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'Castles of Mad King Ludwig' Briefly Drops to a Dollar to Celebrate Its First Anniversary

If you're looking for a fun board game port to play, check out Castles of Mad King Ludwig [$0.99], which just dropped to $0.99, its lowest price ever, to celebrate its first anniversary. The sale will only run for a couple of days, so make sure you grab the game while it's still cheap. If

'World of Tanks: Blitz' Update 3.9 Nerfs Premium Shells and Adds New Tanks

World of Tanks Blitz [Free] continues its steady stream of updates, and while update 3.9 is adding some new tanks, the most interesting part of the new update is the nerfing of the game's Premium Shells. Premium Shells are shells you can buy with gold and used to have pretty crazy penetration values, which made them

Survival RPG 'Dead Age' Coming to iOS and Android June 8th

With the end of the world probably upon us, we should all be training for the upcoming apocalypse if we are to survive longer than your average bear. Dead Age, a survival RPG originally created for PC and soon to join the mobile shores, will have you playing as one of the few survivors of a

Clash of Clans' gets a huge new update

9 hours agoMobile / Mobile Apps : 148Apps

Clash of Clans just got a massive new update, and that's not hyperbole. The update easily tacks on a whole new game's worth of content to the hit base building game. In the update, that mysterious boat on the edge of the map has been repaired and it's now ready to whisk players who've achieved Town Hall 4 away to the Builder Base. Show More Summary

Epic Platformers Humble Mobile Bundle Includes 'Never Alone', 'Brothers', 'RunGunJumpGun', and More

Humble Bundle has a new Epic Platformers mobile bundle, and it's got a great collection of Android platformers for you to check out. The $1+ tier includes a couple Ravenous Games titles: Devious Dungeon [$2.99] and Devious Dungeon 2 [$2.99], along with Eggggg - The Platform Puker [Free]. All solid mobile-exclusive titles. The pay-above-the-average tier

Thimbleweed Park officially headed to iOS and Android

10 hours agoMobile / Mobile Apps : 148Apps

Welp, it's official. Thimbleweed Park will be getting a mobile version. After lots of wondering and speculation, the developers confirmed it today. Thimbleweed Park will be available on both iOS and Android sometime in the near future. There's no release date just yet. [Read more]

Having Trouble Learning How to 'Just Ski'? Check Out this Tutorial Video

A couple of weeks ago a nifty minimalist skiing game called Just Ski [$0.99] hit the App Store. It's from developer Jeff Weber, who previously brought us the not-quite-as-minimalist skiing game Krashlander [$1.99], and despite looking like a simple side-scrolling skiing game Just Ski actually used more sim-like physics and mechanics. I've seen plenty of

'Zombie Gunship Survival' Hits the App Store Ahead of Schedule

Limbic Software's original Zombie Gunship ranks right up there with games like Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja as one of the most successful and sticky mobile games released in the earlier days of the App Store. In fact, the way that it has maintained popularity in the nearly 6 years since its initial launch makes

'Cobi Darts' Will Save You From The Scourge of Drunken Darting

Whoever thought it would be a great idea to combine plenty of alcohol with a game that's all about throwing incredibly pointy darts across a room should be congratulated for trying to help with the planet's overpopulation. Still, playing darts is quite fun, with or without alcohol, and the upcoming Cobi Darts looks like a

'Oh...Sir! The Hollywood Roast' Releases May 30th

Gambitious Digital Entertainment and Vile Monarch are set to release their sequel to the hit Oh...Sir! The Insult Simulator [$1.99] next week. Oh...Sir! The Hollywood Roast releases for mobile and desktop on Wednesday, May 31st. The core idea of the game is the same, but the big new change is the Hollywood parody theme, with

'The Walking Dead: New Frontier' Video Talks Player Choices

The final episode of The Walking Dead: A New Frontier [$4.99], or Season 3 if you prefer, should be coming to our devices next week, and I know many are looking forward to concluding their (probably) harrowing and depressing playthrough. Telltale published a short video today that talks about how the developers go about deciding

Sega's Classic Beat 'em Up 'Comix Zone' Comes to Mobile, but Just in the Philippines

For those of you who have been around the mobile gaming scene since the early days, you may remember that some of Sega's earliest mobile efforts were quick and dirty ports of some of the classics from their Genesis/Mega Drive era. While the games themselves were quite good–including hits like Gunstar Heroes, Shinobi III, Sonic

'Icycle: On Thin Ice' Now on Android, Coming to Steam, and is Still Awesome

Chillingo and Damp Gnat's Icycle: On Thin Ice [$2.99] released way back in the halcyon days of 2013, but somehow the game's still kicking in 2017. The game got an update on iOS not too long ago with new content, and now an Android version is out at last. Don't worry, there's no pricing shenanigans

'Adventure Time' Is Coming to 'Minecraft: Pocket Edition' in a Mathematical Mash-Up Pack

Minecraft mash-up packs have been some of the neatest new additions to the game on all platforms, and seeing some big franchises collaborate with the iconic crafting title has gone some way to keeping the gameplay fresh amidst numerous other activities competing for your time. The Super Mario series came out in force in the

What's a Fidget Spinner and Why Are These Finger Spinner Apps Taking Over the App Store (and the World)?

Things "going viral" on the internet rarely make a whole lot of sense when it comes to the actual subject matter of whatever it is this time that has "gone viral," but at least there's some logic in why this phenomenon is a thing: It's incredibly easy to consume and share content, and it seems

'Teeny Titans', 'Warlock's Tower' and More Classic Indie Games Are on Sale at $0.99 for Memorial Day Weekend

For readers in the United States, next Monday is Memorial Day, when the service of those who died in the army is celebrated and commemorated. While this holiday is normally a great time for families to get together, it has also become a good excuse for many iOS developers to put their titles on sale,

Furiously Fast Racer 'Ace Racing Turbo' Has Launched Worldwide on the App Store

Racing video games have taken a bit of a personal renaissance for me lately. Maybe it's been instigated by the exhilarating and frankly ridiculous 200cc mode on Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, but I can't get enough of any title that lets me take a blistering accurately racing line around a particularly nasty corner. The App

The Carter Crater: The Human Cost of Apple's App Store Decisions

Apple does a lot of baffling things in the way they run the App Store. It's easy to just sit there and be frustrated with the way that Apple makes decisions and then cuts off any sort of alternative for users to counteract that. But I think we aren't considering the human cost of what

Supercell now owns 62% of Space Ape Games

The two companies have entered a 'long-term strategic partnership' that will allow Space Ape to regain operational independence following the share acquisition....

Blog: 9 things I learned making N.O.V.A.

I believe in order to gain the clarity and perspective necessary to evolve, each of us needs to reexamine his work every few years. This article is the first in this effort, and treats one of my first big success....

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