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'Geometry Dash' 2.1 Update Adds 'Fingerdash' Level, 'Spider' Gamemode, and More

Few games make me feel like I've lost the dexterity of my youth like Geometry Dash [$1.99], which has just received its big 2.1 update. I've played the game quite a bit, and even streamed it on our Mobcrush channel, and just when I think I'm doing relatively okay (for my age), I see players

Discover a New 'Hearthstone' Tavern Brawl This Week, 'Spellbook Duel'

I enjoy the challenge of a new Hearthstone [Free] Tavern Brawl, and this week's Spellbook Duel is a brand new one that's all about Discover. In Spellbook Duel, you pick ten cards - no duplicates allowed - and then every time you get to play a card, you Discover one instead of drawing one. As

'Vainglory' Update 2.1 Adds Blitz Mode Beta, New Chest, and Other Tweaks

Super Evil Megacorp has released update 2.1 for Vainglory [Free], bringing with it the beta for a brand new mode called Blitz. This is Vainglory's attempt to hop into the 5-minute MOBA format that you see in a lot of new games. Five minute matches have you playing for points, with each player starting at

New Games on Our Forums: 'Z-Exemplar' 'Endless-A Lost Note' 'Sky Dancer', and More

Well it's apparently National Gourmet Coffee Day, and here I am sitting here drinking my Kirkland brand pre-ground decaf like some kind of idiot. Anyway, the first crop of new games of the week have been posted to our forums. If you've got a game that's coming out this week, and haven't posted your active

Here's when the Moto Z, Moto Z Play will receive Android Nougat

Motorola's latest devices still don't have Android Nougat, but the company has given a timeframe on its eventual release.

Report: Talking Tom dev Outfit7 acquired by Chinese chemical firm

Chinese chemical manufacturer and supplier Zhejiang Jinke Entertainment Culture has reportedly purchased mobile developer Outfit7 for just over $1 billion....

GDC State of the Industry: For the first time, devs favor Android over iOS

We dig deeper into the many findings of the 2017 Game Developers Conference survey of over 4.5k devs, and find some surprising insight into which game platforms are most popular right now....

'Empire of Angels 4' Review - Beat the Pants Off Your Opponents

In virtually every respect, Empire of Angels 4 [$9.99] is a completely average SRPG. The latest in the line of a twenty-year-old series from well-known Taiwanese publisher Softstar, it doesn't stray far from what you've likely seen in a lot of other games in this genre. You'll go from point to point on a map,

Breakout Ninja dev highlights the waning appeal of ad-removal IAPs

New data released by Breakout Ninja developer Part Time Monkey shows just how hard it is to turn ad-removal in-app purchases into a meaningful source of income....

'Ashworld', OrangePixel's Upcoming Post-Apocalyptic Open World Game, Gets First Teaser Trailer

OrangePixel are one of my favourite App Store developers, with Heroes of Loot 2 [$3.99] being a true sleeper hit of 2016. While not without its problems, the arcade-style dungeon crawler was mightily impressive, especially owing to the fact it was from a one-man development team. Back in December, OrangePixel announced their most ambitious effort

Stickman Surfer rides in with the tide this Thursday

2 days agoMobile / Mobile Apps : 148Apps

Stickson is back and this time he's taken up yet another extreme sport - surfing. Stickman Surfer is out this Thursday on both iOS and Android, so if you've been following the other Stickman adventures, you might be interested in picking this one up as well. [Read more]

'Overlive' & 'Blazing Souls: Accelate' - The RPG Reload Podcast #021

Hello, gentle listeners! Wowie, have I got some things to apologize for on this one. First of all, we recorded this a little late due to some conflicting schedules, so we opted to lump two games together into one episode. Then, after recording, I realized that my headset mic wasn't working properly and I had

Nintendo Switch Hands-On Impressions: How Does Nintendo's New Device Compare to the iPhone and iPad?

It takes a lot to get me up at 4am UK time, but that's exactly what Nintendo did when they captured the imaginations of many gamers around the globe with their Nintendo Switch in-depth reveal last Friday. With specific details of the hardware, release date, and a whole host of game reveals for the upcoming

Verizon turns up the heat in attempt to force Samsung Note 7 returns

Those of you who just can't let go of your Note 7 smartphone, you're running out of options.

Get a job: Cignition is hiring a Gameplay Programmer

Cignition is looking for a gameplay programmer to prototype, develop core features, and blend gameplay and neuroscience to create immersive learning experiences in Palo Alto, California...

'Stickman Surfer' Takes the Popular Stickman Sports Series to the Waves this Thursday

Traction Games have been specializing in the stickman-based extreme sports corner of the mobile games world since as far back as 2010, when we briefly covered their original release Stickman Skater [$1.99 / Free] (called just Stick Skater at the time). Since then, they've taken their skinny main character Stickson to the slopes in Stickman

Pokemon Go was 2016's most downloaded game but not the top earner

A yearly retrospective of the mobile games market from App Annie shares data about the total downloads and revenue earned by top mobile games and companies in 2016....

Blizzard Devs on the State of Post-Gadgetzan 'Hearthstone'

A few days ago I had the opportunity to talk to game designer Dean Ayala and senior producer Yong Woo about Hearthstone's [Free] latest expansion and the game in general. I tried to put forth questions I've heard the community ask repeatedly as well as questions I had and tried to avoid the questions everyone

At Long Last, ZX Spectrum-inspired Shoot 'em Up 'Z-Exemplar' Arrives on iOS

Way back in June of 2015, Suminell Studios announced their throwback horizontal shoot 'em up Z-Exemplar. They used the classic 8-bit gaming computer ZX Spectrum as their inspiration for how the game should look and play, and appeared to be nailing the authenticity to an incredible degree. Updates on the game's progress were fairly frequent

Entertaing MP Game 'Warfriends' Has Gone Live Globally

I've played my share of Chillingo's Warfriends [Free] while the game was in soft launch and had quite a fun time with it, and now everyone can join the fun as the game has finally gone global. If you haven't played the game yet, Warfriends is a smart blend of cover-based shooter and card game

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