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'Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow' Announced for the App Store, From the Developers of 'Marvel Avengers Academy'

While the Futurama animated series may have come to a close in 2013, this doesn't mean the end of Fry, Leela, Bender, and all of the other eccentric characters that have become cultural icons through the cartoon's success and acclaim over the years. The App Store has already been blessed with the series in the

Experience Underwater Double Pong in Riverman Media's 'MUL.MASH.TAB.BA.GAL.GAL', Available Now

Riverman Media's long-awaited game following up on The Excecutive [$4.99] is finally out. MUL.MASH.TAB.BA.GAL.GAL [$2.99] is now available on the App Store. The core of the game is kinda like playing Pong against yourself, as you control both paddles at once...or you could get a friend to play with you. But we all know I

'Temple of Spikes' Offers Sharp Arcade Platforming Action, Launching March 2nd

One of the many constants in video games is the prevalence of spiky traps, which perpetually fulfil the sole purpose of causing the protagonist considerable pain, and normally at the usual cost of a virtual life. Whether it's the original Sonic or Mario titles, or even more recent efforts such as Downwell [$2.99] or Raider

New iPhone Games on Our Forums: 'RPG Djinn Caster', 'The Warlock of Firetop Mountain', 'Die By Died', 'MUL.MASH.TAB.BA.GAL.GAL', 'Dungeon Rushers' and More

Apparently today is National Margarita Day, which is cool and all, but I'd argue the superior Mexican drink is the Michelada. If you've never had one, it's basically like if you combined Mexican beer and a real good Bloody Mary without the vodka. It sounds strange, but seriously, unbelievably good. I can't recommend them enough.

Windows 10 Continuum but for Android: Jide aims to turn your phone into a PC

Can Jide's Remix OS on Mobile deliver the dream of one device to power all your computing needs, from mobile to desktop, and the TV?

Blasty Bubs is a colorful Pinball and Brick Breaker hybrid

4 days agoMobile / Mobile Apps : 148Apps

QuickByte Games has another arcade treat in the works -- this time it's a mishmash of brick breaking and Pinball mechanics. It's called Blasty Bubs, and it's a top down brickbreaker that has you slinging balls around a board. [Read more]

Corsola and Heracross are the new region exclusive Pokémon

4 days agoMobile / Mobile Apps : 148Apps

Generation 2 finally launched in Pokémon GO, unleashing a brand new batch of Pokémon into the wild. Even before the update went live people were speculating on how to catch elusive Pokémon like the legendary "dogs", Unknown, and whether or not there would be new regional exclusive Pokémon. Show More Summary

'World of Tanks: Blitz' 3.6 Update, Which Adds French Tanks and More, Is Live

A few days ago, we wrote that World of Tanks: Blitz [Free] was getting ready to expand its tank collection, and today's 3.6 update has done just that. The new update brings to the game a new French tech tree line that adds plenty of entertaining tanks, including ones with autoloaders. We are finally getting

Latest 'Plants vs Zombies Heroes' Update Adds Pre-built Decks

Plants vs Zombies Heroes [Free], the CCG take on the famous franchise, ended up being much more fun than I thought it would be, so I'm glad to see the game continue to add content and new ideas. The latest addition, which came in a patch today, introduces Strategy Decks, pre-built deck blueprints for each of

Heracross and Corsola Are the New Region Exclusive Johto Pokemon in 'Pokemon GO'

The latest Pokemon GO [Free] update with a whole new cast of critters to collect launched last week, and it's been great to see so many people venture outside - in the bracing cold Winter weather, no less - to try and discover and catch fan favorites from Tototile to Tyranitar. However, if you planned

Developer of 'Krashlander' Working on Minimalist Skiing Game 'Just Ski' Inspired by 'Desert Golfing'

Jeff Weber, aka Farseer Games, released a really cool skiing game called Krashlander [$1.99] right about this time way back in 2013. Krashlander featured a really nice physics engine and control mechanics that were tough to wrap your head around at first but extremely satisfying once your skills in the game improved. All this was

Tin Man Games' 'The Warlock of Firetop Mountain' Hits the App Store

Tin Man Games, possibly the most prolific purveyor of interactive fiction on mobile, has just released their most ambitious title yet. The Warlock of Firetop Mountain [$4.99] is an adaptation of the famous gamebook by Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone (legends of gamebooks and interactive fiction) that comes to life as a 3D representation of

'Mushroom 11' Finally Releases on Mobile on March 9th

A game I've been waiting to hit mobile for a long time now is Mushroom 11. From when I played it back at PAX West in 2015, the game felt like it would be a perfect fit for touchscreens. But hey, there are good reasons ($$$) to release games on other platforms first for small

The Cool-Looking 'Metal Shooter' Is Looking for Testers in Our Forums

Sometimes a trailer is worth a thousand words, and the trailer for the upcoming Metal Shooter is definitely worth that. This shmup game feels like an update of classic games like Contra, and you can now join the beta in our forums to help make it even better. As you can see from the trailer,

Play as a Cat Named Bam in 'Towards the Pantheon', a Neat Looking Upcoming RPG

Let me just say right off the bat that if you're making an RPG where I get to play as a cat named Bam, you've immediately caught my interest. Such is the case with Towards the Pantheon, an upcoming RPG from Connor O.R.T. Linning that's currently vying for approval on Steam Greenlight but has aspirations

Get a job: Big Huge Games is hiring a Senior Gameplay Engineer

Big Huge Games is on the lookout for a talented and experienced Gameplay Engineer with strong programming skills and a passion for games in Baltimore, Maryland....

'Match Land' is The Next Game From Developers of 'Swap Heroes' and 'Wedding Escape'

Chris Savory has partnered up with Rafael Lima, developer of Wedding Escape [Free], to make Match Land. The fourth game from the developer of Swap Heroes [$0.99], Match Land is designed as a hybrid between turn-based and real-time match-3 RPG games. When you make a match, you then have a timer that starts counting down,

Grumpyface to Announce a Big New Game Early Next Month

Usually, I like to have a good idea of what an upcoming game will be all about before writing about it, but when the developer is Grumpyface, I have to make an exception. Grumpyface is the developer behind Teeny Titans, Attack the Light: Steven Universe RPG, Castle Doombad, and more, so it has quite the pedigree.

'Art of Destruction' is the Flashy New Physics Puzzler from the Creator of 'Zenge'

Just shy of a year ago developer Mike Pawlowski, aka Hamster On Coke Games, released a tangram-style puzzler called Zenge [$0.99] to the App Store. It put a twist on the typical formula of putting various slabs together to form a whole shape by having those slabs on set tracks which forced you to think

Wadjet Eye Game's 'Shardlight' Coming to Mobile March 8th

Wadjet Eye has been giving us some of the best "old-style" adventure games for some time now, and soon we are getting another great on on mobile. Shardlight is an apocalyptic adventure where you play as Amy Wellard, one of the many citizens dying from the Green Lung disease. And even though everyone has pretty

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