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TouchArcade Game of the Year 2014: 'Wayward Souls'

This has been an incredible year for iOS gaming. 2014 brought us viral hits like Flappy Bird, the entire phenomenon surrounding Flappy-like games, MFi controllers of all sorts, and more solid iOS games than we can even believe. iPads got thinner, iPhones got bigger. iOS 8 improved a bunch of tiny annoyances of iOS 7,

Best iPhone and iPad Games of 2014

There really isn't anything quite like the App Store. New games flood the market at an insane rate, and while there is a ton of crap released every day, there are also tons of amazing games. The crap-to-amazing ratio is heavily lopsided of course, but the sheer size of the App Store means that even

RPG Reload Special Edition - 'The RPG Reload Christmas 2014 Extravaganza'

Hello, ye merry readers, and welcome to a very special edition of the RPG Reload, the weekly feature where we understand the true meaning of the season is having extra time off to play our RPGs. Each week we usually take a look at an RPG from the App Store's past to see how it

'SimCity BuildIt' Guide - How to Win Without Spending Real Money

Tips and Tricks for maximizing the construction of your town in EA's freemium take on SimCity

One Man Left's 'Tilt to Live' Trilogy and 'Outwitters' IAP on Sale

The sneaky miscreants at One Man Left are sneaking down your chimney, delivering deals on their entire library of games on this Christmas Eve. They scheduled this promotion in advance of the iTunes freeze, so that's why this is sneaking in after all the other holiday sales. If you haven't played any Tilt to Live

Square Enix Announces ‘Bravely Archive: D’s Report’

Square Enix has been tossing game after game onto the App Store in recent years, and it looks like the trend will continue into 2015. The developer has announced the free-to-play game Bravely Archive: D’s Report, a spin-off of the hit RPG for Nintendo 3DS, Bravely Default. It will land on the Japanese App Store in January. No […]

'Dojo Slash' Review - Tap Ninja Tap

The mobile platform has allowed for quite a bit of experimentation. I've seen callbacks to the NES era, 16-bit, and more 32-bit remakes than you can shake a stick at (I'm looking at you Tomb Raider 1 and 2). But often times developers will put their own dose of charm into a game despite the

'Docking Sequence' Review - Swear-Along With Strauss In Space

I often am asked how we come across some of the games we cover here at TouchArcade. While I can't spill all of our secrets lest Eli end me with a single, swift swipe, I can tell you one of the things we keep an eye on is what the members of the TouchArcade forums

'Gentlemen...Ricochet Mini!' Review - Something to Reflect Upon

Limitations are often a great thing for an artist. Gentlemen...Ricochet Mini! [$0.99] shows that in two different facets. This is a sequel and de-make of Gentlemen...Ricochet! [$0.99] which strips away all the modern trappings of the original physics puzzler, and replaces it with something that could be on the original Game Boy. But this is

The Jewish Play Project, or 'that's funny, Taito -- you don't look Jewish.'

"In looking at toys, games, pinball and video games we're at over 80 companies and over 150 people. The Jewish Play Project has been initiated to support investigation of this history in much greater depth."...

'Volt' Review - An Electrifying Puzzle Platformer

Mobile gaming certainly isn't hurting for clever puzzle games. Perhaps due to their natural fit with touch controls, puzzle games were one of the earliest genres to flourish on iOS. If you ask the average person to name off the mobile games they know of, chances are many of the entries will be from the

Blog: 15 game landing pages you need to see, as a dev

"There are certain best practices that you can follow to increase your chances of converting more of your visitors... here is a list of some game landing pages we think are really great!"...

Blog: Why Tencent is turning its attention to overseas game developers

"Tencent has very good reasons to prefer foreign game companies: domestic developers aren't willing to put their big works on Tencent's channels only, and foreign game companies usually have better products."...

'Star Nomad Elite' Review - Size isn't Everything

Anh Huy Phan has brought one of my favorite genres to iOS. Star Nomad Elite[$3.99] is a trimmed down, stream lined 2d space adventure game. The game notes have a shout out to Elite, Wing Commander, Privateer, Escape Velocity and Freelancer. I was a bit surprised that my favorite 2d space sim, Star Sonata wasn't

How to Get All The Different Endings in 'Papers, Please' Tips and Guide

If you haven't played Papers, Please[$7.99 (HD)] yet, I am going to save you some time. Go buy this game. I don't care if you buy it for your iPad, your computer, your tivo, or your pocket watch, just get it and start playing. A little over a year ago, developer Lucas Pope struck gold

Developers' Top 5 games of 2014: Benjamin Gifford

"While I see no end to consoles, 2014 shows that mobile technology is the future. People want to play exciting and rich games at a moment's notice, anywhere, anytime."...

'Ultimate Robot Fighting' Review - Lacking A Bit of Soul

An average freemium brawler that doesn't differentiate itself from the might comic IP titles

Blog: Plague Inc. is pathological speed chess

"Plague, Inc.'s gameplay was so riveting that I started shouting murderous taunts at countries and gleefully anticipating the deaths of billions."...

NES and SNES Emulator Appears, Vanishes from App Store

Fans of NES and SNES emulation had a brief window yesterday and today to download an app called Floppy Cloud. It’s purportedly a file management app, but if you load up an NES or SNES rom from your Dropbox folder, you can play the game right on your non-jailbroken iOS device. But alas, like all things too good for this […]

BitLit says snap a 'shelfie' to get free e-books

The BitLit app will give you free or cheap e-book editions of the print books you already own. Well, maybe some of them.

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