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Blog: I made and launched a mobile game in 3 days, using just the Unity Asset Store

"Of course, this is a simple, small game, without any originalities or any µchallenges. It's an example to show that's possible to do it with a very, very low budget."...

How to approach quests in Fallen London

3 days agoMobile / Mobile Apps : 148Apps

Sitting at over 1.5 million words, Fallen London is filled to the brim with intriguing tales and mysterious characters. From the start, you’ll find a slew of quests ripe for the taking. [Read more]

First Look at 'Final Fantasy XI ' Mobile Reboot, an MMO made on Unreal Engine 4

So, take the details of this article with a pinch of salt since my Korean is on the rusty side (and there's no English translation as of the writing of this story). What we do have for sure are the first screens of the upcoming Final Fantasy XI reboot for mobile. In a conference taking

Nintendo Announces Mobile Versions Of 'Animal Crossing' And 'Fire Emblem'

Let's face it: as much goofy fun as Miitomo [Free] is, a social networking app featuring Mii characters is probably not the first thing people were hoping for when Nintendo announced they would be making games for mobile phones. Nintendo was quick to promise that their next games would feature some of their popular characters

Super Meat Cat? Asura's 'Cat Knight Story' is a Masochistic One-Touch Platformer Looking for Beta Testers

Are you tired of waiting for the iOS version of Super Meat Boy that most likely will never see the light of day? Asura Game Studio is hoping to give you the fix that Team Meat won't with their upcoming one-touch precision platformer Cat Knight Story. Yes, it's a game about a cat, which gives

Live Out Your Dreams of Being a Circus Performer in 'CarneyVale: Showtime', Launching May 5th

Who hasn't thought about running away and joining the carnival at some point in their life? Living that nomadic lifestyle as you travel from city to city, manning one of the game booths or perhaps even performing using one of your crazy talents. Sign me up! But making a massive life-altering decision like that isn't

iPhone sales decline year-over-year for first time ever

The tech company had a big earnings miss with its latest quarterly results, and that's largely thanks to the performance of the iPhone....

When mobile game investments dry up, that's when Disney swoops in

Disney's branding is on a number of high-profile mobile games this year; according to Disney Mobile Games exec Chris Heatherly, this is a direct result of investors being less willing to invest in mobile game studios....

Snail Games' 'Taichi Panda: Heroes' Launches Globally

After a closed beta test and soft launch, Snail Games has globally-launched their action-RPG sequel Taichi Panda: Heroes [Free] on to the App Store and Google Play. This time around, you'll be commanding a team of heroes, including the eponymous fighting panda, into battle, where you can swap between the characters as necessary. Snail's 3D

The Developers of 'EVE Online' and 'Gunjack' Discuss Mobile VR, and the Possibility of Free-to-Play Mobile VR

Wired UK discussed the future mobile VR with CCP Games, developers of EVE Online. The developer's Shanghai studio is working on smaller games like Gunjack, which fit into the EVE universe (the recent book Empires of EVE gets into just how deep the world has run thanks to players), but there's some interesting talk about

'Star Wars Pinball 4' Goes on Sale for Free

With May the 4th (be with you) on its way, there's loads of Star Wars activity happening. Zen Studios' collection of Star Wars pinball tables is the latest to go on sale, with Star Wars Pinball 4 [Free] now available for free. This is the same app as has always been available, it's just that

Your Android games can now be lauded with new Google Play awards

Google launches its Google Play awards, a new annual program which aims to 'recognize our incredible developer community' by nominating 50 games & apps for 10 awards like Standout Indie & Best Game....

We're Streaming iOS Games Live on Mobcrush [Tasos Opening Whispers of the Old Gods Packs]

We're streaming live on Mobcrush right now. There's a couple different ways you can watch the stream, and they all work equally well and it's really just a matter of personal preference as to which method you prefer. The easiest way to watch is just watching the embedded player right here on TouchArcade. In the

'Whispers of the Old Gods', 'Hearthstone' Latest Expansion, is Out Now in NA - Go Get your Free Legendary

Finally, Whispers of the Old Gods, Hearthstone's [Free] latest expansion, is out now in NA (coming tomorrow to the rest of the world). If you go into the game right now, you'll find three Whispers of the Old Gods packs waiting for you in your Collection, and you should open them straight away because there's

The pros and cons of collectible card game-based design

"A big part of CCGs is letting the player personalize their experience. The most straightforward approach is having a deck or deck-like system that the player picks and chooses from." It doesn't end there, though....

Blog: The unique monetization hooks of Slotomania

"So in essence Slotomania creates an IAP that follows the mental model of a 'Piggy Bank' in real life. The player sees his efforts = Winnings + Time spent in the game increments the amount of coins the pig holds."...

How to survive in LOUD on Planet X

3 days agoMobile / Mobile Apps : 148Apps

LOUD on Planet X is a hybrid of a tower defense and rhythm game that pits famous indie acts against invading aliens. You need timing and strategy in this game in order to succeed, things can get pretty overwhelming pretty quickly. Here are some tips to keep yourself from being overrun: [Read more]

'Demonrift TD: The Mountain of Doom' Is Coming to Mobile From the Creators of 'Defender Chronicles'

If you weren't around for the release of Defender Chronicles [$1.99] and Defender Chronicles II [$1.99], you missed two really great games that managed to feel significantly different released on the App Store during a time where it felt like every other game coming out was a tower defense game. The side-view "mountain defense" sort

'Flight Unlimited 2K16' Goes Free Along With New Update

There's loads of really cool flight simulators on the App Store, and Flight Unlimited 2K16 [Free] is easily on that list somewhere. Well, it got a big update today that added a bunch of different plans you can unlock via IAP, but the core game itself went free. If you, like me, really only download

An Update on 'Munch Time 2' Appears on Our Forums Years Later

You'd have to be a pretty O.G. iOS gamer to remember Munch Time [$0.99], it's a three star puzzler released back in 2012 that's old enough to not only have a lite version, but also an HD version. They announced a sequel back in 2014 which looked pretty dang sweet. It effectively took the mechanic

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