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Everything You Want to Know About Apple Keynote

Every year, Apple holds its keynote, where they proudly present everything their engineers and designers were working hard on. This year was a bit different. It is the first time that the keynote was held in the Steve Jobs Theatre located in the new breathtaking complex that the company is soon to finish completely. Show More Summary

Out Now: 'Iron Marines', 'Champions and Challengers - Adventure Time', 'Pocket Mine 3', 'Space Harrier II', 'Crazy Taxi Classic', 'King's Knight', 'OPUS: Rocket of Whispers', 'Tiltagon Turbo' and More

It's that time of week again when we are bombarded with a big batch of new iOS games. I think the highest profile release this week is Iron Marines from Kingdom Rush developer Ironhide, as they don't release games often but when they do they're always fantastic. So far Iron Marines is continuing that tradition.

'Block Fortress: Empires' Is the Next Foursaken Media Game, and It's 'Minecraft' Meets 'Clash of Clans'

I am convinced that Foursaken Media is a collective robotic AI or something that's fine tuned to produce an endless stream of games. Either that, or those guys really don't get any sleep and just develop games non-stop. Just a few days after releasing Noblemen: 1896, the developer is back with another Block Fortress [$1.99] game,

The best mobile games like World of Warships

It doesn't seem like military strategy games will ever go out of style, and with mobile capabilities increasing by the minute, they're also becoming a hugely popular genre on iOS and Android, too. Today we're going to pay homage to the...Show More Summary

Switch is Getting the Huge MOBA 'Arena of Valor'

We got some huge news for Switch players straight out of Nintendo Direct today; Arena of Valor, the super popular MOBA that is slowly making its way to mobile, is coming to Switch in all its (free-to-play) glory. Arena of Valor (called Honor of Kings in Asia) has been dominating the charts in China to the

'Space Harrier II' and 'Crazy Taxi' Become Sega Forever Titles Plus Improved Emulation Updates Roll Out Alongside Ad-Free IAP Sale

Sega is continuing on with their Sega Forever initiative, which they announced this past June and sees classic titles from their entire console history coming to mobile in free to play form. The initiative got off to a rocky start both due to underwhelming titles being released and the emulation performance of those titles being

'King's Knight' First Impressions: Every Freemium Shenanigan in the Book With a Really Rad Game Hidden Deep Inside

We got a look at Square Enix's (then upcoming) King's Knight [Free] at PAX, and our initial impressions were that it was a pretty cool game even if we didn't really understand how to initially play the demo they had on the show floor. Basically, when you're actually playing the game portion of King's Knight,

'Iron Marines' First Impressions: Pretty Close to a Mobile Version of 'StarCraft'

I just got finished playing around an hour or so of Ironhide's Iron Marines [$4.99], and it'd be hard for my first impressions of the game to be any better. It's from the developers of the Kingdom Rush [Free] series, so it's not much of a surprise that they'd know how to make a really

Google Play kicks off new initiative to support diverse game makers

Google is expanding its Infinite Deviation program to help support marginalized people in the early stages of their game development careers....

Apple iPhone vs Samsung Galaxy models: Specs, prices, and features compared

For those more interested in specifications than flashy marketing, look at this.

'Gladiator Heroes' Going AR the Day iOS 11 Launches, September 19th

iOS 11 and ARKit are almost upon us, and even though Apple didn't go into it too much during yesterday's presentation, Augmented Reality has the potential to add some very fun and new features to iOS gaming. Games are already jumping on the AR bandwagon, and the mobile strategy game Gladiator Heroes [Free] will be among

'Deja' is a Super Clever Trivia Game That Will put Your Memory to the Test

In the summer of 2016, a surprisingly fun musical puzzle game called Tapt [Free] hit the App Store. I posted a first impressions piece on it explaining what you do in the game, which effectively amounts to remembering and tapping the basic beat of a large collection of ultra recognizable songs. It was a basic

'Kingdom Rush' Developer's Real-Time Strategy Title 'Iron Marines' Hits the App Store

Ironhide Game Studios is most well-known for their excellent Kingdom Rush trilogy of tower defense games, but back in February of last year they announced a new game that would be tackling a different genre: real-time strategy. We didn't hear much news after that initial announcement until this past January when some beta footage was

'Drag'n'Boom' First Impressions: It's Like Being a Dragon Inside of The Matrix

We've covered Ankama's Drag'n'Boom [Free] quite a bit in the past based off its real cool trailer. It hit the App Store yesterday, and I just wanted to post about it again in case this gem got lost in all the hustle and bustle of the new iPhone announcements. If this is the first you've

New iPhone Games on Our Forums: 'King's Knight', 'Sprnkls', 'Saboteur', 'Drag'n'Boom' and More

Oh man, as far as made up holidays are concerned, today's is something I'm actually excited to talk about: It's Roald Dahl Day! As a kid, Roald Dahl was my absolute favorite author, and the boxed set of all of his books is my go-to gift for any kid I know that's in grade school.

Square Enix's 'King's Knight' Hits the App Store

We got a quick look at Square Enix's King's Knight [Free] back at PAX, and we were pleasantly surprised by what a cool game concept it was. Basically, imagine something that resembles a dungeon crawler hack and slash sort of thing combined with a vertical shooter. It's controlled using a virtual d-pad of sorts, which

'Another Lost Phone: Laura's Story' from Accidental Queens Releases on September 21st

Another Lost Phone: Laura's Story from the creators of A Normal Lost Phone [$2.99] finally has a release date. Accidental Queens' original has crossed 100,000 sales worldwide across all platforms. The sequel will feel right at home to fans of the orignal. Laura's Story will again touch on themes not usually seen or themes not

The First Official Trailer for 'GRID Autosport' Has Been Released, and It Looks Incredible in Motion

While yesterday's Apple Keynote had a relatively strong mobile gaming presence, with the exclusive reveal of Sky from thatgamecompany and some impressive ARKit experiments showing the full capabilities of this exciting new technology, I came out of the conference feeling a little disappointed. Those amongst our lively Discord community will have seen me repeatedly predict

The best mobile rhythm games

Mobile is a great platform for rhythm games. Touch screen controls are perfectly suited to tapping out carefully timed rhythms, and the brief come and go momentum of these types of game make them great to play when you're on the move. Here are five of the best rhythm games you can play on your phone right now. [Read more]

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