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Turn-Based RPG 'War of Crown' Is Having an Android Beta Soon

If you are an Android user, you're in luck because War of Crown, Gamevil's and Asone Games' upcoming turn-based strategy RPG, is going to have a closed beta only for Android users from September 28th to October 2nd. The pre-registration period for the beta runs until Sept. 27th, so you still have a week to

BlackBerry DTEK60 briefly leaked on BlackBerry's own website

?The unannounced device appears to be a bigger, better equipped version of the BlackBerry DTEK50 released by the company earlier this year.

Card Game 'VEmpire' Coming Along Well, and You Can Play it Online

It's been quite some time since we last talked about VEmpire: The Kings of Darkness, an upcoming deckbuilding game, but the good news is that the game has come a long way since our last story. If you haven't heard of VEmpire before, it's an ambitious deckbuilding card game that is set not in a

The Sci-Fi 'Battleship Lonewolf' Is Looking for Beta Testers

I like cool-looking spaceships; maybe it's all that exposure to X-Wings when I was young or that one time I was abducted by aliens. Nevertheless, when I saw Battleship Lonewolf, a sci-fi action strategy game, in our forums, I have to say I liked the way those spaceships looked. Moving beyond the looks, this upcoming

'Super Mario Run' Origins and Android Delay

While the Super Mario Run [Free] announcement came out of the blue for most of us, apparently the game has been in the works even before Nintendo started working on Miitomo [Free]. Apple came knocking on Nintendo's door to inquire how the two could work together, and that's where talks about Super Mario Run came

TGS 2016: Shaun's Thoughts on the Show

A year can make a big difference in the games industry, and so it has for the Tokyo Game Show. While the show had record-breaking attendance, with 271,224 visitors over the four-day event, and the halls of the Makuhari Messe exhibition center were packed full once again, there was a strong sense of companies tightening

TGS 2016: Indie Corner Wrap-Up

As has been the case for the last couple of years of the Tokyo Game Show, a lot of the coolest games could be found bundled off in Hall 9, where the Indie Corner area was set up. This year, the Indie Corner was sharing the hall with the always-popular Merchandise Corner and the newly-added

'Pac-Man 256' Gets New Themes and Structural Overhaul in 2.0 Update

Namco and Hipster Whale's collaboration Pac-Man 256 [Free] has just gotten a major update that brings some changes to the structure of the game. The big one is that credits are now gone. Previously used as a kind of hybrid energy system where you could use them to continue or to play with your powerups,

Atypical's 'Infinite Tanks' is Coming "Very Soon", New Trailer Released

Back in March we took a look at Atypical Games' Infinite Tanks, an upcoming tank-battling game with an interesting card-based customization system that would let you create millions of different combinations of tanks. The game was just in beta during that time, but it still looked quite impressive, and besides the extensive tank customization aspect

'Yo to the Yo' is a Casual Yo-Yo Launching Game with Great Pixel Art and Chiptunes

Purple Pwny Studios is working on Yo to the Yo, a casual game with some slick art and music that's set to hit mobile. The goal seems to be to launch yo-yos into space, trying to hit switches and targets as you go by, getting into space and even further, possibly? Plus, you can customize

'MAXIMUM CAR' Gets a MAXIMUM New Trailer and is Releasing on October 5th

Back in February, Fist of Awesome [$3.99] developer Nicoll Hunt's studio I Fight Bears announced a collaborative project with developer tea&cheese called MAXIMUM CAR, a racing game with retro inspiration and huge explosions. Think of it as Horizon Chase [Free] meets Burnout. That initial teaser video and the developers' previous works had me very excited

'Flappy Golf 2' Is Stuck in a Bunker, and Has Been Delayed for a 'Few Weeks'

Apart from the revolutionary and platform defining success that is Hodappy Bird [Free], not much came out of the whole Flappy Bird phase, aside from an abundance of low-effort clones. Flappy Golf [Free] was the exception to the rule, however, as the combination of the simplistic flapping mechanics of the aforementioned high-scoring hit with the

'Mikey Jumps' is a Mashup of the 'Mikey Shorts' Trilogy Arriving Next Month

For the first time in more than two years, our old pal Mikey is heading back to the App Store. Mikey Jumps is a brand new entry from developer BeaverTap Games but it pulls elements from all three previous games in the Mikey Trilogy. With "simple one-touch controls" you'll run and jump in classic Mikey

Verizon releases Galaxy Note 7 software update with warning, new battery indicator

The update adds the ability to quickly see if a Note 7 is part of the recall or a device that has been deemed safe.

Mobile productivity: These are the three apps Ed Bott can't work without

What handful of mobile apps are essential to your daily work life? We asked our writers and editors to name the iOS or Android productivity tools they can't live without. These are Ed Bott's favorites.

'Five Nights at Freddy's' Getting a Haunted House in Las Vegas

If those animatronics freak you out or you hate all the jump scares yet still like playing the Five Nights at Freddy's [$2.99] games, I have good news for you. Circus Circus in Las Vegas is working with the people behind the FNAF games to create a haunted house for this year's Halloween period. Every

Footage Emerges of 'Torchlight Mobile' to Prove It Still Exists...but Nothing Much Has Changed

Torchlight Mobile drew a lot of excitement when it was first announced in June of last year, and deservedly so. Torchlight II was an absolutely essential dungeon crawling action RPG on PC that managed to stand up to the genre behemoth that is Diablo 3, and as a result, the Torchlight series has attracted many

Blog: The iMessage is the medium

PlayScreen co-founder William Volk looks at how iMessage makes player-to-player social gaming far more appealing by removing friction in the process....

Game Design Deep Dive: Realistic chat in Mr. Robot:1.51exfiltrati0n

Adam Hines, co-founder of Night School Studio and game director, and Kevin Riach, game designer/producer, talk about creating the free-flowing real time text conversations in Mr. Robot:1.51exfiltrati0n...

6 App Marketing Clichés That We Should Avoid?

The mobile app industry has been able to grow so much revenue and competition over the past few years, and it it’s still such a lucrative business that are a... Read More ? The post 6 App Marketing Clichés That We Should Avoid? appeared first on Finoit Technologies.

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