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First standalone VRDC debuts in November, call for talks now open

GDC organizers are proud to announce that the first ever standalone Virtual Reality Developers Conference, the premier event for VR/AR creators, will be held this November in San Francisco....

Fable Fortune Kickstarter canceled after private investor steps up

The team of former Lionhead devs at Flaming Fowl have pulled the plug on the Fable Fortune Kickstarter campaign after securing private funding....

New iPhone Games on Our Forums: 'Rodeo Stampede', 'Hyperburner', 'Otaku Heroes' and a Bunch More

As far as dumb food-related made-up holidays are concerned, I'd say that today's National Onion Rings Day might be one of the most delicious. To celebrate it fully, I'd recommend going to a place like Red Robin that goes above and beyond when it comes to the presentation of onion rings by stacking them into

'Rodeo Stampede - Sky Zoo Safari' Charges onto the App Store

In a typically unpredictable App Store manner, the highly anticipated Rodeo Stampede - Sky Zoo Safari [Free] has dropped a day early and has finally been released on iOS for free. Being the collaboration of developer Featherweight and artist Dan Graf (who were responsible for Skiing Yeti Mountain [Free] and Fruit Ninja [$1.99] respectively, amongst

Supercell CEO on why $8.6 billion Tencent deal was a no-brainer

"Tencent understands that our unique culture of small and independent teams is what makes Supercell. All of this is very important for us."...

'Don't Starve' for Only One Dollar on the App Store

Rather than the big blockbuster ports such as Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas [$3.99], it was Don't Starve: Pocket Edition [$4.99] that really made many of my avid gamer friends sit up and take notice of iOS as a legitimate gaming platform. Such was the critical reception of the game that Klei Entertainment crafted on

Top apps to help with summer road trips

3 days agoMobile / Mobile Apps : 148Apps

Benjamin Franklin once famously said that the only certainties in life were death and taxes. During the summer, you can add another thing to that list: lots of people are going to be hitting the road for their vacations. [Read more]

'Tennis Champs Returns' Gets Online Multiplayer, Women's Career, and More in New Update

Already, Tennis Champs Returns [Free] is one of the best games of the year, and perhaps the best tennis game since the Game Boy versions of Mario Tennis. But now this rad tennis game is about to get even better, with an update set to hit on or around Thursday, June 23rd. The killer new

How to show off your green thumb in Viridi

3 days agoMobile / Mobile Apps : 148Apps

Most mobile games demand your attention. They either want you playing them as often as possible in the hopes of getting you to spend some money on in-app purchases, ask you to watch video ads while you are playing, or request permission to send you notifications so you'll log back in again. [Read more]

Gorgeous Puzzler 'Perchang' Gets New Trailer Ahead of Launch this Thursday

Last month we learned that Ben Murch, who you may know from developer Rodeo Games, has struck out on his own with a new company called Perchang. Their first game, by the way, is also called Perchang, and it looks like a phenomenal puzzler that has you controlling red and blue contraptions in an effort

Get Apple Design Award Winner 'Chameleon Run' for $0.99

Do you enjoy buying games of such quality that they are worthy of the prestigious Apple Design Award? However, do you find yourself hesitant to pay Apple Design Award-winning prices? Well, Noodlecake Games and Hyperbolic Magnetism are here to reward your cheap ways. Chameleon Run [$0.99] is currently on sale for $0.99, so you can

Brush Up On Your Ninja Skills with 'Reign of the Ninja' Later this Month

For whatever reason, the touchscreen is highly conducive to ninja activities. Slashing objects as you do in Fruit Ninja or launching ninja stars using a quick swipe across the screen just feels right, and that's what Reign of the Ninja from French studio Dragonslash hopes to convey when it launches sometime this month. It's more

Analysts weigh in on Tencent's $8.6 billion purchase of Supercell

We asked industry analysts for their take on Tencent's purchase of an 84.3 percent share of Supercell's stock for $8.6 billion....

'Squaredance' from 'Sometimes You Die' and 'Pancake - The Game' Developer Now Available

Philipp Stollenmayer, aka Kamibox, is the creator of Sometimes You Die [$1.99], a minimalist platformer that turned out to be much more than it appeared on the surface and through clever platforming mechanics it also delivers commentary on the genre itself, video games as a whole, and even life as we know it. It's a

Longtime Angry Birds frontman Peter Vesterbacka is leaving Rovio

Finnish developer Rovio is saying goodbye this week to longtime Angry Birds frontman Peter Vesterbacka, who -- after over six years with the firm -- is stepping down as chief marketing officer to focus on being an entrepreneur....

The Incredibles Invade 'Disney Magic Kingdoms' for a Limited Time

The Incredibles hit the Disney Parks in the latest Magic Kingdoms event.

Peter Vesterbacka, the Chief Marketing Officer of Rovio, Has Left the Company

It feels like only yesterday that we were reporting yet another record breaking statistic related to Angry Birds [$0.99], such as the second main game of the series reaching 1 million downloads in the first twelve hours after release. Following such grandiose statements declaring intentions of being 'bigger than Disney' back in 2012, it seemed

Toys-to-life game Fabulous Beasts renamed after Warner Bros. trademark dispute

Sensible Object has been forced to change the name of its toys-to-life mobile game, Fabulous Beasts, after Warner Bros. decided it infringed on it's own 'Fantastic Beasts' trademark....

Check out 'Tapt', a Surprisingly Fun Ultra-Minimal Rhythm Game

I get pitched a whoooolllleeee lot of iOS games on Twitter and while I make an effort to try out most of them, with it being nearly eight years into the life of the App Store, it's sort of rare to see games that make me think "Oh dang, this is super clever." This was

Slick Turn-Based RPG 'Questland' Soft Launches on New Zealand App Store

While the array of traditional RPGs on iOS certainly are welcome (as long as they remain on the App Store, at least), it's cool to see an increasing number of role playing games that take a more portable and mobile edge on the genre while still remaining true to their roots. One such game is

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