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'Time Locker' Gets 'Rodeo Stampede' Characters and Big Coin IAP in Update

The really cool Superhot-inspired shoot 'em up Time Locker [Free] has gotten an update with two cool new features. First is the inclusion of cameos from Rodeo Stampede [Free]. Which makes too much sense – why not have stampeding animals in a game that's full of animals battling it out? Characters including the bull will

'The Opera' Normal and Heroic Guide: Tips and Decklists for Defeating Wing 2 of 'One Night in Karazhan' 'Hearthstone' Adventure

Welcome to our guide for The Opera, the second Wing of Hearthstone's [Free] latest adventure, One Night in Karazhan. Instead of going with Disney references like Wing 1, Wing 2 goes for a more literary vibe with references to William Shakespeare's, Grimm's, and Frank Baum's works. The three bosses are Julianne, Big Bad Wolf, and

How Square Enix Montreal acts like an indie to make its mobile games

According to Square Enix Montreal employees, de-emphasizing specialized roles and increasing collaboration has improved its ability to make mobile games like Deus Ex Go....

Stylish Side-Scrolling Hack 'n Slash Game 'Dark Sword' Getting Online PvP in Next Update

Back in early March, developer Nanoo Company released their latest game Dark Sword [Free], a side-scrolling hack 'n slash game with a very stylish silhouette art style and great animations. Dark Sword featured bite-sized levels and simplified combat mechanics that still allowed for very satisfying button mashing gameplay. The biggest drawback, depending on your point

'Outfolded' is a New Relaxing Puzzler from the Developer of 'Cubemen' and 'Pac-Man 256'

3 Sprockets, the developer most known on their own for the Cubemen [$0.99 (HD)] tower defense games, but also as the team that developed Pac-Man 256 [Free] with Hipster Whale, have just released their latest game, Outfolded [Free]. The game gives you the task of unfolding various three-dimensional solid objects by rolling them around various

The Long-Awaited 'Armajet' Closed Beta Just Went Live

For some of you, this is the story that will translate into losing many hours of your life staring at your device as the closed Beta for Armajet has just gone live. If you haven't played the game when it was out in Alpha, Armajet is a 2D shooter that's great fun to play and works

The Angry Birds are Doing the 'Monster Strike' Thing with the Soft-Launched 'Angry Birds Evolution'

If you can think of a particular genre of video game, chances are pretty good that there's an Angry Birds version of it. The latest genre that Rovio and its famous feathered friends are tackling is the "bumper cars" style battling popularized by games like Monster Strike [Free]. Think of it like a digital game

'The Opera', 'One Night in Karazhan' Wing 2, Is Now Available in NA, So Go Enjoy the Latest 'Hearthstone' Adventure

If you are in the mood for theater and culture, then you're in luck because The Opera, the second Wing of Hearthstone's [Free] One Night in Karazhan Adventure, has just unlocked in NA. If you haven't bought the whole Adventure, you're going to have to buy this one either with 700 gold or with $6.99.

Warbits: The postmortem of a 'certified dumb idea'

"Despite the fact that Warbits worked out for us, it was a certified dumb idea," writes one dev. "We hope this postmortem can shed some light."...

'Out There Chronicles' Review - The Emptiness of Space

Out There Chronicles [$2.99] is a good idea. Take the mysterious, interesting universe of the survival/resource management game Out There [$4.99] and create a gamebook in the same setting that helps flesh the background out. A boots on the ground view, so to speak. It's even written by the same person that wrote the original

Turn-Based RPG 'Shadow Quest' Hits the App Store Next Week

We're always excited to try out RPG's that mix up mechanics in interesting ways, and the upcoming Shadow Quest puts you in charge of a party of four, dungeon crawling using Minesweeper-like mechanics. Judging from the trailer, it seems like a mash up of Book of Heroes [Free] with a hint of the Dungelot [$0.99]

Dystopian Roguelite 'Leap of Fate' Out Now on the App Store

It feels like we've been waiting for Leap of Fate [$3.99] forever, as we first caught a glimpse of it on our forums in 2014, and then have had to watch as it launched on PC in March of this year, with mobile slated for a mid-August release. Thankfully, developers Clever-Plays have stuck to their

Soccer Season Sales Begin, With 'Football Manager Mobile 2016' Now $2.99, and 'Pixel Cup Soccer 16' Completely Free

It certainly is a fantastic time to be a fan of soccer (football) if you're an iOS gamer, as let alone the start of another season with its inevitable highs and lows (or just lows, if you support the wrong team), there are an abundance of new titles released to capitalise on the excitement of

'The Quest HD' Now Supports iPhone with New Universal Update

Three weeks ago, The Quest HD [$7.99] hit the App Store after receiving a very warm reception on Steam earlier in the year, but there was only one major problem: The game was iPad-only. That's all well and good if you have an iPad, but if you don't or even if you simply prefer gaming

'Deus Ex GO' Review - Should I Stay or Should I Go Now?

The thing that has made the Square Enix Montreal "GO" series so appealing is that the games have been so subversive, as well as being fun puzzlers. Hitman GO [$1.99] was a particularly absurdist take on Hitman, what with all the stealth kills and assassinations taking place as figures on a game board knocking each

Out Now: 'Deus Ex GO', 'Legend of the Skyfish', 'Warhammer 40K: Armageddon - Da Orks', 'Hyper Blaster', 'Mr. Robot', 'Ruins Ahead' and More

Welcome to another week and another batch of new iOS games! Unfortunately, the big game we revealed earlier today, a port of Bioware's RPG Jade Empire, will not be launching tonight as originally intended. Dang it! Look for it to come soon, and we'll be sure to let you know the moment it's available. Don't

'Rush Rally 2' Updated With Cockpit Camera, Upgraded Cloud Features and More

The iPhone has always been a perfect platform for racing titles, and while this year's Rush Rally 2 [$3.99] received much deserved praise in our review, the behind-the-car camera was maligned by a few for not recreating the immersion of a true first-person perspective of traditional rally games, or other driving simulators such as Real

Bioware's Epic Action RPG 'Jade Empire' Hits iOS [Update: Soon, Not Today]

[Editor's Note: Please see the update at the end of this article.] Not even Master Li could see this one coming. Aspyr Media, the team behind the iOS ports of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic [$9.99] and Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy [$4.99], are adding another classic adventure to their iOS portfolio later today. Many

Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick's 'Thimbleweed Park' Gets a New Trailer for Gamescom

We've been really excited for Thimbleweed Park, a new adventure game from two of the creators behind Lucasarts classic Maniac Mansion, since we posted the first trailer for the game this past March. Another video surfaced in June, and continued to stoke the fire of anticipation for the game. With Gamescom this week, another new

5 free apps to help with back to school shopping

6 days agoMobile / Mobile Apps : 148Apps

The new school year is coming on like Usain Bolt rounding the turn in the 200-meter dash. In other words, really fast. [Read more]

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