if you missed them live we have good news for you! All six of the webinars are now available on-demand. We’ve outlined each … Read More

Simple Steps for Conducting Creative Content Research

3 months agoInternet / SEO : SEOmoz Blog

Posted by Hannah_Smith Most frequently, the content we create at Distilled is designed to attract press coverage, social shares, and exposure (and links) on sites our clients' target audience reads. That's a tall order. Over the years...Show More Summary

UX: a Process or a Task?

Paul Hershey, Catalina Rusu, and Mike Atherton have all recently asked and answered the question: what IS UX? Is it a process? Is it design? Is it something more, or perhaps something less? In this round up, we look at all sides of the question. The post UX: a Process or a Task? appeared first on UX Booth.

Watch These Fascinating Videos of Abandoned Buildings and Alternative Housing

Can you imagine living in a storm drain or off-grid in the woods? Have you ever trespassed on a subway line for an unmissable photo? These are just a few of the stories touched upon in Discovery’s bold YouTube project, Seeker Stories. Show More Summary

On Our Radar: The Empty Space That Is Not Empty

“Being in tech and not caring about tech culture is a luxury, only affordable to those with enough privilege to ignore it and too little empathy to care.” In her beautiful, award-nominated “A Talk About Nothing” at the 2015.concat()Show More Summary

Mac Hack Demonstration

Securing your SSH password is very important. Otherwise, you might be pwned by a little girl with her Raspberry Pi.Don't worry, it's an authorized hack, she asked her mom for permission. On 15/05/15 At 12:46 PM

5 Ways to Blast Off Your Freelance Writing Income Through Massive Action

4 months agoInternet / Blogging : Copyblogger

You know how to reach success as a writer because you’ve heard it a million times: It’s all about the baby steps, baby. Break down your goal into manageable chunks and take one tiny step at a time towards your vision so you don’t get overwhelmed — and you’ll make steady, if slow, progress. Show More Summary

8 Blogging Mistakes That Cost Me. How Many Are You Making?

4 months agoInternet / Blogging : Blog Tyrant

I’ve been blogging (often badly!) for around a decade. In that time I’ve failed at a lot of things. Today I want to share some stories in the hope that you can avoid making the same mistakes. When you learn a new skill, whatever it might be, you always go on a steep learning curve....

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