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'Remedy Rush' from the Developer of 'Piloteer' and 'Pivvot' is Now Available

Earlier this week we showed you the first teaser trailer for the new game from Fixpoint Productions, creators of some great games that start with the letter P including Piloteer [$2.99], Pivvot [$2.99], and Polymer [$2.99 / Free]. Well, it lagged a bit behind our normal weekly new games post, but that game, called Remedy

Get a job: Nintendo is hiring a Public Relations Manager

Nintendo of America is looking for an experienced Public Relations Manager to develop and manage product publicity, foster relationships with key industry influencers, and more in Redwood City, CA....

Blog: Will you pay $2 to kiss a game character?

A UX review of Episode - Choose Your Story that looks at the game's "time shifted" media strategy, hedonic monetisation practices, and the threat of rising adult content....

App Store revenues up by 40% to $20 billion in 2016

App Store revenues leapt up by 40 percent in 2016, with developers raking in a gargantuan $20 billion over the course of the year. ...

iOS 10 Fix for SteelSeries Stratus MFi Controller Now Available

The SteelSeries Stratus came out ages ago (our review is from 2014) but there really hasn't been anything else like it that has been released in the MFi controller world. There's a bunch of options for larger-sized controllers (I think the best "full" sized MFi controller is the SteelSeries Nimbus) but as far as pint-sized

'Highway Runners' Review - Out Run Your Own High Score

Out Run really was ahead of its time. Released over 30 years ago, Yu Suzuki tapped into the racing market like never before, with a sit-down car-like arcade cabinet and an exploration-based concept. In Out Run the objective wasn't to really "finish first" despite the time limit mechanic. It was all about the journey, providing

Ben Brode Talks 'Hearthstone' New Player Experience

A couple of days ago, we talked about how Ben Brode, Hearthstone's [Free] Game Director, went on reddit to describe the steps being taken to enable the team to maintain a better communication with players in the near future. Today, Brode decided to wade into a reddit discussion about the problems of the new player experience. The discussion was specifically about

Nintendo Switch Treehouse Live Presentation Happening on January 13th

We had a rough idea when Nintendo would be talking about the Nintendo Switch, but the specifc time of a consumer-facing presentation is now known to us. A Treehouse Live talking about the upcoming portable-console hybrid will be happening on January 13th, at 9:30 AM EST. You'll be able to watch the presentation on both

Vape Master is the First Contender for 2017 Game of the Year

In 2016, the first week of the year saw Clash Royale [Free] hit mobile in soft launch, setting the pace for what the rest of the year would bring. 2017 has seen yet another landmark release that has caused a seismic shift in the mobile gaming landscape. That Vape Master [Free]. Subscribe to the

'Crowntakers' Gets Universal Update, iPhone Owners Can Now Join in the Fun

It's a tough road for non-universal apps these days, particularly those that are restricted to iPad users. Sometimes it's hard to avoid, especially if the game in question has a lot of small UI elements, but I've always felt that the excellent strategy RPG Crowntakers [$3.99] could work on an iPhone with some adjustments. Moreover,

The Revamped Nvidia Shield TV is Still a Capable Gaming Device, but Isn't Just That

Nvidia has announced a refresh of the Nvidia Shield TV, and it's intriguing because it seems that they're stepping a bit away from it as a gaming console, and more into the streamer and smart home hub market. Oh, they're still mentioning games, and they include native Android versions of Tomb Raider and The Witness

Hi-Rez Reveals 'Smite Rivals', Their Take on 'Clash Royale'

Hi-Rez Studios is bringing a new spin on their popular Smite MOBA to mobile, with Smite Rivals. Described as a "collectable card arena," you'll be taking a deck of 8 units – one of which is a god from among Smite's pantheon of gods from various cultures – into battle, trying to take down your

'Xenoraid' Shmup from 10tons Hits the App Store on January 12th

10tons released the spectacular Neon Chrome [$9.99] in late 2016 on iOS, and they're kicking 2017 off with another port to iOS, the space shooter Xenoraid, which will release on January 12th. This shmup will have you commanding a fleet of upgradeable ships that you can swap between in the heat of combat, as you

'Mega Man 1 - 6' Review - Mega-Bad Doesn't Begin to Describe It

Do not buy these. Just don't. Not even for a laugh. Not even because they're only a couple bucks a pop and what harm could it do? I am sitting here trying to imagine how these ports of the 8-bit Mega Man games could have been worse, and I'm coming up dry. Nothing is right

Out Now: 'Mega Man 1-6', 'Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location', 'Milkmaid of the Milky Way', 'Turbo League', 'Breakout Ninja' and More

Well with the holidays behind us things are finally starting to get back to normal around the App Store in regards to new games releasing. Obviously the biggest name out of this week's batch of games are the Mega Man 1-6 ports, but unfortunately it didn't even take 30 seconds of playing to see just

'Mega Man 1-6' Now Available on iOS and Android

Mega Man is one of the most difficult game series even with a physical controller, and as we've seen a couple of different times over the years the experience doesn't translate super well to the touchscreen. Well, Capcom Mobile is taking another stab at it as they announced last month that the six 8-bit Mega

Engaging Narrative Game '1979 Revolution' Goes Free for the First Time

The Iranian Revolution isn't exactly an era gamers get to visit often, so when 1979 Revolution: A Cinematic Adventure Game [Free] released, it caught the eye of all those who enjoy historical fiction. Now that the game has gone free for the first time, you have no reason not to put yourself in the shoes

Inside, Overwatch & Firewatch lead GDC 2017 Choice Awards nominees!

The 17th annual Game Developers Choice Awards nominees also include Pokemon Go, The Last Guardian and Dishonored 2 - with the winners to be revealed at GDC 2017 in February & March!...

'This War of Mine' and 'The Little Ones' DLC Both on Sale

This War of Mine [$1.99] is a bleak game that offers players an unflinching simulation of war's effect on civilian populations, and its DLC The Little Ones - which lets you experience war through the eyes of a child - definitely didn't make the game any lighter. The DLC is now 30% off, so here's your

'Feral Fury' Review - Pure Panda-monium Gone Wild

Twin-stick shooting. Roguelite elements. Pandas with heavy ordinance. It was inevitable that someone, at some point in human history, would put these things together into one game. Continuing my mop-up of games that missed getting a review upon their initial release, it's Feral Fury's turn at bat. This game has developed a strong following in

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