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TouchArcade Game of the Week: 'Does Not Commute'

36 minutes agoMobile / Mobile Apps : Touch Arcade

The idea behind the TouchArcade Game of the Week is that every Friday afternoon we post the one game that came out this week that we think is worth giving a special nod to. Now, before anyone goes over-thinking this, it doesn't necessarily mean our Game of the Week pick is the highest scoring game

Best iPhone and iPad Game - 4/24/15 - 'Sorcery! 3'

Apple Watch Release day! Maybe next week, we'll have some Apple Watch games in this roundup, maybe. Either way, this week was pretty dominated by Apple Watch news so we didn't publish as many reviews as we usually would... But that doesn't mean we skimped on one great game Sorcery! 3. It's our highest rated

'Ultimate General: Gettysburg' is 50% Off, and You Should Buy It

If you love strategy games on the iPad, do I have a deal for you. Ultimate General: Gettysburg [$3.99 (HD)], the real time strategy game by Game Labs, is now $3.99, down from $7.99. The game is in soft-launch currently, but the U.S. is one of the soft-launch territories, so many of you should be able

Huge SNK Sale: Most Games $0.99

Legendary game / console designer SNK is having a big sale in honor of the Neo Geo’s 25th anniversary. Many of its apps are sinking to the $0.99 USD price point, including hit side-scrollers like Metal Slug, and fighting classics like King of Fighters and Fatal Fury. Show More Summary

Halo Spartan Strike and Spartan Assault Review: A Bundle of Fun

Gamezebo’s review of the mobile Halo games combines critical analysis for Halo Spartan Strike and Halo Spartan Assault. Reviewer Tom Christiansen says both twin-stick shooters are well put-together, though he had some trouble with driving and shooting at the same time. Show More Summary

Hands-On with 'Loot & Legends', the iOS Rebirth of 'Card Hunter'

As you might have guessed from all my articles on Hearthstone, I really enjoy Collectible Card Games (CCGs). Military games are one of my passions, and it's not a great leap to go from enjoying those games to enjoying CCGs since good CCGs are, after all, all about strategies and tactics. iOS developers apparently know,

Does Not Commute Video Review: A Rough Journey, but Worth It

AppSpy’s video review of strageic driving game Does Not Commute points out the title’s flaws, but praises its originality, its sense of humor, and, interestingly, a joke about a boat. More about Does not Commute » The post Does Not Commute Video Review: A Rough Journey, but Worth It is from Slide To Play via AppSpy.

You can get U.S. government grant money for your educational game

"Eight years ago, our program's portfolio didn't include a single educational-themed game or project. Today, about half of those projects are educational games."...

Knights of Pen & Paper 2 Trailer

Touch Arcade has the latest trailer up for Knights of Pen & Paper 2 The 16-bit visuals are looking great, though without running away from the “nerds sitting at a table playing a tabletop game” frame that the original game used. Super-cool. Show More Summary

Every SNK Game Is On Sale Right Now For $0.99 Each

Can you believe it's been 25 years since SNK launched their real hot dog gaming hardware, the Neo Geo? While its success as a home platform was limited to a dedicated niche, in the arcades it ruled the roost until arcades themselves died around it. Part of that was because of its flexibility and ease

'Devious Dungeon 2' Review - Meet The New Dungeon, Same As The Old Dungeon

There's no doubt in my mind that Devious Dungeon 2 [$0.99] makes some worthwhile improvements over the original game. Most of them are things that people directly asked for, even. In the end, though, it can't quite escape that feeling of repetitiveness that permeates the titles released by Ravenous Games. It's absolutely worth its price,

'Hearthstone' Blackrock Mountain Adventure - Guide and Tips for Normal and Heroic Blackwing Lair Wing

After meandering deep inside Hearthstone's [Free] Blackrock Mountain these last three weeks, we've arrived at Blackwing Lair, Lord Victor Nefarius' seat of power within Blackrock Mountain. Nefarius tinkers with blood of the various dragon flights to create an unstoppable army (it's not an accident, I think, that Nefarius's name, Victor, is the same as another

Check Out the First 'Knights of Pen & Paper 2' Gameplay Footage

Paradox Interactive's Knights of Pen & Paper 2 is coming out next month on May 14th, but we haven't had a chance to see any gameplay footage of the game yet. And we didn't get the chance to nab any gameplay video from GDC. Well, the good news is that Paradox is finally delivering some

'Final Fantasy: Record Keeper' Updated With New Realms, Characters

DeNA’s Final Fantasy: Record Keeper [Free] has been consistently updated on a weekly basis since its release with limited time events that offered the opportunity to unlock a few characters. This week’s update doesn’t follow the same vein but instead focuses on expanding the game’s core content. As of Tuesday night, players can unlock new records in

Adobe Joins the Apple Watch Lineup With Three of its Apps

7 hours agoMobile / Mobile Apps : 148Apps

A whole tidal wave of apps are headed for the Apple Watch, and Adobe has joined in with 3 new ways to enhance your creativity and collaborate with others. The watch apps pair with iPad/iPhone apps to give you total control over your Adobe projects. [Read more]

'Hellrider' review - Ducks of Anarchy

Have you ever wanted to ride a motorcycle through Hell as a duck? Well, Hellrider [Free] is your huckleberry. Accompanied by a slick set of pixelated visuals and an appropriately chiptune soundtrack, Hellrider sees players riding a motorcycle through a hellish landscape, avoiding lava at two sides and a heap of different obstacles. By default

'Leo's Fortune' Gets $0.99 Flash Sale on Game's First Anniversary

Leo's Fortune [$0.99] has been out for about a year now, and it's kind of crazy because it won an Apple Design Award almost immediately after release. It's felt like something of an iOS platformer institution ever since it came out. The good news is that now on the game's one-year anniversary, you can pick

'Game of Thrones Ascent' Gets 'Fire & Blood' Expansion and New Season 5 Content

Disruptor Beam's Game of Thrones Ascent [Free] had a cool thing going for it last year, where it tied in events from season 4 of HBO's Game of Thrones into its own game. Well, the good news is that they're continuing it for season 5 with new content drops, and have also launched a big

Play Tree Story, Plant Real Trees

Tree Story from a new company filled with game industry vets, Zig Zag Zoom, wants to do good. Their first game, Tree Story is a bubble shooter with a twist — that twist is that if you plant trees in the game, they will plant trees in the world. More about Tree Story: My Interactive Virtual Pet » The post Play Tree Story, Plant Real Trees is from Slide To Play.

Z Steel Soldiers, Sequel to Kavcom's Popular RTS, is Available Now

8 hours agoMobile / Mobile Apps : 148Apps

Kavcom has released Z Steel Soldiers, which continues the story of the comedic RTS originally created by the Bitmap Brothers. [Read more]

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