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Rocketcat Games and Madgarden on 'Punch Quest' - The TouchArcade Show Rewind

As we mentioned a few weeks ago, March has been filled with crazy travel for me. Originally we planned to record this week's podcast on the one (1) day I was going to be home before immediately flying out again to attend the Hearthstone Championship Tour. It certainly isn't the first time I've vastly overestimated

iMore show 549: Pseudo-random

The iMore show brings you everything you need to know about the week in iPhone, iPad, Watch, TV, Mac, and Apple! How do you protect yourself from hacks, phishing, and other online threats? We go over your best options! Also, where'sShow More Summary

Taylor Swift Trademarking Swifties while Getting Schwifty - The TouchArcade Show #299

With Eli on vacation this week, Jared recruits the most villainous human being on the planet, Carter Dotson, to co-host this week's show. We talk at length about Apple's recent "Celebration of Indies" promotion as well as their new initiative to give indies more visibility by giving them their very own separate storefront in the

Eight Galaxys, six Gs and three weeks [#acpodcast]

This week, Daniel, Russell, Jerry and Andrew tell the tale of three phones, each with different prospects for the worldwide handset market. The LG G6 is coming soon, and it's a known quantity. With three weeks between its released (April...Show More Summary

Android Central 327: Cutting the cord

This week, we're taking a break from phones to talk about cutting the cord, and saving money in the process. Phil Nickinson, former EIC of Android Central and recent recipient of award for Most Modern Dad, joins Daniel and Russell to...Show More Summary

iMore show 548: iPhone Edition

The iMore show brings you everything you need to know about the week in iPhone, iPad, Watch, TV, Mac, and Apple! Would people buy an iPhone Edition or does it have to be an iPhone Pro? Will there be a March event and, if so, what will...Show More Summary

Switched on for the Switch - The TouchArcade Show #298

We barely dipped our toes into first impressions territory of the Switch on the previous episode, but this episode, we're all about it. We fill up the first 20 minutes or so of the show talking about the console, Zelda, and the way it's integrating into our lives without really replacing our mobile devices at

GDC Roundup and Nintendo Switch - The TouchArcade Show #297

As you could probably tell by the avalanche of GDC coverage that persisted through the weekend and most of the day today, GDC was busy. At some point at around 10:00 PM Pacific on Friday we were like, "Man we can't record a podcast tonight, it's just going to be us talking about how tired

iMore show 547: Switched, with Russell Holly

The iMore show brings you everything you need to know about the week in iPhone, iPad, Watch, TV, Mac, and Apple! With Serenity and Rene away, Georgia, Lory, and Mikah invite Russell Holly on to talk USB-C vs. Lightning, Nintendo Switch,...Show More Summary

AC Podcast 326: All about MWC 2017 (LG G6, BlackBerry KeyOne ... Nokia 3310?!)

There was no shortage of big announcements from Mobile World Congress 2017! From the BlackBerry KeyOne to the LG G6, Moto G5, Huawei P10 + P10 Plus, the Huawei Watch 2, Sony Xperia XZ Premium and new phones from Nokia, what's old isShow More Summary

GDC Patient Zero - The TouchArcade Show #296

We recorded a little early this week, but we still threw down a hell of a show. We kick things off by talking about how Jared is going to be GDC patient zero as he's already come down with a cold and GDC hasn't even started yet! Anyway, aside from sniffles we play a bunch

Android Central 325: The MWC preview event!

This week, it's Jerry, Flo and Russell on the ones and twos, chatting everything MWC. What can we expect from LG, Samsung, Sony and others? And where can we get more of that sweet, sweet jamon? Plus, it's GDC, which is becoming one of the biggest mobile gaming shows of the year. Show More Summary

GDC, Train Jam, and Other Fun Stuff - The TouchArcade Show #295

We kick off this week's podcast talking about all the plans for the next few weeks including Train Jam, GDC, WWDC, E3, and how we hope we can make it to PAX this year. From there, we shift gears to talking about games, covering two soft launched titles, Robot Unicorn Attack 3 and Injustice 2.

Apple Talk 23: Apple TV, with Jason Snell

Apple Talk focuses on in-depth industry analysis and critique of Apple and related companies. Following up on Q1 2017, Gartenberg and Ritchie speak with special guest Jason Snell of Six Colors on Apple TV: What it was meant to be, what...Show More Summary

Winding the Clocks Back to 'Pocket God' - The TouchArcade Show #294

Unfortunately, the fears I mentioned in last week's podcast episode came true and I'm currently stuck using the world's worst hotel WiFi (which really describes basically all hotel WiFi). I wasn't even able to place a simple Skype call yesterday, so there's not a whole lot of point in trying to record an hour long

AC Podcast 324: Android Wear Strikes Back!

This week, Andrew, Russell and Daniel talk about the biggest announcement of the week — of the month! — Android Wear 2.0 and the new LG Watch Sport and Watch Style. Android Wear 2.0 is a pretty massive update for the nascent wearable...Show More Summary

iMore show 543: iPads for pros, with Ged Maheux

The iMore show brings you everything you need to know about the week in iPhone, iPad, Watch, TV, Mac, and Apple! Apple's Q1 2017 results, LG UltraFine 5K fallout, iPad drawing apps, and the all-new Linea app with special guest, iMore...Show More Summary

That Sure is One Firey Emblem - The TouchArcade Show #293

Massive game releases this week come with a massive episode of The TouchArcade Show. We don't waste any time before hopping straight into the game chat. Games covered include Fire Emblem Heroes [Free], Glitchskier [$1.99], Missleman [$2.99], Snailboy: Rise of the Hermitron [Free], and Warlock's Tower [$3.99]. We hit up a couple of the bigger

Android Central 323: The BlackBerry drinking game

This week, Jerry, Daniel, Andrew and SPECIAL GUEST Phil Nickinson (aka Modern Dad) start talking about the Google Pixel and end up arguing about BlackBerry. Is this 2011 all over again? With the Pixel getting an update to Android 7.1.2, it seems that Google is ending updates for the Nexus 6 and Nexus 9, two devices released back in 2014. Show More Summary

Apple Talk 22: Q1 2017 analysis, with Neil Cybart

Apple Talk focuses on in-depth industry analysis and critique of Apple and related companies. Special guest Neil Cybart of Above Avalon joins Gartenberg and Ritchie to talk Apple's blockbuster Q1 2017 earnings and where the company goes...Show More Summary

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