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Fireproof Games Have Released an Infographic for 'The Room' Series, Showing off Its Startling Success

If you love pictures, facts and mobile gaming, but hate numbers and words, Fireproof Games have released the perfect thing for your extremely specific needs. Sadly, it isn't the next game in the Room series, but it is the next best thing - the developers of the legendary puzzle franchise have compiled an impressive infographic

Funky Rhythm Clicker 'Groove Planet' Updated With Boss Battles, New Songs, and Much More

I've never been a massive fan of games in the clicker genre, as apart from a few exceptions, I tend to lose interest over time as it doesn't really feel like I'm doing anything. That being said, one of the most prominent exceptions to this rule was Groove Planet [Free], which managed to reinvigorate this

Pokemon Go pulled $600M in revenue faster than any other mobile game

Pokemon Go was able to earn $600 million twice as fast as the previous record holder, thanks in part to its unique playerbase....

'Don't Starve: Pocket Edition' Is Finally Available on Android

Don't Starve [$4.99] was one of the first truly massive premium indie titles from Steam that made the jump to mobile back in 2015, and while many had already played and loved it on PC, the survival elements of the game suited the smaller screen well, and it is as essential a purchase now as

Eerie Point-And-Click Adventure 'Rusty Lake: Roots' is Out Now on the App Store

The original Rusty Lake Hotel [$0.99] was a cult hit for its surreal sense of spookiness that was also a lot of fun to play. However, its relative brevity in only having six rooms to play through meant that many fans were asking for more, and another chance to play through the evocative universe that

How Zach Gage breaks all of the rules in Really Bad Chess

"What if I pulled out the core balance and fairness of chess, and just threw in a lot of random pieces very haphazardly? My friend joked that that would be really bad chess, and the name stuck."...

Plants vs. Zombies Heroes guide: How to sweep through the early missions

Plants vs. Zombies Heroes surprised us all, presenting a deep deck building experience. It's a great CCG that stands up well to the competition. There are a lot of CCGs vying for players' attention at the moment, but PvZ Heroes is definitely one of the keepers. Show More Summary

Classic Reload - 'Papa Sangre'

Hello, gentle readers, and welcome to the Classic Reload, the monthly feature where we spend a lot of time running into walls. Each month, we take a look at a game from the App Store's past to see how it holds up today. It's a chance to revisit old favorites, reflect on their place in

'Evil Dead: Endless Nightmare' Lets You Run and Kill Deadites

Boomdash Digital has today released Evil Dead: Endless Nightmare [Free] for iOS. Based on the 2013 Evil Dead remake, this first-person endless runner has you facing down hordes of deadites, as you use your limited-use ammo to take down any threats, running to get pickups of more ammo and currency, hoping you last longer against

'Battle Bash' Offers Turn-Based Strategy in Your Messages App

Ever since Apple added all kinds of features to iOS 10 Messages, developers have been either giving us Stickers or various games played fully within the Messages app. Most of those games have been word or puzzle games, but if you're looking for something a bit more meaty to play with your friends, check out

New 'Hearthstone' Patch Changes Murlocs and Adds Daily Quests

If you like playing Murloc decks, you better read the notes for the upcoming Hearthstone [Free] patch since those little rascals will see one major change. Normally, Murloc cards buff all other Murlocs, including those of your opponent. That will no longer be the case since from now on, your Murlocs (like Grimscale Oracle for

Eden Games' 'Gear.Club' Hits Mobile Worldwide on October 27th

Eden Games' Gear.Club, which has been in soft launch, and the even more elusive "available worldwide on Apple TV" launch period, finally has a release date for when it'll be available on a platform people actually own and use for games. October 27th will see the iOS version of the game hit the App Store,

'WWE SuperCard' Season 3 Brings Real-Time PvP Mode and More

WWE SuperCard [Free] has been quite successful with over 11 million downloads in 2 years and pretty good ratings on the App Store. Now 2K is teasing Season 3, which should be coming to the game this November. Season 3 will bring more than 100 new cards and three new card tiers, a ranked PvP

'Fightlings' Is an Upcoming CCG With an Interesting Exploration Twist

There are many (too many?) CCGs on the App Store right now, so it's not that easy for new ones to stand out. The upcoming Fightlings is trying to bring in some Pokemon GO flavor in order to give us a game unlike most other CCGs. Specifically, Fightlings has you discovering new creatures by collecting

HyperBeard Releases 'Alchademy' and Updates 'KleptoCats' with New Pop Culture Cats

HyperBeard Games has released their latest title after their hit KleptoCats [Free]: today, Alchademy [Free] is available on iOS and Android. Similar to KleptoCats, Alchademy is very much an idle game, but with a Doodle God [appprice url="asdf"] twist here. You combine various ingredients, waiting for them to combine in your cauldron, trying to find

The Final Chapter of the 'Avadon' Series, 'Avadon 3: The Warborn', Targeting November 18th for iPad Release

Back in August we told you how Spiderweb Software's latest old-school style RPG Avadon 3: The Warborn would be arriving on September 14th. And it did! Just… not on iPad. Insert sad face emoji. As it turned out, the iPad version of Avadon 3 wasn't quite ready for release and it was sort of up

Earn Free 'Hearthstone' Packs By Picking a BlizzCon Champion

Blizzard is letting you pick one BlizzCon finalist as your Hearthstone [Free] champion and rewarding you if your champion racks up any wins. How will this work? There are two selection windows, October 20th-25th and October 31st-November 3rd. During one of those windows, you pick one finalist as your champion (and you can't change your pick).

'Minecraft Pocket Edition' 0.16 Update Releases Tomorrow

Well, that wasn't too bad of a wait, was it? Minecraft Pocket Edition [$6.99] 0.16 update, also called the Boss Update, was supposed to release on the 18th. Unfortunately, some last-minute technical issues surfaced and the release was postponed. Fortunately for us though, those issues have been resolved and we should be getting the update

'Dan the Man' Review - A Blast While it Lasts

One of the more reliable means of drawing attention in marketing is to use the biggest numbers you can find for your product or service's features. It's historically been very useful in selling video games, with RPGs claiming dozens of hours of gameplay, open world games boasting about the sizes of their maps, and platformer

'Rock Band Companion' Launches With New 'Rivals' Expansion

Remember Rock Band for iOS, or maybe its successor Rock Band Reloaded? Honestly, I wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t, considering both games were given the EA axe over four years ago. It really was a shame as they were pretty decent rhythm games at the time. Well, Rock Band isn’t making a come back on

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