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Check Out New Footage of 'Street Fighter IV: Champion Edition' Being Played with a Gamevice Controller, Game Launching Early July

Capcom launched the original Street Fighter IV [$4.99] for mobile way back in the March of 2010, and despite being a scaled down version of the full console game it played surprisingly well with its smattering of virtual buttons. A little more than a year later saw the release of Street Fighter IV Volt [$4.99],

The House of da Vinci - [Sponsor] The House of Da Vinci on mobile lets you solve puzzles based on Da Vinci’s own designs

We’d like to thank our sponsor for this week, The House of Da Vinci by Blue Brain Games. There’s a reason Leonardo Da Vinci is the only renaissance figure who routinely shows up in video games you know. With his remarkable inventiveness and genius for creative problem-solving, Da Vinci was a gamer through and through. Show More Summary

'Punch Quest' Has Been Updated for 64-Bit Support, Future Apple TV Support Hinted?

The App Store is like an awful b-list zombie movie at the moment, with classic games fading left, right and center at the hands of Apple's relentless 32-bit Appocalypse. While a number of titles have since been updated to 64-bit to stay around when iOS 11 rolls into town, the very nature of this new

'Vainglory' 2.6 Launches With New Hero, Revamped Communication Options

Super Evil Megacorp’s mobile MOBA, Vainglory [Free], has launched its latest update and with it comes some significant quality of life upgrades. In addition to a new hero and the requisite new skins Version 2.6 also introduces a significant revamp to its in-game communication system. Anyone that’s had the opportunity to enjoy Vainglory has most likely become intimately

Disruptor Beam's 'The Walking Dead: March to War' Is in Soft Launch

We wrote a few times about the upcoming The Walking Dead: March to War, Disruptor Beam's take on the popular franchise, and now the game has soft launched in the Philippines, so you can go check it out. Disruptor Beam, which has developed Star Trek: Timelines and Game of Thrones: Ascent, is offering what it calls a

'Shot Online Golf: World Championship' Launching Brief Closed Beta Today

Shot Online Golf: World Championship is the upcoming mobile version of the PC MMO Shot Online, and it's opening its closed beta for iOS and Android players today. This real-time multiplayer game has you buying and upgrading clothes and clubs in single player missions to improve your stats and your skills, playing event matches—which include

Solve the disappearance of history’s greatest creator in The House of Da Vinci, available now on iOS

3 days agoMobile / Mobile Apps : 148Apps

Blue Brain Games invites you to indulge in an immersive hands-on 3D puzzle adventure in similar vein to The Room series, with its debut release The House of Da Vinci. Set during the historic period of the Italian Renaissance (when Leonardo...Show More Summary

More 'BlizzCon' Tickets to Go On Sale July 5th

If you were hoping to attend BlizzCon this year, I've got good news for you. Blizzard has just announced that the Anaheim Convention Center brand-new hall is ready to accept visitors, so the conference will be expanding and with it the tickets available. So, if you didn't manage to get your hands on any tickets

PSA: Don't Download the 'Sentinels of the Multiverse' 2.5 Update

Sentinels of the Multiverse [$1.99] players were looking forward to getting the 2.5 update, which is coming today, but the developers just posted a note telling everyone not to update to 2.5 until further notice. Apparently, there's an issue with restoring purchases on the app, so if you do download the 2.5 update, you won't

'Hearthstone' Card Packs Changing - No More Duplicate Legendaries

Hearthstone's [Free] Ben Brode just announced some great card pack changes that will help you build a strong collection easier. Starting from the next expansion (but applying to all card packs in the game), when you open a pack that includes a Legendary, it will never be one that you already own; instead, it will

'This War of Mine' Anniversary Update Adds New Characters, Locations, and a New Ending

This War of Mine [$14.99], or as I like to call it the depression simulator, is a fantastic game that has continued expanding ever since it released two years ago. After the update that added playable children to the mix—because, you know, the game needed even higher stakes—today the game received the 1.5 Anniversary Edition update

'Clash of Clans' Builder Hall 6 Update Adding Night Witch and the Roaster

We are getting closer to the release of Clash of Clans' [Free] Builder Hall 6 update, and Supercell has started unveiling some of the features we'll be getting. Most importantly, we are getting two new units: the Night Witch, which you can get when you upgrade Builder Barracks to Level 8, and the Roaster. The Night

New GameMaker Studio 2 license options will give devs more choice

YoYo Games is looking to give developers more ways to get their hands on its GameMaker Studio 2 game engine by adding more licensing options....

Angry Birds Evolution beginner's guide

4 days agoMobile / Mobile Apps : 148Apps

Angry Birds changes things up a fair bit in its latest iteration, Angry Birds Evolution. The familiar sling-shot physics mechanics are still there, but the game now features team-based gameplay, RPG elements, and a new top-down view. With all of the new changes, you'll really have to step up your game. Show More Summary

Out Now: 'Panthera Frontier', 'Age of Rivals', 'The Little Acre', 'Phantasy Star II', 'Hopeless 3: Dark Hollow Earth', 'Dash Legends', 'Hey Wingman' and More

Welcome to another week of new iOS games, and it's definitely an unusual week compared to most. First off, it's quite a bit busier than your typical week for some reason. But the other weird thing is that Sega launched its Sega Forever program which sees classic Sega titles released for mobile for free, and

Atari Soft-Launching 'Goon Squad', a Card-Based MP Brawler that Looks Like 'Clash Royale'

Atari is getting ready to bring another game to mobile, and this was is called Goon Squad. Goon Squad is a fast-paced, card-based multiplayer brawler where you will fight in real-time with other players around the world as you try and conquer their headquarters, which allows you to steal their safes. And, of course, those

'Terra Battle 2' First Trailer Released, 'Terra Wars' Also Coming to Mobile

Just yesterday we wrote about Terra Battle 2 being in development, but today we have more information along with the game's first trailer. The game will have a new world map that lets you travel alongside your companions and setting up your formations prior to battle. And, according to the developers, the encounters and farewells

'Minecraft' 'Better Together' Update Bringing Stained Glass, Books, and Banners

Most of you probably know that the Minecraft: Pocket Edition [$6.99] Better Together update will add cross-platform servers and graphical upgrades to the game, but it will also add plenty of other fun features as it strives for parity between versions. Three of those features that will be added to the game are stained glass,

'Darkest Dungeon' iOS Release Chance "Extremely High"

The PC game Darkest Dungeon is a fantastic roguelike RPG that's been very successful, and it looks like we're very close to getting it on our tablets. Back in 2016, we wrote a story about a blog post from the Darkest Dungeon's developers where they announced they were considering bringing the game to tablets, but

Today's 'Hearthstone' Brawl is Webspinners and Random Spells, Again

I hope you're not afraid of spiders, because this week's Hearthstone [Free] Tavern Brawl is a classic one called Spiders, Spiders Everwhere, which is, as you might have guessed already, all about spiders. This Brawl premiered back in 2015 and was one of the very first ones, although we've played it a few times since then.

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