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The Spectacular 'Tennis Champs Returns' is Half Off on iOS and Apple TV Today

If you haven't played Tennis Champs Returns [Free], I have to say: what is wrong with you?! This is the best tennis game since Mario Tennis for Game Boy Color, and Jared has fanboyed out for this game like no other. It's free to download, but it comes with some in-app purchases (the most expensive

'Minecraft' Movie Gets 'Wonder Woman' and 'Pan' Writer

We wrote a few months back that Minecraft: The Movie (very original title) is scheduled to release May 24th, 2019 and that the director will be Rob McElhenney, of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia fame. Now, we have news about who will be writing the film. The writer will be Jason Fuchs, who wrote the

Shuffle Cats and 4 other great mobile card games

Sure, video games are exciting and new, but sometimes there’s nothing quite like an old fashioned card game. King’s Shuffle Cats, which hit your assorted mobile gadgets this week, is a great example of that with its fun take on classic rummy. Show More Summary

Polyphonic LP Announces 'Resynth', a Synesthesia-Inspired Music Puzzler

Australian duo Polyphonic LP has announced their debut title, a music puzzler called Resynth. Not a rhythm puzzler, necessarily, but a puzzle game where you'll be moving around a board, activating certain squares to try and create music, even remixing it with the different squares you activate. The tagline for the game is "what does

5 quick mobile workouts to motivate you

Beginning an exercise routine, or getting back into fitness after a slump can be daunting with the overwhelming amount of experts out there telling you which way is right, and which way is wrong, and which exercises are the best. Forget about all of that for now and start out small to get motivated and inspired. Show More Summary

'ZenDots 2 - One Dot's Journey' is the Very Different Sequel to 'ZenDots' that's Coming November 3rd

Little White Bear Studios released a novel mashup of pinball and brick breaking with last year's ZenDots [Free], and early next month they'll be releasing a follow-up title that mixes up the formula to an even greater degree. ZenDots 2 - One Dot's Journey stars just a single dot and isn't actually a pinball game

'RPG Creator' Review - Maybe I'll Just Make My Own, Then

For English console gamers, ASCII's RPG Maker for the original PlayStation was likely their first chance to make their own game without actually learning how to program. It was a very limited version of the software, but you could make a basic JRPG with it if you were dedicated enough. I imagine most players bounced

Sony Are Planning to Launch 'More Than Five' Mobile Games on iOS and Android by 2018

Earlier today, we learnt that Super Mario Run [Free] already has 20 million users who have signed up to be notified of its release, and in the past few weeks has been predicted to reach potentially billions of downloads over its lifetime. Owing to the incredible success Nintendo has had on the App Store of

'Super Mario Run' Already Has 20 Million Users Signed up to Be Notified of Its Release

You'd think that, especially after the runaway success of Pokemon GO [Free], that Super Mario Run [Free]'s impending success would come as a surprise to no one. Sure, the Mario brand is arguably the biggest in gaming, and with consultants predicting potentially billions of downloads, it's a given that Super Mario Run will be one

Put your empire on top in our guide to Clash of Kings: The West

Western gamers are in for a treat with the new RTS game Clash of Kings: The West. This is because it’s been designed specifically for the western market, so you’ll no longer have to put up with players from mainland China dominatingShow More Summary

Avoid These 4 Deadly Startup Myths If Want To Succeed

“Build it, and they will come” – for reasons unknown, overnight startup success has become the most believable in the utopia of the modern age. Certainly, the idea of putting our thoughts into actions and releasing them straight into...Show More Summary

Blog: How I made a mobile game in just one week

"So I took a break from contracts and Fire Child to make this dumb game called Deflated. I did it just to answer the question: could I start and finish a game in a week?"...

Get a hole in one in Flappy Golf 2

Flappy Golfis back with a new sequel featuring dastardly physics puzzles in a charming and colorful little package. The aim of this game is to get the lowest score possible, which can be tricky when you have to make your way through each course's unique traps and obstacles. We have a few tips to help you get the best score possible. Read on! [Read more]

5 great personal organizers to keep your life in check

Life happens fast and it's often incredibly hectic. It's easy to forget the plans you've made, or even some of the smaller, personal projects you've been meaning to take on. If you're finding your schedule getting away from you, relax and take a quick breather. Show More Summary

RPG Reload File 095 - 'Overlive'

Hello, gentle readers, and welcome to the RPG Reload, the weekly feature where cats calm the raging insanity inside us all. Each week, we take a look at an RPG from the App Store's past to see how it holds up today. It's a chance to revisit old favorites, reflect on their position in the

'Clash Royale' Teases the Ice Golem, a New Rare Troop

Clash Royale [Free] has unveiled another upcoming minion, the Ice Golem. This is a rare troop that is going to be absorbing a lot of damage. He goes straight for buildings like the Giant, and when he's destroyed, he explodes, slowing any enemies within that blast range. It costs only 2 elixir and has a

'Halo Stickers' for iMessage on iOS 10 Now Available

iMessage stickers for iOS 10 are really taking off. At least, it seems like developers are trying their damnedest to support sending silly stickers to one another. That, or everyone figures it isn't a bad idea to get people sharing your #brand, maybe it'll make you a few bucks down the line, or save you

'' from 'Galcon' Developer Phil Hassey Now Available

Phil Hassey's [] is out now worldwide on iOS and Android. The Galcon developer's take on genre with this 200-person MMO Pac-Man-style game is rather fun, with different goofy emojis to run around the mazes as, and the thrill of being both the pursuer and the pursed. It's kind of like Pac-Man

Big Sales on 'Agricola All Creatures Big and Small', 'Patchwork,' and 'Le Havre: The Inland Port'

If you want three very good digital board games, especially if you like 2-player ones, you should pounce on the Digidiced sale. The games on sale are Agricola All Creatures Big and Small [$1.99], Patchwork: The Game [$0.99], and Le Havre: The Inland Port [$1.99]. All three games are focused on one versus one and

'Hearthstone' Expansion (?) News Coming Nov. 4th at BlizzCon 2016

With BlizzCon 2016 drawing nearer, all Hearthstone [Free] players will be curious to see what the developers have in store for the hit card game. If we do get any specific news about the next Hearthstone expansion, it will be on November 4th at 12:30 PST according to BlizzCon's schedule. That is when the "Hearthstone -

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