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The challenge of maintaining class balance in Hearthstone's Arena mode

54 minutes agoMobile / Mobile Apps : FingerGaming

"One of the most important things is finding the core identity for a class and sticking to it," says Blizzard designer Peter Whalen. "It's also more fun if all of the classes are very powerful."...

How Innovative Mobile Interactions Can Benefit Users

Mobile devices are generally any type of handheld computers or devices. However, they provide a different computing experience. For years now mobile companies have been exploring the power of gesture driven interfaces. Gesture adds value to the user experience or UX – of a mobile app. We believe what makes mobile devices so different is their […]

For Your App’s Success, 7 Mobile App Tests you should Try NOW!

As mobile devices are becoming more and more popular around the globe, the number of opportunities in the apps markets for all three platforms, Android, Windows, and Apple, grows exponentially.... Read More ? The post For Your App’s Success, 7 Mobile App Tests you should Try NOW! appeared first on Finoit Technologies.

'FIFA 17 Companion' Is Out, Helps You Manage Your Team From Afar

FIFA 17  is coming out tomorrow for PC and Consoles, and you can download EA's FIFA 17 Companion [Free] today to help you stay connected to your teams once the game comes out. The Companion is all about the Ultimate Team mode and allows you to use the transfer market at all times - great for

We're Streaming iOS Games Live on Mobcrush [Concrete Jungle Preview]

We're streaming live on Mobcrush right now. There's a couple different ways you can watch the stream, and they all work equally well and it's really just a matter of personal preference as to which method you prefer. The easiest way to watch is just watching the embedded player right here on TouchArcade. In the

RTS Wargame 'Cavalry Charge' Is Looking for Testers

The upcoming RTS Cavalry Charge does away with fancy visuals, base building, and economy systems and, instead, focuses on battle formations and tactics. Each unit has its own AI, and you get to put all those units together in a variety of formations. Then, you throw your troops at the other army and watch them fight

'Maxim the Robot' is a Cute Robotic Platformer Heading to iOS and Android

Everybody loves robots, and everybody loves platformers. Right? Well, at least I do, and when you combine both robots and platformers together, it gets me pretty excited. That's the case with Maxim the Robot, an upcoming mobile platformer from FrozenBots Studio. Maxim the Robot features all the, er, features you'd expect from a platformer. Running,

'Minecraft: Story Mode' Episode 8 Review: Sprints to a Satisfactory End

Marriage is a tricky, tricky act, isn't it? Quite often those joined in holy matrimony don't really fit well together, and even when they do, compromises must abound if there is to be any kind of happiness in their new union. And when the marriage is of two very different people, the challenges are even greater.

How to get past Vulture Island's tricky, tricky puzzles

12 hours agoMobile / Mobile Apps : 148Apps

Vulture Island is a colorful and quirky mish-mash of platforming and puzzles. It’s creative and fresh, but sometimes the game can throw a curveball at you, leaving you stuck as to how you should progress. These tips will help you explore smoothly should you have any trouble. [Read more]

'' from 'Galcon' Developer Phil Hassey Combines .io Games with 'Pac-Man'

Phil Hassey, premier game developer and herder of even-toed ungulates, has announced his latest game: Yes, it game with emojis, meaning you'll be competing with other players in a shared world to be the most powerful player at any given time. But the twist here is that features a Pac-Man-esque system,

Get a job: Demiurge Studios seeks a UI Artist

If you're a passionate, skilled user interface artist, the makers of Marvel Puzzle Quest are looking for someone like you to join the rest of the team at Demiurge's Boston-based studio....

Upcoming 'Silicon Valley: Billionaire' Is All About Cutthroat Capitalism

If you've ever seen Silicon Valley CEOs describe how cutthroat their business is and said "yeah, I want to be just like them," here's your chance. The upcoming Silicon Valley: Billionaire is a real-time online game where you get to start your Silicon Valley company and then try and conquer all others around you. As

Mika Mobile Developing 'Battleheart 2' with Co-Op Multiplayer

Mika Mobile has just announced their newest game, and it's a doozy: Battleheart 2. The studio's 2011 RPG Battleheart [$2.99] was beloved as an incredibly fun game at the time, and a spinoff, Battleheart Legacy [$4.99], was similarly received. Now, Mika Mobile is returning to expand on one of their first big hits. It's going

Build Decks and Cities in 'Concrete Jungle' Hitting Mobile This Week

Cole Jefferies is bringing his fascinating Concrete Jungle to mobile this week, and it should be on your radar. The game is basically what you'd get if you'd combine a city builder with a deck-builder or CCG like Hearthstone [Free] and a puzzle game. The whole thing perhaps works better when you try it out,

'Titanfall: Frontine' Has Soft Launched on iOS in the Philippines

After soft-launching on Android, Titanfall: Frontline has now soft launched on iOS in the Philippines, so here's your chance to check it out before everyone else does. In case you haven't read our earlier story on the game, Titanfall: Frontilines is a CCG tie-in to the upcoming Titanfall 2 FPS. In the game you'll be

Game industry welcomes more women composers, still pays them less than men

"The difference in total income is equivalent to approximately 2.1 years of experience," reads an analysis of a recent game audio industry survey. "That is, the 'cost' of being female in game audio."...

'Sproggiwood' on Sale for Lowest Price Yet

Freehold Games' Sproggiwood [$1.99] has just gone on sale for its lowest price yet, at $1.99, down from its regular price of $4.99. Now, the game was $9.99 at launch after it was $14.99 on PC at launch, but the game got a permanent price drop at one point to help out with its long

Yogg-Saron (Again), RNG Talk (Again), Cheap Legend Decks, and More 'Hearthstone' Weekly News in 'Touchstone' #66

Welcome to another weekly roundup of everything that's happened in the world of Hearthstone [Free]. This has been another week where players have complained about the state of the meta and about how the game doesn't feel as fun as it used to. I feel we're going to be hearing the same complaints until we

Update Mondays: 'Teeny Titans', 'Pokemon Go', 'Real Racing 3', 'Pac-Man 256', and More

Hello everyone, and welcome to the week! It's time once again for our look back at the noteworthy updates of the last seven days. Some really spiffy games in this week's round-up, but which one is a bad enough dude to take home our coveted prize? Read on, friends. Of course, you can keep an

The new Clash of Kings is just for Western players

18 hours agoMobile / Mobile Apps : 148Apps

If you’ve played the original Clash of Kings, you’ll probably recognise the city building, alliance forging and strategic battles in Clash of Kings: The West. What sets this version apart is that it’s tailor made for a Western audience and the majority of players are from Europe and the US. [Read more]

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