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How to Catch Legendary Pokemon Kyogre in 'Pokemon GO'

Are you a top-tier Pokemon Go [Free] raider looking to collect as many legendary Pokemon as possible? Well, one more legendary Pokemon is now available for everyone to get. Appearing in raid battles around the world, players will be able to capture the water-type legendary Pokemon Kyogre by participating in raid battles from now until

Horizon Zero Dawn and PUBG among top 2018 D.I.C.E. Award noms

All in all, 68 games have been nominated for this year's event including The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Gorogoa, and Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice....

Attention 'Skullgirls' Mobile Players: New App Releasing Next Week, Make Sure You're Ready to Migrate Your Progress Over

If you're an active player of the mobile Skullgirls then this is likely old news for you, but if you're like me and played the game a bunch when it came out in May but haven't been playing recently then this might be useful information for you to know. To back up a bit, Hidden

Get a job: Jam City is hiring a Unity Developer

Mobile developer Jam City is hiring a Unity Engineer with 4 to 6 years of experience for its Culver City office....

6 of the most significant mobile game trends in 2017

Did you catch the big moves in mobile games last year? Here, Gamasutra looks over 2017 and highlights six trends that are likely to influence the course of mobile game dev in the year(s) to come....

Join us at 3PM EST as we make predictions for the game industry in 2018

The Gamasutra editorial team will be making (ill-advised) predictions over on our Twitch channel at 3PM EST....

Looking for Something to Do This Weekend? Watch the Conclusion of Awesome Games Done Quick 2018

One of my favorite events of the year is taking place right now: Awesome Games Done Quick. We've mentioned it numerous times over the years, but if this is the first time you've heard of it, here's the basic gist- There's a massive community of speed runners on the internet who individually have laser-focus on

All the best games on sale for iPhone and iPad right now - January 12th

Happy last day of the week. I hope you've been having a good one. I have. I saw ten doggos today. So because I'm in a good mood, I thought I'd round up all of the best games that are currently on sale on the App Store. [Read more]

Celebrate the First 'Pokemon GO' Community Day on January 20th

Remember the disastrous Pokemon GO [Free] festival in Chicago last year? We ended up recording a whole podcast on it, and after a day where Niantic charged people money to cram into a park on a sweltering summer day where nothing worked and everything was terrible, they issued an official apology. During the podcast, we

Sail On a Giant Hot Dog and Other Silly Boats in 'Silly Sailing', Coming Next Thursday

I guess while we're on the topic of weird game premises, we might as well talk about Silly Sailing, the new upcoming game from Devm Games of Extreme Forklifting fame. It's a top-down sailing game that has you harnessing the power of wind gusts to pilot a variety of, well, silly sailboats around different watery

Rayark's Intense New Rhythm Game 'Cytus II' Launching January 18th, Pre-Order is Up Now

While a lot of people associate Rayark with their excellent character action game Implosion - Never Lose Hope [$9.99], they're also quite well-known for their library of fantastic rhythm games which thus far include Cytus [$1.99], Deemo [$1.99], and VOEZ [Free]. Now the Taiwanese developer is readying a sequel to Cytus, appropriately titled Cytus II,

Easily Get Free 'Hearthstone' Packs by Choosing DocPwn as Your HCT World Champion

If you haven't noticed, Blizzard is absolutely killing it in the esports world. The Overwatch League kicked off this week, and the Hearthstone [Free] Championship Tour takes place next week in Amsterdam. Sixteen players will be competing for fame, fortune, and most importantly, to win you free packs of cards. Whenever there's a big tournament

Opinion: Rethinking 'the cost of doing business' for game devs

Gamasutra contributor Katherine Cross challenges the notion that abuse & vitriol are now part of "the cost of doing business" for game devs, asking: what can we do to reach beyond that toxic minority?...

'Meat Cannon Golf' is a Completely Absurd Golfing Game for Carnivores, Currently Accepting Beta Testers

One of the fun things about mobile is the wide variety of silly ideas people come up with for games. And just when you think you've seen it all something like Meat Cannon Golf comes along and raises the bar for absurdity in game ideas. So it's a golfing game, obviously, but instead of using

The Fretz Zone: Would you like Fries with your Upvote?

The kiosk pictured below offers a very peculiar service. According to reddit user Santinoramiro you can purchase likes and follows on instagram pictures from the comfort of your local shopping mall. If the signage wasn't a give away, this mall is located in Russia, but how long will it take to see similarly blatant advertising

Tencent Teases New 'Arena of Valor' Update Highlights

We're all about Arena of Valor [Free] these days, and for good reason: The game is amazing. We published a review when the game was new, and I've been slowly working on a newbie guide that's growing whenever I have time to work on it. Anyway, it sounds like we're on the verge of getting

Roguelike Deck Builder 'Meteorfall' Launching January 25th, Check Out the Amazing Launch Trailer

In early July of last year, we first caught wind of Meteorfall, a new deck building game from developer Slothwerks that used a colorful Adventure Time-esque art style and was inspired by great mobile card games like Card Crawl/Card Thief and the cult-classic Dream Quest. In Meteorfall you'd choose one of 4 classes of characters,

'Super Senso' Is Headed to Europe, and Is Bringing All Sorts of Popular IP for the Ride

In April of last year, Super Senso [Free] launched on the US App Store. We covered it quite a bit, but for some weird reason it only ever was released in a select few territories. Well, as of this morning, Super Senso publisher GungHo announced that the game is finally making its way to Europe

The very best games that came out for iPhone and iPad this week - January 11th

We're getting to the end of the first real, full, proper week of 2018. And in that time we've seen some pretty awesome games landing on the App Store. Of course, we've seen some absolute duffers as well. The sort of games that you look at and start crying uncontrollably for hours on end. [Read more]

Rover Comes to the Campsite in the Latest Event in 'Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp'

Gosh, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp [Free] is on a tear with these events, isn't it? For most of December, players were collecting candy canes in exchange for special Christmas goodies. Then, as the New Year approached, it was special fortune papers that needed to be gathered, this time for some cool Japan-inspired New Year's items.

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