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Madfinger Games Anniversary and Unkilled Update

Madfinger Games recently celebrated their 6th anniversary as a games development company.  Since their inception they have released 10 games on the App Store, including some of my favorite FPS games.  They’ve even released Shadowgun: DeadZone Game Master’s Kit on the Unity asset store, which is basically the entire Unity project for their standalone multiplayer … Read more

Deadly Puzzles: Toymaker HD in Review: Not Your Children’s Playthings

If I mention the likes of Big Fish Games or G5 Entertainment you’ll know what I’m talking about in an instant, especially if you’re a hidden object game fan.  Artifex Mundi, on the other hand, might not ring any bells.  If it doesn’t you should look them up, because their iOS games have received some … Read more

10 App Store Games To Watch [5/17/16]

Yep, it’s time for me to get all opinionated on you again. This roundup’s theme seems to be “cool variants of games you’ve seen before”. There’s an interesting adventure game called The End of the World by Sean Wenham, an extremely retro looking arcade game titled Tomb of the Mask that’s lots of fun, and … Read more

RPG Reload File 081 - 'Dragon Quest'

Hello, gentle readers, and welcome to the RPG Reload, the weekly feature where we only use pseudo-Elizabethan English accents when no one is looking. Each week, we take a look at an RPG from the App Store's past to see how it's doing in the here and now. It's a chance to give old classics

Soccer Meets Gamebook with 'New Star Soccer G-Story', Out Now on the App Store

The cult classic New Star Soccer [Free] has amassed many fans since its initial launch in 2012 - and even won a BAFTA to show for it - although the lack of any substantial updates for over a year has led to many wondering what the future held for this excellent arcade soccer simulator. These

'Battleplans' Launches Worldwide, Hopes to Make 'Clash of Clans' Raiding Strategy Strategic Again

Real-time strategy game Battleplans [] has finally escaped soft launch and gone worldwide, and it's well worth checking out. Like many mobile games, it feels like has the DNA of other titles – Clash of Clans [Free] and Tactile Wars [Free] come to mind here. You engage in short-form battles, as you try to capture

Could 'Warpship' be the Next Stop for Frustrated 'Clash Royale' Players?

When Clash Royale [Free] descended into out plane of existence, it felt like the harbinger for a lot of other short-form multiplayer games. Warpship, now in soft launch, feels like it's going for that exact thing. You and another opponent face off in real time, using energy similar to Clash Royale's elixir to summon units

The Release Trailer of 'Take Off - The Flight Simulator' Highlights the Serenity of Flying

I've been keeping an eye on the upcoming Take Off - The Flight Simulator for some time now, since it seems to promise the kind of flight simulation game I enjoy. And even though I don't usually care much about trailers, I have to say that Take Off's release trailer is one of the best I've

'Independence Day Resurgence: Battle Heroes' Launches Open Beta in Canada on iOS, Worldwide on Android

We're just about a month away from the release of Independence Day Resurgence, a 20-years-later sequel to the blockbuster 1996 alien-invasion flick Independence Day, and while this new movie will be sans Will Smith it will have the obligitory mobile tie-in game launching alongside it. Zen Studios has partnered up with Fox to create Independence

Roadhouse Soft-Launches 'Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast'

Back in January Roadhouse Interactive announced that they were collaborating with legendary metal band Iron Maiden for a new mobile RPG called Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast. In it you'd amass an army of Eddies, Iron Maiden's iconic mascot, from various themes and time periods and place them in teams to partake in turn-based

Game of War dev using matchmaking tech to beef up New Zealand's transport systems

"Soon, entire cities will be networked in one real-time environment, which will create a level of efficiency that the world hasn't seen yet."...

'Leap Day' Review - Jump for Joy

I always seem to gravitate towards Nitrome's games. I don't know what it is, but I always pick up their latest game not knowing that it's actually them. And there's a common theme after all these experiences -- I usually come out enjoying myself. With a neat new gimmick, now I can add Leap Day [Free]

'Mekorama' Review - Mechanical Valley

Isometric puzzle games pretty much have me at hello. There's something about the lovely god-like viewpoint that gives me a sense of wonder, in addition to a strict sense of control, that I really dig. Monument Valley [$3.99] is pretty much the king of the mobile space when it comes to those experiences, yet a

'Vainglory' 1.18 Debuts New Hero, Quest/Chest System

The latest Vainglory update is here with a new hero and significant progression upgrades.

Ubisoft's Collectable Card Game 'Rabbids Heroes' Soft Launched in Canada

This is really happening; yesterday Ubisoft dropped us a note about their upcoming Rabbids game, it's a CCG based on the crazy world of Raddid Rabbits and it just soft launched. You lucky Canadians, or Canadian account holders, can head over to the App Store and start downloading Rabbids Heroes for free. The typical Rabbids

'Disney Crossy Road' Just Got 'Alice Through the Looking Glass' Figurines and Daily Missions

If you enjoy unlocking new figurines and new worlds in Disney Crossy Road [Free], then today's update should hit the spot. As in the case of the Jungle Book, the game has added Alice Through the Looking Glass figurines to celebrate the movie's opening. There are 25 new figurines, 18 from the movie - including Alice,

'Exploding Kittens' Update Has Just Added the 'Betrayal' Card Pack to the Game

If you've been enjoying the fantastic Exploding Kittens [$1.99], I have good news for you. The game has just received the 3.0 Update, which has added the new Betrayal Card Pack that adds four very interesting cards to the game. We're getting Fake Shuffle, that pretends to shuffle the deck but only randomizes the next card

The Very Promising Shooter 'Armajet' Is Closing Down Its Alpha on May 31st - Go Play It While You Still Can

One of the best games I've played recently is the upcoming Armajet, the 2D Multiplayer Shooter that's been in closed Alpha since May 13th. I was very pleasantly surprised at how fun the game is and how despite its various Alpha bugs, the game already feels well on its way to be a great competitive

'Goat Simulator: Waste of Space' is the Next 'Goat Simulator' Game, Out Now on the App Store

The latest Goat Simulator [$4.99] game has just released, and it's out now on iOS. Goat Simulator: Waste of Space [$4.99] was suprisingly announced on May 25th, and before we even knew it, the game is out now on iOS. It's technically DLC on other platforms, but like Goat Simulator MMO Simulator [$4.99] and Goat

Out Now: 'Romancing SaGa 2', 'Hatoful Boyfriend', 'Crashing Season', 'Skateboard Party 3', 'VOEZ', 'MMX Hill Climb', 'Warp Shift', 'All Glory to the Pixel King! 2nd Edition', 'Golf Island', 'Mega Tank' and More

It's that magical time of week when a flood of new iOS games hit the App Store. Like we even need more games on our phones, am I right? This week in particular is heavily loaded with awesome stuff, including the surprise iOS port of absurd pigeon dating simulator Hatoful Boyfriend as well as the

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