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'Legends of Callasia' Gets 'The Stoneborne' Expansion

Turn-based strategy game Legends of Callasia [Free (HD)], which sees itself as influenced by games like Civilization, Risk, and Heroes of Might and Magic, has been pretty well received in our forums. So, I'm sure there are quite a few happy customers today because Legends of Callasia has launched its first expansion, The Stoneborne. The

'FIFA Mobile Soccer' Scream Team Halloween Is On

If you enjoy playing FIFA Mobile Soccer [Free], then my guess is you do so because of the Ultimate Team part of it (rather than most of the newly-added features). Well, good news for you then because the game is now officially running its Scream Team Halloween program, which lets you earn Trick and Treat

This Week's 'Hearthstone' Tavern Brawl is Shifty 'ShiftCon'

This week's Hearthstone [Free] Tavern Brawl is all about one cheap - but very powerful - Legendary, Shifter Zerus. Shifter Zerus is a 1-mana 1/1 Legendary, but the tricky thing about it is that each turn it's in your hands, it transforms into a random minion. So, as you can expect, your hand is going

'Nightgate' Review - Enter The Matrix

Semidome made a splash with their artsy debut Last Voyage [$1.99]. It was an artsy yet eclectic experience, as its ten chapters ran the gamut of gameplay styles to convey its abstract story. Semidome isn't done conveying this abstract digital atmosphere in their second title Nightgate [$2.99]. It positions itself as a more singular experience,

'New Star Cricket', the Batting-Based Successor to 'New Star Soccer', Has Soft Launched in Australia and New Zealand

New Star Soccer [Free] has always been one of my favourite games on the App Store, because its bite-sized take on football was extremely addictive and perfectly suited to mobile devices. While it was great to see the developers give it a brand new remaster that removed the tacky flash game aesthetic of the original

Happy anniversary Game of Dice

4 days agoMobile / Mobile Apps : 148Apps

It’s been a great year for JoyCity, as its hit game Game of Dice has just celebrated its one year anniversary in spectacular style. First released in October 2015, the game has been an enormous success - ranking in the top five of the...Show More Summary

New iPhone Games on Our Forums: 'The Arcana', 'Mini Metro', 'Titans Clash' and More

If you have time between existential crises as you "celebrate" Evaluate Your Life Day today, there's a bunch of neat looking iOS games that have hit our forums in the last couple days. We're still sort of trying to figure out this odd cadence the App Store has been on with releasing games any time

Tencent raises $850M from Chinese investors to fund Supercell purchase

A consortium formed by Chinese internet giant Tencent has raised $850 million to help the company complete its $8.6 billion acquisition of Supercell. ...

Report: Kabam was offered $800 million for Marvel Contest of Champions studio

Kabam has been offered $800 million to sell the Vancouver-based mobile studio responsible for the development of high-flying brawler, Marvel Contest of Champions. ...

'Jasper's Rocket', an Upcoming Cat-Based Lunar Exploration Game, Is Looking for Beta Testers

Cats are objectively the best animals of all time, and so I question the ethics of the upcoming Jasper's Rocket in sending everyone's favourite feline friends to the moon. That being said, piloting a spaceship around a satellite populated by monkeys sounds as fun as it is bizarre. Jasper's Rocket sets up the frankly ridiculous

Mirror-Flipping Puzzle Platformer 'RETSNOM' Is Out Now on the App Store

It's always great to see inventive Steam releases finally make their way to the iPhone, especially when many of their unique mechanics are a perfect fit to touch controls, and normally at a far more palatable price of entry. RETSNOM [$0.99] - taking a leaf from the Alucard book of naming - is the next

'Quest of Dungeons' Gets Huge Update and DLC Expansion Adding New Dungeon, NecroDancer Class, Custom Game Mode and More

Way back in the spring of 2014 an unassuming little roguelike called Quest of Dungeons [$0.99] released in the App Store. Amongst heavy hitters of the time like Hoplite [$2.99] and Cardinal Quest 2 [Free], Quest of Dungeon's only knock was that it perhaps played things a little to safely in terms of the roguelike

'Pokemon GO' Plus Update Improves Notifications

If you are one of the very lucky and the very few who have got their hands on a Pokemon GO [Free] Plus (although things are better recently), the latest update allows you to customize your notifications to suit your needs. The default is scanning for both PokeStops and Pokemon simultaneously, but if you want

Upcoming 'Headline Hero' Cleverly Combines a Word Game With Current News

I like playing clever word games, and I also compulsively read current news. No wonder then that the upcoming Headline Hero caught my attention. As you can see from the trailer, Headline Hero grabs current headlines, cuts them into separate words like those old-fashioned ransom notes, and then has players have to put them back

'Football Unleashed 17: Jamaal Charles' Will Let You Summon Tornadoes to Stop Opponents

Distinctive Games has announced that they've teamed up with Jamaal Charles, Kansas City Chiefs running back (who's on his way back from a torn ACL), to release Football Unleashed 17: Jamaal Charles on the App Store this week on October 20th. The idea at the core of the game is that this is simplified, arcade

'Minecraft Pocket Edition' 0.16 Update Delayed, Sorry

Sorry everyone, we aren't getting the 0.16 Minecraft Pocket Edition [$6.99] update today after all. According to developer Tommaso Checchi's twitter account, they've messed up those adorable Creepers, so 0.16 is going back into the oven for a few days to get all the bugs baked out of it. A pity because I was really

'Demon's Rise 2 - Path to Damnation' Gets New Trailer, Shooting for Release in Early November

Time is such a funny thing, as it feels like just recently that Demon's Rise 2 - Path to Damnation was announced, but in actuality it was almost a year ago. The sequel to the Little Turn-Based Tactical Strategy Game That Could, Demon's Rise [$4.99], has been making steady progress in those months since. We

We're Getting More 'Infinity Blade' After All

The Infinity Blade franchise has left a mark on mobile history, holding the title of "most gorgeous mobile game" for quite some time. I know that many of you thought we wouldn't get any more Infinity Blade after the trilogy, but prepare to be surprised because we just got Infinity Blade Stickers [$0.99]! That's right,

'Candy Crush' To Become a Live Action Game Show

For better or worse, Candy Crush [Free] is probably the go-to game many mention when they want to distinguish between people who play games and "gamers." And it's true to a degree since Candy Crush has been extremely popular with people who don't usually play games on their mobile phones. Now, King has decided to turn

In Time for 'Battlefield 1', 'Battlefield Companion' Is Out Now

If you're one of the many getting ready - or already playing - Battlefield 1, then you should pick up the just-updated Battlefield Companion [Free] app to get a leg up on the competition. As we wrote about recently, EA decided to overhaul its Battlelog app and turn it into the Battlefield Companion in time for

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