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'Tales of the Tiny Planet' Review- A Refreshingly Simple Physics Puzzle Game

The App Store has come a tremendously long way since its humble beginnings in 2008. It was the first time that Apple had officially introduced the distribution of third-party applications on its platform. It was an exciting time and many developers were taking their first steps in exploring the possibilities of gaming on iOS devices.

'Pokemon GO' Equinox Event Features Elusive Pokemon Eggs and Crazy XP Bonuses

Loyal TouchArcade readers, I have a confession to make - I deleted Pokemon GO [Free] from my iPhone a few days ago to make room for the likes of Thimbleweed Park [$9.99] and Iron Marines [$4.99]. As the self-appointed resident Pokemon fanboy, I'm sorry for letting you all down. That being said, it looks like

'The Witness' for iOS Will Be Releasing Very Soon

Well it looks like we finally will have The Witness on iOS devices. After months of teases, leaks, and more, a new Tweet from Kenzie Paulus, who is a Producer and Team Manager at Thekla inc for The Witness, has given us a new release window. The Witness is coming to both iPhone (as confirmed

'Better Together' 'Minecraft' Update Coming Along Well, Still No Release Date

I've been patiently waiting for Minecraft's [$6.99] upcoming Better Together update to go live, and while we don't have a date yet, it seems like it's getting closer. The update, which will add a total of 34 new features to the game, has been in Android, Xbox One, and Windows 10 beta for some time

How to Natively Live Stream iOS Games on Twitch, YouTube, Mobcrush, and More in iOS 11 From Your iPhone or iPad Using ReplayKit 2

Apple announced a new feature to iOS 10 which was Replaykit Live. Which allows you to stream iOS games straight from your iPhone/iPad if the developer integrates Replaykit in their app. While iOS 11 is coming along and there's a nice hidden feature that even Apple themselves didn't show off; that's ReplayKit 2. Replaykit 2 allows for streaming

'Zombie Gunship Revenant' Brings iOS 11 ARKit Destruction to Your Kitchen Table

The Zombie Gunship series is a mobile classic, and today the series is heading into the AR future with Zombie Gunship Revenant [Free], a version of the game developed specifically for ARKit and iOS 11. The game's main concept is similar to previous iteration. You circle the battlefield below in heavily-armed helicopter gunships and use

How to Add TouchArcade to Your iOS 11 Home Screen

Alright so many of you might file this under the, "Yeah, of course you can do this" category, the number of folks I've seen sharing this tip today leads me to believe that the whole add web sites to your home screen thing has become lost knowledge in the modern days of the App Store.

'Pokemon GO' Creator Possibly Developing AR Game With Audio Cues

Even though augmented reality isn't really that big of a part of Pokemon GO [Free] (most players turn off the feature anyway), the game has become synonymous with the technology. Now that Apple is really leaning into AR with iOS 11 and ARKit, I've been curious to see whether Pokemon GO's developer, Niantic, will once

The best games to play while you wait for SteamWorld Dig 2

SteamWorld Dig 2 is out this week on PC and Switch, and people are understandably excited. This clever series by Image and Form combines our favorite metroidvania mechanics with an esquisite universe, excellent storytelling, and true wit. While release is only days away, anticipation is high. Here are a few quality mobile games you can play to hold you over. [Read more]

5v5 Real-Time Combat 'Tango 5' Has Soft Launched

If you're looking for a quick shooter game where you and 4 others can take on teams of 5 in real-time combat, Tango 5 is probably a game you should keep an eye on. The game, which has soft launched in the Philippines today, has you competing with other teams in best of three matches,

Drag'n'Boom beginner's guide - how to earn mountains of gold

Have you ever wanted to burn and pillage a village as a bloodthirsty dragon? If you answered yes to that question, Drag'n'Boom offers you the perfect chance to do so, casting you as an adorable little dragon that wants to set humankind...Show More Summary

Award-Winning 'Roll for the Galaxy' Getting a Digital Port Soon

Get ready for another great digital port as Roll for the Galaxy, the award-winning dice game of building space empires, is on its way to the digital realm. In Roll for the Galaxy, your dice represents your people, and you'll have to (as is usually the case) direct them to develop new technologies, settle other

Cult Classic 'Solomon's Keep' Updated to 64-Bit for iOS 11, 'Solomon's Boneyard' Update in the Works Too

Out of all the amazing iOS games I've played over the past nine years, there is an extra special place in my heart for Solomon's Keep [Free]. Developer Raptisoft launched the game on April 2nd, 2010 which was the day after I officially began working for TouchArcade as a freelance writer. Its mixture of dual-stick

'Dized' Adds Digital Aids to Your Physical Board Game Nights

Digital versions of board games have been a great way to make the games more accessible and easier to play when compared to their physical brethren, but there's something to be said for the social aspect of an actual board game night that the digital realm just cannot replicate. Dized is hoping to bring you the

First Ever Price Drop for Classic Adventure Game 'Full Throttle Remastered'

It's a good time for those who like adventure games. In addition to the release of the fantastic Thimbleweed Park (which we really liked in our review), we also got the first price drop for Full Throttle Remastered [$2.99], the classic 1995 LucasArts game that puts you in the middle of a tale of "Motorcycles, Mayhem, and Murder."

How to Continue Getting TouchArcade Push Notifications in iOS 11 is a powerful utility for automating all sorts of small things. The site's acronym stands for, "If This, Then That," which sort of tells you everything you need to know about using IFTTT. You set a trigger from any number of a massive array of things IFTTT can look for which cover everything from

'Another Lost Phone: Laura's Story' Launch Trailer Shows a Bit More of That Phone

Accidental Queens' Another Lost Phone [$2.99] was an unexpected hit that resonated with players partly because of its unflinching approach to what some would consider controversial topics, and Another Lost Phone: Laura's Story, releasing on the 21st, is going to give us another chance to delve into someone's phone and personal life. Today, Accidental Queens invests $959k in mobile game dev Panzerdog

The Finnish-Russian mobile game developer is the first dev to partner with through its recently established $100M games investment program....

Apple rolls out iOS 11, ending support for 32-bit apps

The next big iOS update has been released, bringing with it both good and bad news for mobile game developers....

The GDC 2018 Mobile Summit seeks your great talk submissions!

Heads up: organizers are still accepting pitches for Summit sessions at Game Developers Conference 2018, which is coming back to the Moscone Center in San Francisco March 19-23, 2018!...

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