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'Day of the Tentacle Remastered' Review - Evil but Funny

Do you want a lesson on how far the point-and-click adventure game has come, while still seeing the appeal in the classics? Day of the Tentacle Remastered [$4.99] is a perfect example of that. This is a genre classic made by some of the masters of the medium. Tim Schafer and Ron Gilbert are two

Thanks to Pokemon Go, Nintendo surpasses Sony in terms of market value

The striking popularity of Niantic and The Pokemon Company's mobile game continues to inspire investor confidence in backer Nintendo, which has now surpassed competitor Sony in terms of market value....

Hands-On with Bullet Hell Shooter 'Phoenix 2', Soft-Launched in Canada, the Netherlands, and Singapore

Firi Games has had Phoenix 2 in the works for quite a long time, and after we checked out an early version of it back at GDC in March, the game has now officially soft-launched in both the Singapore and Netherlands App Stores. In case you aren't up to speed, the original Phoenix is a

'BATMAN: The Telltale Series' Episode One, 'Realm of Shadows', Releases August 2nd, New Trailer Looks Great

As we wrote about yesterday, Telltale planned to reveal BATMAN: The Telltale Series' release date at some point in this week, and the developer didn't keep us waiting. The first episode of this much-awaited series, titled Realm of Shadows, will be available on iOS and Android on August 2nd. As you can see from the

Upcoming Card Game 'Smash Up' Will Let you Mix Up Pirates With Ninja, Robots, and Other Crazy Factions

How does the idea of playing a deck of Zombies and Pirates against your friend's Robots and Ninja sound? I don't know about you, but it sounds like great fun to me. Nomad Games, of Talisman: Digital Edition [$6.99] fame, is bringing Shufflebuilding Smash Up to iOS, so you'll soon be able to bring all those

'Pokemon GO' Set to Launch in Japan Tomorrow with McDonald's Sponsored Gyms

Despite an extremely erratic global launch rollout, Pokemon GO [Free] is still not out in Japan. While the perpetual server issues suggest that Niantic are being cautious with what is possibly the most hardcore and fanatical Pokemon loving nation in the world, it is still bizarre that the home of the series still has not

'LUMINES PUZZLE & MUSIC' Soft Launches in New Zealand, Australia and Japan

Lumines on iOS has always hypothetically been a perfect fit. The compulsive amalgamation of high score breaking action of Tetris, with one of the best soundtracks in a puzzle game ever, was incredible on the limited portability of the PSP back in 2005, and would be even better given a proper release on smartphone devices.

The past and future of location based AR games like Pokemon Go

Gamasutra asked several developers why they think Pokemon Go did so well so quickly, what it needs to do to stay on top, and what it means for the future of location based gaming...

The RPG Reload Podcast - 017 - 'Banner Saga'

Hello, gentle listeners, and welcome to a much-belated episode of the RPG Reload Podcast. We're a couple of weeks late this month, and that's partly from tech problems and partly from my strict schedule the last few weeks. It's here now, though, and the good news is that the next episode is just that much

This Week, 'Hearthstone' 'Friendly Feud' Event Makes Challenging Friends Rewarding

If you feel like playing Hearthstone [Free] with friends this week, then you're in luck because Blizzard has given you plenty of reasons to do so. From today until July 24th, Hearthstone is running an event called Friendly Feud where you can complete your quests by playing against your friends. If you've never tried to challenge

Umbrella Announces Four New Games, with 'Colorpede' Releasing This Week

Umbrella, purveyors of some darn fine microgames, are about to release a torrent of games onto an unsuspecting public. They're getting into publishing, though in a very hands-on role contributing art, design, and code for many titles, to go along with their self-developed titles. They have a quartet of games releasing soon, with the first

Poke Radar vs PokeFinder: Which unofficial Pokemon GO app is better?

Nothing is as hot on the App Store as Pokemon GO. Its unparalleled speed of adoption is like nothing ever seen before, a tale that we don't need to rehash here. [Read more]

Over-the-top Wargame 'Heroes of Normandie' Storms the App Store Beaches July 28th

I've been waiting for the upcoming wargame Heroes of Normandie for quite some time now, but the wait is finally coming to an end as the game is set to release July 28th. After first appearing as a boardgame and then moving on to the PC, the game is finally coming to the App Store.

'Big Bang Racing' is a Side-Scrolling Physics Racer with a Level Editor that's Launching Worldwide July 28th

Way back in January of last year, developer Traplight Games announced their mobile game project, a side-scrolling physics racer called What On Earth! where its standout feature was a touchscreen-optimized level editor which would allow the entire game to be based around user-generated content. After beta testing the game for most of 2015, What On

'Snow Horse' is a Game About a Horse Riding a Snowboard

For far too long, humanity has had to deal with a severe deficiency of games involving snowboarding horses. But that deficiency will soon be corrected, as Chris Figueroa and Kinifi Games' Snow Horse is set to hit iOS on July 28th. The game is pretty much what it says on the tin: you control a

'Pokemon GO' Comic Con Panel Moves to Huge Hall H Due to Popular Demand

When the schedule for San Diego Comic Con first came out a week or so ago, I noticed that there was a Pokemon GO [Free] panel in one of the smaller rooms on Thursday, July 21st. The game had just launched, but it was already becoming a huge hit, so I was pretty sure that

Murder Mystery Card Game Mashup 'One Show Only' Arrives on iOS and AndroidAugust 4th

Back in February we checked out an upcoming murder mystery adventure game with a card game component called One Show Only, and both the basic concept for the game and the art style was very interesting to us. In the time since then the game launched on Mac and PC, but today developer Tristan Dahl

'Minecraft: Story Mode' Episode 7, 'Access Denied', Ready for Download July 26th

Another Telltale story for you today (that company is definitely keeping busy) as Minecraft: Story Mode [$4.99] Episode 7, Access Denied, will be coming to your devices July 26th. Telltale's take on the Minecraft universe has been quite successful so far, and now we're at a point where each episode is a pretty self-enclosed narrative

'BATMAN - The Telltale Series' Releases in August, Game to Be Shown for the First Time at SDCC This Saturday

If you're anxiously waiting to play Batman - The Telltale Series, have just a bit more patience because the game is almost here. According to this blog post, the game will premiere at some point next month, with the exact date announced late this week. We'll also be getting the first trailer this week, so

'Ulduar' Adventure Rumors, Expensive and Cheap Decks, the State of Priest, and More 'Hearthstone' News in 'Touchstone' #56

Welcome to another weekly roundup that helps you keep up with all that's going on in the world of Hearthstone [Free]. This week we have even more whispers of possible themes for the next Adventure, two stories about decklists you can put together depending on whether you're rolling in dust or running out of it, a

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