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'Guild of Dungeoneering' Review - Leading Warriors to Treasure and Their Demise

I first played Guild of Dungeoneering [$3.99] on PC at PAX South 2015, and I thought from the first time I played it that it would be perfect for mobile. Well, it took a year and a half between the game's continued development and PC release to finally make it happen, but this curious little

'Pokemon GO' Now Available in Japan

As has been predicted a couple of days ago, the world-consuming phenomenon known as Pokemon GO [Free] has finally launched in Japan. Seems like kind of a bum deal that they had to wait this long, seeing as The Pokemon Co is based in Japan, but better late than never I always say. Also this

RPG Reload File 087 - 'Chaos Rings 2'

Hello, gentle readers, and welcome to the RPG Reload, the weekly feature where heroes might be gone, but are never forgotten. Each week, we take a look at an RPG from the App Store's past to see how it holds up in the here and now. It's a chance to revisit old favorites, reflect on

Fantastic Picross Game 'Paint it Back' Gets Huge Version 2.0 Update

There's nothing finer than when a great game from years past gets an update out of the blue. That's the case today with the fantastic Picross game Paint it Back [Free], which originally launched way back in October of 2013 and hasn't seen an actual content update in nearly two years to the day. Developer

5 top free emoji keyboard apps

2 days agoMobile / Mobile Apps : 148Apps

If we're not at peak emoji yet as a society, it feels like we definitely should be. The emoji concept has gone far beyond what anyone in Japan could have envisioned when the people there unleashed it on an unsuspecting world, but the West has taken it and just kept running over the past few years. [Read more]

'The Walking Dead: No Man's Land' Updated with Playable "Heroes" from the Show Like Rick, Daryl, Michonne, and More

In October of last year, Next Games launched a very interesting game based around AMC's The Walking Dead series called The Walking Dead: No Man's Land [Free]. In the game you were tasked with building a compound in order to keep your survivor friends safe from the zombies, so pretty typical base-building type of stuff,

Pokemon Go is popular but polarizing, according to Nielsen data

Surprise: Market research firm Nielsen claims Pokemon Go has quickly become the most interesting and well-liked mobile game in the U.S., even as it registers higher-than-average rejection rates....

Top-Down Co-Op Shooter 'Dash Galactic' Enters Open Beta on Google Play

Kiz Studios, makers of popular mobile titles like Wonky Ship [Free] and Might and Mayhem [Free], are currently working on their next mobile project, a top-down shooter called Dash Galactic. Featuring a purposely campy '50s-style sci-fi theme, Dash Galactic has you blasting away evil enemies from the TOXON Corporation using any of 12 different playable

How to unlock more characters in Disney Emoji Blitz

2 days agoMobile / Mobile Apps : 148Apps

One of the big charms of Disney Emoji Blitz is seeing a wide variety of beloved Disney and Pixar characters transformed into smiling emojis. Even someone like the sneaky Randall from Monsters Inc., who probably never cracked a smile on film, is happy as can be until your time is running out. [Read more]

If You Loved 'Dots' and 'Two Dots', Be Sure to Grab 'Dots & Co'

If you loved Dots [Free], and couldn't get enough of Two Dots [Free], you'll be happy to know that Playdots, Inc has made the series into a trilogy with the recent release of Dots & Co [Free]. Alternatively, if all this Dots business is news to you, and you're at all into really well done

'Fish!' Comes to the Apple Watch

As mentioned when we first heard about the game, Strange Flavour's Fish! [$2.99] is the spiritual successor to Flick Fishing, one of the many amazing old Freeverse games that kicked the bucket when they got rolled into the ngmoco (then DeNA) katamari. Fish! is a no-freemium nonsense premium fishing game that plays an awful lot

GDC 2017 announces call for submissions

Heads up game devs: GDC 2017 officials have opened the annual Call for Papers for the GDC 2017 Main Conference, from now through August 18th....

'' Hits the App Store From the Creator of ''

Back before Pokemon Go [Free] took over the App Store, all anyone seemed to care about was [Free] (and then [Free]). If you've never played one of games, imagine an MMO stripped down to its very core. In you play as a roaming blob, sucking up other smaller blobs. In

Japanese McDonalds Stock Hits 15 Year High... Because of 'Pokemon Go'

Niantic's Pokemon Go [Free] is already the biggest mobile game in the US, and it seems excitement surrounding the Japanese launch could not possibly be more than it is right now. Since the cultural impact of Pokemon Go (at least in the countries its available in) has been unmistakable, my favorite Pokemon Go news now

'Guild of Dungeoneering' and How Versus Evil Wants to Make Premium on Mobile Work for Them

Versus Evil is a publisher perhaps most known for helping to bring Banner Saga [$4.99] to the world, but the self-styled indie publisher – and it's a small outfit, comprised of three principals right now, including general manager Steve Escalante – is looking to make a bigger footprint beyond that. They've had a presence at

Crossy Road developer Hipster Whale turns to publishing

Crossy Road developer Hipster Whale is making the jump into publishing, describing the move as the "next natural step."...

Square Enix Announces 'Cosmos Rings', an Apple Watch RPG

Like it or lump it, there are some publishers out there who march to the beat of their own drum. Square Enix is definitely one of them, as today's news demonstrates quite nicely. Fresh from removing most of the Chaos Rings series of RPGs from the App Store storefront, Square Enix has announced a spin-off

Out Now: 'Guild of Dungeoneering', 'ReRunners', 'Dunkers', 'Crusader Kings: Chronicles', 'Colorpede', 'kubic', 'Eden: The Game', 'Rival Fire' and More

It's once again that time of week when a flood of new games hit the iOS App Store. As usual, there is a ton of stuff on offer this week, including a few big-name games we've been waiting to arrive or exit their soft-launch period. Check out the full list of games below and be

Paradox's 'Crusader Kings: Chronicles' Is a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Version of the Hit PC Game, Out Now

Ever since Paradox Interactive declared its intention of bringing some of its big strategy games, such as Crusader Kings and Stellaris, over to mobile, I've been wishing for one thing; a Crusader Kings mobile game where I can play out all those complicated and often hilarious storylines that have made the game so famous. Well, although I

Legendary Pictures Lands Rights to 'Pokemon' for Live-Action Movie

Pokemon GO [Free] fever has been spreading like wildfire all across the globe for the past couple of weeks, and now The Hollywood Reporter is, er, reporting that Legendary Pictures have just landed the rights to Pokemon and plan on making a live-action movie out of the popular IP. Legendary is no stranger to being

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