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'Street Fighter' Comes to 'Shadowverse' In Spring

To use a movie cliche, this idea is so crazy, it might actually work. Shadowverse [Free], the relatively-new CCG that's increasingly gaining in popularity, has decided to expand from its fantasy world and bring in some of the most iconic video game characters, those from Street Fighter V. The collaboration will bring Street Fighter V-themed

Five takeaways after a weekend with the LG Watch Sport

LG's newest smartwatch lineup is the first to ship with Android Wear 2.0.

'Pokemon GO' New Features to Launch Soon, Priority Is to Reward Co-Operative Gameplay

Pokemon GO [Free] might not be ruling the world like it did when it first came out last summer, but it continues to be very popular and continues to make tons of money for Niantic. In a recent interview, John Hanke, Niantic's CEO, talked about the current focus of the development team, and it's good

'OK Golf' Review - Exactly What it Says on the Tin Cup

Casual, mobile-friendly golf with a striking visual style is what OK Golf [$2.99] promises. It also offers up a structure and holes that are familiar to golf, but do some things that feel just a bit off from normal golf. And the controls have some issues, too. It adds up to an experience that seems

The Radiant 'Robot Unicorn Attack 3' Receiving Update With Unicorn Backstories and Performance Enhancements

A couple of weeks ago, we brought you news that the third entry in the eccentric but essential Robot Unicorn Attack series soft launched on the App Store. In keeping with the precedent set by the previous platforming action Adult Swim brought to the App Store many moons ago, the latest title was a whole

Arena Rankings and Changes, Top Decks, Meta State, and More 'Hearthstone' Weekly News in 'Touchstone' #84

Welcome to another Touchstone Tavern, our weekly roundup of the most entertaining, interesting, or important Hearthstone [Free] news and videos. This week we had more news about possible changes coming down the road as well as stories about the game's meta state and what can be done to improve and freshen it up. There were

Update Mondays: 'Candy Crush Soda Saga', 'SpellTower', 'Gangstar Vegas', 'Subway Surfers', and More

Hello everyone, and welcome to the week! It's time once again for our look back at the noteworthy updates of the last seven days. Phew, now this is a slow week. Well, nothing to be done about it, I suppose. There were at least a few really cool updates at least, so I tried my

Can't get your Android tablet online? Now it can instantly piggyback nearby connections

Setting up your Nexus or Pixel as a hotspot just got a lot easier thanks to Google's Instant Tethering feature.

Gameloft Resurrects Halo-Like 'N.O.V.A.' Series as Upcoming Free to Play Game (For Android?)

When this video got dropped into our Discord chat this morning (Which is a great place to get breaking iOS games news as it takes so much less time for someone to drop a YouTube link there than it does for me to write an article here, by the way!) when I was out grabbing

Telltale Looking for Producer for Free-to-Play Mobile Games

Telltale has an interesting job posting up, where they are looking for an experienced mobile free-to-play producer to work on "an exciting new mobile game initiative." Now, this doesn't mean that The Walking Dead season 4 is going to be free-to-play with microtransactions...necessarily. What it does mean is that Telltale is being proactive with the

Video Game Deep Cuts: The Alpha Kingdom Protocol

This week's Video Game Deep Cuts include everything from a witty video appreciation of Kingdom's design to an Alpha Protocol retrospective, & lots more....

Winding the Clocks Back to 'Pocket God' - The TouchArcade Show #294

Unfortunately, the fears I mentioned in last week's podcast episode came true and I'm currently stuck using the world's worst hotel WiFi (which really describes basically all hotel WiFi). I wasn't even able to place a simple Skype call yesterday, so there's not a whole lot of point in trying to record an hour long

TouchArcade Game of the Week: 'Postknight'

The idea behind the TouchArcade Game of the Week is that every Friday afternoon we post the one game that came out this week that we think is worth giving a special nod to. Now, before anyone goes over-thinking this, it doesn't necessarily mean our Game of the Week pick is the highest scoring game

'Gravity Galaxy' Looks Like a Fun Orbital Action-Puzzle Game

PixelByte, a two-person UK studio, is set to release their first game onto mobile on February 16th, called Gravity Galaxy. The idea is that it's a "hybrid puzzle game" where you have to try and collect all 3 stars in a level by navigating the orbit of different planets. Along the way, you have to

'Wobblers' Is a Unique High Score Chaser From the Developer of 'Down the Mountain'

For a while, Umbrella has been quite active in one sense, publishing a bunch of games from other developers under their studio. But an actual game developed by the team has been a long time coming, at least for the past 10 months or so. However, that all changes on February 23rd, when Wobblers, a

Take a look at Nimblebit's upcoming Bit City

Nimblebit is always good for some light, well-designed fun, and the mobile development studio is likely holding to that with their upcoming game, Bit City. Various Nimblebit developers have been sharing screenshots of the game over the past few months, but this is the first official teaser for the game. [Read more]

'Feudal Feud' Is a Promising Multiplayer Diplomacy/Conquest Game

Do you have any qualms about subjugating your neighbors and turning them into obedient vassals? How about conquering without mercy? And what about being all diplomatic while perhaps scheming at the same time? If you like doing all that and like to do so alongside 100 other players, the upcoming Feudal Feud is probably for

Get a job: Telltale Games is hiring a Mobile Producer

Telltale Games is looking for a Mobile Producer with experience taking free-to-play games from early concept to successful launches for its new mobile game initiative in San Rafael, CA....

FTL creators announce new game Into the Breach

Since its arrival on the App Store a few years ago, FTL has been entertaining mobile gamers with its irresistible style, regardless of the often absurd challenges it presents. Fans of that fine spaceship management sim will be pleased to learn that Subset Games has another sci-fi game in the works --Into the Breach. [Read more]

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