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Let’s Get Closer to Google Pixel!

The Pixel and Pixel XL are the first smartphones designed by Google which bear its name. The Pixel is firmly placed in the Apple’s premium segment and comes with extra features like Google’s voice-controlled artificial intelligence assistance, unlimited photo storage, and advanced camera. Pixel is an interesting device, a mobile phone designed by Google, the […]

Game revenue on the rise as profits slump at Capcom

Capcom is the latest company to release its financials for the six months ended September 30, and it's been a mixed few months for the Monster Hunter publisher. ...

A 'Miitomo' Update is On the Way, Adding Messaging and 'Super Mario Run' Connections

35 minutes agoMobile / Mobile Apps : Touch Arcade

Ah, Miitomo [Free]. That was a fun few days, wasn't it, friends? Okay, so Nintendo's first official smartphone app didn't exactly light the world on fire. And sure, a third-party developed smartphone game licensed by an affiliated company did end up lighting the world on fire a short time later, which made the whole thing

'Disney Crossy Road' Gets 'Nightmare Before Christmas' Figurines in Time for Halloween

While the main Crossy Road [Free] game got a really cool update recently with the addition of Katamari Damacy characters, that doesn't mean that Disney Crossy Road [Free] has to be left out of the fun. In fact, the game has just gotten a perfect new update, with The Nightmare Before Christmas being added to

King shuts down Singapore-based mobile studio, Nonstop Games

Candy Crush Saga creator King has pulled down the shutters on its Singapore-based mobile studio, Nonstop Games. ...

'The Forgotten Room', the New Paranormal Point-And-Click Adventure From Glitch Games, Is Out Now on the App Store

Glitch Games have made a name for themselves for eerie point-and-click adventures on the App Store, with their Forever Lost trilogy which we loved back in 2013, and the peculiarly meta A Short Tale [] that was released earlier this year. Owing to their impressive track record, there has been a lot of excitement on

'Severed', 'Crypt of the Necrodancer' and Many More Are on Sale as Part of Apple's 'Spooky Games' Promotion

This Halloween, instead of dressing up in ridiculous costumes, or harassing people in your local area for a borderline life-threatening amount of sugar, why don't you stay inside and play iOS games all day! Apple certainly have the same idea, as fitting with the season of spookiness and scares, they have coordinated a mass Halloween

Endless Neon Pinball Game 'PinOut' From the Developers of 'Smash Hit' Is Finally Available Worldwide

Just over a month ago, we brought you news that PinOut [Free], Mediocre Games's follow up to the aptly titled Smash Hit [Free] and Does Not Commute [Free], had released in certain App Store regions, and ever since I've been dying to try out the perplexing possibility of an endless pinball game in an atmospheric

'Sonic CD' is Now Free with Ads, Even if You Bought the Game Previously

Sega has just updated Sonic CD [$2.99] to version 2.0, and they've made it free with ads. The problem is that the game now has ads even if you bought it before, and in version 2.0 you have to pay $1.99 to remove the ads. Which, if you haven't bought the game before, is more

Out Now: 'Gear.Club', 'Zombie Anarchy', 'Lifeline: Flatline', 'Barbaric: The Golden Hero', 'Oh…Sir! The Insult Simulator', 'Mmmmonster', 'Hardwood Rivals' and More

Welcome to another busy week of new iOS game releases! Now, before anyone goes and asks, NO, there is no sign of The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth this week. When news broke that it had finally been approved by Apple and would be coming VERY SOON, many were hoping that VERY SOON meant tonight. No

Nintendo Switch Details Will be Revealed on January 13th in Japan

There's not a whole lot that we know about the Nintendo Switch (formerly codenamed the NX) quite yet beyond the video reveal's details: namely that the system will have a dock for home usage along with portable usage, detachable controllers that can work in multiplayer, and Nvidia internal hardware. However, Nintendo has revealed when they

5 Halloween mobile games for wimps

12 hours agoMobile / Mobile Apps : 148Apps

If you're anything like me, horror games are a great way to have nightly nightmares for the next decade or three. They're off limits, but perhaps you want to get in on the Halloween celebrations in some way. Fortunately not all Halloween themed games are meant to scar you for life. Show More Summary

The 5 scariest mobile games

13 hours agoMobile / Mobile Apps : 148Apps

It's the most wonderful time of the year for people who enjoy scaring themselves silly with haunted houses, movies, video games, and what have you. Mobile might not be the first platform you'd turn to for quality scares, but rest assured there are plenty of spooky experiences to be had. We highlight five of the best. [Read more]

We're Streaming iOS Games Live on Mobcrush [Tasos Playing Hearthstone and Other Games]

We're streaming live on Mobcrush right now. There's a couple different ways you can watch the stream, and they all work equally well and it's really just a matter of personal preference as to which method you prefer. The easiest way to watch is just watching the embedded player right here on TouchArcade. In the

'Batman - The Telltale Series' Episode 3 Is Available Now

Batman - The Telltale Series [$4.99] has had a peculiar existence on iOS. The first episode came way after it hit PC and consoles, the second episode came briefly after the first one - but still well behind other platforms - and now episode 3 has hit iOS only a couple of days after PC and

'Crossy Road' Gets 'Katamari Damacy' Characters in Crossover Update with 'Tap My Katamari'

Hipster Whale's Crossy Road [Free] has just gotten another cool crossover, as Katamari Damacy characters are now playable in the game. Officially tying in with Tap My Katamari [Free], there are 7 new characters in total to play as. One is the Crossy Chicken dressed up as the Prince of All Cosmos, and the other

'Batman - The Telltale Series' Episode 1 Now Available on Android for Free

Telltale's Batman series [$4.99] has at last made its debut on Android, with the first episode "Realm of Shadows" now available.. The game has had a bit of a staggered release on mobile, with iOS getting the first two episodes before the Android release of the first episode. However, the third episode is already out

Upcoming 'Osteya: Adventures' Will Have You Whipping Up Some Fun

If you've ever had the desire to go all Indiana Jones on the world, the upcoming Osteya: Adventures will give you just that opportunity, minus the hat though. Osteya: Adventures is the sequel to Osteya [$0.99] and while it looks slightly similar, Osteya: Adventures looks like a much more refined platformer. In this game, you'll

Day of the Tentacle & The Division devs unite to write World of Darkness audio drama

Paradox-owned White Wolf has cut a deal with interactive audio drama firm Earplay that will see Dave Grossman working with writer Richard Dansky to create a full-length "interactive audio experience."...

Nintendo Made Over 100 Million from 'Pokemon GO'

When Pokemon GO [Free] came out this summer, everyone jumped to the conclusion that Nintendo was rolling in the dough because of the game's success. Nintendo's shares jumped briefly following the success of the game, but soon afterwards went down again after investors realized that Pokemon GO wasn't actually a Nintendo game. Because of all

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