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'Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp' Review - Tom Nook Always Gets His

News first broke in late April of 2016 that an Animal Crossing game would be making its way to the App Store, and after more than a year of speculation and a brief soft launch, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp [Free] launched globally this morning. If you've been paying any attention to what Nintendo has been

'Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp' Is Now Available Worldwide on iOS and Android

After being announced for release and then soft launching in Australia, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp [] is finally available worldwide on iOS and Android devices. While scheduled to release on November 22nd, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is now rolling out worldwide and it is out in the US App Store right now. It looks like

Upcoming Cross-Platform MMORPG 'Albion Online' Is Looking for iOS Beta Testers

Albion Online is an upcoming cross-platform MMORPG that has been on our radar for a long time. We’ve even played the iPad version before but the release date for the final App Store version has evaded us. Well, we don’t have it right now but the team is looking for public beta testers on iOS

Rovio shares fall by 20 percent thanks to rising UA costs

Rovio has seen its share prices drop by 20 percent just two months after its IPO, with declining profits and rising user acquisition (UA) costs the likely culprits. ...

Bandai Namco Entertainment Announces 'My Tamagotchi Forever' for iOS and Android

Bandai Namco Entertainment just announced My Tamagotchi Forever for iOS and Android devices. The original Tamagotchi took everyone’s heart 2 decades ago and there’s a new generation of both Tamagotchi and fans now. Developed by Paladin Studios, My Tamagotchi Forever will be a free to play release. It is currently planned for a worldwide release

'GRID Autosport' Releases on November 27th for $9.99 for iOS

Feral Interactive have finally announced the release date for GRID Autosport. The premium racing game will be releasing sooner than you think. We already learned about the hardware requirements and you will need iOS 11 and a lot of space on your device to play this. They recommend 8GB of free space to avoid installation

The best mobile games to play while your family watches Thanksgiving football

11 hours agoMobile / Mobile Apps : 148Apps

Thanksgiving is a time to reconnect with loved ones, eat lots of food, and all of that jazz, but once the festivities start to wind down, folks tend to head to the couch to watch whatever football is happening for Turkey Day. If youShow More Summary

The best Black Friday deals for Apple gadgets

11 hours agoMobile / Mobile Apps : 148Apps

Black Friday is hours away at this point, but many popular retailers are getting a jump on things with plenty of pre-Black Friday sales already available. Many of those early bird sales including some sharp discounts on the latest Apple phones asnd tablets. Here are the best deals to look out for this week. [Read more]

Out Now: 'Puzzle Fighter', 'The Inner World 2', 'Ultra Zultra', 'Dragon Raja', 'Pukk', 'Pro Strategy Football 2018', 'I Am The Hero', 'Survivor Royale', 'Shadow Fight 3', 'Snail Ride', 'Faraway 2', and More

It's Thanksgiving Eve here in the States, so we're posting our normal weekly release list a wee bit earlier than usual as I've got to hit the road to go see my family! In years past the arrival of a major US holiday has typically caused developers to shy away from releasing new games so

'Dragon's Watch', the Social RPG for Western Audiences, Releasing Worldwide December 6th

The Secret Police, the mobile studio backed by names such as Ian Livingstone (of Fighting Fantasy fame) is getting ready to release Dragon's Watch, a free-to-play, turn-based character collecting RPG that promises fun, one-handed play and even offline play. Players will take a squad of 6 Heroes into battle in the realm of Kagria to

The 'Hearthstone' 'Tale of the Fox' Part 2 Is Out Now - Learn More About Kobolds & Catacombs

Are you ready for more Hearthstone [Free] Kobolds & Catacombs lore? I hope so, because Blizzard just gave us the second part of Tale of the Fox, the story about Marin the Fox's descent into the Kobold mines and caves. There's all kinds of strange magic now, the weird and powerful Kobold King (with his

The best mobile games to play during dreaded Thanksgiving travel

Thanksgiving Day is, generally speaking, a chance to spend some quality time with family and friends and eat inordinate amounts of food. However, the days leading up to the holiday call for quite the pilgrimage, especially if you'reShow More Summary wants you for the robot wars

Fans of epic gundam-style battles will find a lot to love in, the first game for up and coming developer Wondersquad. The game saw a lot of success when it first launched for browsers and Facebook, and now even more people are getting the chance to see all that this fun new robot battler has to offer. Show More Summary

'Gerrymander: Rig the Election' Shows You How Easily You Can Do Just That

Those who like following political news probably know that there's a big Supreme Court case right now that's all about gerrymandering, an issue that many see as endangering the right of many Americans to cast votes that actually count. The upcoming Gerrymander: Rig the Election, from a small group of game developers from Australia, wants

Capcom's 'Puzzle Fighter' Hits the App Store

As promised earlier this week, Capcom has just released their latest mobile version of the classic puzzle battling game Puzzle Fighter [Free] to the App Store worldwide. Announced at the end of August, this rebooted entry in the series features completely redone 3D visuals and head-to-head online multiplayer in a package that's built specifically for

Hela of 'Thor: Ragnarok' Joins 'Marvel Contest of Champions' Tomorrow

If you've watched Thor: Ragnarok (an excellent movie by the way), then you probably know that Hela, the Goddess of Death played by Cate Blanchett, was one of the movie's highlights partly because of her general badassery. Tomorrow, Hela is making her way to Marvel Contest of Champions [Free] and promises to be as devastating

Uncover alien mysteries in cross-genre side-scroller Deliria

If the Alien franchise taught us anything, it’s that landing on a strange planet at the behest of a faceless corporation is probably asking for trouble. And Eldritch Game’s Deliria doesn’t prove otherwise. In 2107, Dimension LG7 is rich with Delirium, a powerful element which scientists are keen to exploit. Show More Summary

'Animal Crossing Pocket Camp' Late Game Guide: Optimizing Essences, and Fully Upgrading Your Camp and Visitors Without Spending Money

You’ve fished, caught, built, and befriended your way through days and days of Animal Crossing Pocket Camp [Free]. Now you’re looking at how to finish strong. Here’s what you’ll be thinking about as you enter the final stages of Nintendo’s latest mobile offering. This is the third part of our series of Pocket Camp guide.

New iPhone Games on Our Forums: 'The Inner World 2', 'Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Classic', 'Legend of the Skyfish Zero', 'Pro Strategy Football 2018', 'Survivor Royale', and More

Happy Thanksgiving Eve, everyone! This is going to be a bit of a short week here at TouchArcade for us Americans, who typically spend this weekend totally unplugged and stuffing as much food into our faces as we can. (So, a normal American weekend, but a little longer.) Today's made-up holiday also fits in with

'Naruto X Boruto Ninja Voltage' Is Now Available Worldwide on iOS and Android

Naruto x Boruto Ninja Voltage [Free] from Bandai Namco Entertainment has finally released for iOS and Android devices. Having initially been announced as a next generation mobile game a few months ago, you can now play as your favourite characters from the Naruto and Boruto worlds. The RPG will let you create your own ninja

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