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Wargaming's Mobile Division, WG Cells, Has Been Shut Down

27 minutes agoMobile / Mobile Apps : Touch Arcade

There once was a studio called Dropforge Games that developed a great mobile version of the PC game Card Hunter called Loot & Legends, a game I personally still enjoy playing. But then the juggernaut that is, of World of Tanks Blitz [Free] fame, swooped in and bought the company, renamed it WG Cells, and had

'Puzzle Monster Quest' Is Out Worldwide and Comes With 'Attack on Titan' Characters For Limited Time

After briefly incubating in soft-launch, Puzzle Monster Quest [Free] is out worldwide on both iOS and Android. As is usually the case in Puzzle Quest games, you'll be matching tiles to move your hero around and take out enemies. In this version of the formula, you'll be navigating treacherous dungeons filled to the brim with

Wargaming shuts down Bellevue-based WG Cells

Gamasutra has learned that Bellevue-based WG Cells, formerly known as DropForge games, has been shut down....

'Minecraft: Story Mode' Episode 7 Review - Entertaining But Maybe a Bit Too Efficient

Marriage is a tricky, tricky act, isn't it? Quite often those joined in holy matrimony don't really fit well together, and even when they do, compromises must abound if there is to be any kind of happiness in their new union. And when the marriage is of two very different people, the challenges are even greater.

'Captain BlackHeart's Treasure' Is This Week's 'Hearthstone' Tavern Brawl

Captain Blackheart's Treasure is one of those memorable Hearthstone [Free] Tavern Brawls but not for all the right reasons. CBT is all about the Discover mechanic - each turn you get three cards to pick one - and was supposed to come out just before the League of Explorers adventure as a way to prepare players

The Carter Crater - Can the Apple TV be Saved?

Foolishly, I believed in the power of Apple TV gaming. Whoops! The number of 4th generation Apple TVs that have been sold is not known – and if it was any kind of earth-shattering amount, Apple would probably let us know. As of now, they're seen as running in 4th in the streaming device market.

New iPhone Games: 'Space Marshals 2', 'Solitairica', 'Lost Maze', 'MLB 9 Innings Manager' and More

It's hard to believe it's already been a year since the last time we celebrated National Waffle Day, but, here we are. For me, I typically spend National Waffle Day in sullen and remorseful silence because we don't have any Waffle House locations in the Chicago Area. (I actually looked into the logistics of opening

Kabam ready to spend $24 million on a single mobile game by 2018

Mobile powerhouse Kabam is going to spend big to secure its future as the next decade of smartphone gaming draws near....

How to Make Sense of the New Appraisal System in 'Pokemon GO'

After the bafflingly slow rollout of the newest 1.5 update for Pokemon GO [Free], trainers now have access to a brand new Appraisal system, which allows you to hear from your team leader about whether your prized Rattata is in the top percentage of Rattatas, or if it's yet another rodent to be transferred away

Xiaomi confirms US smartphone launch set for the 'near future'

One of Xiaomi's lead executives confirms its mobile phone launch in the US, but didn't provide a specific time frame or carrier partnerships.

Bowmasters tips, tricks and hints

12 hours agoMobile / Mobile Apps : 148Apps

At least for this writer, archery was one of the more pleasant surprises of the 2016 Rio Olympics. As opposed to target shooting with guns, which was dreadfully boring, watching people shoot arrows at targets was pretty darn cool. Of course those targets didn't fire back, making them sitting ducks. Show More Summary

Best apps for watching live TV

13 hours agoMobile / Mobile Apps : 148Apps

The Olympics have come and gone, leaving nearly everyone in a temporary state of "What the heck am I going to watch on TV right now?" Besides old reruns of Golden Girls, but that goes without saying. [Read more]

The Upcoming 'A New Life' Is an Intriguing "Life Simulator" Launching August 30th

How would you go about living your life if you knew you had more than one to live? This is the question behind the upcoming game A New Life, a "birth-to-death life simulation" that will allow you to live countless different lives. You start with a randomly-generated character with customizable inherited traits, and then you

'Sally's Law' is a Puzzle Platformer with a Unique Dual-Playthrough Hook

Murphy's Law maintains that anything that can go wrong, likely will go wrong. Sally's Law is the exact opposite of that, when everything goes unbelievably perfect with no hiccups, according to developer Nanali Studios, makers of an upcoming puzzle platformer of the same name. As the developer describes Sally's Law, "It is that very notion

'Lifeline: Crisis Line' is the Next 'Lifeline' Game, Soft Launched on Android

The fifth game in the popular Lifeline [$1.99] series of interactive text adventures has just soft launched on Google Play. Lifeline: Crisis Line has you working with homicide detective Alex Esposito, as you help him untangle the strange happenings around a murder case. Oh, and there's magical crystals and a green-eyed woman that might have

Twitter-Integrated Virtual Pet 'Tweechi' Launching Globally August 31st

Back in June, developer Fuzzy Face Studios soft-launched their virtual pet game Tweechi in select markets after originally announcing it over a year ago in July of last year. Since then, that soft-launched version seems to have disappeared in lieu of an official global launch, which Fuzzy Face has announced today will be later this

Expect More "The Walking Dead' Comics Characters in Telltale's 'The Walking Dead' Season 3

The upcoming Season 3 of Telltale's The Walking Dead [Free] is shaping up to be great fun for those who also enjoy The Walking Dead comics. According to Job Stauffer, head of Creative Communications, Season 3 will take place much closer to Virginia, so we can expect to be seeing some very well-known characters from

'Nightgate' is Another Gorgeous Minimalist Experience from Semidome, Creators of 'Last Voyage'

Semidome, the creators of the gorgeous Last Voyage [$1.99], are back with a new game this week. Nightgate has you navigating a futuristic computer network by activating various nodes, and trying to dodge the defenses protecting them. This takes the form of an arena-survival type game somewhat similar to Ellipsis [appprice url="asdf"], but with Semidome's

Healer Nerfed and More 'Clash of Clans' Balance Changes in Preparation for the Next Major Update

After making balance changes to Clash Royale, Supercell is also doing some balance changes to Clash of Clans [Free] in preparation for the next major update - which shouldn't be too far into the future. The changes, coming in a patch soon, are not that many but as everyone knows, every small change can make

Forum-Favorite 'Lost Portal CCG' Is at Its Lowest Price Ever

If you've been looking for a fun CCG that has you clearing out dungeons instead of fighting other players, you should check out Lost Portal CCG [$0.99], which just dropped to its lowest price ever. Lost Portal CCG has been a big hit among our forum members, with the game's thread now over 54 pages

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