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iReady Trip – essential packing list for every travel and sport activity by Ruslan Mukhin is now free!

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Video and Photo Transfer wifi app by Capable Bits is now free!

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Clone Camera Pro by Peta Vision is now free!

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Clone Camera Pro for iPad by Peta Vision is now free!

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'Splendor', The Award-Winning Board Game, is Coming to iOS on July 9th

We haven't had a good board game port on iOS for a few months now, and I've been itching to get my hands on one. Apparently, the board game gods have decided to heed my request and will drop Splendor on the App Store very soon. Splendor, developed by Days of Wonder, first released in 2014 and has

Godzilab Soft-Launches New Game 'Pirate Power' in Canadian App Store

Godzilab put their name on the map early in the App Store's life with the excellent physics puzzler iBlast Moki, followed by the online multiplayer basketball shooting game StarDunk, and finally the adorable town-builder Happy Street. Now they're readying the release of their next project called Pirate Power, and they've just soft-launched the game in

'Terminal Velocity' Review - Nearly a Classic

Terminal Velocity [$2.99] is one of those games I vaguely remember playing from my childhood. It's something my uncle may have brought over once, and ended up leaving in my PC, allowing me to play it for an extended period of time. But even after all that gametime, it sort of went in and out

Q& A: How your games can find players, on recommendation site Product Hunt

Gamasutra speaks to Russ Frushtick, head of the Product Hunt games category, which is currently in beta -- about the site's hopes to connect developers to players....

Mojang is Ceasing Development on Card Battler 'Scrolls', iOS Version Pretty Doubtful Now

Mojang's card-battler Scrolls has had a turbulent existence, to say the least. Originally announced way back in 2011, Scrolls wouldn't even enter a beta period until June of 2013. Then, that beta period went on for a looong time, finally ending with the game's official release on desktop and Android in December of last year.

Toys and games come together, as Disney merges divisions

Disney Infinity is having a big effect on the company, and its consumer products and interactive divisions are becoming one....

Telltale Teases 'Minecraft Story Mode' at Minecon This Weekend

One of Telltale's more interesting upcoming projects is Minecraft Story Mode, their narrative adventure game that's set in the Minecraft [$6.99] universe. We don't quite know what to expect from this, but with Minecon this weekend in London, Telltale is teasing that we'll be hearing something this weekend at Minecon: Let us tell you a

Fallout Shelter's success is shaking things up at Bethesda

"First and foremost, we're continuing to look more and more at doing things in the space that make sense on their own. Because we don't really control who in the mobile space is going to decide to play your game."...

This Week at 148Apps:June 22-26, 2015

10 hours agoMobile / Mobile Apps : 148Apps

June's Summer Journey Continues With 148Apps How do you know what apps are worth your time and money? Just look to the review team at 148Apps. We sort through the chaos and find the apps you're looking for. The ones we love become Editor’s Choice, standing out above the many good apps and games with something just a little bit more to offer. Show More Summary

'LEGO Minifigures Online' Now Available in the App Store

It's been a long time coming, but as was announced last week, Funcom have released LEGO Minifigures Online [$4.99] into the App Store. The game is an MMO-like adventure which features a vast array of the crazy characters and locations from the world of LEGO. It was originally revealed way back in August of 2013,

'Out There Omega Edition' Update Now Available

In July of last year we learned that Mi Clos Studios' excellent (and punishing!) roguelike/gamebook/strategy/space adventure Out There [$3.99] would be getting a huge expansion dubbed the Omega Edition which revamped much of the artwork and added lots of new features to the game. Us mobile gamers had to watch in anguish as our desktop

How's Your Heisenberg Impression? A 'Breaking Bad' Game Might be Coming Our Way

Apparently, Mr. White, aka the one who knocks, might be visiting our mobile devices soon. According to reports, Sony has filed a trademark application for its product, the TV show Breaking Bad, at the office of Harmonization in the Internal Market. For those not familiar with the show (truly a pity if you aren't), Breaking Bad debuted on

The Carter Crater: Just Make 'Fallout Shelter', Jeez

Fallout Shelter [Free] has been a tremendous success on the App Store, and I think it's been a triumph in more ways than just "Bethesda is going to make Scrooge McDuck levels of cash" – a major publisher went to mobile and made a game that didn't suck, that was actually cool and original while

I, Gladiator by Burlington Trading Limited is now free!

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Quotes Folder by Nestor Borgo is now free!

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Noah Bordner of Mika Mobile on the Importance of Supporting TouchArcade

Last Friday we heard from Randy Smith of Tiger Style on the importance of supporting the TouchArcade Patreon. We're just shy of 400 folks backing us right now, which is just awesome. When we started kicking around this idea, we had no idea what was going to happen. So far the incredible reaction from our

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