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'Flick Golf' Developer Full Fat is Going Full Fantasy with 'Golf Island', Coming this Thursday

Developer Full Fat has been on the scene with made-for-touch sports games for many years now with the likes of the Flick Golf, Flick Soccer, Flick Rugby, and Flick Quarterback series. The whole "flick" thing always made so much sense on a touchscreen, especially in Flick Golf [Free] where you're mimicking the motion of swinging

Blog: Achievements are permission

"Achievements, be they for getting every ending or finding every doodad, encourage the player to explore choices not make them. It encourages a distance between the player and their choices."...

Blog: The future of game engines and cloud technology

"What a real-time, cloud-based system provides is a much more streamlined approach to a developer's process while greatly enhancing the collaboration and communication among its members."...

Major Update for 'Clash of Clans' Brings Friendly Challenges, New Troops, and More

Clash of Clans [Free] is looking a lot more like Clash Royale [Free] lately and the latest update hitting the App Store today is confirming just that. Supercell are bringing Friendly Challenges to the game; members of the same clan can now invite clan mates to attack their villages. No gold, troops, heroes or traps

'Perchang' to hit the App Store on June 23rd

We recently talked about Perchang’s upcoming game so if you want a brief background story, check out this post. Today they announced that their first game, also named Perchang, will be out on June 23rd. To refresh your memory it will be a puzzle action strategy game with a mixed variety of game elements set

'Phantom Of The Kill' Review - Emblem Envy

Virtually every Japanese strategy RPG can be said to be inspired by Nintendo's Fire Emblem in some way or another. While strategy RPGs followed their own path in the West, they did so mostly on computer formats that either weren't available in Japan or were very niche. When Fire Emblem's developer Intelligent Systems got the

How to build a successful civilisation in GodFinger 2

4 days agoMobile / Mobile Apps : 148Apps

GodFinger 2 grants you godlike powers, leaving you to raise a civilization of followers. In the spirit of games like Black & White, the GodFinger games will see you building bigger and better villages, developing more advanced technology and resources while keeping your followers happy. [Read more]

'Sacred Legends' Brings 'Sacred' RPG Series to Mobile, and it Needs Beta Testers

The Sacred franchise of games has spanned a whole host of titles, including action-RPGs and beat 'em ups. Now, the series is planning to expand to mobile with Deep Silver Fishlabs and Chimera Entertainment presenting Sacred Legends this summer. This is planned to be an action-RPG where you will command a team of heroes through

Barry Leitch's 'Horizon Chase' Soundtrack With Extra Remixes Now Available

The fun retro-styled racing game Horizon Chase [Free] was really cool thanks in part to the fact that Aquiris Game Studio got Barry Letich to do the soundtrack for them. The game was obviously inspired by games like Top Gear, and Leitch composed the soundtrack to Top Gear, so it was a perfect fit. If

New insights into the spending patterns of whales

"One of the common misconceptions about whales is that they are indiscriminate spenders who can afford anything offered to them. However, in many cases whales are anything but."...

'ReRunners' Is Offering Its Beta Players the Chance to Upgrade and Rank up Before Global Launch

I've been playing the upcoming multiplayer platformer ReRunners on and off for quite a few months now (and even wrote a preview). It's a very fun, colorful, and action-packed runner that lets you race against your friend's ghosts. With the game getting closer to release, the developers decided to go an interesting route. Once the game

Long-Dormant 'Hyperburner' Set to Take Off Soon

It's been a while since we've heard about Badpotion's Hyperburner, but good news: the game is just about done, and will be submitted to Apple, with a release to be determined shortly afterward. And with review times as short as they are now, we could be playing this game next week. What a time to

'Galaxy on Fire 3: Manticore' Gets 360° VR Trailer and Early Access Signups

Deep Silver Fishlabs has just released a new trailer for Galaxy on Fire 3: Manticore, and it's a unique one. They've released the trailer as a 360-degree YouTube video designed to show off the game's world. While the plan is for the game to launch on standard mobile platforms, if you want an immersive look

How to get all the crabs in Mr Crab 2

4 days agoMobile / Mobile Apps : 148Apps

Mr. Crab 2 may look like a cutesy platformer for kids, but if you're the kind of person who likes to complete a game 100%, you'll soon realise that it's a tougher than a crustacean's shell. [Read more]

Game Craft releases new Legend of War title

4 days agoMobile / Mobile Apps : 148Apps

Set for release at the end of this month, real time strategy title Legend of War seems sure to delight with a veritable feast of sweet features to get stuck into. Developed by Game Craft, the game is due for release through both the App Store and Google Play on May 26th. Show More Summary

How to choose the best publisher for your mobile game

"The goal of this article is to provide fellow developers an actionable framework with which they can pursue and evaluate the suitability of different publishers on their business case."...

We're Streaming iOS Games Live on Mobcrush [Monday Night Carter]

We're streaming live on Mobcrush right now. There's a couple different ways you can watch the stream, and they all work equally well and it's really just a matter of personal preference as to which method you prefer. The easiest way to watch is just watching the embedded player right here on TouchArcade. In the

Fortress-Building Turn-Based Strategy Battler 'All Glory to the Pixel King! 2nd Edition' Arrives this Thursday

A few years back, a super quirky game called All Glory to the Pixel King! [Free] was released in the App Store from developer Steve O'Gorman. It was a super lo-fi and blocky game where you'd build a 2D fortress to surround and protect your king by filling it with all manner of soldiers and

App Store Classic 'The Incident' Comes to Apple TV with Amazing "Coincidents" Multiplayer Mode

I have to admit that ever since the latest generation Apple TV launched last fall with a true App Store and a bazillion games, I haven't really played many games on it since that initial week or so of checking things out. It's not that I don't enjoy playing games on the big TV in

Get a job: Loot Crate is hiring a Game Producer

Loot Crate, the Los Angeles-based company that ships monthly boxes of tchotchkes to subscribers, is now looking to hire a game producer to assist it in its nascent game development efforts....

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