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TouchArcade Game of the Week: 'Florence'

The idea behind the TouchArcade Game of the Week is that every Friday afternoon we post the one game that came out this week that we think is worth giving a special nod to. Now, before anyone goes over-thinking this, it doesn't necessarily mean our Game of the Week pick is the highest scoring game

'Dice Brawl: Captain's League' Launching Next Tuesday and Up for Pre-Order Now, Here's a Sneak Peek

Idiocracy, Inc's Dice Brawl: Captain's League is coming next week to iOS. This colorful free to play game is a swashbuckling adventure with some throwback art that is aiming to distinguish itself from some hefty competition. Dice Brawl is a 1v1 pvp game where you face off against a similarly experienced opponent in a pirate

What to Do in 'Dissidia Final Fantasy OO' After You've Beaten It

So you've made it all the way to the end of Dissidia Final Fantasy OO [Free]. First off, congratulations. That means you've watched a ton of cutscenes and battled your way through all five chapters of the story so far, undoubtedly tackling plenty of optional quests along the way. Nevertheless, there's probably some stirring in

Despite increased downloads, Gameloft sees drop in daily and monthly average users

Gameloft saw a 12 percent growth in revenues from advertising activities and sales via app stores, with more than 2.5 million downloads per day across all platforms in 2017. ...

65 percent of Gameloft's revenue generated by internal projects

Gameloft saw a 12 percent growth in revenues from advertising activities and sales via app stores, with more than 2.5 million downloads per day across all platforms in 2017. ...

Don't Miss: A postmortem for the cult classic, Deadly Premonition

'In the end, I learned that true effort is always rewarded,' recalls the dev team. 'After pushing this project through, we found a gratifying reception waiting for us in a distant, foreign land.'...

Gameloft facing lawsuit from outsourcing firm over copyright infringement

The Vietnam-based outsourcing firm Glass Egg filed the suit in response to the use of a number of assets from the studio's Asphalt series....

'Dragon Lapis' Review - Not Exactly a Gem

On the one hand, Dragon Lapis [Free / $4.99] is a bog-standard Kemco RPG release, the sort they used to boot out the door on a near-monthly basis. The only novel thing here is that the game is played in the portrait orientation rather than landscape, a change that makes it resemble Square Enix's iOS

Absurd Spear-Throwing Game 'Lichtspeer' Launching March 1st, Up for Pre-Order Now with 50% Discount

It was just about a year ago that we sat down with the good folks from Noodlecake Games to check out four of their upcoming titles at GDC 2017. While both Invert [$2.99] and Flipping Legend [Free] released in the time since then, we've still been kicking back waiting for both Summer Catchers and Lichtspeer.

SwitchArcade Roundup: 'Bayonetta 2', 'Fe', 'Subsurface Circular', 'Shaq Fu', and More

Welcome to our SwitchArcade roundup of Nintendo Switch news, new release, and games on sale. We're going to regularly post about important happenings in the Switch world, since we know a lot of you own the Switch to go along with your mobile devices. We'll be compiling new game and content announcements, new releases you

‘Pokémon GO’ Honors the Lunar New Year with a Safari Zone Event in Taiwan

Pokémon GO [Free] is gearing up for the Lunar New Year. There will be a special Safari Zone Event in Taiwan later this month and it will be at the Chiayi Lantern Festival. The event will see Drantini, Mr Mime, Growlithe, and more appear alongside lanterns during the day. Once evening (5 PM) hits, Chinchou

Our top 5 characters from casual RPG Creature Quest

5 days agoMobile / Mobile Apps : 148Apps

Creature Quest definitely lives up to its name with a host of collectible creatures based on fantasy tales and world mythologies. To celebrate Creature Quest’s first birthday, we’re going to lay out what we think are the five best characters in the game. Let’s get to it. [Read more]

Around the Empire: What have you missed on Steel Media's other sites this week? - Feb 16th

5 days agoMobile / Mobile Apps : 148Apps

Did you know that Steel Media has a whole swathe of other sites dedicated to all aspects of mobile gaming? Sure you'll get the very best iPhone news, reviews, and opinions right here at 148Apps, but we don't want you missing out on a single piece of portable goodness. [Read more]

All the best games on sale for iPhone and iPad right now - February 16th

5 days agoMobile / Mobile Apps : 148Apps

Oh hi there, and welcome to our round-up of the best games that are currently on sale for iPhone and iPad. You thought I didn't see you there, did you, skulking behind the bushes? Trust me though, the bushes aren't where the best deals are. The best deals are right here. [Read more]

Hot Wheels to Release Smartphone Controlled 'Rocket League' RC Car Set this Holiday for $180

Who would have thought that Psyonix, the people who released the awesome Star Fox-esque on-rails shooter ARC Squadron on iOS more than five years ago, would go on to create one of the most popular multiplayer games in the world. Yes Rocket League, the giant-soccer-played-with-cars game which feels like it's on every single platform BUT

Heavy Story-Driven Exploration Game 'Keep in Mind: Remastered' Coming to iOS, Android, and Steam March 8th

While video games are typically lighthearted, fun escapes from reality, sometimes games can attempt to tackle more serious issues and serve to make players think and reflect on something rather than escape it. This has been even more common in the past few years with the openness of digital marketplaces and the explosion of the

These New 'Witcheye' Gifs are Getting Me Pretty Excited

Back at the beginning of December we posted about a very cool upcoming game called Witcheye from indie developer Peter Malamud Smith which was sort of a throwback NES-style platformer about a witch who could transform into a flying eyeball. You know, normal stuff. While Smith had previously released the clever puzzle/avoidance game Sattelina [$1.99]

Opinion: Why there's no such thing as 'the game industry'

Necrosoft Games founder and Gamasutra contributor Brandon Sheffield makes the case (complete with multiple sources of data) that there is no longer a single 'game industry', if there ever was....

Gamevice Just Launched a $89.95 'Minecraft' Bundle

Late last year we posted about a somewhat surprising bundle that popped up on the Apple Store which featured a SteelSeries Nimbus MFi Controller and Minecraft: Apple TV Edition. Well, if that piqued your interest but you're more into playing on mobile than you are Apple TV, you'll be happy to learn that Gamevice now

A Google Cloud Outage Has Knocked Loads of Games Offline Including ‘Pokemon Go’, ‘Fire Emblem Heroes’ and More

You really never realize how many things utilize these massive cloud platforms until there is an outage. When Amazon Web Services had a massive five-hour outage last year it seemed like it took half the internet with it. This afternoon, Google is experiencing issues with Google Cloud, and most (if not all) games and apps

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