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NEXON's 'Fantasy War Tactics-R' Gets New Content in Nightmare Dungeon Update

Fantasy War Tactics-R [Free] from NEXON is a free to play hero collecting RPG with various in game modes for all kinds of mobile RPG fans. Gameplay is isometric and grid based with some slick animations. It has gone through quite a bit with a huge update that made it feel fresh and through collaboration

Butterscotch Shenanigans' Next Game Is 'Scuffle Buddies' - But What Is It (or What Are They)?

Following the success of Crashlands [$4.99] is going to be difficult for Butterscotch Shenanigans, but if we know anything about the Coster brothers, it's that they're really good at overcoming massive challenges. After their previous title did so well, BScotch has staffed up significantly and today they're announcing the name of their next game: Scuffle

Civilization-like 'A Planet of Mine' Has More Content Coming and is Looking for Beta Testers

A Planet of Mine [Free] is a real-time, pocket-sized game of galactic exploration, imperial expansion, resource gathering, economic production, and the extermination of those that stand in your way. Think Civilization on your phone but with quasi-cute animalistic characters. It's a super compelling and very fun game that I avoid opening unless I have at

'Wayout' Is the Next Colorful Minimalistic Puzzle Title From Dropout Games, and Is in Need of Beta Testers

Developer Dropout Games have started to develop a reputation for simple, stylist and most of all superb puzzle titles on the App Store. I was particularly impressed with their latest release Neo Angle [$1.99], which featured pulsating and rhythmic navigation through numerous detailed levels with a beautiful 80's neon aesthetic. Not wishing to rest on

Out Now: 'Forward Assault', 'The Guides Axiom', 'Minos Strategos', 'Eight-Minute Empire', 'The Knight Watch', 'The Human Age', 'Bored Ogre', 'Deliria', 'Don't Eat Us' and More

We are finally back from a VERY busy and VERY productive time at PAX West, and it's out of the frying pan and right back into the fryer of a very busy week of new iOS game releases. There's no rest in the world of mobile! Actually, while roughly 30 new games on any other

'Vainglory' 2.8 Update Welcomes In The Autumn Season With Big Changes

Some of us may be mourning now that summer is nearing its close. However, Vainglory [Free] has released its 2.8 update to ease our pain. The 2.8 update includes some pretty big changes to the game, such as adding two new in-game items (SpellSword and Healing Flask), removing potions, numerous balance changes, and multiple UI improvements. There are also

'Octopuz' Is a Memory Puzzle Game Made by a 13-Year-Old

Developing games for iOS is becoming increasingly easy (as Apple likes to remind us all the time), and it's always interesting seeing who can develop a game or an app. Octopuz is a great example of how accessible game developing is becoming. This upcoming game is being developed by a 13-year-old solo developer using Swift,

The best mobile space shooters like Destiny 2

2 weeks agoMobile / Mobile Apps : 148Apps

Word's out on Destiny 2, and it turns out it's pretty good. To celebrate the release of Bungie's newest sci-fi shooter, we've developed a list of some similar high quality shooters on mobile. [Read more]

The best deals on the App Store this week - September 6

2 weeks agoMobile / Mobile Apps : 148Apps

It's another week of deals and steals here at 148Apps. We're featuring a lot of apps in this week's roundup -- seven in total. We've got fast-paced space shooters, addictive arcade games, and some clever puzzle games just to name a few. Let's dig in, shall we? [Read more]

'Glowish' Review - A Colorful and Shapely Puzzling Experience

I love puzzle games. Lucky for me you can't swing a dead Pokemon in the App Store without hitting several dozen. Not all of them are good, of course, and many are shallow copies of much better games. There are enough good ones, however, to keep me entertained and seeking more. Those moments when I

The 'Hearthstone' Tavern Brawl Is 'An Evil Exchange' - Sorry, Fancy Brawls Are Just for Fireside Gatherings

It's time for another Hearthstone [Free] Tavern Brawl everyone, and if you were expecting a fancy raid one like the ones Fireside Gatherings are getting, then I'm sorry, but you're out of luck. If you can get together with others at a Fireside Gathering, then you get to play the Lich King raid; if you

'Uri: The Sprout of Lotus Creek' Turns the User Interface Into Part of the Game

If you look at the title of Uri: The Sprout of Lotus Creek through squinted eyes, you might get a pretty good clue of what this game is about. This is a game where the UI, or user interface, becomes an essential part of the gameplay as you use it to help Uri solve various

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Q& A: Cracking the code of China's mobile market with Ubisoft's Palasse

"We have to learn from the Chinese market about monetization and retention. Doing games that are free and that people stick with for years, that takes a real expertise."...

The Latest Update to 'Fire Emblem Heroes' Adds a Support System and More

This month's major update for Nintendo's Fire Emblem Heroes [Free] has arrived, and it adds a much-requested feature to the game. While the core of the Fire Emblem series is the strategic combat system, it seems to be just as popular these days for the relationships that can be built between characters. In recent entries,

'Minos Strategos' is a Highly Tactical Digital Board Game and Out Now on iPhone

Brain Good Games is making a name for themselves by developing interesting and engaging digital board games. Axes and Acres and Militia [$3.99] have both done well on Steam, with the latter making the leap to mobile back in March. Now their latest title, Minos Strategos [$3.99], has also launched on iOS and Android. In Minos Strategos

Ankama's Upcoming 'Drag'n'Boom' Is a Platformer With Fun Slingshot Mechanics

Slingshot mechanics became synonymous with mobile gaming every since we all got to slingshot those poor, but ill-tempered, birds around, and ever since then, developers have been tinkering with the slingshot formula in all kinds of ways. Drag'n'Boom, an upcoming game by Ankama, is using a double slingshot mechanic of sorts by having you slingshot

'Kingsman: The Golden Circle' Launching Along With the Movie, and You Can Preregister Now

The first Kingsman movie, based on the comic book of the same name, was a surprising success partly because of its great action scenes and general Britishness. The sequel, Kingsman: The Golden Circle, is about to release on September 22nd, so, unsurprisingly, we are getting a tie-in mobile game with the same name. Kingsman: The

New iOS Games on Our Forums: '8 Minute Empire', 'Minos Strategos', 'Future Strike', 'The Knight Watch' and Loads More

Hey what do you know, it's Wednesday again and this particular Wednesday is Fight Procrastination Day, a made up holiday I'm inadvertantly "celebrating" myself by getting up super early and attacking all the stuff I'm behind on from being gone at PAX head-on. Also, because we were at PAX, I included new games going all

'Pokemon GO' Trading and Peer-To-Peer Battling Hinted for Upcoming Update by Pokemon Company CEO

It may have only been just over a year since Pokemon GO [Free] launched with such aplomb on the App Store, but it feels like a lifetime ago. A lot has certainly changed since July 2016, not only on the App Store and in the wider world, but also within the augmented reality application itself.

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