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What happens when your game is an unexpected success on the App Store

"Once the game went live on the App Store I noticed that I had about 100 downloads a day. This seemed very strange to me. A few days later I noticed that in between 15 minutes I had about 1000 new users."...

The First Episode of 'The Walking Dead: Michonne' Miniseries Releases February 25th

10 minutes agoMobile / Mobile Apps : Touch Arcade

If you've been waiting to see what Telltale will do with the character of Michonne from The Walking Dead, you won't have to wait long because the first episode of the The Walking Dead: Michonne three-episode series, titled In Too Deep, releases on the App Store February 25th. The second episode, Give No Shelter, will come in

We're Streaming iOS Games Live on Mobcrush [Tasos Streaming Hearthstone]

We're streaming live on Mobcrush right now. There's a couple different ways you can watch the stream, and they all work equally well and it's really just a matter of personal preference as to which method you prefer. The easiest way to watch is just watching the embedded player right here on TouchArcade. In the

'World of Tanks Blitz' 2.6 Update Finally Changes Shooting Mechanics

One of my major irritations with WOT Blitz [Free] gameplay so far has been the amazing strength of twigs and tiny pieces of debris. What do I mean? Imagine getting into the perfect shooting, tapping the button, and then seeing your shell explode because it hit a tiny twig on the way to devastating the opponent.

14 predictions for China's game industry in 2016

"2016 is shaping up to be a pivotal year for the games market in China, with revenue from PC online, mobile and console games rising to more than $26 billion."...

Happymagenta's 'Tomb of the Mask' Out Now, and It's Like a 'Pac-Man', 'Downwell', and 'The Last Rocket' Mashup

It's a pretty nice week for early releases with both Final Fantasy IX [$16.99] and Ys Chronicles 2 [$4.99] out in the wild and likely sucking up a large portion of everybody's time. However, if you're feeling overwhelmed with these big ol' RPGs and looking to cleanse your palate with something a bit more breezy,

Someone Alert Shaun Musgrave! Classic Action RPG 'Ys Chronicles 2' Now Available

If you thought you'd be able to kick back and soak in some Final Fantasy IX [$16.99] since its surprise launch earlier today, I have some bad news. Or good news, depending on how much free time you actually have and/or how massive your backlog already is. The classic Ys action RPG series continues on

Nintendo's new president Kimishima takes the reins in a new Q& A

In its latest investor Q& A, the newest president of the storied Kyoto game company pointed toward a future of smartphone games and the NX platform to bring Nintendo forward....

New 'Jack B. Nimble' Dev Log Videos Show Some Upcoming New Features

It seems crazy that the release of Jack B. Nimble [$1.99] was well over a year ago, back in September of 2014. This plucky little runner combined the simplistic running and jumping of a typical runner but added in an extra dimension with the ability to crack a whip mid-jump, making it feel like the

Post-hack, Vtech is back, and shifting resonsibility for data security to its users


Upcoming 'Cube Escape: Birthday', from 'Rusty Lake Hotel' Developer, Looks Intriguing

Developer Rusty Lake has shown that it has its finger on the pulse of creeping people out with its use of imagery, sound, and theme. Or it could be the developers know what I find somewhat creepy and use it in all their trailers. After the very weird (in a good way) trailer for their

Ex-BioWare Writer Joins Team Behind 'Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear'

As many already know, Beamdog, the company that has brought Baldur's Gate and Baldur's Gate II to mobile, is developing a new game in that universe, Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear. Well, if you were worried that the game might have a hard time retaining the feel of the original ones, you should be able to

Blue Lola Headphones Review: Good Microphone Maker Also Good at Headphones

Blue Microphones has been most known for their, well, microphones. It's not uncommon to see someone at least somewhat dedicated to higher-quality microphones than built-in setups to be rocking the Blue Snowball or Yeti. Blue has started getting into headphones as well, and their second pair, Lola, is a fantastic entry into the market. The

Come to GDC for a behind-the-scenes look at Vainglory's eSports success

Kristian Segerstrale, COO and executive director of Super Evil Megacorp, will share some lessons learned from the development and promotion of the studio's standout mobile MOBA Vainglory at GDC 2016....

Structures and techniques for interactive story

"We're going to run down a list of some of the techniques existing games have used to promote a sense of player-involvement in story. We'll start by looking at a few variants on the Path Structure."...

Charming Point-and-Click Adventure 'Love You to Bits' Arriving February 25th

It was all the way back in December of 2014 that we first learned of Love You to Bits, an upcoming point-and-click adventure game from some of the same folks who made the excellent Tiny Thief [Free], and in many ways a spiritual successor to that game. Fast forward 6 months to July and a

Encrypting in-game text in Unity

Want to include encrypted text in your game? This highly technical how-to spells out everything you need, complete with programming code and font examples....

Action Runner 'The Amazing Bernard' Launching February 25th, New Trailer Released

The Amazing Bernard is an interesting type of runner we first caught a glimpse of in August of last year, where you guide your auto-running hero Bernie O'Tag through levels by jumping and sliding like any other runner, but you also have the ability to use the touchscreen to draw your own platforms and other

Juggernaut Wars guide - How to use skills and level up your team

21 hours agoMobile / Mobile Apps : 148Apps

Juggernaut Warsis a brand new auto-RPG on iOS and Android that challenges you to build a team of heroes, send them out into various different missions to defeat waves of heroes, and level them up to increase their power. The actual combat itself isn't overly challenging - it's automatic after all. No, the real challenge stems from getting your heroes battle ready. [Read more]

'Final Fantasy IX' Is Now Available Worldwide - Surprise!

Surprise! What we initially thought was going to be a Japan-only release turned out to be a worldwide release under a totally different iTunes ID (which is sort of rare to see). Final Fantasy IX [$16.99] should now be available everywhere. If you're looking for the Japanese (and potentially other regions?) iTunes link, click here.

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