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'Battle Golf' is the Next Game from the Developers of 'Wrassling'

The duo of Colin Lane and Folmer Kelly, known for Wrassling [Free], are returning to an earlier collaboration between them in the upcoming Battle Golf. If you remember Golf is Hard [Free], this is basically that but centered around multiplayer, as you go head to head on the same device with someone, trying to get

'The Elder Scrolls: Legends' Will be a Surprise Release, Just as 'Fallout Shelter' Was

We live in the era of game releases where we know that games are coming sometimes months ahead of time, and with soft launches, have them in some playable form before they're out worldwide. Fallout Shelter [Free] was a pleasant surprise because it was so sudden. It was announced, and then it was playable by

We're Streaming iOS Games Live on Mobcrush [TouchArcade Show Live]

We're streaming live on Mobcrush right now. There's a couple different ways you can watch the stream, and they all work equally well and it's really just a matter of personal preference as to which method you prefer. The easiest way to watch is just watching the embedded player right here on TouchArcade. In the

'Farming Simulator 16' Lets You Chop Trees and Farm with a Friend Next Month

There are some trends I just don't quite get, but hey, if it's your bag, don't let me stop you. I don't think I get the appeal of Farming Simulator, but it's apparently really popular in Europe. Y'all keep on farming, and with the upcoming Farming Simulator 16 for mobile, you can do just that.

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'Asterism' is a Gorgeous Perspective-Shifting Metroidvania Coming from 'Drop Wizard' Developers Neutronized

Neutronized, makers of the fantastic Drop Wizard [$1.99] and Lost Yeti [$1.99], have just revealed the title and trailer of their Metroidvania-themed platformer, and it's called Asterism. This puts a Fez-inspired twist on the 2D art and platforming Neutronized has generally done, as you control Jin, who must jump between dimensions to help save Coy.

'Fallout Shelter' is Coming to Android on August 13th, Also Getting an Update

Every single time we post about Fallout Shelter [Free], our Twitter gets flooded with people wondering when in the heck the game is coming to Android. (Android folks seem to get a bit perturbed with iOS exclusives, understandably.) Well, as part of Bethesda's QuakeCon announcements finally gives Android Fallout Shelter a date: August 13th, 2015.

'Wars and Battles: October War 1973' Review - A Fun, if Unusual, Subject for a Wargame, for Better or Worse

Don't judge a book by its cover, or a game by its title, they say, and in this case, they are correct because even though Wars and Battles: October War 1973 [$6.99 (HD)] might win the award for the most self-evident and slightly uninteresting title ever, the game hiding underneath that title is an interesting strategy game

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Wild Bullet Hell Shooter 'Operation Dracula' Launching July 30th, New Trailer Released

A few months back, Carter gave us an excellent preview of Operation Dracula, an over-the-top bullet hell shooter from developer Samurai Games and publisher Crescent Moon. Today we've learned that Operation Dracula finally has a launch date, next week on July 30th, and to celebrate a brand new trailer has been released. Check it out

'Million Arthur' Review - A Rusty Blade

Although it's a new arrival in most of the world, Million Arthur [Free] is a relatively old game in a very young sub-genre. In Japan, it arrived mere months after the release of Puzzle & Dragons [Free], and while its story and production values made it a cross-media hit in its home country, the gameplay

Get ready for TV-based games to expand China's market

Analyst Lisa Hanson takes a hard look at post-console ban China, with an eye toward what kinds of games Chinese players really want, and on what TV-based platforms....

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'ReRunners', an Upcoming Platformer, is an Asynchronous Competitive Multiplayer Game

As I was reading about ReRunners, the upcoming platformer by Klang Games, its description got me immediately interested: asynchronous, competitive platformer. I love good multiplayer games on iOS, and the idea of a competitive platformer that I can play at my own pace sounded like a great idea. A few words about the developers first.

Look after Baby Buddy on your Apple Watch in the new premium version of Parigami

4 days agoMobile / Mobile Apps : 148Apps

Parigami Gold is the new premium version of the match three puzzler that includes Apple Watch support and all new content. You won't simply be sliding tiles around on your wrist, the Apple Watch companion app is an all new mini-game in itself. Show More Summary

From the Forums: Do You Buy Games When They're New and Hot, or Wait for Sales, Updates, Etc?

TouchArcade forum member Klink posted a thread yesterday morning which has been gaining a bit of traction in our community discussing whether or not people prefer to buy games when they're brand new and red hot, or wait it out a bit and see what happens with updates, whether or not it lives up to

'Warhammer 40K: Deathwatch - Tyranid Invasion' Review - Glorious Space Hunters

Rodeo Games has a niche, and they're getting better and better at satisfying it with each new release. Their last game was a fairly well-received conversion of the classic Warhammer Quest [$4.99] board game, and their newest release is another Warhammer-themed turn-based strategy game. Of course, before all of that, Rodeo Games made their name

Designing a procedural murder mystery

"Have you played one of those detective games and ended up longing for more cases to solve? I think this genre could benefit A LOT from having a 'quest' generator."...

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