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How to get three stars in every level of Angry Birds Action!

Angry Birds Action! is, essentially, a pinball-style take on the pull-and-fling action of the original games. When you first boot it up, you'll likely be wondering exactly what it is you have to do to get a good score. Well, never fear as 148Apps is here to walk you through it, and provide a few tips and tricks to help you get three stars in every level. [Read more]

'Clash Royale' Update is Now Live - Brings New Cards, Live Spectating, and Much More

After dropping 4 sneak peeks, Supercell has finally stopped the teasing and released the Clash Royale [Free] update upon the world. If you haven't been following our stories on the sneak peeks, this update brings six new cards - 3 Legendaries, 1 Common, 1 Rare, and 1 Epic - that you'll get from Arena 5

'Squids Inc' is a Fantastic-Looking Underwater Action Game That Needs Beta Testers

Pantz Games has announced their new game Squids Inc, an on-rails shooter that looks incredibly well-made. You'll be blasting targets under the sea, using explosive weaponry to shoot all your fishy opponents. Fast-paced action is the name of the game here, as the trailer reveals. Good production values go a long way with games –

Huge 'Mucho Taco' Version 2.0 Update Arriving on Cinco de Mayo

I think it's fair to say that Mucho Taco [Free] is the preeminent taco-themed idle clicker available on the App Store today. No others even come close, or exist at all, for that matter. Anyway, with Cinco de Mayo looming developers One Simple Idea and publisher Noodlecake have decided to release a massive update for

'Fallen London' Review - An Artfully-Made, Wonderfully-Weird Labyrinth of Stories

I've always found the written word very alluring, which to a great degree explains my career choices and the fact that I'm writing this review right now. Books, and later adventure games and interactive fiction, were my gateways to all kinds of fantastic worlds, and I often judged those books on how well they managed

The Chinese mobile game market is shifting toward core titles

The most popular games are still casual, but a flood of RPGs is crashing into the space, and it's going to change the lay of the land....

Nintendo's president gets grilled on its mobile business, NX plans

President Tatsumi Kimishima goes up in front of his company's investors -- and despite their best efforts, remains cagey about the company's future, even in the near-term....

Blog: Consequences in games

"Consequences are a form of constraints, and contemporary players do not like constraints. They want to do whatever they want to do, as though they were on a playground or playing with toys."...

Epic Games' 'Paragon', Their Evolution as a Studio, and why the Inevitable Free-to-Play Future Isn't Just Mobile

Mobile gaming and free-to-play are inextricably linked at this point, and it's often used as a big talking point for console and PC gamers who complain about mobile gaming. But the reality is that free-to-play makes a lot of sense for a lot of companies. And Epic Games is the next company making a big

'Bejeweled Skies' Soft Launches in Canada and Australia

It's crazy to think that there was a time where few things were hotter than anything to do with Bejeweled. Back in the 2000's when PopCap was still a tiny company few people had heard of, it seemed like everyone knew Bewjeled. I've owned a variety of the game on practically every platform I've had

'Tiny Tower' 5 Year Anniversary Update Coming May 26th

A few weeks ago Nimblebit announced they were in the midst of creating a massive update for their mega-hit tower building game Tiny Tower [Free] in anticipation of its 5-year anniversary. At that time they were seeking beta participants to try out the new update, and apparently that testing has gone well as today Nimblebit

First Trailer Released for 'Pinball Breaker Forever' from XperimentalZ, Coming this Month

Towards the end of February, Don't Run With a Plasma Sword [Free] developer XperimentalZ Games announced their next mobile gaming project, a mashup of pinball and brick breaker appropriately called Pinball Breaker Forever. At that time they only had a few early screens of the game as they were looking for beta participants, but since

Kairosoft's Soccer Team Simulator 'Pocket League Story 2' Hits the App Store

The simulation game factory that is Kairosoft continues to crank out new games to the iOS platform in the West, with the latest being Pocket League Story 2 [Free] which has just arrived this morning. It's a sequel to their 2012 fan-favorite release that had you putting together your own soccer team and then training

Sparky, Lava Hound, and Miner are the New 'Clash Royale' Legendaries, Revealed in Sneak Peek #4

After unveiling three new cards earlier today, Supercell just revealed Clash Royale's [Free] next 3 Legendaries - Sparky, Lava Hound, and Miner - and they look fun (though I'll probably never get to play them). Let's start with the Miner, the silliest of the bunch. This goofy-faced troop starts at 1000 HP and hits for

How Apple TV forced us to rethink mobile UX

"I agree with Tim Cook's notion that the future of the TV is apps. But an app is just a bundle of code. What makes a great app is the experience it offers to its specific user."...

'VOEZ', The Latest Rhythm Game From 'Deemo' Developer Rayark Is Coming May 26th

While Rayark has recently received quite a bit of acclaim for their stylish action game Implosion: Never Lose Hope [$9.99], longtime fans of the developer likely associate them more with rhythm games. Both Cytus [$1.99] and Deemo [$1.99] are counted by rhythm game lovers as being among the best on iOS. The games provide challenging

Best 'Whispers of the Old Gods' Decks, Crazy Yogg-Saron Videos, and More 'Hearthstone' Weekly News in a 'Whispers' Special Touchstone #46

Are you not entertained? Well, I am. After waiting for so long, we've finally got our hands on Hearthstone's [Free] Whispers of the Old Gods and, perhaps more importantly, on the new Standard format. I've really been enjoying playing against different decks for a change - though I've also been playing against old decks dressed

Update Mondays: 'Marvel Contest Of Champions', 'Lost Socks: Naughty Brothers', 'Cookie Jam', 'Plague Inc.', And More

Hello everyone, and welcome to the week! It's time once again for our look back at the noteworthy updates of the last seven days. Technically, I'm on holidays right now, but you know that won't stop me from bringing you a batch of update notes to kick off your week. Of course, you can keep

Fire Spirits, Furnace, and the Guards are 3 of the 6 New Cards in 'Clash Royale' Sneak Peek #3

Now this is a fun sneak peek, isn't it? The latest sneak peek from Supercell shows off the first 3 of the 6 new cards Clash Royale [Free] is getting in the upcoming update. The first one is Fire Spirits, a very fast 2-cost common troop that targets air and ground and does a lot of

'Clash Royale' Sneak Peek #2 Shows More Gold Rewards and Legendary Cards in the Shop

Clash Royale [Free] continues to give us sneak peeks for the upcoming update. The second sneak peek, spoiled today, is all about better rewards, specifically giving out more gold for wins. After the patch hits, you'll be getting gold after winning a battle, and you can get it up to 20 times a day. For

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