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Huge 'Tiny Tower' 5-Year Anniversary Update is Now Available

Nimblebit has been teasing a huge update to their massive hit Tiny Tower [Free] to celebrate its 5th anniversary since last month, and beta testing the update with folks in our forums since then, and as promised today that update has gone live in the App Store. This update contains tons of new content and

Get a job: Disruptor Beam is hiring a UI/UX Designer

Boston-based Disruptor Beam is looking to bring on an experienced UI/UX designer to contribute to various design efforts alongside the developers and designers at the studios's HQ in Framingham, MA....

Supercell Is Hiring Someone To "Define and Shape the Competitive Vision for Supercell's Current and Future Mobile Games"

It seems like in the world of video games, everyone looks at what Riot is doing with League of Legends eSports and says, "I want me a piece of that." To some extent, that effort has been marginally successful in the PC world. DOTA 2 has pretty huge events, as does Heathstone, Counter-Strike, and a

Why play? My recent friction-full experiences with non-mobile games

"Some of my very recent experiences with non-mobile games have left a sour taste, wasted my time, but also given me lots of reminders of why I love the mobile platform."...

Blog: A few thoughts on the design of Clash Royale

"Its session mechanic and gameplay are so well defined that at a given moment the game starts to feel synthetic -- even though every battle is somewhat different."...

Come out to GDC Europe and learn how to revive your aging F2P game

At GDC Europe, longtime Wooga lead Sophie Vo will show you how to take an old dog of a mobile free-to-play game, teach it some great new tricks and give it a fresh lease on life....

If You've Always Wished 'Street Fighter II' Had More Cats, 'Cat Puncher' is For You

Two things that I absolutely adore in this world: Cats and '90s fighting games. The problem is that I've only ever been able to enjoy these two wonderful things separately… until now. Or in the next couple of weeks, at least. That's because Cat Puncher is getting ready to bust onto the scene, and the

SNK's 'Neo Turf Masters' Swinging to Mobile on June 30th.

Now here is something to write home about. I'm totally allowed to use this old saying because DotEmu, the makers of the recently released Titan Quest [$6.99], are bringing an oldie but goodie to iOS and Android, June 30th. Neo Turf Masters is not just another golf game, this is a classic Neo Geo title

'Lifeline: Whiteout' Review - Like Taking A February Walk In Winnipeg

When the Apple Watch released, a number of developers attempted to take advantage of the buzz by either updating old games with new features, or by releasing new games specifically designed with the Apple Watch in mind. One of the more success of the latter group was Lifeline [$0.99], an interactive fiction game that had

Microsoft could lay off 1,850 to streamline smartphone business

The restructure will cost approximately $950 million, with around $200 million expected to be dished out in the form of severance payments....

Survivor error: Don't learn the wrong lessons from success

"When the focus is just on the things that fared well, it's easy to overlook certain traits that we take for granted. Sometimes, these are the qualities that end up being crucial towards the success of the end product!"...

New iPhone Games on Our Forums: 'Hatoful Boyfriend', 'Lifeline: Whiteout', 'Warp Shift' and More

Since it's Towel Day, let me provide an important reminder that a towel is the most useful thing you can have in the universe. In fact, if I'm ever on the Discovery Channel show Naked and Afraid, my single survival item I'll bring with me will bring a towel, without question. Anyway, aside from the

'Pokemon Go' Gets New Screenshots and the US Market Joins in The "Field Test"

Aspiring Poke-masters who signed up for the US "Field Test" of Pokemon Go (The fancy name they're calling something that's in between a beta and a soft launch.) should be getting their invites to download the game. If you signed up, today is a good day to spend the whole afternoon endlessly refreshing your email

A Bunch Of 'Dragon Quest' Games Are On Sale Right Now

Hello, friends! Do you like deals? Do you like Dragon Quest? Is your iOS collection of said games inexplicably missing the best installments the series has to offer? If you answered yes to all of those questions, then today, fortune smiles upon thee, for thou hast found some Dragon Quest sales. Perhaps to coincide with the release

How to command and conquer in Raid HQ

12 hours agoMobile / Mobile Apps : 148Apps

Raid HQ is a satisfyingly deep base building game with over-the-top macho action and explosions. This little free to play bundle gives you a lot to do from managing a squad to building the most powerful base you possibly can. [Read more]

Embracing fully-localized code for each mobile game territory

"Our decision to create a country-specific version of DDTankM has vastly increased installs -- contributing to a wealth of happy players in Brazil. This is definitely the way to go!"...

'Splash Cars' Gets Awesome New Online Multiplayer Mode in Latest Update

One of my surprise favorites of 2016 has been Craneballs' Splash Cars [Free], which takes the simple isometric driving of another favorite of mine, Pako [$0.99 / Free], and adds in a Splatoon-like paint-the-world mechanic. The results are fantastic, and the entire concept gets taken to a whole new level with today's new update which

Activision's 'Hearthstone'-alike 'Skylanders Battlecast' is Now Available

Originally announced in August of last year, and following its initial soft-launch this past January, Activision's latest game in the mega-popular Skylanders series Skylanders Battlecast [Free] is now widely available. Skylanders Battlecast...Show More Summary

'Flick Golf' Developer Full Fat is Going Full Fantasy with 'Golf Island', Coming this Thursday

Developer Full Fat has been on the scene with made-for-touch sports games for many years now with the likes of the Flick Golf, Flick Soccer, Flick Rugby, and Flick Quarterback series. The whole "flick" thing always made so much sense on a touchscreen, especially in Flick Golf [Free] where you're mimicking the motion of swinging

Blog: Achievements are permission

"Achievements, be they for getting every ending or finding every doodad, encourage the player to explore choices not make them. It encourages a distance between the player and their choices."...

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