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Appy to Have Known You - Lee Hamlet Looks Back on 2 Years at 148Apps

9 hours agoMobile / Mobile Apps : 148Apps

Being at 148Apps these past 2 years has been an awesome experience that has taught me a great deal, and working with such a great team has been a privilege. Thank you to Rob Rich, and to both Rob LeFebvre and Jeff Scott before him, for...Show More Summary

Hands-On With Allstar Heroes - A Promising Casual RPG

10 hours agoMobile / Mobile Apps : 148Apps

Let’s get this out of the way quickly. Allstar Heroes looks a lot like a certain other recent action RPG release, but it turns out that while it’s not yet available here, Allstar Heroes has been around for much longer than that other title. Show More Summary

"The Last Game I Make Before I Die" - The Story of 'Crashlands', Cancer and Leaving a Legacy

Editor's Note: We met the three brothers that make up Butterscotch Shenanigans at GDC this year. When we found out about the incredible story behind their studio and the motivations behind shifting gears to their current project, we wanted to share it with everyone. However, since it involves illness, family, and other things which we

Must Read: “The Last Game I Make Before I Die” on TA

Great read from Sam Coster, one third of Butterscotch Shenanigans about his fight with cancer and the drive to build the game he’s always wanted to build. Cancer is a great clarifier. It stripped out all the petty, superfluous aspects...Show More Summary

How to implement in-game player feedback forms

"As developers we need to make it as frictionless as possible for players to communicate feedback to us - otherwise most won't bother. This is the beauty of this system."...

'Breath of Light' Review - A Boundary Pushing Zen Like Puzzle Game

Breath of Light [$2.99] is a meditative, zen like puzzle game that is beautiful, distinctive and fun to play. It's not a prototypical puzzler; it's a relaxing and unique experience which is currently rated the best new puzzle game in 92 countries by apple. The game centers around manipulating a captivating particle flow of light

PSA: Madgarden's 'Chillaxian' is Free Today

Here's a cool freebie to chill out to this weekend. Chillaxian [Free] from Madgarden is free right now. This is a Galaxian-inspired space shooter, where enemies float around at the top of the screen, and you must shoot them as they occasionally fly down, though these aliens aren't about lining up, they just kind of

GDC Europe 2015 call for papers ends soon!

Game makers, take note: The call for submissions to present lectures and panel sessions at the 2015 Game Developers Conference Europe closes Monday, March 30....

'Proto Raider' Review - Good Design Behind A Clever Gimmick

Proto Raider [$1.99] makes a great first impression. Its graphics are entirely composed of ASCII symbols, giving it a striking appearance, particularly when things start to move on the screen. By this point in gaming, it's somewhat difficult to make a platform game that can immediately catch the eye, and the idea of going back

Macho Man and Steve Austin Join the Ranks of the WWE Immortals

13 hours agoMobile / Mobile Apps : 148Apps

WWE Immortals, by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and WWE, has gotten a superstar update. You'll now have access to Macho Man Randy Savage and Steve Austin. Both characters have two different versions: Macho Man Randy Savage Renegade...Show More Summary

'Rules!' Is Officially the First Apple Watch Game

We've been watching AppShopper like a hawk as Apple Watch updates have been rolling out over the last day or so. MacRumors has a full list of all the interesting apps they've seen so far, but on the games front, there really hasn't been that much....Until this morning when Rules! [$2.99] had an update

Fincon's 'Angel Stone' is an Upcoming Action-RPG That's Very Cross-Platform

Fincon, publisher of Hello Hero [appprice url=], are working on a new action-RPG right now, called Angel Stone. The big hook they're going for here is cross-platform online multiplayer between iOS, Android, and the web, which is always an impressive feature when pulled off properly. Show More Summary

Fearless Fantasy is Fantastic for the iFone (it was worth a shot)

14 hours agoMobile / Mobile Apps : 148Apps

I actually had my first look at Fearless Fantasy last year at E3, but it was on a PC so there wasn't much for me to talk about. But now that I've been able to play with a pre-release version of the iOS build, there's quite a bit forShow More Summary

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and nine wiped off the mouth of blood, the mouth Xuemo spit out, looked at the tree remains motionless among Xiao Yan, looking also emerges a gloomy, did not expect, so all That guy can not be awakened from this state being. ‘Bodhi trees that appear to be protecting him, this guy does not know … Read more

'Hearthstone' Blackrock Mountain Spoilers - Imagine Dragons!

New Hearthstone [Free (HD)] spoilers emerged from the depths of Blackrock Mountain yesterday as Blizzard pulled a Khaleesi and unleashed three dragon-themed card spoilers from the upcoming adventure (hard to believe Blizzard hasn't planned its dragons release to coincide with the Game of Thrones' Dragons coming to HBO a mere ten days after Blackrock's release). First

'Five Nights At Freddy's 2' Review - Back On The Job

A while back, I reviewed the original Five Nights At Freddy's [$2.99], and while I could appreciate what it was doing from a clinical point of view, I didn't really get the game properly. When Five Nights At Freddy's 2 [$2.99] came out, I thought I'd step aside and let someone else take a crack

Breath of Light is an Easy-Going Way to Pass a Few Hours

Apple N’ Apps Review of zen puzzle game Breath of Light outlines its calming nature, but dings the simplicity of its gameplay. Everything in Breath of Light shares a similar design goal, and it’s easy to get lost in the style going from level to level. Show More Summary

Ticklefluff is Squeezy Tickly Fun

Ticklefluff is an adorable game that’s all about keeping a sentient piece of fluff happy by doing what it requests. This may include poking it, stroking it, and squeezing it. It’s a lot more innocent than it sounds, as AppSpy’s hands-on with the game demonstrates. More about Ticklefluff » The post Ticklefluff is Squeezy Tickly Fun is from Slide To Play via Pocket Gamer.

Warhammer: Arcane Magic Coming to iOS

Turn-based strategy game Warhammer: Arcane Magic is coming to iOS at a yet-undisclosed date. That means some good old-fashioned medieval monster beat-downs. Arcane Magic is said to have a lengthy single-player campaign that has you searching for Arcane Power. Show More Summary

Hints and Tips for Final Fantasy Record Keeper

Final Fantasy Record Keeper is a pretty big game, and there’s a surprising amount of strategy involved with survival. Touch Arcade has a number of very handy tips that should help you take down the series’ iconic enemies and bosses – again. More about FINAL FANTASY Record Keeper » The post Hints and Tips for Final Fantasy Record Keeper is from Slide To Play via Touch Arcade.

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