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Stickman Skate Battle - [Sponsor] Pull of rad tricks in Stickman Skate Battle out now on mobile

We’d like to thank our sponsor for this week, Stickman Skate Battle from Djinnworks GmbH. Think you can pull off the most rad tricks out of all of your friends? Well, why not put that to the test in Stickman Skate Battle, a multiplayer skate-off experience out right now on iOS and Android. Show More Summary

'Soccer Physics' Developer Otto-Ville Ojala Makes All His iOS Games Free Until Delisting on May 28th

Otto-Ville Ojala is someone whose name you should know, because Soccer Physics [Free] has been a tremendously popular game for years now. It's one of the great examples of the wacky physics sports genre that has seen countless imitators. But if you haven't played it, or if you have, then you might want to get

The Soft-Launched 'Farm On!' Has You Managing Your Farm in Portrait Mode

It looks like mobile gamers really love farming, at least judging from all the farming games that have graced the platform. Farm On! is getting ready to join the club and hopes that it'll be able to stand out from the rest partly because of its focus on single-handed, portrait mode gameplay. As you can

A Look Behind the Scenes of the Creation of 'Old Man's Journey', Launching this Thursday

The long and winding, ahem, journey of Old Man's Journey, which we've been following for the past year, finally comes to an end when the game hits the App Store this Thursday. This story-driven adventure has you traveling across beautifully-illustrated lands interacting with the environment and recalling the memories of the old man protagonist's life.

'Art of Gravity' Physics Game From 'Zenge' Developer Releases in June

Mike Pawlowski announced Art of Destruction earlier this year, and he's got two pieces of news. One, the game has been renamed to Art of Gravity due to, well, another game releasing called The Art of Destruction [Free] on iOS. Considering that it too is a physics game, that would definitely lead to some confusion.

'Hearthstone' Adding Decklist Sharing and Completing Quests in Friendly Challenges

Hearthstone [Free] is getting some pretty cool new features in the upcoming update, and Blizzard published a blog post today presenting two big ones. The first is the ability to complete quests in Friendly Challenges instead of just with randoms. We got a taste of this in the Friendly Feud event last year, and now we'll

'Pokemon Go' Adventure Week Brings Rock Pokemon, Faster Candy for Buddy Pokemon, and More

Warmer weather is upon us, summer is right around the corner, and the sun threatens to engulf us all. The means it's time to bust out the Pokemon Go [Free] again, and another event from Niantic is headed your way. Adventure Week will have you finding more Rock-type Pokemon, and their evolutions. So if you've

Guitar Learning Game 'Rocksmith' Soft Launches in Canada

Looking at the evolution of music games, Guitar Hero hit big, had a few spinoffs (like DJ Hero) and then Rockband became a thing where you could get friends together and play as the whole band. The "problem" with these games is they're definitely deep into game territory and even if you're a Guitar Hero

First Hands-On Video of 'Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm' Released

Cornfox & Bros. has shared the first gameplay video of the upcoming Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm. They're demoing the game at the upcoming Nordic Game event in Malmö, Sweden, but for those of us born in countries that aren't the home of some of the finest death metal ever made, the developers

Golden Poncho Winner 'Demon's Rise' Currently on Sale for $3.99

If you don't read the musings of Shaun Musgrave around here, you're doing yourself a disservice by missing out on all the awards he gives out for things. While the highly coveted Most Spider-Mans of the Week award seems to get doled out the most, today's news is on the 2015 Golden Poncho award winner

The Upcoming 'Pocket Claw' Provides Claw Machine Fun, Without Draining Your Pockets of Quarters

I doubt I'm alone on this, but throughout my life I've definitely been guilty of dumping a dumb amount of quarters into claw machines to get stupid prizes I honestly don't even need. As an adult, through the marvels of the internet, I've since learned what an unbelievable scam these claw machines are... But, do

'To The Moon' Review - When the Moon Hits Your Eye

To The Moon [$4.99] is an experience that depends almost entirely on the way its story unravels, and the exceptional music backing it. Spoiling the story, any bit of it, beyond the premise would be doing any potential player a tremendous disservice. And while I can offer up all kinds of praise for the audio,

With a legal win against Oculus, ZeniMax turns to a new target: Samsung's Gear VR

3 months after winning an award of $500 million in its lawsuit against Oculus VR, ZeniMax Media is setting its sights on another target: Samsung, and its Oculus-powered Gear VR headset....

'Dyna Knight' is an Endless Runner With Perhaps Too Many Bombs

Parta Games, who made the fun Choppa [Free], have announced their next game, called Dyna Knight. And Dyna Knight asks an important question: what if you played an endless runner that had you tossing a lot of bombs? Like, seriously, so many bombs. That's exactly what's going on here! Playing as Bomb Quijote (which is

'Payday Crime War' Gets First Trailer and Supposedly Will Be "Out Soon"

Bringing the popular Payday cooperative first-person shooter from console and PC over to mobile was originally announced at E3 way back in June of 2015, and then we heard basically nothing on the project for an entire year until Payday Crime War was officially announced during E3 2016. Well, E3 2017 is just around the

Nintendo is working on a Legend of Zelda mobile game

The Legend of Zelda is the next Nintendo mobile game following Animal Crossing, according to a report by The Wall Street Journal citing unnamed sources. The same report says that Animal Crossing will be going mobile in the latter half of 2017, so we can likely expect Zelda sometime in early 2018 if all goes smoothly. [Read more]

'Death Road to Canada' Is Featured on 'Designated Survivor' Season 1

You might remember that in House of Cards, Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey's character) switched from playing a console FPS to playing Monument Valley and subsequently, with the first one getting a pretty big boost from being on the show. Well, an eagle-eyed gamer noticed that Rocketcat Games' Death Road to Canada [$8.99] has joined

Crescent Moon's 'Subdivision Infinity' Releases on May 25th

Crescent Moon's next published title has a release date. Subdivision Infinity, a space shooter developed by Mistfly Games, will release on May 25th. Good news for fans of console-style experiences on mobile: not only is MFi controller support in the game, but so is Apple TV support. Play the game on a TV like everyone's

Latest 'Clash of Clans' 'Captain's Log' Update Teaser Is Trolling Everyone

I think it's pretty fair to say that Supercell has decided to troll the many Clash of Clans [Free] players. If you've been keeping up with the teasers for the huge upcoming Clash of Clans update, you'll know that the Captain's Day Logs haven't exactly been bursting with content; actually, you could say that they've barely

'Quantum Revenge' 1.1 Update Bringing New Weapons and More in Update Next Week

Quantum Revenge [$0.99] is a game that caught our attention way back in January with its manga-inspired visuals and hectic dual-stick space shooter action. It launched at the beginning of April but unfortunately all of its promise was countered with lots of bugs and some strange design decisions. You could tell there was a really

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