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Metal-Optimized 'Star Wars Rebels: Recon Missions' Now on App Store

One of the big things that happened with the Disney acquisition of Star Wars was that they launched a new animated TV series, entitled Star Wars Rebels, which has actually gotten a really good reception in light of it replacing the popular Star Wars: Clone Wars series. Well, Disney's just launched a new side-scrolling action

'Hearthstone' Blackrock Mountain Adventure Launches April 2nd

Well how about that. The "leak" we posted about yesterday from the Korean refund page turned out to be spot on. Blizzard just confirmed that the Blackrock Mountain single player adventure for Hearthstone [Free (HD)] will indeed launch on April 2nd. 31 new cards in all are included for $24.99, and if you pre-order

'Compass Point: West' is Basically 'Clash of Clans' Meets 'Hearthstone'

There's a lot of Clash of Clans [Free] out there, and there's tons of collectible-card games, your Hearthstone [Free (HD)] games and the like. But one that blends elements of both? That's kind of new. Compass Point: West [Free] does just that, being all about base-building, attacking enemies, and raiding other players. The twist is

BounceX Review: A Painful New Obsession

If you’re into super-tough games like Flappy Bird and Super Hexagon, you’ll probably want to check out BounceX, a game that will try every ounce of your skill. Gamezebo has a review. I’ve clawed my way to five points in BounceX, so I can tell you what happens next. Show More Summary

Taichi Panda has left soft launch and is now available in most regions on iOS and Android

Snail Games has officially launched its action RPG, Taichi Panda, on iOS and Android today, along with its first expansion. The Teumesian Update features Taichi Panda’s first ranged class, Teumessa, the fox mage, who blasts her enemies from afar with powerful magic. The level cap has also been raised and a new location added for higher levelled players, the city... Read More

WWE Immortals Updated for Wrestlemania

Are you ready for Wrestlemania, brother? It’s happening on Sunday, so the free-to-play WWE Immortals game has been updated with new Wrestlemania events, plus two new characters: Stone Cold Steve Austin and Macho Man Randy Savage. The...Show More Summary

The 7 Most Downloaded Android Apps globally in 2014

A decade since its launch, the brand that was formed by the so called ‘conniving’ of more than a dozen IT (both hardware and software) companies, today stands among the list of most renowned IT portfolios and is the sole competitor in smart phone market that sees eye to eye with the global imperialistic regime

User experience insights: Criminal Case

How could the popular casual title's UX be improved? This post by a Gameloft UX designer takes a critical look at the hit, and offers suggestions for making it better....

Check out This Ridiculous Setup for a 45 HOUR Long Single 'Hearthstone' Turn

When I think of the phrase "useless challenge," I think of all the times I tried walking on sidewalks without stepping on the lines. Well, apparently Hearthstone [Free (HD)] player Mamytwink one-upped me, barely, by creating and executing his own "useless challenge," as he calls his shenanigans, the longest Hearthstone turn to date. He set up a game

Out Now: OLYM, Next in the Series with MUJO

MUJO was one of the best games of 2014. OLYM is out now and it looks to be a great successor in what I guess is a series from Oink Games. More about OLYM » The post Out Now: OLYM, Next in the Series with MUJO is from Slide To Play via Touch Arcade.

Out Now: Fast & Furious: Legacy

The new CSR-style racing / reaction game / arcade racer from Kabam is out. Just in time for the movie release. More about Fast & Furious: Legacy » The post Out Now: Fast & Furious: Legacy is from Slide To Play.

We've Launched a New Responsive Redesign of Our Forums and Avatars Are Live for Everyone

We're working on a bunch of awesome stuff to make the best iOS gaming forum in the world even better, and the first feature launched this afternoon: A fully responsive redesign of our forums. If you're not hip to the whole responsive web design trend, what that means is our forums automagically lay themselves out

The Clash of Warhammer Saga Continues with 'Warhammer: Arcane Magic'

We can all have a good laugh at the number of Warhammer games that are out there. Because there's a lot. We saw Eisenhorn: Xenos at GDC. Warhammer: Snotling Fling? [$3.99] Sure, I guess! But then the Warhammer games keep coming, and coming, and I'm just wondering if there's someone at Games Workshop that just

'WWE Immortals' Gets WrestleMania Events and Two New Characters, Oh Yeah!

With WrestleMania this weekend, it makes sense that the WWE games on the App Store would get updates in time for the big event. Today, WWE Immortals [Free] gets two new wrestlers and a new event system. We heard about Stone Cold Steve Austin coming to Immortals yesterday, but we now know his two varieties:

Out Now: The Trace – Murder Mystery Adventure Game

A great premium game, The Trace is an adventure game that lets the player act as the detective in a murder mystery. The game also received and Editors’ Choice on the App Store. More about The Trace: Murder Mystery Game » The post Out Now: The Trace – Murder Mystery Adventure Game is from Slide To Play.

WWE WrestleMania Tags into the App Store

3 days agoMobile / Mobile Apps : 148Apps

Are You ready to rumble? The official WWE WrestleMania app, by World Wrestling Entertainment, is now available. Now you can get all your WrestleMania info in one place before anyone else. The app offers details on superstar signings, interactive venue maps, event schedules, WrestleMania Superstore hours, stadium information, and more. Show More Summary

Bio Inc's New Expansion is Infecting the App Store

3 days agoMobile / Mobile Apps : 148Apps

Bio Inc., by DryGin Studios, is the real time strategy game where you infect a human body with the worst virus your evil brain can design. Recently, the game was updated to add a whole lot of new features. Now you can play the new “Lethal” difficulty, which chakllenges even hardcore players. Show More Summary

'Blek' Gets Update With 20 New Levels, and Sales Numbers Revealed

Blek [$2.99] has been a huge success for Kunabi Brother, racking up over 1.5 million sales since its release back in 2013, and now the game has gotten a big update adding 20 new levels. Their goal with these 20 levels was to challenge dedicated players, as they saw players were getting even better than

Free to Play Hack 'n Slash 'Taichi Panda' Got an Absolutely Massive Update Today

For the uninitiated, Taichi Panda [Free] is a Free to Play RPG from developers- Snail Games. The game has been out on iOS on the US App Store for a month now and the developers have already released a huge update and expansion today. The game has the distinction of being one of the top

'Silly Sausage in Meat Land' Review - Go Ahead and Sniff Your Own Butt

Every time Nitrome announces a new game, I get excited for two reasons. One is that I love pixel art games and Nitrome specializes in them. Second is that their games are usually pretty cool in some way, have some twist to them that's interesting to discover. Silly Sausage in Meat Land [Free] is their

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