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Out Now: 'Warhammer Quest 2', 'Time Recoil', 'Game of Thrones: Conquest', 'Mmm Fingers 2', 'Campfire Cooking', 'Syllablade', 'Returner 77', 'B-Grade Renegade' and More

It's once again that time of week where we round up all the new iOS game releases of the past 7 days, and what a week we've got folks. The long awaited Warhammer Quest 2 arrived a day early and has been getting a positive reception so far, 10tons' latest top-down shooter Time Recoil has

'Street Fighter IV Champion Edition' Gets 3 New Characters, a Solution to Rage Quitters, and Price Drop to $1.99

When Capcom launched Street Fighter IV Champion Edition [$1.99] this past July, they had already laid out plans for at least two content updates for the game that would add in 6 additional players to the roster. The first of those updates landed the very next month, adding Evil Ryu, Guy, and Gouken to the

Developer Spotlight: Layton Hawkes and 'Campfire Cooking'

It feels like we've been following the development of Campfire Cooking [$3.99] forever now through various progress updates that have been posted on Twitter. It hit the App Store this morning, and has made quite a splash on our forums. We sat down with the game's developer, Layton Hawkes, to discuss his background, how he

4 of the best Halloween updates for mobile games

Halloween is certainly one of our favorite times for mobile game updates. Many popular titles celebrate this spooky season with fun festivities that can stretch from one week to even the whole month. As we draw closer and closer to Halloween, we'll clue you in on the best Halloween updates on the App Store. Here are four of the best thus far. [Read more]

Fire Rides guide - how to swing to success

It's another day, which means another Voodoo game has come to glue our hands to our mobile phones. Yes, it's been an especially prolific month for this particular mobile publisher, but we're certainly not complaining. Fire Rides is yet...Show More Summary

'Warhammer Quest 2: The End Times' Has Finally Launched, First Expansion Pack Also Available

The day is finally here, everyone; Warhammer Quest 2: The End Times [$4.99] has finally launched, and I know many (including me) can't wait to get their hands on the game. Warhammer Quest 2 is the sequel to the fantastic 2013 Warhammer Quest—a game I've spent many hours playing—and it looks like it's raising the

'Magic: The Gathering Arena' Trump Stream Shows a Promising Game

Magic: the Gathering Arena is still a ways off, with the PC beta starting next month and a release date not for some time. So, I appreciate any opportunity to see more of the game, and today was one of those opportunities. Wizards of the Coast organized a community deck-building challenge and then gave those

'Warhammer' 'World of Tanks' Crossover Is Live

World of Tanks Blitz [Free] is doing a crossover event with Warhammer 40K, and if you like futuristic, fancy looking tanks, you should definitely hop into the game. Macgragge's Thunder, named after the home of the Space Marines, will turn your garage into a Space Marine landing zone filled with drop pods and relics. It

Tank MOBA 'Panzer League' Launching Next Year

Mobile MOBAs are definitely in right now, and while everyone is waiting for Tencent's Arena of Valor to hit next month, there's another interesting MOBA coming in 2018, Panzer League, but this one replaces humans (or human-like creatures) with tanks. Panzer League, currently in soft launch on Android, is a 4v4 game where you can play solo

Registration is now open for GDC 2018!

This will be the 32st edition of GDC, the world's largest and longest-running event for game developers, and you can register right now by visiting the official GDC 2018 website!...

'Minecraft' 1.2.3 Update Fixes Render Distance Bug for Some, Adds More Marketplace Content

Many Minecraft [$6.99] players have been having some issues with the game after the big Better Together update (me included), primarily because post-update the game only allowed up to 6 or 8 chunks render distance. Just for comparison's sake, I usually have mine up to 14 chunks, which makes a big difference in enjoying the

'Monument Valley 2' Coming to Android November 6th

The Monument Valley games have managed to break out of the gaming world and into mainstream conversations, partly because of Monument Valley's appearance in House of Cards but also because for many (including Apple), they stand for everything mobile gaming can be: beautiful, perfectly designed, evocative. Monument Valley 2 [$4.99] has been very successful on

New iPhone Games on Our Forums: 'B-Grade Renegade', 'Chef Wars', 'Returner 77', 'Time Recoil', 'Campfire Cooking', and More

Well, today is home to a made up holiday we definitely will not be celebrating around here at TouchArcade: National No Beard Day, the "holiday" where you're supposed to shave your beard? Getting a chocolate cupcake for National Chocolate Cupcake Day sounds much more appealing. Regardless of what holidays you are or aren't celebrating today,

'Campfire Cooking', a Captivating Culinary Puzzle Game From Layton Hawkes, Is Out Now on the App Store

The app description for Campfire Cooking [$3.99] describes the game as being about the 'relaxing moments in nature'. However, don't let this claim and the game's cozy camp setting confuse you - Campfire Cooking is set to be yet another expansive, dense and highly enjoyable puzzle title from Layton Hawkes, and promises to provide some

Google Play devs giving away IAP revenue to combat hunger crisis

It's hoped the gesture will make Google Play users more aware of the hunger crisis affecting around 815 million people right now....

'Time Recoil', the Latest Slow Motion Shooter From 10tons, Is Available Now on the App Store

Wednesday is easily one of the best days of the week, and not simply because it follows the dreary, soul-destroying humdrum that Monday and Tuesday inevitably bring. Of course, beyond simply marking the middle of a laborious working week, Wednesday is the day where the App Store gets showered by so many mobile games it

'Mighty Battles' Adds FPS Elements to Lane-Based Strategy Games

Hothead Games, the developer of the pretty popular Kill Shot games, is bringing a different kind of game to mobile devices on November 16th called Mighty Battles. Its developers see Mighty Battles as a new take on first-person shooting and lane-based arenas. As you can see from the trailer below, the game combines Clash Royale's

Dune! guide - how to toe the line and get a high score

2 days agoMobile / Mobile Apps : 148Apps

Publisher Voodoo is at it again with an all new high score chaser -- Dune! In this fast-paced arcade game, you have to propel yourself along sand dunes, gaining enough momentum to jump above the line to score points, while making sure...Show More Summary

The 'Hearthstone' 'Hallow's End' Halloween Update Brings Dual-Class Arena Mode

The time to get all spooky is drawing nearer, Hearthstone [Free] players, because the Hallow's End celebration update is live on mobile now (although it might take a bit for everyone to get it). First of all, we are getting an all-new dual class Arena Mode where all nine Heroes attend in costume. How does it

The best deals on the App Store this week - October 17

2 days agoMobile / Mobile Apps : 148Apps

Happy Tuesday, dear readers. Your favorite part of the week as officially arrived. It's time to take a look at the best deals in games. Things are admittedly a bit sparse, but there are a few diamonds in the rough to see you through if you're looking to game on the cheap this week. [Read more]

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