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Carde Review

Carde is a handy way to consolidate the photos of many social networks, but it does have limitations. The post Carde Review appeared first on 148Apps.

'Craft the World - Pocket Edition' Review - Another Clever Minecraft-like

Craft the World - Pocket Edition[$9.99] is a sandbox crafting game from Devokir Entertainment very much in the vein of Terraria[$4.99] and Starbound. The side view perspective works amazingly well and with multiple characters to control, it very much resembles an interactive any colony. The thing that makes CtW unique is that you don't directly

Developer PSA: Check Out This Spreadsheet For Translating Common Words and Phrases Used in iOS Games

The App Store is a global market, and one of the first tips I hear developers give each other is to make sure your game is localized in all major markets. It makes sense, as how much would it suck if your game could have been a massive hit in China but people just had

Motrr Releases New Motorized iPhone Mount and App.

Motrr announced today the release of Galileo, their new motorized mount for the iPhone 6. Galileo uses apps, such as TimeLapse, Collabracam, and FaceSnap, to control the mount letting you program pan/tilt time-lapse video, track faces, create panoramas, and more. Show More Summary

Lessons learned from localizing our game in 10 languages

"It was so painful and tedious and boring which obviously led to mistakes and led to more time spent in QA. We could have made it more interesting, quicker and less of manual work if we knew some tricks."...

Sega Shutting Down Flagship San Francisco Office

It's a sad state of things that in the last few years the words that often follow "Sega" in headlines are "Shuts down" or "Shutting down," but, here we are. You may remember back in 2012 Sega shut down both their European and Australian offices to "focus on digital." Well, now in 2015, they're shutting

BlitzKeep Review

Combining pinball with RPG mechanics is a cool idea, but BlitzKeep doesn't execute it particularly well. The post BlitzKeep Review appeared first on 148Apps.

Deep Loot Update Brings More Collections, Suits, Ships and More to the Surface

An update has arrived for Monster and Monster‘s Deep Loot, bringing new content, feature and bug fixes to the underwater explorer. The game now features seven new collections, which contain over fifty new pieces of special loot, seven new suits, five new ships and more than a dozen new missions to complete. Show More Summary

Kickstarter in 2014: The breakdown

A detailed analysis of the Kickstarter platform in 2014 -- and a particular look at how game projects did. Full numbers inside....

'Blood Brothers 2' Review - Drawing Blood From A Stone

I have a confession to make to all of you. About a month and a half ago, I started playing Final Fantasy: Record Keeper, and I've been hooked ever since. I'm in deep, playing every day to open up new chapters from the games and unlock new characters. For a Final Fantasy fan, it's almost

Storm the Halls of Echo Base in First Star Wars: Galactic Defense Event

Star Wars: Galactic Defense is getting its first in-game event called Attack on Echo Base. Fans of DeNA’s tower defense game will be excited to battle through the snow and ice of planet Hoth. You’ll be able to rank up on the leader boards and earn increased experience, in-game currency and rewards during the event. Show More Summary

Contradiction Review

Contradiction is a live action point and click adventure that's pretty engaging. The post Contradiction Review appeared first on 148Apps.

Cook, Serve, Delicious, the final chapter: Sales, crunch, and success

David Galindo returns after a year with the sixth installment of dev-log for Cook, Serve, Delicious, including Humble Bundle and Steam sales numbers, and how his free updates were created (and performed)....

‘Sons of Anarchy: The Prospect’ Hits the App Store

Sons of Anarchy fans, your nightmare of no new motorcycle club content has ended. That’s right, the show may have aired its finale, but the first episode of the point-and-click adventure game Sons of Anarchy: The Prospect is now available on the App Store. You can buy it here for $1.99. It’s a game in the […]

RPG Reload File 023 - 'Final Fantasy Tactics'

Hello, gentle readers, and welcome to the RPG Reload, the weekly feature where birth and faith wrong us, not Delita. Each week, we take a look at an RPG from the App Store's past for a little revisiting, a little reflection, and even a cheery bit of fun now and then. RPGs of all stripes

Ravenous Games Announces Roguelike-Platformer 'Devious Dungeon 2' Coming Soon

Long time pixel art proprietors Ravenous Games have just announced their next game is about to be finished: Devious Dungeon 2. A follow-up to Devious Dungeon [$1.99], their roguelike-inspired platformer, Ravenous is promising a lot more content. Three classes are available, with the barbarian, rogue, and mage. New levels will be available with new traps

Fast-Paced iPad Competitive RTS 'The Ember Conflict' Soft-Launched

Substantial Games has just soft-launched a rather cool online multiplayer real-time strategy game for iPads called The Ember Conflict in a number of territories. The combat starts out 3-on-3, but each team has up to 3 reserve units that they can deploy over time, so combat can get quite frantic and crowded as 6-on-6 combat

Welcome to 2015: 'Heroes Charge' is Getting a Super Bowl Ad

There's going to be any number of Super Bowl ads for car companies, cell phone companies, beverages both soft and hard, and more. But Squarespace isn't going to be the most "wait, what?" advertiser in this year's Super Bowl. The leading contender is going to be uCool and their game Heroes Charge [Free], who are

Microsoft Outlook arrives for Android, iOS

The new app features a snooze button for e-mail messages; cloud-based attachment options; and some handy filtering tools.

Road to the IGF: Justin Smith's Desert Golfing

Continuing our Road to the IGF series of interviews with nominees, we speak to Desert Golfing creator Justin Smith about his Nuovo Award-nominated surprise hit, an infinite and improbable existential cruise....

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