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Mozilla CEO Sends Angry Open Letter To Microsoft Over Changing Windows 10 Browser Defaults

With Edge in Windows 10, Microsoft has finally delivered a capable browser to replace the aging Internet Explorer. Microsoft likes Windows 10 so much, it makes Edge the default browser in Windows 10, even when you’re updating from a system that previously used Chrome or Firefox as the default. Read More

Joe Belfiore may have just shown a new Windows phone

In a post on Twitter, Joe Belfiore, the guy behind Windows, bragged about having updated the last device to Windows 10. The tweet has a picture attached in which a phone running Windows 10 mobile using the continuum feature is shown. Much more interesting than that however is the phone itself. Notice the weird grasp Joe […]

Windows 10 upgrade not showing up yet? Here's how to manually trigger an update

Microsoft has opened the floodgates for Windows 10, making the upgrade available in 190 countries around the globe. If you've already reserved the upgrade on Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1 and are yet to see the update, there's an easy fix that allows you to manually initiate the download process.

Official Windows 10 ISO files now available for download

Microsoft has unleashed Windows 10 onto the world, and if you were looking to perform a clean install instead of upgrading from Windows Update, the Redmond giant has made ISO files available for download. ISOs are listed for Windows 10 Home and Pro versions.

Windows Central and Opera giveaway – Win a Lumia 1520 or Surface 3!

Last week we reviewed Opera Mini for Windows Phone. Now to help celebrate a small event this week we are teaming up with Opera for a giveaway! What's at stake? Well, one person will win a new Lumia 1520, and another picks up a shiny Surface 3! Three others will also get some Windows Central and Opera swag.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Celebrates Windows 10 Launch In Kenya

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella celebrated the release of Windows 10 in Kenya. People around the world are celebrating the launch of Windows 10 at fan celebrations in 13 countries and via a new yearlong initiative to celebrate people and organizations making a difference around the world. Microsoft encourages people to share how they plan to […]

Windows 10, The Best Windows Ever For Gaming (Video)

Microsoft yesterday launched Windows 10, the best Windows ever for gaming. Not only do your existing games work great, but now you can play and connect with gamers across Xbox One and Windows 10 devices. From the best casual games to a new generation of PC gaming, Windows 10 is built for the games you […]

Twitter talks about the design of its universal app for Windows 10

Twitter rolled out its app for Windows 10 earlier this week, featuring design changes that tie in with Microsoft's latest OS. Twitter mentioned that its goal was to mimic the principles of Windows Phone's "personal, relevant, and connected" design, starting from the login page:

Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 can play floating YouTube videos

Microsoft has released Windows 10 today, and the Windows 10 hype is real. Windows 10 includes a lot of new features, and one of the major new features of the OS is Microsoft Edge – the new default browser for Windows which replaces Internet Explorer. Microsoft Edge includes a handful of new features, including Cortana […]

Windows 10 gets put up against Apple's OS X El Capitan, and comes out ahead

The folks at LaptopMag took some time to compare Microsoft's latest offering, Windows 10, and Apple's upcoming OS, OS X El Capitan. After comparing the operating systems head to head in a number of categories, the team was able to declare Windows 10 as the leader of the two. Show More Summary

Intel and Micron announces breakthrough in memory tech which is 1,000 times faster than NAND

Intel and Micron today revealed 3D XPoint technology, a revolutionary non-volatile memory technology, creating the first new memory category in more than 25 years. 3D XPoint technology combines the performance, density, power, non-volatility and cost advantages of all available memory technologies on the market today. The technology is up to 1,000 times faster and has […]

Download Windows 10 ISO

Microsoft has just launched Windows 10 in 190 countries. While you can get the OS via Windows Update on Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1, Microsoft has released the official Windows 10 ISOs to make your upgrade process faster. Keep in mind that if you will be installing the operating system for the first time, you […]

The Nokia OZO is a virtual reality camera that looks like a soccer ball

Nokia has just revealed its next hardware product, the OZO. As rumored last week, the device is a spherical virtual reality camera that, at first glance, looks a bit like a soccer ball. Nokia says: "OZO captures stereoscopic 3D video through eight (8) synchronized global shutter sensors and spatial audio through eight (8) integrated microphones. Show More Summary

Edge Browser on Surface – Tim’s Review

One of the heavily touted features of Windows 10 is that Edge (formerly Project Spartan) replaced Internet Explorer as the default web browser. I spent the last couple of days evaluating this new browser, and I want to share my thoughts with you in this review of the Edge Browser on Surface. Show More Summary

Windows 10 is delivering updates to other computers using your bandwidth by default

Alongside a lot of new features and improvements, Windows 10 includes a new way of delivering updates. The feature, which is dubbed as Windows Update Delivery Optimization works pretty much like a torrent — it hosts the Windows Update files locally, and then deliver it to other PCs on the internet (by default) or the […]

How to manually upgrade to Windows 10

Microsoft recently released Windows 10 to the public. As the company is rolling out the OS in waves, you may not have received the upgrade on your Windows 7/8.1 machine yet. However, if you’re like me and can’t wait to get your hands-on Windows 10, there’s a very easy way of upgrading to Widows 10 […]

Mini Golf Club v1.8 became more social with Facebook integarion

Mini Golf Club v1.8 has been released to the Windows Store with Windows 10 support. The level collection grew to a total of 250 free levels with the addition of 18 new holes. The game became more social with this update as you can login with Facebook, invite your friends or share your games. See […]

Microsoft reportedly investing in Uber at a $50 billion valuation

Microsoft is reportedly investing in Uber, according to a new report from Bloomberg and The Wall Street of Journal. The report states that firm has closed a new investment, valued at $50 million. Microsoft is one of the investors for Uber’s latest round of funding. When you look at this from a different perspective (that’s […]

AT&T confirms Lumia Denim will never come to their Lumia 830

  Way back in September 2014 Microsoft announced Lumia Denim, which would bring some great capabilities, such as HDR imaging and 2K recording to the Lumia 830. Now, nearly a year later, AT&T has confirmed, in response to a complaint by a Lumia 830 user to the Better Business Bureau, that they have no plans […]

Polycarbonate Microsoft Cityman gets fan-rendered in all its glory

  We have heard many rumours about the design of Microsoft’s new flagship Windows 10 Mobile handsets, but recent ones have made the device sound rather unattractive, in particular replacing our metal-clad fantasies with basic plastic. But plastic can be fantastic of course, as this render by Microsoft Lovers demonstrate.  Their design is based on […]

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